Kiloshi HawkiesZA superfly and others06:45
HawkiesZAMorning Kilos06:45
superflymorning Kilos06:45
Kiloshi tonberryE352 06:52
Kiloshi Vince-0 06:57
inetprogoeie more08:06
HawkiesZADagsê inetpro 08:07
superflymôre inetpro08:09
superflyhi Vince-0, Squirm08:09
psyatwgoedenmorgen inetpro08:17
psyatwhi HawkiesZA08:17
psyatwhi superfly08:17
psyatwhi Vince-008:17
Kiloshi inetpro psyatw  Squirm 08:18
ThatGraemeGuymorning all08:31
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 08:34
psyatwhi Kilos08:34
psyatwhi ThatGraemeGuy08:34
Kiloshi Spaceghost 08:48
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Vince-0yaawn is it only Wednesday09:44
Kiloslol ya09:44
Kilossposed to be the best day09:44
Kilosyouve recovered from weekend and planning the next one09:45
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Kiloshi Xethron 10:45
Kilos-sorry, puleed modem instead of eth cable10:49
Kilosstupid android iso spends its time detecting android by making pages of dots on the screen but dont get to any partitioning or anything12:06
ThatGraemeGuyandroid ..... ISO? o_O13:43
ThatGraemeGuyah android x8613:48
ThatGraemeGuylast time i tried that it was veeery flaky13:48
ThatGraemeGuyseems better now13:49
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* Trixar_za shivers13:54
Kilosi dont understand what its trying to do13:54
Kiloshi Trixar_za 13:54
Trixar_zaHey Kilos13:54
SuperhumanI think Trixar_za just killed a kitten for mentioning that thing13:54
Trixar_zaYeah, I saw it on the mailing list13:55
Trixar_zaWe get Apache HTTPd with .NET extensions on Windows, why would you want to use that insecure mess? :P13:55
Superhumanbecause they don't know of any better13:56
KilosSuperhuman, please just tell me again how to let the tablet use my pcs 3g connection14:02
SuperhumanOk, get a wifi router (or wifi modem, but they are more expensive ). Connect the router to the pc via LAN cable, and use the pc as the gateway. You can setup dhcp on either the wifi router, or via the pc.14:04
SuperhumanGateway setup can be done via IPTables Masquerading.14:04
Superhumanbasically packet forwarding by the firewall.14:05
Kilosi have it and it connects to pc with eth cable14:05
Kilosi dont know how to do anything on the router14:05
Kilosbut pc shows its connected14:06
SuperhumanOk basically, the easiest would be dhcp setup on the pc. So that when the tablet connects to wifi, it gets assigned an IP by the dhcp server (pc)14:07
SuperhumanUbuntu pc?14:07
Kilosi didnt get a book with it and the online manual link dont work14:07
Kilosyip 12.0414:07
SuperhumanWhat make and model is the wifi?14:08
SuperhumanOk Guide to setup for dhcp server: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-and-configure-dhcp-server-in-ubuntu-server.html14:08
Kilosbillion  7300 nx14:09
SuperhumanI'm assuming the problem is the wifi router setup, correct?14:09
Kilosi know nothing about it, ive setup my nm to do dhcp automatic14:10
Kilostablet sees it but cant use the 3g connection14:11
Kilosnetwork manager14:11
Superhumanah ok.14:11
Kiloslet me see what that link says14:11
Superhumansomething we can try, on the tablet settings for wifi connections, set the gateway to the pcs ip.14:11
Kilosi might have to install something here14:11
SuperhumanMaybe we're lucky and the ip the billion has is the same range as the pcs.14:12
Kiloswhere do you find these settings14:12
SuperhumanOk, this is going to complicate things...lets get into the billion, and do the setup correctly.14:13
Kilostomorrow is fine if you prefer14:14
Kilosanytime tomorrow14:14
Kilosyou near hometime now arent you14:15
SuperhumanI'm leaving work at 16:30. But I'll log in from home at around 18:00.14:15
Trixar_zaI wonder if you use the free data before your real data or if it's afterwards like the free airtime14:15
Trixar_zaI got an sms that with every R50 recharged they give you 50 free sms and 50MB data14:15
Kilosthats fine ty Superhuman 14:15
Kiloswhat isp Trixar_za 14:16
Kilosi dont get that free stuff14:16
Trixar_zaSame 7 day deal14:16
Kilosand add R150 at a time14:17
Trixar_zaWhich is really just 6 days14:17
SuperhumanKilos: Docs for the router - http://issuu.com/fanusvanstraten/docs/billion-bipac-7300nx-router14:17
Kilosty Superhuman 14:17
Superhumanwhat is your lan ip for the pc?14:18
Kilosi dunno anymore14:18
SuperhumanMaaz: remind me about http://issuu.com/fanusvanstraten/docs/billion-bipac-7300nx-router page 2714:18
MaazSuperhuman: Excuse me?14:18
SuperhumanKilos: ifconfig in command line, look for eth0 or eth1.14:19
Kilosinet address is 14:20
Superhumanmmm, is there a reason for being set to that (to use on another network or something)14:20
Kilosnope thats what it did when i installed14:21
Kilosuse to have 192.168. o.0 i think14:21
SuperhumanOk, can you set it to for this? It will make things LOADS better. So that the pc has a static IP.14:22
Kilosok ill do that in nm14:22
Superhumancool. That's for the LAN cable connection, so we know how/where to connect to.14:23
SuperhumanThat will be the gateway IP the tablet uses when it connects.14:23
Kilosgateway the same14:23
Superhumanno gateway address...I think...maybe
Kiloswill put that in14:24
Kilosok done i restart everything before you come on tonight14:25
Superhumanok cool.14:28
Kilosi dunno how to download that manual14:28
SuperhumanI'm trying now, but it's taking forever. I'll check on the download later, and share a new link with you.14:29
Kilosok ty14:29
SuperhumanOk, I'm off for now. Will be back at 6.14:29
SuperhumanKilos: Take a look at Page 27 on the doc (online reader). We will need to reset the wifi router to factory settings, so we can get into it via the browser on the pc.14:30
Superhumanthe red box explains how to reset it to factory settings.14:31
Kilosok ty14:31
Kilosoh my something evil happened to my 12.04 unity15:13
Kiloscand even apt-get update15:13
Kilosxchat pidgin email all can get online15:14
Kilossomething in that first command in the first link i got from Superhuman 15:15
Kilosim on kde now to see if its easily fixable or if its easier to reinstall15:16
* Trixar_za sighs15:17
Trixar_zaa bunch of updates15:17
KilosTrixar_za: can i bug ya15:20
Trixar_zaI'm just updating sakis3g in the background15:20
Kiloswhat was the first link Superhuman gave me please15:21
Trixar_zaThey had an update on the 10th of last month15:21
Kilosi want to remove whatever that first command installed15:21
Kilosso they going again15:22
Kilossomething about dn something server15:22
Trixar_za[16:09:04] [Superhuman] Ok Guide to setup for dhcp server: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-and-configure-dhcp-server-in-ubuntu-server.html15:23
Trixar_zaThat link?15:23
Kilosya that first command did something bad to my pc15:24
Kilosto my unity anyway15:24
Trixar_zaAdded devices: Nokia CS-12, Alcatel-Lucent T930S, Axesstel MV241, Pantech UML290, Huawei E3131 (Variant), Huawei U2800 Phone, Huawei GP02 (E587 Variant), KDDI (Huawei) HWD12 LTE, Novatel MC996D, Axesstel MU130, ZTE MF656A, MF668A, MF669, Onda MT8205 LTE, ZTE MF680, ZTE MF196, BandRich BandLuxe C508, Alcatel L100V, Explay Slim, Onda TM201 14.4 (TIM Italy), Onda WM301, D-Link DWM-156 (several new variants), D-Link DWR-510, Mediatek MT6229, Chang15:27
Trixar_zahong CH690, WeTelecom WM-D200; several new target IDs for Sierra, Huawei and ZTE; fix for WeTelecom WM-D300;15:27
Trixar_zaI sense a lot of swearing in my future15:27
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Kilosi go try fix unity15:29
Trixar_za24 files - not as bad as last time15:34
magespawnevening all15:48
Cantidehello :)15:48
* Cantide is watching last night's ubuntu-on-air15:49
* not_found stretches and yawns as another night shift starts16:05
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SuperhumanMaaz: tell Kilos I'm here, sorry about breaking unity.16:16
MaazSuperhuman: Okay, I'll tell Kilos on freenode16:16
not_foundunity is dead... it is no more...16:18
Superhumanmaybe the install for the dhcp server broke something...16:18
Cantideunity is dead?16:20
Cantidewhat about unity 8?16:20
not_foundunity 8 is in space... Mir to be exact :p16:23
Cantideit's coming...16:26
not_foundas is Christmas..16:26
Superhumanand winter16:28
Cantidewinter is here '-';;;16:33
Cantidebut yeah, i think we really need to wait for 14.04 to see what it'll be like16:33
Cantide13.10 will run Mir by default, but i don't expect it to be a smooth experience16:33
Cantidewatch this: http://ubuntuonair.com/16:34
not_found13.10 will be running XMir if I am not mistaken...16:43
Cantidexmir :p16:44
Cantidei was a bit confused by what i said, and i started looking for more info >.<16:44
not_foundlazy link - http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/06/mir-display-server-to-ship-default-in-ubuntu-13-1016:45
not_foundunity 7 running on xmir16:45
Cantideoh yeah16:45
Cantidesame link16:45
Cantidemine just has rss info in it16:45
Cantidebut read the article16:46
Cantide"But while Mir and XMir will be shipping in October’s release by default, not everyone will be able to use it."16:46
Cantideit implies both Mir and XMir will be running16:46
Cantidedoesn't quite make sense -.-16:46
Cantideso i am confused -.-16:46
not_foundread whole article and it doesn't mention mir once... only xmir and normal x for fallback16:46
Cantideoh oh oh16:46
Cantideno no16:46
Cantideit is running Mir16:47
Cantidebut because Unity 7 was written for X16:47
CantideXMir must be used to provide Unity 716:47
Cantidemaybe i'm misunderstanding, but that's really the impression i get16:47
not_foundbut still with xmir in bewteen.... seems like16:47
not_foundno native mir / unity 816:48
not_foundI have been following this and the whole wayland debacle and can't make head or tales of it still....16:48
Cantidewell, when unity 8 is ready then it will be much better16:48
Cantidebut that will probably be for 14.04 only16:49
not_foundwhat exactly mir / wayland does still confuses me (one thing I read still has x doing most of the work and mir / wayland not so much)16:49
not_foundI thought x would be replaced completely but doesn't seem so16:49
Cantidei think x will be replaced completely, but it will take some time16:50
Cantideit's a huge piece of software that does many things16:50
Cantideso to replace it isn't easy16:50
Cantidei think that's why we have new software coming through, but providing compatibility (XMir) for programs written for X16:50
Cantideuntil all programs have been written for the new display servers we're bound to encounter X and / or compatibility layers16:51
not_foundthen mir is in trouble as no other project seems to care about it ... it is all wayland currently... except if canonical will make all apps compatible16:52
tumbleweedXMir is just a driver for X, so X can run on Mir16:52
tumbleweedfor now, Mir is a system-level compositor16:53
Cantidetumbleweed to the rescue :)16:53
Cantidenot_found, i'm not sure about that - Mir has different goals to Wayland - it's just that Wayland is targeting pretty much everything and suits a broader market16:54
CantideMir may be ideal for many others, but it needs to mature first16:54
not_foundsounds exciting and greek...16:55
tumbleweedMir and Wayland have very similar goals, as far as I can see16:56
tumbleweedjust slightly different implementation16:56
tumbleweedand Mir (at least initially) will only have X and Unity on top of it16:56
tumbleweedunless Mir takes off16:56
Cantidei thought Mir was going for the streamlined approach - only offering so much as is needed for Ubuntu (Touch)16:57
Cantideand that Wayland was trying to cater to everything and operating systems in general16:57
tumbleweedalthough, the Mir people seem to be keen for people to start using Mir16:58
tumbleweedso that any requirements non-Unity clients have can be dealt with before the design stabilises too much16:59
Cantideoh, that makes a lot of sense :)17:01
Cantidechatting to 민아 now... so kinda AFK >.<17:01
not_foundwell I will watch form the side lines and see...17:07
Cantideyeah, me, too17:09
Cantidei'd love to try out Unity 817:09
Cantideand see what it's like17:09
* not_found installed Fedora 19 this afternoon, not much time to play with it yet17:25
not_found280mb of updates right of the bat... but a big chunk was libreoffice related17:30
Kilosevening all. what a schlep17:36
Kiloseven the remastersys dvd took three installs before it eventually got to rebooting17:37
Kilosim just making a sarmy17:37
not_foundo/ uncle Kilos17:42
Kilosyo not_found 17:42
not_foundpc problems uncle Kilos?17:43
Kilosthe installing must be pc related yeah not_found  but i reinstalled because installing some server thing broke everything from going online17:44
Kilosbut going now again17:45
not_foundgood luck17:45
Superhumansorry about that Kilos17:46
Kiloswasnt you man Superhuman 17:46
Kilosi musta done something wrong17:46
Kiloslol the fly always tells me dont follow instructions on the net17:47
Superhumanmmm, then we should rather use the router as the dhcp server...17:48
Kilosi cant even read or download that manual17:48
Kilosmust you register there before you can read it?17:49
Superhumanno, I could read without issues. but my download failed at work17:50
Kilosactually when i got online there i only saw that book in the centre of the page17:51
Superhumanyeah, loading takes a while, then you should be able to read it17:52
Kilosand when i ticked on it i got funny windows moving around on the screen so dunno if drive got sick then or some weird thing in that site17:52
Kiloshow does one download it?17:52
Kilosi dunno why they dont show a download button17:53
Superhumanneed to login to download17:53
Kilosthe page was black and i couldnt even read where to type in what to register17:54
Superhumanto reset the router, hold the reset button for 6 seconds...then we continue from there17:57
Kilosok i have connected it yet even but will do that after reset17:58
Superhumanshould be powered for reset.17:58
SuperhumanKilos: let me know when it's connected on the lan and reset.18:02
Superhumandamn, I hope I didn't break his pc again.18:05
Superhumanwb Kilos 18:08
Kiloseish that router disconnects my 3g18:08
Superhumanmaybe remove tge18:08
Kilosremove what?18:08
Superhumanremove the gateway stuff from your eth connection.18:09
Superhumanthat might be the cause of the disconnects18:10
Kilosnm shows everything as default settings18:10
Kilosjnothing added18:11
Kilosis it resetting thats done something now18:12
Kilosoh my oh my18:12
magespawnevening Kilos Superhuman 18:12
Kiloshi magespawn 18:12
Superhumanis it connected atm?18:12
Kiloshad to disconnect 18:12
Superhumanhi megaspawn18:12
Kilosi can try again18:13
Kiloshaha megaspawn18:13
Kiloshe grew some18:13
Kilosi go connect eth again18:13
SuperhumanKilos: can you paste your ifconfig output for me in pvt please18:14
Kilos-nope it stops everything working online18:18
Kilos-need 4lb hammer18:18
SuperhumanKilos: can you paste your ifconfig output for me in pvt please18:18
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
Superhumanok, output for 'netstat -rn' please18:21
Kilosyou see them Superhuman ?18:23
Superhumanjip, thanks18:23
Kilosthought that was bust as well18:24
Kilosmaybe the router needs to reboot18:24
Superhumanok, lets try setup the lan ip, as with nothing as a gateway.18:25
Superhumanand no dns...18:25
Superhumanso just ip, broadcast and netmask18:25
Superhumanthat should give u an ip on the eth0 otput...18:26
Kilosi have to go manual in nm to do that18:27
Superhumanlets reboot the router, and cnnect it up gain on the lan cable.18:27
Superhumandamn keyboard misses keys..18:28
Kilosnetmask same as gateway?18:28
Superhumanno, should be
Kilosi dont see netmask block18:29
Superhumanleave it out the .18:29
Kilosoh thats where you enter 24 and it does the 3255 bit18:29
Superhumanbroadcast is
Superhumanmy bad18:31
Kilosi dont see broadcast i see gateway18:31
Superhumanleave gateway blank18:31
Kilosso then i just do ip and netmask18:32
Superhumanafter that, you can try to ping
Superhumanshould get a response for it.18:33
Kilosthats now my ip aint it18:35
Superhumanyes. you should see it on ifconfig18:36
Kilosnope need to restart nm dont i18:37
Superhumanshouldn't have to, but might work18:37
Superhumanlooks like nm isn't taking the settings for eth0...18:43
Kilos-the router aint connected18:43
Superhumanno listing for eth0 in ifconfig?18:44
Kilos-but no ip18:44
Superhumani hate nm.18:44
Superhumanok commandline time: sudo ip addr add dev eth018:46
Superhumansudo ip link set dev eth0 up18:46
Kilos-there we go18:48
Superhumannow we need to connect the router up, and hope it doesn't break you connection.18:49
Kilos-lol ok here goes18:49
* Superhuman crosses fingers18:49
Kilos-its in and some lights flashing18:50
Kilos-yay you here???18:50
Superhumanok...try to ping
Kilos-yip that works18:51
Superhumanok, here we have a choice. either we setup dhcp on the router, or you type in the settings on the tablet18:55
Kilos-maybe on the router18:56
Kilos-but how you get in there? with a hammer18:56
Kilos-sis will worry i mess up her tab18:56
Superhumanmmm ok. but I think we do that tomorrow. I need to look at that manual again.18:56
Kilos-so i dont touch it18:56
Kilos-thats cool ty very much18:57
Superhumanwe'll do it via tge routers web interface18:57
Superhumani need to read up on the masquerading as well18:57
Kilos-glad you know what you are doing18:58
Superhumanlol, i play it by ear18:58
Superhumani understand what needs to happen, and go from there18:58
Kilos-i still have notes here somewhere on masquerading18:58
Kilos-when i set up other pc as a server18:59
Kilos-but then i could set that pcs ip addy manually18:59
Superhumani have a config somewhere for it18:59
Superhumanok I'm off. Need to do some chores before bed.19:01
Kilos-sleep tight and thanks again19:01
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
Superhumanenjoy the evening everyone19:01
Kilosyou too19:01
magespawncool is everthing up and running Kilos ?19:06
Kilosstill just to make router share 3g magespawn 19:06
magespawncan be complex sometimes19:06
Kilosat least its not killing nm anymore19:06
Kilosif i knew it was all these probs i woulda saved the cash for 2 months data19:07
Kilosand 3 less installs19:07
magespawnlive and learn19:08
Kilosthe router sees my cell fone but dunno how to tell it dial up19:08
Kilosits aint got a gui nm i can see19:09
magespawnis it plugged into the router?19:09
Kilosbut full install and only 24 meg data needed to update/upgrade19:10
Kilosnot now no i tried it this avy19:10
Kilosand 8ta is rocking19:10
Kilos3 secs per meg when downloading19:10
magespawnthey are usually manager through a web interface in my experience19:11
magespawnnice speeds19:11
Kilosyeah much improved19:11
Kilosdownloaded the whole 186m android iso19:12
Kilosbut its very stupid. cant install keeps trying to detect android19:12
magespawnmaybe use an emulator19:18
magespawnhey psychicist19:18
Kilosi tried on the other pc and it boots to cd and gives options of running live or installing and on both just says detecting android and prints pages of dotted lines19:19
Kiloswnated to try android on that pc19:19
magespawni thought you would need a special iso for that19:27
Kilosi got the one they recommended19:27
Kilosreckomened for desktops but its is a lappy install iso19:28
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Trixar_zaWeird. It's throwing me on GPRS19:31
Trixar_zaK, found 3G19:32
Trixar_zaI wonder if Telkom Mobile has it's own network number19:33
Trixar_zaKilos: http://trixarian.net/sakis3g.gz is updated now19:35
Kiloscool ty19:35
Trixar_za24 new definitions added to it. Went really fast this time considering I had to 67 last time :P19:36
psychicisthi magespawn 19:37
psychicisthi Kilos 19:37
psychicisthi Trixar_za 19:37
Kiloshi psychicist 19:37
Trixar_zaHey psychicist19:37
magespawnhi Trixar_za, some body was in here the other day asking about sakis3g, i pointed them in your direction19:41
magespawnhi again psychicist 19:41
Trixar_zamagespawn: I don't know all that much about it. I just made it work with bash that's installed on the system, but not set as the default shell, added 8.ta to it's operators list and fixed usb_modeswitch's definition files so it works with sakis3g again.19:42
Trixar_zaIt's more for my personal copy than anything :P19:43
Kilosthat was for a terminal19:44
* not_found exits19:44
Kilosi kinda poegaai19:44
Kilosnight all sleep tight19:45
Trixar_zaGood night Kilos19:45
Kilossorry not_found 19:45
magespawnwell if others can use it then it is good19:45
magespawngood night Kilos 19:45
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magespawngood nigh all19:59
magespawnnight even19:59
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=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za

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