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hallynapw: no, yesterday (today still i guess) was a holiday.  i'm thinking tomorrow ill compile a kernel to figure out where sigchld is going and maybe figure out why I'm losing it04:50
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infinityapw: Is there a master upload in the pipe today?09:22
apwinfinity, i don't think we have anything, we are in merge window anyhow09:23
apwinfinity, but i will check09:23
infinityapw: Kay.  I need to do a d-i upload for other kernels, but was holding off until I knew if master was landing too.09:23
apwinfinity, would you like there to be :)  there is an INTEL_MEI fix pendgin which might be worth having09:24
infinityapw: I don't care one way or the other, but if you have pending stuff, go to town.09:24
apwinfinity, ok will do09:24
infinityapw: Oh, not sure if it was intentional, but the flipped state of intel_pstate got reverted between 3.9 and 3.10.  My laptop seems to be behaving a bit better with it this time around, but I'll keep an eye on it.09:25
apwinfinity, the kernel autoremove stuff, it only removes things which leaves them configured, is there any nice way out of that09:26
infinityapw: "Which leaves them configured"?  I'm not sure what you mean.09:26
apwinfinity, i don't think i applied it to 3.10 to allow us to find out, but yes09:26
apwinfinity, as in after autoremove all the old kernels remain 'rc' in the dpkg listing09:26
infinityapw: Because you're not purging.  Same as any package removal.09:26
infinityapw: apt-get --purge autoremove09:27
apwinfinity, my machine is too much of a mess to prove to myself whether that worked or not (as i just tried it), so i'll clean it up now by hand and watch for the next one09:28
infinityapw: And, in your case, "dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/ {print $2}' | xargs dpkg -P" to purge old stuff you've only removed.09:28
* apw tries that ... well the machine stil there :)09:30
apwman these machines build up some cruft and no mistake09:31
* apw watches dpkg free 3G of space :)09:33
ckingapw, especially when one has a load of chroots installed09:40
apwcking, all true09:42
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ckinghenrix, just completed a 4 machine soak test on your patches, seems OK to me10:45
henrixcking: \o/10:46
henrixcking: thanks a lot for testing10:46
ckinghenrix, see my email for more details and caveats :-)10:46
henrixcking: great, i'll take a look10:46
ckinghenrix, i've had 4 machines grinding away since 6.30am today :-)10:46
henrixcking: wow! and no bricks at the end! :)10:47
ckingwell, I did kill my intel developer box last night because I was manually faffing with some EFI vars.. so .. well, not 100%10:47
henrixcking: heh, cool! :)10:48
henrixcking: anyway, i'll be sleeping better now knowing my patches survived your testing ;)10:49
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