ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (banlist filling up: 677 bans)00:33
CoreyRuh roh.00:33
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ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (banlist filling up: 682 bans)02:34
Flannelyeah, you already said that.02:38
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (Anon503 appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)02:42
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (banlist filling up: 667 bans)02:50
FlannelNo, banlist filling down.02:51
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ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (banlist filling up: 667 bans)04:32
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ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (banlist filling up: 668 bans)12:22
IdleOneyes floodbot we know12:30
IdleOneSoon as freenode gets it together we will clear them.12:30
tomawwhere do you need opping?12:31
IdleOnetomaw: no rush12:31
IdleOnethanks though :)12:31
IdleOnelittle surprised the trolls haven't attacked us though12:32
IdleOneNow that I said that :/12:33
elkyor staff could help someone get rid of excess stuff now...12:34
elkytomaw: still there?12:35
IdleOnenah, the ban list is not full yet12:35
PiciI think opping one of us would probably be a good idea12:35
Picijust in case.12:35
tomawopped Pici12:35
Picitomaw: thanks12:35
elkynow fix the +e list12:36
jribPici: I'll clear out some of my bans, I think I have a few stale ones12:36
elkywhich is what half the bans will be i'm guessing12:36
Picielky: you want a few random pms from confused users too?12:36
elkyPici: rww is offering to fix it if we op him up12:37
IdleOneI think I got all the floodbot bans12:46
elkyyou can probably remove all my bans except for the racist one12:53
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Picirestarting ubottu13:37
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Picitsimpson: you might want to look at pruning the ubottu log, after ubottu.com was klined during the server issues (dunno why), the log file indicated that ubottu was trying to reconnect to freenode a few thousand times a second.16:22
PiciI had to use the killbot page to get it working again.16:22
tsimpsonPici: the server was k-lined16:31
tsimpsonI think supybot was just in a while loop16:32
tsimpsonit may even be (another) bug in supybot, as it's supposed to wait16:33
DJonesAlanBell: /w 2016:33
bazhang<giwrgaras> by having a crazy idea of installing ubuntu16:33
bazhangrant detected16:33
tsimpsona threaded while loop at that16:35
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popey14:23:06 -!- meetingology [meetingolo@] has quit [K-Lined]19:36
popeyuhm.. can we get it back?19:37
Myrttisomeone (AlanBell?) needs to restart it, afaik its been unklined hours ago19:38
DJonesI pinged him a couple of hours back about that, he appears to away for a while19:38
popeyoh, he was flying back from .be I guess19:39
* popey spies via latitude19:39
DJonespopey: is the NSA19:40
DJonesZaku> and I can easily hack ubuntu.com19:48
DJonesGuest8424> DJones, ubuntu.com is vulnerable to a variety of attacks, mainly RFI.19:50
tsimpson... I'm going to have to kill the bots for a minute20:08
ikoniaat least there is warning, thank you tsimpson20:08
tsimpsonsupybot decided it was fine for the log 22GB20:09
tsimpsonwell, one is 22GB, one is 3.5, another is 2.520:10
tomawsounds like a cry for help20:11
DJonesMaybe its the bots list of people to get revenge on for klining it earlier on20:13
ikoniahas ubuntu 13.04 dropped the use of /etc/fstab - thats the 3rd person I've see say "I have no fstab file"20:13
tomawDJones: I think that was just them losing at a bot fight20:14
DJonesOn this 13.04 machine, I have an /etc/fstab although it is an upgraded from earlier versions20:15
ikoniaI just don't see how it's possible to not have an /etc/fstab, and it's not like this guy is the first one to say it20:15
Unit193dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /etc/fstab Hrm, maybe it's done a different way?20:16
ikoniathey have the /etc/fstab.d directory , but other distros use that too, but not having the fstab.....20:16
ikoniaseems odd, to break such an important standard20:17
DJonesI have a /etc/fstab.d but its empty20:18
ikoniayes, it's for user mounts20:18
ikoniaso should be empty20:18
ikoniathere are posts all over the internet showing /etc/fstab on 13.04 for example http://askubuntu.com/questions/297069/ubuntu-13-04-hard-disk-does-not-boot20:19
ikonianever mind, the file is there, this guy just can't read his screen20:20
ikoniabut he's not the first to say that20:20
DJonesIts not the first time this guy has disputed things and swore that black is white20:21
ikoniaoh really20:21
ikoniaI've never seen him before20:21
ikoniaI'm backing away from this, as modifying a file like this when he doesn't pay attention to if the file is even there doesn't interest me20:22
tsimpsonok, 28GB freed by deleting supybot logs20:22
tsimpsonand the "no space left on device" messages are gone :)20:22
DJonesHe was the guy a week or so back that wanted support with cracked software, he swore blind that just because the .rar file he wanted help extracting had '-cracked' in the filename wasn't cracked20:22
ikoniaoh this idiot20:23
ikoniaoh I'm totally out then20:23
ikoniasomeone needs to change that ISO file name from amd64 to 64bit20:33
ikoniaI logged a bug for it and the questions about it never go away20:33
DJonesIt always makes me think of hoovers, nobody ever says they're going to dyson the living room carpet, its always hoover, just seems to be something thats been given a name in the past & nobody wants to change it20:35
tsimpsontechnically though, it is amd6420:35
ikoniaconsidering ubuntu is supposed to target user friendly, it's not really the best namies20:35
ikoniatsimpson: technically fully agree20:35
ikoniahowever real world target user position, it's not helpfui20:35
tsimpsonyeah, I accept it's a cause of confusion for 99% of people20:36
DJonesIts a least the 2nd time I've seen the question asked today20:36
ikoniathats odd, launchpad.net shows me having only logged one bug ??20:38
ikoniaI've logged many20:38
DJonesWould it be as simple as changing the filename, or are there likely to be deep rooted things that would also need changing with the iso20:38
tsimpsonikonia: it doesn't show fixed released/invalid by default iirc20:40
ikoniatsimpson: I can't get it to show anything other than the 1 bug,20:40
ikoniaahh got a few more20:41
tsimpsonI see 54 with the advanced search20:42
ikoniaI see 8 with advanced search20:42
tsimpsonI don't think it's missing any when I search my own bugs, but I don't keep track of all ~57020:43
ikoniatsimpson: a poor excuse.....20:43
tsimpsonI'm really saying that I have no clue if it's showing all of them or not20:43
ikoniaI know, I'm teasing you, 570 is a lot to track20:44
ikoniaI think I had about 100-ish20:44
ikoniayou see 57, I see 820:44
ikoniaah, I get 54 now20:46
ikoniathink it's worth giving this another push ?20:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 307420 in Ubuntu CD Images "use more descriptive architecture names on cd images" [Undecided,Fix released]20:48
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AlanBellmeetingology is on its way back into channels22:54
AlanBellapparently a kline gives it a signal 15 and it dies if I read it correctly22:55
IdleOnemakes sense22:55
IdleOneyou don't want your logs filling up with Unable to connect to server22:56
AlanBellfrom the log file "ERROR 2013-07-05T18:54:03 supybot Schedule is the only remaining driver, why do we continue to live?"23:00
AlanBelleventually life just wasn't worth living it would appear. Poor bot.23:01
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