angelwhere can i look for a solution about ubuntustudio and wifi? in the forum there's no solutions01:19
angelcan i ask you without all of you feel ofended?01:25
angelare you a kind of Elite or Secret organization that can't help common persons that look for some help01:26
angeli think taht you are creating very bad fame to ubuntu01:27
angelsee you i'm a very famous musician and you are destroying the best of ubuntu01:27
angelthis room is not useful i'll write to ubuntu to take out irc01:28
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apolloanybody there want to help a newb get started with a setup?06:23
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dbolton_Is there a way to add a search bar to the file manager windows  in Ubuntu Studio (XFCE)23:41
dbolton_I've come across "Caatfish File Search" but it isn't integrated with the file manager (so you have to navigate to a folder manually instead of using the currently open folder in the file manager)23:43
dbolton_Also Catfish File Search doesn't display the context of the full text searches23:43
dbolton_(think google search results on the web, or Windows 7 search, where it highlights the matching words in context)23:44

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