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CarstenGuzername: Hello.09:41
CarstenGuzername: I saw you on Tuesday in the IRC log...09:42
CarstenG... and gone.09:42
CarstenGuzername: Hi again :-)09:44
CarstenGuzername: I saw you on Tuesday in the IRC log...09:44
CarstenGuzername: You had a question?09:44
uzernameYeah. I'm going to install Lubuntu on my EEEPC 1025C09:45
uzernameAnd save my Win 7 starter09:45
CarstenGGood luck with this experiment :-)09:46
uzername(I've payed for it)09:46
uzernameShall you stay here?09:46
uzernameI'm newb on Linux09:47
uzernameAnd I'm afraid to wreck the whole netbook09:47
uzernameSo... I saw some recomendations about Lubuntu 12.04 installation here:09:48
CarstenGWell, the most important thing is, that you have done a backup of all your data..09:48
uzernameI'm writing you now from my big Windows PC. All my working data are already here.09:49
uzernameSo what distro should I consider? 12.04 or 13.04?09:50
CarstenGok, then you can start :-)09:50
CarstenGWell, 12.04 is a LTS, means long term support...09:50
CarstenG13.04 is newer...09:50
uzername12.04 Is considered to be working and 13.04... I'm not sure about it.09:51
CarstenGThen start with 12.0409:51
CarstenGAfter you got familiar with it, you can think about a dual boot installation with 13.0409:52
CarstenGDo you know the Ubuntu Manual?09:52
uzernameHere: http://blog.uninstall.it/2012/06/05/kubuntu-12-04-on-asus-eeepc-1025c/09:52
uzernameI also saw some experiments on modifying Linux kernel for this EEEPC. Is it OK to modify and recompile kernel?09:52
CarstenGThere you will find a good beginners guide.09:53
uzernameI've read Ubuntu Manual, but it did not contain some specific technical recommendations and troubleshooting issues.09:53
uzernameRussian manual by Nevrotin (aka Malamut) is much better, but that is about 10.0409:54
CarstenGWell, kernel compilation is a advanced topic. It depends on your general knowledge about Linux.09:54
uzernameCarstenG: Thanks guy, you are much more polite than those men from russian chats.09:55
CarstenGYou wrote, you are new to Linux, so I would recommend to start with a normal installation.09:55
CarstenGIf you have later on more experience, you can start with your own compilations of kernels...09:56
CarstenGThanks, you are welcome. :-)09:57
uzernameI've used MinGW on Windows but I've found that most of time I'm with MinGW.09:57
uzernameSo I've decided to move to LUbuntu completely09:58
CarstenGWhich manual do you mean? a Russian translation of the Ubuntu Manual, or a original Russian manual?09:58
uzernameUmm, both. Nevrotin's manual is based on translation, but he have added some of his experience.09:59
uzernameIs it okay?09:59
uzernameSo, I now on #ubuntu-manual10:00
CarstenGWhere can I find it?10:00
CarstenGthe manual? on http://ubuntu-manual.org I don't see it...10:00
uzernameSo, you want to look through Nevrotin's Work?10:02
uzernameSorry, his name is Vadym Nevorotin10:02
CarstenGAnd if you like to contribute to the Russian version of the Ubuntu Manual, you are welcome. The version for Raring (13.04) is at 90%...10:03
uzernameContribute? I'm new to Linux.10:03
CarstenGI mean with translation.10:03
CarstenGTranslation is a good way to learn a lot about the system..10:04
CarstenGYes, I would like to have a look to it, do you have a link?10:04
uzernameI have it on my PC... uploading to dropbox, wait, please.10:07
uzernameUgh, carp! My channel seems to be cludged...10:09
uzernamehere you go, CarstenG: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27590640/lucid-guide.pdf10:09
uzernameIt was rather popular several years ago, but it's old now.10:10
uzernameDo you know Russian?10:10
CarstenGWell, my Russian is not so good. I had it in school, but this was long time ago^^10:12
CarstenGBut I can still read the letters. :-)10:12
uzernameYay! Russian is studied at American schools!10:13
uzernameDownloading lubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso10:13
CarstenGok, I'm away for some minutes.10:13
CarstenGsee you later...10:13
uzernameYou'he been so nice :310:14
uzernameAnd... It's done!10:14
uzernameCome back, bro, please :310:35
CarstenGHi, I'm back...10:59
uzernameSo, I'm done with downloading iso and almost done with writing it to usb.11:00
uzernameI have Used Unetbootin11:00
CarstenGWhat's that?11:00
uzernameTool for making bootable media (usb, CD, DVD) from ISO files11:01
CarstenGah, ok11:01
uzernameHave you used it?11:02
CarstenGno. I use usb-creator for creating a bootable usb stick11:06
CarstenGit's a default application in ubuntu11:06
uzernameCreated USB drive with lubuntu distro, set correct booting order in bios, but windows is still loading (even with usb drive in port)11:11
uzernameI've got a bad feeling about that UEFI11:13
CarstenGdoes this netbook already have UEFI?11:14
uzernameSeems so... But how can I determine, whether my Win 7 Starter was preinstalled in UEFI mode or not?11:26
CarstenGmmmh, I have no experience with UEFI...11:37
CarstenGSorry, I can not help you here :-(11:37
uzernameI've managed to boot LUbuntu from USB using some unobvious BIOS options.12:21
uzernameAnd chose 'suspend' from menu. That was wrong move12:22
uzernameCarstenG: After some playing with BIOS settings (they were not obvious, I'd say) I have managed to start install sequence!12:58
uzernameIs it OK to Install Lubuntu inside Windows 7?12:58

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