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blkperl_bkerensa: i sent you spam19:12
bkerensablkperl_: spam goes to /dev/null19:13
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blkperlbkerensa: read it respond, bring server19:13
bkerensablkperl: oh I have to have nathwill bring it since he has it :)19:14
* bkerensa will respond and ping him19:14
blkperlbkerensa: also I want a list of contacts, email + phone numbers + names19:14
blkperland maybe convince slangasek to be an admin so I can yell at him if you or nathwill disappear on me19:15
bkerensaslangasek: If you are cool with that it would be nice.19:18
slangasekuhm?  admin of what?19:58
nathwillgreetings ubuntu-loving oregonians!21:17
MarkDudeGreetings nathwill22:31
nathwillhello, fellow Fedora user in the Ubuntu channel. how've you been?22:42
blkperlMarkDude: excited for Fedora 19?22:52
MarkDudeHello- and yes Im excited - since Fedora has sucked from F15-18 I am hoping 20 is even better than F14 - the last high point23:29
MarkDudeThe name is full of win Schrödinger's cat23:30
MarkDudeAlso nice it was not 3 months late- like 18, Anaconda made it take waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long :D23:31
MarkDudeNothing is as cool as the Beefy Miracle tho https://twitter.com/hamanaka/status/352135938085896192/photo/123:32
MarkDudeEnough about that, I wanted to hear bkerensa talk about the new Ubuntu Power Edge server for PSU23:33
MarkDudeYay, Penguin Family :)23:33

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