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pitti_Good morning04:38
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RAOFpitti: Good morning!04:45
pittibonjour tout le monde !04:46
* TheMuso waves.04:47
czajkowskiHappy Friday :)04:48
TheMusoIndeed, and happy bug fix day too. ;)04:49
TheMusoWell, maybe not fix, but workaround.04:49
desrtfriday already?04:55
desrtdear lord04:55
* desrt needs to go to bed04:55
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pittinight desrt05:05
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didrocksMirv: hey! how are you?06:02
didrocksMirv: small question on qtsystems: you don't handle the transition from the previous version (with binary packaging containing both the library and the qtdeclaratives one) and the new one with separated binary packages? (I'm fine with that, just in case you published those, some people will maybe be surprised by the upgrade)06:04
didrocksMirv: otherwise ack on qtsystem, I can sponsor and new it06:04
didrocksMirv: do I have anything else in my queue for you?06:04
didrocksMirv: FYI, relaunching unity with "check with whole ppa" so that the tests are taking the latest xorg-server for testing06:05
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Mirvdidrocks: hello. right, it's not handling PPA version, but realistically not many have used that inofficial module.06:54
Mirv(or handling so that PPA version users would get the QML modules)06:54
Mirvdidrocks: the other was lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/qtfeedback-opensource-src + https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/qt5-beta2/+files/qtfeedback-opensource-src_5.0%7Egit20130529.orig.tar.gz (reviewed by Ken so far)06:55
Mirvdidrocks: and then handling of the ubuntu-html5-theme https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/cupstream2distro-config/enable_ubuntu-html5-theme_daily/+merge/17295806:55
MirvI think that's it for now, I'm waiting for renato to test the new qtpim snapshot and the qtbase patches I just rebased have not been tested either yet, so those shouldn't be sponsored yet06:56
didrocksMirv: ok, so I'm sponsoring qtsystems for now06:58
didrocksMirv: then, preNEWing ubuntu-html5-theme06:58
didrocksif good, approving your branch and letting you deploy06:59
didrocksfinally reviewing qtfeedback06:59
didrocksMirv: meanwhile, you are handling the dailies?06:59
jibelgood morning07:00
didrockssalut jibel!07:00
jibelBonjour didrocks07:01
Mirvdidrocks: yes, handling those, I was meaning to ask about unity armhf build failure though, does https://launchpadlibrarian.net/144210298/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-armhf.unity_7.0.2%2B13.10.20130705-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz look random failure since the code should be the same you successfully build yesterday evening?07:01
Mirvor is it because more X got in and now unity fails because of that07:02
didrocksMirv: maybe just retry a build in launchpad? (it seems to be a random one)07:02
Mirvok.. right LP build retry is cheap07:02
didrocksMirv: then, if you relaunch the stack with "check with whole ppa" or "foo" for package, it won't rebuild it07:02
didrocksMirv: just taking into account its status07:02
Mirvyep, I know07:03
didrocksMirv: ubuntu-html5-theme will be used by qtcreator, am I right?07:03
didrocksMirv: hum, ubuntu-html5-theme should be LGPL, not LGPL3+07:06
Mirvdidrocks: not directly / necessarily, but yes it's depended by qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu. LGPL to be similarly licensed to the plugin, right?07:08
didrocksMirv: yeah, we don't do +07:09
didrocksMirv: I'll do a MP shortly07:09
didrocksthere are other changes as well07:09
Mirvok.. thank you. one thing I was wondering whether to put some sort of license file separately to the img folder, just a text for example to specify that those are CC-BY-SA, since it's only mentioned in debian/copyright now07:09
didrocksMirv: yeah, we generally do that07:10
didrocksit's not mandatory, but we can07:10
didrocksI have one handy IIRC, one sec07:10
didrockshum, it's a CC:BY-SA 207:12
didrockswell, let's forget about it for now07:12
didrockshum, interestingly those themes includes jquery07:14
mlankhorstthe waiting is on unity now07:21
Mirvdidrocks: one of the examples only, right?07:21
didrocksMirv: yep07:27
didrocksMirv: do you have the autopilot tests passing for you?07:28
didrocksfor ubuntu-html5-theme?07:28
Mirvdidrocks: yes, they passed07:28
Mirv3 tests OK07:29
didrocksMirv: ah, it's a bad dep07:29
didrocksMirv: the autopilot ones needs the examples07:29
* didrocks fixes07:30
didrocksMirv: there is no upstream merger setup, right?07:32
Mirvdidrocks: there is, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-html5-theme-devs/ubuntu-html5-theme/ambiance07:33
Mirvdaily builds go to SDK Release PPA07:34
didrocksoh, it's already in stacks/head/sdk.cfg07:34
Mirvyep. or actually, not going to the PPA it seems, but still already there.07:34
didrocksMirv: let me add a bootstrap commit as well so that we don't list every commit from rev 107:35
didrocksMirv: here we go: https://code.launchpad.net/~didrocks/ubuntu-html5-theme/clean-package/+merge/173147 :)07:38
didrockshttps://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/cupstream2distro-config/enable_ubuntu-html5-theme_daily/+merge/172958 approved meanwhile, please deploy once it's merged07:39
* didrocks refreshes the whitelist on the archive admin machine07:39
Mirvok, doing one more rebuild and approving then07:40
didrocksgreat :)07:40
didrocksok, so now qtfeedback07:40
didrocksMirv: qtfeedback5-dev is multiarched07:47
didrocksit needs I guess:07:47
didrocksMulti-Arch: same07:47
didrocksPre-Depends: ${misc:Pre-Depends}07:47
didrocks(not the private-dev though)07:47
Mirvdidrocks: ok, fixing07:51
didrocksMirv: examples/hapticsquare/hapticbutton.* is LGPL, with blabla, clause, not BSD3 and same for doc/src/snippets/qtfeedbackdocsample/qtfeedbackdocsample.cpp07:52
didrocksMirv: apart from that, looks good :)07:52
didrocksoh sorry07:52
didrocksone additional stenza in the end :p07:52
Mirvpushed the multiarch change07:52
didrocksMirv: perfect then! :)07:52
* didrocks pulls07:52
didrocksMirv: thanks! sponsoring as well07:53
didrocks(and then NEWing in distro)07:53
seb128good morning desktopers!07:56
seb128hey didrocks, Mirv07:56
seb128qtsystems \o/07:56
didrockshey seb128!07:56
didrocksseb128: and qtfeedback, even if you don't care :p07:56
didrocksand ubuntu-html5-theme under dailies! :)07:56
seb128didrocks, don't care about this one :p07:56
Mirvhey seb12807:56
didrocksseb128: I preNEWed it FYI, if you see it in NEW07:57
Mirvseb128: were you planning to sponsor that https://code.launchpad.net/~mitya57/ubuntu/saucy/qtdeclarative-opensource-src/merge/+merge/172054 ?07:57
didrocksMirv: maybe we should try just a rebuild of the sdk stack with ubuntu-html5-theme once you deployed the change?07:57
seb128Mirv, I can do, I didn't have a lock on it but I was planning to if nobody else was beating me to it07:57
Mirvthat looks good, but qtwebkit will probably not go in as is, it probably has the same DPR problem that I had earlier07:57
didrocksto be done and NEWed before the week-end :)07:57
seb128Mirv, I will do it this morning07:57
Mirvdidrocks: yes, I will check how it goes07:57
Mirvseb128: ok, thank you07:57
seb128didrocks, Mirv: unity tests seem to be happy, that's with the new xorg right?07:58
Mirvseb128: the tests run yesterday evening were fine, today there was a arm build failure and a rebuild is ongoing in case it was a random failure, at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unity/+archive/daily-build/+build/477156407:59
seb128looks at
seb128Mirv, ok, thanks07:59
seb128Mirv, do you have the build log of the build that failed?07:59
Mirvand then running checks again if the rebuild is fine, after which it can be considered to be published07:59
Mirvseb128: doh, not anymore, didrocks glanced at it as well08:00
seb128ok, let's see what the new try gives08:00
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didrocksMirv: it passed this time?08:01
Mirvdidrocks: still running08:01
seb128Laney, good morning ... what was the n3y about? ;-)08:01
seb128Laney, good morning ... what was the n3y about? ;-)08:01
Laneymust have gotten disconnected overnight08:01
Laneyhappy friday!08:01
didrocksMirv: ok, maybe we can start the tests meanwhile to not loose time (as i386 is built), mind running with check with whole ppa to dist-upgrade and getting new xorg?08:02
didrockshappy Friday Laney!08:02
Mirvdidrocks: ok, doing08:02
didrocksthanks ;)08:02
Mirv(and makes sense)08:02
didrocksMirv: that will be an issue I guess if one day we start running the tests on slower archs to build…08:02
didrocks(like on the phone, so need to wait for armhf to be available)08:02
seb128Laney, happy friday! ;-)08:03
didrocksok, unity - armhf build seems to have gone further in the build than where it failed08:03
Mirvdidrocks: any idea why ubuntu-html5-theme fails trying to fetch revision 57 (the neweest revision is 56)?08:06
Mirvand yes, redeployed and issues a run now08:06
Mirvdidrocks: should the bootstrap have been '55' instead of '56'?08:07
Mirv(the code has last_upstream_rev + 1)08:07
didrocksoh oh oh, you're rgith08:08
didrocksI should have set 55…08:08
didrocksMirv: let me do a dummy commit if you don't mind? (changing the rev would be the same anyway)08:09
Mirvdidrocks: ok!08:11
didrocksMirv: ok, you can relaunch now, sorry for that :)08:11
Mirvthanks, np!08:11
pittibonjour didrocks, seb128, et Laney08:23
pittihey Mirv08:23
pittiLaney: hm, I got disconnected as well; perhaps it was freenode and not our proxies then08:24
seb128pitti, salut, ca va bien ?08:24
LaneyI tend to blame freenode rather than my VPS provider in such situations :P08:24
pittiseb128: oui, merci08:24
Laneyps. hey, happy friday!08:24
Laneygot good weekend plans?08:24
pittiseb128: et toi ? as-tu l'été maintenant ?08:24
Mirvhei pitti08:24
seb128pitti, ça va, non ... mais normalement l'été arrive cette après-midi ou demain08:25
seb128et toi ?08:25
pittiLaney: aye, a wedding from a friend of mien08:25
* seb128 plans to enjoy the nice weather this w.e (if the forecast is correct)08:25
pittiseb128: 20 degrees and dry, what more can I ask for..08:25
seb128oh, maybe try to watch the wimbledon's final on sunday08:25
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seb128(try because I'm not sure they are going to broadcast on public channels here and I'm not subscribed to the privates that have the rights)08:26
Laneyforecast 26 and 27 here(!)08:27
seb128same here ;-)08:28
Laneybah, what's up with update-apt-xapian-index08:30
Laneybug #111888808:32
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1118888 in apt-xapian-index (Ubuntu) "/usr/sbin/update-apt-xapian-index crashes daily" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111888808:32
Laneybroke cdimage builds and i got it on dist-upgrade too08:32
darkxstseb128, hi08:33
seb128where is mvo? hidding? :p08:33
seb128darkxst, hey08:33
darkxstI uploaded g-s-d 3.8 with a slightly patched g-c-c 3.6 to ppa:darkxst/gsd3808:33
darkxstibus is disabled and no keyboard indicator08:34
darkxstlid close actions for power panel are gone08:34
darkxstotherwise everything else should work like, screenshots, media keys and automount helper08:35
Laneybug #103842908:37
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1038429 in software-center (Ubuntu) "update-software-center crashed with order (MRO) for bases SafeConfigParser, object in __new__()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103842908:37
Laneyindeed something pulled python-configparser in with this dist-upgrade08:38
seb128Laney, right, I got that one installed as well08:42
seb128darkxst, why is the lid action dropped?08:42
darkxstseb128, I think the settings are dropped from g-s-d08:43
seb128hum, we need to add them back then08:43
darkxstseb128, https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-settings-daemon/commit/?id=58cb4eee64bbd8ca43111b1f80fdaacde8ad5f1208:45
darkxstbut I suppose there is more than that08:45
Laneydidn't it move to logind?08:46
seb128Laney, the suspend/hibernate did, but isn't g-s-d supposed to keep inhibitors to prevent suspend in case it's needed?08:47
seb128or is there equivalent config options for logind?08:47
seb128pitti, ^08:47
pittiseb128: sorry, missing the original question08:49
pittioh, question from darkxst?08:49
seb128pitti, in a logind world, can we configure what to do on lid close?08:49
seb128like suspend if on battery, don't if on a/c08:49
pittiseb128: sure; didn't I fix that like two weeks ago?08:49
LaneyIt's about the 3.8 upstream behaviour08:50
pittiseb128: the g-c-c UI and gsettings keys are supposed to work08:50
pittidoes 3.8 remove the lid config behaviour from g-c-c?08:50
pittiapparently so08:50
seb128pitti, well, part of the lid config was an Ubuntu patch to start08:51
seb128but yeah, they removed some of the keys08:51
seb128e.g https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-settings-daemon/commit/?id=58cb4eee64bbd8ca43111b1f80fdaacde8ad5f1208:51
pittiseb128, darkxst: there's /etc/systemd/logind.conf for its default behaviour for lid switches, but that's not supposed to be for UIs, but for what happens on VTs or if nobody is logged in08:51
darkxstI disabled the lid close patch from g-c-c 3.6 because the keys don't exist anymore08:57
seb128Laney, do you watch emails for merge requests or do you prefer IRC pings? ;-) (on system settings)08:57
seb128darkxst, we should probably revert those changes...08:57
LaneyI do see the emails but I don't always do them straight away08:57
Laneyso every now and again I check lp08:57
seb128Laney, well, no hurry, I can wait some hours ;-)08:58
LaneyI want to address the review comments on CrossFadeImage first08:58
seb128Laney, just send one using the newly landed qtsystem to get the disk space08:58
pittidarkxst: yeah, my patch to 3.6 was because 3.6 doesn't yet get along with the current logind behaviour; it's not needed for 3.808:58
seb128Laney, wfm, good luck with that ;-)08:58
pittidarkxst: so it seems gnome 3.8 just dropped teh configurability of that :(08:58
darkxstpitti, for now just looking g-s-d 3.8 with g-c-c 3.608:59
pittidarkxst: hm, then you will have the config panel for that which won't do anything?08:59
pittidarkxst: doesn't that crash on the missing gsettings keys?09:00
darkxstpitti, yes09:00
darkxstpitti, no I disabled the patch09:00
pittidarkxst: ah, you reverted 58cb4e?09:00
pittithat'd do it09:00
seb128he dropped the g-c-c patch that add the config UI rather I think09:00
darkxstpitti, the ubuntu patch that add lid close boxes09:00
seb128(those UI are an ubuntu patch)09:00
pittiI forgot about that09:00
seb128but we added the patch for a reason09:00
Laneyso I can see why gnome may have dropped it if they didn't have UI for it09:01
seb128we want that configurability...09:01
pittibut yeah, there was some discussion with upstream about making that configurable as our users got angry about removing it09:01
mlankhorstseb128: but I think the xorg side is ready now, just waiting for unity09:01
seb128mlankhorst, unity is still building on armhf: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unity/+archive/daily-build/+build/477156409:01
darkxstseb128, pitti : so, how do we handle that w/ logind?09:01
pittidarkxst: what is "that"?09:02
Laneyseb128: Just quickly looking at the diff - surely you can avoid repeating that division so much :P09:02
seb128mlankhorst, btw looking at our versions page, how come we are behind debian on libx11/libxrandr/libxcb versions?09:02
darkxstpitti, lid close action09:02
pittidarkxst: I guess you just disable our g-c-c patch to add configurability for it, and drop the g-s-d patch for inhibiting logind09:02
seb128Laney, the getFormattedSize function? I just moved that, it was already in :p09:03
pittidarkxst: with upstream g-s-d 3.8 and current logind it should just work and suspend on lid close09:03
seb128Laney, I copied the function from the qtsystem example ... but I can change it if wanted ;-)09:03
darkxstpitti, that is exactly what I have done09:03
Laneydoing / 1000 loads of times on the same value seems like it could be optimised09:03
Mirvunity autopilot tests failed again, a diff compared to the one run 4 hours ago: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5846095/09:03
mlankhorstseb128: I didn't want to update everything at once, so I mostly waited for new x1.14 first.09:03
seb128pitti, darkxst: I don't want suspend on lid close!09:03
seb128mlankhorst, ok09:03
Mirvseb128: unity AP ^09:04
pittiseb128: well, it's what gnome 3.8 does, so for ubuntu-gnome that seems right?09:04
Mirvseem preview navigation related09:04
seb128Mirv, shrug, seems like an issue with the dash previews :/09:04
pittiseb128: are we talking about ubuntu-gnome here, or about updating ubuntu's g-s-d to 3.8?09:04
seb128pitti, updating g-s-d to 3.8 in saucy (which darkxst is working on)09:04
pittiseb128: aaah -- I assumed we talked about ubuntu-gnome09:05
seb128pitti, well, Ubuntu GNOME wants the new version and they build from the archive09:05
seb128so they need it in the archive...09:05
pittiseb128: well, we certainly do want to forward-port our UI patch then, and revert the g-s-d patches which dropped these keys?09:05
Mirvdidrocks: do you think yet another autopilot run should be tried? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5846095/ - compared green run 4:05:34 to this failed one 8:03:0609:05
seb128pitti, right, the initial question was "is there a new way to do that with logind, or should we revert the drop in g-s-d"09:05
pittiseb128: logind can't and won't read gsettings09:06
didrocksMirv: hum, the failures seem to be on both configuration though? weird that flacky tests are failing the same way at the same time09:06
seb128pitti, so it's still g-s-d that should "play" with inhibitors?09:06
pittiseb128: we can globally disable it in logind.conf of course, but otherwise it should be under g-s-d's control09:06
didrocksMirv: oh, it can be that the network connexion is suddenly bad in the QA datacenter?09:06
pittiseb128: yes09:06
didrocksjibel_: does this sound possible? ^09:06
seb128ok, makes sense09:06
seb128pitti, thanks09:06
didrocks(as it's the previews)09:06
Mirvah, the previews are slow when network throttles, true09:06
pittiseb128: the logind suspend on lid is really supposed to just be a fallback if there is no session running (VT, lightdm)09:06
seb128didrocks, Mirv: where are the screencasts of those?09:06
pittiseb128: (same with the power button)09:07
didrocksseb128: no more screencast by now for unity tests09:07
seb128didrocks, that's why I couldn't find them yesterday :p09:07
didrocksseb128: this is what makes the machine exploding (recordmydesktop)09:07
seb128pitti, alright, that works for me, thanks!!09:07
didrocksjibel_ looked for better setting than "take 8G of ram)09:07
seb128darkxst, so we need to revert the feature drop in g-s-d and re-enable the g-c-c patch09:07
didrocksMirv: let's wait for jibel's feedback?09:08
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darkxstseb128, ok09:08
Mirvgood to know, I was also wondering where the screencasts went09:09
seb128darkxst, thanks for the work on that btw! ;-)09:09
didrocksMirv: yeah, rdm sucks and fragment all the mem :/09:09
didrocksthat's what made the dbus hang and so on…09:09
didrocks(it's still enable for other tests)09:09
didrocksbut we need to find better settings than what the QA team picked09:10
didrocks(in autopilot)09:10
jibeldidrocks, I don't see any connectivity issue in the lab09:12
didrocksjibel: all the previews failed on both config09:13
didrockssame build ran previously09:13
didrocksit can be the server as well09:13
didrocksMirv: maybe try relaunching? (you need to stop the build monitoring first)09:13
didrocksMirv: and let's blame the server? :p09:13
jibeldidrocks, maybe there was but it is no more09:14
* pitti uploads pkg-create-dbgsym to ignore the transitional unity-2d-dbg and thus produce proper dbgsym again09:14
didrocksok, let's see the new run :)09:14
pittiseb128, didrocks ^ FYI09:14
didrocksthanks pitti!09:14
pittiit's a heuristic hack, but *shrug*09:14
pittiit depends on those packages having "transitional" anywhere in their description09:15
pitti(as I can't inspect their contents)09:15
Mirvdidrocks: ok09:16
Mirvhere we go again. maybe during this the arm build also finishes.09:18
seb128pitti, great!09:18
jibeldidrocks, as for OOM, systems have been running for 24h running unity testsuite several time and the state of the systems is good. That confirms recordmydesktop was the problem09:18
seb128jibel, we miss the recording though, we have no idea what's happening with the previous there :/09:19
pittiSchroedinger's test!09:20
jibelseb128, I understand that, but using rmd kills the systems, if you know an alternative to rmd that push less pressure on the test host, I'm happy to patch autopilot09:21
seb128jibel, hum, but I don't... ;-)09:21
Laneythere are alternatives like kazam but I don't know how they stack up09:22
pittijibel: is that the giant memory leak you talked about which doesn't ever go away even with module unloading etc?09:24
jibelpitti, not a leak but memory fragmentation09:24
* didrocks pulled a new version of cupstream2distro, if you see any prepare/publish job failing. (I've patched the existing .project files to be compatible)09:25
didrocksseb128: Mirv, FYI ^09:25
seb128didrocks, ok09:25
jibelpitti, but yes, after a run of unity with rmd enabled there are ~4GB of RAM that are never reallocated09:26
seb128didrocks, Mirv: unity armhf build worked \o/ (well, it's building the debs)09:26
didrocksseb128: phew!09:26
seb128" Built successfully"09:26
jibela solution could be to run without rmd and when a test fail re-run it with rmd. there is the case of unstable tests but we can either find a way to mark them unstable or just mark them failed.09:32
Riddelldidrocks: don't you love us any more? :(09:54
didrocksRiddell: too many FTBFS in my inbox from that ppa, and TBH, I don't really use that team perms09:55
didrocksRiddell: still having access to ~kubuntu-packagers, right?09:55
didrocks(yep, through core-dev)09:56
Riddellyeah you're still elite :)09:56
didrocksahah :)09:57
seb128Laney, I opened https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1198116 for info09:58
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1198116 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "[ListItems] Recent update changed the ListItem.Base margins" [Undecided,New]09:58
seb128Laney, I find the buttons (e.g "Check for updates" in the about panel) a bit too big since the update09:58
* Laney goes blind at the orange buttons09:59
Laneywell noticed09:59
seb128that as well...09:59
Laneythat's design btw09:59
LaneyI filed a bug on that and it got closed as invalid09:59
seb128the orange or the margin?09:59
seb128you combine the small margin and the orange and you get "in your face" buttons :/10:00
Mirvthe dash preview tests still failed :( http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5846307/ (compared to the last fail)10:50
Mirvand some new tests as well, pretty random some of them10:50
seb128Mirv, did you try to run the preview tests locally?10:53
davmor2Hey guy on Saucy I noticed that recently software updater is only showing it's icon in the launcher for the initial window after it is displaying a python logo instead http://ubuntuone.com/2ou2Mr66aE9feaFUT2UHuF11:00
Mirvseb128: not yet, have to telco now, will try later with english locale (often useful)11:00
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Mirvseb128: yep, seems to work locally with both the previous build and this one11:24
seb128so why does it fail on the jenkins :/11:25
Mirvmeanwhile, ubuntu-html5-theme built but autopilot tests fail, I see the problem and trying to fix it shortly11:26
=== huats_ is now known as huats
didrocksMirv: want me to review your ubuntu-html5-theme branch (for the AP test) if you have any handy?12:15
Mirvdidrocks: not yet, I'll ping if needing (alex is soon awake as well)12:16
didrocksok :)12:18
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mlankhorstbooo, why are some libs still not m-a: same in saucy12:46
mlankhorstit makes it hard to coinstall all the gstreamer0.10 plugins12:46
czajkowskiis this her first?12:53
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jbichampt: what does "Require my password when switching screen on" mean in the first screenshot of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityAndPrivacySettings14:04
seb128jbicha, hey, it's likely "lock on idle"?14:05
seb128e.g after idle time: turn off the screen and lock it14:05
mptjbicha, I actually don't remember14:06
mptMaybe it's "Returning from screen saver"?14:06
jbichaok, I'm wanting to move the Screen Lock ON|OFF and Lock after _ minutes settings there too since gnome-control-center 3.8 moves those settings to their own privacy panel14:06
mptMakes sense14:08
mpt(so long as screensaver settings themselves are a disaster, at least)14:08
mptjbicha, what does "Screen Lock ON|OFF" do?14:09
jbichaorg.gnome.desktop.screensaver lock-enabled14:10
mptIs that equivalent to "Require my password when returning from screen saver"?14:11
jbichayes I believe so14:11
mptOveruse of on/off switches strikes again :-]14:11
jbichawell you can do nearly whatever you like what panel now since it's independent of gnome-control-center14:13
mptSo a "Returning from screen saver" checkbox at the bottom of that group would make sense14:13
mptAnd then the time setting below that, perhaps?14:14
mptthough not indented, since it's not actually dependent14:14
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seb128Laney, https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/ubuntu-system-settings/serial-not-available/+merge/173229 (fyi)15:34
seb128kenvandine, you forgot to change the MR status?15:34
Laneythat crossfadeimage stuff swallowed most of this day :/15:35
kenvandineseb128, no i didn't15:37
kenvandinewas waiting for CI15:37
kenvandineseb128, can you review that?15:37
kenvandinei need that to land so i can unblock cjwatson15:38
LaneyI thought we were letting stuff just fail to build / depwait on ppc15:38
kenvandineLaney, long story :)15:39
seb128kenvandine, ok, approved on the basis that I trust you :p15:40
seb128kenvandine, you need to change the status I can't15:40
jbichawill there be an updated Unity today or will it wait for Monday?15:41
didrocksjbicha: we are trying hard to get one passing tests15:41
seb128jbicha, why?15:41
didrocksjbicha: but we maybe have a clue that enabling -proposed block things15:41
seb128jbicha, do you need something?15:41
jodhdesrt: I'm looking at the doc for the d-conf "changed" signal which states, "Appending each item in changes to prefix will give the absolute path of each changed item."15:41
jodhdesrt: presumably, that should say to stick a '/' between the prefix and each changes item right?15:41
jbichano, I used -proposed to try the new X and I don't feel like adding a PPA to get Unity back15:41
jbichaI'm also fine with Unity staying in -proposed over the weekend15:42
seb128jbicha, it's likely what will happen15:42
Laneydobey: Did you see the bug I assigned to you? Reckon you'll be able to get to it?15:45
dobeywhat bug?15:45
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1038429 in software-center (Ubuntu Saucy) "update-software-center crashed with order (MRO) for bases SafeConfigParser, object in __new__()" [Critical,Confirmed]15:46
seb128ok, just pushed another mr, and on that note time for some exercice16:17
seb128be back in an hours to read scrollback/clean emails and stuff and then calling it a week16:17
seb128having a good w.e for those who will be off by then ;-)16:17
didrockssee you later seb128!16:21
didrocksLaney: so, I'm trying now unity + new xorg from proposed without dist-upgrading16:21
didrocksas we were impacted by this software-center issue16:21
didrocksI hope to get the results in ~20 minutes16:22
didrocksif good, I'm going to publish unity into proposed16:22
didrocksa shame that we lost maybe the whole day of publishing unity due to software-center :/16:22
didrocksbregma: pstolowski: dednick: FYI ^ (I'll keep you posted)16:22
pstolowskididrocks: thanks16:23
didrocksthe result on intel is promissing16:23
didrocks6 failures16:23
* didrocks waits and stare at ati16:23
LaneyI hope the s-c fix can be done today ...16:23
* didrocks hopes as well, as long as previews are default for the desktop, people will notice :p16:24
Laneydidn't get any confirmation it's being worked though16:25
pstolowskididrocks: people will notice previews for apps are now super fast and will be happy :)16:26
didrockspstolowski: ahah, true! :)16:26
didrocksbregma: my only positive ":)" with this day for unity lost is that we found brandon's regression that we won't have noticed I guess otherwise…16:26
bregmahe's been sent back to the drawing board on that one16:27
didrockspstolowski: bregma: ati: 9 failures16:30
didrocksok, so publishing unity into proposed16:30
Laneyon a FRIDAY EVENING!16:30
didrocksLaney: on a f*** friday evening :)16:30
didrocksLaney: with the amount of run it had, I'm trustful :)16:31
Laneysounds like we've both had a day of tussles then16:31
* Laney glares at qt/qml16:31
pstolowskithat mean weekend! :) have a nice one and see you!16:31
didrocksLaney: well, s/day/days/ TBH16:31
didrockspstolowski: have a nice one as well :)16:32
didrocksbregma: Laney: unity published FYI16:46
* bregma goes to upgrade16:46
didrocksLaney: not sure if you want to unblock that from proposed16:46
didrocksbregma: wait for a publisher cycle maybe :p16:46
LaneyI'll test dist-upgrade it and probably just do it if so16:47
mlankhorstoh finally unblock time then? :P16:47
LaneyI wonder if it'll be hard to port indicator-applet16:49
* didrocks waves good evening and enjoy a nice week-end!17:01
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jbichayou guys know indicator-datetime is broken right?18:09
seb128jbicha, no, how so?19:07
jbichaseb128: bug 119764719:08
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1197647 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "Date & Time applet in control center does not start" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119764719:08
seb128jbicha, hum, fun19:09
seb128larsu, ^ friday indicator breakage19:10
kenvandinewe just love friday breakage19:11
seb128seems so19:13
desrtjodh: no.  it is written as it is to be read.19:38
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larsujbicha: indicator-datetime installs the panel into /usr/lib/x86_6421:43
larsug-c-c doesn't look there21:43
larsuand instead thinks "this might be an external panel, let's execute its Exec line"21:43
larsuwhich is where it loops21:44
jbichalarsu: ok but what about the missing clock?21:45
czajkowskiclock is not displayed on default clean install on saucy, didnt notice it til I went and added it there21:45
larsujbicha: missing clock?!21:45
larsujbicha: ah, the clock in the panel. Don't know, I can investigate that. It's probably a different issue though21:46
Guest17995the datetime panel (libindicator-datetime.so) used to be installed in /usr/lib/control-center-1/panels21:48
=== Guest17995 is now known as charles
larsuGuest17995: right, I'm trying to find out since when it doesn't anymore21:48
jbichaczajkowski: um how do you add the clock?21:48
czajkowskiI went to date and time settings21:49
charleslarsu: it's in /usr/lib/contrl-center-1 in stock 13.0421:49
czajkowskiand added it from there21:49
czajkowskinow I'm stuck in some irritating loop under settings21:49
charlesand Makefile.am hasn't changed...21:49
larsucharles: right, probably the packaging sets libdir differently21:50
larsubut I can't find when this would have happened21:50
larsucyphermox: any idea? ^^21:50
jbichaczajkowski: when that happens here, I do sudo /usr/bin/gnome-control-center /usr/bin/gnome-control-center2, kill g-c-c and then move it back21:50
charlesnot much churn in debian/ either21:50
cyphermoxno idea21:51
larsujbicha: killall gnome-control-center works as well21:53
jbichalarsu: it looks like the build changed between June 19 and June 2821:57
* jbicha looks suspiciously at rev. 22921:59
charlesthat's suspicious because it's the only change to data/Makefile.am22:00
larsujbicha: ya, that's it22:00
larsucharles: using libdir now, where before it used pkg-config22:00
charleslarsu: I don't see how that's related to the panel install, though?22:01
larsucharles: pkg-config was used for gnome-control-center as well...22:02
larsuwhich is wrong, because multiarch22:02
charlesoh, ya of course. I'm looking at data/Makefile.am but the bug is in src/Makefile.am22:03
larsuso we have two options:22:04
charlesyeah that's it, the line 3 change in src/Makefile.am r22922:04
larsu(1) de-multiarch indicator-datetime22:04
larsu(2) teach g-c-c about multi arch panels22:04
larsuI guess (2) doesn't make sense until g-c-c itself it multiarch22:05
larsucharles: (1) will be easier for now :)22:07
charlesso we would replace $(libdir)/control-center-1/panels/ with... what?22:09
jbichacharles: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/indicator-datetime/trunk.13.10/revision/22922:09
charlesyou and seb128 and desrt seemed pretty adamant about removing local-install mode22:09
larsucharles: leave that as is, we should change the *package* to be single arch22:10
charlesjbicha: right. I meant, do we want to revert it and re-introduce that feature that everyone was against, or is there a different change s.t. we avoid reintroducing it22:10
larsucharles: a multi-arch package that then installs something into /usr/lib is wrong anyway22:10
larsujbicha: how düo I make a package single arch? Change "Architecture: any" to ... what?22:11
jbichain this case I think you just need to revert the part of that commit you don't want22:14
larsujbicha: no, that code was wrong22:14
larsuinstalling into /usr/lib/ is the wrong thing for multiarch22:15
LaneyIt's not multiarched22:45
Laneythat's Multi-Arch: something in debian/control22:46
LaneyIt's because you have debian/compat set to 9 which does this, from debhelper(7):22:46
LaneyMultiarch support. In particular, dh_auto_configure passes multiarch directories to autoconf in --libdir and --libexecdir.22:46
Laneylarsu: ^22:46
Laneyand this being a thing debhelper wants to do in the face of multiarch makes me feel that g-c-c should look in that directory too22:50
Laneyjbicha: where do you see the missing clock?22:52
jbichaLaney: I don't have a clock in Unity's top right corner, bug 1197647 says I'm not alone23:18
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1197647 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "Date & Time applet in control center does not start" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119764723:18
Laneyah, in unity - don't know then23:20
LaneyI know that indicator-applet doesn't handle the new-style indicators (yet?)23:20
m4n1shmpt: when you are free, can you please check your mail23:34

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