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senanhow do I test application launch in autopilot ?04:18
senanwhat assertion should I give for that ?04:18
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pitti_good morning04:38
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DanChapmanGood Morning all :-)06:27
elfyhi DanChapman - hope all is well in kiddy land06:28
elfyDanChapman: not sure what the crack is with the bulk rename test - commented again06:43
elfyif the one in the m/list is the one that got pushed for review - I'll talk to him06:44
DanChapmanelfy, if you go here and scroll down below our comments you can see slickymaster's addition https://code.launchpad.net/~slickymaster/ubuntu-manual-tests/bulk_renamer/+merge/17311506:49
DanChapmanIt would appear he made changes to two seperate tests. Setting manager and bulk renamer. But the settings manager was just some formatting i believe06:50
elfythe settings one shouldn't have been there - he shouldn't be working on that till my changes to it get merged06:51
elfyok commented :)06:53
elfyI had that issue when I started - which is why I keep each thing I'm working on seperate - not cross contamination then06:54
DanChapmanelfy, yeah it can get a little confusing can't it. anyway yeah kiddy land is good thanks for asking. :-)07:00
jibelgood morning07:00
DanChapmangood morning jibel07:01
jibelHey DanChapman07:02
elfymorning jibel07:03
jibelGood morning elfy07:09
slickymastergood morning, everybody09:07
obounaimgood morning09:08
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smartboyhwpitti, many thanks! I will post it today (hopefully after packaging stuff)10:34
pittismartboyhw: YW; please let me know if something reads strangely10:36
xeranas_anyone around which know how to play with autopilot? Trying to understant where comes such functions like .get_toolbar()11:03
smartboyhwEh, DanChapman wasn't here11:07
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balloonshowdy everyone13:01
pittihey balloons13:01
xeranas_anyone around which know how to play with autopilot? Trying to understant where comes such functions like .get_toolbar()13:02
smartboyhwHey balloons13:08
smartboyhwxeranas_, hey, we now are at the autopilot tutorial session:)13:08
xeranas_smartboyhw, where>13:08
smartboyhwWait, why is my NickServ account dropped?13:08
smartboyhwEh, Freenode failure13:09
smartboyhwxeranas_, here13:09
smartboyhwballoons, teach me autopilot13:09
smartboyhw(LOL kidding)13:09
smartboyhwballoons, it seems like my idea is not welcomed:P13:10
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xeranas_qmlpreview works terible for VM setup, I wonder it is just for me13:12
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balloonsok looks like we're all coming back online now from the netsplit :-( Sorry about that. If you asked me a question odds are I missed it.13:28
balloonsYou might also have missed some of the introduction I posted. No worries. For anyone here for the automated testing workshop, welcome again :-)13:28
smartboyhwballoons, my question: It seems like my idea was not welcomed:P13:28
balloonssmartboyhw, we can chat about that in a bit13:29
balloonsdon't lose hope yet :-013:29
balloonsSo a quick recap.. Autopilot is the tool we're using to write automated tests. It can simulate user input and lets us test at a high level13:29
balloonsthe core apps are a community developed set of essential phone applications for the ubuntu touch platform13:30
balloonsSo to help write tests for these, you need a few things:13:30
balloons1) an installation of raring or saucy. It can be a VM or real hardware install13:30
balloons2) Install autopilot and the ubuntu-sdk.. It can help to install the core-apps ppa as well and the core apps packaged versions13:30
balloons3) Learn a bit about autopilot and how the tool works13:30
balloonsIf you haven't yet read through http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/cookbook/mobile/how-to-write-autopilot-tests/, do that first.13:31
balloonsOk, so I think we're caught back up for the most part. Since we lost a bit of time, I'll stop talking and start talking questions now :-) Let me know what your working on and if you might need help on something :-)13:31
balloonsThere's some handy questions and answers already found on this page that might help you: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Testing/FAQ13:32
CecilDo we need to install the apps to test or do they come with the bzr command?13:33
balloonsCecil, there's a ppa which let's you install all of the core apps. This is handy because you'll get any dependencies you need to run the core apps during the install13:34
balloonshowever, you can also run them by checking out the branch and running the qml file manually via qmlscene13:35
balloonsInformation on the ppa is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/PPA13:35
balloonsSo for anyone wanting to get a setup going I would install saucy, into say a VM13:36
CecilI have installed (and using now) saucy... will it get updates like my 13.04? (I've noticed some instability)13:36
xeranasI do not clearly understant where from comes such methods like ".get_toolbar()" is this is autopilot stuff or it depends from qml13:36
balloonsCecil, yes it will, and yes you might notice some bumps Cecil because it's development13:37
balloonsxeranas, sure.. That sounds like a custom method as part of a helper class specific to that testcase. Where are you seeing this?13:37
balloonsSorry so to get back to my quick setup.. If your wanting to get started, installing raring or saucy into a vm or on real hardware13:38
xeranasI looking into test_rssreader.py as sample13:38
balloonsthen add the autopilot ppa and install autopilot13:38
balloonsthen install the ubuntu-sdk and finally the core-apps ppa13:38
balloonsthat should make sure you don't have any issues running autopilot or any of the core apps13:39
balloonsxeranas, ok let's pull that up.13:39
balloonsxeranas, right so you see something like this line: toolbar = self.main_window.get_toolbar()13:41
balloonsthat is telling you the function is coming from the main_window class -- make sense?13:41
balloonslook inside the "emulators" folder and you'll see a main_window.py file which contains the details13:41
balloonsmany core apps utilize emulators as they are called in autopilot. It's simply a helper class with utility functions13:42
balloonshere's the code for get_toolbar13:42
balloonsdef get_toolbar(self):13:42
balloons        return self.app.select_single("Toolbar")13:42
balloonsreally simple :-)13:42
xeranasnever looked into emulators folders since I was thinkin that for old versions, must be missreaded somewhere13:42
balloonsahh, no worries that probably helps make sense of things :-)13:43
balloonsin addition, don't neglect __init.py__ as there generally is some setup done in that file as well13:43
balloonsI'm speaking of tests/autopilot/appname/tests/__init.py__13:44
balloonsthe same subdirectory as the testcase itself13:44
balloonsyou'll generally see a custom class made for the application that takes cares of launching an installed or local version and using a mouse or touch device13:45
xeranasso select_single("Toolbar"), 'Toolbar' comes from qml?13:45
balloonsxeranas, yes so the "Toolbar" comes from the qml13:45
balloonslet's take a look at the qml file for rss reader13:46
balloonsyou'll notice there are several qml files, which isn't uncommon for an app to have. the qml has just been split amongst them13:46
balloonseach view might be it's own qml file for instance13:47
balloonsso I'm looking at the current RSS reader test, and well there's not much to it :-) It's swiping the toolbar up and checking to see if it appears, but that's it13:50
xeranasthere is add Feed button on toolbar, I just try to press it13:51
balloonsxeranas, there's a couple reviews adding some more tests to it that are in progress :-) But you can see what's needed on the list of bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rssreader-app/+bugs?field.tag=needs-autopilot-test13:51
balloonsxeranas, indeed.. what happens when you press it/13:51
xeranascurrently I just playing around, just try learn about autopilot. When I feel that I can finish test some sort I will check bugs13:53
balloonsCecil, how's it going for you?13:53
balloonsxeranas, certainly. If your curious check out for instance the clock or weather app. Both have some more tests already written and checked in13:53
balloonsthat will help a bit to see how the tests look.. when I'm learning I like tinkering with things that already work :-)13:54
xeranasdid qml item must have id in order to be controlled by autopilot?13:55
CecilCurrently installing all the recommend tools! there a bunch to install. I think I may have questions on the apps because of the sub-classing they have done to "make it easier". Maybe the currency converter tutorial will help13:56
balloonsxeranas, so in order for us to use an object during runtime, we can add an objectName to the qml file13:58
balloonsthis let's us be very specific in requesting the object we want. Otherwise we can select all the toolbars, all the buttons, all the lists, all the text fields, etc, etc. That might not help us, so being able to assign a specific name is very useful13:58
balloonsCecil, yes the subclassing in the apps might be a bit confusing (I like to keep things simple!) but it helps out tremendously once you get it.13:59
balloonsthere helper functions save a lot of time and grief14:00
balloonsI realize the hour has passed, but don't worry I'm still here.. Keep any questions you have coming; let me know if I can help :-_)14:03
xeranasif did stuff like myToolbar = select_single("Toolbar"),  If I did once again for myToolbar like myToolbar.select_single("SubItem") If I get result, or it just works for "root" elements14:06
CecilAfter adding the PPA, what are the install names for the apt-get command? Are they listed somewhere?14:08
CecilFor example: Dropping Letters is named "dropping-letters"14:09
balloonsxeranas, yes that makes sense.. So you can select the toolbar, then say select a subitem from the toolbar by issuing your myToolbar.select_single("SubItem")14:09
balloonsCecil, yes indeed. They are listed in the ppa itself: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+archive/daily?field.series_filter=saucy14:10
balloonsthey aren't listed as a friendly copy-paste line though if that's what your wondering14:11
balloonsthey need a metapackage14:11
CecilAnd where does it put them? after install, I get command not found14:11
balloonsand lol, there is one14:11
balloons" Install the 'touch-coreapps' metapackage to install all of the core apps at once."14:11
Cecilok, that installed them all. was playing with the calendar app... so my plan is to complete the training using the currency converter, then look at the calendar app. Sound ok?14:19
balloonsbug 119791114:28
balloonsaww bugbot still netsplit eh?14:29
phillwballoons: there's a scraper bot on ##phillw if you want to C & P something :)15:46
smartboyhwphillw, heh15:46
phillwsmartboyhw: it's a different bot :)15:47
drsaurabhsikkahello balloons16:02
balloonsgood day drsaurabhsikka16:02
drsaurabhsikkai'm on saucy now16:04
drsaurabhsikkaashamed to say i had to dual boot, not knowing how to install retaining my /home folder16:04
phillwdrsaurabhsikka: the session for that is to be re-scheduled :)16:08
drsaurabhsikkareally. when's that?16:08
phillwit's currently To Be Announced. But it will be held some time soon :)16:09
TheDrumsballoons: ^16:09
drsaurabhsikkahours days or weeks?16:09
drsaurabhsikkai'll just try and get the hang of autopilot til then16:10
phillwI'm a bit too rusty to hold it without some prep work, so dpniel is holding it https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities/Classroom/Saucy#Introduction_to_QA_tools16:10
phillwhopefully a matter of days :)16:10
balloonsI would say days.. Dan whom I believe you met drsaurabhsikka is giving the session. that said, re-installing with /home is something your past now eh?16:10
drsaurabhsikkano balloons, I'm not past that...i just take the easy way out16:12
balloonsyou know what I mean :-) A solved problem can stay solved for now :-) Re-opening that can of worms can be another day16:12
balloonsso how's the autopilot tinkering coming along drsaurabhsikka ?16:13
phillwdrsaurabhsikka: nothing wrong with sticking with what you're comfortable with. Losing your personal stuff is a nightmare I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy :)16:13
drsaurabhsikkabasically it wasnt the documents i was afraid of losing, it was all these apps, like the tweaked up skype with the webcam script, and the eclipse IDE etc16:15
drsaurabhsikkai'm still reading the autopilot documentation16:15
drsaurabhsikkatrying to install Qt-creator16:53
drsaurabhsikkafirefox has a link to trigger apt16:53
drsaurabhsikkaballoons, please help16:54
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, you can sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk16:55
drsaurabhsikkai did that16:55
balloonsthat should pull qt creator and everything else16:55
balloonsahh.. kk16:55
drsaurabhsikkawhat is this pop up window asking me to choose an application for apt links?16:55
balloonsfirefox must want a handler for apt links? that's odd16:56
balloonsit should be set to ubuntu software center16:56
drsaurabhsikkayes it used to be that way before i remember16:56
drsaurabhsikkathough now, i must sift through my filesystem to find...?16:56
elfyevening all16:58
drsaurabhsikkathere are 2: the vanilla variety , and the gtk-316:59
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balloonswhich software-center17:00
drsaurabhsikka/usr/bin/software-center and /usr/bin/software-center-gtk-317:00
slickymastergood afternoon, everybody17:05
slickymasterElfy: sorry for being such a pain in the neck17:05
elfyslickymaster: it's fine - I've all the time in the world :)17:06
slickymasterelfy: so, I think we rather are in the same wave length, regarding the way we approach the tests17:07
drsaurabhsikkahello elfy17:07
elfywe are17:07
slickymasterelfy: did you manage to get a few seconds to see if everything is ok now, with the Bulk Renamer one?17:08
elfyslickymaster: see the private window17:08
elfyhi drsaurabhsikka17:08
drsaurabhsikkaok, i just did a bzr branch for the sdk tutorials17:14
drsaurabhsikkawhere would i find the "tests" subfolder?17:14
drsaurabhsikkaI'm reading this and trying to follow http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/tutorials/quality/how-to-write-autopilot-tests/17:15
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, gotcha17:16
balloonsohh I see they added a directory on top, I can update the tutorial to be extremly explicit :-017:17
balloonslook in getting-started, CurrencyConvertor17:17
balloonsthat was the root of the branch :-)17:18
drsaurabhsikkabut where is the branch, on the FS?17:19
balloonsahh when you issue a bzr branch is makes a new folder in the directory you issued the command by default17:22
balloonsso bzr branch lp:~nskaggs/mysupercoolbranch makes a folder called mysupercoolbranch17:22
balloonsbzr branch lp:ubuntu-sdk-tutorials makes a folder called ubuntu-sdk-tutorials17:23
drsaurabhsikkagot it17:23
drsaurabhsikkado i still have to cook the CurrencyConverter recipe?17:24
balloonsnope :-)17:24
drsaurabhsikkafound it!!17:25
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, I updated the page to be explicit at the point :-)17:25
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, ping if you encounter any other questions :-)17:29
drsaurabhsikkagreat thanks! So bzr is like wget17:30
balloonsbzr has versioning, so it's really a source control system17:32
balloonshave you used any in the past? git? svn? cvs?17:32
drsaurabhsikkasvn, 4 years ago, but that was a blind procedure17:41
drsaurabhsikkabut i get the concept17:41
balloons:-) good, don't feel bogged down by it. They'll be a few commands to learn, but we can help with that. Just know it lets us share code easily :-)17:42
drsaurabhsikkasorry about the nitpicking, but the code on the same page is actually inside 2 subfolder levels below: cd ubuntu-sdk-tutorials/getting-started/CurrencyConverter/tests/autopilot/CurrencyConverter/tests/17:43
drsaurabhsikka:) i 'git' it!17:44
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, I made updates on your feedback.. not nitpicking at all17:50
balloonsreload the page and see if things make sense17:50
balloons:-) you git it! I love it17:50
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drsaurabhsikkai just ran autopilot on CurrConv18:00
drsaurabhsikkathis is awesome stuff!!!18:01
drsaurabhsikkaexcept that, the test Failed!18:01
drsaurabhsikkawell one of them did18:01
balloonswell, not the failure.. what failed? But yea, pretty cool stuff right?18:04
sm0x-nbHi, i'm actually reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Hardware but i'm not familiar with the Ubuntu-Wiki, how can i add my Hardware Spec.?18:08
drsaurabhsikkait is indeed. It says: Ran 2 tests in 28.967s FAILED (Failures=1)18:08
drsaurabhsikkacd ubuntu-sdk-tutorials/getting-started/CurrencyConverter18:09
balloonssm0x-nb, howdy18:10
balloonssm0x-nb, if you have a ubuntu sso login, you can edit the page and add your link to it18:10
drsaurabhsikkathe fromField test seems to have failed18:10
balloonsif your not sure how, we can have someone add it for you given the information18:10
sm0x-nbhi balloons, thank you :)18:11
drsaurabhsikka    self.assertThat(fromField.text, Eventually(Equals(oldFromValue)))18:12
drsaurabhsikkaMismatchError: After 10.0 seconds test on TextField.text failed: String(u'2.948') != dbus.String(u'0.019558', variant_level=1)18:12
balloonsweird, works perfectly for me18:15
drsaurabhsikkaalso this error: QObject::connect: Cannot connect QQuickShaderEffectSource:: to ShapeItem_QML_47::onImagePropertiesChanged()18:18
drsaurabhsikkathe second time the window opens, the currency fields are blank18:18
drsaurabhsikkabefore the Clear button is pressed18:18
drsaurabhsikkacould that be the prob?18:18
drsaurabhsikkathe mouse on the Clear button clicks and the window closes.18:20
drsaurabhsikkaif i run the clear button test alone, it runs OK18:23
sm0x-nbthanks for helping, the entry is now set. I hope it was correct. But one Question are left, whats my WikiName? And how can i change/get it?18:24
balloonssm0x-nb, ahh you can make your own wikipage18:26
balloonsthere's a link i can find in a minute18:26
sm0x-nbok thanks, but it's not necessary, or? :)18:29
balloonssm0x-nb, no it's not required :-)18:31
drsaurabhsikkaballoons, I'm getting stuck at the end of the tutorial page,18:31
balloonsdrsaurabhsikka, yea I'll look in a moment18:31
drsaurabhsikkasome message about Qt Test not installed. sure ok...18:31
drsaurabhsikkaballoons, i'm off to bed. i'll catch up with this exciting thing later18:46
balloonsok drsaurabhsikka sorry mate18:46
drsaurabhsikkanot at all, thanks!18:46
balloonsindeed.. I won't fret too much about the errors, but I'm around18:46
balloonsemail me if you would so I have your email just in case :-)18:47
drsaurabhsikkai will18:47
balloonsthanks mate18:47
adegoodyerHi all, I am currently executing the test-case 'Install (auto-resize) in Ubuntu Desktop amd64 for Saucy Daily'. Can anyone else confirm that this option is no longer available for selection?19:15
adegoodyerHi all, I am currently executing the test-case 'Install (auto-resize) in Ubuntu Desktop amd64 for Saucy Daily'. Can anyone else confirm that this option is no longer available for selection?19:17
balloonsadegoodyer, which option?19:29
adegoodyerballoons, You know the one where you install alongside an existing install and can drag the slider to adjust each partitions space.19:31
balloonsadegoodyer, yes let me get the screenshots so I know which one your talking about :-)19:51
balloonsfound them :-)19:55
balloonsadegoodyer, is it in here? https://plus.google.com/photos/105922848292507689403/albums/5802148812308412001?banner=pwa19:55
adegoodyerballoons, Yes, that's the one. All I see so far is this? http://imagebin.org/26352619:56
adegoodyerballoons, and I have definitely checked that there is an existing install already :o)19:57
balloonsyes, that looks correct to me then19:59
balloonsbasically if your already installed you should get those options19:59
balloonsthe upgrade is a bit silly, but is allowed during the development release20:00
balloonsnormally you upgrade from only release to the next, and no downgrading is allowed20:00
balloonsadegoodyer, I guess I'm confused as to what your not seeing or what the testcase is saying20:00
balloonswhich number on the testcase are you concerned about?20:01
adegoodyerballoons, Are you sure? Let me clarify, the test case was executing was the 'Install (auto-resize)' one, where you could install another Ubuntu system alongside an existing one on the same PC.20:04
balloonsadegoodyer, ahh ok.. so what you expected to see was install alongside and it's not present?20:05
adegoodyerballoons, Yes that's right :o)20:05
adegoodyerballoons, like the first two images in the link you just provided20:06
balloonsfinally I got what you were saying20:07
balloonsblame friday adegoodyer :-)20:07
balloonsthat is concerning that it doesn't exist.. I wonder what's going on20:08
balloonslet me launch and see if it works on an older release20:08
balloonsthat's my guess20:08
balloonsmy iso is from today20:09
* balloons boots up precise box20:09
adegoodyerballoons, No problem. Yes, I was thinking something similar... I have always just installed two of the same daily .iso along side each other but I would presume they have finally put a check in to halt that20:09
balloonsadegoodyer, ohh noes!20:10
adegoodyerballoons, what's up??20:10
balloonslol, my precise box is borked. it didn't see any installed system20:11
balloonsturns out.. it was right20:11
balloonswe'll try the raring box :-)20:11
balloonsk, I see the install alongside just fine with raring install20:11
adegoodyerballoons, Haha. Just how many boxes you got there!? :o)20:12
balloonsprecise, raring, and saucy20:12
adegoodyerballoons, Right that's good then, just means they have places a check in then, which is actually kind of annoying lol20:12
balloonslucid got upgrade when it Eol'd to precise :-)20:14
balloonswhat an upgrade that was let me tell you20:14
balloonsok, so I'll try re-installing on the saucy box now20:14
adegoodyerballoons, Ha, yeah I can believe that. Ok, my money would be on that working as well now. A small pain because means two versions of Ubuntu are needed to carry out that test case from now on but no bother20:16
balloonsadegoodyer, we'll see soon enough. however it's still a change and worth mentioning to ensure it was intended20:17
balloonsI don't see harm in filing and asking about it assuming we confirm things20:18
adegoodyerballoons, Very true, I will file shortly and keep you posted on the outcome.20:21
adegoodyerballoons, Going to have to file a bug regardless as the tracker won;t let me fail the test else - it's clever like that :o)20:22
balloonsadegoodyer, I can confirm the bug btw20:30
adegoodyerballoons, bug has now been filed :o)20:36
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qenghoHi hi.  I'm interested in making my pbuilder run autopkgtests at the end of any build.  Has anyone done something similar before?21:23
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jibelballoons, around?21:31
jibelballoons, you might be interested https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/autopilot-ubuntu-applications/21:32
jibelI started by enabling evince and will add others21:33
jibelballoons, for the details the runner for otto is here https://code.launchpad.net/~otto-dev/otto/testsuite_autopilot-ubuntu-apps21:34
qenghoThat the best acronym for autopkgtest is APT is kind of terrible.21:38
jibelballoons, I added all the apps from the production testsuite, it runs in less than 10min on platforms ATI and Intel. I'll schedule a daily run around 2100UTC21:47
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phillwballoons: are you about?22:05

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