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trvrnrthhi, any chance I could get an ETA on a PPA quota increase?08:35
czajkowskitrvrnrth: have you filed an answer/question for it ?08:37
trvrnrthyep, https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/23188208:38
czajkowskiI'm sure wgrant and StevenK will get to it, it's  less than a day old :)08:39
czajkowskithere are only two people working on LP :)08:39
trvrnrthright-ho, just wanting to plan out my day08:40
trvrnrthjust to check as this is a private ppa, that is still the right place to post the question?08:40
czajkowskitrvrnrth: yes it is. but the two that work on LP are also based in AU so it's EOD for them08:43
trvrnrthok, thanks08:44
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wgranttrvrnrth: Done10:19
trvrnrthawesome. thanks very much :)10:20
tunnelshadeHey guys11:00
tunnelshadeNeed some help regarding packaging11:01
czajkowskitunnelshade: this isn't a packaging channel really you might find more help at http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/communication.html11:03
tunnelshadeThanks, I already went through those stuff11:04
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adam_gis there a way to set the commit message of a bzr branch prior to filing the merge proposal?20:12
tsimpsonadam_g: you should ask in #bzr20:37
tsimpsonI think20:37
adam_gtsimpson, i guess im not sure if commit messages are a feature of bzr or lp.20:38
tsimpsonI'm pretty sure it comes from bzr20:38
tsimpsonat least that's been what I've seen20:38
dobeyadam_g: the "Commit message" on the merge proposal is separate from the commig messages you made to create your branch that is being proposed. It's what the commit message should be for when it is merged into the target. Sometimes these should be the same (proposed branch with a single commit that won't be changed), but typically they are not the same. You'll have to set the commit message on the merge proposal by hand after prop21:12
dobeyadam_g: but if the project you're submitting to requires it, then it has to be set on the web page directly21:13
dobeyunless you're using bzr lp-propose to create the proposal, in which case you can use the -m,--message option to that command, to set it21:13
saiarcot895Is there a place to report problems with a builder?21:22
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czajkowskisaiarcot895: here relly but it;s the weekend so no cover21:35
czajkowskisaiarcot895: what's up ?21:35
saiarcot895czajkowski: chindi02 has something wrong in its .sbuildrc21:36
saiarcot895czajkowski: causing builds to fail21:36
czajkowskiseems unusal but maybe someone will see it21:43
czajkowskiinfinity: ^21:43
infinityMeans the guest has somehow exploded.  I'll take it out of rotation.21:46
czajkowskiinfinity: thank you21:46
saiarcot895infinity, czajkowski: thank you21:46
adam_gdobey, thanks for the details21:47
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