bittu2how to determine difference between single user mode and run level 1?04:38
bittu2i'm using centos 6 and i'm trying to see if there is an actual difference between the levels04:38
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xnoxbittu2: i'm not familiar with centos 6, but as far as I know by default it only uses init.d scripts. You can inspect those to see if there is any difference. I would not have thought there would be.08:28
xnoxelmo: upstart 1.9-0ubuntu1 is in saucy. If you are after upstart apparmor support, you might need apparmor/kernel from saucy08:30
jodhxnox: thanks for doing the upload!08:31
jodhxnox: ...speaking of which, could I bug you about the procenv one? :)08:32
elmoxnox: no, I'm after the dbus bridge; thanks for letting me know12:15
xnoxelmo: than straight backport should be enough =)12:16
jodhxnox: lp:~jamesodhunt/upstart/fix-libupstart updated.12:30
xnoxjodh: win! =)12:30
xnoxwe should have done that long time ago anyway.... was on the back of my todo list =)12:31
jodhxnox: yeah, I'd like to understand exactly what's different on 64-bit systems though.12:31
neomantrahi, i am running on headless a Ubuntu cloud image (Raring with upstart 1.8) and want to use upstart session jobs.   I don't think I'm set up properly for this as I get this error in response to `initctl --user start mjob`:14:24
neomantra"initctl: UPSTART_SESSION isn't set in the environment. Unable to locate the Upstart instance."14:24
xnoxjodh: ^14:54
xnoxjodh: do we spawn user sessions on servers at all yet?14:54
xnoxand how to do that?14:55
jodhxnox / neomantra: we don't really support console login environments yet.14:56
jodhneomantra: you could arrange for the system upstart to start a session init as your user, then "join" that session using something like 'export UPSTART_SESSION=`initctl list|awk '{print $2}'` before running 'start $job', but that assumes there is only 1 session init instance running for the user.15:00
neomantrathanks for the responses.    ah, using upstart to start the "user upstart" it makes sense15:03
neomantramy intention is to have services run as a user on cloud servers.    should i not be using upstart for this?  i'm revamping my infrastructure and thought i'd use it instead of start-stop-daemon15:05
xnoxneomantra: if setuid/setgid stanzas are enough, just add system jobs.15:48
xnoxneomantra: traditionally, userids that run webapps/etal shouldn't have login accounts / shell access at all =)15:49
xnoxneomantra: such that those jobs are executed as non-priviledged users.15:49
neomantraxnox: that's a good point.    but i want users to be able to push configuration and then start/stop jobs...   but not do anything privileged15:50
neomantratheir jobs15:50
xnoxneomantra: for that case, user session / jobs sounds nicer.15:51
neomantraso i have system upstart starting the "init --user"  with setuid/gid as my user.    still need the upstart session variable.   the "initctl list|awk" doesn't seem to work15:53
elmoconfigure.ac:11: option `serial-tests' not recognized19:22
elmoautoreconf: automake failed with exit status: 119:22
elmoah, looks like I need saucy automake ; will file a bug about build-depends19:23
xnoxelmo: or you can remove "serial-tests", introduced in automake1.12. we are in discussion with automake upstream about the whole test issues.23:02
xnoxelmo: i don't think in upstream we have "serial-tests" specified, due to resulting in higher automake dependancy.23:03

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