=== Neo31-desk is now known as Neo31
neo31hello ashams11:35
ashamshey neo31 o/11:36
neo31:) how are you doing ?11:36
ashamsgreat neo3111:48
ashamshow about you?11:48
neo31good :)11:49
neo31ashams, i wanted to ask about meetingology and how did you bring it to the channel etc..11:51
ashamsneo31, go to #ubuntu-irc and ping someone, mostly AlanBell or any other op would help11:53
neo31does it post meeting reports on ubuntu-eg wiki? (i would like to see a link if possible)11:55
ashamsah, no it doesn't, it just hosts it on it's server11:57
ashamsthe rest is a copy&paste job ;)11:57
neo31got the logs11:57
neo31thanks ashams11:57
ashamswelcome dude11:57

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