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dholbachgood morning06:35
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dpmhi Mirv, I've just sent you an e-mail with an issue the calendar devs are having with the qtjsondb package. Let me know if that gives you enough info or if you'd need me to put you in touch with the guy who reported the issue07:44
Mirvdpm: I think I understand the problem, the raring version of qtjsondb was built in a PPA where it didn't pick up the 5.0.2. rebuilding in qt5-proper.07:47
Mirvand I assume the guy has raring07:47
dpmMirv, yeah, I think most of the core app devs are running raring07:48
dpmMirv, is there a way to get the package to work for raring?07:48
Mirvdpm: yep, just a rebuild, should be fixed in about half an hour in qt5-proper07:50
* dpm hugs Mirv07:51
dpmcool, thanks!07:51
Mirvno problem07:53
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JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Friday! :-D08:20
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oSoMoNgusch: hey, would you have some time for reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/webbrowser-app/disable-webview-when-activityview-visible/+merge/173156 ?08:46
guschoSoMoN: ok08:47
guschoSoMoN: approved08:54
oSoMoNgusch: thx08:55
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rafaelementHi guys! I need help with this snippet. i have a state change with a transition, but its animation doesn't work. can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong? http://pastebin.com/SxgZerE909:21
dpmI'm not very familiar with animations, timp or kalikiana, perhaps you might be able to help rafaelement ^^ ?09:23
timprafaelement: I'm quite busy now, but I can have a look in an hour or so09:49
timprafaelement: can you try to simplify your code? to have a small test program with the animations only?09:50
rafaelementi will do that09:52
rafaelementjust a second09:52
rafaelementi reuploaded the simplified version to the previous link! thanks for your help.09:57
Laneyhow do I refer to an enumeration type in a property?10:15
Laneye.g. property ??? fillMode : Image.PreserveAspectCrop10:15
Laneyhttps://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtqml/qml-enumeration.html says it's not possible but is there some trick? I got a review comment asking me to make my types more specific.10:17
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timpLaney: ask the reviewer :)10:41
Laneytimp: Rather avoid pinging people if possible. :P10:41
timpI don't think you can tell qml that a variable is of "enumeration" type10:43
timprafaelement: what is the url of your updated code? http://pastebin.com/SxgZerE9 is still not that basic; It needs includes, and I think in your case a very basic program with only two states and a transition between the two would be helpful10:44
LaneyI'll just bounce it back on the review10:45
LaneyI also got asked to link to Image's documentation for properties which are the same - is there a qmldoc way to do that or does it mean to link to the webpage?10:46
rafaelementtimp: i left it that way because i think i may have nested the elements in the wrong way10:48
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rafaelementtimp: http://pastebin.com/f4ehyhUR simpler...10:53
Laneyah \l10:53
timprafaelement: that qml just gives me a blank window with only a header10:54
rafaelementit uses ubuntu buttons... do you use them? for me it displays a window with a centered button. on click, it displays an overlay with a centered close button10:55
timprafaelement: you shouldn not anchors.centerIn parent if the parent is a column10:56
rafaelementtimp: what can i use then?10:56
timpmaybe my local installation of the ui toolkit is broken..10:58
rafaelementtimp: does it give errors?10:59
timprafaelement: you can use left/right anchors or align horizontally, and also set the height10:59
timprafaelement: sorry, I have a meeting now10:59
oSoMoN_gusch: remember yesterday how you asked me whether increasing the page load time for one given autopilot test to 10 seconds wouldn’t time out? well it turns out you were right… my bad, here is a MR that should fix it: https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/webbrowser-app/increase-test-timeout/+merge/17318311:00
guschoSoMoN_: ok - I think I can approve it right away :)11:00
oSoMoN_gusch: yes, I think it’s safe :)11:01
rafaelementtimp: fine, i will try to be patient and ask again sometime or find  a solution11:01
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* oSoMoN gets out for lunch11:31
guschom26er: for camera seems to have some random failing tests :( https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/camera-app/camera-update-today-user-metric/+merge/17313511:45
om26ergusch, hey! looking11:46
guschom26er: there was/is a config problem (fixed by mzanetti), but still I have random failing tests from time to time11:46
guschom26er: ... on jenkins11:47
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oSoMoNKaleo_: ping13:21
Kaleo_oSoMoN: pong13:22
Kaleo_oSoMoN: was waiting for you to reappear :)13:22
oSoMoNKaleo_: have you seen my MR that fixes the notes-app ? https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/notes-app/new_theming_fixed/+merge/17313913:22
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Kaleo_oSoMoN: yes, I don't get it13:23
Kaleo_oSoMoN: I don't see the type property used anywhere13:23
Kaleo_oSoMoN: only the type role in the model13:23
oSoMoNKaleo_: in MixedEdit.setCurrentTextItem()13:23
oSoMoNKaleo_: at the very end of the function, if (item.item.type === "text") item.item.forceActiveFocus();13:24
Kaleo_oSoMoN: well done13:24
Kaleo_oSoMoN: ok, happroved13:24
oSoMoNKaleo_: :)13:24
oSoMoNKaleo_: the thing I really don’t get is how the tests were passing before, as this is clearly a bug that was already there in the code13:24
Kaleo_oSoMoN: indeed13:25
Kaleo_oSoMoN: puzzling13:25
Kaleo_oSoMoN: this week was breakage week unfortunately.13:25
oSoMoNKaleo_: but I can’t be bothered spending more time to investigate, as long as the app works again13:26
Kaleo_oSoMoN: indeed13:26
oSoMoNgot other priorities13:26
seb128Kaleo_, hey ... "The default height of Button has changed as per design.", is there anyone specifically in design I should ping with screenshots/to ask opinion if I find the design changes to look weird?13:28
oSoMoNKaleo_: with the new simplified theming infrastructure, can I style a ListItem.Header ?13:31
Kaleo_seb128: ask Rosie13:31
Kaleo_oSoMoN: no13:31
seb128Kaleo_, thanks13:31
Kaleo_oSoMoN: ListItems are still not themable13:31
Kaleo_oSoMoN: what's your need?13:31
oSoMoNKaleo_: the latest visual design for the browser’s timeline view has the list headers with a different background color, but I think I know how to achieve that easily13:32
oSoMoNconfirmed, making the item a rectangle and putting the Header inside it works13:34
Kaleo_oSoMoN: can you show me the mockup?13:34
oSoMoNKaleo_: forwarded to you the visuals by e-mail13:37
Kaleo_oSoMoN: thx13:38
Kaleo_timp: I replied to your comments13:39
timpKaleo_: I saw. The MR is not done yet, right?13:42
Kaleo_timp: there is only one remaining fix; the background color13:42
timpKaleo_: PaletteValues is not documented yet13:42
Kaleo_timp: and that13:42
Kaleo_timp: indeed13:42
Kaleo_timp: how is the rest?13:42
timpKaleo_: looks good. only the property names in PaletteValues are not intuitive for me. Documenting them may help there, or relating the colors to the colors used in http://people.canonical.com/~kaleo/themes.png13:43
om26erwow whats' wrong with jenkins, the change has already been merged in trunk but it also seem the merge proposal is still there13:44
Kaleo_timp: yes, I'm thinking that 1) we add textual doc to the properties13:45
timpKaleo_: now each Palette has 20 colors, I'm not sure we need that many13:45
Kaleo_timp: 2) once design has a design guidelines page ready, we link to it13:45
Kaleo_timp: hmm, do youo see many redundancies?13:45
timpKaleo_: I count only around 5 colors per theme, plus gradients but I didn't check for different opacities with the same color13:47
Kaleo_timp: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5846810/13:51
Kaleo_timp: your counting is odd13:51
Kaleo_timp: that's 8 colors13:51
Kaleo_oSoMoN: it might well be that should be the default design for list item header13:53
Kaleo_oSoMoN:  need to ask Rosie13:53
oSoMoNKaleo_: ok, in the meantime I’ll go for a custom header component that embeds the default one, will be easy enough to replace with the default one in the future if needed13:55
timpKaleo_: I missed the background and overlay colors. I don't see them listed in Themes.png13:58
timpKaleo_: I was counting from that image13:59
Kaleo_oSoMoN: that's not cool14:02
Kaleo_oSoMoN: let's ask Rosie14:02
Kaleo_oSoMoN: and that way you don't have to do anything14:02
Kaleo_oSoMoN: aside from asking her14:03
Kaleo_timp: so what's your conclusion?14:18
LaneyHalp - the toolkit started failing to build like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5846911/14:22
timpKaleo_: I get the same. And Totals: 61 passed, 0 failed, 0 skipped14:27
timp61 passed for trunk14:27
Kaleo_timp: ok, fixing14:27
Kaleo_timp: by removing, I think it's silly to check the colors14:27
Kaleo_timp: jenkins does not fail probably because it's that special folder for X11 tests that it probably does not run for lack of X11 (tests/unit_x11)14:29
Kaleo_timp: pushed14:29
timpKaleo_: I see that this test is the only place where that property is checked to be part of the API14:29
Kaleo_timp: I guess that the only remaining thing is the documentation14:30
Kaleo_timp: no, components.api does that automatically14:30
timpah but we have an API check now14:30
timpyes :)14:30
Kaleo_timp: thanks for your good review14:30
Kaleo_timp: ckpringle is writing up the colors docstrings as we speak14:31
timpKaleo_: you have this still FIXME: 'background' does not come from design, do you plan to remove that in this MR?14:32
Kaleo_timp: nope14:33
Kaleo_timp: later14:33
Kaleo_timp: and if you want to have fun, check out https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/dark_gradient_themes14:34
timpKaleo_: one last thing, did you test it with some apps on device? I have some custom versions of packages installed on my device so it is a bit of a hassle to test it14:35
Kaleo_timp: not really, only on desktop, but colors have not really changed much14:35
Kaleo_Laney: working now?14:39
Laneyreverting commits until I get to the one which caused it14:39
seb128Kaleo_, hum, the new toolkit daily broke button, they show as void space ...14:42
seb128Kaleo_, is that a known issue?14:42
seb128Kaleo_, unping :p14:43
Kaleo_seb128: reported, fixed, fix merged14:43
seb128Kaleo_, we just need it in saucy then ;-)14:44
seb128Kaleo_, did we get a test with the fix to make sure next time landing fails in such cases? ;-)14:44
timpKaleo_: qmlscene -I works fine for trunk, I wonder what is causing the problem with the color_palette14:46
Laneyhrm, it's my r576: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~laney/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/crossfadeimage/revision/57614:46
Kaleo_timp: thinking14:48
Kaleo_Laney: :)14:48
Laneycan you see anything wrong?14:48
LaneyI can't see errors in the build log14:49
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oSoMoNrenato__, boiko: would one of you have time to have a quick look at https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/webbrowser-app/update-tabsview-label/+merge/172972 and approve it? Günther was reviewing it, and it was pending input from Jouni, and I got the answer to the question, but it looks like Günter has left already…14:54
boikooSoMoN: is it fine if I review it in a couple hours?14:55
Kaleo_oSoMoN: you should use UbuntuColors.orange14:57
Kaleo_oSoMoN: though it might break at some point..14:57
oSoMoNKaleo_: true, but I’ll do the transition to UbuntuColors in one go over the whole code base, if you don’t mind14:58
Kaleo_oSoMoN: sure14:59
Kaleo_oSoMoN: I hope jouni thought about what it means for the color palette14:59
Kaleo_oSoMoN: ie. what color in the palette that should correspond to15:00
renato__timp, Kaleo_ , any plans for a combobox widget in the SDK?15:00
oSoMoNKaleo_: I’m sure he did15:00
Kaleo_renato__: yes, well it depends what you mean exactly15:00
timprenato__: no but we have the ValueSelector15:00
Kaleo_renato__: do you have a screenshot?15:00
Kaleo_renato__: mockup..15:00
timphaha :) opposite answers15:00
renato__Kaleo_, yes give me a minute I will share it with you15:01
renato__Kaleo_, timp this is different from value selector15:01
renato__Kaleo_, I just sent a e-mail to you15:01
renato__Kaleo_, take a look on  "Ubuntu_Contacts_Profile_Edit_01.jpg"15:02
oSoMoNboiko: sure, there’s absolutely no rush, I just want to make sure it doesn’t bitrot while Günter is away15:02
boikooSoMoN: ok, I'll handle it today still then15:02
Kaleo_timp: http://people.canonical.com/~kaleo/Ubuntu_Contacts_Profile_Edit_01.jpg15:04
Kaleo_renato__: so the thing lwon the left?15:04
Kaleo_renato__: where you can select the type?15:05
renato__Kaleo_, yes and in the bottom, where you can select the Ring tone and Text tone15:05
timpthose in the bottom might be new visuals for the current valueselector15:07
timpbut the other ones on the left cannot be done with what we have now15:07
timpdid rosie/calumn approve these designs? they are the pattern police15:08
Kaleo_renato__: I believe that nic is working on that15:09
Kaleo_renato__: confirming now15:10
Kaleo_renato__: who is your visual designer?15:10
renato__Kaleo_, christina15:10
Kaleo_renato__: I did not know Christina did visual design15:10
Kaleo_renato__: interaction design for sure15:10
Kaleo_renato__: but actually that's even better15:11
Kaleo_renato__: I really meant interaction designer :)15:11
Kaleo_nic-doffay: thanks!15:11
Kaleo_renato__: nic-doffay confirms15:11
renato__Kaleo_, nic-doffay , whe this will be ready to use?15:12
nic-doffayrenato__, as soon as the themes and one or two additional features are implemented, not to mention the documentation being done.15:12
Kaleo_renato__: and about the fact that the app is using the dark theme; you won't have to do much; you can develop with the light theme and next week the dark theme will land with for you the option to make it the theme the phone app uses15:13
renato__Kaleo_, great15:13
Kaleo_renato__: also for widgets that are not in the toolkit (custom widgets) you should use the theme color palette when possible so that your widget will respond appropriately to changes in the theme15:15
Kaleo_renato__: it's going to land in a couple of hours (the color palette)15:15
Kaleo_renato__: and I'll make an email next week15:16
renato__Kaleo_, ok thanks15:16
timprenato__, Kaleo_ the selectors at the bottom for ringtone and texttone are the the new style for optionselector (now named valueselector)15:18
timpso that needs no new component15:18
timpthe other, "small" selectors on the left seem odd to me to have on a phone. what would it look like expanded?15:19
renato__timp, if nic-doffay  is already creating a new component I do not see the point of use the valueselector since15:22
renato__the components looks the same with different sizes15:22
timpI mean it IS a valueselector, just the naming changed in the design documents15:24
timpOption selector in this doc: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1cg9ruHiEpRynEr_Ipf39Z0MQINEWoChIN-d111yx-Qw/edit#15:24
timpand the visuals need to be updated in the UITK15:24
renato__timp, something that I notice on the valueselector (I do not is is already fixed) is that it does not scroll, for example if you the options is bigger than the screen is not possible to select a option that is not visible on the screen15:27
nic-doffayrenato__, that's the first thing I'm implementing after the themes15:27
nic-doffayfor the option selector15:27
timpKaleo_: I built and installed color_palette UITK on tablet, and the unselected titles in the tabs header now have white text15:28
timpwhich is wrong15:28
renato__Kaleo_, something that I will need, ( I need to check with christina) is the file choose dialog , for change the contact avatar. What do you have in mind for that?15:31
renato__Kaleo_, forget about it, this probably will use the content picker15:33
Kaleo_timp: in what app?15:34
timpphone-app and gallery-app15:34
timpKaleo_: and calendar-app; probably all15:36
Kaleo_timp: odd, I don't reproduce on the desktop15:38
Kaleo_timp: let me see15:38
Laneyfinally building again15:40
Laneyhope it still works15:40
renato__Kaleo_, matt steven is the visual designer for the contact-app15:43
Kaleo_renato__: cool; don't know him15:44
timpKaleo_: I tried with gallery-app on desktop, and it does not have the white titles15:49
timpKaleo_: but in the tabs header, the chevron used to be the color of the unselected titles when the tabs header is active, that is no longer the case15:49
timpvery subtle difference15:49
Kaleo_timp: right, so I'm testing on the device15:51
Kaleo_timp: for the subtle difference you noticed, I think we can live with it and I will fix it when I get to updating the visual design of the tabsz15:56
oSoMoNboiko: Günther approved my MR, no need for a review anymore15:59
timpKaleo_: ok. I didn't know we would get new visuals for tabs16:00
Kaleo_timp: slight updates for everything16:00
Kaleo_timp:  i see the white tabs16:01
Kaleo_timp: on the phone16:01
Kaleo_timp: but I don't see any error message on the console!16:01
odraKaleo_: What do you have against white tabs???16:05
Kaleo_odra: :)16:07
Kaleo_timp: I'm 99% sure I know16:09
Kaleo_timp: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-3223816:10
timpKaleo_: in which file is headerTextColor defined now?16:13
Kaleo_timp: actually it's not that bug16:13
Kaleo_timp: in NewTabBar.qml16:13
Kaleo_timp: or it is...16:13
timpit used to be in the qmltheme16:14
timpyes, the property is defined there, but its value?16:14
Kaleo_timp: in TabsStyle.qml16:16
timpok, found it in TabsStyle16:16
odraI feel isolated because everyone here seems to code for phone.16:16
Kaleo_timp: I'm lost: if I assing to the Label.color property in NewTabBar the value from the theme directly #8188888816:21
Kaleo_timp: then it's still broken & white16:22
odraIsn't there two digits too many?16:23
Kaleo_odra: no16:23
Kaleo_odra: it's the alpha channel16:23
odraWhich is?16:24
timpodra: the opacity16:24
odraI mean which digits :p16:24
Kaleo_odra: the firsts 216:26
Kaleo_timp: alright, found the bug16:31
Kaleo_timp: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5847291/16:31
timphow come we never noticed that before?16:35
timpwell in the tabs we had a separate opacity property, but in other places16:36
Kaleo_timp: maybe it works with Qt.rgba()16:37
timpKaleo_: nope16:38
Kaleo_timp: nope16:38
Kaleo_timp: darn16:38
Kaleo_timp: the issue with qmlscene tests/resources/tabs/Tabs.qml16:39
Kaleo_timp: I think it's also in trunk16:39
Kaleo_timp: I pushed the docstrings for the propertiez16:39
Kaleo_timp: now digging in Qt's bug tracker for that color bug16:39
timpKaleo_: color: "#81888888"16:40
timp^ only fails for text16:40
Kaleo_timp:  ah ah16:40
timpfor Rectangle it works fine16:40
Kaleo_timp: but only on some platforms/architecture16:41
Kaleo_timp: so to summarize; there are only 2 issues left with the MR: this Qt bug we need to fix & this strange import path issue16:46
Kaleo_timp: right?16:46
Kaleo_timp: ok, so Monday then16:47
Kaleo_timp: oh hang on16:47
Kaleo_idea for a wrk around16:47
Kaleo_in Label.qml16:47
Kaleo_opacity: color.a16:47
Kaleo_timp: of course that's not enough16:49
Kaleo_timp: the color if cooked16:49
Kaleo_timp: ok, Monday16:50
Kaleo_timp: thanks for you help16:50
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surgemcgeeDoes the tools toolbar iconSource use a units.gu() like resize method?17:13
AskUbuntuUbuntu touch apps don't open on Desktop 13.04 | http://askubuntu.com/q/31676017:34
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