Neo31Hello Pici, funkyHat and Tm_T . can I get an ubuntu member cloak please? my launchpad profile is https://launchpad.net/~neo3100:52
* salih-emin is away: I'm busy00:54
* salih-emin is back (gone 00:00:07)00:54
JoseeAntonioRsalih-emin: hey, please deactivate the away message your client sends, it's noisy for #ubuntu-* channels :)00:54
JoseeAntonioRno worries :)00:55
salih-eminI have to go, it is 03:55 here... should I leave xchat on for the cloaking procedure  ?00:56
hggdhsalih-emin: if you can, yes00:56
salih-eminok I will leave it on... good night everyone :)00:56
Neo31good night salih-emin01:09
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Tm_Tah, no nickserv04:08
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Unit193Guest51964: Now there is.05:22
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salih-eminhi AlanBell, I would like to recive an Ubuntu Member cloack, here is my Launchpad page  https://launchpad.net/~salih-emin07:50
salih-eminthanks for your time !07:50
AlanBellmorning all08:14
AlanBellhi salih-emin08:14
salih-eminhi !08:14
AlanBellstaff can we have an ubuntu/member/salih-emin cloak please08:16
IdleOneCongrats again salih-emin :)08:17
salih-eminthnx IdleOne !08:18
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Myrttithere you go08:46
IdleOneyay! thank you Myrtti08:46
AlanBellthanks Myrtti and congratulations salih-emin08:52
salih-eminthank you a lot !08:53
salih-eminhave a nice day !08:53
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neo31NickServ seems to have some issues on freenode!11:43
IdleOneI think the services are having some problem today12:01
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lubotu3benvei called the ops in #ubuntu-at ()14:01
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PiciPriceChi1d: Can we get an ubuntu/member/neo31 cloak for Neo31 here?14:31
PiciHrm.. looks like he timed out though :/14:31
PriceyAh there we are!14:34
PriceyPici: I see the request in the backlog so have applied the cloak. He'll have it when he next connects/identifes.14:35
PiciPricey: Great! thanks :)14:35
Unit193ubot5 is still MIA.15:52
tsimpsonon its way16:07
Neo31thanks for the cloak, it's done :)19:00
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