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MCR_Sarvatt, hi - are you here ?06:53
MCR_Sarvatt, ricotz (hi, btw): Yesterday's update of xorg-edgers PPA on Raring breaks multiple Compiz plugins...06:54
ricotzMCR_, i guess you are suspecting the mesa update then?06:56
MCR_Yeah :(06:57
MCR_ricotz, it is quite bad this time06:57
ricotzMCR_, i see, you want to give some more information then06:58
MCR_ricotz, EZoom mouse cursor zooming is broken and the cube looks completely weird...07:01
MCR_ricotz, I have no idea how everything worx with xorg 1.14...07:02
ricotzMCR_, ok, more like your hardware setup07:02
MCR_fglrx, ATI 695007:02
ricotzMCR_, you are using the canonical x-staging ppa07:02
MCR_tried it once, but was a bad experience07:03
ricotzso you are not actually using mesa!07:03
MCR_the strange thing is that it broke with yesterdays update07:03
MCR_I am not sure what exactly broke it07:03
ricotzwould be better if you track down the actual package which broke things07:04
ricotzsince while you are using fglrx it doesnt make much sense that xedgers broke it with the recent updates07:05
MCR_it is quite strange, but I am (quite) sure it was the xorg-edgers update...07:06
MCR_first update yesterday broke it really bad -> ezoom was having 3fps on my setup07:06
MCR_today's update (libdrm) has fixed it up a bit and ezoom is fast again, but the cursor zooming is broken07:07
MCR_what parts of x is fglrx utilizing ?07:08
ricotzMCR_, actually none of mesa/drm update should effect your fglrx setup07:09
MCR_well that is really strange then07:09
ricotzyou are sure you are actually runnning fglrx?07:09
MCR_OpenGL version string: 4.2.12217 Compatibility Profile Context 9.01207:10
MCR_OpenGL vendor string: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.07:10
MCR_OpenGL renderer string: AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series07:10
ricotzwhich package version is that? "dpkg -l | grep fglrx"07:10
MCR_ii  fglrx                                         2:12.104-0ubuntu107:11
MCR_ii  fglrx-dev                                     2:12.100~beta7-0ubuntu1~xedgers~raring107:12
MCR_it is the latest beta fglrx AFAIR07:12
ricotzMCR_, could you try fglrx-13 ?07:12
MCR_I still use the latest beta driver, because the release driver was making problems last time I tried07:13
MCR_but I'll try some other fglrx versions07:13
ricotz(it is weird that you have different versions of fglrx/fglrx-dev)07:13
MCR_I installed the beta manually...07:13
MCR_I guess the dev version is from the PPA07:14
ricotzok, if you want beta7 then you dont currently have it07:14
MCR_maybe it helps to remove the -dev completely07:14
MCR_woot ?07:14
ricotzpick a consistent combination https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa/+packages?field.name_filter=fglrx&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=raring07:16
MCR_maybe the version just shows up wrong, I am sure I have installed the beta driver from the AMD page, but thanks I'll try some things...07:16
ricotzMCR_, you manually installed the driver?07:17
MCR_ricotz, yes07:17
ricotzah you mean to build the deb out of the installer?07:17
MCR_sh ./AMD-driver-installer-from-AMD.sh --buildandinstallpkg Ubuntu/raring07:18
ricotzok, this is kind of unsupported then imo07:18
MCR_ah, maybe that is the problem07:18
MCR_I have this driver running for several months with xorg-edgers PPA together without any problems up to yesterday07:19
ricotzMCR_, did you say in the past that you are using the fglrx packages from xedgers?07:20
MCR_I certainly did, but then some time I could not reach you and it was a bit outdated in the PPA or so (I do not remember exactly)07:21
MCR_then I installed the one from AMD directly07:21
ricotzok, you better revert your setup to the official raring package then, and go from there fixing it07:23
MCR_ricotz, thanks 4 your time - AMD and their versioning -> everything is called differently07:24
ricotzMCR_, what is the lasted fglrx driver?07:27
MCR_ricotz, haha -> that is a really good qu07:27
ricotztheir versioning is really messed up07:27
MCR_I just know that I used the latest beta, then 12.6 ? came out (the one with buffer_age support)07:28
ricotz13.6 beta > 13.10107:28
MCR_I tried it, but it was reaaaaally slow07:28
ricotz13.10 > 13.100 (internal version)07:28
MCR_then I switched back to the latest beta, which still was older than the regular driver they released07:29
MCR_also directly from AMD07:29
ricotzamd-driver-installer-13.10-x86.x86_64.run (of 5th june)07:29
MCR_(I had to remove the stupid beta branding again)07:29
MCR_which I already have a script in my main home dir for... ;)07:29
MCR_I'll try fglrx-13 now07:30
ricotzfglrx-13 is (13.6 beta > 13.101)07:30
MCR_I have overclocked my GPU also, that is why I try to not change the driver too often...07:30
ricotz(but the 13.10 release is newer of course)07:30
MCR_I'll try fglrx-13 from the PPA ?07:31
MCR_or is that a bad idea07:31
MCR_which is the latest supported by xorg-edgers ?07:32
ricotz fglrx-installer-13 - 2:13.101~beta-0ubuntu1~xedgers~raring1 (13.6 beta)07:32
ricotzgood luck for now, i need to go07:33
MCR_ok, cool -> should be the same I am running now (without buffer_age support AFAIR) -> Thanks 4 your help, ricotz  !07:33
MCR_ricotz, just FYI: fglrx-13 is a catastrophe, a disaster on my hardware, slow as sh*t (on 6950 at least)07:41
MCR_and with the same OpenGL gfx problems :(07:42
MCR_ricotz, just FYI: tested latest beta from AMD directly (==fglrx-13 from the PPA) -> slow and buggy also, but EZoom works much better than with the one from PPA, although it should be the same ?!07:56
MCR_Unigine valley runs slow at around 60% from the fps feeling, with the 12.x beta series I had over 1000 points in the benchmark, now 725 :(07:58
MCR_I guess the only solution for me is to purge xorg-edgers PPA and use 12.x beta again...07:59
MCR_I cannot stand slow 3d gfx, especially when it is that ugly, slow and broken on higher-end hardware. Inacceptable 4 me.08:01
MCR_back with ultra-high performance and without bugs, on fglrx 12.11-beta and with purged xorg-edgers PPA on R08:29
MCR_Valley Score: 1117 :)08:35
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