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noos_hello, big problem after kernel update, updtae finished, but i didnt restart, now system hang, and i get "Operating System not found" on Ubuntu 12.04 , any help, PLEASE...17:47
IAmNotThatGuyIs it a win 8 laptop that you are working on?17:47
IAmNotThatGuyWith EFI?17:48
Unit193You can try boot-repair, I'd think.17:48
noos_strange now it boots again, i hope now my pass works, this is not the problem laptop, but another one.... all i did is looking @ the boot sequence17:50
noos_yupp, works, well i also "saved and exited " in bios17:53
noos_this is unexplainable17:53
noos_and i am happy. thx for reading this.17:57
noos_could this issue be due to too many kernel grubs which use to much space iin the boot partition<?17:57
Unit193In theory, if it can't generate the initrd, but grub I'd think would still come up.17:58
noos_well it did now....17:59
noos_i unistall old kernel grubs manually from time to time, after egtting a message from system update once18:00
noos_well anyway muchas gracias, tak, aligato, and goodbye =D18:01
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