luke1_Thank you00:00
FlustratedHi All!  Is there a way to EASILY burn an iso image to a flash drive in Lubuntu?  From what I am seeing in the Lubuntu Software centre nothing there for this purpose00:27
holsteinFlustrated: i use unetbootin00:38
holsteinFlustrated: you can get to it from the software center00:39
Flustratedok, and that will let us burn image to usb right?00:39
holsteinFlustrated: i dont know how to answer that, since burning not really what is happening, nor what you want with a USB00:39
holstein!info unetbooting00:40
ubottuPackage unetbooting does not exist in raring00:40
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent00:40
holsteinFlustrated: maybe it has been removed from 13.04..00:40
ianorlinwait is it possible to boot from an external hard drive?00:56
holsteinianorlin: yes00:57
ianorlinhmm might be able to get an old desktop box working then on an external hard drive since the old hard drive broke00:58
ianorlinalthough would the motherboard need to support booting from usb if it is a usb external harddrive00:59
holsteinhttp://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/index.html is what i use to boot legacy or not USB booting hardware to USB or whatever00:59
holsteinie, things that the motherboard doesnt want to do00:59
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K350I'd to re-install my Lubuntu since it crashed all the time. Now I've a fresh install of 13.04. But the errror appears again. I've no /var/log/messages so I can't locate teh error. I really need some help.07:27
JesseHWhat error07:44
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rc1992hi everyone, i'm trying to turn my lubuntu 13.04 into a wifi hotspot, is it possible?08:41
ambossarmmoin, I want to install lubuntu at my mothers, but a feature I need is for my mother to be able to login when my screen is logged. The gnome-screensaver is able to start another X-Session, but the normal xscreensaver not. Any idea how to easily solve this?09:42
uzernameHello, guys. Are someone still here?10:20
Unit193ambossarm: Xscreensaver has a "New User" button, that doesn't work?11:14
ambossarmhaven't seen this button11:14
Unit193New Login, rather.11:15
ambossarmwill test it next time when I at my mothers, perhaps I was just stupid11:15
Unit193Or you could use gnome-screensaver, whatever works.11:16
ambossarmI searched using gnome-screensaver and there was only one solution: running gnome-session in lxde11:16
ambossarmand I am not really sure what it means to run gnome-session11:16
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TheSpanishInquisanyone familiar with open-ssh 'ssh-agent', 'gnome-keyring-daemon --start --components=ssh', and their incredibly irritating interaction in lubuntu?14:50
TheSpanishInquisthere are numerous bug reports dating back to 2009... there a couple of workarounds... at one point a patch was submitted to fix the bug, but it is still apparent in my system (installed post patch)14:51
holsteinTheSpanishInquis: whats the issue? what bug? have you joined your information on the bug?16:13
TheSpanishInquisi have not signed up yet16:13
TheSpanishInquisso i have not added my info16:14
TheSpanishInquisalso, i am maybe not done diagnosing16:14
TheSpanishInquisi will explain here first16:15
TheSpanishInquisacutally i'll find the existing bug reports first16:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 841672 in openssh (Ubuntu) "ssh-add does not always unlock ssh keys" [Medium,Confirmed]16:18
TheSpanishInquisits almost exactly that bug16:18
TheSpanishInquismy $SSH_AUTH_SOCK is pointing to gnome-keyring-daemon's export on startup16:19
TheSpanishInquisand for whatever reason, gnome-keyring-daemon is failing hard where openssh works exactly as expected16:19
TheSpanishInquisi can invoke the working ssh-agent with 'exec ssh-agent bash'16:20
TheSpanishInquisalso, before replacing with ssh-agent, ssh-add fails and succeeds to add my key at the same time16:21
TheSpanishInquisi've had this problem across multiple lubuntu installations, this installation was installed after a patch was submitted that tried to fix the problem16:22
TheSpanishInquisthe other bug reports are mainly filed under the guise of 'ssh or ssh-add keeps asking for my password'16:25
holsteinTheSpanishInquis: you have confirmed that its *only* lubuntu? is it any lxde?16:25
TheSpanishInquishmm well16:26
TheSpanishInquisi tried the other startups16:26
TheSpanishInquislike... openbox16:28
TheSpanishInquisto try and put it through another startup sequence16:28
TheSpanishInquisholstein: i'd have to double check, is it worth it?16:28
holsteinTheSpanishInquis: its not an issue im having, so, if you are "worried" about it, and want it to get taken care of, you'll need to get some folks to help you take care of it16:29
TheSpanishInquisi've tried commenting out different parts of /usr/bin/startlubuntu16:29
holsteinTheSpanishInquis: have you tried installing xfce and loading it and trying?16:29
TheSpanishInquisno, i will give it a go16:30
holsteinlubuntu *is* ubuntu.. so it should be a matter of seeing what is missing or different from the same pacakages in the repos16:30
TheSpanishInquiswhen i do ssh-add, where is the stdout coming from?16:30
TheSpanishInquisdoes it communicate with $SSH_AUTH_SOCK?16:31
TheSpanishInquismight the problem be caused by the fact i'm doing certificate signed ssh keys? before replacing gnome-keyring with ssh-agent, ssh-add gives a conflicting output "Certificate ... add failed" followed immediately by "Certificate added: ..."16:31
TheSpanishInquisi have probed the openssh channel for their thoughts... ofc openssh is the superior software and that's all that i gathered from their help ._.16:32
holsteinTheSpanishInquis: confirm that.. i would try other servers.. other keys.. i would generate simple examples to use with a server running in virtualbox16:32
TheSpanishInquisthis has been a particularly difficult issue to chase16:35
TheSpanishInquisyou mentioned you do not have this problem... lubuntu or xfce?16:36
holsteinTheSpanishInquis: anywhere16:48
holsteinTheSpanishInquis: but, that could mean i havent followed the test case.. or i just jump to a workaround16:48
TheSpanishInquisholstein: haha typical16:48
holsteinTheSpanishInquis: i think the best thing for the "issue" is for you to join that bug, and report, to the best of your ability, exactly the steps.. and try and rule out other DE's or whatever16:49
holsteinwhen you say "lubuntu is doing x".. just confirm that it is lubuntu16:49
holsteinTheSpanishInquis: if its upstream somewhere else, it might be easier to get it attention16:49
holsteinTheSpanishInquis: otherwise, hang here, or in the #lubuntu-offtopic, and a volunteer will likely offer to try and replicate the error16:50
holsteinTheSpanishInquis: i will, when i have time.. though, that would be an afternoon next week16:50
TheSpanishInquisyou tested your environments with unsigned keys?16:50
TheSpanishInquisunsigned by certificate authority16:51
TheSpanishInquisi can probably figure this out, i have the time and ability, i've just never gotten so deep into the rabbit hole16:52
TheSpanishInquisother users are still reporting it as a problem post patch so i also know i'm not alone16:52
holsteinTheSpanishInquis: i have only ever used that with my own keys16:53
holsteinTheSpanishInquis: and, actually only a few times16:53
TheSpanishInquisk i'll be thorough in my testing16:54
TheSpanishInquisonce i get a VM up and running >.>16:54
holsteinTheSpanishInquis: cheers!16:55
TheSpanishInquisholstein: i can't run a 64-bit VM, would that matter for testing?17:00
holsteinTheSpanishInquis: might.. i would just do what you can though17:02
TheSpanishInquislame, i will do an external install instead17:04
uzernameso, I'm going to ask my question here.17:46
SonikkuAmericaAll right: ask up!17:46
uzernameI want to install lUbuntu 12.04 to my Asus EEEPC 1025C but cannot complete the instalation17:47
uzernamenetbook reboots after choosing installation type.17:47
uzernameI choose to install alongside windows17:48
uzernameMy downloaded Iso file is correct. and disk is fine too.17:50
uzernameUguuu~ And nobody can help me.17:53
uzernameLooks awesome17:54
SonikkuAmericaDouzername: Sounds like a kernel panic issue.17:55
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uzernamethis issue is not about UEFI, because sudo parted -l shows Partition Table:msdos17:57
SonikkuAmericaDo you have a "Designed for Windows 8" sticker on your PC?17:57
uzernameNo, I've bought it a year ago with Win 7 starter preinstalled17:59
uzernameWin 8 has not been issued by that time.17:59
SonikkuAmericauzername: What's your processor18:00
uzernameIntel Atom N2800 1.86 ghz18:00
uzernamewith Intel (R) NM10 Express Chipset18:01
uzernamegraphics is: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 Series18:02
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uzernamestill again, I'm able to boot with "try lUbuntu without installing" but I cannot install18:03
SonikkuAmericauzername: Are you using a 32-bit or 64-bit install image?18:04
uzernameI'm using 32-bit install image. I'll write here the exact iso name:18:05
uzernamethis one looks stable and some people have installed lubuntu with it18:06
SonikkuAmericauzername: You got it from cdimage.u.c right?18:06
SonikkuAmericauzername: Or the link on lubuntu.net ?18:07
uzernamefrom the official site. I've checked hashsums already and they're okay.18:08
uzernamefrom here: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/precise/release/18:08
SonikkuAmericaOh. Because it's not an LTS I'd recommend you get the 13.04 image, also available from lubuntu.net18:08
uzernameBut there are no manuals / recomendations about its working state.18:09
SonikkuAmericaWhat, 13.04's? It was stable as of last April 2518:10
SonikkuAmericaBesides, Lubuntu is rather new; its first release was 11.1018:10
uzernamehere's the link: http://linuxeeepc.blogspot.com/2012/08/lubuntu-on-eeepc-1025c-with-correct.html18:10
uzernameit's told here that 12.10 is not recommended.18:11
uzernamefor my netbook18:11
SonikkuAmericauzername: That's because Atom processors don't have VT-x18:14
uzernameSo? Is there any way to fix that?18:14
SonikkuAmericauzername: (HW acceleration)18:14
SonikkuAmericauzername: I'd recommend Kubuntu Active actually, but right now there are major non-security-related bugs that make it not a feasible option...18:14
SonikkuAmericauzername: (Kubuntu using Plasma Active)18:15
uzernameBut I don't need any virtualisation (VT-x) for my netbook! It will not handle virtual machine.18:15
uzernameSo, how do you think, is there any chance that it would be possible to install Kubuntu 12.04 ?18:26
holsteinchance? sure18:27
holsteinits free to download and try18:27
uzernamebut installation attempts for lUbuntu have failed...18:28
uzername*lubuntu 12.0418:28
holsteinuzername: 12.04 is not supported anymore18:28
holsteinuzername: lubuntu 12.04 specifically18:28
uzernameDoes not matter! I need fully functional linus distro for a specific sets of task.18:29
holsteinuzername: sure.. and you might wnat to start with a supported distro.. such as lubuntu 13.0418:30
uzernamedo kubuntu 12.04, ubuntu 12.04 and lubuntu 12.04 have many differences18:30
holsteinuzername: yes.. the desktops are different18:30
holsteinuzername: have you tried lubuntu 13.04?18:31
holsteinuzername: what is the issue you are having?18:31
holsteinif you have hardware problems, such as a failing hard drive, *any* os will fail to load18:31
holsteincan you boot the live CD?18:31
uzernameYes, I can.18:31
holsteinuzername: and what is the issue when installing?18:31
uzernameBut I cannot complete installation sequence!18:31
uzernameAfter choosing type of installation (I choose "install alongside with windows") netbook reboots18:32
holsteinuzername: then, dont choose that18:33
holsteinuzername: manually partition18:33
holsteinuzername: or, wipe the drive.. or install to USB.. or temporarily put in another hard drive.. or clone the windows and try wiping the entire drive with the instal18:33
uzernameNo way. I need to save Win 7 Starter. And I'm not that confident to use manual partition...18:34
holsteinuzername: i exaplained above *several* ways to "save" win718:34
holsteinuzername: you should have that backed up anyway before manipulating the partitions18:34
uzernameWell, I'll show here the initial state of my disk in gparted.18:35
holsteinuzername: if you have no backup for win7, then, its good as gone if you have *any* issue18:35
holsteinuzername: you need to have a way to recover it for when the hard drive *will* fail.. they all do18:35
uzernameIt's Windows 7 Starter OEM, it was preinstalled.18:36
holsteinuzername: sure.. and you *will* lose it. its just a matter of when. .so, planning for that failure is not a waste of time18:36
uzernameI have all my working data here, at this big ol' PC18:37
holsteinuzername: and, if you have no way of recovering that win7, or a clone, then its as good as gone18:37
holsteinuzername: any error, which can easliy happen, while resizing that partition can make the win7 be gone...18:37
uzernamebrace yourselves, gparted screenshot is coming18:38
holsteinyou are saying "i cant mess with the hard drive because im afraid of losing win7".. and im saying "you *will* lose it, and can in this install process, so go ahead and plan for that"18:38
holsteinclone it... or secure the data, and have an installation disk handy18:39
uzernamewell, anyway, win 7 starter oem is not that good OS. It's not even possible to change desktop background without hackin' tools.18:41
holstein"good" is a matter of opinion.. and im just saying, if you want to save it, it needs to be backedup18:42
uzernamedoes alt+PrintScreen work in Linux?18:44
holsteinwhat are you trying to do?18:45
holsteintaking a screentshot is possible18:45
uzernameI'm trying to take a screenshot and insert the result to graphics editor.18:46
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.18:46
uzernamehere's initial state of my netbook disk.18:51
uzernamewhat can you advice for manual partitioning?18:52
holsteini'll say this, and state it as fact, though others may not agree.. if you shrink one of those partitions without having planned for losing that data, *all* that data, you are doing it wrong18:52
holsteinuzername: what would i do? i would do what i did.. remove win7, and install linux18:53
holsteinuzername: what have i done? and what can you do? literally anything.. shrink or remove one of those ntfs partitions and install on the empty space.. or install to USB, or in virtualbox.. or whatever18:54
uzernameIf the only way to install Linux here is to remove Windows... I'll stay on Windows18:56
uzernameby now.18:56
holsteinits not18:56
holsteinuzername: i never said, nor implied that18:56
holsteinuzername: you saked for advice, and i offered it.. but to be "afraid" of losing windows is to admit to not having a good backup solution18:56
holsteinuzername: i would say the same if you were installing another instance of win7 or win8.. or *whatever*18:57
uzernameYes, now I see.18:57
holsteinuzername: to mess with partitions on a disk, in *any* way. .for *any* reason.. without a backup.. is not a good idea18:58
uzernameWindows commonly sees another instances of himself and knows how to handle theme.apply18:58
holsteinuzername: and, as i said, and *anyone* else will say, that hard drive *will* fail.. so preparing for this is not a waste of time18:58
holsteinuzername: im not talking about windows here.. im talking about resizing a partition.. and i dont care who or what does that18:58
holsteinuzername: if you do that in windows, and have no backup, then that is a bad idea18:59
uzername*will* fail. So, it's inevitable...18:59
holsteinuzername: if you do that in linux, and have no backup.. that is a bad idea18:59
holsteinuzername: *all* hard drives fail.. so, to plan for this is a good idea.. and, will help you if you happen to break the current install of windows.. which could happen doing *anything* to that partition.. or with normal wear and tear on the hardware19:00
holsteinotherwise.. use gparted from a live CD, or a windows tool to free up some space on that hard drive, and install19:01
uzernamethanks for warning me. I'm a Ruby on Rails beginner which does not work on Windows and I don't know much about Linux.19:01
holsteinuzername: this has *nothing* to do with linux.. this is a fact of hardware, as i said.. if you were wanting to dual boot win7 and win8 there, i would suggest the same thing.. and the same facts about the hardware are true19:02
uzernameStrong OEM runes and wizardry protect netbook from Ubuntu...19:14
holsteincould be uefi19:14
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:14
holsteinuzername: what netbook?19:14
holsteini have a bunch of eeepc's i install linux on all the time.. some dual boot19:15
uzernameasus eeepc 1025C19:15
uzernamei have already shut it down, but i may show "sudo parted -l" output19:16
holsteinuzername: and you have tried shrinking a partition with gparted from a live CD? or using a windows tool?19:16
uzernameif necesarry19:16
holsteinuzername: try shrinking the partition, after you are comfortable losing all the date on the drive, potentially19:16
uzernameusing gparted from live CD. put I have not done it, because I am not sure how to do this in this case.19:17
uzernameI have already shown you gparted screenshot19:18
holsteinuzername: sure.. and what you will need to do to install *any* other os there, is to make room for it on the disk19:18
holsteinuzername: you can do that from gparted in a live CD.. or there is AFAIK, a windows tool you can use from when windows is running19:19
uzernamemy netbook already has 4 primary partitions. as you see at that screenshot the best way to get some space is to modify /dev/sda3/ partition.19:24
uzernameIs it okay to define all necesarry Linux partitions on a single primary partition?19:24
holsteinok is a matter of opinion and use case19:24
holsteinuzername: if that is the only way you can do it, then its the only way19:24
holsteini remember removing an ntfs partition, and resizing another, and making room for linux that way.. i made the empty space and let the installer use it19:25
Somebodywas doing a dist upgrade.23:51
Somebodyit appeard done, however dpkg is stuck and it will not boot into a gui, only root23:52
Somebodyunable to mount disks23:52
Somebodyor something like that23:52
Somebodyany help?23:52
SonikkuAmericaSomebody: Run [ sudo dpkg --configure -a ]23:59
Somebodytried that.  files systems are in rescue mode, read only23:59
SonikkuAmericaYou're in recovery?23:59

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