OvenWerkschecking that the ISO installs and everything looks like it is where it shold be00:00
OvenWerksThat the user can start jack in RT and get reasonable latency with it00:00
OvenWerks(this is a problem with USB audio and the current kernel BTW)00:01
x3laOh whats up with the USB audio - Major or Minor?00:07
OvenWerksI'm not really sure to be honest. It is a kernel problem. I think there is a patch about which I have heard mixed reports.00:29
OvenWerkszequence would know, but he is probably asleep right now as I think he is at UTC +1 or so.00:30
OvenWerksI'm -7 so just getting supper ready00:31
OvenWerksThen I have to be out to set up for a gig in about 1.5 hours.00:32
x3laCool What do you play?00:52
holsteinx3la: i would grab a live CD and try using the firewire device03:51
holsteintry ubuntustudio 12.04 and 13.04 live03:51
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smartboyhwzequence, since when did you make https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/KernelMaintenance so detailed? :O08:43
ttoinezequence, I just need some time09:26
madeinkobaiawow ttoine is here !14:31
madeinkobaiaHi smartboyhw : )14:32
smartboyhwHi madeinkobaia :)14:32
MishHey madeinkobaia14:32
madeinkobaiaHi Mish !14:33
cubmadeinkobaia, have you had the chance to think about graphic profile for the upcoming Youtube tutorials?14:44
madeinkobaiaHi cub, in fact we talked about it with Kaj, and we were completely sure about how display graphical elements and what was the exact content (text) to display.14:47
cubwhat was the result?14:47
* cub wish for comic sans font only.14:48
madeinkobaiacub : if you have the time should it be possible to send me a mail with those informations : witch picture size you need, how many pictures, with wish text, and your preference for the font (the font must have an Open license). Also the idea was to use as base the actual banner I made for our social networks. 14:51
madeinkobaiacub : a mail can be send here madeinkobaia@ubuntustudio.org14:52
cubYeah, I think zequence  already emailed what we talked about. To use the G+ banner but without some of the text to leave room for information about the actual tutorial. 14:52
cubSo there are no preferred font for Ubuntu Studio already?14:53
madeinkobaiacub: indeed, that was the idea.14:53
cubI'll make a mock up and email you when I'm done14:53
madeinkobaiacub: We use for the moment the ubuntu font, and some additionals fonts I used on the slogan "linux for creative human"14:54
ttoinelot of work14:54
ttoineno internet at home until middle of august14:54
madeinkobaiacub: You can find many fonts with an open license here : http://openfontlibrary.org/14:55
madeinkobaiaHi ttoine14:55
cubsure, I just wanted to check if it was already some guidelines in the making14:55
madeinkobaiacub: For the moment I am the live incarnation of our guideline ;p we actually work on it, it will take a little bit time.14:56
madeinkobaiacub: Also you can make a draft if you have some knowledge with graphic tools and then send it to me by mail. That works fine too.14:58
madeinkobaiattoine: Some news from the webshop ?14:59
cubmadeinkobaia, yup, I've made some graphic and video editing before. The quality of it can be discuss though.15:01
madeinkobaiacub: No worries, its just for have an idea of what you would like to see.15:02
ttoinemadeinkobaia, I am moving my house from Lyon to Grenoble, so no Internet at home until august15:06
ttoineAnd I have a lot of work. That was why I asked to have the artwork earlier... now everybody will wait15:06
ttoineit's nobody's fault...15:07
smartboyhwttoine, wait. Grenoble?15:07
smartboyhwIsn't that the place where the nuclear accident happened?15:07
madeinkobaiattoine: No worries mate, good luck for your relocation.15:08
ttoinesmartboyhw, a nuclear incident ??15:09
smartboyhwttoine, heh, I managed to confuse it with Chernobyl, sorry:P15:09
ttoinesmartboyhw, Grenoble, France. there is a nuclear reactor dedicated to research, that's all15:09
cubOr the France did a very good work covering it up. ;)15:09
smartboyhwGrenoble though, I did heard about it from Point Blanc of the Alex Rider series?15:10
smartboyhwIs it placed near a mountain?15:10
ttoineone of the oldest in the world, actually. and also, one of the oldest accelerator15:10
ttoinesmartboyhw, I have moutain everywhere around when I look outside the windows15:10
ttoineAnd I am moving to Lans en Vercors, a nice village in the Moutain. My wife hate cities15:11
smartboyhwttoine, why?15:11
ttoinesmartboyhw, why she hate cities ? or why I am moving ? ;-)15:11
smartboyhwttoine, first.15:11
madeinkobaiattoine: I went few times in Lans en Vercors. Nice place really.15:13
ttoinemadeinkobaia, yes, I hope my wife and kids will enjoy the place15:39
ttoinesmartboyhw, she likes poneys, landscape, walking or bicycle riding, and having a beautiful point of view from the living room15:40
ttoinethis is definitely not possible in big cities dowtown ;-)15:40
ttoineand yes, we have a poney ;-)15:40
ttoinesmartboyhw, she is always outside. In the other hand, I can live three days in my flat without going outside. strange, no ?15:41
smartboyhwttoine, sometimes reverse is the best:P15:42
madeinkobaiattoine: same paradox by my side ;p15:51
zequenceonly two days left of teaching Linux (my head is echoing with Linux terms), then - vacation :P16:15
smartboyhwzequence, :)16:16
Mishyou teach linux?16:16
smartboyhwzequence, since when you made https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/KernelMaintenance that detailed?16:16
zequencesmartboyhw: I add to it from time to time16:18
smartboyhwzequence, you should join the wiki team.16:18
zequenceMish: Only temporarily - extra work. I teach unemployed people basic Linux administration16:19
zequencesmartboyhw: That might be a good idea, but maybe later16:19
zequenceI've been wanting to create documentation specifically for creating and maintaining flavors. Such exists already, but may be I'd like to add something to that, and in that case, it might be a good idea to involve myself more in the Ubuntu side of the community - documentation, wiki, etc16:23
smartboyhwzequence, good.16:23
smartboyhwI will tell phillw to add you:P (He did ask about that before)16:23

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