davecheneythumper: sure, wallyworld and I want to always include the tools in the deb00:03
ahasenackdo the relation-list and relation-ids commands trigger a network call? Or does the unit have that information already locally?00:03
davecheneyso every bootstrap is essentially upload tools00:03
thumperdavecheney: well, jujud is in the deb00:03
thumperI checked00:04
thumperdavecheney: I think I may do this in parts00:04
davecheneywallyworld: and I want to kill the idea of a public bucket00:05
thumperdavecheney: effectively do the local provider this was, and we can test out the idea00:05
* thumper nods00:05
davecheneythumper: you're the boss (literally)00:05
thumperdavecheney: however it means uploading 12 meg every time you want to start a new juju environent00:05
thumperdavecheney: speaking of boss-like things, how about we schedule a regular weekly meeting?00:06
davecheney1, it's not 12mb00:09
davecheneyits 4 at most00:09
davecheney2, it's only when we bootstrap an envrionment00:10
ahasenackand juju upgrade-juju00:10
davecheneyi don't careif upload tools is the size of the raring iso00:16
davecheneyit's not a common operation00:16
thumperwell jujud is 14meg on my machine, not looked at a gzip version though00:32
davecheneythumper: upload tools says its ~ 4mb last time I looked00:32
davecheneybut my point stands, i don't care how large it is00:33
davecheneyit is not a common opeation00:33
* thumper breaks up some of the local provider work into bits for review01:04
* thumper is listening to Vilify by Device, very catchy01:04
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davecheneyhas anyone tried to run the goamz/s3 tests recently ?02:18
davecheneythumper: aaah, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5845459/02:25
davecheney^ this is what happens on go 1.0.2-2 (raring)02:25
thumperno, not tried it02:26
davecheneywill fail on raring02:52
davecheneywill pass on go 1.1+02:52
davecheneyi've been trying to hack around the 1.0.2 http problems02:52
davecheneyand I've chased it this far02:52
_mup_Bug #1189873: Tests fail on tip <goamz:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1189873>02:54
davecheney^ mis reported02:55
thumperwell, that is frustrating03:12
thumperwas hoping for a clever way to wrap code in a test03:12
thumperbut reflect pancis03:12
thumpersaying unexported function called03:12
thumperwhich is right03:12
thumperbut I was hoping for testing ...03:13
thumperdavecheney: thanks for the ParseCIDR03:47
thumperI missed that when reading the docs03:48
davecheneythumper: np, i had to read them like 3 times to find the bugger03:50
davecheneyi knew it was in there because we use something similar in the go.net/ipv{4,6} packages03:50
davecheneyotherewise LGTM03:50
* thumper goes to make a coffee03:52
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* thumper tries to work out why I'm failing at creating test directories04:36
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fwereadejam, fwiw, "watch calls next" should be true07:35
fwereadejam, unless you can think of a reason not to do it that way?07:35
fwereadejam, well, not exactly07:36
fwereadejam, but "watch result includes first event" should certainly be true07:36
fwereadejam, and hence out should start off switched on, to correspond with that event07:36
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jamfwereade: the current code doesn't work like that. So it would be redoing all the watches that we have. The current work is Watch returns a watcher, which you call next on08:22
TheMueupgrading to 13.04 seems to be no good idea08:32
fwereadejam, ok, well, that sucks and wastes bandwidth08:42
fwereadejam, please ifx08:42
jamfwereade: so NotifyWatchResult should include the change? Or we know it is a no-op so we swallow the initial event and then trigger the initial event locally?09:11
rvbaHi guys, could I please get a second review of https://codereview.appspot.com/10959043/? (original MP, approved by Jeroen, is here: https://codereview.appspot.com/10957043/).09:13
jamrvba: commented https://codereview.appspot.com/10959043/10:24
rvbajam: ta10:24
jamfwereade: api-watchers has been updated for Machine.Watch(). It still asserts that we get 1 initial change, but the server side consumes the local one, and the client side produces its own.10:51
jamrvba: https://code.launchpad.net/~jameinel/juju-core/set-agent-version/+merge/173175 is pretty trivial if you are up for a quick review11:12
rvbajam: approved11:35
jammgz: https://code.launchpad.net/~jameinel/juju-core/set-agent-version/+merge/173175 if you are around11:38
jamTheMue: ^^11:40
TheMuejam: you've got a +111:55
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jamespagemgz, those 1.1.1 package appear to be missing runtime/cgo13:43
jamespagehmm - the build does something different in PPA13:49
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mgzjamespage: hmmm13:59
Guest28536freenode ate my nick14:08
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jamespagemgz, its a problem with the cross compilation14:31
jamespageruntime/cgo.a only gets built on the 'native' platform I think14:32
jamespageso only i386 gets it14:32
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mgzhm, so the repackaging is breaking us14:32
jamespageI'm looking now14:32
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jamespagemgz, grrr14:50
mgzjamespage: how hard would it be to build 1.1.1 with pre-debian-changes packaging, that was used for 1.0?14:51
mgzseems otherwise we're somewhat dependent on either fixing ourselves or getting the debian maintainer to fix the build process14:52
jamespagemgz, I'll look14:56
jamespagemgz, blurg - I really hate this cross compile stuff its doing14:59
jamespagemgz, I think your plan is probably a good one14:59
mgzjamespage: looks like there's working 1.1 in testing? that also predates the cross compilation stuff right?15:01
mgzdoes the maintainer have his work in a branch anywhere? I wonder what the history of his changes is.15:01
mgzyup he does, will have a look as well.15:03
jamespageit does - the 1.1.1 is the latest15:03
jamespage1.1-2 is the first one with the cross compile stuff15:03
jamespagemgz, sorry - I missed this because I locally built the package on amd64 including the arch all packages15:04
* jamespage sighs15:04
jamespagelet me see if I can pull together a 1.1.1 without cross compile15:04
jamespageI'll also raise a bug back to debian as well15:04
jamespagemgz, hold the line - I had an idea when submitting the bug report.15:12
mgzooo :)15:13
mgzrvba: second lgtmed on your branch15:13
rvbamgz: third even 'caused Jeroen also reviewed it :)15:18
rvbamgz: ta15:18
jamespagemgz, can I suggest that you delete the packages from the PPA for the time being16:08
jamespagethey are a load of fud right now16:08
jamespagemgz, OK - I have some new ones building that don't cross compile16:32
jamespageand I've reported back to debian16:32
jamespagemgz, all done - https://launchpad.net/~james-page/+archive/golang-backports/+packages17:04
mgzthanks james!17:06
mgzI'll copy those across.17:06
jamespagemgz, ack - lemme know how that works out for you17:11
benjibac: I'll do the second review for you.19:28
benjithat was what I was going to suggest initially until I realized the pattern was repeated19:42

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