FFF1I have a Nintendo DS that only supports WEP or open encryption and cannot connect AD-hoc.00:00
occnow it says unallocated 91.6gb,, dev/sda2 extended 2gb,,, unallocated 2gb... yeh i have pressed the green button and the operations completed00:00
mastershakehey everyone00:00
FFF1I have a TP-LinkWN722N that can connect it to the internet under WPA200:00
FFF1and that is successful00:00
wilee-nileeocc, excellent now delet the extended you have to put your cursor right on its edge00:01
FFF1however only DSi compatible and 3DS games can connect00:01
FFF1all the older games are SoL00:01
OerHeksFFF1 set your ubuntu wifi connection to WEP too, and you will be fine00:02
occok i have deleted extended.... now it just says "unallocated 93gb"00:02
FFF1it doesnt like to save the connection to WEP for some reason.00:02
FFF1i am connected via modem to get internet to my computer via etherenet cable00:02
wilee-nileeocc, Cool so lets remake the partition table just so we can rule that out. Click device and then click create new partition table, and choose msdos if asked.00:03
oemerare there file managers with miller columns? dolphin droped its columns view some time ago, I'm looking for an alternative.00:03
occok i created a partition table and clicked apply... it looks the same though00:04
mastershakei just installed 13.04 32bit onto my chromebook, and tab-completion isnt working for some reason, is this normal or how can i fix it?00:04
wilee-nileeocc, Once that is all done and you still see unallocated for the whole HD, you can close gparted and try the install to the HD again.00:04
pragmaticenigmaFFF1: You cannot connect you DS to your computer that way.  The DS does not support Ad-HOC mode which what you would have to setup the computer to share the internet connection with the DS00:05
wilee-nileeocc, Should install hopefully no errors or crashes.00:05
FFF1it works on WPA2 though. i dont understand00:05
wilee-nileeocc, If you have a problem again we can run the smartdisc check on the HD to make sure it is good.00:06
pragmaticenigmaFFF1: http://www.gamespot.com/forums/topic/28760663/can-i-connect-my-nintendo-ds-lite-to-the-internet-using-an-ad-hoc-network00:06
derpsup bitches00:06
mastershakesup brah00:06
occok wilee... sounds like a good plan00:06
occim running installer now00:06
tonessup frat brohs00:07
wilee-nileeme thanks freenode for ignore00:07
reisioIdleOne: thanks freenode00:07
reisioFFF1: so what's the problem?00:07
FFF1what is the bare mininum router to get this to connect? i am dual booted win7 / ubuntu00:08
pragmaticenigmaFFF1: You will be able to use and router manufactured that still supports WEP (which are very hard to find)00:09
reisioare they?00:09
OerHeksFFF1 maybe disable wpa2 in the router itself, set to wep only?00:10
reisioall the cheapest routers you can get at any walmart do wep00:10
pragmaticenigmareisio: We call them Sheep00:10
OerHeksFFF1 and delete the wireless setting first00:10
reisiojust realize that anybody nearby who wants to leech your connection is going to be able to00:10
reisiopragmaticenigma: :)00:10
reisionoobuntu: ohio00:10
FFF1*unplugs connection when not using NDS. problem solved00:11
* reisio headdesks00:11
philwongI am trying to install button but the "continue" button is greyed00:12
philwongI want to install it alongside windows00:12
oemeris running an old dolphin version with a new kde/ubuntu version possible?00:12
mastershakecan someone help me for a moment im a bit confused00:12
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reisiophilwong: probably waiting for you to select something00:12
philwongI did00:12
reisiooemer: technically, but why00:13
mastershakeim running 13.04 on a chromebook and tab completion isnt working for some reason?00:13
reisiophilwong: hit tab and try again00:13
reisiomastershake: in what, a term?00:13
Jonii_Hey, a quick question00:13
reisioJonii_: gogogogo00:13
pragmaticenigmaFFF1: What I have done in the past when WEP is the only option.  I setup a second router with WEP enabled and hardware locked to the MAC address of the device(s) I want to connect. Hook the WAN port of the second router to one of the LAN ports of the first router and you should be good to go00:13
mastershakereisio: yes00:13
Jonii_Ubuntu comes with Transmission as default Torrent client00:13
reisiomastershake: how are you trying to use it00:13
reisioJonii_: not a question, nice try!00:13
philwongstill not clickable00:14
mastershakeand the up arrow prints out ^[[A instead of the last command i entered00:14
reisiomastershake: smack all your windows/meta/alt/ctrl/shift/tab/fn/lock keys a few times and try again00:14
FFF1yeah i dont use a router or have one at the moment00:14
SmallR2002pragmaticenigma: might be a good idea to VLAN that port off too00:14
Jonii_How come Transmission seems to be the single most awful Torrent client ever, managing to slow down, gray out and otherwise sabotage with heavy processor load even the fastest computers00:14
philwongit has an X beside "has atleast 4.3gb available"00:14
FFF1do i need t obuy two?00:14
philwongmaybe that has something to do with it00:14
reisiophilwong: maybe :)00:14
philwongBUt I have plenty of space00:14
reisioJonii_: :)00:14
reisioJonii_: try deluge00:14
philwongI want to use some of the windows partition00:14
reisioJonii_: might be that your connection is great and your disk is very slow, making for intense i/o00:15
mastershakereisio: im tyring to complete directory names with the tab key instead of typing out the entire extenstion00:15
pragmaticenigmaSmallR2002: If the router supported it.  Otherwise just make sure the two networks aren't using the same subnet and there are no routing tables setup to connect the two00:15
reisiophilwong: that would take some resizing, which is not 100% safe00:15
Jonii_I don't use torrents too often, so I've dealt with it before, but now I'm about to go find a better client, I just want to make sure the fault really lies with Transmission, not some freak bug that exists on both my Ubuntu setups00:15
reisiomastershake: smack all your windows/meta/alt/ctrl/shift/tab/fn/lock keys a few times and try again00:15
philwongreisio: doesn't ubuntu already do this?00:15
Jonii_reisio: 5400HDD and a SSD00:15
reisioJonii_: I doubt it does, but you'll probably like deluge more regardless00:15
philwongI thought it had an option of installing ubuntu side by side with windows00:15
pragmaticenigmaJonii_: what is the "bug" that you are encountering with Transmission?00:15
SmallR2002pragmaticenigma: dd-wrt might solve all of the above problems00:16
reisioJonii_: transmission fits with the "weeeee let's be like Mac OS" theme Ubuntu has lately, which is probably why they chose it00:16
pragmaticenigmaSmallR2002: If the router supports it00:16
reisiophilwong: I don't recall, I doubt it, as I said, because resizing things is not 100% safe00:16
reisiophilwong: you can however resize manually from the install image, by choosing 'try ubuntu' and using gparted, IIRC00:16
pragmaticenigmaJonii_: Best thing to do is try another one.  Perhaps Deluge is an option (similar to uTorrent)00:16
Jonii_pragmaticenigma: i have vastly overpowered machines on my use, processor power like 10 times what i would need, very fast mass data storage devices, and using transmission to download anything just makes any computer kneel and give up under the tremendous workload00:17
reisiophilwong: there's another ubuntu installation method historically, wubi, that will install Ubuntu on the actual Windows FS, but I wouldn't recommend it00:17
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reisiopragmaticenigma: CTRL+SHIFT+u, b5, ENTER :D00:17
reisioway easier than typing 'u'00:17
reisioJonii_: what type of hard disk?00:18
Jonii_I've found it amusing how a simple software can do that, but before switching, I just wanted to make sure, was transmission really just an awful piece of software, or is there a rational explanation for its behavior?00:18
pragmaticenigmaI'll have to take your word for it reisio00:18
reisioJonii_: I doubt it's really that awful, but you'll probably like deluge more regardless00:18
reisiopragmaticenigma: you know you want to type it00:18
pragmaticenigmanot so much i'm affraid00:19
pragmaticenigmathe key sequence wouldn't translate through SSH properly anyways00:19
reisiooh, downer00:20
Jonii_reisio: it took me 10 minutes to stop a torrent from loading. Starting that torrent sabotaged my internet connection and computer so that my browser took minutes to load web pages. I came here to ask about it because Irssi was the only software still responding fast enough to be usable00:20
reisioJonii_: I hear you00:21
reisiodon't have a new answer for you00:21
mike_papahello. Could anyone guide me through things I can do to minimize Ubuntu's access to SATA drive when it's connected. I have Intel's SSD, which is almost dead (from what I've read it's not that uncommon failure), and it reads just for few moments. More I access the drive, more chance I have it will kind of hung up. Then I need to disconnect it, and connect it again to dump some more data with dd. So basically I need only /dev/sdX, a00:21
mike_papand keep Ubuntu from doing anything else.00:21
reisiomike_papa: you should probably boot into single user mode or something00:22
reisiomike_papa: or just boot a live OS00:22
pragmaticenigmamike_papa: you might want to boot to a command line only mode or use a live cd to make the dump00:22
mike_papareisio: It won't stop Ubuntu from reading partition table for example.00:22
pragmaticenigmamike_papa: that's a basic function of all OS's ... you can't stop it from happening00:23
reisiomike_papa: a live OS should mostly ignore it until you tell it not to00:24
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mike_papawell. I thought that maybe some kernel attribute at boot would stop system from doing all those things...00:26
reisiomike_papa: right00:26
mike_papaI have this bash script that reads dd as long as possible, then it shuts down drive power (using arduino and relay), turns it back again and after "find /dev/sdk" success it dumps again.00:28
mike_papaAnyway thanks.00:28
uhelpmike_papa: you might be able to ubuntu reading from the drive too much by overwriting the partition table00:35
uhelpmike_papa: just be sure that you have first copied the partition table blocks off the drive00:36
awesomess3Does someone have a Web site that I can check out?00:41
mike_papauhelp: that might be good idea. I haven't thought about that. I don't really care about partition table on this drive. It's useless anyway. I just want to get as much data from it as possible to raw image, and then use photorec or similar tool.00:42
pragmaticenigmareisio: where are you located?00:42
reisioUSA, Florida00:42
pragmaticenigmaI thought it was odd you were listed as finland00:42
awesomess3reisio, how can you put unicode characters into your CSS? That is so cool.00:43
reisioawesomess3: ikr?00:43
reisiopragmaticenigma: yeah, I'm on the round robin00:43
reisioshould switch back to the us round robin00:43
reisiothe euro servers are always splitting anyways00:43
Jeruvyreisio do you have a current list, pm if you do :)00:44
uhelpreisio: does that Dodge Tioga still move and do you want to sell it?00:44
reisiouhelp: 's'gone00:44
reisiouhelp: so I guess it still moves :p00:45
uhelpreisio: If you don't own it you can't sell it :)00:46
reisiocouldn't sell it if I did, it's gone00:46
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awesomess3reisio, "Applesoft BASIC program data" what did you do!?00:47
reisioawesomess3: you lookin' at my font files? :p00:47
awesomess3reisio, yes!00:47
reisiothey're (embedded/) opentype or truetype or something00:48
awesomess3reisio, oh ok phew!00:48
awesomess3reisio, do you trust web sites these days?00:49
Belial`is gnome panel supported in here?00:49
reisioawesomess3: I don't really have a need to00:49
reisioBelial`: to the extent that it has to do with Ubuntu, yup00:50
chrohow can I list the scripts that run on startup?00:50
chrowith update-rc.d00:50
Belial`reisio, is it still possible to install dockbarx within gnome panel?00:50
chroI know that they are inside /etc/init.d00:50
chrobut I want the command to list them00:50
Belial`in 13.0400:50
mjaykBelial`: just open them in a text editor if you have no x server nano /etc/init.d00:51
awesomess3chro, what I do is go to /etc/init.d/rc2 and remove whatever I don't want. IIRC (which is about at a 6% chance)00:51
reisiochro: services something00:51
reisioBelial`: is that an applet for GNOME 2's panel?00:51
Belial`yes, it can be used as an applet.00:51
reisioBelial`: if so it's probably not easy to install, short of installing MATE (which is GNOME 2)00:51
reisioBelial`: might want to check https://extensions.gnome.org/ for an analogue00:51
Belial`reisio, The following packages have unmet dependencies:00:52
Belial` gnomepanel-applet-dockbarx : Depends: python-gnomeapplet but it is not installable00:52
Belial`E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.00:52
Belial`that's the error i get.00:52
reisioBelial`: that seems superfluous to what I just said :)00:52
occis it risky to use the live cd for long term use/permanent use? because sudo stuff dosnt seem to require a password to work... will people be able to hack my computer/home network easier?00:53
occor it only makes a difference for local use physically at the computer00:53
mike_papaone more question. Is there any way to make system try less to recover ata link when it's stuck? I get all those "link is slow to respond, please be patient (ready=0)" and "hard resetting link" in dmesg before it will give up and give me read error. If it would give up without trying I could save a lot of time.00:54
pragmaticenigmaocc: SSH is usually diabled by default for the ubuntu live cd, so you would be safe from a network perspective00:54
alexandros_cgood day, I am having a problem with yahoo mail and firefox. Yahoo mail continuously reloads in firefox. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?00:54
occi see prag. thanks00:54
pragmaticenigmaocc: anyone with local access to your machine will get the same privileges as you.00:54
pragmaticenigmaocc: You can run Live as long as you wish, just note that performance is going to be crappy and nothing is permanent so when you reboot you lose everything00:55
occok. i still cant install ubuntu on my HDD so ill just save my stuffs on usb sticks.... they are ntfs and fat though because i put isos on them with unetbootin.... what filesystem shall i format the usb sticks in for saving my files? something stable and good support etc00:56
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pragmaticenigmakeep what unetbootin put on them... thumbdrives requires certain filesystems to work properly00:58
occi see. ill just delete the files on them then00:58
uhelpreisio: have you been to Transnistria?00:58
reisiouhelp: nope, just flag play00:59
reisiouhelp: you?00:59
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xjwellsxocc: Why can't you install to your HDD? Have you tried the WUBI installer01:00
mike_papaocc: try installing system on USB. I did it with Lubuntu and I have my own portable system I can run everywhere. Even on those crappy computers at work with XP on them. :)01:00
mike_papaocc: this way you don't have limits of Live system, and you still don't need to install it on HDD. Some USB sticks are actually way faster then HDD, so performance could be even better.01:00
mike_papaocc: and I would use NTFS for saving files. I didn't have any problems with it in Ubuntu for long time, and still have possibility to read it on Windows.01:00
occthat would be a good idea mike but this laptop dosnt support usb boot01:01
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uhelpreisio: I was scheduled to a few years back but they were having some unrest so I went elsewhere instead.  I believe their president (pull up a photo of him) deserves a brand of Vodka named after him and his country if anyone ever did.  It should have a tritium top which makes the bottle glow faintly green forever.01:01
xjwellsxocc: did you see my post01:02
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mike_papaocc: dosn't support USB boot? You're sure about this? That's kind of odd. Sometimes it's strange way to get it, but I've always found a way.01:03
occyeh i saw. no i havnt tried wubi, but tried a lot of things. given up now. maybe will try again another day. this is just a spare laptop01:03
occill look in my bios again not sure maybe it can boot usb but i didnt notice01:04
pragmaticenigmaDidn't some laptop company disable USB by default to help user security?01:05
uhelpocc: there are special 3.5" boot disks which will allow you to boot from 3.5 THEN boot from the USB drive01:05
mike_papaocc: Anyway if you will find it, make on your USB stick: ext4 partition for / (couple of GB), swap (I did 3GB and it's more than enough), and rest NTFS. The only thing you need to remember is that NTFS has to be first one on drive (for example /dev/sda1 - 1 is the key). Otherwise Windows will not see that.01:05
mike_papaocc: what laptop is that?01:06
uhelpocc: there might also be an updated version of your bios with more options01:06
acercan anybody point me in the right direction for installing ubuntu onto my netbook. I have the ubuntu iso downloaded but I do not have a cd drive or a usb memory stick01:07
uhelpacer: can you do netboot?01:08
acersorry i dont know what a netboot is01:08
mike_papauhelp: usb boot is odd in laptop's bioses. I found it more often to be some kind of strange key stroke.01:08
uhelpacer: you could always go to Wal*Mart and buy a USB stick for very little money.01:08
OerHeksacer sdcard ?01:08
acerlol ok i probably will if thats the easiest way, thanks01:09
wilee-nileeacer, I would get a usb, having a install without a iso on a disc/usb is like a mechanic without tools.01:09
mike_papaocc: If you don't find way to USB boot, you can always prepare CD with just a GRUB on it, that will let you boot from USB.01:09
acergotcha i just recall installing ubuntu on another laptop but didnt remember having to have a cd or usb or external device but i guess i was mistaken. thanks again01:09
uhelpmike_papa: I take him at his word that he doesn't have USB boot but maybe he does and does not know it01:09
acerprobabyl do but dont know it tbh01:10
occok mike ill look into that too... thanks01:10
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit01:10
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mike_papauhelp: probably it's just something that producer doesn't say officially. I don't know why, but they always keep it secret and the change it from time to time. But internet is full of advices. It's just matter of spending some time on google.01:11
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uhelpmike_papa: I wonder if there is some option to do a slow-boot and not show the advertisement screen which would instead cause some "Hit XXX to select boot device" message to appear01:14
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mike_papauhelp: what do you mean by advertisement screen?01:15
uhelpmike_papa: many vendors have some screen when the user boots which display the product makers name instead of some useful information like special keys to hit01:16
uhelpmike_papa: for instance Ubuntu Desktop now show "Ubuntu" while booting instead of messages scrolling from about init.d scripts01:17
uhelpmike_papa: I like the init.d messages a lot better because they may help users to at last understand their systems inner workings when the ubuntu logo teaches them nothing01:18
mike_papauhelp: you mean logo on POST? I believe it would actually require to flash new BIOS. Problem is, that your laptop maker won't give you one without their logo. If you want Ubuntu to show messages, just hit ESC.01:18
lulz0rist there an irc channel for networking questions?^^ (I have one regarding udp hole punching)01:19
uhelpmike_papa: I think some BIOS allow the post logo to be an option ... but not all.  I know I myself can hit escape but I wish for clueless users to see the messages since I believe it helps them to understand some inner workings with time.01:19
awesomess3anyone want to share with me their Web site?01:21
Seven_Six_Twoawesomess3, why?01:21
Mitsuru92My PC using Atheros AR9285,on Ubuntu 12.04,wifi reception is too weak...is there anyway for me to boost it up...01:21
awesomess3Seven_Six_Two, because sharing is fun.01:21
mike_papauhelp: logo on POST as option is allowed only if person preparing BIOS will give you that choice. Making long story short - if it's not there - don't bother. Ubuntu logo is something different. Look at GRUB options. You can easily disable that.01:22
DiamondciteMitsuru92: Usually wifi reception (actual performance can't be improved.. unless you are saying it does better in something else?01:22
mike_papaawesomess3: google shares millions of it.01:22
Mitsuru92of course is is too better on Windows...01:23
DiamondciteMitsuru92: How can you tell windows is doing better? More bars? Or actually transfers faster?01:23
mike_papaMitsuru92: did you actually check the speed, or just looked how many bars you get on widget?01:24
Mitsuru92I can receive wifi signal of many AP around(at least 50m away)...No 'Disconnect'01:24
Mitsuru92On Ubuntu,I barely got one AP01:24
histoMitsuru92: I would look at noise levels01:24
Mitsuru92I got nothing unless I stay around AP within 5m01:25
Monkeytoethere an easy shell command to run a program and then terminate it after 10 minutes?01:25
Mitsuru92And usually get 'Disconnect'01:25
xjwellsxMitsuru92: but you can access your own network just fine?01:26
uhelpMitsuru92: you can increase your mW of output but that won't let you "see" more networks01:26
mike_papaMitsuru92: check atheros drivers. I remember playing with ALFA wifi card, which had enormous configuration possibilities. Including Tx/Rx power.01:26
Mitsuru92If only I set my notebook next to/below the AP01:26
awesomess3mike_papa, google does link to web sites of all kinds. But I prefer to look at the works of people that are currently in the IRC channel I'm in...it makes it more personal and interesting.01:26
uhelpMitsuru92: iwconfig iface txpower your-setting01:27
mike_papaawesomess3: I did this project for my girlfriend. www.artkiddo.pl01:27
Mitsuru92I already tried increase transmit power01:27
mike_papaawesomess3: nothing pro, but I'm not pro designer ;)01:28
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uhelpMitsuru92: are their any bugs in launchpad related to your chipset?01:29
histoMitsuru92: Look at the noise levels the db ratings in window and linux I'll bet you will find they are the same01:29
uhelpMitsuru92: often they have workarounds posted01:29
Mitsuru92xjwellsx, I can access to my AP within the room of AP,outside the room,very unstable01:29
Mitsuru92mike_papa, ATH9K as defaults of Ubuntu...I can't find any driver...01:30
uhelpMitsuru92: what does sudo iwlist wlan0 scanning say about the strength of signal?01:30
senshikazeis anyone having issues with libpango and the gnome 3 ppa? it looks like a recursion of Bug #118650601:31
ubottubug 1186506 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "[GNOME3 PPA] GNOME Shell 3.8.2-1ubuntu2~raring1 not installable" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118650601:31
uhelpMitsuru92: when disconnect happens are there some errors in dmesg with some clues?01:31
Mitsuru92uhelp, well,I found some bug report,there are some solution,but I have tried all of them,nothing worked for me...some solution told trying wicd,I already tried,not better...01:31
mike_papaok. I gtg. Goodnight.01:32
Mitsuru92uhelp, Disconnect without any error(Like when out of range or AP was turn off)01:32
uhelpmike_papa: goodnight and good luck with your hard drive01:32
ChrisF-I was irresponsible and didn't update a web development machine from 11.04.  How could I get it updated without having to reinstall from scratch?  I'm completely new to this, sorry.01:32
Mitsuru92uhelp, and then reconnect after few minutes01:32
xangua!eol | ChrisF-01:32
ubottuChrisF-: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:32
Mitsuru92sometime if I'm too far away(more than 5m exactly),it reconnects several times before it can connect again01:33
uhelpMitsuru92: did you check signal strength?  Is it low or normal?  Also did you perform access point firmware update -- long shot but very easy to perform and quick.01:33
Mitsuru92signal usually goes around -63 to -5001:34
nyRednekhey, if i make a console-only install, do i really need swap?01:34
mjaykDoes anyone know how to manually change the fan speed of an ATI graphics card without installing ati drivers01:34
DiamondcitenyRednek: How much ram is present and what do you intend to run?01:34
senshikazenyRednek: depends on what you're doing i guess01:35
uhelpnyRednek: yes, you should have it no matter what because  it always speeds your system by moving never-used things to swap and allowing more cache (at least 10 years ago this was true)01:35
uhelpMitsuru92: I am surprised you are disconnected at -50dB01:35
nyRednekDiamondcite, 1G, alpine, irssi, tor, links, a python program01:35
nyRednekDiamondcite, and occasional gpg01:36
senshikazenyRednek: how much physical mem?01:36
Mitsuru92even when I need stable network to download or working,I have to boot to windows...I got disconnected even when I'm next to AP01:36
nyRedneksenshikaze, i said, 1 gig01:36
DiamondcitenyRednek: At 1GB, you would benifit from having some swap available (but not active)01:36
senshikazenyRednek: ah. i would run swap personally01:36
nyRednekoh, and tmux01:37
Renzadichey does anyone know how to set up xbox wired controller on ubuntu?01:37
Renzadici have xboxdrv01:37
nyRednekand wicd for networking01:37
Renzadicand want to play tf2 with it but it doesnt work.01:37
uhelpMitsuru92: some random site says "•Excellent (green): -57 to -45 dBms (75 to 100%)" so you shouldn't be disconnected for this reason ... another reason is likely01:37
senshikazeRenzadic: native tf2 or wine?01:37
Renzadicsenshikaze, native01:38
nyRedneki was thinking, no x, no need for swap01:38
DiamondcitenyRednek: If you have the disk space available, I would suggest allocating up to 1GB for it, BUT, don't activate it?01:38
senshikazeRenzadic: hmmm, i've noticed my controller works sometime in native games, but not in others. I didn't go out of my way to install anything though.01:38
uhelpMitsuru92: so I would not focus on signal strength as your issue.  If you are using n you might try g instead.01:38
senshikazeRenzadic: i don't play tf2 specifically though, so no help from me past that :-(01:39
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Renzadicanyone know how to get xbox controller to work in tf2?01:40
Mitsuru92uhelp, signal around -70 to -50 are way too good,right?but why I can't connect to them?My shool network signal got -67 ~ -60...I barely found them...usually after boot into Ubuntu,nothing show on Network,after 1-2 minutes,one after one AP shows up,when i check iwlist,signal is still good...01:40
uhelpnyRednek: If you want try with swapoff and if you don't like it use swapon ... you don't have to keep it on just because you allocate it during install01:40
Mitsuru92however,I got hard time to connect01:40
Mitsuru92uhelp, about the bars,always got above 2 bars...got 1 bars or none when disconnect01:41
uhelpMitsuru92: I had some problem in past and had to get an external usb wifi adapter.  I simply found it easier than to figure out the issue and the cost was only $12 at the time so consider it your get-out-of-jail-free option if this isn't productive.01:42
Mitsuru92iwlist scan shows No AP after disconnect01:42
Mitsuru92to hard to find USB wifi adapter around here...01:42
Mitsuru92hardly find any genuine product...01:43
senshikazeMitsuru92: forgive me if you have already answered this, but what kind of wifi adapter are you using?01:43
xjwellsxMonkeytoe: What kind of command are you trying to run?01:43
uhelpMitsuru92: where are you?  it says you are connected to Vilnius but of course you could be anywhere01:43
Mitsuru92Atheros AR9285(on Windows said AR5B95),using ath9k driver01:44
uhelpMitsuru92: have you tried madwifi?01:45
Mitsuru92uhelp, in Vietnam,most of products here are fake products from China01:45
Mitsuru92uhelp, I tried many01:45
Mitsuru92some got problem to run01:45
Mitsuru92some can not find any AP01:45
ShadowBlaze18hello, I asked a question in another channel, but didn't get a response in a reasonable time, may I ask it here?01:46
uhelpMitsuru92: I mean did you try the madwifi driver for your chipset http://madwifi-project.org/01:46
uhelpMitsuru92: you probably need to download it, compile it, install it with insmod, etc01:47
Mitsuru92I already tried,but no AP shows up01:47
chaotixHello.  I am using Ubuntu 13.04, with chromium-browser, and every web page I go to, at the top, it asks, "Unity Webapps Plugin Needs your permission to Run."  And then, always run on this site, or run this time.  How can i make this stop??01:47
Mitsuru92install with ndiswrapper?is it okay?01:48
senshikazeMitsuru92: doing a quick google search shows that that the ar9285 has had issues in the (distant) past. I can tell you that i finally got fed up with my d-link (atheros chip also using ath9k) because of intermittent signal loss with the AP in the same room01:48
xjwellsxShadowBlaze18: What is the question?01:48
chaotixI am looking at the extensions in the chromium settings page now01:48
chaotixBut i do not know what to do.01:48
uhelpMitsuru92: can you order from ebay to Vietnam?01:48
Mitsuru92uhelp, no,many shopping services like ebay,newegg,... don't accept order from Vietnam01:49
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=== apple is now known as fwilson
somsip_Mitsuru92: surely Thailand or Malaysia will deliver there?01:50
ShadowBlaze18I would like to know if you could video record a GPL or LGPL software that comes with the OS, or is recording the software a violation of the GPL?01:50
chaotixsorry, i found it01:50
chaotixthanks anyways though01:50
Mitsuru92and if found some services will ship to VN,I have to pay some taxes and extra taxes for the product,usually boost the costs up to 2-4 times the original cost01:50
usr13ShadowBlaze18: What do you mean "recording the software"?01:51
ShadowBlaze18usr13, like taking a camera and recording the screen01:51
uhelpMitsuru92: a USB adapter is very light -- maybe you could have a friend in Europe/USA/etc mail it to you by standard post01:51
usr13ShadowBlaze18: recordmydesktop01:51
tgm4883why would screenrecording be against the GPL?01:51
ShadowBlaze18tgm4883, because your recording the software itself?01:52
ShadowBlaze18or the output anyways01:52
tgm4883ShadowBlaze18, so?01:52
usr13!recordmydesktop | ShadowBlaze1801:52
Mitsuru92too bad I lost many contact with my friends,they are off for a long time...hope they will be on again...01:52
somsip_!info recordmydesktop01:53
ubotturecordmydesktop (source: recordmydesktop): Captures audio-video data of a Linux desktop session. In component universe, is optional. Version (raring), package size 54 kB, installed size 148 kB01:53
Mitsuru92I think i will boot into Ubuntu and try again01:53
tgm4883ShadowBlaze18, why would there be a license that explicitely states you can't have any restrictions on it and then make it so you can't record it?01:53
ShadowBlaze18thank you usr13, that wasn't what I really mean't though01:53
stevePage129my VPS is hanging when apt-get unpacks ANYTHING; details on shared drive io speeds on this post: http://askubuntu.com/questions/315672/ubuntu-vps-hangs-constantly-when-unpacking-anything-apt-get-or-dpkg-hangs01:53
A1ReconWill Windows have any problem with ext2 partition?01:53
Mitsuru92A1Recon, yes01:53
ShadowBlaze18I thought there was restrictions, tgm488301:53
uhelpMitsuru92: ubuntu hardware support is better than before but still if your device doesn't work in the end you may need another01:54
tgm4883usr13, somsip_ he's not looking for a screen recording program01:54
tgm4883ShadowBlaze18, no, there are no restrictions01:54
Mitsuru92A1Recon, Windows can not access to any linux filesystem01:54
somsip_tgm4883: just helping usr13 with the command. Not really paying attention01:54
ubottugpl is the GNU General Public License. See http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html01:55
Mitsuru92uhelp, aaa...and one more...Ubuntu listed my Intel HD graphics card as unknown01:55
ShadowBlaze18oh, okay, thank you tgm4883, so it's okay to record the software bundeled with Ubuntu and not have t be under fair use?01:55
OerHeksMitsuru92, A1Recon fs driver can http://www.fs-driver.org/01:55
uhelpI must go  (now).  Good luck everyone.01:56
Mitsuru92OerHeks, does it work with other fs?EXT4,seirfs01:56
usr13ShadowBlaze18: Also, see:   http://www.davidrevoy.com/article65/recordscreen-py-video-and-audio-capture-from-terminal-for-ubuntu-12-0401:56
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OerHeksNot sure, ext3/401:57
ShadowBlaze18thank you01:57
usr13tgm4883: Oh, thanks for the correction.01:57
Mitsuru92but IIRC,there is a software you can access(read permission) to most of linux fs01:57
Mitsuru92to have write perm,there is a little tricky01:58
giwrgarasubuntu 12.10 is more stable than 12.04 ?01:59
Seven_Six_Twogiwrgaras, generally01:59
ShadowBlaze18thank you for your help01:59
Ari-Yangumm.... I'm not sure about that Seven_Six_Two. I'm no expert, but I thought the point of LTS is that it's suppose to be stable02:00
Seven_Six_TwoAri-Yang, and which is the LTS?02:00
giwrgarasalso i read a lot of reviews that complain that 13.04 is less stable than the 12.xx ones02:00
usr13!lts | Ari-Yang02:00
ubottuAri-Yang: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)02:00
giwrgarasis it true?02:00
Mitsuru92uhelp I think ath9k drivers is a little bit old...as on windows,after I updated driver,wifi performance(signal received,configuration,found AP) is better...02:00
Seven_Six_Twooh sorry, I dislexed02:00
Seven_Six_Twogiwrgaras, 13.04 was just released recently. 12.04 is the LTS and should be the most stable02:01
Ari-Yangusr13, I know what lts is thanks....02:01
Ari-Yanggiwrgaras, I'm on 12.10, and so far all is good.02:02
Ari-Yangwhether I'm using a mainline kernel or not02:02
Seven_Six_TwoI'm on 13.04 and so far all is good.02:02
Seven_Six_Twoalthough I'm using E17 dual-head02:02
giwrgarasalso i have my ubuntu installed through windows. if i make a separate partition will i see any difference?02:02
Ari-Yang(I use e17 too, Seven_Six_Two)02:03
giwrgarasor all the installation methods are just the same02:03
Seven_Six_Twogiwrgaras, wubi starts the windows file system  so that the ubuntu fs can be mounted. making a separate partition will alleviate that need.02:04
giwrgarasand the result will be quicker? or id better leave it as is02:05
giwrgarasthis way i can access my win files also from my ubuntu02:06
somsip_!backtrack | DIIP02:11
ubottuDIIP: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)02:11
somsip_!caps | DIIP02:11
ubottuDIIP: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.02:11
somsip_DIIP: You;ve already been told - it's not supported here. Go to #backtrack-linux02:12
A1ReconDIIP: Using Uppercase is taken as shouting. And is not considered polite. And go to #backtrack-linux for Backtrack support..02:13
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic02:13
somsip_DIIP: so type /topic to see02:13
A1ReconDIIP: Ubuntu!02:13
A1ReconDIIP: And stop constantly using Uppercase anywhere on the Internet!!02:14
FloodBot1DIIP: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:14
A1ReconDIIP: Don't use capital letters (Upper case)! Do not do that!!02:15
DIIPok ok..02:15
DIIPbut tel me wat it means??02:15
OerHeks9 months02:15
DIIPwat it means??02:16
A1Recon!Ubuntu > DIIP02:16
ubottuDIIP, please see my private message02:16
xlairei need help with this02:16
DIIPbt it wl nt hav any limitations na ??02:17
xlairei cant update now02:17
OerHeksxlaire, open softwarecenter > on top panel: Edit > sources list, and disable cdrom on that first page02:17
A1ReconDIIP: Limitations in what sense?? What do you want to do??02:17
xlaireit was disable before02:18
xlairei try and what i did is enable all the not it is called repository02:18
awesomess3xlaire, why would you want to 'autoremove'?02:18
xlairenot sure i autoremove02:18
xlairei tried all the command available02:18
DIIPubuntu 13.04 like other versions dont hav any limitations right ??02:18
somsip_DIIP: no limitations, no02:19
xlairenot sure what am i doing now02:19
OerHeksxlaire, and disable these two PPA's > http://ppa.launchpad.net/tldm217/tahutek.net/ubuntu/dists/quantal/   http://ppa.launchpad.net/tldm217/tahutek.net/ubuntu/dists/quantal/02:19
nyRednekone more question and i'll leave you guys alone: will the ubuntu mini iso allow you to set up encrypted root?02:19
OerHeksxlaire, use raring ppa's only02:19
DIIPbt cn any 1 tl how cn i suppport flash in my browser??02:19
OerHekserr those are the same02:20
xlaireOerHeks, i am not sure i understand what you mean02:21
DIIPbt cn any 1 tl how cn i suppport flash in my browser??02:21
xlairetldm217 disable02:21
OerHeksxlaire, those 2 ppaś  are the same, so you only have to delete one02:21
xlaireand cdrom in the first page02:21
awesomess3DIIP, execute: apt-cache search flash    Find the appropriate package name and then execute: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree    ??02:21
xlairei see02:21
OerHeksoke, now sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade02:21
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llldinoHey guys, ld appreciate some help on this one. I've recently updated Ubuntu LTS 12.04, and my nvidia driver is only giving me one resolution setting. I've done nvidia-setting and the driver says "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server." i've done this and nothing changes.02:33
ShadowBlaze18hello, does the extra software that you can download from the setup screen require internet, or is the software installed on the CD?02:34
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llldinoRequires internet02:34
ShadowBlaze18oh, good, thank you02:34
Luke-JrIs there any reason rpath wouldn't work in Ubuntu 13?02:36
ShadowBlaze18so, llldino, in the second picture here: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/install-desktop-long-term-support I would need internet for the bottom check box?02:38
ShadowBlaze18and it has a notice in that box, illdino, so is that software that is closed source installed automattically without an internet connection?02:40
xlaireOerHeks, here:02:40
xlaire* gbit86 has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)02:40
xlaire* gbit86_ is now known as gbit8602:40
xlaire<llldino> Requires internet02:40
xlaire<ShadowBlaze18> oh, good, thank you02:40
xlaire<llldino> np02:40
FloodBot1xlaire: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:40
wilee-nileellldino, This nvidia driver from them rather than the repos?02:41
llldinoNo, closed sourced software needs an internet connection02:41
llldinoyes wilnee, sorry i can't directly talk to you02:41
ShadowBlaze18llldino, thank you02:42
llldinoWilnee, after doing research, it seems xorg isn't picking up my display properly02:42
wilee-nileellldino, That is why, it wont follow a kernel upgrade, ubuntu advises to use drivers from its repos.02:42
llldinorepo drivers for nvidia are problematic02:42
llldinoit worked fine before xorg updated02:42
wilee-nileellldino, Thats al I can say I have never had to use nvidia so I'm not familiar.02:43
llldinolucky you, i'll be switching to amd next time i get a computer02:43
llldinoanyways, additional drivers shows i'm using a repo driver but x thinks im using nvidias driver, how do i switch so im actually using the repo driver02:44
wilee-nileellldino, older computers so haven't had the pleasure/pain. ;)02:44
xlaireOerHeks, http://pastebin.com/s6S0y2Tx02:44
wilee-nilee!nvidia | llldino this wiki should have the info.02:45
ubottullldino this wiki should have the info.: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto02:45
llldinothank you02:45
wilee-nileeno ;problem02:45
tannjillldino,  I believe you need to look for something about replacing your Xorg file02:46
llldinotannji, i already have, the xorg conf is rewritten automatically by the driver, ive tried several times02:47
ShadowBlaze18llldino, so all the check boxes on that picture require an internet connection to get?02:47
llldinoyes shadow, not necessary for installation, but i'd highly recommend it02:48
OerHeksxlaire you still have a quantal source, and  http://ppa.launchpad.net/ferramroberto/sopcast/ubuntu/dists/raring/main/source/Sources  is wrong, it misses a "~"  >>> https://launchpad.net/~ferramroberto/+archive/sopcast02:48
Renzadicanyone know how to get the gamestop 3rd party hardware controller to work with xbox drv?02:48
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OerHeksxlaire you messed op nice02:48
ShadowBlaze18lllindino, okay, thank you02:49
xlaireand there is tv maxe error i want to remove that02:49
OerHeksxlaire, because ppa can mess up, we don't support those sources.02:50
xlaireok the qualtan source you mentioned02:50
xlairewhat will i do02:50
xlaireremove ?02:50
OerHeksxlaire, copy your sources.list to paste.ubuntu.com02:52
xlaireOerHeks, here: http://pastebin.com/nM3CnDGY02:56
Anonymous1Hallo Freunde02:56
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LT1stNomadI'm... actually using xubuntu02:58
Seven_Six_Twosometimes I lose my mouse cursor on my screen, and I end up hitting a screen edge and going to another desktop.02:58
LT1stNomadBut not right now, I'm using windows :/02:58
Seven_Six_TwoLT1stNomad, lol02:58
DenubisIs this the appropriate channel to ask ubuntu packaging questions in?02:58
llldinook guys, so my question now is im using a non repo driver and i want to revert to a repo graphics driver, how do i do this?02:58
xlaireOerHeks, here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5839181/02:59
OerHeksxlaire, i am missing a lot of ppa's, not sure where they are stored,02:59
xlaireanything you can recommend?03:00
xlairei install tv maxe yesterday and i can't update now03:00
LT1stNomadAny ways to slap ubuntu on a mobile phone yet?03:00
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xangua!touch | LT1stNomad03:01
ubottuLT1stNomad: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch03:01
TheUsDWhen remote desktop'ing from windows 7 to 12.04 I only get the background of the linux box and the one icon that is on the desktop. Any idea what is causing this?03:02
nurow3Hello everyone, I've been having an issue where after installing Ubuntu on one of my hard drives, I was unable to boot to my other drive with Windows 7 (getting grub errors). Great people in this channel advised me to try to recover the partition, but I never could. However, I just remembered that the partition is actually a TrueCrypt partition. How should I go about trying to recover that?03:07
OerHeksxlaire, found it,  other ppa's have their own list >>  ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/03:08
mumpitze1!tell nurow3 about errors03:08
ubottunurow3, please see my private message03:08
xlaireOerHeks, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5839201/03:10
tannjidoesnt Truecrpyt have its own disk recovery utility?03:10
OerHeksxlaire, wow!03:10
nurow3mumpitze1.. what do you need to know? the error was "grub: no such partition"03:10
nurow3tannji1, hmmmm, i never heard of that03:11
tannjinurow, if you used truecrypt... wouldnt that prevent the partition from being seen?03:11
OerHeksxlaire, oke, delete any file with quantal or precise in it, you are n raring03:11
tannjiI would search recovering truecrypt volumes or partitions03:12
OerHeksxlaire, you can do that via the gui too03:12
xlairesoftware center?03:12
nurow3tannji, I didn't use the hidden volume03:12
OerHeksxlaire, jups, edit > sources03:12
tannjinurow,  ah.  well... they have a rescue disk, it looks like, I would try to use that, may be the only option.03:14
tannjinurow,  you did make a rescue disk when you encrypted the drive, right?03:15
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lrcaballeroAnybody running BeatBox out there?03:19
=== npope_ is now known as npope
lrcaballeroBanshee or Rythmbox? and why? Jst would like to know what Ubuntu users like....Thanks ;-)03:24
EkusheyRythmbox :)03:25
sam113101I dislike both03:25
lrcaballeroEkushey: have you find the perfect equalizer settings for your liking?03:26
lrcaballerosam113101 what are you using?03:26
Ekusheydon't need an equalizer actually... rythmbox plays my music nicely03:27
Ekusheyi use Amarok most of the time though03:28
wilee-nileelrcaballero, This is support not polling.03:28
lrcaballerowilee-nilee...thank you and sorry! what is the channel for any discussion on ubuntu?03:29
Smashingso i have an audio question03:30
Smashingi need someone willing to bang their head against the wall with me03:30
wilee-nileeSmashing, You have to state your issues to get help.03:31
wilee-nileeto the channel not me03:31
Smashingi have a foxconn motherboard that reports on specs to have ALC888S audio chip. I have used it for 7 months with no issue. I was using HDMI from motherboard to get sound to tv.03:32
Smashingi installed a video card that requires me to use dvi-hdmi cable so i am not trying to use stereo analog port to push audio to my stereo03:32
Smashingbut ubuntu does not detect the ports, only shows s/pdif in alsamixer03:32
Smashingand sound only shows HDMI for the video card, which i cant use because it is a fucking displayport03:33
madpropshow do I turn on the computer03:33
wilee-nilee!language | Smashing03:33
ubottuSmashing: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:33
Smashingi do apologize but if you ever encountered a displayport on a video card in place of an hdmi you would understand03:33
Smashingnobody has an idea how to fix audio issue?03:37
Smashingive spent the last several hours pouring through google and ubuntu forums03:37
bazhang!audio | Smashing have a read03:37
ubottuSmashing have a read: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.03:37
xlaireOerHeks, ty vm i think i understand and learn now03:38
OerHeksxlaire, great, have fun03:39
rick_hello all, I have 2 ld-linux.so.3, can I run a program to reference one ld-linux.so.3 and it's related libraries and run others by system default.03:39
llldinoHi guys, I was dumb enough to install a non-repo graphics driver and now I want to remove it, and ideas?03:47
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ripdiskhow do i get/set up nvidia drivers03:51
bazhang!nvidia | ripdisk03:51
ubotturipdisk: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto03:51
llldinoripdisk, should come already set up under additional drivers03:55
s2013why is my ubuntu being really slow on an external monitor?03:58
s2013im on vmware player and have allocated 4gb of ram03:58
holsteins2013: if you are virtualizing it, i would look into that.. the monitor should have nothing to do with it03:59
s2013yeah thats why i am wondeirng why its like this03:59
s2013it worked fine 5 mins ago03:59
s2013all i did was add external monitor and then restarted my pc03:59
holsteins2013: , so, remove it and restart the PC.. see if its "better" .. adding a monitor shouldnt effect the guest OS in virtualiztion, though, system performance could have something to do with the way the host is dealing with that04:00
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lrcaballeros2013: have you try running it via live cd/DVD, I ask because It could be a bug, I remember trying to run eOS on virtual machine and found out there was bug....04:01
holsteins2013: what is the host? and have you tried reverting to what "worked fine 5 minutes ago" ?04:01
s2013what do you mean host?04:01
=== pong is now known as Guest56730
s2013yeah i just took off the hdmi cable04:01
s2013and it works fine now04:01
holsteins2013: you say you have ubuntu running in vmware, that means, to me, that ubuntu is the guest.. what is the host?04:02
s2013win 704:02
lrcaballeros2013: because it was extremely slow running eOS on virtual machine.04:02
ripdiskwhy is it saying could not get lck /var/cache/apt/archives/lock resource temporary unavailable04:02
nurow3Hmmmm... I don't know if anyone in here will be able to help, but.. when I installed ubuntu it corrupted my TrueCrypt MBR. I've located two different TrueCrypt recovery discs.. but I'm not sure which is the right one. When I boot from them and try to enter my computers password (which I'm 100% sure is correct) both discs respond with invalid password... is there a different password used on04:02
nurow3the Truecrypt recovery discs? Can anyone tell me a method to determine which is the correct disc?04:02
holsteins2013: that will *all* be relating to the host OS, which is win 704:03
s2013look if i move the vmware window to my laptop screen04:03
s2013it works fine04:03
s2013if i move it to my external monitor04:03
s2013it starts to be really slow04:03
s2013its very peculiar04:04
s2013how can i check how much memory am i using and how much is free?04:04
holsteins2013: ask in a windows channel about the host OS memory usage04:04
s2013no man im talking about ubuntus04:04
s2013i know how to check windows memory usage.04:04
holsteins2013: the host is win7?04:05
s2013i have 16gb ram so its not much of an issue04:05
s2013if i boot it from a cd do i have to restart to access windows?04:05
holsteins2013: im not implying you are out of memory04:05
s2013i need to use both04:06
lrcaballeros2013: does this occurs when running via Live CD/DVD? Have you tried this method?04:06
s2013ive never ran it that way04:06
s2013i dont really use ubuntu much except i need to for something04:06
tannjinurow,  I think that indicates that your only option is using a backup...04:07
nurow3tannji, I have no backup... just these two recovery discs04:07
holsteins2013: are you willing to try the live CD suggestion?04:08
tannjinurow,  ya..  what I read on that was it returning incorrect password was not good.04:08
s2013i dont even know what that means04:08
holsteins2013: have you tried virtualbox on the host OS?04:08
s2013yeah but i was having issues. anyways its fine ill try restarting the vmwareplayer hopefully that will solve it. thanks04:10
lrcaballeros2013: I found this related issue to yours in the vmware forums, se if it helps you or clarifies things... http://communities.vmware.com/thread/270889?start=0&tstart=004:12
treehau55anyone have any luck getting the atheros ar9271 drivers working?04:12
lrcaballerotreehau55: read this thread and see if it works: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=162722004:14
treehau55lrcaballero, yeah I think I actually followed the guide that post leads you too04:19
Renzadicanyone have an idea how to get the gamestop controller to work with xbox drv?04:20
JC_SoCalhow can i tell what the usb 'port' is that i just plugged in? here is my dmesg output http://bpaste.net/show/z881PlfzPz3L5nt8Gk2r/04:20
deckard_hello. is there a way Ubuntu can check a photo i want to post for identifying metadata like an address or anything else personal?04:23
Renzadicanyone know how to make the gamestop wired controller work with xbox drv04:24
JC_SoCaldeckard_: look for a tool called exiftool04:24
treehau55Renzadic, does your xbox run on Ubuntu?04:24
holsteindeckard_: i'll assume you are talking about jpegs, and link http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/howto-strip-jpeg-metadata/04:24
holstein!info exif | deckard_04:25
ubottudeckard_: exif (source: exif): command-line utility to show EXIF information in JPEG files. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.21-1 (raring), package size 52 kB, installed size 360 kB04:25
deckard_i want to post it but want to be sure nothing to priavate is attached04:25
BigFistHi, I'm going mad with my usb drive (lots of errors impossible to fix) I would like to copy anything i can from it, then format, however question is how can I copy files (in ubuntu) while ignoring errors?04:25
holsteindeckard_: also, again.. if its security you are worried about, i would search and learn about it on your own, to the level you are comfortable with..04:25
holsteinBigFist: i use photorec from testdisk.. its in the repos04:26
matt__BigFist: try the terminal "cp /path/to/usb/device /home/yourusername/" without the quotes04:27
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=== ramon is now known as Ramon___
deckard_hello again. How do i get terminal to the desktop diectory?04:34
holsteindeckard_: open the terminal.. .and cd into wherever you like04:35
nurow3hi tanji, my internet died04:35
deckard_like cd/desktop04:35
deckard_l;ike that?04:35
lrcaballeroceckard: $cd Desktop04:35
holsteinin ubuntu, "cd ~/Desktop" should work04:35
Ramon___cd /home/user/Desktop04:35
deckard_hello again again haha. Can GIMP remove a person from a photo?04:41
Ramon____If you use brushes to cover the area...04:41
Ramon____It doesn't do alone, I think...04:41
deckard_is there a GIMP irc you recommend ?04:41
JC_SoCalhow can i tell what the usb 'port' is that i just plugged in? here is my dmesg output http://bpaste.net/show/z881PlfzPz3L5nt8Gk2r/04:42
Ramon____I don't know any, brow =/04:42
holsteindeckard_: the question is, can you use the GIMP to edit a photo, and remove someone.. the gimp is capable, yes04:42
JC_SoCalis there like a /dev/usb0?04:42
deckard_i will ask in that room04:42
lrcaballeroGood night everyone....:), until next time.04:43
ahmedmdoes anyone has any good knowledge on connman04:50
treehau55so using the upstream 3.7 kernels will fix my wifi issues, how stable would that be04:50
treehau55on 12.0404:50
holsteintreehau55: if it makes your wifi more stable, that would be an increase in stability.. .which might effect something else negatively04:53
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=== BrainDamage is now known as CabageBrain
holstein!info connman04:59
ubottuconnman (source: connman): Intel Connection Manager daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.10-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 422 kB, installed size 1128 kB04:59
james41382What is the difference between using the apt-get command and aptitude?04:59
holsteinjames41382: the end result could be quite similar.. they are ways of managing packages05:00
holsteinjames41382: aptitude has a curses GUI, which might be preferable05:00
james41382holstein: so far all my applications have been installed from a shell05:01
james41382holstein: but I notice that sometimes the recommended command is apt-get and others it's aptitude05:02
qmakehello guys, I get some iscsi report in message file, like "Kernel reported iSCSI connection 6:0 error", can anybody tell me what 6:0 stand for? many tks05:02
holsteinjames41382: you should be able to pretty much interchange those 205:02
james41382holstein: so if I stick with apt-get like I have been doing it will be fine. Okay. Thanks.05:03
wadHi folks. My ~/.xsession-errors file is growing out of control. I just truncated it (it was 16 GB). But it's growing at a rate of a meg every few seconds.05:05
=== pv1std is now known as Rexodus
wadEvery line is the same: "connect: Connection refused"05:06
wadIs there any way to see what the problem is?05:06
holsteinwad: on what?? ubuntu? 13.04? running unity? what is trying to connect?05:06
wadUbuntu 12.1005:06
wad64-bit desktop.05:06
mimiplease, need immediate help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=215939705:06
ahmedmi am new to connman , i want to know why connman doesn't support bluetooth scan05:06
=== mimi is now known as Guest9377
ubottuUbuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) is the current stable release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.10/ - Release notes: http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/12.10 - Support in #ubuntu05:06
wadI don't know what is trying to connect, that's what I'd like to find out. How can I tell? The logfile is decidedly unhelpful...05:07
holstein!details | Guest937705:07
ubottuGuest9377: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:07
holsteinwad: have you tried as another user?05:08
wadI'm running unity and compiz05:08
wadI have not tried that.05:08
wadI can... 1 moment please.05:08
holsteinwad: it wont hurt... go for it05:08
Guest9377ubottu, I am running Kubuntu 13.04, have Nvidia 8400 GS card, I can not select my monitor's proper size. It is an Asus P203W monitor.05:08
ubottuGuest9377: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:08
holsteinGuest9377: "proper" can depend on a lot of things... though, i would try "arandr"05:09
Guest9377regardless, I still need immediate help, going crazy05:09
holstein!volunteers | Guest937705:09
ubottuGuest9377: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:09
Guest9377I will try arandr but I dont think it will solve anything. xrandr shows the max. res is 1024x768 when my monitor's is 1680x105005:10
Guest9377latest nvidia driver is installed and running05:10
wadholstein, it's just my account. I went in as the guest account, and it was there, but not growing. Just a couple of k large.05:10
holsteinGuest9377: some other useful info would be, if it ever used the resolution that you want, or if something inparticular happened to break it..05:10
wadholstein, do you know of a way to figure out what is dumping stuff into it?05:10
* wad tries ps05:10
holsteinGuest9377: you can try with the other driver as well, or different versions... or tweaking the xorg.conf manually05:10
Guest9377holstein, no, fresh install of kubuntu 13.04.05:10
Guest9377it did work with 12.10 xubuntu though.05:11
Guest9377holstein, other than Nvidia, Nouveau, what other drivers are there?05:12
Guest9377for Nvidia cards, specifically 8400gs05:12
holsteinGuest9377: well, theres always vesa, but i was speaking about the open one05:12
lotuspsychje!cookie | holstein05:12
ubottuholstein: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!05:12
holstein!nvidia | Guest9377 is the official documntation05:12
ubottuGuest9377 is the official documntation: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto05:12
holsteinlotuspsychje: lol05:12
Guest9377holstein, I think it has to do with EDID. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Resolution05:13
Guest9377I dont understand the paragraph of  "Problem: Incorrect Resolution when no EDID available such as from old monitor or a KVM device"05:13
Guest9377Can you help me understand it please?05:13
Guest9377where do I put this? "video=VGA1:1024x768"?05:13
holsteinGuest9377: thats what i was talking about, with the xorg.conf.. my nvidia driver created one that i use, though edit as needed05:14
Guest9377holstein, please read pm05:14
lotuspsychje!patience | Guest937705:14
ubottuGuest9377: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/05:14
holsteinGuest9377: no thanks.. put it in the main channel, please.. and make sure you ask before PM'ing volunteers :)05:15
Guest9377ok, can you help me tweak my xorg.conf? I am quite my monitor size error has to do with EDID05:15
Guest9377My monitor's res. should be 1680x1050. How do I put that in xorg.conf?05:15
Guest9377arandr doesn't have my monitor's res either :(05:16
alocerGuest9377: can you get me the output of "xrandr" ???05:16
Guest9377alocer, ok, one moment05:16
lotuspsychjehow come xscreensaver conflicts with gnome default screensaver deamon every boot, so i cant never actually use xscreensaver05:18
Guest9377alocer, here you go mate http://fpaste.org/22619/28675137/05:19
alocerGuest9377: first get your modeline with cvt like : "cvt 1680 1050"05:20
=== ms_ is now known as mamtina
Guest9377alocer, how?05:21
alocertype in the terminal :"cvt 1680 1050"05:21
alocerGuest9377: then --> sudo xrandr --newmode [the modeline from cvt]05:22
Guest9377alocer, how do I get my modeline with cvt?05:22
Guest9377I dont understand.05:22
alocertype " man cvt" that will do it05:23
=== IsoAnon is now known as Isolol
Guest9377run cvt with sudo?05:24
alocerGuest9377: no05:24
alocerthat dosent make any difference05:24
Guest9377so just "cvt -v -h1680 -v1050", yes?05:25
bazhanghttp://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/quantal/en/man1/cvt.1.html     Guest937705:25
Guest9377so just "cvt -v -h1680 -v1050", yes? please confirm05:25
Guest9377I am not sure if I should put -h and -v05:25
alocerummm  w805:26
bazhangso read the link above Guest937705:26
alocerno u should not05:26
alocercvt 1680 105005:26
Guest9377bazhang, it is not so clear05:26
Guest9377ok I run "cvt -v 1680 1050"05:27
Guest9377now I must run just "sudo xrandr --newmode" ?05:27
alocerGuest9377: get me output please ... tnx05:27
Guest9377alocer, fpaste.org/22620/3728292805:28
alocerGuest9377:  xrandr --newmode "1680x1050_60.00"  146.25  1680 1784 1960 2240  1050 1053 1059 1089 -hsync +vsync05:29
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alocerGuest9377: --addmode DVI-I-0 "1680x1050_60.00"05:31
alocerxrandr --addmode DVI-I-0 "1680x1050_60.00"05:31
Guest9377all in one line?05:32
Guest9377first line is not working ( error without the -addmode.....)05:33
alocer1. xrandr --newmode "1680x1050_60.00"  146.25  1680 1784 1960 2240  1050 1053 1059 1089 -hsync +vsync'05:33
Guest9377okay, pasted it all, run via sudo, now it just shows a _05:34
alocer2. xrandr --addmode DVI-I-0 1680x1050_60.0005:34
disdiI am having problem with mount -t <filesystem> <dev> <dir>05:36
Guest9377alocer, should the " ' " at the end of 1st line be there?05:36
alocerGuest9377: no05:36
disdican someone help05:37
Ekusheywhat is the problem, disdi?05:37
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rms_alocer: http://fpaste.org/22623/28298481/05:38
disdi I am having problem with mount -t <filesystem> <dev> <dir>05:38
rms_that's me on other computer btw05:39
Ekusheydisdi: yeah, but what is the problem?05:39
=== matrix is now known as matrix_milo
rms_alocer: same error on 2nd command too.05:40
rms_no, let me paste. a bit different05:40
alocerrms_: let me check plz05:40
rms_alocer: http://fpaste.org/22624/72830044/05:40
rms_thanks man!05:40
rms_Greatly appreciated. Been trying without luck for 12 hours now. didnt sleep all night.05:41
disdisee...when i am giving command like  mount -t ext4 /dev/sdb /mnt05:41
disdiits always giving error05:41
disdiwrong fs, bad superblock05:42
disdiirrespective of fs05:42
Ekusheydisdi: it should be like /dev/sdbx, where x is a number05:44
aiten_44disdi: fdisk -l should give you the sdx you need05:44
disdimount -t ext4 /dev/sdb1 /mnt05:44
disdistill error persists05:44
disdiI even diaabled automounting from Nautilus05:45
aiten_44disdi: do you have write permissions to /mnt?05:45
disdididnt check05:45
disdibut I am using sudo with the above commanad05:45
aiten_44disdi: did you do fdisk -l?05:46
Guest9377alocer, any news mate?05:46
disdiI did df05:46
alocerGuest9377:  google says your monitor dosent support the resolution ... i dont know05:46
aiten_44disdi: I could be wrong but doesn't that only show mounted filesystems?05:47
ripdiskthink i got it all set up05:47
Guest9377but it does. 1680 x 1050 is its resolution and I was using that until yesterday on Windows 705:47
Guest9377ASUS P203W monitor.05:47
ripdiskso like, what's the best way to play youtube videos? adobe's flash? or is there something easier and better05:47
Guest9377ripdisk, minitube05:47
ripdiskdoes it let me log in and see my playlists05:48
disdiok but fdisk -l doenst return anything05:48
Guest9377ripdisk, I dont think so05:48
ripdiskis minitube like, a website? or is it something I can install05:48
aiten_44disdi: sudo fdisk -l05:48
ripdiskbe more specific :(05:48
ripdiskleet, doom 3 is almost done downloading.05:48
ripdiski mean, i don't pirate software.05:49
aloceri really dont know i m stuck05:49
arooni-mobilemy dns resolutoin was messed up on ubuntu; so i edited /etc/resolv.con and put in name severs. but at top of file says: "# Dynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolvconf(8)"  so was i not supposed to fix it that way?05:49
alocerGuest9377: try this --> xrandr --fb 1680x105005:49
ripdiskcan i do terminal commands in xchat i wonder?05:50
=== Forrie_Away is now known as Forrie
ripdisklike /run sudo apt-get install minitube05:50
ripdisklet's try05:50
ripdiskno, there is no /run on xchat :(05:50
Guest9377alocer, ok 3 minutes, my computer just freeze out of the blue!05:50
centaur5I want to setup my 1st HA cluster. Anybody have an opinion on best storage options? GlusterFS, corosync, or pacemaker?05:50
disdiairten_44: fdisk -l shows /dev/sdb1 as fat3205:50
disdinow I want to mount it as btrfs05:51
disdiaiten_44: what to do05:51
aiten_44disdi: you cant just mount it as a different type of filesystem it has to be formated as that filesystem05:51
aiten_44disdi: if you want it mounted try sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt05:51
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ripdiskok now, so....is wine and stuff built into ubuntu or do i gotta go find cedega or transgaming or whatever the hell it's called these days05:52
disdi aiten_44: I did get mounted with sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt05:53
disdibut I want it to be mounted in btrfs05:53
k1l_ripdisk: you should use the package managment, it ships wine for example05:53
disdiaiten_44: what should I do?05:53
ripdiskyeah but is wine GOOD enough for stuff like doom3 now?05:53
ripdiskbecause back in the day, well not that long ago, we had to use cedega05:53
rms_alocer:  I run that command, my monitor flashed once, nothing changed at all.05:54
aiten_44disdi: you need to format /deb/sdb1 as btrfs not sure why  you would want that btrfs isn't super stable yet05:54
=== Forrie_Away is now known as Forrie
k1l_ripdisk: that depends on alot of things. better look into te wine appdb and ask the wine guys05:54
ripdisksee, i'm a gentoo and slackware kinda guy... i'm not used to all of this stuff being done for me05:54
rms_however, when I scroll down, my screen moves up, leaving a black space down05:54
disdiaiten_44: no actually i have designed a custom filesystem driver05:54
ripdiskI am digging this ubuntu distro though, it's not too bad. I just built a box and didn't wanna compile a kernel05:54
disdiI actually want to mount that05:54
disdiso I was just testiing05:55
aiten_44disdi: you designed a custom btrfs driver?05:55
alocerrms_: i acnt help any further but i can give you this and i m not an expert so i can not help you any further read these --> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xorg05:55
disdia custom filesystem driver05:55
alocerrms_: read this too --> man xorg.conf05:55
disdia derivative fo unionfs05:55
Guest9377alocer, okay thanks a lot!05:55
alocerGuest9377: that was all i can do05:56
Guest9377alocer, I am quite sure it has to do with EDID though. Do you know what does this paragraph mean at all? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Resolution05:56
disdiaiten_44: so how do i format a drive before mounting it05:56
disdiin a specific fs05:56
Guest9377alocer, where do I put this line as it says in the guide? "video=VGA1:1024x768 "05:56
=== Forrie is now known as Forrie_Away
aiten_44disdi: gparted is probably the easiest way05:56
=== Forrie_Away is now known as Forrie
Guest9377Guys, If I Want to double boot, do I install Windows 7 first or Ubuntu first so I dont have problems with the bootloaders?05:57
cfhowlettGuest9377, windows first05:57
k1l_Guest9377: first windows05:58
cfhowlettGuest9377, and it'd be "dual boot" ... nitpicky I know...05:58
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot05:58
k1l_Guest9377: best is to make the partitions for windows and ubuntu before you start05:58
aiten_44disdi: just a warning if you format it  you will lose everything you have.  If you designed the driver I don't understand why your having issues simply formating a drive which is much easier than writing a device driver05:58
alocerGuest9377: DONT MESS with kernel parameters unless you know what you are doing ;) . try crafting a suitable Xorg.conf.05:59
Guest9377It is really strange. Xubuntu 12.10 worked out of the box on same machine, now won't even boot. Ubuntu and it's derivates on 13.04 won't let me pick my right monitor size.05:59
Guest9377just as I needed to do work. *sigh*05:59
alocerGuest9377: it worked then second time didn't worked ? what ?06:00
alocerGuest9377: are you on Virtual OS ? like virtualbox ?06:01
Guest9377alocer, I used Xubuntu 12.10 on this machine for few months, worked great. Trying to boot from same distro via USB, won't boot now.06:01
Guest9377Kubuntu, Xubuntu 13.04 all have same monitor problem.06:01
Guest9377Same goes for Fedora 19 and Linux Mint 15.06:01
Guest9377Windows 7 works06:01
disdisee the problem is not this06:01
alocerGuest9377: what is your Graphic driver ?06:01
disdithe problem is I was using a utility called Gparted06:02
alocerGuest9377: Intel, Nvidia, AIT ?06:02
disdiuptil now06:02
Guest9377alocer, Nvidia 8400 GS running on Nvidia current driver from  ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates06:02
Guest9377it wouldn't let me pick my monitor size on noveau either.06:03
alocerGuest9377: do you have optimus technology ? I dont know anything about graphic driver ?06:03
aiten_44Guest 9377: backtrack linux has the same problem and they have solutions so search google for backtrack I forget exactly what I had to do but you have set nomodset and something else in grub for booting06:03
disdiaiten_44: Now without using Gparted , I want to do it from command prompt since I want to test the mount functionality of ne deriver06:03
Guest9377aiten_44, yes I did install Kubuntu 13.04 via "nomodeset" when booting the USB.06:03
Guest9377otherwise my monitor would just go in sleep mode.06:03
aiten_44disdi: you have still need to format it and I can't really help because I don't know anything about what you designed/customized06:04
disdiaiten_44: how do I format a drive from terminal in a particular fs06:05
liqhello everyone. I got a little confused about video4linux on ubuntu. I can't find anything on the web. Does kernel that ubuntu is shipped with has video4linux support? I'm having problems with pumping video from 1394 port to v4l with coriander.06:05
aiten_44guest9377: the nomodset is  only part of the issue you need set the second half of it can you do ctrl + alt + f1 and see the login prompt correctly?06:05
disdiaiten-44 : this is my question06:05
babinlonstonI have 1 Server which was installed With centos 6.2 and there was a Samba Share the Directory /public was shared in the centos Server, its IP address is , And I Have accessed the Share in Ubuntu 12.04 client machines by connect to server just giving IP address and share folder name , But i want to Mount the Samba Share in all client machines Permanently by Adding entries in fstab , i want to mount in a folder name c06:05
somsip_disdi: mkfs.ext4 or mkfs.ext3 for example06:05
aiten_44disdi: What type of fs driver are you using I won't be able to help unless I know that at a minimum06:06
Guest9377aiten_44, no I just add nomodeset to boot parameters or start the distro in compatibility mode or basic graphics. otherwise it would just let the monitor go in sleep mode.06:06
somsip_hehe: what is your support question?06:06
SwedeMike!hello | hehe06:06
Guest937713 hours on this problem. tried 5 different distros. I am done. What is best way to burn windows 7 iso via Ubuntu to USB?06:07
hehewho are you?06:07
somsip_!ot | hehe06:07
ubottuhehe: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:07
disdisomsip_: now after mkfs.ext4 or mkfs.ext3 for example do i need to do mount -t ext4 /dev/sdb /mnt06:07
somsip_disdi: if you want to mount it, that's just what you need to do. But you mount a partition and not a drive, usually06:08
aiten_44disdi: yes but that is for ext4 is that what your trying to use06:08
disdisomsip_:or mount /dev/sdb /nt06:08
somsip_disdi: mount /dev/sdb1 /mountpoint (for example)06:08
aiten_44somsip: disdi is using a custom driver and wants to mount it btrfs06:09
disdiairten_44:sure but then I fill include a support a similar function for my fs06:09
disdiaiten_44: I said I am just testing06:09
somsip_aiten_44: Right now, he's not asking me that question so disdi needs to ask the right question06:09
babinlonstonI have 1 Server which was installed With centos 6.2 and there was a Samba Share the Directory /public was shared in the centos Server, its IP address is , And I Have accessed the Share in Ubuntu 12.04 client machines by connect to server just giving IP address and share folder name , But i want to Mount the Samba Share in all client machines Permanently by Adding entries in fstab , i want to mount in a folder name c06:09
foo357Hello, I've got a computer running 12.04 LTS where I'd like to run a version 9.0 postgresql database. I see that 9.1 is available but I'd really need 9.0. Is postgresql 9.0 available for 12.04 LTS?06:09
disdiso that similar support I can give to my fs06:09
somsip_foo357: you might be able to find a PPA, but...06:09
disdisomsip_: thankyou06:10
somsip_!PPA | foo35706:10
ubottufoo357: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge06:10
foo357somsip_: how can I check which version of a package is available? I only checked the latest which was 9.1.06:11
foo357somsip_: what versions*06:11
aiten_44disdi: just to be clear you want btrfs right which is what the driver is for correct?06:11
somsip_foo357: search here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas06:11
disdiaiten_44:actually the fs i designed ia a derivative of unionfs and btrfs06:12
liqIve got little confused about video4linux on ubuntu. I can't find anything on the web. Does the kernel ubuntu is shipped with has video4linux support? I'm having problems with pumping video from 1394 port to v4l with coriander.06:12
disdiso i was testing the drive with btrfs06:12
aiten_44disdi: ok so you will have to google how to format a drive as btrfs and then you should be able to mount it but using mount -t ext4 I wouldn't work which is why you were getting errors06:13
disdiaiten_44: most probably you are right06:14
phixdisdi: how is btrfs?06:16
phixI haven't messed with it myself06:16
aiten_44disdi: I'm kinda curious now about what you customized if you don't mind me asking?06:17
disdiaiten_44: do you know about unionfs06:17
aiten_44disdi: I have heard of it but have never used it06:18
disdiaiten_44: one that knoppix distro uses06:18
disdiaiten_44: tried knoppix06:18
disdiaiten_44: Linux Live CD distro06:18
aiten_44I used knoppix back in the day before I understood what filesystems were.  I'm googling unionfs right now to learn a little bit more about it06:19
disdiphix: its a kind of fs06:19
disdiaiten_44: knoppix has this ability of live cd because of unionfs06:19
aiten_44disdi: so basically if you had a usb drive and were to edit something unionfs gives your edit priority over what is on the usb image06:21
disdiactually its basically works on cdrom....to make it work on usb I have to add compression features of btrfs to it06:23
aiten_44according to wikipedia which I know isn't always correct you should be able to use it on usb and shouldn't need btrfs.06:24
disdiabout the use case you would boot thorugh a usb drive, the os would run , you would make all the changes but when you reinsert it again next time again a fresh distro you will encounter06:24
phixdisdi: yeah it has copy on right and other funkies06:25
phixwrite even06:25
phixdisdi: do you know how it compares with zfs?06:25
disdiyes...your changes actually dont get written....06:25
disdizfs is different06:25
disdiit actuallly provides more storage space I guess06:26
aiten_44disdi: I have used bootable usb with persistant changes and they were not btrfs06:26
disdibtrfs has better compression features06:27
phixbut is less mature right?06:27
disdiso perhaps lot of modulea and applications can be booted06:27
phixdisdi: does it have fsck for it yet?06:30
JesseHI'm trying to install "pango1.0" with apt-get but its telling me that a lot of dependencies depend on "libglib2.0" but i have libglib 2.37 installed already.06:34
disdiphix: I dont know06:36
phixyeah I should do my own research :P06:38
yogurtmasterI have a question06:40
aeon-ltdask it06:40
cfhowlettyogurtmaster, of course you do ...06:40
aeon-ltdnext time don't wait for permission06:40
yogurtmasterI have a USB 3.0 thumb drive and I want Ubuntu to boot with percistence.  I tried what a video said on youtube but it won't boot06:40
ubottuTo have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence06:41
yogurtmasterI want to use most of my memory stick instead of only the 4 Gigs with the casper file06:43
ntzrmtthihu777yogurtmaster: easiest way for a true persistent usb, I find, is to boot from cd/dvd and use the installer to install to usb just like it was a hdd. I've created usbs in this manner for my friends netbook with a burnt out ssd.06:43
yogurtmasterI have a 32 gigabyte USB 3.0 memory stick06:43
yogurtmasterntz, I tried that but it booted into windows06:43
ntzrmtthihu777yogurtmaster: did you set your bios boot priority right?06:43
yogurtmasterntz, when I use a program like a USB installer it boots right up06:44
yogurtmasterbut I don't want to make a live CD, I want to boot with persistence06:44
yogurtmasterboot priority is set proper06:44
yogurtmasterUSB/CD/HARD DRIVE06:44
lotuspsychje!caps | yogurtmaster06:45
ubottuyogurtmaster: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.06:45
JesseH!caps | lotuspsychje06:46
ubottulotuspsychje: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.06:46
dilli install an epson nx130 but scanner is not recgonized any idea what can be wrong?06:46
yogurtmasterusb/cd/hard drive06:46
ntzrmtthihu777lotuspsychje: hes not shouting, lol. these things tend to be refferred to in caps in BIOS06:46
tannjilol, he wasn't actually shouting, unless you count hard drive06:46
cfhowlettyogurtmaster, read the link.  it shows how to set up a USB06:46
yogurtmasterI put a live cd on the usb thumb and it booted right up, when I did it manually it did not06:46
tannjigrub issue, perhaps?06:47
lotuspsychje!lol | tannji06:47
ubottutannji: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.06:47
yogurtmasterdo i need to use fat32 format for it to boot?:06:47
lotuspsychjei dint invent the rules06:47
yogurtmasterI turned it over to ext406:47
cfhowlettyogurtmaster, fat32 is the default for booting.  ext4 is ubuntu's default format06:47
phixyogurtmaster: no why would you think that?06:47
ntzrmtthihu777yogurtmaster: a usb-installer stick is generally fat32, but you want a for real install so ext4 would be the right one.06:48
tannjithanks lotuspsychje , although one instance is not a "regular basis"06:48
JesseHlol I hate when people say lol all the time lol?06:48
yogurtmasterwell, trying to figure out why it won't boot06:48
JesseHThat doesnt bother you06:48
histoyogurtmaster: You can have it boot with iso9660 filesystem if you just dd the iso to a usb06:48
JesseH!being_a_dick | lotuspsychje06:48
JesseHOh they dont have one for that.06:48
histoyogurtmaster: what is it you are trying to do exactly06:48
lotuspsychje!language | JesseH06:48
ubottuJesseH: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:48
ntzrmtthihu777histo: he wants full persistance.06:48
yogurtmasteryeah, iso to usb isn't what I want06:48
histo!language | JesseH06:48
yogurtmasteri don't want a live cd06:48
histo!persistence | yogurtmaster06:48
ubottuyogurtmaster: To have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence06:48
yogurtmasterwant a hard drive on a stick06:49
JesseHOh my god, you guys love using that bot.06:49
histoyogurtmaster: then install ubuntu to usb06:49
ntzrmtthihu777Jettis_: its usefull, but some do overuse and abuse it.06:49
bvm1228Is there a way to change the partition of my Ubuntu install06:49
cfhowlettbvm1228, as in "move" ... better to reinstall to the partition you want06:50
histobvm1228: yes you can create another partition and move your files there and fix fstab etc...06:50
yogurtmasteryeah I tried installing ubuntu to usb didn't boot06:50
histoyogurtmaster: how did you "install" it?06:50
histoyogurtmaster: make sure you install grub to it and you use the boot flag on the partition.06:50
yogurtmasterused gparted to set up a ext4 on sb1, put the boot loader on usb 3.0 and installed it on sb106:51
bvm1228I already made a partition for it before I installed it but when I clicked install alongside windows 8, it didnt let me choose where to install it at and it put it in the wrong partiton06:51
phixyogurtmaster: booting off a USB drive has nothing to do with that file system is on it.  PC BIOS looks at the first 512 bytes of the disc, which is were the partition table is, in order to boot it looks for what ever partition has the boot flag enabled or it boots of the Master Boot Record is that exists.  U/EFI systems do a similar thing06:51
yogurtmasterthe / was used to boot06:51
cfhowlettyogurtmaster, comprehensive instructions on creating a bootable USB with persistence at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD/Persistence?action=show&redirect=LiveCDPersistence06:51
histoyogurtmaster: did you install grub to sdb?06:51
ntzrmtthihu777yogurtmaster: check your pm's ;)06:52
wilee-nileeyogurtmaster, You can make a casper rw partition. http://www.pendrivelinux.com/create-a-larger-than-4gb-casper-partition/06:52
yogurtmasterokay, why isn't this easy?06:53
histoyogurtmaster: if you boot an iso you can install to the usb just like a hard drive if that's what you want. Or you could debootstrap the install there.06:53
wilee-nileeyogurtmaster, Problem here is that not every app can be updated, like kernels for example in general.06:53
histoyogurtmaster: because you are not listening and you are installing an operating system to a usb thumb drive06:53
phixyogurtmaster: it is easy :)06:54
MOUDHey all06:57
phixMOUD: G'day06:57
MOUDphix: good day to you too :)06:57
MOUDhow can I create 2 primary partitions on a USB using GParted? It only allows 1 primary partition.06:58
phixMOUD: just do it :)  that's how I do it06:58
MOUDGPart says that it is not possible to create more than 1 primary partition (using Ubuntu 13.04)06:59
MOUDyeap :/07:00
wilee-nileeMOUD, take a screenshot of you attempting this an the error and image bin it make sure gparted is visable.07:02
tannjiMoud....  why do you have to have more than one primary partition?  you cant use extended and logical partitions?07:02
MOUDtannji: no07:03
MOUDprod_: hello07:03
prod_Hi all, i have a problem with resolution on my 12.04 ubuntu system.07:03
prod_I cant set the optimal resolution, either i get scrambled display or it wont stay persistent.07:03
phixMOUD: why? that also makes no sense07:03
phixprod_: ok, what video card you sporting there?07:04
prod_I have followed the resolution tutorial but no joy07:04
prod_its an intel p4 system07:04
prod_ill get the details07:04
MOUDany good website to post the image?07:05
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.07:05
ad134i have a question, what if you dont have a prtscr button07:05
ad134is there another method07:05
aeon-ltdscrot in terminal07:06
ad134oh thank you!07:06
phixprod_: lspci, lsusb etc..07:06
ad134i  was using an apple keyboard07:06
ad134and old one07:06
wilee-nileead134, Yeah in the menu07:06
ntzrmtthihu777MOD: also you may like this script, it will imagebin your screen automatically: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5839521/ (it depends on scrot)07:06
MOUDwilliammanda: http://imagebin.org/26327607:06
=== Myrtti_ is now known as Myrtti
prod_The monitor is a 5:4 1280x1024. graphics card 82Q963/q965 onboard intel.  I have followed the resolution guides but just get scrambled screen07:07
dillubuntu is not recgonizing the scanner07:07
histodill: what kind of scanner?07:08
dillepson nx13007:08
tannjiMOUD,  it says right there you have first create the extended, which is a primary partition.  create the extended partition in the unallocated space07:08
MOUDtannji: I can't. the Extended option is grayed out07:08
histodill: doesn't epson provide a driver?07:09
prod_phix: The monitor is a 5:4 1280x1024. graphics card 82Q963/q965 onboard intel.  I have followed the resolution guides but just get scrambled screen07:09
dillhttp://download.ebz.epson.net/dsc/search/01/search/searchModuleFromResult yes07:09
wilee-nileeMOUD, Run the delete first then make the partitions running them consecutively is a problem in the way you are doing it.07:09
dillinstalled already but is not working, but printer works just finw07:10
phixprod_: nice07:10
tannjiMOUD,  I believe all you have to do is select the area below called "unallocated, then in the menu, or with a right-click, tell it what you want, in this case, extended07:10
tannjiMOUD,  what wilee said, click the green checkmark07:11
MOUDwilee-nilee: I already did the delete part.07:11
histodill: what version of ubuntu are you running?07:11
wilee-nileeMOUD, Then why does it show it in the bottom?07:12
tannjiMOUD,  you chose the action, but didnt tell it to complete it yet..... click green check mark up top07:12
MOUDtannji: ok, will doo07:12
histodill: perhaps http://www.hamrick.com/   people have reported success with that scanner and this vuescan application07:13
grahamsavagehi, i've recently migrated from osx to ubuntu and i'm struggling with the UI07:14
dillthe funny thing it was working just fine, but new pc new install and now is gone!07:14
grahamsavageFor example.. if i open 30 terminal windows.. how can i quickly switch from one to the other?07:14
grahamsavagewhen i click on the terminal application in the sidebar, it only brings to focus the "most recent active" terminal window07:15
boydoyhi! i just wan to ask.. what best for virtualization SAN or NAS07:15
prod_My monitor is a 5:4 1280x1024. graphics card 82Q963/q965 onboard intel. ubuntu 12.04. I have followed the resolution guides but just get scrambled screen. Need help badly07:15
grahamsavageto bring them all up, i have to click the terminal application again and then i can only open one of them07:15
tannjigrahamsavage,  alt+tab?07:15
histodill: http://download.ebz.epson.net/dsc/search/01/search/?OSC=LX  is the link to search for the linux drivers. I see one for your scanner available. If it doesn't work you'd have to contact epson07:15
phixboydoy: doesn't matter07:15
grahamsavagetannji: again.. alt tab will only open the most recent terminal window07:16
MOUDit worked, I had to go to "Device" -> "Create Partition Table". thanks for the help :)07:16
histoprod_: You get a scrambled screen at the resolution or all of them?07:16
phixboydoy: you can use either as well as the other, they have their pros and cons, whether you access it from a virtual machine or not is irelavent07:16
tannjigrahamsavage,  on mine, alt+tab opens a box full of open apps to click07:16
grahamsavagetannji: try this.. open 15 terminal windows.. and then shutdown all except terminal window  no 7.. type some text in it07:16
prod_histo: Just when I try using the optimal resolution07:16
dillthats where i installed, no luck. but the printer is working is just thescanner07:16
phixdill: I like your nick07:17
tannjiMOUD,  gratz = )07:17
grahamsavagetannji: you can only switch to one of them at a time07:17
phixMOUD: yaya! grats07:17
histoprod_: are you sure your monitor supports that resolution?07:17
MOUDtannji, phix, ty :D07:17
histodill: did you install the "scanner" driver in addition to the printer driver?07:17
MOUDand thanks wilee-nilee too :)07:17
dillno, its and all in one thing07:17
histodill: not from my search it's not07:17
wilee-nileeMOUD, no prob07:18
prod_histo: I have taken the settings from the tech specs of the monitor. I have tryed 60 and 75Hz also with the same problem07:18
dillit is a multifunctional07:18
histodill: http://download.ebz.epson.net/dsc/du/02/DriverDownloadInfo.do?LG2=EN&CN2=&DSCMI=22685&DSCCHK=3e5c6176b00f58a8faf637858540b40364fe0d61  is the scanner driver07:18
tannjigrahamsavage,  try this: hit alt+tab, then when you see term, tab to make it active, but do NOT let go of alt....  it will open all the terms for you to choose from07:18
prod_histo: It worked once or twice yesterday but the xrandr --newmode wasnt persistent07:18
histoprod_: well something is probably wrong with your modeline then that you are making.07:18
boydoyahh ok..07:19
histoprod_: are you setting the same mode with xrandr now?07:19
prod_histo: im just copying and pasting.07:19
grahamsavagetannji: how do i bring every window to the front?07:19
grahamsavagetannji: agian that only lets me select a single window to bring forward07:19
boydoyany link i can follow to make my own virtualization using ubuntu server07:19
prod_histo: afaik im not doin anything differently to yesterday.07:19
tannjigrahamsavage,  not sure what you mean.  you want all  instances of term visible at one time?07:20
histoprod_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/63681/how-can-i-make-xrandr-customization-permanent/63855#6385507:20
grahamsavageok.. so over the day.. i will open probably 15 - 30 terminal windows for different operations.. at some points of the day i will want to close every single one of them except prehaps 407:20
grahamsavagecurrently i have to go through this tedious process07:20
histograhamsavage: why don't you use screen?07:21
grahamsavageof selecting them one by one to bring them to the front07:21
histograhamsavage: or tmux07:21
grahamsavagehisto: i'd like to use the UI07:21
tannjiya, I was going to say, isnt there an option to use a terminal with multiple tabs in it?07:21
histoyea or tabbed terminals07:22
unimpressiveOkay, so first of all linthesia is broken in the 12.04 repos.07:22
grahamsavageI dont' want tabbed terminals07:22
grahamsavagei like to lay them out all over the place07:22
histograhamsavage: Okay I want to do something completely retarded and how do I do it?07:22
unimpressiveSecond of all, to fix it I need to change the font settings for the app with gconf, except I'm using XFCE so I can't use gconf, any ideas?07:22
histograhamsavage: do you mena like a tiling window manager?07:22
grahamsavagenot really... ok07:22
histograhamsavage: what is it you want to do exactly?07:23
grahamsavageIn OSX, if you have 30 terminal windows open and you click the terminal application, all of the terminal windows come to the foreground07:23
royx117can any one tell me how to remove .rar password , i have tried rarcrack , fcrackzip07:23
royx117can any one tell me how to remove .rar password , i have tried rarcrack , fcrackzip07:23
tannjiok, I get laying them out... but if they are covering eachother, you gain nothing over a tabbed terminal07:23
grahamsavagewhat that means is that across the 2 monitors it's very easy to close individual terminal windows07:24
histograhamsavage: it does that in unity as well07:24
ntzrmtthihu777!patience | royx11707:24
ubotturoyx117: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/07:24
aeon-ltdroyx117: good luck brute forcing.07:24
=== gbit86_ is now known as gbit86
grahamsavagehisto: hmm in mine it doesn't07:24
royx117can any one tell me how to remove .rar password , i have tried rarcrack , fcrackzip07:24
historoyx117: download a wordlist and bruteforce it07:24
grahamsavagehisto: i just get the most recent one opening07:24
grahamsavagehisto: when i click on it again i get this zoomed out view of every window07:25
histograhamsavage: if I have a bunch of terminal windows open they are all stacked on my launcher under the terminal icon. If it click that icon it does a scale thing and shows me all of them zoomed out.07:25
royx117i newbie07:25
tannjigrahamsavage wants an alt+tab that is persistent, so he can rapidly close terminals without multiple button presses07:25
LynxxWindows does it better07:25
grahamsavagetannji: no that' snot what i want07:25
grahamsavagetannji: i want to have all the windows come to the foreground so i can click on x's07:25
grahamsavagedrag them around07:25
grahamsavagesort them out etc..07:25
histograhamsavage: hold up I'm looking for the compiz thing that used to do that.07:26
aeon-ltdyou want to focus on all windows of one application07:26
tannjigrahamsavage,  i know...  havent seen that option in a while, lol07:26
royx117histo thanx i will try07:26
grahamsavagepids=" $(pidof gnome-terminal) "; wmctrl -lp | while read id a pid b; do test "${pids/ $pid }" != "$pids" && wmctrl -i -a $id; done << lol07:27
grahamsavagethat works07:27
tannjiI use work spaces to group 2 or 4 terminals together07:27
histograhamsavage: they called it expose or something in compiz07:27
prod_histo: So I just found another problem. Even when the displays menu resets from the nonfunctional 1280x1024 it switches back to 1024x768 and the screen is still scrambled. So it seems when switching the resolution the screen scrambles. So my settings are probably right.07:28
histograhamsavage: so you want to close windows from super+w view?07:29
grahamsavagei just want to bring them to the front07:29
dilli have another question, some files that are on my desktop, they dont apear only via nautilus desktop. any odea what can be wrong?07:29
grahamsavagethat command above does that07:29
tannjihe just wants them all visible at once, unlike alt+tab where they recede after closing or focusing on one07:29
grahamsavageyeah exactly07:29
histograhamsavage: well if I super+w and then click on a terminal window it brings it to the front. If I hit super+s I can move them to different workspaces etc...07:29
aeon-ltdgrahamsavage: why not just assign the command to a key press combo07:30
tannjigrahamsavage,   which is what i said above, "persistent" alt+tab07:30
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
grahamsavageaeon-ltd: yeah i'm seeing if i can do that... i'm not sure how i'd get the name of the current application07:30
tannjihisto,   can you describe that super+w for me? havent heard of it07:31
symlinksHey! I am looking for a way to symlink a folder in a map to a folder to another place.. I want them to be the same map.. the reason for this is that I have a chrooted SFTP acount and I'd like to be able to edit themes that I have in a folder outside chroot07:32
tannjihisto,  is "super" the window start key?07:32
grahamsavageCompizConfig << is this something i have to install?07:32
histograhamsavage: have you looked at the keybooard shortcuts settings... there are plenty of things disabled that sound like what you want?07:33
ntzrmtthihu777tannji: yes. super == windows key07:33
histotannji: yes the windows key07:33
tannjihisto...  so that does the same as ALT+ TAB then07:33
histosymlinks: map?07:33
grahamsavagehisto: any in particular.. i'm looking through them now07:34
histograhamsavage: the "window" section07:34
symlinkshisto: lol.. folder ofcourse.. don't know why I used Swedish07:34
symlinksa file in a folder07:34
symlinkshisto: ^07:34
histosymlinks: ln -s target linkname07:35
grahamsavagehisto: hmm07:35
histosymlinks: here's a good read http://linux.byexamples.com/archives/19/how-to-create-symlink/07:36
grahamsavagehisto: yeah i don't think there is a command07:36
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histograhamsavage: do you want to pull all windows to foreground?07:36
histograhamsavage: this looks promising from what I understand you want to do ... https://ubuntuincident.wordpress.com/2013/01/10/find-window-by-its-name-and-activate-it-bring-to-foreground/07:38
dillseems its in a workspace07:39
histodill: what is?07:39
symlinkshisto: I did this.. "sudo ln -s /home/sftp/ /var/www/playsms/plugin/themes/" and the plan was that I could see the folders in /var/www/playsms/plugin/themes in /home/sftp but it doesn't work out as I want it to ;/07:39
dillsome applications when i launch them seems they go to a workspace07:39
dillnow i cant see files on my desktop but they are there via nautlisu07:39
histosymlinks: you did it backwards07:40
histosymlinks: sudo ln -s /var/www/playsms/plugin/themes /home/sftp07:40
histosymlinks: would create /home/sftp as a link to /var/www....07:41
histosymlinks: althogh backwards should work as well with ln07:41
histosymlinks: are you sure you don't want /home/sftp/somedir07:41
symlinkshisto: well will only be used by sftp07:43
histosymlinks: by the sftp user?07:43
symlinkshisto: yeah07:43
histosymlinks: doesn't /home/sftp already exist as a directory then?07:43
symlinksit does07:43
histosymlinks: then you want /home/sftp/somedirectory07:43
histosymlinks: sudo ln -s /var/www/playsms/plugin/themes /home/sftp/linkage07:44
=== LinuxFanBoy is now known as FatNerdWithNoLif
symlinkshisto: ;/07:44
histosymlinks: make sure sftp has perms to themes07:44
symlinkshisto: when I connect with ssh I can see the folders but I can't see them from teh SFTP client so you are right.. what permissions should I have?07:45
histosymlinks: read or write what ever you need07:48
symlinkshisto: this doesn't look good lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root   31 jul  3 09:41 themes -> /var/www/playsms/plugin/themes/07:48
histosymlinks: everyone has perms to themes07:48
tannjigrahamsavage,   there is, or was a Tile plugin for Compiz that would open-all07:48
histosymlinks: ls -l /var/www/playsms/plugin/the*07:48
histotannji: thought it was expose or scale07:48
histotannji: similar to the behavior of super+w but you could close windows etc...07:49
tannjigrahamsavage,   dunno...  the only thing I found that came close to what you want to duplicate was Tile07:49
madratI'm trying to chmod/chown a file. When I try it says "operation not permitted". Root owns the file and I'm running chmod/chown as root07:49
grahamsavagetannji: ah lol yeah..07:49
zahidnusttry sudo with root?07:49
babinlonstonI have 1 Server which was installed With centos 6.2 and there was a Samba Share the Directory /public was shared in the centos Server, its IP address is , And I Have accessed the Share in Ubuntu 12.04 client machines by connect to server just giving IP address and share folder name , But i want to Mount the Samba Share in all client machines Permanently by Adding entries in fstab , i want to mount in a folder name c07:49
grahamsavagetanjii: do i have to install compiz?07:50
wilee-nileemadrat, No swearing acronyms07:50
tannjiHisto...  right, they all stayed active on the screen so you could do multiple closes without them receding07:50
zahidnustbabinlonston: nfs is a better solution for that07:50
piotrektthi. i want to set up HA iSCSI target on ubuntu. I found this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HighlyAvailableiSCSITarget . Do you think it will work with newer ubuntu like 12.04?07:50
madratoh wait it's an attr07:50
symlinkshisto: I can't see them.. I even tried doing "chmod -R 777" without seeing them07:50
babinlonstonguide me07:50
tannjigrahamsavage,  if Tile is still maintained, yes07:51
zahidnustbabinlonston: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/networking/2016-mounting-nfs-shares-how-do-i-do.html07:51
histosymlinks: you can see what as what user?07:51
symlinksas user sftp I can't see anything except profile bash etc when I connect via sftp07:52
symlinkshisto: if I ssh in as admin I can see that the symlink is there with ls -al07:52
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histobabinlonston: add an fstab line \\ip.address.of.server\some_share     /mount/point  cifs auto 0   007:53
histosymlinks: what are the permissions of the target?07:53
symlinkshisto: lrwxrwxrwx 1  777 root   31 jul  3 09:41 themes -> /var/www/playsms/plugin/themes/07:55
tannjigrahamsavage,   ya know....  Super+W keeps the windows open persistent for me as well, just did it.   opened a bunch of terms, closed a bunch, one by one07:55
histosymlinks: no what are the perms of /var/www/playsms/plugin/themes07:55
histotannji: how'd you close them from the super+w screen?07:55
symlinkshisto: looks like this: drwxrwxrwx 6      777 www-data 4096 feb 12 10:16 work207:55
tannjihisto,  the "x" was selectable  on each window07:56
histosymlinks: no that's for the work2 directory  what are the perms for the themes directory07:56
DaleFernandesHey guys, I'm new to Ubuntu, as in I installed it yesterday, and would just like to know where I should start?07:56
histotannji: not here07:56
symlinkshisto: drwxrwxrwx  6      777 www-data 4096 jul  3 09:53 themes07:56
tannjihisto,  interesting07:57
lotuspsychjeDaleFernandes: if you got specifiq questions, you can ask them here07:57
histotannji: everyone should have access to that directory07:57
histosymlinks: sorry ^^^^^07:57
grahamsavagetannji: hmm it's not selectable for me07:57
grahamsavagei'm on 12.0407:57
vltDaleFernandes: Depends on what you want to do ;-)07:57
histograhamsavage: it's a bug in 12.0407:57
tannjimaybe its a function of Ubuntu Tweak?07:57
symlinkshisto: sorry for what? ^^you helped me alot, thanks braw! l8rs07:58
histotannji: what version of ubuntu are you running?07:58
tannjihisto,  13.0407:58
histosymlinks: everyone should have access to that directory07:58
DaleFernandesI installed Aptana Studio 3 yesterday, It has a local testing server from what i read but I don't know how to use it, I'm developing with HTML and PHP5 and I installed it in my /opt/ folder07:58
kalakjhello everyone, i have installed WAMMU, GSM-USSD, PREPAID MANAGER and Modem Manager GUI, but i am not able to send USSD codes,i can check my balance only via USSD , i am using a mmx352g USB WIRELESS 3G MODEM, i also need to access contacts and sms in my SIM, how could i do that, how is this possible in ubuntu, i am using UBuntu 12.04 LTS , please help07:58
histotannji: grahamsavage Yeah when I was searching for a solution I found people filing a bug foor 12.04 not being able to close windows from expose-scale view07:58
DaleFernandesthe localhost only shows me their html page which says everything works'07:58
tannjigrahamsavage,  do you have Ubuntu Tweak installed?07:58
histosymlinks: do you have some kind of jail setup?07:58
grahamsavagetannji: nah, what's that?07:59
tannjihisto,  is that Super+W called expose-scale?07:59
symlinkshisto: I didn't setup the system but I'll take a look thro sshd_config now because I can't even connect as admin user on sftp07:59
woooGuys, I have encountered with an extereme problem. I have overwritten my /dev/sda somehow by command dd if=ts-image.dd of=/dev/sda...It just copied for 10 sec and I press ctrl+c. fdisk -l was showing Disk /dev/sda doesn't contain a valid partition table. THen I have done another stupidity.  followed these steps http://pastebin.com/xf9qRnvW . Please help07:59
symlinksand /home/sftp drwxr-xr-x  2 root         root         4096 jul  3 09:44 sftp07:59
symlinkshisto: ^08:00
tannjigrahamsavage,  its the only thing I can think of that might have modified my expose....  its in the software center08:00
histosymlinks: What are you trying to use to access the symlink?08:00
symlinkshisto: filezilla @sftp08:00
woooPlease help.Did I lost everything ?08:00
histosymlinks: did you set up an sftp jail?08:01
kanliotwoo what was on sda08:01
symlinkshisto: I havent but I need to take a look08:01
symlinksI know what you are refering to08:01
histosymlinks: please pastebin your sshd_config08:01
phixwooo: maybe08:02
woookanliot: linux and windows OS.08:02
kalakjhello everyone, i have installed WAMMU, GSM-USSD, PREPAID MANAGER and Modem Manager GUI, but i am not able to send USSD codes,i can check my balance only via USSD , i am using a mmx352g USB WIRELESS 3G MODEM, i also need to access contacts and sms in my SIM, how could i do that, how is this possible in ubuntu, i am using UBuntu 12.04 LTS , please help08:02
DaleFernandesDoes anyone know of any good local testing servers for PHP development, I tried LAMPP but it said i already had a daemon08:02
wooophix: Any way to get backup ?08:02
phixwooo: just packup08:02
phixbackup even08:03
histosymlinks: I would assume from what you are describing people are jailed into there home and can't access /var/www....08:03
kanliotwooo use photorec for the linux partition, and getdataback for the windows partition08:03
lotuspsychje!lamp | DaleFernandes08:03
ubottuDaleFernandes: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.08:03
symlinkshisto: :http://pastebin.com/7dMCz4V108:03
histosymlinks: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenSSH/Cookbook/SFTP#Chrooted_SFTP_to_Shared_Directories08:04
symlinkshisto: and you are right.. look at the bottom.. something is locked08:04
histosymlinks: yeah you have them locked in their home. Look at the link I posted08:04
woookanliot: Both my windows and linux partitons are gone. I am now running ubuntu using usb.08:04
lotuspsychjekanliot: great advice photorec mate, its the best recovery app ever08:04
phixwooo: Are you fit as a butcher's dog?08:04
DaleFernandesThanks lotuspsychje and ubottu08:04
histosymlinks: also the openssh may be of more help than me.08:05
histokanliot: lol yeah it will find whatever start and end of partitions it can find08:05
symlinkshisto: I doubt it but I see that "   ChrootDirectory %h" is locking them in their home.. a long time ago I spent so much time to chroot directories and I could've done it that simple!08:05
lotuspsychjeDaleFernandes: you can join ##php aswell for specific issues08:05
symlinkshisto: thanks for helping me thin08:05
histosymlinks: np you just need to give them access to that shared directory via those instructions: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenSSH/Cookbook/SFTP#Chrooted_SFTP_to_Shared_Directories08:06
woookanliot: the output when I am doing fdisk -l http://pastebin.com/V7rMkfRy08:06
DaleFernandeshaha, #php is invite only lotuspsychje  but thanks :)08:06
lotuspsychjeDaleFernandes: ##php, double ##08:07
histowooo: your partitions are there what is the problem?08:07
lotuspsychje!cookie | histo08:07
ubottuhisto: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!08:07
histowooo: what type of files are you trying to recover?08:08
DaleFernandes./join ##php does not work, am i using the correct command lotuspsychje ?08:08
wooohisto: actually I have done another foolish thing. After googling I followed these steps. http://pastebin.com/xf9qRnvW08:08
qknighthi. i have a crontab which states a line like this: '25 2  * * * root  test -x /usr/sbin/anacron || ( cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.daily )' it is a server running 24/7 and i have cron installed but not anacron. i'm not the first admin on this machine and i wonder if i could comment these 3 lines mentioning anacron since i probably don't need it. but i wonder why these lines are in the crontab anyway?! someone an idea?08:08
lotuspsychjeDaleFernandes: i justed joined it, without issues08:08
histowooo: Yeah I see that.  So here's the deal dd overwrote whatever data at the beginning of your partition. That data is gone.  So now what files do you need to recover? It's possible that the data in your /home wasn't overwritten.08:08
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histowooo: Also was /home on it's own partition?08:09
madratI can't change attributes on the files either08:09
madratwtf is going on with this08:09
histowooo: and how big was that dd image you wrote?08:09
DaleFernandeslotuspsychje, ./join ##php without the period infront?08:09
lotuspsychje!language | madrat08:10
ubottumadrat: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.08:10
histomadrat: on what files? who owns them?08:10
wooohisto: yeah its perfect if I get /home data. Also can I get data present on my windows partition ?08:10
madrathisto, root08:10
lotuspsychjeDaleFernandes: yes should work indeed, how did you join freenode with what client?08:10
histo!sudo | madrat08:10
ubottumadrat: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo08:10
wooohisto: 2 GB. in 10 sec I just cancel it by pressing ctrl+c08:10
madrathisto, I'm root already08:10
tannjiDaleFernandes,  you can also join by going to server tab in menu08:10
DaleFernandesXChat join automatically08:10
histowooo: Where was windows at?08:10
T3Xhow do i make my script executed every 40 seconds?08:10
DaleFernandesalso doesnt work :s08:11
wooohisto: on sda only. I guess on sda1 or sda2.08:11
lotuspsychjeDaleFernandes: ubuntu server or debian?08:11
histomadrat: ls -l on the file please08:11
histowooo: probably sda1 so you overwrote the first 2gb of windows and your partition table.08:11
Andrey_BolotinЕсть кто то  из русских?)08:11
histowooo: linux partitions can probably be recovered with testdisk and then you can reinstall grub to boot that and pull your files out.08:12
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.08:12
histowooo: I would run testdisk and fix the linux partitions reinstall grub to the mbr and then use photorec to pull the files out of the windows partition08:12
DaleFernandeslotuspsychje, i managed to join a ##phpwolf channel from the server list08:13
histowooo: or the unallocated space that is.08:13
lotuspsychje!alis | DaleFernandes08:13
ubottuDaleFernandes: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*08:13
Andrey_Bolotinтолько что установил линух,столько вопросов)08:13
histoAndrey_Bolotin: english only here /join #ubuntu-ru08:13
DaleFernandeswait got that wrong :P08:13
lotuspsychjeDaleFernandes: try to click this ##php and join the channel08:13
wooo_histo: sorry I disconnected . Windows was on sda only. sda1 or sda2 I guess.08:13
histowooo_: yes windows should be sda1.. linux would be sda2 etc... so you should be able to recover linux partitions rather easily with testdisk. Then install grub to the mbr and boot linux. Then you can use photorec on the unallocated portion of sda to recover whatever windows files you need.08:14
DaleFernandeslotuspsychje,  I can't, even when i right click and select Join Channel it doesnt join :s08:14
DaleFernandesI must be doing something terribly wrong haha08:15
histoDaleFernandes: type /join ##php08:15
histo!register > DaleFernandes08:15
ubottuDaleFernandes, please see my private message08:15
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wooo_histo: How to recover linux partition using testdisk ?08:16
tannjihisto,  is the join channel command supposed to have 2X "#"  ?08:16
histowooo_: sudo apt-get install testdisk from the liveusb you are using08:16
histowooo_: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step08:16
histotannji: yes non official channels have ##08:17
lotuspsychje!info testdisk | wooo_08:17
tannjiah, gotcha... thanks08:17
ubottuwooo_: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.13-1ubuntu2 (raring), package size 516 kB, installed size 1201 kB08:17
lotuspsychjewooo_: use sudo photorec from terminal after installing testdisk08:18
histowooo_: actually testdisk may even recover your windows partiton but it won't be able to boot windows.08:18
histolotuspsychje: no he needs to use testdisk to recover the partitions08:19
histolotuspsychje: photorec is just a file carver08:19
lotuspsychjehisto: backing up his data might be good idea if he cant get in anymore08:19
histolotuspsychje: that's what i'm saying recover the partitions with testdisk and then pull the data off. He is going to have to reinstall grub and windows most likely unless he just blew out his pagefile and the first MFT08:20
wooo_histo: So after this am I able to recover whole linux partition or I just will get /home data ?08:20
histowooo_: assuming linux wasn't in the first 2gb you should get the whole thing.08:20
* lotuspsychje doesnt understand why so many people mess with dualboots08:21
histowooo_: You ate through your master boot record and your first MFT and 2gb of windows pagefile.sys08:21
liqlotuspsychje: whats the alternative then? :p08:21
zzecoolIs anyone having the friends-dispatcher crashing every time it starts ubuntu ?08:21
histoliq: just linux08:21
DaleFernandesThank you lotuspsychje and histo  for your help :P I am in ##php \:D/08:21
histoliq: or virtual machine08:21
wooo_histo: didn't this - "mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda"  ruin anything ?08:21
histowooo_: not if you typed just that08:21
lotuspsychjeDaleFernandes: also checkout software centre for php dev tools, many good stuff out there08:22
histowooo_: you can't mkfs on sda you'd have to specify a partition08:22
histowooo_: It may have ruined it for you but I do data recovery for my day job.08:22
kalakjhello everyone, i have installed WAMMU, GSM-USSD, PREPAID MANAGER and Modem Manager GUI, but i am not able to send USSD codes,i can check my balance only via USSD , i am using a mmx352g USB WIRELESS 3G MODEM, i also need to access contacts and sms in my SIM, how could i do that, how is this possible in ubuntu, i am using UBuntu 12.04 LTS , please help08:23
wooo_histo: I have followed this http://pastebin.com/xf9qRnvW ...mistakenly.:(08:23
lotuspsychjeliq: yes single boot ubuntu would be a great idea08:23
histowooo_: are you sure you didn't mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda1 ???08:23
histowooo_: don't do that I'm just asking08:23
blazemorewooo_: mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda - this breaks your installation :P08:23
histoblazemore: no the dd broke his installation the mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda  should error as it's not "sda1"08:24
lotuspsychjestarkiller: wb08:24
wooo_histo: no I just typed /dev/sda08:24
DaleFernandesthanks lotuspsychje08:24
histowooo_: then it shoulnd't have written a filesystem there08:24
lotuspsychjeDaleFernandes: np mate, come back in chat any time you got a question08:24
histowooo_: but you did create one big partition with fdisk for the whole drive. Hopefully testdisk  can find the other partitions previously in there since they started and ended within the one you created08:24
starkilleri have a problem again XD08:25
lotuspsychjestarkiller: shoot08:25
histowooo_: Do you have another drive that you can backup to?08:25
wooo_histo: No08:25
histowooo_: did you have any of your data backed up anywhere?08:25
T3Xhow do i make my script executed every 40 seconds?08:26
starkilleri installed xubuntu over my win 7. i havent touched my win 7 in 6 monts :P, now that i want to boot on it, it doesnt boot:P08:26
histoT3X: write it into your script08:26
histoT3X: what does this script do that you need to execute it ever 40 seconds?08:26
lotuspsychjestarkiller: define 'over'?08:26
ActionParsnipstarkiller: what happens when you try to boot it ?08:26
wooo_histo: I just saved my imp data on dropbox. I have external hard disk. If you are talking about that ?08:26
starkillerit just lags on a black screen and nothing happends:P08:27
histowooo_: I'm just asking because this is going to take time and if you have backups it's not worth the waste of time recovering.08:27
blazemoreMy philosophy is to always be in a situation where it wouldn't matter too much if your installation dies; you can just install fresh and copy your data back across08:28
starkilleri fixed my boot loader before, with some boot fix from sofware center:P and it work great, for a while but then08:28
histowooo_: If that's not the case then attempting recovery is your only solution unless you want to pay someone like me big bucks to do it.08:28
histostarkiller: were you previously able to dual boot?08:29
wooo_histo: :)08:29
starkilleryea only once or twice thought:P08:29
histowooo_: depends how much your data is worth basically vs. your time to recover.08:29
lotuspsychjestarkiller: did you try update-grub?08:29
histowooo_: From everything you've said i'm pretty confident testdisk will be able to find your partitions and restore them; however, a little more tweaking will be needed to make your system boot.08:30
starkillerno uh:P i dont wanna do anything that its not approve from an expert:P08:30
starkillerim scared my xubuntu wont boot:P08:30
histowooo_: It's a very very small percentage chance that windows will boot again but you should be able to get your files out of that partition.08:31
wooo_histo: I hope testdisk will restore it.08:31
MOUDwhich is better, an Ubuntu LiveUSB or a full install in a USB?08:31
lotuspsychjestarkiller: sudo update-grub from terminal wont break your xubuntu, but might help in dualboots sometimes08:31
histowooo_: If the data is worth a lot of money and you are thinking of paying someone for recovery then don't do anything. If that is not the case then give testdisk a shot.08:31
lotuspsychje!best | MOUD08:32
ubottuMOUD: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.08:32
wooo_histo: No most of my imp data is on cloud.08:32
histoMOUD: they are one in the same. You can boot live mode with persistence so you can install applicaitons etc.. just like you could with afull install. Having a full install will give you more finer grain control though.08:32
histowooo_: imp?08:32
lotuspsychjehisto: isnt there a gui package that can workout boot flags and such to make it easy for him?08:32
wooo_histo: important.08:32
starkillerwow im gonna try it right now thanks:P08:33
starkilleri just want to uninstal stuff from windows so my ubuntu can take over:P08:33
histolotuspsychje: no he blew out his mbr. So he just needs to restore that with grub. and he blew out the first part of his NTFS filesystem. There should be a backup stored at the end of the disk so he'd have to repair that as well. And he lost the first 2gb of files on his ntfs system.08:33
lotuspsychjehisto: can he repair grub with a livecd perhaps?08:34
histolotuspsychje: yes after he finds the partitions with testdisk with the step-by-step instructions I gave him.08:34
lotuspsychjestarkiller: why dont you clean install ubuntu single, and start over new08:34
histolotuspsychje: then linux will boot after repairing grub. and I'd work on repairing the ntfs file system on sda1 to atleast pull files from c:\users\*08:34
lotuspsychjestarkiller: we will help you replace good package alternatives for ubuntu after :p08:35
lotuspsychjehisto: ok ic08:35
MOUDhisto: thanks for the info.08:35
starkilleri like ubuntu but i find xface xubuntu faster:P? is it just me:P? i have a dual core 2 gigs ram08:36
histoMOUD: np if you do go with the full install I would disable journaling on ext4 and mount in fstab with noatime08:36
T3Xhisto: i have a script testing the internet speeed and it finish after 40 second08:36
histostarkiller: xubuntu is faster yes as it's lighter on resources08:36
histoT3X: and you want to constantly run it?08:36
liqand no problem with tray...08:36
histostarkiller: there are even lighter systems available08:37
MOUDhisto: How do I do that? Is there any tutorial?08:37
histoMOUD: let me see if I can find you linkage for tune2fs08:37
starkillerthe thing is that xubuntu its the clossest thing to ubuntu i found:P08:37
lotuspsychjestarkiller: there is lubuntu-desktop aswell08:38
lotuspsychjestarkiller: you can test it out from your xubuntu system aswell, if you install lubuntu-desktop08:38
liqlotuspsychje: wont it install all the apps from lubuntu?08:39
liqlotuspsychje: and create a mess? :P08:39
ActionParsnipstarkiller: i'd boot to windows cd and chkdsk the partition08:39
lotuspsychjeliq: it will have seperate apps when you login to proper desktop08:39
starkillerwow thanks guys you are all so helpful08:40
lotuspsychje!info lubuntu-desktop | liq08:40
ubottuliq: lubuntu-desktop (source: lubuntu-meta): Lubuntu Desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.48 (raring), package size 2 kB, installed size 30 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; powerpc; armhf)08:40
tears_Hey you guys? What's the best way to update my system. One that is both through and safe. I believe dist-upgrade caused me terrible problems with kwin.08:41
starkillerill brb i have to reboot thanks:P08:41
histoMOUD: basically you just tune2fs -O ^has_journal /dev/sdX#   and esfsck -f /dev/sdX#        replace sdX# with your partions and edit your /etc/fstab to add the noatime mount option08:41
blazemoretears_: Using the update manager08:41
histoMOUD: I would also crankdown the swapiness and move stuff like browser cache to tmpfs08:42
histoMOUD: if you find instructions for an SSD drive on there pretty much same thing to reduce writes. That's all you are trying to accomplish on USB as well.08:42
tears_blazemore mine comes with Muon update manager which feels awful. I had problems when I switched off my laptop in the middle of an upgrade and I stopped using it. It broke KDE08:43
histotears_: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade you can also use the unattended-upgrades package to get the security updates08:43
MOUDhisto: I agree. I'm googling about the writes08:43
tears_histo but upgrade isn't very through it doesn't remove existing packages before upgrading08:44
histotears_: what distro are you running?08:45
blazemoretears_: "I switched  off my laptop in the middle of an upgrade08:45
MOUDalso, how can I disable the "Try/Install Ubuntu" option when using a liveUSB? I want to go directly to the desktop08:45
junkis there a way I can convert the : in filenames to .08:45
junkLike a script or something08:45
junkI'm not good with bash08:45
tears_histo something between upgrade and dist-upgrade08:45
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histoMOUD: if you do a full install yes.08:45
histoMOUD: or modify the live usb08:45
tears_histo kubuntu 12.04 LTS08:45
histotears_: what do you mean it doesn't remove?08:45
tears_blazemore  I know dumb but I expected it to handle it.08:46
MOUDhisto: I'll give a try modifying the live usb first. thank you very much for the help and info :)08:46
histotears_: you can use aptitude's safe-upgrade08:47
blazemoretears_: You can fix stuff like that with "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a; sudo apt-get -f install"08:47
histowooo_: any luck with testdisk?08:48
histowooo_: following this: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step08:48
ActionParsniptears_: unless the install is 64bit, aptitude isn't great with multiarch08:48
wooo_histo: I though I lost everything. I just got what I done earlier http://pastebin.com/aPnvFDm3 .:(08:48
lotuspsychjea guy had broke install on doing an upgrade lately, didnt upgrade commands change?08:48
ActionParsnipwooo_: thats why we backp08:49
wooo_histo: I am not getting anything from testdisk. still any hope ?08:49
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: same commands dude, consistancy is key08:49
ActionParsnipwooo_: try foremost08:50
ActionParsnipwooo_: you will need a partition of at least equal size to spit the located file to. You will lose folder structure and filenames but the files may be retrieved08:50
ActionParsnipwooo_: if the area the data was sat on has been modified since, the file is gone08:51
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histowooo_: why DID YOU mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda1?????08:51
ChadmanThe savior of all men, arrived!08:51
bazhang!ot | Chadman08:51
ubottuChadman: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:51
Chadmanhisto & ActionParsnip; I waited for you both to come online so much last night.08:51
Chadmanother guys here failed to help me out.08:51
wooo_histo: yes. :( . I just have seen commands that I put earlier.http://pastebin.com/aPnvFDm308:52
zoiewhen i "sudo apt-get upgrade" i get 21 packages "not updated", why do they have these state? and how do i change it?08:52
Chadmanmy question is.08:53
ChadmanHow do I make a virtual webcam for linux that will point to images/GIFs?08:53
bazhang!dist-upgrade | zoie08:53
ubottuzoie: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.08:53
Chadmanhisto & ActionParsnip & bazhang; How do I make a virtual webcam for linux that will point to images/GIFs?08:53
bazhangChadman, how does that relate to ubuntu08:53
zoiebazhang: no i don't want dist-upgrade, i'm already on 13.0408:53
ActionParsnipzoie: disable any PPAs you have and then run it08:53
ChadmanI was thinking a virtual webcam. I start a video chat, and tell skype to use my "webcam" that doesn't exist. The virtual webcam will get it's data from whatever picture (maybe a movie file?) I point it to. So I point it to "lol.jpg" and my friends Skype receives it as being my webcam.08:53
bazhangzoie, read the actual output08:53
Chadmanbazhang, can you help me out though.08:53
bazhangzoie, dist-upgrade does NOT change versions08:53
histowooo_: well you are stuck to file carving now for your files mostlikely08:54
zoiebazhang: why are you talking about dist-upgrade?08:54
zoieActionParsnip: thanks i'll try08:54
Chadmananybody who can help me on this?08:54
histowooo_: you created a new partition and wrote a new filesystem to it for whatever reason. So .....08:54
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
bazhangzoie, it brings in those packages. it does not change from 13.0408:54
histoChadman: what like manycam?08:54
Chadmanyes, histo.08:54
wooo_histo: So ? everything is lost ? or still any hope ?08:55
histoChadman: use webcamstudio08:55
zoiesorry i don't understand what you mean08:55
Chadmanhisto, (example): in manycam, manycam creates a virtual-webcam that we can use to display images/movies on it (like a video source or something)08:55
histowooo_: You may be able to recover some things with file carvers such as photorec, foremost, or scalpel08:55
ChadmanI did, histo. It didn't work out.08:55
histowooo_: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec_Step_By_Step08:55
Chadmanany other way?08:55
Chadmanlike v4l2loopback?08:55
histowooo_: You already have photorec since you installed testdisk08:56
Chadmanhisto, are you aware of v4l2loopback?08:56
histoChadman: what's wrong with webcamstudio?08:56
=== matanya_ is now known as matanya
wooo_histo: So should I stop testdisk ? Its running . Analyzing cylinders 10375/60800 17%.08:57
Chadmanhisto, I want to show an image on it, but it doesn't work.08:57
Chadmanhisto, like I selected a image, and pressed play, and when the virtual-webcam doesn't appear in webcam-selecting options of livestream-sites.08:58
histowooo_: well let testdisk finish and see if it finds paritions but I doubt it.08:58
Chadmanhisto, it also says "no output"08:58
wooo_histo: okay.08:58
Chadmanso webcamstudio is pretty useless.08:58
Chadmanhisto, any other way? like mplayer, v4l2loopback, vloopback?08:58
ChadmanI have both, v4l2loopback, gstreamer...etc everything installed.08:59
ChadmanA guy was helping me out last night, but he vanished. he just said "cd into the directory where you have the gif"09:00
Chadmanand vanished.09:00
ChadmanI want to display a gif on my virtual webcam.09:00
lotuspsychje!patience | Chadman09:00
ubottuChadman: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/09:00
histoChadman: I'm not sure if there is another way to do it... Here is a howto video I found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoXtcaWwsP009:00
Chadmanhisto, we can use v4l2loopback to solve this.09:00
Chadmanbut I don't know how can I use it.09:00
Chadmanv4l2loopback is the perfect solution for this, but how can I use it?09:01
histoChadman: I'm not familiar with it.09:01
ActionParsnipChadman: does it have a man page?09:04
histoChadman: seems everyone is using webcamstudio from what i'm seeing on google09:04
histoChadman: http://askubuntu.com/questions/139239/fake-a-webcam-using-a-video-loopback-device09:04
ChadmanI am googling some stuff.09:05
Chadmanand no, actionparsnip.09:05
marawan2why wine doesn't work for me with any program, it says program error09:06
Chadmanroot@bt:~# gst-launch souphttpsrc location=/root/me50.jpg ! jpegdec ! ffmpegcolorspace ! modprobe v4l2loopback device=/dev/video009:06
histomarawan2: you'd probably have to check the appdb for instructions on whatever program you are trying to use09:06
histo!appdb | marawan209:06
ubottumarawan2: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help09:06
marawan2 histo: i have tried multiple programs and it says the same program error09:07
ActionParsnipmarawan2: it depends entirely on the app, some work, some don't09:09
histomarawan2: did you check the appdb?09:09
ActionParsnipmarawan2: hence why the appdb exists and should be consulted09:09
marawan2histo: i am checking it now09:09
OerHeksChadman, i guess you should not run that tool as root, in your backtrack09:10
marawan2histo, ActionParsnip: ok further more guys i followed this video on youtube about how to get counter strike for free and it sayed i need wine09:10
ActionParsnipmarawan2: yes, its a windows application09:11
ChadmanOerHeks: then?09:11
ChadmanOerHeks: should I add my user to some group?09:11
histomarawan2: you can play counterstrike in steam and steam has a linux client now09:11
marawan2ActionParsnip, histo: i tryed but it didn't work (though it did on the vid) so i try wine on other programs and it doesn't work too showing program error09:11
ActionParsnipmarawan2: histo has a great point :)09:11
marawan2histo: free?09:12
ActionParsnipmarawan2: just install steam (native) and run the game from there09:12
ActionParsnipmarawan2: counterstrike isnt free in any way09:12
histoChadman: try in ##linux or in backtrack's support channel09:12
ActionParsnipmarawan2: used to be09:12
marawan2ActionParsnip: but what if i want wine to operate other programs09:13
histomarawan2: then you check wine's appdb to see if it's supported and ask for help in the wine channel09:16
marawan2histo: it says suported09:17
marawan2histo: it is not about the programs it is about wine itself09:17
bazhangmarawan2, #winehq for that09:18
=== wojciech_ is now known as wojciech
ActionParsnipmarawan2: then check the appdb09:18
bazhang!appdb > marawan209:18
ubottumarawan2, please see my private message09:18
r_lexis it possible to mount drives (external) as rw by default?09:20
ChadmanNo such element or plugin 'v4l2loopback'09:20
ChadmanI installed v4l2loopback, but when I do "gst-inspect v4l2loopback", it gives me this: No such element or plugin 'v4l2loopback'09:21
Chadman  09:21
ActionParsnipr_lex: yuo mount the partition, not the drive09:22
r_lexthat's not case afaik09:22
r_lexstill i have only one partition on that drive09:22
k1lr_lex: the nautilus should mount your drive with gvfs ootb09:23
r_lexthe problem is even if i do remount,rw /blahblahblah09:23
r_lexit still (!) remounts it as ro after some time09:23
k1lr_lex: see in dmesg if its a error remount.09:23
ActionParsnipr_lex: yes, its still the partition you mount even if its 100% of the space09:24
k1lmaybe the drive is broken and the kernel wants it to be ro to not loose data09:24
ActionParsnipr_lex: what file system does it use?09:24
r_lexActionParsnip, fat3209:24
ActionParsnipr_lex: when you last unplugged it, did you use the safe removal feature in your OS?09:24
k1lr_lex: if its rw and then switches to ro its the error_remount_ro09:25
r_lexerror, fat_get_cluster: invalid cluster chain09:25
r_lexseems to need fsck09:25
ActionParsnipr_lex: did you safe remove the device before physically unplugging it?09:26
ActionParsnipr_lex: good, then I suggest you fsck the unounted partition (or do it in windows)09:26
r_lexalready doing that...09:26
r_lexbtw seems to be offtopic but can anyone suggest _fast_ usb flash drive?09:27
Chadmanhisto & ActionParsnip; I installed webcamstudio but, In the bottom right of webcamstudio's window the "No output!" message is shown. Is not possible to select the virtual webcam in Flash sites.09:27
ActionParsnipr_lex: some usb3 thing will be fine09:27
ActionParsnipr_lex: or a high class numbered sd card09:27
ActionParsnipChadman: I dont use webcams or know anything of them. They are creepy09:28
MongooseHi, I'm a very new Ubuntu user and would like to know how best to get involved.  I've been reading the guidance in the Wiki but finding it confusing.09:33
DJones!contribute | Mongoose This is a good starting point, other ways are to answer questions on ubuntuforums/IRC/askubuntu etc,09:35
ubottuMongoose This is a good starting point, other ways are to answer questions on ubuntuforums/IRC/askubuntu etc,: contribute is To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu09:35
ActionParsnipMongoose: get used to the OS first, you can help here as a good start :)09:35
MongooseThank you! :-)09:35
DJonesMongoose: Boyond that, you can report bugs and help test fixes as you get more involved and experienced09:36
MongooseI'm getting used to it very quickly, and I think it's awesome.  I had Windows for years and I'll never go back to that.09:36
karlmhwhat is the name of that package, its a text based service / port scanner ?09:39
karlmhi need to get this info so i can setup my firewall09:40
somsip!info nmap | karlmh09:40
ubottukarlmh: nmap (source: nmap): The Network Mapper. In component main, is extra. Version 6.00-0.3 (raring), package size 3407 kB, installed size 14862 kB09:40
karlmhsomsip: thanks, thats it.. had a brain fart09:40
babinlonstonwhile mounting password asking for each and every time after restart its not mounting , sudo mount -t cifs // /home/sysadmin/public , command used and fstab entry is here // /home/sysadmin/public     cifs username=anoymous,password=sysadmin123$       0 009:43
marawan2does wine work on lubuntu gnome?09:43
Kuroshitashould be fine marawan209:44
DJonesmarawan2: Wine works on all flavours of Ubuntu09:44
marawan2is not fine and doesn't run anything09:44
ActionParsnipmarawan2: if the apps you are trying to run are known to not work, you are fighting a losing battle09:45
ActionParsnipmarawan2: the desktop you use is irrelevant09:45
ActionParsnipbabinlonston: in /etc/rc.local   above the 'exit 0' line, add:    mount -a09:47
ActionParsnipbabinlonston: fstab is processed before the network comes up, so will fail09:47
babinlonstonjust only i want to add mount -a09:48
jony_easyriderhow can I change the label of my stick in ubuntu 12.04?09:48
DJonesjony_easyrider: USB Stick? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive09:49
SDIScan anyone tell me  how to install steam client in ubuntu 12.04?09:50
sourei'hav problem09:53
souresometimes i have this problem http://imgur.com/boYKZWO ...09:54
soureduring bootimng09:55
babinlonstonjust only i want to add mount -a09:56
DaleFernandescan anyone here by any chance help me configure my php local server, ##php isn't quite helping09:58
gordonjcpDaleFernandes: is it an Ubuntu server?09:58
FloodBot1DaleFernandes: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:58
DaleFernandeson ubuntu09:58
gordonjcpDaleFernandes: you're running Ubuntu and you want to get PHP working, correct?09:59
DaleFernandesyes i want to test my files locally before uploading them09:59
SDIShi all  :) can anyone tell me  how to install windows xp from ubuntu 12.04 via usb.09:59
gordonjcpDaleFernandes: then ask away09:59
DJonesSDIS: ##windows for Windows questions09:59
DaleFernandesWell, gordonjcp , i just cant get it working, ive tried everything that i could find online but my php scripts dont run, i just dont know what to do10:00
DaleFernandesgordonjcp, do you have a php script testing environment?10:00
gordonjcpDaleFernandes: nope, I don't use PHP10:00
DaleFernandesgordonjcp, do you know how to set it up by any chance? :P10:00
gordonjcpDaleFernandes: start at the beginning - what exactly have you done so far?10:01
DaleFernandesgordonjcp, 1st: I installed aptana studio 3, then i did the apt-get lamp-server i think it was, which does apache, mysql and php, but when i try run my php scripts on localhost, nothing shows up10:02
tkinghello guys, i have a folder with php files which requires me to install the web app. But when i put the folder in var/www/folder i cant access it from my browser 'localhost/app' Forbidden no permission, the folder is from windows10:02
gordonjcpDaleFernandes: okay, when you say "nothing shows up" what *exactly* happens?10:03
gordonjcpDaleFernandes: can you get your local webserver to serve static files?10:03
DaleFernandesThe webpage is blank, i can insert html code which will work, but when i try <?php echo "w/e"?> not even that works10:03
DaleFernandesgordonjcp, yes, notmal html code works fine10:05
gordonjcpDaleFernandes: okay, so the webserver is healthy.  Next place to look is /var/log/httpd/errors.log10:06
gordonjcpDaleFernandes: that path may not be literally correct10:06
DaleFernandesgordonjcp, its just InnoDB stuff10:09
DaleFernandesno "errors"10:09
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junctionsHello people. I'm trying to fiddle with the router at a computer far far away. I normally do everything there through SSH, however this seems that it requires a browser. w3m doesn't work with the router. Firefox is unusably slow (when using ssh  -X). What is the most lightweight GUI www-browser in the ubuntu repository to your experience?10:10
gordonjcpDaleFernandes: innodb sounds wrong10:11
gordonjcpDaleFernandes: can you pastebin the error log?10:11
DaleFernandesi could yes10:11
gordonjcpjunctions: what I do is enable the remote management interface on the router10:11
blazemorejunctions: dillo is super lightweight but very feature-light10:12
gordonjcpjunctions: you could try something like midori, but it's more down to how much data you are throwing over the connection10:12
gordonjcpjunctions: what's the spec of the machine you're running the browser on?10:12
junctionsgordonjcp: yeah, but to do that I first need to use the webinterface10:12
junctionsubuntu 12.04 on a GSM router halfway around the world10:13
junctionsblazemore, gordonjcp: thanks for those suggestions, I'll try them right away10:13
gordonjcpDaleFernandes: that does not look like an apache log file10:15
DaleFernandesthats the only error.log file i have with any contents :P10:15
somsipDaleFernandes: thats mysql log10:15
DaleFernandesthe others are empty10:15
somsipDaleFernandes: anything in /var/log/apache2/errors.log?10:16
DaleFernandessomsip, just a missing fav icon error10:17
=== skram is now known as sonofuns
DaleFernandesthats all10:17
junctionsblazemore, thanks, dillo works like a charm!10:17
histojunctions: uzbl is a really lightweight browser10:18
histojunctions: you could also forward your web traffic through the machine and then then use your local browser10:18
junctionshisto: hmm that sounds like a good idea. I've read about that somewhere but can't say I know how to do it or where to learn. Maybe later. (I think I once read something along the lines of "we don't need no stinking vpn software", on advanced ssh tunneling)10:20
histojunctions: yes10:20
junctionsthanks, I'll keep that in mind, specially for circumventing country locks on certain services ;)10:21
zhakHello, can someone help me please. I have a new ultrabook and to get wifi working i need a custom kernel. But "make deb-pkg" fails because dpkg-dev package is missing. How can i get this package installed wihtout network?10:21
histojunctions: you may want to look into sshuttle makes it really easy to forward everything including dns10:22
junctionshisto: thanks :)10:23
histozhak: which wireless chipset does your card have?10:25
zhakhisto: an intel wireless-n 726010:25
histozhak: what does lspci | grep -i network say?10:26
zhakhisto: Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 7260 (rev 6b)10:27
zhakhisto: i followed this guide https://spicious.com/sony-vaio-pro-11-with-ubuntu.html10:28
zhakhisto: but i cant get the kernel compiled since dpkg-dev package is missing10:28
histo!info dpkg-dev | zhak10:29
ubottuzhak: dpkg-dev (source: dpkg): Debian package development tools. In component main, is optional. Version 1.16.10ubuntu1 (raring), package size 695 kB, installed size 1561 kB10:29
DJoneszhak: Which version of Ubuntu are you using, according to http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-2141981.html the driver should already be included in the kernel for Ubuntu10:29
histozhak: install it then10:29
zhakhisto: well i got no network so how do i install it10:30
histozhak: use a wire or10:31
histo!offline | zhak10:31
ubottuzhak: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD10:31
zhakDJones: i use the daily build for saucy salamander since 13.04 does not boot10:32
azarI have created x509 certificate with openssl , after that when I want to add the key with this command: "keyctl padd asymmetric "" @s <.//ssl.crt/server.crt" it returns: "add_key: Bad message". Can anyone help me?10:32
socketguruhey all10:35
zhakubottu: is it posssible to download packages for saucy salamander since it is not released yet10:35
MonkeyDustzhak  ask in #ubuntu+110:36
DJoneszhak: You're probably better asking in #ubuntu+1 for support with 13.10, thats the support channel for development versions10:36
socketguruI have a 2D barcode scanner, which doesn't get recognized as a device. I saw /dev/ list. I want to know if there is any work around this?10:36
zhakDJones: ok thanks10:36
MonkeyDustzhak  i have 13.10 in a chroot and can download and install packages, ok10:37
zhakMonkeyDust: could you upload the dpkg-dev package?10:37
MonkeyDustzhak  havent tried, now continue in #ubuntu+1, please10:38
T3Xhow do i make my script executed every 40 seconds?10:41
kanliotT3X, while loop in bash10:42
Foragegood morning10:42
Forageanyone care for a quick firefox test on ubuntu?10:42
socketguruT3X: run a cron job10:42
ForageI found a weird issue I'd like to confirm10:43
T3Xsocketguru: crontab allow min 1 min interval10:43
T3Xno less than one minute10:43
somsipT3X: you can't with cron alone. You would need to call bash scripts that start processes after sleep() times10:43
socketguruT3X: sorry, missed that.. then a shell script with 40s delay will help10:44
kanliotforage go10:45
Foragefor some reason the twitter website does not function properly in Firefox on Ubuntu. Other browsers on ubuntu or firefox on Windows is no problem. It has to do with uppercase characters in the user name.10:45
Forageif you go to e.g. https://twitter.com/TheOldReader it will show up fine.10:46
somsipForage: sounds like an issue for the firefox people. Maybe you should file a bug report with them10:46
Foragesomsip: I'd like to confirm it first10:46
Foragebut now click on the first user on that page with uppercase characters in its name like @ToddGregory10:47
Forageit will show a pop-up10:47
ForageNow click on the "Go to full profile" at the bottom of the pop-up10:47
ForageIn my case the loading indication at the top center will keep going10:48
MonkeyDustForage  better ask in #firefox10:48
thoint/join ##penis10:48
yeatsForage: that's not happening for me10:48
Forageyeats: it will show you his full profile instantly?10:49
yeatsForage: yep10:49
Phase4"ImportError: No module named _gi" howfix?10:49
yeatsI've not seen that problem on ff/ubuntu (which is all i use) and I use twitter a lot10:49
Phase4apport-gtk is in an infinite loop trying to report it's own error10:50
Forageyeats: ok, ty. I'll go disabling add-ons one by one then10:50
MonkeyDust!details | Phase410:51
ubottuPhase4: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:51
Phase4MonkeyDust, apport-gtk shows up saying "problem detected", it then goes away when i click any of the buttons and shows up again, running apport-cli i get that error message10:51
blazemorePhase4: Try "sudo apt-get install --reinstall python-gobjects"10:52
Phase4this machine did recently restart mid-upgrade, i'm cleaing up the fallout from that, basically i what to know what package _gi is in10:52
Phase4blazemore, did that already10:52
blazemorePhase4: To clean up the fallut from a borked upgrade, try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a; sudo apt-get -f install"10:53
blazemorePhase4: You could always "sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop"10:53
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sindriany idea how I can copy large text chunks CLI using screen over SSH?10:53
sindri* So I can paste it into pastebin etc I mean.10:54
DJonesForage: I can also confirm that worked fine for me on 13.04 in vbox, no issues at all10:54
Phase4blazemore, running dpkg-reconfigure -a now10:54
Phase4oh wow, it is reconfiguring everything, this might take a while10:55
jribsindri: use copy mode or just use pastebinit10:55
jribPhase4: you should have done dpkg --configure -a10:55
ForageDJones: ty for testing. I'm now trying to see if it's one of my add-ons causing the issue10:55
blazemoreI actually did a booboo10:55
blazemorePhase4: what jrib said10:56
Phase4blazemore, i was wondering :P10:56
blazemoreehh I've told people to do worse...10:56
blazemoreI suppose it's time for my lunch; I guess I could eat this egg-on-my-face10:56
Phase4mmmm, egg10:56
sindrijrib: I am in copy mode (ctrl a + esc) But how can I start to mark text to right click and copy on the terminal I'm ssh'ing via?10:57
Phase4damn, it still thinks it's 12.10 but half the packages are from 13.0410:57
MonkeyDustPhase4  type sudo apt-get update | pastebinit and paste the url in the channel10:58
jribsindri: you don't use your mouse, you mark the beginning (with space iirc), move to the end of your selection (hit space again), and then use copy mode to paste10:58
jribsindri: erm, use "ctrl-a ]" to paste10:59
Phase4MonkeyDust, pastebinit is not installed10:59
yeatssindri: you can also use script to capture output to a file in real time10:59
Phase4MonkeyDust, it is pulling from the raring repositorys10:59
Phase4to be more precice, when i say it still thinks it's 12.10 i meen the top right->about this computer thing says it's 12.1011:00
Phase4bah, i'ma run dist-upgrade and prey11:01
Phase4one of those two11:01
Forageyeats, DJones: found the trouble maker, it's the HTML Validator add-on for firefox11:02
sindrijrib: It copied it alright, but locally on the server and not on the machine I'm ssh'ing from. Still can't get it to pastie etc11:02
DJonesForage: Glad you sorted it11:02
sindriyeats: Still want it to get into pastebin so someone could review configs11:02
jribsindri: use pastebinit (or copy it on the machine your ssh'ing from)11:02
wooohisto:testdisk process completed. Now fdisk- l is giving following output.   http://pastebin.com/3Cjfvr8W11:02
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ActionParsnip!rootirc | Guest5243111:04
ubottuGuest52431: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.11:04
sindrijrib: Is it worth getting pastebinit? How do I copy it from the machine I'm ssh'ing? right-click has the option to copy "grayed out"11:05
=== Guest52431 is now known as okunnigr
ActionParsnipsindri: pastebinit is always useful, plus its tiny11:06
Phase4ix ftw11:07
histowooo: try mounting sda5 although it doens't look good11:08
sindriActionParsnip: Ok, I guess I'll get it then. jrib : thanks for help - just bums me out I can't do it intuitively using the mouse.11:09
ActionParsnipwooo: i suggest you look into a backup solution when all this blows over, lots easier11:09
ActionParsnipsindri: why, its a terminal? Just pipe the text to the command, very intuitive11:10
* MonkeyDust was thinking the smae thing :)11:10
wooohisto: yeah its E drive of my windows. I got all data from that drives.:) But I didn't get my linux data .11:10
woooActionParsnip: what's backup solution ?11:10
=== root_ is now known as okunnigr
histowooo: welll see what's on sda111:11
ActionParsnipwooo: where you take a copy of your data and put it on a diffeent storage, so if the data gets damaged, you can easily recover without messing around with testdisk and other forensic tools11:11
wooohisto: how to check that ? any command ?11:12
histowooo: mount it and take a look11:12
histowooo: If you really need files from your linux distro I would use photorec to carve. Or see if autopsy can help show you some files11:12
Kartagisanybody has an idea why I would be getting "Couldn't upload file, check your internet connection" when I drag and drop an image to "Drop to share" on cairo-dock?11:12
wooohisto: umount /dev/sda1 .right ?11:13
histowooo: mkdir /tmp/test && sudo mount /dev/sda /tmp/test11:13
histowooo: then see what's in /tmp/test11:13
wooohisto: error "mount: you must specify the filesystem type"11:14
histowooo: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec_Step_By_Step11:14
histowooo: to get your files out. But you'll need somehwere to save all of them.11:15
histowooo: you also lost all your filenames etc..11:15
=== mJ[away]k is now known as mJayk
ActionParsnipKartagis: are there bugs reported?11:16
ActionParsnipKartagis: does your user have read access to the file you are dragging?11:17
KartagisActionParsnip: I wouldn't know with what keywords to check, and yes11:17
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ActionParsnipKartagis: what is this share thingy you have?11:25
tthtlcaccount list11:26
KartagisActionParsnip: it comes with cairo dock11:26
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:26
ActionParsnipKartagis: http://www.glx-dock.org/bg_topic.php?t=502311:26
KartagisActionParsnip: #cairo-dock is inactive I'm afraid11:26
ActionParsnipKartagis: tried changing the pastebin url?11:27
lllsondowlll!join #ubuntuhelp11:27
ActionParsnipKartagis: http://glx-dock.org/bg_topic.php?t=508111:27
KartagisActionParsnip: yes, and that post is talking about icons, not my issue11:27
ActionParsnipKartagis: are you having issue with text?11:27
KartagisActionParsnip: allow me to demonstrate11:28
Kartagisjust a sec11:28
sindriAnyone who could review my vsftpd config and help me figure out why the service isn't listening/running correctly. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5840017/11:29
KartagisActionParsnip: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11918318/Screenshot%20from%202013-07-03%2014%3A28%3A50.png11:29
Kartagissindri: does netstat -antlp | grep 21 list it?11:29
Mark_sindri: When you do a /etc/init.d/vsftpd start does it barf?11:30
ActionParsnipKartagis: I suggest you report a bug11:32
NiktyHi! Installed ubuntu (command-line install) and followed the instructions to map default soundcard, but I have no sound. unmuting in alsamixer doesn't help. any ideas?11:32
ActionParsnipNikty: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh --upload11:33
gordonjcpNikty: are you using the correct device?11:33
gordonjcpNikty: how many sound devices have you got?11:34
Niktygordonjcp: in debian this device worked, idk why here it doesn't.11:34
lllsondowlllHello, I am having trouble with the new kernel 3.9.0 amd64. After installing I no longer have wired internet connection. Any ideas?11:34
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ActionParsnipNikty: run the command, what is the output please?11:35
ActionParsniplllsondowlll: 3.9 kernel is not supported here11:35
NiktyActionParsnip: I'm parsing the command :))11:35
ActionParsniplllsondowlll: try in #linux11:36
BluesKajHey all11:36
gordonjcpNikty: I didn't ask what it used to work in11:36
lllsondowlllActionParsnip: That is unfortunate since the current kernel will not stop intermitting my audio with the official ATI drivers.11:36
nevynseriously ?11:37
ActionParsniplllsondowlll: we only support the kernels from the official repos here11:37
Niktygordonjcp: yes I'm using the correct one11:38
ActionParsnipNikty: are you using the onboad sound or the hdmi audio?11:38
ActionParsnipNikty: and if you press F6 in alsamixer the right device is set?11:38
NiktyActionParsnip: yup11:39
Atlantic777Is there a way to list just manually installed packages? I mean, just packages which are installed after clean install. If there's gentoo guys out there, I'm lookin for the "world" file.11:39
lllsondowlllActionParsnip: then perhaps you can assist me with the current kernel, the reason I am updating is because the open source ATI drivers are shotty at best and do not see the HDMI audio out. The only way to get this recognised is through the proprietary drivers but I suppose you are going to tell that isn't supported either correct?11:39
tttbwhy does Ubuntu randomly ask me to enter a keyring11:39
tttbit always makes me suspicious11:39
tttband I never do it11:40
tttbyet haven't faced any problems yet11:40
gordonjcpNikty: if you specify the sound card to use when you play an audio file, can you hear it?11:40
ActionParsnipNikty: are they also unmuted?11:40
tttbyet yet11:40
ActionParsniplllsondowlll: the proprietary ati drivers are supported here as they are from the repos11:40
nevynlllsondowlll: if they were installed from the repo11:41
kenny18hello, im having trouble with PHP: Require_once(): Unable To Allocate Memory For Pool,  dont need to edit the global settings but just specific sites. opend the .htaccess file in /var/www/... and dont konw what settings to change?11:41
ActionParsnipNikty: tried the speakers in the different holes? Are they powered on and cranked up ?11:42
Niktyonly one hole here, it's a netbook11:42
Niktygordonjcp: how do I do this via mplayer?11:43
nevynNikty: alsamixer11:44
lllsondowlllI'll be back to test again if the HDMI shows up under the repo non catalyst version of the driver but I strickly remember this not being the case. In the event that it does not show the HDMI audio out either, the ATI driver from AMD does but is intermitting but not supported here, and the newest kernel (which was recommended as a fix) isn't either. Does that mean I am pretty much SOL?11:44
rypervenchetttb: If you entered a password the first time it asked you it will do it everytime. I never do.11:44
nevynlllsondowlll: the ati drivers from amd are supported if installed via the repo11:44
nevynlllsondowlll: installing them from the ati website with the .sh installer is not supported here11:45
Nikty[AO_ALSA] alsa-lib: pcm_hw.c:1293:(snd_pcm_hw_open) open '/dev/snd/pcmC1D0p' failed (-16): Device or resource busy11:45
BluesKajlllsondowlll, the hdmi out gets it's audio from a link thru youir graphics driver , not a different audio driver11:45
Phase4MonkeyDust, jrib: it looks like it was using python 3.2 instead of 3.3, i don't know why, everything got better after removing 3.2 via apt-get autoremove11:45
nevynBluesKaj: the problem is a graphics card is a sound card and it has to register the hdmi port as a sound card in alsa11:46
lllsondowlllBluesKaj: thank you I am aware of this11:46
nevyn(so it shows up in /proc/asound/cards)11:47
BluesKajlllsondowlll, hdmi still depends on whatever audio driver is used with onboard soundcard11:47
nevynBluesKaj: no.11:47
ActionParsnipNikty: do you have pulseaudio installed?11:47
NiktyActionParsnip: nope11:47
nevynBluesKaj: it does not you're incorrect.11:47
ActionParsnipNikty: may be worth a shot. I have a sound card that will only work if pulse is insaled11:47
lllsondowlllBlueKaj: The sound card which is onboard and the audio driver for the GPU are two seperate entities entirely.11:48
BluesKajopk nevyn , how is it setup then ?11:48
nevynBluesKaj: it relies on the kernel part of the video card driver (because writing an X bit and a mesa bit wasn't enough bits) to implement a alsa registration and setup for another soundcard11:48
nevynBluesKaj: so writing video drivers is among the most complex bits of stuff spanning the most subsystems of linux these days11:49
BluesKajlllsondowlll, yes but the hdmi audio links to the onboard audio11:49
nevynbecause you need to write the weyland/X11 bit  the mesa bit and the kernel bit11:49
nevynand the kernel bit has to know about the kernel video mode switching stuff and the alsa stuff11:50
nevynas well as the usual bus registration enumeration11:50
nevynalso the specific bits like gem interfaces etc.11:50
lllsondowlllBluesKaj: Imagine you have onboard audio, now imagine you have a sound card. They are two different hardware drivers thus requiring you to have two different software drivers because onboard the GPU acts as an add on card.11:50
NiktyActionParsnip: well, maybe I'll try pulse, but I'd really like to not use it.11:50
nevynBluesKaj: cat /proc/asound/cards11:51
BluesKajI use 2 different audio systems on my pc and I can assure that the hdmi out takes the audio from the on board audio driver11:51
nevyn(if you have hdmi output there will be 2)11:51
sindriKartagis: No it's not listen in "netstat -antlp | grep 21"11:51
ActionParsnipNikty: it can be removed if you gain nothing from it11:51
BluesKajnevyn, yes Card 0 and card 111:51
lllsondowlllBlueKaj: I don't want to want to offend you but I have been both a computer tech and audio eng. for about 4 years now. If external sound cards ran through on board hardware drivers than audio work would have high latency11:51
NiktyActionParsnip: but what if Debian testing has sound without pulse?11:52
nevynBluesKaj: in the specific case of intel graphics this may be true. (it's implemented as an additional codec to the INTEL HDA specification) but it's another card as far as the kernel and alsa are concerned11:52
sindriMark_: don't know what you mean by barf. Just putting that command return "Usage: /etc/init.d/vsftpd COMMAND"11:52
Mark_sindri: Yeah, when you use /etc/init.d/vsftpd start11:53
Mark_What do you get?11:53
ActionParsnipNikty: depends on the kernel, alsa and pulse versions11:53
=== Emmanuel_Chanel_ is now known as Emmanuel_Chanel
BluesKajlllsondowlll, no offense taken , but I don't experiencew any latency on either audio setup11:53
ActionParsnipNikty: too many variables to be truely useful but it shows it can be used in Linux11:53
Kartagissindri: sudo service vsftpd start11:53
ActionParsnipNikty: just so you know, the release you are using is only supported til January 201411:54
lllsondowlllBluesKaj: I was referring to external cards, M-Audio for example. a GPU works as an external card.11:54
ActionParsnipNikty: if you are wanting to run a server I recommend 12.04 which is LTS and supported til April 201711:54
BluesKajI use an M-audio card ,it11:54
BluesKajs not external11:54
sindriMark_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5840108/ is what I get running that.11:54
lllsondowlllBluesKaj: M-audio studio.11:55
BluesKajaudiophoile 192 aamof .11:55
Mark_sindri: service vsftpd start11:55
ActionParsnipMark_: wish sudo, of course11:56
NiktyActionParsnip: :-) thanks, I don't mind 13.4.11:56
ActionParsnipNikty: just so yo uare aware :)11:56
sindriKartagis & Mark_ : "vsftpd start/pre-start, process 24720" But still nothing listening on port 2111:56
ActionParsnipsindri: use nmap to scan locahost11:56
Mark_sindri: ps -ef | grep vsftpd11:56
Mark_See the process running?11:57
lllsondowlllBluesKaj: Audio processing is not done by onboard audio card.  Example here is that ATI has an onboard realtek hardware engine. My motherboard is intel. These 2 do not communicate. Thus I cannot use my HDMI audio port without a proper driver for that specific hardware ID11:57
BluesKajlllsondowlll, this M-audio card is a pci , it does the spdif duties to my HT , and hdmi (via DVI) is available if needed11:57
sindriMark_: "andreas  24756 24148  0 13:56 pts/2    00:00:00 grep --color=auto vsftpd" is returned, so I'm guessing that means Grep is running? not vsftpd.11:58
Mark_sindri: The process isn't starting for some reason, look into the vsftpd logs11:58
ActionParsnipsindri: yes, if you pipe to:   grep -v grep     then you will not see grep running in the output11:58
lllsondowlllBluesKaj: without the ATI driver that comes with realtek I am unable to use it. It is not listed as an audio device. After installing the latest ATI driver I do recieve it as recognised. I am not recieving this with the drivers provided from repo12:00
sindriActionParsnip: Thanks will remember that, also I'll have to get nmap to return to you with results.12:00
lllsondowlllBluesKaj: I am assuming the intermitting issues have to do with pulse in the cpu, it is at regular intervals.12:01
Mark_sindri: ActionParsnip: Why are you guys running nmap when the service isn't even showing up in ps -ef?12:01
BluesKajlllsondowlll, I guess intel and ati don't work together very well, whereas my intel onboard and nvidia graphics work well together ., so I guess it;'s apples and oranges12:01
nevynlllsondowlll: what hardware?12:01
lllsondowlllBluesKaj: More or less so with similar chipset.12:02
BluesKajlllsondowlll,pavucontrol might solve your input outputsettings , and give a more solid setting12:02
sindriMark_: Good point... installed nmap for future use though. But any idea why the service won't start? Does it require a system reboot?12:02
lllsondowlllnevyn: ATI 7950 OC 3GB12:02
Mark_sindri: no, look into the vsftpd log12:03
nevynlllsondowlll: what kernel?12:04
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lllsondowlllBluesKaj: This will def be a work around if all else fails thank you for the information12:04
nevynlllsondowlll: what's the lspci line relating to it?12:05
lllsondowlllnevyn: Right now shadowlag@Gigabyte-Linux:~$ uname -r 3.8.0-25-generic12:05
nevynthat's fine..12:05
sindriMark_: hm.. weird there is no vsftpd log in /var/log/12:06
lllsondowlllnevyn: http://pastebin.com/DPyWCr4612:07
lllsondowlllnevyn: Right now it should be noted I am not using any ATI driver at the moment, I can come back after I re-enable it but it is the same situation and the overscan is terrible.12:09
nevynlllsondowlll: you never answered how you installed it?12:10
lllsondowlllnevyn: referring to the repo ATI driver of course12:10
lllsondowlllnevyn: Repo driver works, but without ccc control which causes underscanning and I also tried it from the website. which works but the audio intermits quite a bit12:11
lllsondowlllnevyn: Does this answer your question?12:13
nevynhangon so you've done all the things?12:13
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lllsondowlllnevyn: "hangon so you've done all the things?" if by that you mean re-installed ubuntu with repo driver, AMD driver, and attempted with a new kernel before starting back at square once than yes I've done "all the things"12:14
nevynI thought you'd tried to make that all work in one install and I'm like that's going to be a mess...12:15
nevynso if the repo drivers work.. what's the problem?12:15
nevynso underscanning can be fixed with ccc or xrandr right?12:16
lllsondowlllnevyn: Repo drive = No HDMI audio | CCC driver = Intermitting audio | Proposed new kernel fixes this (3.9.0) = No internet connection12:16
lllsondowlllnevyn: If that gives you a better idea of where I'm at12:17
nevynthere are MULTIPLE drivers for this card in the repo12:17
nevynwell in the non-free repos too.12:18
lllsondowlllnevyn: You don't say?12:18
lllsondowlllnevyn: I have only been using 1.12:18
lllsondowlllnevyn: I would be happy to try other.12:18
nevynthere is an official way to install the fglrx driver for ubuntu.12:18
nevynit is not to download it from the website.12:18
lllsondowlllnevyn: I have done it through the driver management tool.12:19
lllsondowlllnevyn: initially. Both containing fglrx-updates and fglrx12:19
lllsondowlllnevyn: fglrx-updates works as fglrx but with an amd water mark complaining it is not the correct hardware.12:20
nevynso what driver are you using right now?12:20
nevynfglrx or radeon?12:20
lllsondowlllnevyn: Gallium atm since I am on a fresh install12:21
nevynand the problem with this... is... underscan?12:22
pilsahi folks ... can you recommend any single-player pattern recognition games on ubuntu, similar to mahjongg ...?12:22
lllsondowlllnevyn: Again no HDMI audio output12:22
lllsondowlllnevyn: Under the fglrx driver official12:22
nevynit doesn't show up in /proc/asound/cards ?12:22
lllsondowlllnevyn: Let me explain better.12:23
nevynok if you're using radeon right now (which is the driver that uses the gallium3d infrastructure...12:23
BluesKajlllsondowlll, try this for the hdmi poblem , there was bug with alsa -hdmi , which you may have encountered  https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-audio-dev/+archive/alsa-daily12:23
lllsondowlllnevyn: I have tried the following. Gallium, flgrx, flgrx-updates from the software&updates driver section. No HDMI audio is shown. I have tried AMD CCC from the website, functions fine however intermitting audio ensues.12:24
nevynno audio on any driver?12:25
nevynGallium is not an Xorg driver... it's infrastructure for a 3d driver.12:26
lllsondowlllnevyn: I am using x.org currently..12:28
nevynso the xorg part of the free driver is "radeon"12:29
lllsondowlllconfiguration: driver=radeon latency=012:32
lllsondowlllnevyn: So yes radeon12:32
nevynso you don't get a audio endpoint using the radeon driver AT ALL?12:32
nevyncat /proc/asound/cards doesn't list it?12:32
nevynyeah it's not implemented...12:33
lllsondowlllHDA ATI HDMI at 0xf7e60000 irq 4812:33
lllsondowlllIts there but not shown in unity audio settings.12:34
nevynif you do alsamixer -c "HDA ATI HDMI"12:34
nevyndoes anything show up?12:34
nevynlllsondowlll: are there any video output issues with the free driver?12:34
lllsondowlllnevyn: alsamixer -c "HDA ATI HDMI"12:35
lllsondowlllnevyn: The one I am currently on no, but when switching to fglrx for graphics acceleration I recieve underscan which I am used to accross OS's not limited to windows without ccc12:35
lllsondowlllinvalid card index: HDA ATI HDMI12:36
nevynwhat's the EXACT output of cat /proc/asound/cards?12:37
BluesKajlllsondowlll, what's the output of dkms status , in pastebin12:37
mrtAkdenizHi guys12:37
mrtAkdenizIs there any alternative program for Adobe Dreamweaver on Ubuntu? I want WYSIWYG and Code editor in same program12:38
occwysiwyg is rubbish12:39
nevynlllsondowlll: alsamixer -c HDMI12:39
MonkeyDustmrtAkdeniz  there isnt, dreamweaver is the oly program i miss in linux, too12:40
mrtAkdenizOh no :\12:40
lllsondowlllBluesKaj: ?12:40
Sunny_hello all12:40
syntax_errorgood morning12:40
mrtAkdenizMonkeyDust, Have you ever used DW on Wine?12:40
lllsondowlllnevyn: I know have a graphic UI12:41
MonkeyDustmrtAkdeniz  I have but not for long12:41
lllsondowlllnevyn: Text based I should say12:41
nevynlllsondowlll: now.12:41
mrtAkdenizIs there any issue? MonkeyDust12:41
Sunny_i want to install ubuntu alongside windows, plz tell me the which version to install and how to install.12:41
mrtAkdenizSorry, Was*12:41
nevynah neato. it should only have one box in the middle of it?12:41
lllsondowlllnevyn: ? Yes at this moment I have a text based UI12:41
MonkeyDustmrtAkdeniz  no, but better try it yourself to find out12:41
BluesKajlllsondowlll , dkms status , gives which media drivers are presently installed12:41
mrtAkdenizSunny_, Last version of Ubuntu is 13.04 , but there are a lot of version of ubuntu12:41
dazzleIs Ubuntu ZFS viable?12:42
mrtAkdenizCould you please give your computers information to me?12:42
mrtAkdenizMonkeyDust, Ok, thanks bro :)12:42
MonkeyDust!dualboot | Sunny_12:42
ubottuSunny_: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot12:42
BluesKajlllsondowlll, let me rephrase , being used and loaded12:42
nevyndazzle: the sun community licence and gplv2 are fundamentally incompatible.12:42
nevynso while you can build zfs for linux and use it. you can't distribut the combined bineary.12:43
lllsondowlllBluesKaj: One moment dpkg is using something12:43
=== xi0n is now known as mrtAkdeniz
dazzlenevyn: I meant performance/reliability -wise12:44
lllsondowlllBluesKaj: Output is not returned12:45
nevyndazzle: because of the licencing issues it's impossible to take seriously imho12:45
dazzlenevyn: Okay. That's sad to hear :/ I compiled a RAID 5 array, let it settle for a week, then tried it. The write performance is horrible.12:45
nevynbecuase it requires it be built by the end user it can't be integrated into distributions etc etc...12:45
nevyndazzle: which version are you using?12:46
dazzle12.04 server12:46
nevynthe fuse stuff performance is aweful.12:46
dazzlecreated simple array with mdadm, have 3 x 2 TB12:46
nevynthere's a native port by some crazy people which performs ok but.. yeah..12:46
lllsondowlllnevyn: Alsomixer showed my radeon card however it seemed to have been labeled incorrectly under R6xxx12:46
BluesKajlllsondowlll, recommend you install dkms12:46
Sunny_ubuntu 12.0412:46
nevynlllsondowlll: no that's what it is.12:46
nevynBluesKaj: why?12:47
lllsondowlllBluekaj: What I mean by no output is that it installed.12:47
lllsondowlllBluekaj: It is not outputting information back12:47
lllsondowlllBluekaj: ie "dkms status" = drop down for command input12:47
BluesKajDKMS is a framework designed to allow individual kernel modules to be upgraded without changing the whole kernel.12:48
lllsondowlllBluesKaj: You wanted me to attempt to run dkms status12:48
lllsondowlllBlueskahj: correct?12:48
nevynI know but how does that help with the problem?12:48
BluesKajll yes i assumed you had dkms installed , nm12:49
nevynlllsondowlll: it's actually a south islands gpu (Tahiti)12:49
BluesKajyou obviously don't seem to need my help , so I'll back off , lllsondowlll12:50
lllsondowlllBluesKaj: I installed dkms, dkms status was ran, dkms status returned no output at all12:51
nevynlllsondowlll: is it muted in alsamixer (mm)12:51
klrrwhat's the login program called?12:52
klrrlogin manager*12:52
MonkeyDustklrr  lightdm12:52
auronandaceklrr: the default is lightdm12:52
klrrhow do i add window manager options?12:52
klrrhow do i add window manager options?12:52
MonkeyDustklrr  install a DE, it adds automatically in the list12:53
klrrhow do i add a window manager to the options?12:53
lllsondowlllnevyn: spdif/1-3 00 spdif/4-5 mm12:53
klrrhow do i add a window manager to the options?12:54
BluesKajlllsondowlll, that means you have no kernel drivers installed12:54
klrrMonkeyDust: that doesnt answer my question12:54
=== graingert is now known as Guest43316
blazemoreklrr: Yes it does12:54
klrrblazemore: no it doesnt12:54
lllsondowlllBluesKaj: Is there something specific I should do next?12:54
blazemoreklrr: Install a desktop environment or window manager, then choose it from the list12:54
auronandaceklrr: are you installing from the repos?12:54
MonkeyDustklrr  then maybe you should rephrase or elaborate12:54
klrrblazemore: i asked how i added a window manager to the options, he told me i should install a whole dekstop environemnt12:55
blazemoreklrr: What window manager are you trying to install?12:55
klrrMonkeyDust: i have a window manager installed, in /usr/local/* and now i wanna add it to lightdm menu12:55
nevynlllsondowlll: can you try speaker-test -c 2 -d HDMI12:55
klrrblazemore: home-made12:55
klrri usually launch it through .xinitrc12:55
blazemoreklrr: You coded your own window manager but aren't confident enough to boot into it?12:55
klrrbut now im on ubuntu12:55
MonkeyDustklrr  window managers don't appear in the menu, desktop environments do12:55
heikoois there any program that can monitor the clipboard for links and safe them to a file? (only the link, not the content of the link)12:56
afoederhi there12:56
klrrblazemore: confident? wot12:56
blazemoreklrr: Look in /usr/share/xsessions/12:56
afoederI have some (PHP related) errors on my web hoster's environment which I'd like to examine further12:56
lllsondowlllnevyn: You sure we are looking at the same thing? I believe what you are asking me to do is speaker test onboard HDMI not the ATI one12:56
blazemoreklrr: Look at one of the .desktop files in there and copy one, then modify it to your needs12:56
klrrblazemore: THAT answers my question12:56
klrri didnt ask how to install a FUCKING DE MonkeyDust !12:57
blazemoreklrr: I didn't know that, I just Googled it. Is Google down where you are? :o12:57
adamkAnd stop acting like a brat.12:57
nevynthere's an onboard ATI HDMI?12:57
BluesKajlllsondowlll, your audio driver should be an intel-hda , so run sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel , there won't be any output if it's loaded12:57
klrrblazemore: google led me to ubuntu wiki, and it doesnt explain it12:57
blazemoreklrr: http://askubuntu.com/questions/150487/what-happens-under-the-covers-to-log-me-in-and-start-up-the-unity-graphics-user12:58
afoederthe hoster gave me a .vca which I already converted to a vhd and added it to my own's VirtualBox' Ubuntu as second HD12:58
lllsondowlllBluesKaj: No output12:58
afoedernow I have it mounted to /media/hostersHd and want to / have to chroot into it12:58
afoederwhat... should I do? ^^12:58
auronandacelllsondowlll: lsmod will show you what modules are already loaded12:59
klrri hope ubuntu become sane again, now it got XML everywhere and is using fucking dbus xD12:59
auronandace!language | klrr12:59
ubottuklrr: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.12:59
jackarg_hello, I am installing debian right now on an old windows 2000 thinkpad. I would like to partition it in a way that I can have both OSs, and not lose any data from the windows partition. Could anyone help?13:00
TheUsDNobody is home on the truecrypt channel, thought I would post here:13:00
TheUsDJust went through the truecrypt wizzard and created a volume within a partition/drive, made it a standard truecrypt volume, chose my raid1 volume, formated it. My question is, now that it is formated as an encrypted drive, does that mean anytime I drop a file on the drive it will be encrypted?13:00
BluesKajlllsondowlll, add this line to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf, options snd-hda-intel index=0 , save the file and reboot ...it should sodify the Card=0 (defaultaudio driver)13:01
nevynlllsondowlll: did you run speaker test?13:01
MonkeyDustjackarg_  ask in #debian13:01
klrrubottu: professional? i dont see any professional in using insanely bad libraries which could easily be changed to using good old sockets and pipes instead, what the heck is wrong with json and company, why do they have to use XML for config files?13:01
ubottuklrr: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:01
lllsondowlllJust so I am clear, we are still on the subject of tackling why in my ubuntu 13.04 using the radeon driver that the ATI HDMI audio device isn't showing up or not acting loaded correct?13:01
klrrubottu: professional? i dont see any professional in using insanely bad libraries which could easily be changed to using good old sockets and pipes instead, what the heck is wrong with json and company, why do they have to use XML for config files?13:01
lllsondowlllnevyn: Yes no audio output13:01
jackarg_MonkeyDust, it's the same thing as ubuntu, all I need is someone who can help me partition step by step13:01
foo357Hello. I'm having some issues with cron... specifically when jobs are triggered.13:02
nevynlllsondowlll: speaker-test -c2 -d hw:2,3 after unmuting the output in alsamixer13:02
MonkeyDustjackarg_  type   /join #debian      to get debian support13:02
lllsondowlllnevyn: How do I unmute it?13:02
adamklllsondowlll: At one point, you needed to pass radeon.audio=1 to the kernel when booting to enable HDMI audio with the radeon driver.  Not sure it's still necessary, but have you tried that?13:03
nevynlllsondowlll: m13:03
dazzleLocking a specific user to his home directory: chroot method OR restricted SSH OR both?13:03
jacks_coolI am facing somw difficulties during boot up in ubuntu 12.1013:04
jacks_coolThe problem is I am constantly getting a black screen after the boot up screen13:04
auronandace!nomodeset | jacks_cool13:05
ubottujacks_cool: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:05
blazemoreauronandace: Beat me to it13:05
jacks_coolI randomly pressed some key and it showed that grub was not able to load due to full hard disk space.13:05
blazemorejacks_cool: I think you have possibly answered your own question there13:05
jacks_coolBut how can I empty my disk space?13:06
jacks_coolWithout starting it.13:06
compdocLive cd13:06
blazemorejacks_cool: You can boot from a Live CD or USB13:06
jacks_coolI am not able to view any files in windows13:06
gregor3005hi, does anybody know how i can install a newer version of freecad as the release which i found with apt ?13:06
adamkI really wish people would stop suggesting nomodeset...13:06
compdocadamk, yeah, its usually not helpful13:06
jacks_coolCan you please briefly explain me how will live CD help me?13:07
MonkeyDustgregor3005  if you want soemthing beyond the repos, you need a !ppa, but that's not supported here13:07
adamkDropping people into X with the vesa driver is not a solution.13:07
gregor3005MonkeyDust: ok, thx. then i install it from the sources13:07
blazemorejacks_cool: The LiveCD will allow you to browse the files on your Ubuntu system, including deleting them or moving them to another drive13:07
jacks_coolI mean what sort of options do I need to look for.13:07
jacks_coolah thanks blazemore. I will try iy.13:07
vladovescuHello,everyone! I think I have a problem with Anki: it refuses to download shared decks. Does anybody know why?13:07
blazemorejacks_cool: It might be helpful if you told us the *exact* error Grub is giving you13:07
blazemorejacks_cool: In case that is a red herring13:07
lllsondowlllnevyn: Again what was the command to bring up alsamixer, I would scroll up in my term but it isn't repeating the command. I would also search in IRC but the webbased version I am using knocks me back down when someone posts before I can glance at it13:07
blazemorelllsondowlll: it's just "alsamixer"13:08
jacks_coolblazemore I will get back with exact message soon13:08
nevynlllsondowlll: alsamixer -c HDMI13:08
adamkjacks_cool: When booting off the new Ubuntu installation, can you edit the kernel line in grub and pass 'video=640x480' to the kernel?13:08
jacks_cooladamk: I have been using ubuntu for a quite some time13:08
jacks_cooland this is the first time I am facing such issue.13:09
jacks_coolDoes full hard disk stops grub from loading?13:09
blazemorejacks_cool: Did anything happen in between "it working" and "it not working"?13:09
jacks_coolblazemore: When I boot ubuntu13:09
jacks_coolI get a pink screen13:09
blazemorejacks_cool: like a kernel update or you messing around with graphics drivers or something?13:09
jacks_coolwhich is soon followed by black screen13:09
adamkjacks_cool: I can not make sense of "Does full hard disk stops grub from loading?"13:09
jacks_coolblazemore: nothing sort of that.13:09
blazemorejacks_cool: Can you boot previous kernels by selecting one from the Grub menu?13:10
lllsondowlllnevyn: Running speaker test now.13:10
nevynlllsondowlll: nothing?13:10
jacks_coolI tried several options in recovery mode.13:10
jacks_coolBut none of them works13:10
auronandacejacks_cool: usually when the harddisk is full it prevents you from logging in, it shouldn't prevent you from booting as far as i have known13:10
adamkjacks_cool: Have you tried passing video=640x480 to the kernel?13:10
jacks_cooladamk: Idk abt that.13:10
jacks_coolWhat I get is simple black screen with no info at all13:11
lllsondowlllnevyn: Nothing, also in alsamixer it is showing 00's across the board13:11
jacks_coolI press some buttons randomly.13:11
jacks_cooland is shows some message...13:11
jacks_coolthen again it is black.13:11
nevynlllsondowlll: is there any output at all?13:12
lllsondowlllnevyn: Not in audio no13:12
jacks_coolbootup->pink screen-> black screen13:12
nevynlllsondowlll: what's this connected to btw? just a stereo pair or a ht 7.1 or what?13:12
lllsondowlllnevyn: Stereo with passthrough to 5.113:13
nevynvia spdif? or hdmi out?13:13
lllsondowlllnevyn: HDMI out13:13
nevynlllsondowlll: if youd aplay -L13:14
nevynand look for the entries labeled CARD=HDMI13:14
nevynactually.. could you pastebin that for me?13:14
Picinevyn, lllsondowlll: I'm not sure this helps, but I had trouble getting my Radeon 3000HD series card to output over HDMI, but was able to get it to work once I installed the proprietary drivers.13:14
lllsondowlllnevyn: Yes there is a ton13:14
PiciI'm using fglrx-legacy now, as the regular fglrx package doesn't support it anymore (its from a PPA)13:15
thunder1212i have a pendrive and i am trying to format it but am not able to i have tried with gparted also.. it gives error no partition table found13:15
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nevynlllsondowlll: ok try this...13:15
lllsondowlllPici: Yes I did that, and it worked but the sound was intermitting quite a bit. I then got the message from the rest of the IRC that they will not help with the proprietary unless installed from the repo13:15
nevynspeaker-test -t wav -Dplughw:213:16
thunder1212and when i try to create parition table it gives error unable to create partition table13:16
lllsondowlllStream parameters are 48000Hz, S16_LE, 1 channels WAV file(s) Playback open error: -2,No such file or directory13:16
jacks_coolWhat do I need to do?13:16
thunder1212any way by which it can be formated13:16
nevynspeaker-test -t wav -Dplughw:2,313:17
jacks_coolI have tried almost each and every bit13:17
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thunder1212any testing i can do?13:17
jacks_coolI have some imporant data in it.13:17
thunder1212should i try installing os on it?13:17
adamkjacks_cool: So you can't actually see the grub boot screen? Only the BIOS posting?13:17
Novarghi boys and girls, is there any way to revert the skype tray behavior to 'normal', i.e. have left click activate the main window?13:17
MonkeyDustjacks_cool  for one: backup important data13:17
jacks_cooladamk: If I press shift key then only I get to see my grub screen having 2 options.13:18
lllsondowlllYou know guys its cool I do appreciate the help13:18
jacks_coolOne is ubuntu and other one is advanced options13:18
adamkjacks_cool: OK, so go into the grub menu, edit the kernel boot line and pass the option I have now mentioned to you twice.13:18
lllsondowlllI will just go about trying to get this new kernel to work and see what I can do with official drivers from ATI.13:18
jacks_coolthe video one13:19
lllsondowlllThis is just too much of a mess13:19
adamkYes, video=640x48013:19
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Guest31359I'm using xubuntu, but nobody in the channel is responding to this maybe I can get help here?13:19
jacks_coolhow should I pass that?13:19
jacks_coolwill there be a option for video over there?13:19
thunder1212i am using ubuntu 12.0413:19
adamkjacks_cool: Edit the kernel line and add video=640x480 at the end.13:19
crusaderadGuest31359 what's your issue?13:19
columbHow do I set ubuntu default OS in grub menu?13:19
nevynlllsondowlll: so.. the issue is.13:19
jacks_coolok will try and get back.13:20
nevynlllsondowlll: that most likely one of the subdevices of HDMI is what you want you should just check all 413:20
nevynor however many there are.13:20
thunder1212raspberry pi13:20
Guest31359I'm trying to boot toram, the f6 option is not available, and I tried toram both before and after the --13:20
columbWhich one is windows and which one is ubuntu? http://pastebin.com/u8bXh29t13:21
lllsondowlllnevyn: The problem is that ubuntu doesn't even work with it with these drivers and I def must have CCC as well as a few other things. The newest kernel will help me correct the intermitting issues with audio as I heard from a fellow 7950 user. I just need it to not break my internet13:21
lllsondowlllI'll be taking my leave but thank you for the help13:22
nevynlllsondowlll: umm...13:22
nevynlllsondowlll: could you just quickly explain what you mean by "Doesn't even work with these drivers"13:23
lllsondowlllnevyn: The HDMI audio out is not listed as an active device under sound settings13:23
blazemoreToday I learned that "dir" is aliased to "ls" - is this an Ubuntu thing?13:24
adamklllsondowlll: Did you try my suggestion of passing radeon.audio=1 to the kernel?13:24
lllsondowlllnevyn: Driver compiled with Ubuntu/raring does13:24
wilee-nileecolumb, There is an app called grub customizer for a gui type, or you can edit /etc/default/grub what you posted just lists part of grub2.13:24
execut3How can I have a service (sshd) listen on all internal IP addresses (192.168.1.X)?13:24
lllsondowllladamk: Not as of yet.13:24
nevynlllsondowlll: ok. so that's frustrating. the bit I want to know is if it's working at a drvier level and it's just a pulseaudio /udev discovery problem13:25
lllsondowlllnevyn: I would be more than happy to give you any information you require13:25
nevynlllsondowlll: as the alsa subsystem does know about the card13:26
nevynI'd like to know what the output of aplay -L is13:26
wilee-nileecolumb, here is the wiki for using /etc/default/grub   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/ChangeDefaultOS   Don't forget to update-grub after doing this.13:26
nevynlllsondowlll: is HDMI still at index 2 in /proc/asound/cards?13:27
nevyn2: [HDMI    ] ..... ATI HDMI13:27
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lllsondowlll' 2 [HDMI           ]: HDA-Intel - HDA ATI HDMI                       HDA ATI HDMI at 0xf7e60000 irq 4813:28
lllsondowlllnevyn: Also keep in mind I have 4 HDMI slots, 1 on my card, 1 onboard , and 2 on my capture13:29
nevynbut that HDMI is only the ati card...13:29
nevynis the capture card also ati?13:30
lllsondowlllnevyn: alright13:30
nevynso it has 4 sub devices 0,1,2,313:30
lllsondowlllnevyn: No I am just listing specifics not that it pertains to this situation but for future refrences13:30
lllsondowlllIt doesn't have a 313:30
nevynplease test using speaker-test -t wav -Dplughw:2,013:30
nevynincrementing the last number through to 313:31
nevynplease test using speaker-test -t wav -Dplughw:2,113:31
nevynlllsondowlll: the realtek chip implements 4 hdmi endpoints...13:31
lllsondowlllPlayback device is plughw:2,0 Stream parameters are 48000Hz, S16_LE, 1 channels WAV file(s) Playback open error: -2,No such file or directory13:32
lllsondowlllPlayback device is plughw:2,1 Stream parameters are 48000Hz, S16_LE, 1 channels WAV file(s) Playback open error: -2,No such file or directory shadowlag@Gigabyte-Linux:~$ sudo speaker-test -t wav -Dplughw:2,013:32
nevynneeds -c 213:32
lllsondowlllPlayback device is plughw:2,1 Stream parameters are 48000Hz, S16_LE, 2 channels Using 16 octaves of pink noise Playback open error: -2,No such file or directory13:33
mariannehi guys... new problem... 12.04 64 bit VLC 2.0.8 ...playing blu-rays... i had them playing a few days ago and now I'm getting the error that I need libaacs.so.0, I downloaded the file but I can't seem to move it where it needs to be to work13:34
nevynlllsondowlll: forget about -t wav13:34
nevynand get rid of plug13:34
nevynso speaker-test -c 2 -Dhw:2,013:34
nevynI want to see if the open errorr goes away13:34
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MonkeyDustlllsondowlll  is this command useful       play /usr/share/sounds/alsa/*13:35
lllsondowlllno audio13:36
lllsondowlllplay is not a command13:36
nevynlllsondowlll: did you still get an open error with speaker-test -c2 -Dhw:2,0 ?13:36
ntzrmtthihu777question. I regularly telnet into my router to tweak nsh settings, and usually manually do "netcat ip port | tee yy-mm-dd.#.log" to keep track of changes in case I screw something up. is there a way to automatically set the date & increment the # value if a file exists?13:37
lllsondowlllPlayback device is hw:2,0 Stream parameters are 48000Hz, S16_LE, 2 channels Using 16 octaves of pink noise Playback open error: -2,No such file or directory13:37
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nevynplease try the other 3 subdevices?13:37
lllsondowlll3 is the only one displaying an output13:38
lllsondowlllno audio13:38
nevynwhat's it do?13:38
lllsondowllltest left13:38
lllsondowllltest right13:38
lllsondowllltest left13:38
lllsondowllltest... you get the picture13:39
nevyncool so it IS 313:39
nevynalsamixer -c HDMI13:39
nevyndo you see 4 00's?13:39
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blazemorentzrmtthihu777: "nc ip port | tee `date %y-%m-%d`" will write to (for example) 13-07-03, but not sure about the autoincrement13:39
blazemorentzrmtthihu777: those are backticks ````` by the way13:40
ntzrmtthihu777blazemore: we meet again :P13:40
nevynthe tv is on and displaying a picture right?13:40
ntzrmtthihu777yeah, non-shifted tildas, right?13:40
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blazemoredepends on your keyboard layout, but on mine (United Kingdom), yes13:40
lllsondowlllnevyn: Seriously? lol13:40
nevynlllsondowlll: yeah. most tv's won't accept audio without a pic.13:41
nevynbut it is..13:41
nevynIt's nearly midnight here ;)13:41
lllsondowlllnevyn:  Yeah...13:41
ntzrmtthihu777blazemore: a bit closer, thankya. I was thinking in that direction, but it printed a literal %d in the filename. I was missing the backticks, lol. I think %n is what I need for the other bit....13:41
lllsondowlllnevyn:  I'm on my tv lol13:41
blazemorentzrmtthihu777: no, look what happens when you just run "date %y-%m-%d"13:42
nevynso leave the speakertest -c2 -Dhw:2,3 running and turn the tv up13:42
blazemorentzrmtthihu777: The backticks just mean "insert the output of this command here"13:42
lllsondowlllMy sound system is always at 6013:42
lllsondowlllI would hear that trust me13:42
blazemorentzrmtthihu777: the %y etc syntax is part of date, see "man date" for more info13:42
lllsondowlllI did have it working before13:42
nevynlllsondowlll: bear with me try -c613:42
ntzrmtthihu777blazemore: yeah, I getcha. actialy running date without did not do it...13:43
lllsondowlllI think its because of my last clean install I used the compiler before I ran the ubuntu update thus changing the kernel13:43
jacks_coolThe problem got solved.13:43
jacks_coolThe Hard disk space was issue due to which it was running  very slow13:44
blazemorelllsondowlll: http://www.unix.com/shell-programming-scripting/126713-file-name-suffix-running-number.html13:44
lllsondowlllsudo speaker-test -c6 wav -Dhw:2,113:44
blazemorejacks_cool: It's best to leave at least 10% of the space on your disk free (more if you can spare it)13:44
ntzrmtthihu777blazemore: nope, returns "bash: fg: %y-%m-%d: no such job" :/13:44
lllsondowlllPlayback device is hw:2,1 Stream parameters are 48000Hz, S16_LE, 6 channels Using 16 octaves of pink noise Playback open error: -2,No such file or directory shadowlag@Gigabyte-Linux:~$13:44
jacks_coolIs it possible to increase more disk space?13:44
blazemorentzrmtthihu777: Sorry, what does?13:44
jacks_coolAfter installation.13:45
blazemorejacks_cool: Do you live in the usa?13:45
jacks_coolblazemore: India13:45
blazemorejacks_cool: www.amazon.in13:45
blazemorejacks_cool: buy a bigger hard disk13:45
nevynlllsondowlll: don't worry about anything other than hw:2,313:45
blazemorejacks_cool: If you're dual-booting, you could boot from a LiveCD, run the partition manager, and resize your WIndows parittion to be smaller, and your Ubuntu one to be bigger13:46
Piciblazemore, ntzrmtthihu777: date +%y-%m-%d13:46
ntzrmtthihu777blazemore: the "nc ip port | tee `%y-%m-%d`" command13:46
lllsondowlllnevyn: that was my mistake I repeated an old command13:46
lllsondowlllPlayback open error: -16,Device or resource busy13:46
lllsondowlllthere is the correct one13:46
lllsondowlllI guess it's busy not working.13:47
Piciblazemore, ntzrmtthihu777: you need to put a + in front of the date format.13:47
ntzrmtthihu777Pici: the date command is not really what I'm after here. I just wish to be able to keep track of my telnet logs automaticaly using the yy-mm-dd.#.log naming format.13:47
DuologicI have a Ubuntu server "precise" with Samba 3.6.3 running, is it safe to add quantal repositories to apt sources to upgrade to Samba 3.6.6? or at least, will it work?13:47
blazemorentzrmtthihu777: Do they have to be numbers at the end like 1,2,3 etc?13:47
ntzrmtthihu777Pici: well the date + yadayada did it :P13:47
blazemorentzrmtthihu777: Or do they only have to be different?13:47
nevynlllsondowlll: is the other speaker test still running?13:47
ntzrmtthihu777blazemore: whatya mean?13:47
jacks_coolblazemore: thanks for the piece of advice13:47
jacks_coolI will try that :)13:48
blazemorentzrmtthihu777: Because you could use %s for unix timestamp, which changes once per second13:48
lllsondowlllnevyn: Not visibly no13:48
ntzrmtthihu777blazemore: ah, I getcah. honestly as long as they are incrementally different it doesnt matter.13:48
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draskohi all, I am booting ubuntu on Wandboard (i.MX6), and in the end it pauses before presenting me login screen. This pause takes long time, without any print on the console. Where to look?13:49
nevynlllsondowlll: fuser /dev/snd/*C2*13:49
lllsondowlllfuser /dev/snd/*C2*13:49
ntzrmtthihu777blazemore: so I should do "netcat ip port | tee `date +%y-%m-%d.%s`.log and it should work?13:49
jacks_coolblazemore: Can we directly increase space from disk management in windows?13:50
lllsondowlll   /dev/snd/controlC2:   1869  3067 /dev/snd/pcmC2D3p:    4593m13:50
jacks_coolWill it effect the system in any way?13:50
blazemorejacks_cool: Ideally no, but obviously back up before messing around with your partitions13:50
nevynps -ef|grep 459313:50
nevynlllsondowlll: or pgrep 459313:50
blazemorejacks_cool: It's one of the most potentially destructive operations it's possible to do on a system13:50
nevynwhich is shorter ;)13:51
wilee-nileejacks_cool, for what OS?13:51
MonkeyDustjacks_cool  that's what I said earlier: first backup13:51
lllsondowlllroot      4593  4592  0 08:38 ?        00:00:00 speaker-test -c2 -Dhw:2,3 1000      4774  4673  0 08:50 pts/9    00:00:00 grep --color=auto 459313:51
blazemorejacks_cool: But don't let that scare you - the graphical tool makes resizing very easy13:51
zephyrI had to remove PulseAudio; what is a good alternative that I can use to control my audio?13:51
lllsondowlllSeems like its being used13:51
draskohi all, I am booting ubuntu on Wandboard (i.MX6), and in the end it pauses before presenting me login screen. This pause takes long time, without any print on the console. Where to look?13:51
blazemorezephyr: Why did you have to remove pulse?13:51
jacks_coolI think partition manager will be a good option13:51
nevynzephyr: pulseaudio...?13:51
nevynwhy did you remove it?13:51
jacks_coolto increase my disk space13:51
zephyrblazemore: xmbc wasn't playing nice with it for some reason.13:51
lllsondowlllnevyn: A way to force quit?13:51
ntzrmtthihu777Pici: blazemore: thankya, this got me what I needed :P13:51
jacks_coolwille-nille: Ubuntu13:52
blazemorezephyr: Fix that in xbmc, don't just blindly remove pulseaudio13:52
nevynlllsondowlll: kill 459313:52
nevynyou probably want sudo for that.13:52
DuologicI have a Ubuntu server "precise" with Samba 3.6.3 running, is it safe to add quantal repositories to apt sources to upgrade to Samba 3.6.6? or at least, will it work?13:52
jacks_coolI have my ubuntu disk of 18gn13:52
jacks_coolout of which 17gn is full13:52
ntzrmtthihu777Duologic: bad idea, most times.13:52
FloodBot1jacks_cool: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:52
wilee-nileejacks_cool, I have not followed your posts, your asking to expand ubuntu from windows?13:52
jacks_coolThe disk space in ubuntu is to be increased.13:53
lllsondowlllStream parameters are 48000Hz, S16_LE, 6 channels Using 16 octaves of pink noise Channels count (6) not available for playbacks: Invalid argument Setting of hwparams failed: Invalid argument13:53
blazemoreOK jacks_cool so you should boot from the live CD, then run the partition editor. Find your Windows partition and shrink it, then find your Ubuntu partition and expand it into the free space13:53
wilee-nileejacks_cool, This a wubi install?13:53
nevynjacks_cool: lllsondowlll ok. that's it hating 6 ch..13:53
Duologicntzrmtthihu777: any reason why it is a bad idea?13:53
jacks_coolyes it is a wubi install.13:53
lllsondowlllthe sound test runs on 213:54
auronandaceDuologic: you don't mix releases13:54
ntzrmtthihu777Duologic: perhaps the quantal version of whatever you want to add the source from depends on other quantal stuffs, that precise does not have.13:54
lllsondowlllbut it isn't outputting audio13:54
auronandaceDuologic: things will break13:54
wilee-nileejacks_cool, you can't just exspand that with a partitioner.13:54
MonkeyDustjacks_cool  wubi is not a real installation13:54
blazemoreI'm away for a while (going to do some actual work)13:54
ntzrmtthihu777jacks_cool: in general wubi installs are too much of a pita to deal with, and are fails.13:54
blazemorejacks_cool: If you used wubi you are stuck13:54
blazemorejacks_cool: Nobody in here would recommend wubi, and we all wish it would go away13:54
nevynlllsondowlll: the local speakers on the tv are disabled?13:54
lllsondowlllnevyn: Yes13:55
Duologicit's only about 10 packages13:55
blazemorewilee-nilee: And how did you help?13:55
jacks_coolblazemore: Can I backup my current linux data and import it again in new installation?13:55
wilee-nileeblazemore, I found they were running a wubi, did you know that.13:55
ntzrmtthihu777jacks_cool: why bother using wubi, which will consume disc space and is vulnerable to windows filesystem fragmentation, when you could do a full install and be safe from windows's foibles?13:55
lllsondowlllnevyn:  odd that this would cause a problem as it passes through to audio system fine with ati ccc driver13:55
blazemorejacks_cool: Yes of course - copy your important files you want to keep onto a USB flash drive or something, and then copy them back again once you've done your real install13:56
ntzrmtthihu777jacks_cool: short of booting wubi, copying your personal data to an exernal source, and then installing again, no. but yeah, yoiu can do it, as blazemore said.13:56
blazemorejacks_cool: If you are asking "can I turn a wubi installation into a real one?" the short answer is "no"13:56
wilee-nileeblazemore, Again not true that can be transfered to a partition.13:56
jacks_coolblazemore: I meant to back up my data only.13:56
adamklllsondowlll: If it works with fglrx and not with radeon, you really need to try using the kernel option I mentioned above.  Have you confirmed that the radeon driver supports HDMI audio on your GPU?13:57
ntzrmtthihu777wilee-nilee: short answer, not "technically accurate and easy to do" answer :P13:57
nevynlllsondowlll: can you just check the speakers on the tv I just want to verify it's not some hdcp snafu.13:57
wilee-nileejacks_cool, here is the migrate wiki. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MigrateWubi13:58
lllsondowllladamk: The problem is within the fact that not even fglrx will enable it only CCC drivers13:58
nevynI mean it's still totally not usable even if they're outputing sound I know.. but I'm curious13:58
adamklllsondowlll: CCC drivers?  Catalyst and fglrx are the same drivers.13:58
nevynlllsondowlll: fglrx is the catylst driver13:58
lllsondowllladamk: I understand but I'm talking about the website package that comes with CCC13:58
wilee-nileejacks_cool, You have to be careful to be clear on the channel, or you will get bad advice, this is unusual, wubi has its own treatment.13:59
adamklllsondowlll: You're really not making much sense to me...13:59
adamkSo I'm done.13:59
zoiewhat would be the equivalent for partial orders of deterministic buchi automata for totals orders (words)13:59
=== ms_ is now known as mamtina
theadminzoie: ...Wat?13:59
lllsondowllladamk: I am speaking about the ATI AMD RADEON WEBSITE driver. not the repo14:00
zephyrI had to remove PulseAudio and I now have no volume control.  How would I go about replacing that functionality?14:00
ntzrmtthihu777zoie: was.... was that even english?14:00
nevynlllsondowlll: it's the same code.14:00
wilee-nileentzrmtthihu777, Read the wiki simple copy and paste code.14:00
zoietheadmin: ntzrmtthihu777 sorry this was for #math14:00
lllsondowlllnevyn: I have no arguement with that, but then please explain to me why my device is not listed14:00
ntzrmtthihu777wilee-nilee: is it even worth the effort? and can it go catastropically wrong?14:00
theadminzephyr: GNOME is incapable of producing sound via plain ALSA since 3.0. You'll need another desktop environment :/14:00
adamklllsondowlll: The website might have a newer version than the repo, but it's the same proprietary driver.  And till you at least try using the kernel option mentioned, I'm done.14:01
theadminzephyr: Or just get Pulse back14:01
lllsondowlllnevyn: When I compile the driver myself it is14:01
nevynlisted where?14:01
zephyrtheadmin: pulse is the only option now?  That doesn't seem very linuxy.14:01
theadminzephyr: I know, the GNOME team is doing some pretty odd stuff recently.14:01
nevynzephyr: you could use nas or esd or arts if you want to build them14:01
zephyrtheadmin: But, I've tried reinstalling pulse but now I have no sound at all... where do I need to configure that?14:01
jacks_coolI think best option will be to copy my important data and reinstall the ubuntu14:01
ntzrmtthihu777zephyr: welcome to ubuntu, lol. pretty soon it will be mir only, and to heck with x.org and wayland.14:01
nevynntzrmtthihu777: mir shudder..14:02
lllsondowllladamk: Well thank you for being so very helpful. I was planning on trying my own method but nevyn wanted me to continue troubleshooting with him so I stuck around, what you are asking requires a reboot and to stop in the middle of what I am doing.14:02
lllsondowllladamk: But thank you for being so very short.14:02
zephyrntzrmtthihu777: wayland would be nice but I doubt we'll ever see it in a usable state.14:02
nevynlllsondowlll: did you turn the speakers on?14:02
theadminzephyr: Hm, you'll also need indicator-sound, the volume control thingy14:02
jacks_coolCan any one link me to steps for live cd installation?14:02
lllsondowlllnevyn: Yes I did14:02
nevynzephyr: I'm pretty disappointed that it's not dogfood yet.14:02
ntzrmtthihu777jacks_cool: hear hear! and while you're at it, use a separate /home partition if you're allocating any large amount of hdd space to ubuntu.14:02
auronandace!install | jacks_cool14:03
lllsondowlllnevyn: Process is being used again14:03
ubottujacks_cool: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - See also !automate14:03
wilee-nileejacks_cool, What is the windows version?14:03
ntzrmtthihu777jacks_cool: it basically explains itself, step by step.14:03
nevynlllsondowlll: fuser /dev/snd/*C2* then pgrep the last number14:03
zephyrtheadmin: I'm using Cinnamon as my environment, by the way.14:03
theadminzephyr: That's a GNOME3 fork so...14:03
jacks_coolI am using windows 7.14:03
nevyncheck if it's speaker-test -c6 and kill it14:03
theadminzephyr: But hm. I'm not sure what's the gnome3 volume controller. Might be the same though14:04
zephyrtheadmin: soooooooo Pulse it is14:04
ntzrmtthihu777zephyr: basically :P14:04
nevyntheadmin: gnome-volume-control is a pulse app14:04
zephyrHappen to know what I need to do after installing the pulseaudio package to finish setting it up?14:04
wilee-nileejacks_cool, So you want to resize it with its disk manager leaving a unallocated space for ubuntu, and reboot so it runs its auto chkdsk then install ubuntu to that unallocated space. However there are partition types and amount that are limitations.14:04
theadminzephyr: Well you'll need the volume control tool. For Unity that's indicator-sound, but I have no idea about Gnome Shell. Maybe this gnome-volume-control thing nevyn is talking about.14:05
lllsondowlllnevyn: Process is killed14:05
wilee-nileejacks_cool, Do you have windows backed up an image/ghost/clone, and do yuou have a recovery or install disc?14:05
nevynlllsondowlll: speaker-test -c2 -Dhw2,314:05
zephyrnevyn: what package is that in?  gnome-volume-control14:06
jacks_coolwilee-nilee: What will be the steps to uninstall the current wubi part?14:06
lllsondowlllPlayback device is hw2,3 Stream parameters are 48000Hz, S16_LE, 2 channels Using 16 octaves of pink noise ALSA lib pcm.c:2217:(snd_pcm_open_noupdate) Unknown PCM hw2,3 Playback open error: -2,No such file or directory14:06
wilee-nileejacks_cool, You can remove it from the add remove in the control panel.14:06
jacks_coolwilee-nilee-: I am afraid I don't have one. Does is result in loss of datA?14:06
wilee-nileejacks_cool, YOu can make a recovery disc in W7 small iso for repairs.14:07
nevynlllsondowlll: is it still in /proc/asound/cards?14:07
jacks_coolah yes I made one I remember to fix grub part as I had formatted my linux drive driectly.14:07
wilee-nileejacks_cool, You should always havea clone, anything can happen especially user error.14:08
lllsondowlll2 [HDMI           ]: HDA-Intel - HDA ATI HDMI                       HDA ATI HDMI at 0xf7e60000 irq 4814:08
jacks_coolSo I need to backup my important data from current linux. Format it. Allocate a new space and then run live cd.14:08
nevynlllsondowlll: that's odd. it worked a few minutes ago.. and now it's disappeared...14:08
ActionParsnip!backup | jacks_cool14:08
ubottujacks_cool: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning14:08
lllsondowlllnevyn I did not use the D14:09
lllsondowlllsudo speaker-test -c2 -Dhw2,3 vs sudo speaker-test -c2 -hw2,314:09
adamklllsondowlll: According to the developers on #radeon, HDMI audio for the HD7950 is not implemented yet in the radeon driver.14:09
rapidxHas anyone tried to setup a GNUDip server?14:09
wilee-nileejacks_cool, Yes, however you want to know that you can have only 4 primary partitions or 3 primaries with logical partition inside on a single HD. Many windows installs have 4 primaries already.14:09
lllsondowllladamk: That is why I was using the websites package14:09
nevynlllsondowlll: different software completely14:10
adamklllsondowlll: OK, well you said above you were trying to use the radeon driver now, as I recall.14:10
jacks_coolYeah.I have 2 for my windows and one for my linux14:10
wilee-nileejacks_cool, Sorry 4the partition is an extended with logicals inside.14:10
vmenezesjust installed ubuntu 13.04 64bits on my Asus U36J, after installing the codecs, connected the HDMI and got impressed that my nVidia was working with no need of any additional driver nor workarounds...after couple hours watching a movie it froze and I figured out that my laptop was extremelly hot! it was the end, my laptop died =/14:10
lllsondowllladamk: I am willing to try what ever works. I'll explain again real quick for a recap14:10
wilee-nileejacks_cool, the wubi has no partition it is a file in windows.14:10
nevynlllsondowlll: I've got to run and catch the last train.. ;)14:10
lllsondowlllnevyn: well thanks anyway gf will be waking soon as well14:11
nevynlllsondowlll: your only option seems to be fglrx14:11
jacks_coolWhat I did was I created a separate partition in windows and installed wubi in there.14:11
nevynwhich makes me sad..14:11
nevynbut oh well thanks for percevering ;) I hope you sort it out.14:11
wilee-nileejacks_cool, Best thing you can do here is to get the live ubuntu cd and use the channel for the install, making sure who helps ses the partitions on the HD from ubuntu.14:12
ntzrmtthihu777jacks_cool: unlikely. wubi is installed as a windows "program", which should be on C: by default. but then again I'm just average joe talking here :P14:12
wilee-nileejacks_cool, Ah well even though you made a partition ubuntu is a file there, not a normal install.14:12
wilee-nilee!who | jacks_cool14:13
ubottujacks_cool: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:13
ntzrmtthihu777or wait, isn't the new win7 "C:" actually "D:" now, due to the little bootloader partition they have?14:13
tgm4883ntzrmtthihu777, no, the 100mb partition is hidden14:13
MonkeyDustjacks_cool  wubi creates a space *inside* windows, not alongside it, so not independent of it14:13
wilee-nileejacks_cool, Let me say from see what you don't know makes me concerned for your whole setuo. ;)14:14
lllsondowllladamk: radeon: No sound implimented - fglrx(repo): no sound implimented - flgrx-update(repo): No sound implimented - flgrx(AMD)(Not supported in IRC I'm told): Works but the audio is choppy, worked before I did a clean wipe if I remember could be due to the fact last time I installed it before updating on a fresh install and the time it worked was AFTER (theory) - 3.9.0 was told to fix this problem network does not work in this14:14
jacks_coolubottu: Got it :)14:14
ubottujacks_cool: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:14
jacks_coolubottu: No worries ;)14:15
ubottujacks_cool: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:15
wilee-nileejacks_cool, This is not difficult, however there is a process to follow exactly.14:15
lllsondowllladamk: So my only option was to work with the kind folk here to help in which ever way they could within their means.14:16
jacks_coolMonkeyDust: I think formatting it will be a good option14:16
ned_stupid question..but..is there like a windows task manager for ubuntu.. to close down programs that wont close???14:16
willybilly0101ps aux14:16
ntzrmtthihu777tgm4883: ah. its been about a year since I touched win714:16
lllsondowlllned: sudo xkill14:16
theadminned_: Sure, there's one built in, look up System Monitor in the dash14:16
MonkeyDustjacks_cool  format what? and don't forget to backup first!14:16
adamklllsondowlll: Which is fine...  Except above you said "Just so I am clear, we are still on the subject of tackling why in my ubuntu 13.04 using the radeon driver that the ATI HDMI audio device isn't showing up or not acting loaded correct?"14:16
jacks_coolwilee-nilee: yeah now I am pretty clear with what wubi does.14:16
ntzrmtthihu777ned_: graphically: gnome-system-monitor14:16
ned_ty guys14:16
adamklllsondowlll: Are you telling me you knew all along that it wasn't supported with the radeon driver?14:17
jacks_coolMonkeyDust: format my linux partition and yes backup it first.14:17
lllsondowllladamk: I was speaking of HD radeon, I'm sorry I did not clarify.14:17
blazemorejacks_cool: you don't *have* a real Linux partition14:17
ActionParsniplllsondowlll: gksudo for gui apps, not sudo14:17
lllsondowllladamk: No I did not know that. I rarely used this.14:17
MonkeyDustjacks_cool  use a live session, then use gparted to make free space14:17
jacks_coolMonkeyDust: I had alloted 25gb partition and got only 17gb for linux14:17
ntzrmtthihu777blazemore: lol, he means the one he installed it to, even if it was a wubi install ;)14:17
jacks_coolblazemore: got it ;)14:18
lllsondowllladamk: This being this specific driver. as I wish to use amd's flgrx14:18
adamklllsondowlll: So you shouldn't have said you were trying to get it working with the "radeon driver"...14:18
jacks_coolMonkeyDust: the latest release of ubuntu will be the best bet to install?14:19
MonkeyDustjacks_cool  12.04 if you want long support, 13.04 if you want the latest stuff14:20
theadminjacks_cool: I'd say go with the LTS -- more stable, longer support, better for new people imo14:20
lllsondowllladamk: The name of the ATI series cards are HD RADEON is it not my fault that developers decided to name a driver after the hardware. Also the genetlemen I was working with well understood what I meant due to my explanation of my situation beforehand. I feel as if you aren't here to help but be an anal rententive asshole.14:20
jacks_coolMonkeyDust: 32 bit or 64 bit which is more preferable?14:20
wilee-nileeMonkeyDust, Ubuntu itself suggests using the windows partitioner to resize windows.14:20
jacks_cooltheadmin: thanks for it ;)14:20
MonkeyDustjacks_cool  depends o your hardware, 32 runs on both 32 and 64 bit hardware14:20
tgm4883adac, lllsondowlll lets keep it civil and helping14:21
jacks_coolMonkeyDust: but there are large dependencies issues in installing softwares in 64 bit.14:21
prashant_123456while installing ubuntu 12.04lts on virtualbox i get this error piix4_smbus 0000.00.07.0: SMBus base address uninitialized - upgrade bios or use force_addr=0xaddr ?14:21
tgm4883jacks_cool, there are? I must reformat immediately!14:21
ntzrmtthihu777jacks_cool: I also concur with the 12.04 suggestion, and further suggest 64bit if your machine is capable. another thing, being personal opinion, is give xubuntu a shot ;)14:22
MonkeyDustjacks_cool  use whatever you're comfortable with14:22
jacks_coolMonkeyDust: thanks :)14:22
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tgm4883jacks_cool, what are these large dependency issues you speak of?14:22
jacks_coolntzrmtthihu777: Xubuntu?14:22
ntzrmtthihu777jacks_cool: Ubuntu - unity + xfce, basically.14:22
jacks_cooltgm4883: While installing one of the software ( idk what it's name was) it asked for 32 bit ubuntu14:23
Monkeytoethere any way to snapshot my system files after I install? lets say I install ubuntu... download the updates... right before I install AMD APP SDK I was hoping to be able to revert back to... amd app sdk does not have an uninstaller and even if you delete the video driver its files still stay... so I was hoping I could just snapshot the list of all the file versions, and use apt get to roll it14:23
Monkeytoeback when I want to try a different version install14:23
ntzrmtthihu777tgm4883: I bet hes talking about multiarch & some packages only work with 32bit libs.14:23
tgm4883jacks_cool, I find that highly doubtful if you were installing from the repos14:23
tgm4883ntzrmtthihu777, even then, that is super easy to install14:23
wilee-nileejacks_cool, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoResizeWindowsPartitions#Windows_Disk_Management14:23
tgm4883ntzrmtthihu777, and should also be a bug report if it's not installing automatically14:24
MonkeyDustMonkeytoe  you can do that with btrfs, not with ext14:24
Kitt3nHi, justin. :)14:24
ntzrmtthihu777jacks_cool: you can install ia32-libs, I think its called, and have multi-arch easy.14:24
justini just got ubuntu14:24
jacks_cooltgm4663: Idk why but I used this: sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ia32-libs14:24
justinand a friend told me to go on here to ask this problem i'm having14:24
Kitt3n!ask | justin14:24
ubottujustin: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:24
ntzrmtthihu777!ask | justin14:24
tgm4883jacks_cool, that is just.... awful14:24
jacks_coolwilee-nilee:thanks for the link :)14:24
tgm4883!tab | jacks_cool14:25
ubottujacks_cool: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.14:25
justinok sorry14:25
wilee-nileejacks_cool, If you get a chance look at that wiki.14:25
justini am trying to download and play DDO14:25
philwongis there no skype for ubuntu?14:25
jacks_coolwilee-nilee:sure :)14:25
tgm4883!skype | philwong14:25
ubottuphilwong: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga14:25
ActionParsnipphilwong: there is a Skype client14:25
theadminphilwong: Sure is, just go to Skype.com and download it.14:25
ntzrmtthihu777justin: tried that, won't usually work unless you install in windows and copy over the folder.14:25
justinyep i got it off skype.com14:25
philwongI tried to use apt-get skype14:25
ActionParsnipphilwong: in teh partner repo, or grab the deb from the skype site...14:25
philwongwas ot there14:25
wilee-nileejacks_cool, This is a old school linux biased channel, I'm a 99% open source user so I'm not just blowing steam here.14:25
justindamn that sucks14:26
ActionParsnipphilwong: skype isnt an option of apt-get14:26
tgm4883philwong, please read the help site14:26
theadminphilwong: "apt-get skype" wouldn't do anything, you need to "apt-get install skype", either way though, you can always download from the wobsite.14:26
ActionParsnipphilwong: you need the partner repo enabling then run:   sudo apt-get install skype14:26
ntzrmtthihu777philwong: easy as hell.14:26
wilee-nileeI started on open source jacks_cool14:26
MonkeyDust"wobsite" :)14:26
philwongwill try14:26
ActionParsnipMonkeyDust: too much dub ;)14:26
ntzrmtthihu777philwong: in other words, follow the instructions in the posted skype wiki link.14:26
theadminMonkeyDust: (xkcd reference)14:27
jacks_coolubottu: I am new to this.Thanks for the piece of advice.14:27
ubottujacks_cool: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:27
ActionParsnipphilwong: if your OS is 64bit you will haul in a lot of deps as the client is 32bit only14:27
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
ActionParsnipphilwong: but your OS will be multiarch14:27
marianneok Blu-Ray player does work, just not with that one movie... lamesauce14:27
jacks_coolwilee-nilee, that's fine .14:28
ntzrmtthihu777marianne: if its anything like dvd, you may need to install restricted codecs.14:28
treehau55anyone help out with some power settings? I have ubuntu 12.04 and a samsung 7 laptop. I fianlly have overcome the dual graphics issue, but now powertop just has all my pci and usb devices at 100%14:28
wilee-nileejacks_cool, Cool, I'm just concerned is all. ;)14:28
jacks_coolwilee-nilee: This is my best interaction on IRC channel. So much rules while talking. I learnt a lot. Will look into all the links provided by everyone :)14:29
ActionParsniptreehau55: are there any bugs reported?14:30
wilee-nileejacks_cool, Best of luck you will probably be okay, I just don't brick others setuos, I never have.14:30
jacks_coolThanks to all for the information and links. Will try my best to get installation done14:30
jackgd evening14:30
=== jack is now known as Guest72335
Guest72335how do i fix "waiting for apt-get to exit" problem14:31
wilee-nileeGuest72335, It is easier if you use an actual nick there are tons of guests.14:31
ntzrmtthihu777Guest72335: wait, lol.14:31
ntzrmtthihu777wilee-nilee: he was jack but got guested for some reason.14:32
treehau55ActionParsnip, I found 2 that were from Dec '11 and Dec '12, I already tried their suggested solutions, some poeple point to the raring kernel being the solution, however thats not an option for me at the moment, I need the stability14:32
wilee-nilee!detals | Guest7233514:32
wilee-nilee!details | Guest7233514:32
ubottuGuest72335: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:32
Guest72335ubuntu 13.04,i was trying to run sudo apt-get update command then it was stop working for some reason...14:33
Guest72335now i want to install a sofware from software center but it says waiting for apt-get to exit..14:34
Kitt3nGuest72335, reboot?14:34
wilee-nileeGuest72335, HOw long has it said that?14:34
ntzrmtthihu777Guest72335: this is because both software center and apt-get are more or less the same thing. you cannot use them at the same time due to a lockfile.14:35
Guest72335still waiting boss...14:35
mariannentzrmtthihu777: I have a file I need to move into the lib64 directory, but it's being a troll and giving me errors when I attempt to move it... permissions issue. I'll probably try to figure it out over the long weekend, unless someone can help now14:35
wilee-nileeGuest72335, Kernel upgrades can take a bit longer be careful here and answer questions.14:35
ntzrmtthihu777marianne: in general the user should not directly fiddle with lib64, so what are you doing and why are you doing it?14:35
Kitt3nmarianne, open a terminal and launch nautilus as root14:35
ntzrmtthihu777Kitt3n: don't give potentially catastropic instructions unless the situation clearly needs it.14:36
theadminKitt3n: Woah, that's a bad idea.14:36
Guest72335hw to solve it without reboot14:36
ntzrmtthihu777Guest72335: wait.14:36
mariannentzrmtthihu777: I need to move the libaacs.so.0 file into it...14:36
Kitt3nHe asked? :P14:36
ntzrmtthihu777marianne: why?14:36
marianneKitt3n: I'll try it in a bit... work calls14:36
wilee-nileeGuest72335, How long has it been on the waiting to exit, use nicks to answer if you are poating to someone.14:37
ntzrmtthihu777marianne: and where did you get it from? I highly suggest you do not follow Kitt3n's instructions.14:37
mariannentzrmtthihu777: because everything I read online says that it's the file i'm missing14:37
Guest72335wilee-nilee : still waiting....14:37
ntzrmtthihu777marianne: file you're missing for what?14:37
wilee-nileeGuest72335, HOW LONG?14:38
Guest72335wilee-nilee : its been an hour14:38
tgm4883marianne, that file is in libaacs014:38
theadminGuest72335: sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/{dpkg,apt/lists}/lock && sudo apt-get -f install should help.14:38
ntzrmtthihu777Guest72335: then reboot.14:38
mariannentzrmtthihu777: to play blu-ray movies in VLC14:38
treehau55my god, I spike up to 27.7w in consumption, this is unreal, there is something wrong14:38
llutz!info libaacs0 | marianne install this, it contains the file14:38
ubottumarianne install this, it contains the file: libaacs0 (source: libaacs): free-and-libre implementation of AACS. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.0-1 (raring), package size 43 kB, installed size 124 kB14:38
ntzrmtthihu777marianne: sudo apt-get install libaacs0,14:38
Guest72335theadmin : k wait ...let me try14:38
treehau55i should be at ~7-814:38
=== epsilonorion is now known as Guest64521
tgm4883marianne, but located elsewhere. Rather then guessing with random information you found on some website, maybe state what issue you are trying to fix and we can help.14:39
wilee-nileeGuest72335, Ah, how big was the update?14:39
ntzrmtthihu777marianne: and you should likely never ever place .so files into the lib dirs manually. especially because .so.# files are just symlinks, iirc.14:39
wilee-nileeand how fast is your internet connection?14:39
Guest72335wilee-nilee : it was studked/hanged..14:39
mariannentzrmtthihu777: ok...didn't know that... give me a sec, I sudo'd and I'm going to try it14:40
wilee-nileeGuest72335, If you are sure it is hanged/stuck which is unusual close the terminal and we can go from there.14:40
ntzrmtthihu777marianne: what do you mean by "sudo'd"? I hope you did not sudo su.14:40
Guest72335theadmin : problem solved thanks....14:40
theadminGuest72335: Tada14:41
treehau55is there an upgrade path from 12.04 to 13.04? or is it only 12.10 to 13.04?14:41
mariannentzrmtthihu777: no I ran the install for the file14:41
wilee-nilee+! and a smattering of aplause for theadmin ;)\14:41
Guest72335wilee-nilee : solved the problem .... thanks14:41
theadmintreehau55: No, there isn't... Just wait for 14.04, you'll be able to update to that directly, eh14:42
Guest72335theadmin is d bosss14:42
ntzrmtthihu777treehau55: you can only jump from lts to lts, if you want to go from 12.04 to 13.04 it must be 12.04 => 12.10 => 13.0414:42
mariannentzrmtthihu777: tried to play the blu-ray movie in VLC and this is the error I'm getting -- This Blu-Ray Disc needs a library for BD+ decoding, and your system does not have it.14:42
ntzrmtthihu777marianne: yep, we've gathered that, does the libaac0 solution fix the issue?14:43
Guest72335is there any way to backup whole os on a dvd/cd14:43
mariannentzrmtthihu777: nope... but it's odd as it's only the one movie... so I'm not going to dwell on it too much14:44
ntzrmtthihu777!backup | Guest7233514:44
ubottuGuest72335: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning14:44
ntzrmtthihu777marianne: its likely encrypted or sommat.14:44
tgm4883marianne, did you try installing libbluray114:44
Guest72335ubottu: thanks....14:44
mariannentzrmtthihu777: yup...lamesauce big time...but hey it plays in the player, just can't watch it in here14:45
treehau55how do I check if I have 12.04.2?14:45
mariannetgm4883: no haven't tried that one14:45
ntzrmtthihu777treehau55: uname -a, I thnk. or lsb_release -a14:45
theadmintreehau55: If you are on 12.04, you just sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade14:45
tgm4883marianne, http://askubuntu.com/a/219174/215914:45
theadmintreehau55: 12.04.2 is merely a re-release of the ISO with updated packages.14:45
tgm4883ntzrmtthihu777, it's lsb_release -a14:46
theadmintreehau55: lsb_release -sa should also give you your version.14:46
ntzrmtthihu777tgm4883: I knew it was one or the otehr, thanks :P14:46
theadmintreehau55: lsb_release -sr, rather.14:46
treehau55okay, Im using .2 that wont fix it :(14:46
mariannetgm4883: test failed...14:47
treehau55when I type sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-quantal I get a whole bunch of stuff to install, should I do it?14:48
tgm4883marianne, did you go though the rest of that answer?14:48
tgm4883treehau55, do you need the quantal kernel on 12.04?14:48
mariannetgm4883: reading now14:48
treehau55tgm4883, im not sure I need it, im just thinking maybe Ill get better hardware support and thus better power consumption14:49
tgm4883treehau55, you really need to stop what you are doing and just tell us the issue you are having14:49
neckWho here is brazilian?14:49
treehau55the issue is am consuming 20 wats on idle14:49
Pici!br | neck14:49
ubottuneck: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.14:49
treehau55so I get ~2 hours batt, when I should be getting 6-714:49
treehau55ive been trying to fix the power issues on 12.04 since I pretty much got this laptop a year and a half ago14:50
Kitt3ntreehau55, laptop batteries' lifetime gets lower and lower over time.14:50
neckWho here is swedish?14:50
philwonghey guys my ubuntu is buggy as anthahx14:50
ubottuSvensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntustöd hittar du i #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se. Tack!14:50
treehau55Kitt3n, I get 7 hours on Win8, so don't think thats the issue.14:50
Kitt3ntreehau55, that's really odd14:50
philwongfirstly everytime I visit some sites ALL browsers crash14:50
philwongand stop responding14:50
auronandaceneck: do you have a support issue?14:50
tgm4883treehau55, what laptop14:50
ntzrmtthihu777!flood | philwong14:50
ubottuphilwong: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:50
brontosaurusrextreehau55, what laptop is it'14:50
treehau55Samgsung chronos 714:50
treehau55Ive overcome the dual graphics card issue (finally), now its just all the other stuff, mainly the PCI management14:51
ActionParsniptrench: http://askubuntu.com/questions/290670/ubuntu-on-samsung-series-7-chronos-advice-please14:51
philwongIs there something wrong with the kernal?14:51
philwongI am using 13.0414:51
Kitt3n!details | philwong14:52
ubottuphilwong: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:52
tgm4883treehau55, did you install the proprietary drivers?14:52
hd5770how to edit grub14:52
brontosaurusrexphilwong, specific sites, or any sites?14:52
ActionParsniptrench: http://wiki.colar.net/ubuntu_12_04_on_samsung_series_7_chronos_laptop14:52
treehau55tgm4883, for?14:52
philwongyoutube, freenode, skype etc14:52
tgm4883treehau55, your video card14:52
ntzrmtthihu777hd5770: with a text editor, very carefully.14:52
philwong90% of sites I tried to visit crashed14:52
hd5770norty norty14:52
Kitt3nhd5770, you can use a text editor or Grub customizer14:52
hd5770isit still in the same place14:52
philwongand I used chrome, firefox, and that default one that comes with ubuntu(konquerer or something)14:53
treehau55tgm4883, yeah I followed this a while back, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=193045014:53
ActionParsniptrench: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=193569914:53
ntzrmtthihu777philwong: quit posting multiple lines. commas are your friend, if you keep this up FloodBot1 is gonna getcha.14:53
ActionParsniptrench: http://forum.notebookreview.com/samsung/672233-ubuntu-12-04-working-great-chronos-7-np700z5b.html14:53
tgm4883treehau55, so which graphics card are you running now?14:53
treehau55tgm4883,  I turn off my discrete card completely, I am running the integrated gpu14:53
treehau55its not the graphics card thats sucking the power14:53
ntzrmtthihu777hd5770: /etc/grub.d/40_custom is your friend here. custom grub entries from here are added, without ruining your actual grub.cfg14:54
treehau55Audo codec hwC0D3 and hwC0D0 are at 100%, every PCI Device: Intel is at 100% and my iwlwifi is at 100%14:54
tgm4883treehau55, is the fan always on?14:54
treehau55tgm4883,  no i followed a guide to fix the fan issue14:54
philwongubuntu was very stable in the previous versions14:54
ntzrmtthihu777hd5770: and should something go catastropically wrong you can always boot a standard grub menu :P14:55
tgm4883treehau55, odd. I don't know what the issue is then, sorry14:55
philwongI know there is something wrong with my installation because I used ubuntu in the past without probems14:55
tgm4883treehau55, you could try the newer kernel, as that will give better hardware support but IDK if it will fix your issue14:55
treehau55philwong,  theres an old parable: past success does not guarantee future performance14:56
treehau55tgm4883, thats exactly what I was asking when I said should I use the quantail stuff14:56
treehau55when I type sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-quantal I get a whole bunch of stuff to install, should I do it?14:56
hd5770ntzrmtthihu777, http://askubuntu.com/questions/100232/how-do-i-change-the-grub-boot-order better better option14:56
treehau55^ posted that before you started talking14:56
tgm4883treehau55, I know, but if you don't give us any background as to why you want to do that, we're going to say don't do it14:56
hd5770thanks for the kind words tho14:56
treehau55tgm4883,  i gotcha14:56
philwonganyone know why the crashing keeps occuring?14:57
treehau55tgm4883, so from what I am reading there isn't any known adverse affects from using newer kernels is there14:57
tgm4883treehau55, no. The 12.04.2 ISO ships with the newer kernel, but original 12.04 installs don't automatically upgrade14:58
ActionParsnipphilwong: is the system fully updated?14:58
ntzrmtthihu777philwong: we cannot work with nothing. you have literally given no info at all, and expect us to answer. what have you changed recently? any custom setups we should know about? anything other than "boohoo, 13.04 is being mean to me?"14:58
ActionParsnipphilwong: if you log in as a different user, is it ok?14:58
philwongActionParsnip: I downloaded this ubuntu yesturday14:58
ActionParsnipphilwong: doesn't matter, did you run full updates?14:58
mariannetgm4883: still failed... crap and now work is buggin...gotta earn my cheddar ...lates14:58
ActionParsnipphilwong: the ISOs are not 100% up to date, even the daily ISOs14:58
philwongActionParsnip: when I installed it, yes it downloaded updates14:58
ntzrmtthihu777hd5770: changing the grub order is what you're after, but in a better way than the link you posted?14:59
ActionParsnipphilwong: What desktop are you using?14:59
philwongdefault one14:59
philwongbut I did install kde14:59
ActionParsnipphilwong: for Ubuntu?14:59
philwongActionParsnip: Yes14:59
ActionParsnipphilwong: do you get the crashes in the other desktops?15:00
ntzrmtthihu777philwong: you really needa cut back on the enter keys.15:00
ActionParsnipphilwong: is there a pattern taht causes the crashes?15:00
ActionParsnipphilwong: what happens when you get a 'crash'?15:00
ActionParsnipphilwong: does the system get hot?15:00
philwongnothing the browser stops responding15:00
ActionParsnipphilwong: tried a different browser>15:00
philwongand yes the system always sounds like its very hot and gpu is on full fan15:01
ActionParsnipphilwong: tried a different browser?15:01
philwongyes I tried chrome, firefox, konqurer15:01
ActionParsnipphilwong: does it crash with non-flash content?15:01
philwongI dont think so, some sites that are lightweight load fine15:02
ActionParsnipphilwong: does the system have a make and model?15:02
philwonglike  ubuntus15:02
dkelmanhola!! i have a question about ubuntu that google couldn't help me with15:02
ntzrmtthihu777!ask | dkelman15:02
ubottudkelman: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:02
philwongIts an icore5 quadcore, 8gb ram, nvidia gtx56015:02
ActionParsnipphilwong: but does it have a make and model or is it a home build?15:02
philwongits a custom built one15:03
ActionParsnipphilwong: what i5 do you have? what model?15:03
ActionParsnipphilwong: have you installed bumblebee?15:04
femianHola como están. Les puedo hacer una consulta?15:04
ntzrmtthihu777!es | femian15:04
philwongActionParsnip: no I have not15:04
ubottufemian: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:04
Kitt3nphilwong, what nvidia driver are you using?15:04
ActionParsnipphilwong: your CPU has an Intel GPU built in, couple that with your Nvidia and you have a switchable GPU situation15:04
ActionParsnipphilwong: so you need bumblebee15:04
philwongI am using the driver ubuntu assigned for gpu15:05
ActionParsnipphilwong: its easier if you build a system without a GPU in the CPU, or remove the nvidia15:05
Kitt3nphilwong, try the one from Nvidia?15:05
ActionParsnipphilwong: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee15:05
ActionParsnipphilwong: its why the system is running hot, once you get bumblebee in you should be ok but the whole mess is simply best avoided by smart purchasing15:06
ntzrmtthihu777philwong: translation: if you know you're going to use linux, stay the hell away from nvidia15:07
philwongcan bumblebee be instaled from software center15:07
dkelmandoes anyone know how i can log system calls regarding the filesystem? e.g. every time i write/read a file and how much data it was15:07
Kitt3nAMD is better for linux, and it's going to be even better than it already is :D15:07
ActionParsnipphilwong: read the link I gave you, That is why I gave you it15:07
ntzrmtthihu777philwong: you should *read* links we give, we don't have these autoprogrammed into the bot for nothing.15:07
ActionParsnipKitt3n: i'd say it was half assd15:08
ActionParsnipphilwong: why do you think I took the time to get you that URL....?15:08
Kitt3nActionParsnip, the only half assd about AMD is the installer is mean.15:08
Kitt3nIs that the installer*15:08
ActionParsnipKitt3n: yeah, loving the great support for 2xxx to 4xxx AMD GPUs...nic15:08
philwongActionParsnip: ok man take it  easy, I have it opened here15:08
ActionParsnipphilwong: then why ask, when everything you need is there?15:09
philwongbecause I am on a windows machine15:09
Kitt3nActionParsnip, I don't use legacy amd graphic cards, ;p But I guess I could try on my old amd laptop15:09
ActionParsnipphilwong: its still all there15:09
philwongif its in the software center I wont have to use commands15:09
ntzrmtthihu777philwong: if you're afraid of commands you are on the wrong os.15:09
philwongI cant even use freenode in ubuntu15:09
ActionParsnipphilwong: its in a PPA sadly, way of teh world15:09
ActionParsnipntzrmtthihu777: not true15:10
Kitt3nIt's true.15:10
ActionParsnipi have at least 10 users I can name who use Ubuntu daily and never touch command line15:10
ntzrmtthihu777*snort* in all honesty, how many of the ubuntu wiki/help pages/forum/etc do *not* suggest commands as a fix?15:10
Guest72335i have downloaded remastersys.deb file and i want to install it to make backup of installed os  ... its not working for some reason ...wt to do15:10
dkelmandoes anyone know how i can log system calls regarding the filesystem? e.g. every time i write/read a file and how much data it was15:11
Kitt3n!details | Guest7233515:11
ubottuGuest72335: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:11
ntzrmtthihu777Guest72335: stop downloading random debs and install via software center/synaptic/apt-get.15:11
Guest72335oky doky ...ntzrmtthihu777715:11
=== WookieeM is now known as CookieM
ActionParsnipdkelman: you can use tripwire15:12
Guest72335ubottu: ubuntu 13.0415:12
ntzrmtthihu777!bot | Guest7233515:12
ubottuGuest72335: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots15:12
dkelmanActionParsnip: thanks, I'm looking into it15:13
ActionParsnipdkelman: the log would get large, I suggest you ony watch certain folders15:13
dkelmanmakes sense15:14
philwongok I tried to install bumblebee15:14
philwongfirst comand seemed to work, but the second one says :could not get lock"15:15
ntzrmtthihu777philwong: are you trying to run both at the same time?15:15
ActionParsnipphilwong: do you have updates installing or software centre open15:15
philwongyes software center is open15:16
ActionParsnipphilwong: thats why15:16
ntzrmtthihu777philwong: there you go. musta missed out when we were telling jack/Guest about why you can't run both at the same time.15:16
philwongI closed software center its still showing the message15:17
Snicers-WorkHey, I noticed in my TCPdump logs this morning that a massive amount of traffic is going to our mail server, is this typical?15:17
philwongI would love to paste the output15:17
philwongbut I cant because frenode doesw not work on my ubuntu15:17
Snicers-Workphilwong use xchat as an irc client on ubuntu15:17
aiten_44Snicer-Work: depends did you have a lot of email going to your mail server?15:17
Kitt3nOr hexchat15:18
ntzrmtthihu777philwong: yep, because of this you're gonna have issues. patience, and consistency, are your friends. if you're gonna use software center, use software center. if you're gonna use apt-get, use apt-get. *dont* try to do the same thing at the same time with two different programs, it will *not* end well.15:18
philwongok, maybe I should reboot and try it15:19
philwongI have no idea which other one is running but ok15:19
bigtoe376Has there been any work on the gvfs-fuse issue?  Not to be confrontational but this seems to be a MAJOR issue, file copying solidity should never be ignored.15:20
philwongI tried to install openjdkjava and it has been stuck on "applying changes15:20
philwongThere appears to be no X button to even cancel it15:21
ActionParsnipbigtoe376: what is this issue, not got any problems here15:21
Semem_dickwangNugggaaazzz helpme plZzzz15:21
ntzrmtthihu777philwong: always wait for things to finish before moving on to the next step. this will save you a world of headaches (and us helping you too)15:22
bigtoe37613.04 can't copy files reliably from any SMB mounted share using Nautilus, various lockups etc.  Seems to be pretty widespread.15:22
philwongit has been stuck there for hours, anyhow I have restarted15:22
philwonglets see what happens15:22
ezra-sphilwong, also taking a look in the terminal to see what's going won't hurt15:22
ActionParsnipbigtoe376: tried a different file manager?15:23
ntzrmtthihu777bigtoe376: would you like an example of a working samba?15:23
philwongmaybe my issue is hardware related15:23
bigtoe376Yes, nothing will sidestep the issue, cp, mc all fail.15:23
Kitt3nntzrmtthihu777, I would :o15:23
philwongeven when restarting it stays at the ubuntu screen and does notrstart15:23
philwongI always have to manually press the power button15:24
bigtoe376I can get it to work using cifs to manually mount shares.  IT's the auto stuff served by gvfs that's at issue.15:24
aiten_44philwong: does it still hang if you force a restart using the terminal?15:24
=== gbit86_ is now known as gbit86
philwongI did not use terminal15:24
philwongI used the desktop button thing15:25
ActionParsnipbigtoe376: are all the clients linux based?15:25
ntzrmtthihu777bigtoe376: my smb.conf on server: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5840646/ my fstab on accessing machine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5840647/ Kitt3n, you may want to check them out too :p15:26
andornautapt-get install linux-image-X failed (openvz vps, error: "failed to get canonical path of /vz/private/1XXXX"; can't upgrade past 2.6 kernels on this vps). Now I'd like to simply remove it, but apt-get remove fails; apt-get -f install fails, dpkg --remove --force-all fails... any ideas?15:26
ntzrmtthihu777andornaut: are you trying to update your kernel?15:26
aiten_44philwong: you could try sudo restart -f its not good for your computer so don't do it all the time but would tell you if its a hardware thing which I don't think it is but you never know15:26
andornautntzrmtthihu777: i was doing a dist-upgrade, and the kernel update came along with it. I'd like to keep my current kernel.15:27
bigtoe376ActionParsnip:  Well, I'm working with new 13.04 installs.  All other machines, older Linux, Mac, Windows are all ok.  This is apparently a documented bug, was asking if there is any light at end of tunnel for fixes to gvfs.15:27
Kitt3nntzrmtthihu777, cool! Thanks~15:27
philwongaiten_44: ok,15:27
ActionParsnipbigtoe376: what release are the Ubuntu clients?15:27
ntzrmtthihu777Kitt3n: also, notice I have ubuntu-server instead of an ip. this only works if you have the ip & hostname added in /etc/hosts15:27
philwongI just dont get why mine is so buggy,15:27
ActionParsnipphilwong: its a new OS to you, you will have teething issues15:28
Kitt3nntzrmtthihu777, okay.15:28
bigtoe376ActionParsnip:  Ubuntu 13.04 and we have another guy running 12.1015:28
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
philwongActionParsnip: I tried the older ubuntus and did not encoutner it15:28
cor_rhow do I turn of notifications, of people logging in, when using pidgin on xfce. (the text box notifications not the sound)15:28
philwongeverything ran stable,15:28
=== nemesis is now known as Guest60707
ActionParsnipphilwong: different driver versions, kernel and XOrg15:29
aiten_44philwong: the force reboot worked?15:29
ntzrmtthihu777Kitt3n: I also have a file, ~/.smbCred, containing the lines username=right_username & password=rigth_password if you setup a no-auth setup.15:29
philwongaiten_44: I am still stuck on the "ubuntu15:29
ActionParsnipcor_r: main buddy window. Tools -> plugins15:29
philwongshould I manually turn it off?15:29
ActionParsnipcor_r: look for away/part plugin15:29
aiten_44philwong: hit the escape key might bring you upto a console that should hopefully tell you what is hanging15:30
Kitt3nntzrmtthihu777, okay.15:30
philwongno, nothing15:30
philwongI am restarting manually15:30
cor_rActionParsnip, thanks a lot :)15:31
aiten_44philwong: check your logfiles see if you have any errors during the reboot15:31
ntzrmtthihu777philwong: the first thing you gotta understand is patience. let things *finish* before moving to the next step.15:31
TheUsDJust went through the truecrypt wizzard and created a volume within a partition/drive, made it a standard truecrypt volume, chose my raid1 volume, formated it. My question is, now that it is formated as an encrypted drive, does that mean anytime I drop a file on the drive it will be encrypted?15:33
aiten_44TheUsd: yea15:34
=== NegativeThunder is now known as kokoye2007
cor_rActionParsnip, it has been in the plugin section, the 'libnotify popup' one, was the one I was looking for though. thanks a lot though :)15:35
treehau55I feel like ever since I did the recent upgrades to pulseaudio throught he package manager, my power consumption for Intel audio and Realtek has stayed at 100%15:35
blazemoreTheUsD: if you use Truecrypt to mount the encrypted volume, you'll get a new entry in the file manager sidebar; you can put files in there. The entire volume is encrypted15:36
ActionParsnipcor_r: no worries, I use pidgin myself. It rocks15:37
TheUsDAiten_44: and this might be a redundant question but if I have that truecrypt drive shared and have a FTP program on another machine use the encrypted drive as the "home folder", when files are transfered from FTP program machine to the encrypted drive (on another machine) the files become encrypted?15:37
=== Homo_Erectus is now known as Carbonbased
TheUsDor sorry, let me explain that better.15:38
ActionParsnipTheUsD: files copied to an encrypted partition will be encrypted, yes15:38
aiten_44TheUsd: doesn't matter where they come from if they end up on your encrypted drive they will be encrypted15:39
TheUsDaiten_44: If I have a windows7 box with an FTP program access the now encrypted drive that is located on a Linux box, the files will be encrypted.15:39
TheUsDOk, outstanding! thank you all!15:39
aiten_44TheUsD: Yes they will be encrypted however you may run into an error if you start the ftp server at boot because the truecrypt volume wont be mounted15:40
TheUsDOk, I'll look into that, thank you again!15:40
klutzI installed Ubuntu and it found the other OS partition, but it did not find the 3rd partition on this HD. Any Help?15:40
Kitt3nklutz, is there a valid operating system on your third partition?15:41
=== stephen is now known as Guest97744
auronandaceklutz: what is on the third partition? what filesystem?15:41
klutzno it is an extended partition with data only on it.15:42
ntzrmtthihu777Kitt3n: also, that was my master copy of the smb.conf; it is accepted practice to name the master smb.conf.master and generate the working smb.conf with "testparm -s smb.conf.master > smb.conf" (run as sudo in /etc/samba, of course)15:42
ntzrmtthihu777!details | klutz15:42
ubottuklutz: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:42
ntzrmtthihu777klutz: and what os? grub may not detect all os's.... if its merely data grub has nothing to do with it.15:42
ntzrmtthihu777klutz: lemme guess, you want it to automount?15:42
Kitt3nSounds like that15:43
klutzntzrmtthihu777, I would like to see it , yes15:43
ntzrmtthihu777klutz: define "see it." you want it to mount somewhere automatically when you boot a certain os?15:43
auronandace!fstab | klutz15:43
ubottuklutz: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions15:43
ntzrmtthihu777klutz: ^, likely what you want.15:44
klutzntzrmtthihu777, see it in a file manager so I can access the files.15:45
kellyhi guys , i'm using ubuntu 12.04 and i installed virtualbox , is it possible to mount cd and install the hp printer driver on windows 7 ? how can i do that15:45
ntzrmtthihu777klutz: then see the above post by ubottu15:45
Skaagwhat happened to add-apt-repository in raring?15:45
Kitt3nSkaag, nothing happened?15:45
=== fathead_ is now known as Seven_Six_Two
ntzrmtthihu777kelly: yes, but you cannot use usb devices with vbox without vbox-guest-additions installed, and an expansion pack15:46
SkaagI installed python-software-properties but 'add-apt-repository' is not available...15:46
ntzrmtthihu777kelly: however, you can use the network install, assuming you have vbox networking set up properly15:46
ntzrmtthihu777Skaag: try apt-add-repository, one is a symnlink of the other.15:46
Skaagfound it: apt-get install software-properties-common15:47
kellyi installed also vbox-guest-additions15:47
Skaagturns out it was moved to another package15:47
ntzrmtthihu777Skaag: I hate it when things are changed for no other reason than to change them.15:47
imejllksdawehi i noticed when i ping google.com evry 20-30 ping i get ping spike 300  so does ubutnu check evry 20 sec for updateds or what does  spike my pc15:48
ActionParsnipkelly: wy not just download the laest from the hp site15:48
ActionParsnipimejllksdawe: i'd reboot your router15:48
Skaagwell it sounds like they are trying to put order in things.. but now the entire world need to update their instructions for raring...15:48
kellyi don't know where is the driver download , could u help me plz to find the driver15:48
ActionParsnipkelly: www.hp.com15:48
kellyi have hp deskjet 2050a15:48
kellyi know15:49
imejllksdaweActionParsnip:  why what hes ruter to do whit it and i did reboot him it is somthing to do whit pc15:49
ntzrmtthihu777kelly: also, if you are doing this for the sole reason of getting an hp printer running with ubuntu the hplip package works just fine for most situations.15:49
aiten_44kelly: on hps website look for drivers and support then it will ask the make and model15:49
ntzrmtthihu777imejllksdawe: what router?15:49
ActionParsnipimejllksdawe: your keyboard seems intermittent too15:49
kellyi wanna use sometimes microsoft office and i want to print from windows 715:49
imejllksdawenewermind what network tool shows whit  program is using network badwich15:50
ActionParsnipkelly: if you put the CD in, there is a setting in virtualbox to mount the host CD drive15:50
ActionParsnipimejllksdawe: ntop15:50
ntzrmtthihu777imejllksdawe: not nevermind, I had same issue with my router and if you have the same one I know a solution.15:50
draskohi all, I am booting ubuntu on Wandboard (i.MX6), and in the end it pauses before presenting me login screen. This pause takes long time, without any print on the console. Where to look?15:51
kellyok another question , how can i use scanner in ubuntu ? in windows there is a program called hp scan15:51
ActionParsnipdrasko: your video driver loads too slow to show plymouth, thats all15:51
JoshDreamlandWhy does chromium get set as the default browser EVERY TIME it updates?15:51
ntzrmtthihu777kelly: xsane, likely.15:51
ActionParsnipkelly: simple-scan is in a defafult install15:51
kellythank you15:52
ntzrmtthihu777JoshDreamland: because that's the google way ;)15:52
draskoActionParsnip, how can I disable video? I do not have video output, I am connected via console.15:52
JoshDreamlandthe canonical way should be to remove that from the package build <_<15:52
draskoShould it be done in the kernel ?15:52
ActionParsnipJoshDreamland: not noticed that but I only use chrome so its not a problem15:52
=== FBIWarnin is now known as i_am_old_w
JoshDreamlandit's to the point where every time it updates, I have to uninstall it long enough for firefox to become the default again15:53
=== _ffio_ is now known as bsd_freak
JoshDreamlandthen I can put it back and resume my normal use15:53
theadminJoshDreamland: You can set the default browser in System Settings -> Details -> Default Applications. I never had this problem.15:54
ntzrmtthihu777JoshDreamland: honestly if you don't like it enough to be your default I see no reason to have it. if you do please enlighten me, and maybe I can tell you how to do the same on firefox, saving you a world of hurt :P15:54
theadminJoshDreamland: So just check that setting.15:54
JoshDreamlandI don't use Unity15:54
theadminJoshDreamland: What do you use, then?15:54
kellythank you all , :)15:54
ntzrmtthihu777JoshDreamland: neither do i :p15:54
JoshDreamlandXFCE and MATE15:54
ntzrmtthihu777xfce ftw!15:55
JoshDreamlanddepending on my mood; they're both intolerable :P15:55
auronandaceJoshDreamland: mate is not supported here15:55
theadminJoshDreamland: For Xfce, Menu -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> Default Applications. I have no idea about Mate, I wouldn't touch that with a stick >.<15:55
Kitt3nLinux Mint, ew.15:55
=== kcristiano_ is now known as kcrist
ntzrmtthihu777Kitt3n: mate != mint15:55
JoshDreamlandlol, Ubuntu purists15:55
JoshDreamlandnow I've seen everything15:55
theadminKitt3n: MATE actually started out in ArchLinux, the Mint team does contribute a lot though.15:55
Kitt3nWell, I stopped liking Linux Mint after it broke 3 installations.15:56
cor_rI didn't know ubuntu users would hate on another distro as well ^^15:56
ntzrmtthihu777JoshDreamland: technically only pure *buntu is installed here, so if you don't have it keep your lips shut :P15:56
rizhashi all15:56
Kitt3nI am using Kubuntu because unity is ew15:56
Kitt3nUnity* :P15:56
ntzrmtthihu777cor_r: I personally don't, but this is #ubuntu, not #ubuntu-spins :P15:56
JoshDreamlandI think the program "xdg-run" is part of this pure Ubuntu install, and it's what's broken :P15:57
ntzrmtthihu777Kitt3n: I agree, which is why I use xubuntu :P15:57
theadminEh, guys, this isn't the place for opinions, go to #ubuntu-offtopic and rant on Unity all you want15:57
Kitt3nntzrmtthihu777, I have a good idea, install Teamviewer and launch the xubuntu terminal :D15:57
=== gbit86_ is now known as gbit86
Kitt3nntzrmtthihu777, just a fair warning, that was a joke and it'll destroy your installation15:58
cor_rntzrmtthihu777, more people to ask here though, and if its not DE specific, why not ask15:58
=== dougsko_ is now known as dougsko
ntzrmtthihu777Kitt3n: well thats not so much a xubuntu issue, as the teamviewer app *is* wine based, after all.15:58
atem_xubuntu is la ostia15:58
Kitt3nntzrmtthihu777, well, I know TV doesn't like xfce at ALL.15:59
theadminJoshDreamland: xdg-run simply relies on your desktop's configuration. Again, in Xfce, go to Menu -> Setings -> Settings Manager -> Default Applications. I think it's under System -> Preferences in Mate, but I'm not sure.15:59
jeebsterhow can I change the default directory when switched into a new user15:59
jeebsterright now one of my users default directory is /root and I have some commands running as root and they seem to fail. it's even stranger because they work in other directories but this user belongs to the admin and root groups16:00
ActionParsnipjeebster: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue16:00
jeebsterUbuntu 12.10 \n \l16:01
ActionParsnipjeebster: when you become a different user, you are sent to that user's home if memory serves16:02
jeebsternope I'm sent to /root as pwd16:03
jeebsterthis is on a vps16:03
jeebsterand the file I'm trying to access is lrwxrwxrwx16:03
ActionParsnipjeebster: l means a symlink16:03
ActionParsnipjeebster: vps always do some stupid stuff to their OS rather than leaving it default16:04
jeebsterha, tell me about it16:04
jeebsterso It's keeping me in whatever directory I called su from as root user16:04
jeebsterwhat's really strange is I added my user to admin and root groups but permission is still denied16:05
ntzrmtthihu777Kitt3n: eh, matters not. I installed gnome-terminal to replace the xfce one, and typically use tilda anyways (using irssi in it right now)16:05
ErkkimonShould I be worried? W: GPG error: http://archive.canonical.com precise Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>16:06
ActionParsnipErkkimon: no, you just have a repo without a GPG key16:07
bobby_Hello, can anyone please suggest me a good version for desktop-ubuntu that supports all packages and vmware-workstation.16:07
ntzrmtthihu777Erkkimon: it happened to me once. no big deal, you can fix it with y-ppa-manager from webupd8 :P16:07
ActionParsnipErkkimon: sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 40976EAF437D05B516:07
auronandace!vmware | bobby_16:07
ubottubobby_: VMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware16:07
ActionParsnipErkkimon: the 'W:' means (w)arning16:07
ntzrmtthihu777bobby_: I know vbox doesn't like unity. not sure about vmware.16:07
ErkkimonOkay. I kinda know how to fix it but u know that nowadays after NSA gate I've become a bit paranoic. Man in the middle, u know.16:08
ActionParsnipntzrmtthihu777: why the tools needed are already in the OS16:08
ErkkimonAtm I'm at the network of the European Parliament, so... :D16:08
bobby_okay, thanks also a good version for ubuntu desktop say 12.04 or 12.10?16:08
kellyis it possible to turn aero effect in windows 7 inside virtualbox16:08
ErkkimonI just thought if my nightmares were true.16:08
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: *shrug* I fix things how I know how, and reccomend the same.16:08
ActionParsnipjeebster: what is the output of:  ls -l `which sudo`16:08
ActionParsnipntzrmtthihu777: makes sense :)16:09
ntzrmtthihu777bobby_: 12.04 is my suggestion, and the xubuntu version.16:09
jeebsterActionParsnip: /usr/bin/sudo16:09
ActionParsnipbobby_: 12.04 as it is LTS16:09
bobby_okay thnx a lot ntzrmtthihu77716:09
ActionParsnipjeebster: ok and:  ls -la /usr/bin/sudo16:10
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: howewver, I am grateful I saw you tell him how to fix it via terminal, as I prefer fixing things via cli most times, and now know how :D16:10
ActionParsnipntzrmtthihu777: cli fixes in irc makes sense16:10
jeebsterActionParsnip: same16:10
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: yep. its also best for getting info in my case, as I run irssi and can execute commands right here for you all to see :P16:11
jacks_coolError: Failed to run /usr/share/apport/apport-gtk as user root.16:11
ksdawbkahi i just used iptraf and i get lag beacuse evry 20 sec it outputs 20 this  UDP (368 bytes) from to on wlan1   and is my ruter ip so wtf is my ruter doing  like somone form outside is sending me udp requests 10 in a row on evry 20 sec?16:12
=== fwilaway is now known as fwilson
ErkkimonHey guys, adding that signature doesn't work. Tried twice. Could there really be a man in the middle?16:14
ntzrmtthihu777Erkkimon: define doesn't work. info, man, info :P. and no.16:14
ActionParsnipjeebster: its not, it tells you the access rights and such16:14
paul424Where  I can search the packages from the current stable version ?16:14
ksdawbkahow to list runing services16:15
ActionParsnippaul424: http://packages.ubuntu.com16:15
ksdawbkahow to list runing services16:15
ActionParsnipksdawbka: ps | less16:15
jacks_coolError: Failed to run /usr/share/apport/apport-gtk as user root.16:15
ErkkimonI commanded: erkkimon@lappy:~$ sudo apt-key adv --keyserver archive.archive.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 40976EAF437D05B516:15
ActionParsnipksdawbka: you dont need to multipst, we saw the first time16:15
ntzrmtthihu777!patience | jacks_cool16:15
ubottujacks_cool: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/16:15
ActionParsnipjacks_cool: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue16:15
ntzrmtthihu777ksdawbka: !patience and the command top will.16:15
ActionParsnipksdawbka: or:   ps -ef | less16:16
ErkkimonSorry, typo. I commanded the following: erkkimon@lappy:~$ sudo apt-key adv --keyserver http://us.archive.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 40976EAF437D05B516:16
ntzrmtthihu777kdnewton: or better yet, htop (you will have to install it first, but it rocks :P)16:16
ErkkimonAnd got following: W: GPG error: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com precise Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>16:16
Jsidcan i use a standard wifi card to receive signal from a wireless camera operating on 802.11b/n/g?16:17
* kdnewton scratches head, confused.16:17
ActionParsnipErkkimon: wget https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8850924/fixpackage; chmod +x ./fixpackage; sudo ./fixpackage16:17
ErkkimonActionParsnip: Is it about a bug?16:17
ActionParsnipJsid: makes sense16:17
jacks_sorry I am getting disconnected again and again.16:17
ntzrmtthihu777Jsid: no reason it shouldnt'16:17
ActionParsnipErkkimon: its just some keys outta whack16:18
jacks_ActionParsnip: Ubuntu 12.10 \n \l16:18
Jsidwhy do they all come with their own adapters?16:18
ErkkimonActionParsnip: K.16:18
=== bsd_freak is now known as babaji
ntzrmtthihu777kdnewton: why head scratch?16:18
ErkkimonActionParsnip: So has that repo changed its sigkey?16:18
kdnewtonntzrmtthihu777, I didn't ask a question :D16:18
ntzrmtthihu777kdnewton: ah grap, lol. that was menat for ksdawbka16:18
ActionParsnip!bug 1033295 | jacks_16:19
ubottubug 1033295 in apport (Ubuntu) "Crash reporter fails to authenticate user (Failed to run /usr/share/apport/apport-gtk as user root.)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103329516:19
ActionParsnipjacks_: took me about 10 seconds to find16:19
ntzrmtthihu777ksdawbka: htop is pretty nifty for what you want. I use it alot.16:19
awktionwell that's some action, parsnip.16:19
philwongI am back16:19
awktiontee hee hee16:19
ActionParsnipJsid: you'd have to ask the manufacturers....16:19
philwongoddly freenode works after a reboot, but I still would like to make sure everything is optimal16:19
ksdawbkahttp://cafe.daum.net/candan/HfuT/17  i have isue whit  laging me evry 20 sec16:19
cor_rsome kind of ubuntu linux wizz^^16:20
JsidAction: aight, thanks just wondering if, in principal it should work or if open drivers would be needed16:20
ActionParsnipJsid: it depends purely on the device. There is no single answer16:21
ActionParsnipJsid: think about it16:21
DylanClShit. Sorry.16:21
ErkkimonHas us.archive.ubuntu.com changed its sigkey or why did I get the warning about the key?16:21
jacks_ActionParsnip, Solution?16:21
ActionParsnipjacks_: read the bug16:21
ntzrmtthihu777jacks_: did you even *look* at the bug report?16:21
DylanClAnybody here that has expierence with FFMPEG and streaming to www.twitch.tv?16:21
ntzrmtthihu777DylanCl: oh hey, weren't you the guy I recommended that python script to?16:22
ActionParsnipJsid: its like asking "will the car take diesel or petrol?", its nonesense16:22
JsidAction: ha, yeah, i have but my brother and i were debating it and thought we'd appeal to some people with (likely) more knowledge of the 802.11 framework16:22
DylanClNot sure, but somebody in here made me a script but there's something wrong with it16:22
ntzrmtthihu777DylanCl: was likely me, but I did not make it, just recommended it. this was before I knew you were trying to livestream and not just recordscreen :P16:23
ActionParsnipJsid: if it obeys th 802.11 standard, it will work with ANY wifi adapter16:23
hillwellwang what16:23
Jsidwhat i was thinking16:23
ActionParsnipJsid: but some may not, so without concrete specifics you know as much as I do16:24
Jsidright on16:25
ksdawbkahttp://cafe.daum.net/candan/HfuT/17  i have isue whit  laging me evry 20 sec  somone help how to disable this upnp shiiit16:25
jacks_ntzrmtthihu777, ok! I read that! I saw a workaround. It prompts me to report a problem and the same error happens again.16:26
jacks_ntzrmtthihu777, I don't know what is happening. I am getting an error message every 3 minutes or so. All my applications are crashing rapidly.16:27
ksdawbka i have isue whit  laging me evry 20 sec  somone help how to disable this upnp shiiit it gives me lag spike16:27
ActionParsnipksdawbka: try some details, like network controller and release, you should also get your keyboard looked at / replaced16:27
ksdawbkaActionParsnip:  why shoud i rplace my keyboard ?16:28
ActionParsnipksdawbka: your H key is really intermittent, or you are mistyping16:28
jacks_ActionParsnip, I did read that bug!16:29
ActionParsnipksdawbka: 'whit' ?16:29
ksdawbkawhit it?16:29
ActionParsnipksdawbka: then write that then....16:29
ksdawbkasorry gramer16:29
ActionParsnipjacks_: gksudo /usr/share/apport/apport-gtk   does that run ok?16:30
* ezra-s covers his eyes16:30
jacks_ActionParsnip, that doesn't gives any output16:30
ActionParsnipksdawbka: you don't look cool or sound 'ghetto' you sound like some dumb kid, grow up and type properly so others can advise. You are not charged per letter here as I am showing with this long sentance16:30
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: heh, chill out, not everyone can type perfectly by touch ;)16:31
jacks_ActionParsnip, I am getting error every now and them. It is showing ubuntu has experienced some Internal error. When I report it I get that bug error!16:31
ntzrmtthihu777jacks_: what error is it trying to report?16:32
ksdawbkaomg engish isent my nativ languge so you grow up and learn my native languge  or stop whining beacuse i am not pro english16:32
* cor_r grabs some popcorn16:32
ActionParsnipksdawbka: there are multiple language channels, they can type in your native language16:32
ActionParsnipjacks_: if you want to report a bug, run:  ubuntu-bug packagename     does it start the process?16:33
ActionParsnipjacks_: seems to be a few instances of this issue online16:34
jacks_ActionParsnip,  I will format it today itslef. I am tired of Wubi installation. I will backup my data and then install a new fresh version16:35
ActionParsnipjacks_: you could try setting the sticky bit on the app, may help. You could always unset it if it is no good16:35
ksdawbkaif somone ask it just to know it hest to do whit qbittorrent using upnp so if you turn it down off no lag16:35
ActionParsnipjacks_: oh man wubi is a mess16:35
ntzrmtthihu777ActionParsnip: yep.16:35
jacks_ActionParsnip, Yeah It is. I got some good suggestions from IRC and I will implement that. :)16:36
ksdawbkaarch linux is bether then ubuntu16:36
ActionParsnipksdawbka: http://www.techsupportalert.com/optimizing-qbittorrent-speed16:36
brontosaurusrex!sr ksdawbka16:36
ntzrmtthihu777brontosaurusrex: forgot the pipe16:36
brontosaurusrex!sr | ksdawbka16:36
ksdawbkai solwed my problem16:36
ActionParsnipksdawbka: https://bugs.launchpad.net/qbittorrent/+bug/657745   shows how you can edit the config file directly16:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 657745 in qBittorrent "Libtorrent crash in upnp::on_reply or upnp::delete_mapping" [Undecided,Triaged]16:36
ntzrmtthihu777ksdawbka: you are free to have your opinion, but this is an ubuntu support channel, and it is unwise to badmouth the os you are looking for help on. I'm on your side in this, btw.16:37
irreverantYou know someone else mentioned arch linux to me16:37
irreveranti'm gong to try it out and install in in my vm box16:37
ksdawbkaarch linux is bether then ubuntu i sed thet just for troling and i told you i solw  my problem16:37
ActionParsnipirreverant: its a fun experience :)16:38
cor_rhe could just use arch then.16:38
=== jack is now known as Guest45955
ksdawbkagb and gl16:38
ActionParsnipksdawbka: glad you got the gold16:38
ntzrmtthihu777irreverant: its not for people afraid of command line, thats for sure ;)16:38
brontosaurusrexirreverant, arch is pure user-friendly experience, really cute.16:38
DJonesksdawbka: Well, don't troll, its not appreciated in this channel16:38
ActionParsnipanyway, its half 5 so home time16:39
cor_rAM or PM?16:39
irreverantWell trolling or not, I'm going to check it out.16:39
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:39
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
delinquentmeQuestion for the sysadmins ... if you were deploying a rails application in a production environment on ubuntu ... where would you place the code REPO ... and where would the working files being served out be placed ... ?16:42
ntzrmtthihu777and so it dies.16:42
ntzrmtthihu777delinquentme: more of a question for #ruby16:43
delinquentmebut it can apply to any application16:43
delinquentmewhere would the files go16:43
delinquentme/usr/local/application_name ?16:43
ntzrmtthihu777delinquentme: but, on my own personal opinion, rvm would be best way to manage your rubies.16:43
ntzrmtthihu777delinquentme: I suppose, with the script that starts it somewhere in $PATH16:44
ezra-sdelinquentme, source usually goes in /usr/src or /usr/local/src16:44
delinquentmentzrmtthihu777, sorry this isn't about gems.  This is a file placement question which is pretty devoid IMO from what ruby or rails has to do with it16:44
Picidelinquentme: /opt/ is a common place to put things that aren't managed by a package repositories as well.16:44
ezra-sdelinquentme, binaries would probably go in /usr/local/share/applications/application16:44
xibalbahey all, i've got a buddy w/a box he uses for ruby dev work. it has 8GB of RAM, but only 404MB of Swap. For some reason his swap fills up all the way even though his ram still has 6 gigs free, any thoughts on why?16:44
delinquentmePici, what does opt stand for?16:45
xibalbadelinquentme, optional16:45
Picidelinquentme: optional16:45
ntzrmtthihu777ezra-s: actually thats mainly *.desktop files go.16:45
ezra-sdelinquentme, I would also make sure permissions are perfect for production environment16:45
ezra-sntzrmtthihu777, some people use /opt for specific 3rd party apps16:45
ezra-sI mean..16:45
ezra-sdelinquentme, some people use /opt for specific 3rd party apps16:45
brontosaurusrexxibalba, there is a swapiness variable in existance16:45
ezra-sntzrmtthihu777, thx16:45
ChadmanSup guys.16:46
ChadmanIt's Chadman.16:46
ntzrmtthihu777xibalba: something is really wrong there. I only have 4gb of ram, 8gb of swap, and swap is almost never touched.16:46
Chadmanand I have something good for ya'll.16:46
xibalbabrontosaurusrex, hmmm more detail?16:46
ChadmanUbuntu Theme Song!16:46
Chadmanxibalba, shut the fuck up for a minute.16:46
helloi need help16:46
ChadmanI have something16:46
FloodBot1Chadman: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:46
bazhang!backtrack | Chadman16:46
ubottuChadman: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)16:46
brontosaurusrexxibalba, i'd have to google16:46
ChadmanUbuntu Theme Song!16:46
xibalbaChadman, excuse me?16:46
Ari-Yangstuff that you compiled yourself, the bins I think are placed in /usr/local/bin16:46
ntzrmtthihu777!feedthetroll | xibalba16:47
ubottuxibalba: The above mess was caused by someone who thought it was funny (they're gone now). Please ignore it completely, since discussing it and making a fuss will only make them think they've reached their "fun" goal.16:47
xibalbathis channel is out of control and borderlines uselessness16:47
jacks_there is a backup.tgz file present in FileSystem.16:47
brontosaurusrexxibalba, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq#What_is_swappiness_and_how_do_I_change_it.3F16:48
xibalbaso granted 404MB of swap is Tiny and incorrect, though with 6GB free not sure how swap fills up16:48
xibalbabrontosaurusrex, thanks this looks helpful16:48
ntzrmtthihu777bazhang: how did you know they were on backtrack, may I ask? or were they in here before?16:48
DJonesntzrmtthihu777: They were here earlier16:48
ntzrmtthihu777xibalba: should match swap to ram if you want to hybernate, as a pro tip ;)16:49
xibalbabrontosaurusrex, swapiness will still be introduced even w/so much RAM available?16:49
ntzrmtthihu777DJones: ah, gotcha.16:49
xibalbantzrmtthihu777, i'm well aware. my buddy is a dev not a sys admin. I was going to make a swap file and attach it for him but its so dirty16:49
ezra-sxibalba, with 6gigabytes of RAM I doubt you will need swap at all unless you run many heavy mem usage processes16:49
ntzrmtthihu777xibalba: kk, just trying to be helpful :P16:49
=== kcristiano_ is now known as kcrist
xibalbaezra-s, agreed so i'm not sure why its hitting 100% swap16:50
brontosaurusrexxibalba, i'd do the swap file and change swapiness to 016:50
ezra-sxibalba, a misconfigured swappineness value could be the cause16:51
xibalbaok i will check16:51
ezra-sif you have nothing eating all your mem that is16:51
=== rbxs|Zzzz is now known as rbxs
Picixibalba: The kernel is smart, if things don't need to be used immediately it will put them in swap even if there is remaining ram available.  But as stated, the swappiness value can help try to move more stuff in to ram. You may want to look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ as well.16:51
xibalbacheck this out from top16:51
xibalbaMem:   8175184k total,   803252k used,  7371932k free,    31328k buffers16:52
xibalbaSwap:   414716k total,   413800k used,      916k free,   103752k cached16:52
xibalbamakes little sense16:52
ntzrmtthihu777DJones: is there a way I can prevent that chad fella from pming me ever?16:52
xibalbaswapiness is @ 6016:52
DJonesntzrmtthihu777: /ignore nick (I think)16:52
ntzrmtthihu777xibalba: ick. mine is 10. I forget how I set it, however.16:53
ntzrmtthihu777DJones: I mean via IP like that ban.16:53
xibalbai'm adjusting it via sysctl now16:53
xibalbasudo sysctl vm.swappiness=1016:53
ezra-sntzrmtthihu777, use the /ignore command16:53
ntzrmtthihu777xibalba: but that change is not persistent. you have to add it to some file or another, forget which.16:53
DJonesno idea about that, maybe a question for #freenode if /ignore doesn't work16:53
xibalbantzrmtthihu777, i am aware :)16:53
ntzrmtthihu777DJones: kk.16:53
Picintzrmtthihu777: ignore is a client command, check your client's help, likely via /help ignore16:54
brontosaurusrexntzrmtthihu777, /help ignore16:55
ntzrmtthihu777ezra-s: spying on me? :P16:55
ezra-sntzrmtthihu777, no, trying to be helpful16:55
ezra-sntzrmtthihu777, do as brontosaurusrex say, try /help ignore16:55
brontosaurusrexshould be like /ignore nick PRIV < for my client16:56
ezra-sctcp version cant be called spying at all16:56
ezra-sin xchat you can ignore by mask with many options16:56
ezra-sI don't know if irssi is the same16:56
ntzrmtthihu777ezra-s: lol, I'm just joking on the spying bit :P16:56
ezra-sntzrmtthihu777, hehehe I know I know, but just in case... :D16:57
llutzntzrmtthihu777: easier to block all pms in irssi, except some you really want: http://scripts.irssi.org/scripts/whitelist.pl16:57
cor_rntzrmtthihu777, http://irssi.org/documentation/manual 10.1 ?!16:58
vmachine1anyone has a list of ports needed to be open on firewall for likewise open to work. ihave udp/tcp 88,389,123,445,464,137 but im still having issues connecting16:58
ntzrmtthihu777llutz: ah, thanks. I got it setup now, /help ignore got me set.16:58
xibalbaI'm still not sure how to explain how swap fills up w/so much free Ram17:00
xibalbaswappiness aside17:00
SlowLightanyone is using a reliable DVB-S player on Ubuntu? with all features "Channel Scan+signal strength + A/V...."17:00
ntzrmtthihu777xibalba: if hes a dev maybe something hes working on has a memory leak?17:00
xibalbalikely, he's using Ruby and maybe not giving ample GC time17:00
philwongis bumblebee only for laptops? I just installed it on my desktop and the resolution is now smaller and out of alligment17:00
holsteinphilwong: bumblbee is for certain hardware, and is available via PPA17:01
holstein!ppa | philwong17:01
ubottuphilwong: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge17:01
ntzrmtthihu777philwong: bubmble be is for that particular card set, regardless of whether its a laptop or a desktop.17:01
holsteindual GPU hardware... no matter where it is17:02
philwongya I have an nvidia gtx560 and someone here told me to install it17:02
holsteinphilwong: let me be the first to suggest *not* installing it, then17:02
adamkphilwong: bumblebee is for computers with optimus technology from nvidia.  I'm not aware of any desktops with this tech, though there might be some.17:02
silv3r_m00nwith apt-get or aptitude how to check which repository is providing a certain package ?17:02
silv3r_m00napt-cache info wine shows information about wine, but not, which repository it comes from17:03
cortexman1I am running a Lucid VM and I have put `export LD_LIBRARY_FLAGS=/usr/local/lib:/usr/lib:/lib` in ~/.bashrc. upon launching gnome-terminal my LD_LIBRARY_FLAGS variable is empty. even after a manual `source ~/.bashrc'` it is empty17:03
ntzrmtthihu777silv3r_m00n: not sure, but synaptic can do it.17:03
philwongactionparsons told me to instal it17:03
llutzsilv3r_m00n: apt-cache policy packagename17:03
ntzrmtthihu777!eol | cor_r17:03
ubottucor_r: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:03
philwongso I assumed it was the right thing17:03
ntzrmtthihu777!eol | cortexman117:03
ubottucortexman1: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:03
ntzrmtthihu777cor_r: sorry, wrong nic :P17:03
cortexman1I found a typo in my code17:04
cortexman1ntzrmtthihu777 you are not being helpful.17:04
bazhangwine (source: wine1.4): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.4.1-0ubuntu5 (raring), package size 0 kB, installed size 21 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)   silv3r_m00n17:04
silv3r_m00nllutz: perfect, thanks17:04
silv3r_m00nbazhang: what do i do with that, i know that17:04
holsteinphilwong: "right" is a matter of opinion.. bumblebee is from an unsupported PPA17:04
cor_rntzrmtthihu777, I guessed so17:04
ntzrmtthihu777cortexman1: not supposed to, lucid is dead to #ubuntu17:04
bazhangsilv3r_m00n, you could just ask the bot17:04
cortexman1no, it's not. this is an unofficial irc channel, not canonical.17:04
philwongok understaood17:04
ntzrmtthihu777cortexman1: can you not read the /topic? Official Ubuntu Support Channel.17:05
adamkphilwong: And regardless of whether bumblebee is supported or not, unless you have an onboard intel GPU as well as the nvidia, it was the wrong advice, period.17:05
xibalbantzrmtthihu777, wow you can turn off swap on a live system now? and it commits it back to memory?17:05
ntzrmtthihu777cortexman1: now, maybe ubuntu-offtopic may have some folk willing to help :P17:06
philwongyes I do have a onboard intel cpu17:06
philwongsorry, gpu17:06
cortexman1whatever, it's not offtopic.17:06
bazhangcortexman1, what version of ubuntu17:07
ntzrmtthihu777xibalba: *shrug* idk, why you tell me/ask me that? i don't recal saying anything to that effect :P17:07
philwonganyway, I have uninstalled it17:07
xibalbantzrmtthihu777, you pointed me to the swap faq17:07
ntzrmtthihu777cortexman1: as the topic here is supported versions of ubuntu and lucid is eol, it *is* offtopic.17:07
xibalbantzrmtthihu777, didn't use to be possible back in the day17:07
* xibalba is old BSD folk17:07
ntzrmtthihu777xibalba: actually someone else did :P17:07
bazhang!eolupgrades | cortexman117:07
ubottucortexman1: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:07
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) was the fifteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on May 9th 2013, see http://ubottu.com/y/oneiric for more details.17:08
cortexman1Lucid is supported until April 2015.17:08
Coreycortexman1: Well aware. :-)17:08
auronandacecortexman1: on server only17:09
cortexman1..your point being.17:09
Anne___I'm looking for help17:09
auronandacecortexman1: if you are running a desktop on top of it it is not supported here17:10
cor_rntzrmtthihu777, do it17:10
ntzrmtthihu777cortexman1: that if you are not using lucid-server its eol, and you're still offtopic as lucid-server would be best supported in ubuntu-server.17:10
holsteinAnne: should just start the first in the list, automatically.. unless you have changed it17:10
ntzrmtthihu777cor_r: do what?17:10
holstein!grub > Anne___17:10
ubottuAnne___, please see my private message17:10
philwongDarn, when I go to "display", it still shows its a "laptop" display17:10
cor_rntzrmtthihu777, normally ur so quick on the !ask bot ^^17:10
ntzrmtthihu777cor_r: lol.17:10
cortexman1there are still plausible reasons to use lucid, and it is still supported. therefore, you guys should stop making comments about it unless it appears that upgrading is relevant to answering the question.17:10
=== wojciech_ is now known as wojciech
Anne___I'm pink!17:11
cortexman1epecially, if you don't think the version of ubuntu is relevant to answering the question, you shouldn't even comment on it.17:11
adamkphilwong: The name of the display isn't that important if everything else is working...  Is everything working fine otherwise?17:11
Anne___the nick was busy17:11
auronandacecortexman1: are you running it as a desktop system with a gui? if so then it is not supported here17:11
philwongno, the display is not17:11
holsteinAnne___: i dont know what that means17:11
ntzrmtthihu777cortexman1: lucid. is. not. supported. here. If you're using ubuntu server it still is, so ask in ubuntu-server if you are.17:11
awktionmy god17:11
philwongthe resolution is messed and this only happened after installing bumblebee17:11
awktionthis channel IS appropriate to discuss ANY version.17:12
Anne___you helped me yesterday17:12
ntzrmtthihu777awktion: no, it isnt.17:12
philwongI uninstalled it and rebooted still resolution is the same17:12
awktionntzrmtthihu777: sorry bud but if its in production its an #ubuntu issue17:12
adamkphilwong: Install pastebinit and run 'pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log'17:12
cortexman1awktion, these folks lack common sense17:12
cortexman1they are basically trolling me17:12
cortexman1i could have just lied about my ubuntu version and got a suitable answer to my question17:12
cortexman1they are just being jerks17:12
ntzrmtthihu777cortexman1: rather, the reverse is true, and you're likely gonna get booted :p17:12
cortexman1whatev. you are resorting to threatening to boot me because you can't respond logically to my very reasonable argument.17:13
awktionrather cortexman1 is correct and #ubuntu is going astray.17:13
philwongE: Invalid operation pastebinit17:13
awktionShow me where in the ubuntu guidelines only the latest supported version is allowed in discussion.17:14
* awktion waits.17:14
ntzrmtthihu777philwong: he said install pastebinit. you must not have done that.17:14
bazhangawktion, /topic17:14
auronandace!topic | awktion17:14
ubottuawktion: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic17:14
philwongyes I am trying17:14
philwongapt-get install pastebinit17:14
silv3r_m00ni install wine from synaptic, is there something that i can run quickly to check if its installed ?17:14
awktionthat's current supported versions that get updates on the repos17:14
silv3r_m00nlike some notepad application or something17:14
awktionthat says NOTHING about if its an appropriate topic17:15
bazhangawktion, correct. supported17:15
awktionand, as long as installations exist, this is the correct place..17:15
ntzrmtthihu777silv3r_m00n: yes, wine comes with notepad by default :P17:15
awktionimagine if you could not get anyone in #debian to talk about sarge17:15
bazhangawktion, not supported means off topic here17:15
=== gbit86_ is now known as gbit86
awktionbazhang: no sir, you've got a real issue.17:15
silv3r_m00nntzrmtthihu777: where is it located ?17:15
brontosaurusrexsilv3r_m00n, which wine or apt-cache policy wine17:16
cortexman1I agree with awktion. if there are still repos available, this is the correct place to get help. besides, where besides here is there a room full of people who have experience with aging versions of ubuntu. this is the correct place.17:16
ntzrmtthihu777silv3r_m00n: what de are you using?17:16
bazhangcortexman1, are you using server or desktop17:16
auronandaceawktion: if someone is using an unsupported version they must upgrade or they won't get any support here17:16
silv3r_m00nntzrmtthihu777: XFCE17:16
philwongadamk: which would you like me to pastebin?17:16
bazhangauronandace, lets move on17:16
silv3r_m00ncant see any menu entry for wine17:16
ntzrmtthihu777auronandace: awktion is not present any more.17:16
cortexman1listen to this: you should only be asking folks about their version if it appears to be relevant to the question.17:16
silv3r_m00nbazhang: running wine command just pops a dialog with some information and close button17:16
ntzrmtthihu777silv3r_m00n: hmm, mine has it, before I removed it.17:16
ntzrmtthihu777silv3r_m00n: easy way to check is browse to ~/.wine ;)17:17
bazhangcortexman1, if you wish troubleshooting help, certain questions need to be answered. thats a basic of irc help17:17
auronandacecortexman1: what version you are running is relevant to whether or not you get support17:17
cor_rsilv3r_m00n, u gotta add the mnu entry manually17:17
silv3r_m00nntzrmtthihu777: no such directory17:17
ntzrmtthihu777cor_r: not so. I got one, even though I did not ask for it :P17:18
silv3r_m00neven i remember a notepad is installed with wine, but where is it so that i can run17:18
cor_rntzrmtthihu777, for me the other way around :P17:18
ntzrmtthihu777silv3r_m00n: somewhere in .wine's c: drive.17:19
brontosaurusrexntzrmtthihu777, you are either trolling or giving wrong answers , in either case stop.17:19
ntzrmtthihu777brontosaurusrex: neither, actually. just telling it like it is.17:19
ntzrmtthihu777silv3r_m00n: issue "wine notepad" in a terminal, should do the trick.17:20
ntzrmtthihu777brontosaurusrex: I never troll here, and I do my damnedest to give correct and helpful answers.17:20
ntzrmtthihu777brontosaurusrex: doesn't mean I'm always write, but I *never* deliberatly give wrong or harmful answers.17:21
xentity1xHi I'm trying to write a plugin for geany and I have a c++ question. Anyone know a good channel to ask that in?17:21
robrocksi need some info about ddrescue17:21
ntzrmtthihu777xentity1x: #c++, perhaps?17:21
xentity1xthey told me not to ask questions there17:21
robrocksthe drive is getting detected as sdb but no partition and capacity read error, can i still get the data with ddrescue?17:21
xentity1xthey said c++-general17:21
xentity1xbut that's apparently dead17:22
breakersallAnyone have problems before with cmake? I'm getting this error when trying to use it lately: -- Check for working C compiler: /usr/bin/cc -- broken17:22
wilee-nileerobrocks, For?17:22
brontosaurusrexntzrmtthihu777, "doesn't mean I'm always write" < nice one :)17:22
robrocksi need the data17:22
breakersalli have build-essential installed, and it is in my path17:22
robrocksits for a customer17:22
ntzrmtthihu777xentity1x: ah. then perhaos I can help you personally, because this is not a c++ dev channel :P17:22
ntzrmtthihu777brontosaurusrex: yeah I know :P, but I corrected myself XD17:22
wilee-nileerobrocks, Can you give a more vague answer?17:22
xentity1xshould i pm you?17:23
robrocksi want to clone the drive with ddrescue17:23
robrocksthe drive just failed out of nothing, no physical damage17:23
robrocksseagate drives you know17:23
MonkeyDustwilee-nilee  irony confuses the user, please don't17:23
ntzrmtthihu777robrocks: all drives fail eventually. law of the universe, thermodynamics and all.17:24
philwongANy ideas what I can do to fix my resolution?17:24
wilee-nileerobrocks, here is the man the channel can help. http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man1/dd.1.html17:24
philwongI installed bumble bee and it happened, but I then uninstalled17:24
adamkphilwong: Did you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file like I asked?17:24
robrocksi know the dd command17:24
wilee-nileeMonkeyDust, I don't do it all the time, you are just projecting, you do not know what that user thins.17:24
robrocksive been recovering data with ddrescue and dd for long17:25
robrocksbut this capacity error i was never able to get it17:25
philwongadamk: I am afraid I dont know teh command to show the /var/log/Xorg.0.log17:25
adamkphilwong: Install pastebinit and then run 'pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log'17:25
robrocksmy privat drives never used to fail17:26
adamkrobrocks: If the drive shows up as sdb, you might be able to create an image of sdb.  But if sdb has no partition table, the image isn't going to have one either.17:26
robrocksi will use r studio or photorec to get the data out after cloning17:27
ntzrmtthihu777robrocks: photorec +1 ^^17:27
=== gbit86_ is now known as gbit86
philwongadamk: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5840976/17:28
adamkphilwong: You don't appear to have the nvidia driver installed.17:29
philwongI figured ubuntu had drivers for it17:30
Ari-Yangdid you go to additional drivers tab of software sources, philwong?17:30
adamkphilwong: It has them packaged in the repos, but you have to install them.17:30
treehau55for 12.04, do you recommend Jupiter or TLP?17:30
auronandacetreehau55: neither are supported here17:31
treehau55auronandace, why not?17:32
philwongwhen I go to additional drivers it has a tick beside "using nvidia binary xorg driver, kernal.."17:32
ntzrmtthihu777bazhang: heh, awktion is threatening a ddos against freenode now.17:32
bazhangntzrmtthihu777, lets move on please17:32
treehau55ive literally tried everything to get my power consumption down on 12.0417:32
philwongare you sure there is no driver installed adamk17:32
ntzrmtthihu777bazhang: done. just thought you should hear of it.17:32
adamkphilwong: Your Xorg log file shows that it's can't find the nvidia driver, and it's loading the Xorg GLX module, not the nvidia one.  So the nvidia driver is either not installed at all, or not installed properly.17:33
auronandacetreehau55: sorry, when you said jupiter i was thinking of something else17:33
ntzrmtthihu777auronandace: my curiosity is piqued. what could jupiter mean in this context?17:34
philwongadamk: where can I get the right one?17:34
adamkphilwong: Normally I'd say the additional drivers program :-)  Try unchecking the driver, and then installing it that way again.17:34
auronandacentzrmtthihu777: i was thinking of a ubuntu derivative (none of which are supported here)17:35
mememememeHi dudes!17:35
mememememeI'm noob17:35
philwongthere appears to be 5 drivers17:35
mememememeHow to add Adobe Flash Player into Mozilla?17:35
philwongit says "its using an alternate"17:35
mememememeI was Windows user17:35
auronandace!flash | mememememe17:35
ubottumememememe: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash17:35
mememememeBut Linux such interestet17:35
rypervenchemememememe: Welcome to Linux :)17:35
Mongoosemememememe: I'm noob too.  Hi. :-)17:36
tgm4883!enter | mememememe17:36
ubottumememememe: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!17:36
mememememeSorry guys, need to install17:36
ntzrmtthihu777auronandace: ah. jupiter I had never heard of.17:38
ntzrmtthihu777mememememe: easy. sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer17:39
cor_rmememememe, in the terminal17:39
mememememeThank you guys17:39
mememememeI installed)17:39
ntzrmtthihu777mememememe: yeah, wht cor_r said.17:40
mememememeI have another question17:40
ntzrmtthihu777!ask | mememememe17:40
ubottumememememe: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:40
=== Endafy is now known as justwhoiam
cor_rntzrmtthihu777, lolled pretty hard ^^17:40
ntzrmtthihu777cor_r: that was just for you ;)17:40
mememememeubottu - sorry, i understood. So, now i have another trouble - when i started PC i have choice between two systems. How i can hide Windows 7?)17:41
ubottumememememe: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:41
ntzrmtthihu777mememememe: but seriously, just ask. you'll likly get the FloodBots irked if you talk this way.17:41
ntzrmtthihu777mememememe: do you wish to remove win7 or just autostart ubuntu?17:41
memememementz - autostart17:42
ntzrmtthihu777mememememe: when you have to chose, which option is ubuntu?17:42
memememementz - second17:42
ntzrmtthihu777mememememe: this may be of use to you: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StartUpManager17:44
auronandacemememememe: is this a wubi install?17:44
ntzrmtthihu777auronandace: dear god, why did you have to remind me of that =_=17:44
mememememeauron - secret))))17:45
ntzrmtthihu777mememememe: ignore that link.17:45
ntzrmtthihu777mememememe: and nothing is secret, you can't expect us to help if you don't give us all the info17:45
theazmanHey all, quick question. On server 12.04, how do I give a domain account local logon rights?17:46
memememementz - xface17:46
MonkeyDusttheazman  better ask in #ubuntu-server17:46
auronandacemememememe: if you are using wubi it makes a big difference to how we can support you17:46
ntzrmtthihu777mememememe: its like keeping secrets from your doctor, really not smart, and will likely cause things to get worse.17:46
theazmanMonkeyDust, thanks, just guessed as to the channel17:46
ntzrmtthihu777mememememe: and we don't mean what desktop, we mean is it a full install from a live cd or did you install it from inside of windows.17:47
mememememejust xface17:47
mememememeFrom inside of windows17:47
ntzrmtthihu777mememememe: .... that means wubi. in which case what you want to do is impossible.17:47
ntzrmtthihu777or at lest hugely impractical.17:48
mememememeCan i buy CD with Linux in Malls?17:48
holstein!language > mememememe17:48
ubottumememememe, please see my private message17:48
ntzrmtthihu777mememememe: no need to, its free. you can download the iso and burn it to disc, just fine.17:48
memememementz - thanks17:49
mememememeBb dudes17:49
mememememeSee ya!)17:49
ntzrmtthihu777wubi needs to die.17:50
ntzrmtthihu777total purge from ubuntu's servers, plus a virus that seeks it out, migrates a wubi install to a full install, and purges it XD17:51
ntzrmtthihu777 </ot> sorry.17:51
irreverantWhat is so bad about WUBI?17:52
MongooseWhat is a wubi install, apart from unpopular?17:52
xokhello all...17:52
xokguys, I am trying to view the logs for postfix...17:53
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wilee-nilee!wubi | Mongoose17:53
ubottuMongoose: Wubi allows you to install or uninstall Ubuntu 12.04 LTS from within Windows ( version 7 or earlier ) in a simple and safe way. Wubi is INCOMPATIBLE with UEFI, Windows 8 Certified computers, and Windows RAID arrays. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for more information. File wubi bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug17:53
MonkeyDustMongoose  something to forget17:53
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xokthe file /var/log/mail.log exists but contains 0 bytes...17:53
xokwhere did it go?.. :-D17:53
irreverantWait that'ss right UEFI issues right?17:53
ntzrmtthihu777irreverant: 1. it consumes the same amount of hdd space anyways, so you may as well do a full install. 2. it makes support here a pita. 3. it renders the install vulnerable to windows fragmentation, something a linux user should never have to worry about.17:54
xokdoes anyone know where are logs for Postfix in ubuntu?..17:54
ntzrmtthihu777xok: sudo updatedb && locate log | grep postfix may help you :D17:54
llutzxok: /var/log/mail.* by default17:54
wilee-nileeirreverant, It is a file in windows, not in its own partition with a correct partitioning schema to start with. The designer themselves said it was not for longterm use but a try out for a regular install.17:55
xokntzrmtthihu777: it does not (I did locate postfix | grep log though ) :-D17:55
ntzrmtthihu777xok: :P17:55
xokllutz: that was the first I looked, the files contain 0 bytes...17:55
llutzxok: then check your main.cf and rsyslog.conf17:55
ntzrmtthihu777wilee-nilee: yeah, but honestly a live cd is better for test, right?17:56
ntzrmtthihu777for that matter it reminds me heavily of the puppy linux frugal install....17:57
afiefhHello, I just connected my Kubuntu PC to the TV, but I'm not getting any audio over the hdmi connection, manually setting the output device for aplay (aplay -D plughw:0,8 file.wav) does produce a sound though17:58
=== afiefh is now known as afief
adamkafiefh: Does it produce the right sound?17:59
afiefadamk: yes17:59
holsteinafief: i would just use an analog audio connection.. use pavucontrol and test the internal audio and use it..18:00
noirohmmmmm, I wonder if sublime text would be a good investment..18:00
adamkafief: So you are getting audio over the HDMI connection after all...  Select that as defualt sound device for pulseaudio.18:00
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afiefadamk: how do I do that?18:00
ntzrmtthihu777noiro: not sure whether to interpret you nick as orion backwards or as no iro, no color :/18:00
adamkafief: As holstein said, use pavucontrol.18:00
holsteinafief: install pavucontrol, and run it when the audio is playing18:01
noirontzrmtthihu777, whichever you prefer.18:01
prashant_123456cannot install ubuntu 12.04 lts piix4_smbus 0000.00.07.0: SMBus base address uninitialized - upgrade bios or use force_addr=0xaddr18:02
noiroIf you want to play it fun, you could interpret Orion to mean Hunter and by being backwards, just say it is an easy way to say "Backwards Hunter"18:02
xokI don't understand where do these logs go...18:02
wilee-nileeprashant_123456, This a virtual?18:02
prashant_123456wilee-nilee: yes its on virtualmachine18:02
xokdoes ubuntu use logs for postfix at all?..18:03
prashant_123456wilee-nilee: any idea18:03
wilee-nileeprashant_123456, I see similar errors in vbox but after a pause it boots to the dektop.18:03
prashant_123456wilee-nilee: yes but the installation is very very slow18:04
afiefadamk, holstein: pavucontrol only shows analogue output and headphones under output devices18:04
wilee-nileeprashant_123456, I have yet to see ubuntu run at all well in a virtual compared to a standard install.18:04
prashant_123456wilee-nilee: using hp laptop18:05
holsteinafief: i would just use that, and enjoy the show.. otherwise, troubleshooting you issue can be complex, and not that rewarding18:05
llutzxok: "grep mail /etc/rsyslog.conf"  "grep -ri postfix /var/log/"18:05
zipyhow can i look up how much ram a program uses in ubuntu server ?18:05
holstein!info free18:05
ubottuPackage free does not exist in raring18:05
ntzrmtthihu777zipy: top & htop18:05
HisaoNakaizipy - top?18:05
adamkholstein: Does the HDMI audio show up under the "Configuration" tab?18:05
adamkD'oh, wrong person.18:05
uadasd7sound suddenly does not work18:06
afiefholstein: but my tv doesn't have a 3.5mm audio input18:06
xokllutz: grepping mail doesn't print anything...18:06
luke1_!info extremetuxracer18:06
uadasd7tried rebooting, no help18:06
ubottuextremetuxracer (source: extremetuxracer): 3D racing game featuring Tux, the Linux penguin. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4-5ubuntu1 (raring), package size 238 kB, installed size 655 kB18:06
adamkafief: Does the HDMI audio show up under the "Configuration" tab?18:06
HisaoNakai!info vegastrike18:06
ubottuPackage vegastrike does not exist in raring18:06
prashant_123456wilee-nilee: can u help18:06
afiefadamk: nope, I only see built-in audio18:06
zipywhats the difference between top and htop18:06
HisaoNakai!info warsow18:06
ubottuPackage warsow does not exist in raring18:06
holsteinadamk: well, either way, im not sure.. i just use the analog audio on the one machine i have with HDMI, because i realize the manufacturer officially supports windows, not linux18:06
xokllutz: grepping postfix recursively shows only dpkg logs (the moment when postfix was installed)...18:07
wilee-nileeprashant_123456, Not really there is #vbox if no one here can and it is virtualbox.18:07
uadasd7can someone please help, my sound suddenly stopped working18:07
zipyk seems htop is another aplication18:07
prashant_123456wilee-nilee: thanks18:07
afiefholstein: in this case it's an Intel HD4000, and aplay was able to play the sound when pointed to the correct device18:07
wilee-nileeno problem18:07
llutzxok: then you'll need to setup your rsyslog.conf for the mail-facility (whyever it isn't by default)18:08
holsteinafief: sure.. i still suggest just using what works.. HDMI can be difficult, and you really get nothing from it, other than digital audio18:08
adamkafief: an you try restarting pulseaudio?18:08
xokllutz: I am not sure how to do that, can you help a bit?...18:08
afiefadamk: a few times, I read in the arch wiki about inserting a line in pulse's config file, and on the ubuntu wiki about asound.conf, but neither worked18:09
afiefholstein: in this case I have no choice :-(18:09
michagogoIs there a way, in raring, to play an audio alert from the command line? I tried sudo apt-get install beep18:09
michagogoBut then `beep` doesn't do anything18:09
holsteinafief: you do.. get a different cable and connect it.. i would already be through the credits on the film :)18:09
llutzxok: this is a default config for rsyslog mail facility: https://gist.github.com/llutz/592115318:10
ntzrmtthihu777michagogo: yeah, something like "do this command; mplayer beep.wav" will do the trick :P18:10
afiefholstein: as I said, my TV doesn't have a 3.5mm input18:10
llutzxok: it's from debian, but should be the same for ubuntus rsyslog18:10
ntzrmtthihu777michagogo: in fact, you can make an alias in your ~/.bashrc for it.18:10
michagogontzrmtthihu777: `sudo apt-get install mplayer`?18:11
uadasd7I think I lost my sound drivers18:11
holsteinafief: i would literally go buy some speakers before i would try and tackle that HDMI audio issue.. as i said, the hardware is not designed, nor intended to support linux18:11
uadasd7because everything was working, but suddenly the sound stopped18:11
michagogoAlso, is it mplayer or mplayer2? what's the difference18:11
xokllutz: what if I put these lines in the /etc/rsyslog.conf file (at the end)?..18:11
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
xokllutz: should it work?..18:11
ntzrmtthihu777michagogo: or if you want to get really creative "command && mplayer goodbeep.wav || mplayer badbeep.wav"18:11
ntzrmtthihu777michagogo: sudo apt-get install mplayer will get what you need :P18:11
holsteinafief: getting the hdmi device showing in pulseaudio would be a great first step... i would also try live CD's, and make a note of kernel versions and alsa version is something works "automagically"18:12
michagogontzrmtthihu777: What's mplayer2, though?18:12
adamkafief: If the audio device is working fine with play, but pulseaudio isn't detecting it, I'd ask in #pulseaudio.18:12
llutzxok: yes, if the file doesn't contain any "mail.*" statements before18:12
ntzrmtthihu777assuming beep.wav, badbeep.wav, and goodbeep.wav do exist.18:12
adamkafief: Assuming they actually have a channel.18:12
afiefadamk: thanks, I'll do that18:12
xokllutz: the file does not, but the included one contains those "mail.*" things...18:12
zipyis there any way to scroll in "top" ?18:12
zipyi dont see the full list18:12
xokand they seem to be correctly configured...18:12
ntzrmtthihu777michagogo: dunno about the 2, probly just a version number. just install mplayer and go with it.18:12
xokthey all point to the /var/log/mail.* files...18:12
llutzxok: but those are empty?18:13
xokbut the files are still completely empty...18:13
afiefholstein: is there a specific live CD you recommend? (got my computer's speakers, but would like to fix it for future use as it's not a hardware/kernel problem as it seems)18:13
DJoneszipy: Page up/down18:13
ntzrmtthihu777zipy: install htop, you can scroll in it, kill, etc.18:13
BluesKajadamk, , I'm not real familiar with the gui setup for audio in unity/gnome , does the graphics card with hdmi out show as an audio device in audio settings ?18:13
zipyDJones, no page down doesnt work im login in per ssh18:13
zipyk i install htop18:13
adamkBluesKaj: It should, yes.18:14
ntzrmtthihu777zipy: in that case htop is your friend ;)18:14
llutzxok: you might make postifx more verbose for a test like http://www.postfix.org/DEBUG_README.html#verbose  and watch the logfiles. but anyways, at least when you start/stop/restart postfix you should get some info in mail.info or mail.log18:14
zipyyes nice18:14
BluesKajadamk, because it does in the new version of kde18:14
zipythank you18:14
ntzrmtthihu777zipy: no prob. htop is on the list of stuff I install first on a new install, before even I get my games and stuff running :P18:15
adamkBluesKaj: Well, I don't know if it shows up in the default gnome audio program, but it should certainly show up in pavucontrol.18:15
holsteinafief: i usually try them all.. the last ubuntu LTS, the current version.. sometimes the development release.. *any* live CD i think might have a different kernel and alsa version18:15
TakagamiWhat is that ncurses thing where you can select a LAMP server or Database server and what not... know what I am talking about?18:15
TakagamiDrawing a blank...18:15
ntzrmtthihu777Takagami: taskell?18:15
BluesKajadamk, yes it does here18:15
ntzrmtthihu777!info taskell18:15
ubottuPackage taskell does not exist in raring18:15
TakagamiThank you!18:15
ntzrmtthihu777Takagami: you mean the ubuntu-server dealie, right?18:16
michagogontzrmtthihu777: Where are system sounds stored?18:16
zipyhmm but i only see percentages18:16
ntzrmtthihu777michagogo: who knows. just get your own sound file somewhere :P18:16
wipdear ubuntu, ALLOW all device by default (UDEV) and make people block (.rules)................18:16
Takagamitasksel... that is the one!18:16
* Takagami is still not quite awake yet... :-)18:16
ntzrmtthihu777!info tasksel18:16
xokllutz: that's the point, I don't get anything...18:16
ubottutasksel (source: tasksel): Tool for selecting tasks for installation on Debian systems. In component main, is optional. Version 2.88ubuntu14 (raring), package size 30 kB, installed size 240 kB18:16
wipshould be like this, not the inverse (block all, and allow with .rules)18:16
wipdoes not make sense18:17
xokllutz: no reason to increase verbosity...18:17
wipwho wants to not allow usb device to his sister18:17
ntzrmtthihu777!enter | wip18:17
ubottuwip: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!18:17
ntzrmtthihu777just a friendly warning. I'd hate FloodBot to get ya ;)18:17
zipyntzrmtthihu777, can i show how much ram they use in MB?18:17
ntzrmtthihu777zipy: honestly no idea. you may want to check out inxi, its a bash script that tells you about your system as a snapshot. see, like this: CPU~Dual core AMD Athlon II X2 240e (-MCP-) clocked at 800.000 Mhz Kernel~3.2.0-48-generic x86_64 Up~8:34 Mem~996.5/2943.5MB HDD~500.1GB(27.3% used) Procs~169 Client~Irssi 0.8.15 inxi~1.8.418:18
wipwill try to complain to udev people...18:18
luigiSo yeah18:18
llutzxok: sudo rsyslogd -N1    to check configs18:19
zipyntzrmtthihu777, i meant an aplication18:19
luigiWhy isn't ubuntu shipping with systemd?18:19
luigiThis has honestly always bugged me18:19
ntzrmtthihu777zipy: dunno atm. I'm just helping as best as I can ;)18:20
zipyk np18:20
jacks_Not able to get audio output. Any suggestion?18:20
zipythen i just calc them18:20
luigijacks_: turn up the volume18:20
jacks_luigi, Volume on full mode!18:20
luigijacks_: plug the speakers in18:20
Piciluigi: because we use upstart instead. It was developed with Ubuntu in mind and thus we use it.  I agree that systemd might be a better initv replacement in some cases though.18:20
jacks_luigi, Speakers are working in windows but in ubuntu it doesn't give any output.18:21
xokllutz: I don't know what it should show up but it prints some warnings about running in "compatibility mode"...18:21
luigiPici: systemd was developed with distro-agnosticism in mind; why is Ubuntu the only major distro to not use it?18:21
xokllutz: nothing related to the postfix or the mailing system at all...18:22
llutzxok: thats normal warnings18:22
luigijacks_: Sorry to start off with the dumb, obvious ones. Are you able to select multiple devices from the sound menu?18:22
xokllutz: yeah, I guess...18:22
luigijacks_: It might be the case that Ubuntu is sending sound to a device that's not plugged in18:22
Piciluigi: Because the developers believe that upstart is a viable replacement.18:22
luigijacks_: Like it could be trying to use HDMI audio out when you want analogue18:22
MonkeyDustluigi  http://upstart.ubuntu.com/18:23
jacks_luigi, How can I check that out. Few hours ago it was working fine. I didn't change any settings18:23
luigijacks_: What have you changed since it was last working? Updated anything?18:23
jacks_luigi, Not at all. No updates done.18:23
luigiMonkeyDust: Pici: Does upstart support socket activation? That's really my main concern18:23
llutzxok: "postconf |grep faci"  gives "syslog_facility = mail"  ?18:23
asenyGood evening everyone, i am interested in developing ubuntu desktop apps and i really have no idea where to start, any good places18:24
xokllutz: yes...18:24
luigijacks_: I believe alsamixer will allow you to change devices. Don't remember if it's installed by default though18:24
luigijacks_: It's a terminal program that will show you the state of your sound devices. What's muted, what's installed, etc.18:24
luigijacks_: You're probably looking for analogue out18:24
llutzxok: might be stupid, but "grep -ri rsyslog /var/log/"     any errors/warnings?18:25
jacks_luigi, I tried plugging my headphones too. But it doesn't work.18:25
luigijacks_: Then something is probably wrong with the underlying audio system18:25
llutzxok: other services are writing logs fine?18:26
luigijacks_: alsamixer should let you ensure that the right device is selected18:26
jacks_luigi, I will try that out! :)18:26
xokllutz: well yes, others write errors fine...18:26
luigijacks_: good luck!18:26
xokllutz: oh, Mysql has null bytes...18:27
luigiMonkeyDust: Pici: And on that note, how are unique seats handled in upstart?18:27
xokllutz: but apache at least has logs (both errors and access logs)...18:27
jacks_luigi, I have that thing installed in ubuntu.Can you please tell me what shall I look at?18:27
luigijacks_: Alright, when you run 'alsamixer' in terminal, you should see a crude volume indicator. Hit 'F6' to get a menu of devices18:28
llutzxok:  so rsyslog runs.... no idea then, sorry that i couldn't help.  last resort: restart rsyslog/postfix and watch again18:28
jacks_luigi, Master was having value 0.18:28
luigijacks_: That means it's muted18:28
luigijacks_: Up and down will increase the volume18:29
luigijacks_: Err, increase and decrease18:29
jacks_Done.Made it 10018:29
luigiDoes sound work?18:29
=== william is now known as Guest810
xokllutz: thank you anyways for wasting time with my problem... I appreciate it...18:29
luigixok: He provided you free technical support18:29
jacks_luigi, Oh yes it does ;)18:30
luigijacks_: excellent! Close the application with Escape and you should be good to go18:30
xokluigi: yes, that's why I thanked him...18:30
jacks_luigi, Can you suggest me some good media player? Rhythm box hangs up everytime. :)18:30
luigixok: Oh, sorry, it looked like you were sarcastically dismissing him. Sorry about that18:30
xokjacks_: mplayer...18:30
holstein"good" is a matter of opinion.. i use/like VLC18:30
luigijacks_: I personally use MPD and GPMC, but MPD is a bit advanced18:30
luigijacks_: mpd is your best bet when it comes to performance, though18:31
jacks_xok: thanks18:31
jacks_luigi, will take a look in to it.18:31
xokluigi: english is not my native languages, maybe I didn't expressed something well... ;-(18:31
luigijacks_: mpd is a server and there are clients (like gmpc and ncmpcpp and ario) that show you your music and get it playing18:31
llutzxok: no worries, nothing to misunderstand18:31
luigijacks_: It can be difficult to set up though18:31
jacks_luigi, Which one are you talkin about?18:32
luigijacks_: mpd can be difficult to set up18:32
xokllutz: I've just restarted both of them (postfix and rsyslog) but still no changes...18:32
luigijacks_: Music Player Daemon is what it stands for18:32
xokllutz: any chance that these services (mysl and postfix) ar running into the chroot and write logs somewhere else?..18:32
jacks_luigi, Which one will you suggest?18:33
luigijacks_: If you're willing to edit a few text files and follow some online guides, mpd is what I'd suggest18:33
jacks_luigi, I need it for basic usage only. Songs and movies nothing advanced.18:33
luigiOh, movies? MPD wouldn't work18:33
holsteinvlc plays those.. and is easy to install18:34
zamnHi, can anyone help me with this error? Ive been working on upgrading all of the packages in my ubuntu server and I keep getting versioning errors with libldap-2.4-2. The pastebin is here: http://pastebin.com/6iCSwvq718:34
luigiholstein: It doesn't manage them though18:34
holsteini dont want it to18:34
luigiI assume jacks_ wants to manage his music and videos18:34
reisiodirectories are good for management...18:34
holsteinthe filemanager manages files18:34
jacks_VLC is available for linux? :O18:34
luigireisio: I can throw a mess of random mp3 files in a dir and GMPC will still organize them for me18:34
luigiBut honestly something like beets is better suited for true music management18:35
holstein!info vlc18:35
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.6-1 (raring), package size 1059 kB, installed size 3356 kB18:35
luigi!info beets18:35
ubottubeets (source: beets): music tagger and library organizer. In component universe, is optional. Version