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goddardis it normal for a dist upgrade message to pop up and ask for a password but then do nothing01:38
goddardor at least not visually show anything01:38
goddardhow am i suppose to know if it is running?01:38
goddardanyone know?01:43
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ahoneybungoddard: what version are you on?01:54
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lordievaderGood morning.09:13
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miroslav_hi all10:19
lordievaderHey miroslav_10:22
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Costeelationhi to all10:43
Costeelationhow can i have animated wallpaper in kubuntu 12.04?10:44
lordievaderHey Costeelation10:44
Costeelationhey bro :)10:44
Costeelationlordievader: you know how have animated wallpapers?10:47
Costeelationi was trying to install dreamdesktop but i cant, i try reporting a bug to the creators10:48
lordievaderCosteelation: There is a package somewhere with a couple of animated wallpaper, but I forgot what package it was. Let me look it up.10:49
Costeelationthank youu10:49
lordievaderCosteelation: I thought it was plasma-wallpapers-addons.10:51
Costeelationok i am installing it :D10:52
Costeelationand other thing, you remember the name of the the java plugin for firefox?10:52
lordievaderCosteelation: I have a feeling it is not really what you are looking for though.10:52
lordievaderCosteelation: Phew no, sorry.10:53
Costeelationoh well i remeber it, icedtea7-plugin :D10:55
BluesKajHiyas all11:30
zoraelIsn't there a tool in the repos to conveniently tweak package dependencies? Concretely I want to remove akonadi-server's hard dependency of akonadi-backend-mysql.11:36
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gotwigI love you guys12:46
gotwigKubuntu 13.10 is awesome :>12:46
Kenjirolet me try another thing...13:28
Kenjironope, that didn't work too :(13:29
KenjiroI tried adding my user to the groups pulse and audio13:29
KenjiroBluesKaj: the headset is a USB device13:31
BluesKajKenjiro, it's not the heqadset it's the soundcard the headset connects to13:33
KenjiroBluesKaj: it is a USB headset, so it is its own soundcard, right?13:40
Kenjiroit doesn't use the onboard soundcard, for example13:41
Kenjiroif I use "aplay -l" it shows me:13:41
Kenjirocard 1: LX3000 [Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000], device 0: USB Audio [USB Audio]13:41
Kenjirocard 0 is the onboard Intel, etc13:41
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gotwigcan you help13:52
gotwigqmake: could not find a Qt installation of ''13:52
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gotwigProject ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: quick qml13:55
BluesKajKenjiro, sudo gstreamer-properties, a GUI will open. After configuring, a reboot may be in order13:59
rumplI have a noob question, maybe someone is keen to answer it ..13:59
BluesKajthis will give a gui to configure your headset14:00
e8hffffrumpl:  jsut say your question and see if people reply14:00
gotwigProject ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: quick qml , which packages do I need?14:01
rumplI installed Kubuntu yesterday and today there are some updates, now the updater ask for a autorisation password, but the Pass entered during install does not work for this requirement14:02
rumplany work around ?14:02
gotwigrumpl: did it contain strange charachters?14:03
e8hffffrumpl:  you should have a user password that should somewaht be able to defien the root password wwhich is needed for updates.  you can do updates manually in command line terminal14:03
gotwigrumpl: so, do you want to reset the password?14:03
e8hffffrumpl: to assign the password to the root, you type: sudo passwd root14:04
rumplif possible, yes14:04
gotwigrumpl: of course its possible =)14:04
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gotwigrumpl: boot into recovery mode, and do what e8hffff said ;X14:04
BluesKajgotwig, perhaps you should stick with your questions in kde , crossposting is frowned upon14:04
e8hffffrumpl: your user password should work for prompted graphical password entries though14:05
gotwigBluesKaj: keep k00l..14:05
BluesKaj!crosspost | gotwig14:05
ubottugotwig: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.14:05
rumplsudo... etc ask only for a pass and its a dead circle.... so I try to boot in secure mode14:06
gotwighow can I get qtquick 2.0 in ubuntu14:10
gotwigdo I have to use PPA?14:11
e8hffffgotwig: have you looked into the ubuntu sdk? since they are planning on using qtq214:11
KenjiroBluesKaj: let me try that. Sorry for the delay. Was checking some problems on 3 servers :(14:12
gotwige8hffff: ubuntu-sdk is already in multiverse/universe14:13
gotwigwhat is the easiest way to get all the dependencies of a qmake project14:13
KenjiroI am installing gstreamer-tools14:14
Kenjirohmmm gstreamer-properties is not there. :(14:14
BluesKajKenjiro, run, sudo gstreamer-properties in the terminal14:16
KenjiroBluesKaj: it says the command is not found14:18
Kenjirosudo: gstreamer-properties: command not found14:19
rumplso... didnt work; password unchaned due to authentification tocken error14:19
Kenjiroso I am trying to find which package must be installed to have it :(14:19
rumplcant even log into my own wifi due to KDE wallet14:19
BluesKajno : after sudo14:20
BluesKajKenjiro, ^14:20
BluesKajKenjiro, bummer , does lsusb show the headset ?14:23
Kenjirosure thing14:23
KenjiroBus 007 Device 003: ID 045e:070f Microsoft Corp.14:23
Kenjiroas I said, it works on dragonplayer14:23
Kenjirobut doesn't work on any browser, or mplayer, or vlc14:23
BluesKajok would you like to make it the default ?14:24
Kenjiroand I typed "sudo gstreamer-properties", the command is not found14:24
KenjiroBluesKaj: that's the idea, having it as default14:24
KenjiroI even set that on the multimedia section of system settings (KDE)14:24
BluesKajKenjiro, yes , the gstreamer-prorperties is no longera valid command , unfortunately14:25
KenjiroI believe that's why it is working for dragonplayer, which relies on KDE14:25
KenjiroBluesKaj: ok ;)14:25
KenjiroI can live with that *grin*14:25
BluesKajit would be great to find what the kernel module driver name is for the headset, snd.nameof_driver14:26
rumplany other idea how to fix ?14:26
BluesKajKenjiro, could you pastebin the output of cat /proc/asound/modules14:29
Kenjirohold on14:30
KenjiroBluesKaj: http://pastebin.ca/241834914:30
Kenjiroand just in case, I updated that with the output of "aplay -l"14:31
Kenjirowoops, the URL changed ;)14:32
Kenjirohttp://pastebin.ca/2418351 <-- this one14:32
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BluesKajKenjiro, ok sudo modprobe snd_usb_audio , then add this line to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf,  options snd_usb_audio index=0 , then below that, options snd_hda_intel index=1 , save the file and reboot14:35
BluesKajthis should solididfy the default sound setup on your pc14:36
BluesKajerr solidify, Kenjiro14:36
Kenjirolet me try it, hold on14:37
georgelappieshi all, thanks for everybody involved in getting 4.10.5 to us :)14:39
Kenjirolet's reboot and see what happens ;)14:40
KenjiroBluesKaj: thanks for now. BRB14:40
KenjiroBluesKaj: hi again14:46
Kenjirook, now I typed "aplay -l" and the headset is the default "sound card"14:46
BluesKajok , i shoulkd have mentioned to setup the headset in sytem settings>multimedia>phonon >device prefrence , Kenjiro14:47
BluesKajand the outputs in the phonon device hardware tab as well14:48
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BluesKajok , Kenjiro I have some things to do for an hr or so ...hope it all works now , if not install pavucontrol , it usually helps as well , it's the pulseaudio GUI14:50
KenjiroBluesKaj: thanks for now.14:53
KenjiroBluesKaj: I had already set audio stuff on phonon (system settings). There it is working14:54
Kenjiroon mplayer or vlc... no way :(14:55
Kenjirolet me try on a browser14:55
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KenjiroBluesKaj: yep, not working there too :(14:56
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Kenjirodon't know if any codecs could be missing :(15:05
gotwigany idea how to install qt quick 2.0 in ubuntu15:05
KenjiroBluesKaj: in fact... I tried playing an mp3 file with mplayer and it complained about missing mpg123 codec15:06
ahoneybunKenjiro: did you check a box about installing third party things during the installation>15:09
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DexterF32bit 12.04 LTS, machine is upgraded to 8GB RAM, so I need either -pae or go 64 bit. the latter would be nice of course, question is: any easy way to do it or need a full reinst?15:23
tsimpsonDexterF: if you want to move from 32 to 64bit, you need a reinstall. for -pae you can just install linux-generic-pae and linux-headers-generic-pae15:27
DexterFtsimpson: -pae viable or has it tripwires?15:28
tsimpsonas long as your CPU supports PAE (grep -i pae /proc/cpuinfo), it just works15:29
tsimpsonDexterF: the fact that all kernels from 12.10 onwards are PAE enabled should give you some assurance that it "just works" (TM)15:33
lorddeltagotwig: #ubuntu? this is #kubuntu?15:35
lorddeltaAnyways I think your question is better served by #qt, qtquick isn't a special package AFAIK15:36
tsimpsonqtquick 2 is part of Qt 515:37
tsimpsongotwig: http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/ tells you how to get Qt 5 as well as the Ubuntu SDK (if you want it)15:40
DexterFtsimpson: that makes my day a lot easier, tis a 12.04 lts tho :) ill just add that -pae kernel15:45
gotwigtsimpson: thanks15:57
gotwigtsimpson: it worked for me, I had to install the qt5 declarative15:57
gotwigtsimpson: now, I have other problems. I cant play any video file15:58
gerihi i cant run any update from any mirror using sudo apt-get update....but i can ping them16:04
geriany ideas?16:04
geriit just stops here: 0% [Connecting to mirrors.mit.edu (] [Connecting to extras.ubuntu.com (]16:06
Kenjiroahoneybun: I did that16:29
ahoneybunKenjiro: so your missing mpg12316:30
KenjiroI did a "dpkkg -l *mpg*", the result was16:31
Kenjiroii  mpg123                               1.14.4-1                amd64                   MPEG layer 1/2/3 audio player16:31
Kenjiroii  libmpg123-0:amd64                    1.14.4-1                amd64                   MPEG layer 1/2/3 audio decoder (shared library)16:31
Kenjiroahoneybun: any hints?16:33
ahoneybunKenjiro: sudo apt-get install libmpg12316:34
Kenjirothat package doesn't exist on 13.04 repositories16:35
Kenjirobut I tried installing libmpg123-0, which is already here ;)16:35
ahoneybuninstall the mpg123 package then16:36
Kenjiroit is installed already16:36
Kenjiroso weird16:36
ahoneybunKenjiro: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras16:37
Kenjiroon a second look... mplayer says it was compiled WITHOUT mpg12316:40
Kenjiroso it tries to use ffmpeg16:40
Kenjirowell... thanks ahoneybun and BluesKaj16:41
ahoneybunKenjiro: nothing?16:41
Kenjirofor now I will have to stop testing it, because now I am accessing the computer remotely, so I won't be able to tell if the sound did work on that headset *LOL*16:42
ahoneybunoh lol16:42
KenjiroI'll check that on monday ;)16:42
Kenjiroreally thanks for your time and attention ahoneybun and BluesKaj16:44
ahoneybunKenjiro: np16:44
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KenjiroI was really at a loss, because on my old slackware installation the USB headset worked like a charm.16:46
KenjiroSo I believed that on Kubuntu it would work as easily16:46
Kenjiroat least on kubuntu I could install lightworks without problems *LOL*16:47
TrelI installed aurorae and then uninstalled it.  However, now the get new themes, it's not working. Rather than list themes, it's just showing "configuration file not found: 'aurorae.knsrc'"16:48
n0ydCould someone do me a favor and pastebin their ~/.bashrc? I made a mistake and rm'd it :(16:49
n0ydPreferably the stock one, but if it has added bits that fine16:50
Treln0yd: http://pastebin.ca/241839816:50
n0ydTrel: awesome thank you16:51
n0ydTrel: how familiar are you with bash?16:51
n0ydI have a script I want to run for a motd (for local session and ssh) but I am not sure how to go about doing it.16:52
TrelNot very.  I just have a week old install in which I haven't touched the file16:52
n0ydheh ok16:52
TrelFor what I asked, how can I get KDE's GHNS to point to the default search locaiton?16:53
n0ydim not familiar with that term (ghns)16:53
n0ydI am pretty experience with Linux in general, but I actually just started using KDE a few weeks ago, first time since KDE 3.x16:54
=== georgelappies_ is now known as georgelappies
Treln0yd: it's what loads when you click the "get new decorations" button.16:54
TrelSomething I installed over wrote the location it went to, and now that it's gone, broke it16:54
n0ydoh, get hot new stuff?16:54
n0ydYa I have no idea. I havent even changed the look of my install yet, besides changing the way the window borders are displayed a little bit16:55
n0ydBasically moving the titles to the center in grey, and the rest blue16:55
TrelYeah, I was just looking through theme options and aurorae broke GHNS lol16:56
n0ydIm just happy with how much more stable KDE seems to be compared to Gnome3, gnome3 you have to add so much to it via extensions and such that it ends up being unstable imho16:56
n0ydI havent had one KDE related crash in the past 3 weeks.  That would never happen if I was still on gnome16:57
n0ydTrel: I was trying to add something like this, http://fuzzyslogicblog.wordpress.com/2013/06/06/ubuntu-dynamic-motd/16:58
n0ydBut local, not just remote ssh16:58
lorddeltaI have a bunch of old (decrepit) menu entries in my Kickoff launcher. What is the best way to go about cleaning these up?17:00
n0ydin the applications menu?17:00
n0ydlorddelta: can you do what you want by right clicking the kickoff menu, and going to "edit appl,ications"?17:01
n0ydit should17:01
n0ydI can edit everything in the menu via that17:02
n0ydTrel: dang, part of that bashrc screwed me up17:04
TrelThat should be default, what happened?17:04
n0ydCause I had a modifcation for bash completion for apt-fast17:04
n0ydits alright17:04
n0ydI can just reinstall apt-fast and it should fix it17:04
n0ydI had this issue before17:04
n0ydbtw, apt-fast is awesome. Should be a must for all apt-get distros17:04
n0ydIt downloads soooo much faster with it. And its a complete wrapper for apt-get17:05
lorddeltan0yd: hmm thanks. Is there any automated way of doing it?17:07
lorddeltaI guess if there isn't it isn't hard to write the script to do so17:07
n0ydNot that I am aware of. Old entries from programs you uninstall via the package manager should be removed automatically17:07
n0ydWhat exactly are you doing17:07
n0ydor trying to do17:07
n0ydholy cow, I got 205 upgrades just since yesterday17:08
lorddeltaWell e.g. I have 4 versions of firefox which pop up, when I search it applications, some are very old, invalid entries, e.g. aurora and minefiled17:08
n0ydGotta love having lots of ppas...17:08
n0ydOh, that would be cause aurora is a different package than firefox17:09
n0ydBut ok17:09
lorddeltabut that package isn't installed anymore :P17:09
gotwigso no one got an idea how to get this running? https://github.com/nezticle/cutetime  I expirience issues with opening any video files17:09
n0ydit should have removed itself17:09
gotwigeven ogg does not work17:09
n0ydDid you install it via apt?17:09
gotwigI compiled it sucesfully, no errors17:09
BluesKajapt-get autoremove and autoclean are you friends17:09
lorddeltan0yd: should have and did are two different things17:09
n0ydOr did you just download the package and extract it?17:09
lorddeltan0yd; I can't remember, there is junk on here since 201017:09
BluesKajyou = your17:09
n0ydif you didnt install it (aurora for instance) via a ppa17:10
n0ydits not gonna remove it17:10
lorddelta*shrug* FF is one of those packages that sometimes provides their own ppa, and things get shifted around so stuff gets screwed up17:10
lorddeltaOver time17:10
BluesKajpackagename for ppa apps17:10
lorddeltaI'm not blaming anyone17:10
lorddeltaBluesKaj: I appreciate the tip, I already use both of those. Invaluable indeed.17:11
n0ydIf you installed it via apt, it should automatrically remove the menu entry. If you just grabbed a tarball (precompiled or not) and installed it, well then its not gonna automatically remove it17:11
lorddeltan0yd: I don't remember what I did. I may well have manually modified the system to include aurora. But that was a long time ago.17:12
n0ydWell regardless, now you know how to edit the menu :)17:12
lorddeltaRegardless an autoclean script would be a nice addition17:12
lorddeltafor menus17:12
n0ydAre you good with bash?17:13
n0ydWhat would be the best way to get a motd to display on local logins? (not just ssh)17:13
lorddeltan0yd: yeah I'm ok with bash. And btw, good luck with your updates. 203 updates all at once is bound to break/fix some stuff.17:14
n0ydI have big updates all the time, nothing should break17:14
n0ydKDE is quite rock solid on my machine. Now if it was gnome3/shell, I would be worried17:15
lorddeltaI prefer perl/python when it comes to actual scripting though, bash's strength is one-liners, not so much programming17:15
n0ydCause gnome3 requires so many custom extensions and such just to make the damn thing usable17:15
lorddeltaWhy are you in kubuntu then? XD17:16
BluesKajlorddelta, he just said he 's on kde17:17
lorddeltaoh wait I thought you said you were running GNOME3, ignore me17:17
lorddeltadidn't read everything17:17
* lorddelta is lacking coffee17:18
n0ydwell, all the updates finished quite quick;ly17:20
n0ydGotta love apt-fast, downloads take no time at all, because it automatically maxes my connection speed17:20
n0ydWhich is about 2.5MB/s17:21
n0ydseriously, for people that haven't ever used it. check it out: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/10/speed-up-apt-get-downloads-with-apt.html17:22
n0ydIts a great addition to anmy debian based system17:22
n0ydAnd there arent any downsides to it17:22
lorddeltan0yd: how often is it maintained?17:23
n0ydits current17:23
n0ydyou can look at the git17:23
n0ydIts been around for at least 5 years that I know of17:23
BluesKajbeware of apt-fast if you have mirror problems17:23
n0ydmirror problems?17:23
BluesKajit mucked up my system17:23
n0ydthat makes no sense, at all17:24
n0ydsounds like user error (which is like 99 percent of all problems)17:24
lorddeltaI think he means issues with things not being on the right server17:24
lorddeltan0yd: developers/package maintainers are users too17:24
n0ydthat makes no sense17:24
BluesKajn0yd, maybe not to you but ti happened to me17:24
n0ydright server?17:24
n0ydBluesKaj: you cant even explain what happened or what caused it17:25
BluesKajsources, mirrors servers17:25
n0ydWhich leads me to believe it had nothing to do with apt-fast17:25
lorddeltaYeah, reducing the load of a repo by spreading it to mirrors.17:25
n0ydapt-fast is simply just a wrapper to apt-get17:25
lorddeltaBit more than a wrapper17:25
lorddeltaby the looks of it17:25
n0ydIt just uses whatever mirror you already have set by apt-get17:26
n0ydAnd it adds pipelining basicallyt17:26
n0ydSo you can have concurrent connections downloading the same file. So it acts as a download accelerator17:26
gotwigI finally got it running! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew114XH7-xc&feature=player_embedded17:26
n0ydSo if you had mirror problems with apt-fast, you would have had those same issues on apt-get17:26
BluesKajmy archive mirror went down for some reason , apt-fast broke my system by installing some wrong packages durong an upgrade iirc , it is a while ago now17:27
n0ydHell, it calls apyt-get for everything after it downloads the files anyway17:27
n0ydBluesKaj: thats not apt-fasts fault17:27
n0ydSounds like you were using an out of sync mirror because your main mirror went down17:27
n0ydApt-get wouldve done the same thing. Hell it did. Apt-get is what installs the packages17:27
BluesKajn0yd, and why not17:27
lorddeltan0yd: that's what BluesKaj said17:27
n0ydsigh... nvm17:28
BluesKajapt fast fetrches it thgo17:28
n0ydApt-fast uses apt-get to install the packages.17:28
BluesKajinstall but not fetch17:28
n0ydBluesKaj: its not apt-fasts fault the mirror was out of sync17:28
n0ydIts doesnt have inteligence17:28
n0ydApt-get wouldve fetched the SAME thing17:28
n0ydSo, as I said from the start, user error17:29
lorddeltaThere's a routine get_mirrors in here, looks like it grabs all the mirrors by default; I could see that causing problems? I'm not an apt-get expert though17:29
n0ydlorddelta: that makes no sense17:29
BluesKajwell put it this way , apt-get never caused me that problem on the same mirror17:29
n0ydBluesKaj: lol17:29
n0ydBluesKaj: mirrorsz get out of sync17:29
n0ydshit happens17:29
lorddeltaIt also is using sed and egrep liberally17:30
n0ydThats swhy you choose a good solid stable mirror17:30
n0ydlorddelta: and?17:30
n0ydyour point?17:30
lorddeltaI trust those problems but unless there are test cases, its quite easy to make a mistake17:30
n0ydYou are talking about something you have no idea about, but whatevefr17:30
BluesKajsometimes struff that makes no sense happens ...saame as shit happens ..that's my point17:30
lorddeltan0yd: and you aren't giving us time to reply17:30
lorddeltan0yd: @ss17:30
n0ydBluesKaj: computers dont compensate for user error17:31
lorddelta'n0yd: lmao' <-- @ss17:31
lorddelta'n0yd: your point?' <-- @ss17:31
n0ydlorddelta: am I supposed to be offended?17:31
lorddeltaNo, but you're supposed to attempt civility and discussion17:32
n0ydAt least don't use l33tsp34k17:32
* lorddelta ignores n0yd17:32
n0ydlorddelta: I did. Until you guys started spewing crap about something you have no idea about, especially since you have never used it17:32
n0ydlorddelta: ignore me all you want. No loss17:32
BluesKajn0yd, no matter what ou think , it happened ..just because you say so doesn't make it so .17:33
* n0yd loves the tough guys behind keyboards17:33
n0ydBluesKaj: I never say it didnt happened17:33
lorddeltaThe core idea of apt-fast is neat, but it doesn't look well tested, its a hack on top of aria2 and apt-get at best17:33
n0ydAll I said is that the reasoning you have behind WHY it happened, it absolutely wrong17:33
lorddeltaIf BluesKaj has had problems, I wouldn't trust it17:33
n0ydlorddelta: it doesnt just use aria217:33
n0ydAnd its far from a hackjob17:33
n0ydBut keep spewing bullshit claims17:33
n0ydHell, you didnt even know azbout the application til 5min ago. And now somehow you are a master at it?17:34
n0ydAnyways, use what you want. Im was just making a suggestion to people about a good applicatoion that I find incredibly useful17:35
n0ydOther distros have similar features built into their package managers, and its a shame apt doesnt have it by default17:35
n0ydPacman has it, and even fedora can have something similar17:35
BluesKajn0yd, one last comment , it happened to me there's no denying it , you can say what you want but apt-fast needs to be used carefully , and attention to your sources is the key17:37
n0ydapt-get remove ksplice17:37
lorddeltalol he's still rambling on about that? xD17:37
n0ydBluesKaj: dude, can you not read?17:38
n0ydI never said it didnt happen!17:38
n0ydI just said your reasoning for why IT DID HAPPEN, is absolutely wrong17:38
n0ydAnd its quite apparent you don't even have a understanding of the lower level happenings in the system to make a diagnosis in the first place.17:39
tsimpsonlet's drop the "discussion" now17:39
BluesKajfine, you obviously think you're some kind of expert ...bu you just wait ..be warned that's all I have to say ...dude17:39
n0ydBluesKaj: Far from it17:39
n0ydHence why I caqme here and asked questions17:39
n0ydIve been using apt-fast since 2011, no problems17:40
n0ydWell, no problems caused by it rather. Have I had problems? sure17:40
tsimpsonlast time I asked, now I'm telling. drop it17:40
tsimpsonor continue it elsewhere17:40
n0ydtsimpson: we are havinjg a conversation calm down17:40
n0ydtsimpson: you wanna kickban me, go right ahead17:40
n0ydIts IRC, I really could care less17:41
BluesKajsome conversation :)17:41
n0ydBluesKaj: indeed17:41
tsimpsonn0yd: no I don't want to, I just want the channel to be on topic17:41
utusanwhat is apt-fast?17:41
n0ydutusan: a wrapper for apt-get that allows you to use a download manager (aria or axel) to download the packages must faster17:41
BluesKaj!info apt-fast17:42
ubottuPackage apt-fast does not exist in raring17:42
n0ydits availablre in ppa17:42
n0ydutusan: I linked to it above. Would you like to me repaste the link?17:42
utusanaptitude download is ok with me17:42
n0ydutusan: it depends on the speed of your connection, and what mirror you use and location and such17:43
n0ydutusan: Normally I get like 900-1200KB/s from the best mirror chosen from the mirror tester17:43
n0ydBut with apt-fast, it always maxes my connection. Because I have it set to 8 connections17:44
utusanexactly, how much faster it gets to download x-amounts of bytes?17:44
n0ydSo it uses 8 connections to the server to download each package. And I get the max speed available on my connection, which is about 2.5MB/s17:44
n0ydIts like using usenet to download things, it does the same thing. It uses concurrent connections to download the same file, and maxes out your connection17:45
utusanit's like trying to squeeze 8 cars in a 1-lane road?17:46
lorddeltaNo mods in here?17:46
n0ydnot quite lol17:46
BluesKajapt-get maxes my connection , but i'm fairly close to the archive17:46
n0ydI cant get any of the servers to give me a steady 2.5MB/s down with only one connection17:46
lorddeltaThere quite a few people in here, it may be time to setup a mod or two...17:46
n0ydIf I do 2-3 connections it will though17:46
n0ydlorddelta: what are you complaining about? we are talking. No arguing, nothing17:47
n0ydAnd its entirely ontopic17:47
n0ydutusan: `I have it set to 8 connections (default is 5) which is overkill, but it doesnt hurt. And I want to make sure my pipe is always fully saturated when downloading updates and such17:48
n0ydIt just downloads all the packages using aria or axel (download managers) then calls apt-get and apt takes over17:48
utusanam sure speed will be just an eigth of what you get for 117:49
n0ydapt-get sees that the files are already downloaded, so it skips that part17:49
n0ydutusan: what do you mean?17:49
lorddelta(utusan: don't feed the troll, he's been yammering on for 10 minutes now apparently)17:49
n0ydtsimpson: is there a reason this guy is continuing?17:50
tsimpsonlorddelta: don't bait either17:50
n0ydDoes he not realize I am doing nothing wrong?17:50
n0ydtsimpson: bait? I am not trolling17:50
n0ydI am explaining to someone my setup17:50
lorddeltatsimpson: sorry, I'm lazy and my irc client doesn't have an easy PM option17:50
tsimpsonn0yd: I didn't direct that at you17:50
n0ydtsimpson: well it certainly seemed that way17:51
tsimpsonn0yd: the fact that I started the message with lorddelta: didn't give you a hint?17:51
n0ydAs it was a reply to his "dont feed the troll" which was directed at me.17:51
tsimpsonlorddelta: if you don't want to participate the the discussion the best thing to do is just don't. eventually everyone will move on17:52
n0ydtsimpson: All I am saying is I am not trolling, at all. I was helping to explain how apt-fast works to utusan.  Its not my problem the guy has me on ignore so he cannot see that17:52
tsimpsonn0yd: if I though you were just trolling I'd have done something about it17:52
tsimpsonthis channels is usually such a nice place for everyone, more relaxed than the one starting with #u, and I'd like to keep it that way ;)17:53
n0ydI just feel that instead of you saying "dont bait either", maybe you shouldve said "He isn't trolling, hes just helping to explain something to someone else, you cannot see this because you have him ignore"17:53
n0ydtsimpson: hence why I am here rather than #ubuntu17:54
n0ydI actually started some more technical #ubuntu related channels a few weeks ago. And we had a bunch of users in them. But I got caught up with work and kinda abandoned the idea17:54
tsimpsonI don't know if they have you on ignore or not, and it's not relevant to me either way. they understood what I meant and that's what's important17:54
n0ydtsimpson: he said he did17:55
tsimpsonI can say I have infinite monies, doesn't make it so17:55
BluesKajguess my statement about beware of apt-fast caused this flame , but my esxperince with was good at first , but not so good after a few months17:55
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tsimpsonlet's not get bogged down in a meta discussion about another discussion though17:55
n0ydtsimpson: it was clear by the way he was acting he had me on ignore. But whatever, I am done. I need to reboot to switch back to my custom kernel17:56
n0ydI was messing with ksplice17:56
n0ydIt allows you to fully upgrade kernels without rebooting17:56
n0ydBut since it only supports completely stock ubuntu kernels, I dont wanna use it. It doesnt even support the low latency kernel. And using liquorix/zen kernel adds a bit of performance for desktop usage17:57
n0ydtsimpson: is there a meta package for the ubuntu kernels and their pieces? (headers, etc)17:59
=== francisco is now known as Guest44759
n0ydJust curious as it would be easier to remove that way. Cause I have the stock kernel and the lowlatency kernel installed plus all the headers and such. And I want to remove them both (no reason having them cluttering my grub and such)18:00
tsimpsonthere are quite a few18:00
utusann0yd: linux-image-generic and *headers*18:00
n0ydeh that doesnt remove it18:00
n0ydlinux-image-generic only removed that package18:01
n0ydI was hoping it would pull the rest.18:01
tsimpsonyou can use apt-get autoremove18:01
tsimpsonhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta <- shows the meta packages18:01
n0ydya, its not marked though for some reason18:01
n0ydMaybe causde I had installed them manually one by one18:01
n0yd(I had already removed the stock kernel and bits)18:02
n0ydI just reinstalled them to test ksplice18:02
n0ydapt-get --purge remove linux-image-3.8.0-26-* worked for some of it18:02
tsimpsonI haven't found a good automatic way of doing kernel manage yet, scripts are the best I've come up with18:03
n0ydAnyone else use liquorix kernels? I was always curious what the dmz in the name means18:03
Unit193n0yd: \o18:04
n0ydUnit193: ?18:04
Unit193n0yd: damentz is the guy that makes the.18:04
n0ydya i know18:04
n0ydI am in his channel on oftc18:04
n0ydIt was just a random question18:04
n0ydNot a biggie18:05
n0yd3.9-6.dmz.2-liquorix-amd64 <--- see the "dmz"18:05
n0yddemilitarized zone? :P18:05
Unit193(dmz as far as I can tell is a shot version of damentz.)18:06
n0ydoh ya, good point18:06
n0ydNever thought of that18:06
n0ydIm sure that is what it is :)18:06
n0ydUnit193: cheers18:06
Unit193n0yd: Sure.18:06
n0ydroot: please don't IRC as root18:07
n0ydClose IRC and open it as a regular user18:07
=== root is now known as Guest4136
n0ydGuest4136: ^^^^18:07
* BluesKaj thinks guests should be banned18:08
n0ydBluesKaj: why?18:08
n0ydIts just a mechanism of nickserv18:09
BluesKajpiota to typ the guest nick when ther e15 of 'em in a chan18:09
n0ydIf someone logs onto IRC using a nick that is registered and has the nick protection flag on, it will rename them Guest automatically if they dont identify to nickserv in 30 seconds18:09
* BluesKaj lookds for his glasses18:10
n0ydBluesKaj: they arent meant to be used as real nicks really18:10
BluesKajn0yd,ok , nm18:10
n0ydIts just the way nickserv works basically if the nick has nick protection flag set :)18:10
n0ydIt happens to me if I login under my nick and forget to set my client up to autoidentify.  Though I normally use SASL now, which identifies for me18:11
BluesKajtime for some lunch ..bbl18:12
n0ydya I gotta reboot real quick. bbiab18:12
n0ydanyone running kernel 3.10 yet? Im excited to try it because of some new additions for SSD's18:19
n0ydLots of changes in 3.10 :)18:19
ahoneybunn0yd: just got on 3.8 something18:21
n0ydoh, the stock kernel? Yeah, raring stock is 3.8.0-2618:22
ahoneybunnever go off from stock18:22
n0ydIm using the liquorix kernel. Better performance for desktop use18:22
ahoneybunon my desktop anyway lol18:22
BluesKajon 3.10.0-2-generic  here , on 13.10 suacy18:22
n0ydThe ubuntu kernel is more geared towards servers18:22
BluesKajerr saucy  :)18:22
n0ydBluesKaj: no issues?18:22
n0ydWith the kernel that is18:22
ahoneybunI was going to ask that18:23
ahoneybunn0yd: I'm happy with performance just not with gaming with steam18:23
BluesKaja gtk apps like vuze is useless , it's crashy as hell18:24
n0ydOh. Well liquorix could help a bit with gaming. The latency and other things can help18:24
n0ydBut if you GPU isnt very good, there is only so much you can do18:24
n0ydThe disk scheduler and I/O scheduler in liquorix are tuned more towards desktop and gaming usage, whereaxs the default kernel is really setup more server usage18:25
n0ydweird, why would kopete depend on skype...18:27
BluesKajyeah , I'm on an older machine , 2008 vintage , but it's just a basic media server setup , no databases , just an attached outboard drive that contains the media fiiles18:27
n0ydI am installing a newer version of kopete from a ppa, and it brings in skype.  Maybe it needs it to support skype chat18:27
ahoneybunn0yd: I could play L4D2 with 50-60 FPS with WIndows but not at all really with Linux18:27
n0ydThis machine isnt very new either18:27
n0ydahoneybun: there could be a few reasons for that18:28
ahoneybunwell I'm not on a non-free driver for one thing18:28
n0ydOne being that the linux port just doesnt perform very well in general (it should, and everything I read said it should perform equally or better on linux)18:28
n0ydThat would do it18:28
ahoneybunnone of the drivers work right18:29
Torchn0yd: maybe because the only way to support skype's protocol is to dlopen a closed sourced binary blob lib that comes with skype.18:29
n0ydthe free drivers for nvidia and ATI really have crappy performance compared to the non-free ones18:29
kubscoutHi, I installed kubuntu 13.04 to a usb drive but didn't specify where to install the boot loader, so that went on to my hard drive.  I have booted up to the new installation on the usb drive now and am running kubuntu from that.  How do I get the boot loader to the usb drive to make it stand alone?18:29
n0ydTorch: thatys what i am thinking18:29
n0ydahoneybun: another clould be that maybe your card just doesnt handle openGL very well. But I doubt that18:29
ahoneybunnot a good reason to jump to Windows again18:30
n0ydI always found if I had a game that support directx and opengl, the opengl usually ran faster18:30
n0ydahoneybun: whats the issue with the driver?18:30
n0ydI could try to help18:30
ahoneybunn0yd: I install it and then it says unsupported hardware18:30
ahoneybunin the bottom right18:30
n0ydhmm, what card?18:30
n0ydAnd this is using the non-free driver?18:30
BluesKajn0yd, nonfree nvidia drivers are you referring to , n0yd?18:31
n0ydBluesKaj: im not referring to any drivers18:31
n0ydIm asking him what drivers he is using18:31
ahoneybunradeon hd 645018:31
n0ydIm on intel open source drivers18:31
n0ydahoneybun: that should be supported by the fglrx driver18:32
jaropeevening all18:32
ahoneybunn0yd: tells me about the ati fire gl18:32
n0ydwhat do you mean18:32
ahoneybunn0yd: weird says the driver is activated but no in use18:33
BluesKajn0yd, my refernce was to this post , <n0yd> the free drivers for nvidia and ATI really have crappy performance compared to the non-free ones18:33
n0ydahoneybun: you would need to reboot18:33
ahoneybunI have when I did a kernel update18:33
ahoneybunbrb then18:33
n0ydBluesKaj: what about it? All the benchmarks show that the nouveau and radeon open source drivers aren't as fast as their non-free counterparts18:34
n0ydthe performance for some cards can be quite good. Just not as fast as the non-free ones just yet. But they are getting there :)18:34
jaropewonder if someone could shed some light on something for me.  I have 13.04 installed with nvidia drivers and intel drivers on a optimus laptop.  now this afternoon I installed a game which would not play complaining about the display.  So I thougth I would try something!  Installed ubuntu on a USB booted live session installed game without any nvidia or intel extras etc and the game works no problems.  I dont think the Kubuntu is recognising the in18:35
BluesKajok , but I found the nouveau driver works well ..barely any diff on this pc , altho i do have a a 8400gs pci card installed18:35
n0ydPersonally, I can't wait. Cause if we have truly open source drivers for stuff like GPU's especially, it will make getting things like Mir and Wayland running a lot easier18:35
BluesKajit's not real fancy ,but it does the job for serving up decent video to the tv/monitor18:36
n0ydBluesKaj: ya not exactly top of the line. But even if you just ran gl gears test on the nouveau, then run it on nvidia drivers, you would see the framerate a lot higher18:36
n0ydBut you wouldnt notice the difference in real world most likely18:37
ahoneybunn0yd: still not in use18:37
n0ydthats quite odd18:37
BluesKajwell n0yd I'm on the 319 driver and the differnce is difficult to see vs the nouveau18:37
n0ydahoneybun: so the fglrx-updates package is installed?18:38
ahoneybunI'm just getting the other driver it gives me18:38
n0ydI dont use the GUI things for installing stuff18:38
n0ydI always use the console18:38
n0ydYou could always uninstall the ones that come from the ubuntu repos18:39
n0ydAnd grab the fglrx package from ati18:39
n0yderr amd18:39
n0ydIts stupidly easy to setup18:39
n0ydIf you want me to help you, let me know18:39
ahoneybunremove the fglrx package?18:40
n0ydif you wanna try the ones from amds site, yes18:40
n0ydremove any/all fglrx packages18:41
n0ydahoneybun: is this an actual graphics card, or a APU?18:41
n0ydie. CPU+GPU combined18:41
ahoneybunI know I have a APU but I have a card18:41
ahoneybunas well18:41
ahoneybunthe radeon hd645018:42
n0ydthat could be an issue...18:42
n0ydis the apu disabled or something?18:42
jaropeok so installed mesa-utils and ran glxinfo18:42
ahoneybunno the video cables are on the card18:42
jaropeseems kubuntu doesnt know the intel chip has opengl support but ubuntu does18:43
jaropeany suggestions how I get kubuntu to do the same? ? ?18:43
jaropeseems odd18:43
n0ydahoneybun: so you use both cards?18:43
n0ydIm confused by your setup18:43
BluesKajjarope, have you tried bumblebee?18:43
n0ydjarope: my intel gfx works fine. What model?18:44
jaropeBluesKaj: yes on kubuntu to get the nvidia working and most of the time that is fine18:44
n0ydoh its an optimus setup. That i have no idea about18:44
jaropen0yd: its the intel 3000 board with optimus nvidia18:44
BluesKajok , just so have some usage , jarope18:44
jaropeSO weird in ubuntu opengl on intel works no problem18:45
jaropebut in kubuntu it doesnt recognise it as having opengl at all18:45
jaropen0yd: I think the problem is more general than the optimus issue18:46
ahoneybunn0yd: I'm using the hd 645018:46
ahoneybunthats what my moniter is plugged into18:46
n0ydahoneybun: ya I know18:46
* BluesKaj had a tutorial for ubuntu , but this the first support question I've seen about optimus on kubuntu18:46
ahoneybunso no I'm not using both18:46
ahoneybunI could not do that18:46
jaropething is I am getting use to Qt and love using a Qt environment18:46
n0ydI really dont know what to tell you. Cause I have no idea when you have two cards running, but are only using one18:46
jaropeBluesKaj: I really dont think this is an optimus issue bumblebee generally works well for me18:47
jaropehmm ok guys might have to see if a live kubuntu works the same as the live ubuntu18:48
n0ydHmm? Anyone here use googletalk protocol? I just want someone to message so I can see if this plugin works for my ibm thinklight18:49
jaropethat would tell me if the install is broke18:49
jaropein gmail n0yd I do18:49
n0ydright now all my buddies are AFK/AWAY so I cant test18:49
n0ydjarope: wanna send me a msg real quick?18:49
n0ydI pm'd you18:50
jaropemsg me your detais18:50
ahoneybunn0yd: but they both should not be running18:50
n0ydthey are still both probably picked up by linux though18:51
n0ydwhich is probably why it says no device supported or whatever it said18:51
BluesKajjarope, not having used a dual gpu setup , I guess the switch to opengl is far from seamless or automatic18:53
jaropeBluesKaj: seems mostly this last update18:54
* BluesKaj nods18:54
jaropebefore that I had it working perfect steam on both the intel and nvidia18:54
jaropeso think i t could be this install18:55
BluesKajyeah the configurations don't get updated ..it's pita sometimes18:56
* jarope thanks the cloud storage gods for copy and the huge amount of space he now has18:56
jaropeok thanks guys for letting me bounce the ideas about and unload my brain here18:58
jaropegonna go make a kubuntu live usb18:59
BluesKajjarope, anytime18:59
Gregor3000how to see why wireless is not connecting? there is no error no message it just doesn't connect.19:13
yofel/var/log/syslog will show what it tries to do while connecting19:14
yofel(open that file in an editor)19:14
Gregor3000yofel: also in live session?19:46
Gregor3000this should be in the interface.19:47
Gregor3000not in system log. but the interface doesn't show anything. it just doesn't connect.19:47
Gregor3000i've posted on Ubuntu forums i will see if someone knwos the answer there.19:48
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Matissespyderlib is currently pretty old on ubuntu. for i am using precise its over 1 year older than the current stable... what can I do else but compiling from source?21:56
Matissequantal-backports doesnt give me the quantal-version which is 2.1.10something  instead of 2.1.921:56
Matissepackage description shows the same dependencies21:57
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Matisseso, i just installed the binary packages I found on the ubuntu website for newer ubuntu releases... got the features I wanted :)22:39
alphacrypt1ahhhhh nice22:55
=== rafael is now known as Guest63980
alphacrypt1does anyone have just installed it on an external drive and it works22:55
alphacrypt1please help like that kde22:56
alphacrypt1in german?22:58
SonikkuAmericaWho should I contact about Kubuntu Active testing and QA?23:36
beltorakhi all; i had to do an emergency transplant of my harddrive to a different laptop. the old laptop had the nvidia drivers set up but this laptop has an intel graphics card. I can't seem to get it to use the intel glx, Xorg.0.log keeps complaining that it can't find the NVidia GLX drivers.23:41
beltorakSo now I can't get several of the desktop effects to work as they require opengl.23:43

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