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marcoceppiahasenack: what part of the documentation were you missing?12:06
ahasenackmarcoceppi: relation-* commands, env vars that are available12:07
ahasenacksearching for relation-set turned up a blog post, to give you an idea12:07
ahasenackin the search box from the juju documentation page12:07
marcoceppiahasenack: okay. well need to make a charm author reference doc soon12:07
ahasenackand it still talks about debug-hooks as if they exist12:08
ahasenackI filed a bug about that yesterday, but for some reason it got filed in juju-core, not juju-core/docs, so I marked it as invalid and didn't file a new one12:08
marcoceppiahasenack: thanks. you'll need to target the docs series on juju-core for doc bugs12:11
marcoceppiprobably need to clarify that. tagging docs should work too12:12
ahasenackmarcoceppi: I really miss manpages for the tools12:18
ahasenackmarcoceppi: find myself trying to read go to get the command line options of the tools12:19
ahasenackmarcoceppi: so this is the url to file a bug report about the docs? https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/docs/ the report a bug link?12:21
marcoceppiahasenack: that should be it12:32
ahasenackmarcoceppi: so that link is https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/docs/+filebug12:33
ahasenackmarcoceppi: but when I click on it, the page that loads is https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+filebug12:33
marcoceppiahasenack: there's a bug for manpages too against Juju-core12:34
marcoceppiahasenack: thanks. I'll update the docs12:34
ahasenackmarcoceppi: yeah, that one I think I filed12:34
ahasenackmarcoceppi: so I don't see how doc bugs are different from juju-core bugs, given that url redirect12:35
marcoceppiI think it auto fills the targeted series when you report. need to verify though12:36
marcoceppias soon as I figure out the sandbox URL for lp12:37
ahasenackok, lemme try to file the bug about debug-hooks, let's see what happens12:48
ahasenackmarcoceppi: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1198169 that's what it became12:48
ahasenackI don't know where to set it to "docs"12:48
_mup_Bug #1198169: debug-hooks should be removed from juju-core documentation <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1198169>12:48
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Guest28536I have an upgrade-charm question14:08
Guest28536freenode in trouble14:08
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marcoceppiWhat's  your upgrade question?14:27
stubwedgwood_: Do you have an opinion on https://bugs.launchpad.net/charm-helpers/+bug/1195634? The alternative is separate functions for magic & non-magic & different-magic.14:28
_mup_Bug #1195634: Better magic for write_file <Charm Helpers:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1195634>14:28
* wedgwood_ looks14:28
wedgwood_stub: that's old stuff from spads' original library. I would personally prefer to separate that out to core.template (or contrib.template) and give people an option of template formats.14:29
wedgwood_stub: and I don't really think the magic is better than non-magic14:31
stubwedgwood_: That sort of sounds like a +1 for proceeding the way I suggest14:31
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wedgwoodstub: yes, I suppose it is :)14:33
stubJust didn't want to waste any time if another approach was preferred ;)14:33
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mariusko_Hmm: error: unknown constraint "instance-type"15:45
mariusko_It is supposed to be supported according to the documentation, but it fails after replacing juju with juju-core15:45
mgzmariusko_: you can't use instance-type with juju-core at present15:47
mgzjust give the cpu/mem characteristics of the sort of machine you want15:47
mariusko_Ah ok15:48
mariusko_Same problem with amazon region. How would that be workaround?15:48
mariusko_invalid value "ec2-zone=a" for flag --constraints: unknown constraint "ec2-zone"15:49
mgzregion isn't a constraint, you just put "region" in your config15:49
mgzah not sure for availabilty zone15:50
mgzcan you file a bug on that one?15:50
mariusko_Hmm, it is critical to support HA15:51
mariusko_Hmm: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/118383115:52
_mup_Bug #1183831: ec2 constraints missing <juju-core:Won't Fix> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1183831>15:52
mgzit's also a little wonky as a constraint, because you'd really want different units of the same service across several availabilty zones, no?15:53
mariusko_Japp, that is true15:54
mgzyou can leave a comment on that bug if you've anything to add15:54
mgzI think at the least we should recognize the constraint and print an error saying it's gone on purpose rather than just professing ignorance15:54
mariusko_It is actually a workaround by adding haproxy-a, haproxy-b etc and relating them accordingly and placing them in different zones15:55
mariusko_For me it is a blocker for moving from juju to juju-core...15:55
mgzright, which I think is an argument for just adding it, and getting a better solution later15:55
mariusko_mgz: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1183831/comments/416:02
_mup_Bug #1183831: ec2 constraints missing <juju-core:Won't Fix> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1183831>16:02
mariusko_Should it be reopened?16:03
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nxvlhi, i just installed ubuntu server with Virtual Machine Host and want to deploy some virtual machine with juju18:25
nxvlis there any documentation on that18:25
sarnoldnxvl: try these? https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/18:26
nxvlhmm, there is no easy to find link from home page18:26
nxvlwill take a look18:27
nxvloh, wait, yes have seen that, it talks about AWS, HP OpenStack and MAAS, but no ubuntu server virtual machine host18:27
JoseeAntonioRnxvl: basically, do a 'local' deploy?18:28
nxvlJoseeAntonioR: that uses lxc, not kvm18:28
JoseeAntonioRerm, yes18:29
nxvljcastro: ^^18:30
JoseeAntonioRnxvl: he's on holidays18:30
ahasenacknxvl: lxc is not supported in juju-core yet18:38
nxvlahasenack: yeah i don't like lxc anyways18:39
marcoceppinxvl: So juju does orchestration, it doesn't do provisioning18:39
marcoceppiYou'll need a provisioner (in this case AWS, HP, etc are provisioners) for "bare metal" you can use MAAS (or virtual MAAS which is just MAAS on virtual machines)18:40
marcoceppiThe only real "provisioner" Juju has (had, coming back soon to juju-core) was the local provider meant for development and testing purposes18:40
marcoceppiThere's an "ssh provider" coming soon which will allow you to provision any hardware/machine via SSH, which might be of interest to you if MAAS doesn't fit what you're looking for18:41
sarnoldnxvl: this may also be useful: http://jujucharms.com/~virtual-maasers/precise/virtual-maas18:41
marcoceppiUntil then MAAS is essentially your only "bare metal" option18:41
sarnoldyou'll be running actual programs several layers of emulation deep, so it won't be quick..18:42
nxvlmarcoceppi: right, so the thing is: i will be using AWS for final deployment of the app, but i want firt test and write my charms "locally", for that i have 1 physical server where i want to deploy my test environment using juju so i can develop my internal charms18:42
marcoceppinxvl: Right, so unfortuantely at this time the local provider is the only way to do so (outside of MAAS, but that requires more than one piece of hardware) When the SSh provider lands you'd be able to just "deploy" to that machine without needing any prerequisites18:43
nxvlso basically i need to test/develop on one machine that will emulate AWS18:43
marcoceppinxvl: You need to test/develop on a machine that utilizes a "provider" level that Juju knows how to talk with - if you're going to be testing the charm18:44
nxvlso, what if i hear about this juju charm awesomeness and i want to test it before i mess with my AWS cloud?18:44
nxvli basically can't?18:45
nxvlwe sysadmins are quite grumpy when it comes to playing with live infrastructure18:45
marcoceppinxvl: You'll just need to use a provider juju knows how to talk to. AWS, HP Cloud, OpenStack, LXC (local provider), or MAAS18:45
marcoceppiWe plan to add the "here's a machine deploy this charm" provider, but that's not ready yet18:45
marcoceppiaka, the SSH Provider18:46
jpdsnxvl: Set up a few KVM machines, and PXE boot them off a MAAS VM.18:46
nxvlbut ahasenack just told me that juju-core does not supports lxc18:46
marcoceppinxvl: what jpds isn't too difficult, if you've got the time. I was able to cobble together VirtualBox machines with MAAS so straight KVM would be easier18:46
jpdsnxvl: MAAS VM != LXC, I use KVM.18:46
nxvlyeah i prefer kvm18:47
marcoceppinxvl: so, clarification, the local provider will actually create the "VMs" for you. Where as with MAAS you enlist machines for MAAS to use, then juju will turn them on and deploy to them when it needs to. Two different providers18:48
nxvljpds: so, what you are saying is: install a KVM machine with MAAS main server and then PXE boot a couple of other machine as MAAS nodes and be happy?18:48
jpdsnxvl: Yes.18:48
jpdsnxvl: Then point juju at the MAAS main server.18:48
nxvljpds: that's why i like you so much! How is London?18:49
jpdsnxvl: Todo bien.18:49
nxvlmarcoceppi: i don't mind creating the MAAS VMs for testing purposes and then leverage on AWS to do that, that's fine18:50
marcoceppiThen that would be a fine route to go. The docs on MAAS+Juju are a little light so if you get stuck feel free to pop back in here, I'm sure we can find someone to help you out18:51
jpdsI do MAAS+juju in VMs all the time.18:54
adam_gjamespage, i through up 3 MPs to charm-helpers, all of which are required to support the new openstack templating stuff20:14
jamespageadam_g, ack - I'll look on monday20:14
adam_gcool, thanks20:15
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JoseeAntonioRmarcoceppi: hey, have a sec so check my code?21:30
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