hatchmorning huwshimi thanks for the changes - I put 0.7.2 out this am00:51
huwshimihatch: Np, thanks for the release.00:55
hatchman we can get 30yr mortgages now01:04
hatchthat's nuts!01:04
huwshimihatch: You couldn't before?01:15
hatchnope 25 was the max01:15
huwshimihatch: That's what most people have here01:15
hatchto me the calculation doesn't make much sense01:15
hatchsave only about 8%/mo01:16
hatchbut i might be missing something as I'm just using the bank calculator :)01:16
hatchour house prices are just nuts now so maybe that's why they added it01:17
hatchin 'nice' areas they are going for $400/sqft01:18
hatchfor a house with a yard, and the like01:18
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bacmorning hatch14:38
hatchmornin bac14:38
hatchI tried to watch a video this morning on msdn.com - it required silverlight which was out of date so it wouldn't play14:40
hatchat least it includes the ability to download the video heh14:41
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hatchwelcome to the empty office14:48
MakyoHah!  Yeah.14:49
hatchI bought the new Magic The Gathering app on android14:49
hatchlast night14:49
hatchbig mistake14:49
MakyoOh yeah? 14:49
hatchfirst there are a lot more rules than when I stopped playing ohhhh 8 years ago :)14:50
hatchand I probably played it for like 3h haha14:50
bcsallerI used to play that when it first came out14:51
MakyoYeah, exactly.  I tried looking into it a few years ago and got lost when it started to pick up in popularity again.  Hadn't played since elementary school.14:51
bcsalleryou just made me feel old14:52
hatchthe cool thing about the app is that it tells you what each things do14:52
hatchbcsaller: first came out? lol wow14:52
MakyoOops :)14:52
hatchI think my first box was Ice Age14:52
bcsallerI can take it14:52
MakyoMine was Revised.14:52
MakyoWait, am I the youngest? :P14:53
hatchin magic card years....it does appear so14:54
rick_h_howdy hatch 14:55
bcsallerhatch: you were talking about this yesterday. Check out the graph on price per sq ft http://www.trulia.com/real_estate/San_Francisco-California/market-trends/14:55
bcsallerI think 1br are the worst14:55
hatchbcsaller: wow....how the heck can anyone afford to buy there? haha14:56
hatch$850k for a 1500sqft condo.....jeeeeeeze14:57
bcsallerpeople buy these things?14:57
bcsallerthis is earthquake country :)14:57
hatchat least there there isn't any more land to build on14:58
hatchwe have a lot of land14:58
MakyoFriend of mine just bought a house in Redwood City recently, actually.  $820k :P14:58
bacso are we having a meeting?14:58
MakyoI thnk its on reclaimed land, too.14:58
MakyoOh, yeah, jujugui call in 2 - just a daily.14:58
benjijujugui: I'm having audio/video problems.15:04
Makyobenji, no worries, though we finished pretty quick.  No surprises from the call; bcsaller and hatch may be proposing today.15:05
benjisounds good; thanks for the update15:05
hatchbenji: http://oscargodson.com/posts/why-i-dont-use-coffeescript.html lol15:07
hatchrick_h_: hey I just noticed that i can't deploy some charms on trunk15:12
hatchis this a known issue?15:13
MakyoBoo.  83 tests failed.16:11
hatchman typescript with visual studio is so cool16:18
hatchtoo bad VS requires Windows16:18
MakyoHuh, everything passes in the browser.  Maybe a make clean is in order.16:19
hatchcheck to make sure that you aren't trying to log something with a circular reference (like a Y.Node)16:20
hatchphantomjs barfs on that16:20
MakyoOh, didn't save. :P16:20
hatchMakyo:  var service = this.model || this.get('model')  was really just a suggestion :)16:26
hatchmaybe we should have a code for 'must change' and 'would like changed' :D16:26
Makyohatch, ah, okay.  I usually just put "<change> maybe? Up to you." in the comment.16:27
MakyoIt's a style thing, though, so no biggie.16:27
hatchhow about 'IC' implementers choice :)16:27
MakyoI just always have to force myself to read that as assigning the model to the variable, and not 'true'.16:28
hatchahh yeah16:28
hatchneed the brackets for that16:28
MakyoYeah.  Just habit.16:29
MakyoAnyway, I'm fine just using words, rather than Sekrit Codes to say that, unless rv can interpret that like LGTMs.16:29
hatchit probably can't16:32
MakyoCheers, thanks.16:33
hatchtwo spaces after periods look so funny to me16:33
MakyoYeah, it's what I was taught in elementary school. I'm trying to break myself of the habit, but it's hard.16:33
hatchyeah I'm pretty sure it's purely a style choice now so neither are 'wrong'16:36
MakyoTrue. One space is preferred by a lot of publishers, but it usually doesn't matter on the net, since white space collapses :P16:39
hatchhaha - which is so odd imho16:40
hatchwhy do I need non breaking spaces....like CMON!!!!16:40
MakyoWell, if you indent your HTML and still have a max width, that could get odd in deeply nested text :)16:41
MakyoI mostly write in markdown these days, anyway :P16:42
hatchhaha yeah ok I suppose16:42
hatchyeah markdown is really nice16:42
MakyoYeah, definitely.16:42
MakyoOnly problem I've run into is the wordpress plugin treats hard-wrapped paragraphs literally and inserts <br/>s16:43
hatchahh - I ran into that on my blog on Tumblr and ended up finding a hidden option to switch it to raw HTML - so I have to type the <p>'s manually but at least then I don't get any odd artifacts16:44
MakyoAh, yeah. Tumblr has a strange idea of markdown, as it is :P16:46
hatchyeah I'm really looking forward to http://tryghost.org/16:47
hatchif it lives up to it's hype it should be a great platform (written in node)16:47
MakyoI mostly use WP or Jekyll+Disqus, but this looks neat.16:50
hatchis `peeps` our 'private' mailing list?16:52
hatchI always get those two mixed up16:52
MakyoYeah.  You can go to https://launchpad.net/~juju-gui-peeps and see the private banner16:53
hatchahh ok cool16:53
hatchwhen I come across a blog post in another language I'm all like "man why isn't this in English" I wonder if non English speakers say the same thing :)17:02
hatchwell except "why isn't this in X" :)17:02
bacdid y'all get invited to the leankit kanbanaroo party?18:29
Makyobac, Haha, no.  What is it?18:38
hatchnope I didn't either!18:38
bacit's a street party at Agile2013 sponsored by leankit18:39
baci think benji should go since it's in nashville and he's localish18:39
benji"kanbanaroo" - that's pretty funny18:40
hatchhaha it is18:52
MakyoProbably not as exciting as Bonnaroo.  More efficient, though.18:53
hatchleankit really needs to work on their performance19:02
hatchI have to refresh the page every day19:02
hatchMakyo: after doing these releases should I delete the cards in Releasable? Or is there some other thing to do to those?19:02
bcsallerthey get archived I belive 19:03
MakyoYeah, I think archived.  Might be worth waiting until Gary gets back, though.19:03
hatchyeah - there is a way to archive to 'Done' but that's a good idea, dont' want to have to manually move them all somewhere else :)19:04
hatchMakyo: since you haven't yet committed your branch could I request one more 'improvement'? :) Add env to the attributes of view-container.js to match config base19:16
Makyohatch, Sure, still poking around at tests.19:17
hatchyeah no rush - I also added env to it, so I can add it if you don't want too :)19:17
Makyohatch, You mean just in the ATTRS?19:17
hatchyeah just so that anyone looking at it can see that it's expecting the env attribute19:18
Makyohatch, Sure.  I'll add it after db, so if you do add it yourself, it won't conflict.19:18
hatchok great thx19:19
* hatch slides this into his ammo box for Typescript conversion discussion19:19
* hatch expects to be shut down hard during that discussion19:20
hatchbac: reviewing19:24
bacjujugui: reviews https://codereview.appspot.com/10964044/19:24
bacthanks hatch19:24
bacthanks benji19:28
* bac relocates19:34
hatchbenji: this just looks funny but I think it's cool :)  (svcInspector ? this.inspector : this).get('model')19:41
* bac relocated19:48
hatchI guess the new spot was not wifi friendly :)19:54
hatchbac:  find a new wifi friendly location?19:57
hatchaww man I have a databinding issue I can't seem to track down19:59
hatchbcsaller: this is all your fault20:00
* hatch walks away successfully pushing the blame away20:00
bcsallerwhat did I do this time?20:00
hatchno I actually think this is me20:01
bachatch: i tried oceanfront but had to retreat20:01
hatchbcsaller: when we edit a config field, it goes into 'conflicted' then you click 'save' and it's still conflicted when the model updates20:01
hatchso I wrote the conflict part so it's actually my fault... ;)20:01
hatchbac: aww man that would be so cool, working on the beach20:02
bcsallersave would have to clean all conflicted state, unless that was somehow the last UI opportunity to confirm what your doing (in an overwrite situation)20:02
hatchyeah there are a few different possible things here20:03
bcsallerbut I think we won't need that if the real conflict UX is sufficient 20:03
hatchso you're saying that they have chosen to keep their own data so it's not really in conflict20:04
hatchso on save, blow out the conflicts and force the changes to the other user20:04
hatcha clearConflicted method would be trivial to write heh20:04
hatchas long as that's the story20:04
bcsallerhatch: that makes sense to me, we could optionally change the text on the save button when conflicts are detected to say something like Save (overwrite Juju changes) or something20:05
bcsallerand if there are none, it just says save20:06
bcsallereither way though it clears the state20:06
hatchexcellent idea20:06
* hatch steals and claims it as his own20:06
bcsallerthere is not 'team' in idea. Somehow I don't think that expression will catch on20:07
bachatch: removing those function references does cause breakage.20:09
hatchbcsaller: lol I like that one20:09
hatchbac: hmm ok let me review the code again20:09
hatchbac: what is the error?20:10
hatchMakyo was able to remove those and his code doesn't look any different...20:11
hatchsorry didn't mean to ding20:12
MakyoThat's fine, just misread.20:12
rick_h_hatch: not sure on the issues deploying hcarms. Guess files bugs on them and we can look. 20:12
hatchrick_h_: ok seems like today is your day off so this can wait until you're back :)20:13
rick_h_hatch: yea, I'm out in the wood. This is my 30min of internet for hte day. 20:13
rick_h_have to ride my bike up to the club house to get on crappy shared wifi20:13
rick_h_just long enough to do a little git push and reply to a few emails20:13
hatchman I think a fighter just did a flyby my house20:14
hatchholy that was loud20:14
rick_h_hatch: well file bugs on which charms at least so we can look into it post-holiday. 20:17
rick_h_hatch: even better if it's something you can give an error from as it seems it must be client side. Maybe bad config unable to parse or something? However I think we sanity check that stuff already20:18
bachatch: unsurprisingly, when i remove the def of this.inspector.exposeService then calling this.inspector.exposeService() is an error.20:19
bachatch: should that fcn be defined in a different context?20:19
hatchahhh yes20:20
hatchI missed that sorry20:20
* hatch is a bad reviewer20:20
hatchrick_h_: well now I can't get them to fail....ignore me clearly I've lost my mind20:20
rick_h_hatch: even better, self fixing bugs!20:20
rick_h_ok, back to no signal-ville. git push and email replies accomplished. 20:22
hatchbac: did that work for ya?20:32
bachatch: yep, after also defining the flags in my test.20:36
bachatch: relook? https://codereview.appspot.com/1096404420:57
hatchthanks I'll get on it right away20:58
hatchbac: lgtm'd with one request21:03
hatchit's a small one :)21:10
bachatch: thanks21:10
bacbye all.  have a nice weekend.21:24
abentley$ juju destroy-environment21:55
abentleyWARNING: this command will destroy the environment.21:55
abentleyThis includes spilling oil, contaminating the earth, polluting the air, and destroying other resources. Continue [y/N]21:55

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