Kitt3nrlw, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XFProt00:00
leo-the-manic_jrib: https://dpaste.de/4WbP4/00:00
rlwthanks for the link but that does't work00:00
rlwnot helpful00:00
Kitt3nrlw, 'what' doesn't work?00:00
rlwit's jargon00:00
jribleo-the-manic_: ensure you have backups if you don't already.  Then you can try to downgrade python00:00
Kitt3nrlw, what?00:00
rlwKitt3n: it's Jargon00:01
leo-the-manic_jrib: Nothing important is on here (Wubi install), so how can I downgrade Python??00:01
whoever_rlw: if you don't give a reason or something other than "I need help, " we can not help00:01
Kitt3nrlw, I don't understand what you're talking about, but that link explains how to install xfprot.00:01
jribleo-the-manic_: try « sudo apt-get install python=2.7.3-0ubuntu7.1 »00:01
jribleo-the-manic_: is "python" the only package you installed?00:02
leo-the-manic_jrib: It won't let me do apt-get install: E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).00:02
jribleo-the-manic_: pastebin full input and output00:02
whoever_rlw: so what doesn't work on or with xfprot,00:02
rlwWhoever_: Hello there, here is what I need to do here is what i've done so far: XFPROT is a graphical frontend to the F-Prot Antivirus(TM) for Linux  Download the latest version from here  sudo wget http://web.tiscali.it/sharp/xfprot/xfprot-1.18.tar.gz  sudo tar xzvf xfprot-1.18.tar.gz  cd xfprot-1.18  sudo ./configure --with-sudo --autodetect --without-debug --with-install-dir=/usr/local  sudo make  sudo checkinstall  Once this finishes 00:02
captineHi all.  Just checking.  I was able to pick up a macbook 2013 model using points on credit card, but am wanting to ask if anyone has successfully run ubuntu on it (not in a VM but native).  Wanting to get rid of osx if possible00:03
jrib!mac | captine00:03
ubottucaptine: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages00:03
Kitt3nrlw, what do you need help with?00:03
leo-the-manic_jrib: https://dpaste.de/sOdhF/00:03
* whoever_ i knew it, he can say more then "hellp "00:03
leo-the-manic_jrib: thanks for taking the time to try and help btw00:03
rlwI need to install to if you understand I'm a expert on Windows Platform, but I wanted a change Kitt3n, but anyways00:04
rlwcan you help to install it00:04
jribleo-the-manic_: try installing the  2.7.3-0ubuntu7 version instead.  You may have not been up to date when you installed your custom version00:04
Kitt3nrlw, the page says EXACTLY how you need to do it?00:04
rlwIWhich one00:04
captinejrib: thanks.  from that, I am guessing no one has documented using it on my model.00:04
Kitt3ncaptine, why did you buy a mac anyway?00:05
rlwIt's JARGON!!!!00:05
holsteinrlw: what do you need help with?00:05
whoever_rlw: this tells you exactly how to install it, and how to sym-lynk so that it will work https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XFProt00:05
captineKitt3n: was leaving the Philippines and when closing my credit card, they told me i had $500 worth of points and the mac store was the only tech store to use it on… hence, got $500 off00:06
jribcaptine: it should just be a matter of grabbing the iso with mac support (http://releases.ubuntu.com), booting a dvd, and following the instructions.  But I cannot say I have personal experience with your model00:06
leo-the-manic_jrib: I think it worked... It did a downgrade and now I can apt-get install other stuff! Thanks so much!00:06
jribleo-the-manic_: no problem.  You're aware python 3.3 is in the repositories as "python3"?00:07
captineKitt3n: my old laptop (Acer i7) is in the container in transit.  Also have a mac mini server which I bought just for the size of it… but need to also get ubuntu or proxmox running headless on it00:07
captinejrib: thanks.  I will try the install once I have a drive to backup to, and will try see if anything breaks...00:07
leo-the-manic_jrib: I wasn't at the time but I am now. I think I tried "install python3" and it kept me on Python 3.2 but that might've been because I had to update/upgrade something-or-other00:08
jribleo-the-manic_: are you on ubuntu 13.04?00:08
leo-the-manic_jrib: 12.1000:08
jrib!info python3 quantal00:09
ubottupython3 (source: python3-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default python3 version). In component main, is important. Version 3.2.3-5ubuntu1.2 (quantal), package size 31 kB, installed size 214 kB00:09
Kitt3ncaptine, the best solution is to stay away from Mac at all costs00:09
jribleo-the-manic_: yeah looks like you'll only get 3.2 then.  You can compile it, but I would recommend just doing it as your user and keeping it in $HOME.00:10
captineKitt3n: Noted.  Will look at Lenovo next, as my work machine installed ubuntu perfectly just before i handed it back00:10
ickersFolks, can anyone point me at an official page somewhere which defines what "support" means for Ubuntu LTS releases?00:10
leo-the-manic_jrib: There is a python3.3 package that I was able to download00:11
jribickers: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS00:11
jribleo-the-manic_: ok00:11
dasudahow do I connect to by windows VPS in linux?00:11
jribleo-the-manic_: just make sure it doesn't overwrite the default python00:11
jribdasuda: how do you connect to windows VPS in windows?00:12
dasudausing a remote to desktop client I believe00:12
Kitt3ncaptine, Macs are designed to not accept anything but Apple OS00:12
jribdasuda: so use a remote desktop client ;)00:12
dasudajrib: ok00:12
dasudajrib: know of any :)?00:12
captineyip.  I know.  just love the look of the hardware...00:12
dasudaI could not find much in the software center00:12
dasudathats why I am asking00:13
jribdasuda: I can't recommend any offhand but if you search for "remote desktop" you should see a few candidates00:13
whoever_Kitt3n: nativly yes, but you can run them in a vm00:13
jribdasuda: apt-cache search remote desktop00:13
whoever_jrib: remote-desktop00:13
dasudaok thanks00:14
jribdasuda: I think vinagre is the default one00:14
moksud_xpI tried the code to update my packages... but Ubuntu tell me System Error 1100:16
jribmoksud_xp: you should pastebin full input and output00:17
moksud_xphow I can do it?00:17
jrib!pastebin | moksud_xp00:17
ubottumoksud_xp: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:17
moksud_xpI don't have a GUI on Ubuntu00:17
ickersthx jrib, had found that page. Looking for something a bit more specific. eg. if PHP 5.3 reaches end of life before Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS what happens to security updates?00:18
ickersWill security fixes for PHP 5.4 be backported to PHP 5.3 by the ubuntu team?00:18
moksud_xpAnyway the error was that ubuntu cannot resolve the web address...00:18
jribickers: in general security fixes will be cherry-picked.  I'm not sure where you can go to get confirmation on that though00:19
jribickers: you might see if there's a relative mailing list you can poke (http://lists.ubuntu.com)00:19
jriberm, s/relative/relevant00:20
jribmoksud_xp: are you physically at the ubuntu machine without a gui or are you connected to it over ssh from a machine with a gui?00:20
ickersjrib: ok, thanks, probably why I can't find anything00:20
jrib!sru | ickers00:20
ubottuickers: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates00:20
jribickers: might be some pointers for you there including where to go to get some more info00:21
moksud_xpI phisically installed Ubuntu on my HDD00:21
draconusused: 666G < scary...00:21
moksud_xpnow I'm on my SSD that run Windows00:21
jribmoksud_xp: so you are connecting to ubuntu through ssh from your windows machine?00:22
jribmoksud_xp: so you are physically running back and forth between the two computers?  Or are you rebooting a single machine?00:22
moksud_xpnormally I need to restart My PC and choose SSD or HDD to switch from windows to ubuntu or viceversa00:22
moksud_xpreeboting a single machine00:23
jribmoksud_xp: it will be hard to troubleshoot with you then since rebooting is annoying.  You should get on irc while on ubuntu00:23
ickersubottu, jrib: that looks like what I am looking for! Great :-)00:23
ubottuickers: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:23
moksud_xpIt's why I decided to install GUI and Chrome on Ubuntu...00:23
moksud_xphow can I solve the problem of updating package?00:25
jribmoksud_xp: write down your full error and then type it up then00:25
moksud_xpokey, I'll do it tomorrow00:26
moksud_xpnow I need to go00:26
moksud_xpthanks a lot jrib00:26
karvenWho is good at C++??00:40
darkgrooveI know a bit00:40
karvenI met a big trouble.00:41
darkgroovewhat's wrong?00:41
darkgroovekarven: what did you do?00:42
karvenAbout Class00:42
karvenC++ programmer00:42
karvenNo one know about the class of C++?00:44
hailwoodHi Guys, My ubuntu install just went up the creek, so I am looking to do a complete re-do of my hard drive, it's a 500Gb, I am wanting to triple boot, Windows 8, Ubuntu 13.04, and a play partition (Fedora at this stage, but may change, will always be a linux distro though). Due to the 4 primary only, issue I am looking to use LVM but have no idea how, so I am hoping someone can give me some pointers, or a real easy guide?00:45
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gartralhey all, I'm in a jam and I hosed Grub, I've done grub-install after chroot'ing my drive, but what on earth happened to setup-grub/grub-setup?00:46
Kitt3ngartral, what?00:47
holsteingartral: try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair00:47
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gartralhailwood: LVM is supported "out of the box" by nearly every distro.. if you keep the two root partitions in an LVM it should "just work"00:47
gartralholstein: I need a command-line only method, right now I'm stuck using a serial console.00:48
gartralholstein: (don't ask.. flakey graphics card)00:48
holsteingartral: you do that from a live cd00:48
holsteingartral: you can use nomodeset from that live CD with a flaky whatever00:48
gartralholstein: I know, but i can't boot a window manager00:48
mint__\set nick PLEXXirssi00:49
gartralholstein: let me rephrase that, my graphics card is BURNT. Blackened. Will Not Work.00:49
mint__wow what and epic fail00:49
gartralmint__: we've all done it00:50
holsteingartral: so, you want to ssh into the machine? from another? i would take the hard drive to another machine and service it00:50
gartralholstein: I can't. I don't have another machine that can use IDE.00:50
hailwoodgartral, so If I install Windows 8, that should use two primary partitions due to it's system reservered for boot; then install Ubuntu, there should be an option to use a single LVM partition which should create two LV's one for the system and one for swap on that single partition? then same for fedora?00:51
gartralseriously though, I need to setup grub from the command line00:51
holstein!grub | gartral00:52
ubottugartral: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub200:52
hailwoodgartral, So the whole install should only use three primary partitions, is my thinking there correct?00:52
Kitt3nhailwood, are you on an EFI computer?00:52
c|oneman Is it normal that sirq % is not taken into account whan calculating CPU load, in TOP?00:52
samy_alguien q sepa de controladoras raid? tengo un adaptec 1220SA00:52
hailwoodKitt3n, I believe it's EFI capable, but I don't think it uses it...00:52
samy_algua ayuda para porder ver los dispositivos conectados?00:52
reisiosamy_: #Ubuntu-es00:53
Kitt3nhailwood, check it out, if it's EFI *based* switch it to EFI, and install Windows 8 in EFI and Ubuntu in EFI mode.00:53
Kitt3nhailwood, and keep the playground to a VIRTUAL machine so you don't damage your computer.00:53
pfifoUnless its a samsung laptop, then dont use efi00:53
gartralhailwood: you could do that, or do what I've done, where I have 3 Linux root partitions in a single LVM, my /home and swap are physical partitions, and my recovery OS is in it's own partition00:53
Kitt3nhailwood, EFI also doesn't limit you to 4 primary partitions because of GPT.00:54
reisiohow many OSes do you need...00:54
Kitt3npfifo, eeeeh, why so? Did Samsung go ahead and do more shit?00:54
Kitt3nreisio, I say one OS is enough.00:54
reisioand I00:54
reisioparticularly installed to metal00:54
gartralreisio: FreeBSD, Ubuntu, a "play around" partition, and my recovery is an install of UBCD00:55
reisiosorry that was rhetorical, nobody needs more than one :p00:55
gartralholstein: I've done that, and I get dropped to a grub recovery CLI00:56
holsteingartral: thats where you want to be.. that is CLI for recovery.. you can also try the first information i linked, and do it from a live CD in the terminal00:56
gartralreisio: unless you game seriously, and code, in which case you need 2, Windows 7, and a Linux Distro00:56
reisionah :p00:57
ubottuValve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.00:57
gartralholstein: barely 2% of the serious games on steam have been ported00:57
Kitt3nWho needs M$ and their garbage.00:57
gartralKitt3n: really, no one00:57
holsteingartral: check out the steam channel or the offtopic channel to discuss games00:57
Kitt3ngartral, that's why you give your best to force the big companies to port their games to Linux.00:58
hailwoodHmm, I am rather confused now... I guess I need to go research efi now...00:58
gartralhailwood: EFI is great, most systems from 2011+ have it00:58
saiarcot895gartral: Kitt3n: unfortunately, some niche software is available only for Windows, and some PDF (in all the creators' brilliance) can only be read by Adobe Reader X00:58
gartralholstein: ok00:59
reisioyeah, EFI makes it so that BIOS configuration menu... has graphics00:59
reisioboom amazing00:59
wilee-nileehailwood, Here is a ubuntu forum help on uefi installs. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729500:59
Kitt3nreisio, oh it does way more than that :300:59
gartralsaiarcot895: got an example?00:59
reisioKitt3n: heheh00:59
gartralholstein: so I'm at the point where I have a grub recovery CLI, NOW what01:00
saiarcot895gartral: See the PDFs on this page: https://www.utdallas.edu/career/statistics/#results01:00
saiarcot895gartral: As for the software, well, there's Wine and Mono01:01
Kitt3nsaiarcot895, give me 3 examples of software that is only available in Windows without any Linux alternatives.01:01
saiarcot895Kitt3n: Google Sketchup (for modelling in Google Earth), Zacks Research Wizard, and I don't have a third one (Lexmark Imaging Studio? although that's not needed)01:02
reisioI'd settle for one01:02
pfifoD: Launchpad is broken even worse than before01:02
* wilee-nilee wishes new helpers realized this is support not chat.01:02
Kitt3nwilee-nilee, I am not switching to another channel for silly chat <3.01:03
Kitt3nHi randomnick_! :)01:03
randomnick_sudo apt-get install gimp01:03
randomnick_Reading package lists... Done01:03
randomnick_Building dependency tree01:03
randomnick_Reading state information... Done01:03
randomnick_Package gimp is not available, but is referred to by another package.01:03
FloodBot1randomnick_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:03
randomnick_This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or01:03
wilee-nilee!paste > randomnick_01:03
ubotturandomnick_, please see my private message01:03
holsteingartral: this looks pretty current http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/grub.html01:03
reisioholstein: for GRUB legacy?01:04
holsteinreisio: link something else if you have it01:04
reisioI'm asking01:04
reisiodoes he need something for 2?01:05
randomnick_uhh, im sorry01:05
reisioor for legacy?01:05
holsteinreisio: its for gartral .. he *cant* use a GUI01:05
randomnick_http://paste.ubuntu.com/5845325/    please help me install gimp:(01:05
reisiok... but which grub does he need help with01:05
reisiogartral: do you ^01:05
Kitt3nreisio, most likely grub-pc01:05
holsteinshould look like https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows#The_terminal_way ..which i already linked01:06
reisiogartral: you're at a grub prompt? does it say the version?01:06
pfiforandomnick_, can you pastebin the output of 'lsb_release -sd && cat /etc/apt/sources.list'01:06
randomnick_pfifo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5845328/01:07
boohI have 2 Ubuntu Server link with site-site vpn.  I want to backup site1 server to site2 server.  Wich backup solution should I install?   I have samba sharing.  I don't know if I would want mirror site or archiving...  What is your suggestion?01:07
pfiforandomnick_, you need to add the universe repo to your sources.list01:08
draconusbooh i'm not into vpn at all, what does it mean site-site vpn? two machines acting like virtually one and sharing filesystems etc?01:08
randomnick_could you please tell me how can i do that?01:09
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.01:09
pfiforandomnick_, heres a good sources.list that adds everything and akitchen sink, replace your /etc/apt/sources.list with this and then run 'sudo apt-get update'01:11
pfiforandomnick_, http://fpaste.org/23141/72986642/01:11
randomnick_E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.01:15
boohdraconus, site-site vpn is a tunnel establish between two network so server2 is seen as on the LAN... but with a slower connexion...01:15
pfiforandomnick_, try installing gimp now01:15
boohdraconus you can consider both servers are on the same LAN.  But in fact, one is on another physical site...01:15
tannjiwhat would be the terminal command to install "lib32stdc++"?01:16
boohdraconus I told about vpn just to notice the link between both servers are not as fast as the LAN... about 1mbps instead of 1000mbps...01:16
reisiotannji: ask apt-file01:16
draconusbooh thank you very much, it all sounds great01:17
randomnick_pfifo: thank you:))01:17
draconusbesides the link speed of course :) but assuming that those are 2 dedicated servers on 100mbit+ lines... that would be so cool01:17
tannjireisio,  thanks, but can you elaborate a little?  dumb it down slightly.. and be a little condescending if you have to  = )01:17
pfiforandomnick_, you might neeed to change the entries that have 'security' in them from archive.ubuntu.com to security.ubuntu.com to get rid of the error your saw01:18
brontosaurusrextannji, apt-cache search lib32stdc < see what this gives01:18
reisiotannji: sudo apt-get install apt-file, then run it01:19
brontosaurusrextannji, then install the one without "debugging"01:19
tannjireisio,  right, thanks  = )01:19
boohdraconus yes.  It's easy to do with pfsense gateway/router...01:19
boohAnyway, now my focus is how I should backup one server to the other one...01:20
tannjibrontosaurusrex,  apt-cache search returned nothing01:21
brontosaurusrextannji, uname -r < says what?01:22
draconusbooh oh so that's hardware01:23
tannjibrontosaurusrex,  3.2.0-35-generic01:23
Coreydraconus: You can run pfsense virtualized.01:23
draconusbooh i might be able to help with suggestion of creating a backup using dd01:24
draconusCorey that sounds great01:24
alexandros_chello, is there a way to run ncurse application as if they were regular applications? I notice that ubuntu run htop as if it is a gui application. Is there a way to get weechat-curses to run like that?01:24
brontosaurusrextannji, dunno then01:25
reisioalexandros_c: hrmm?01:25
draconusbooh that's what i did today - i had to move 1TB of data from one drive to another but it could as well be another machine... i was adviced to use dd to create images of whole partitions - in your case you could then just recreate exactly same partitions on that other machine01:25
pfifodraconus, sounds like bad advice, I would have recommended rsync to save a boat load of time01:26
draconuspfifo depends if that's one time or backup on a regular basis... if regular than of course rsync01:27
reisiodraconus: who're you talking to?01:27
alexandros_creisio: in ubuntu htop can be accessed through the hud but weechat can not, I am asking if there is a to run weechat through the hud like htop since they are both ncurses applications01:27
reisiopfifo: he had special circumstances, we went through rsync01:27
draconusreisio still here? nice :) talking to booh01:27
reisioalexandros_c: ah01:27
reisioalexandros_c: you'll need a .desktop file that opens a terminal with the command 'weechat', basically01:27
reisiobooh: yeah would probably go with rsync for you01:28
alexandros_creisio: ok where do you put that .desktop file?01:28
reisiopfifo: heh01:34
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u3put ite on youtube you know some Norway trip i did fore 2 days a go01:34
pfiforeisio, I was about to say... squashfs-tools01:35
reisiopfifo: for what?01:35
pfiforeisio, as a superior alternative to dd+tar (but since that didnt happen no real loss)01:35
reisioyeah his partitions were almost entirely full01:36
reisioso the ordinary dd was not a waste as it ordinarily would've been01:36
reisioand he actually wanted to avoid compression 'cause he had plenty of storage space and didn't want to wait when accessing it at all01:37
u3well i will try again and se what happens, but this time i will not fail01:38
reisiou3: good plan01:38
pfifou3, keep an eye on your memory, and have a swapfile ready to swapon01:38
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sh3llc0d3rpiple how can i turn off notifications am using xchat on ubutu01:39
ubottuTo disable joins and parts from being displayed in all future channels you join, type /set irc_conf_mode 1 . To apply this setting to all current channels, type /gui apply. To disable the prints for only certain channels, right click on the channel tab and click Settings -> Hide Join/Part Messages01:40
draconusubottu doesn't know about !split01:40
ubottudraconus: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:40
reisioit's probably 'netsplit'01:40
draconusubottu: botsnack01:40
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit01:40
sh3llc0d3rubottu, thanks that worked for me01:40
ubottush3llc0d3r: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:40
draconusthank you reisio :)01:40
pfifosh3llc0d3r, you can remove notify-osd or what ever notifier daemon your using01:41
sh3llc0d3rpfifo, good to know, thanks01:41
u3pfifo,thanks for that i forget that the memory can be full some times01:42
pfifoPici, for some reason I have to click hide joins/parts everytime i log into freenode (I only want it for a few rooms though, not all of them)01:43
pfifou3, and disk drive too, make sure your not using /tmp as a ramdisk as well01:43
Picipfifo: /shrug, I'm not a xchat user myself, I just call the factoids up ;)01:43
pfifoPici, so your saying I should just switch to irssi?01:44
draconusreisio my work with moving data isn't done anyway... i'm 200GB short on that other drive :/01:44
reisiodraconus: that's a lot of data01:44
draconusreisio i would consider downsizing the source partition but i'm afraid of issues...01:44
boohyes backup is on regular basis..01:45
Picipfifo: or ask in #xchat, yes ;)01:45
reisiodraconus: doing what?01:45
boohIs there better than rsync today?  rsync is old ;-)01:45
boohAlso, is there some "archiving" solution?01:45
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:45
reisiobooh: well, it depends01:45
pfifobooh, yes, i keep hearing about 'clonezilla' could be what your looking for01:46
reisiomost of the alternatives that are better for particular situations are also based on rsync :)01:46
draconusreisio i managed to empty 75% of a big source partition and now i would love to shrink it to make space for a new partition to come with fresh system as all the rest is already copied and safe01:46
boohI think I will use rsync but I just wonder if today is there a better way... with possibility to archive too...  (If I want a modify file for example and rollback this file 2 weeks ago)01:46
reisiodraconus: you can't just wait for the last 200gb to copy?01:46
reisiobooh: in that case, use rdiff-backup01:46
u3i think i will have to by a turbo processor01:46
boohI can't reboot to do backup with clonezila!01:46
draconusreisio i'm getting short of space there, i forgot about one more umounted partition on destination01:46
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alexandros_canyone know how to make an application visible in the HUD?01:52
=== Inoperable is now known as Inoperable_AWY
UbubeginI just did a ls -lrt on a folder.. and all its permissions were to set "???????" . What does it mean . I wanted to execute a chmod u+x folder.. But I get a chmod and Permission denied error01:55
draconusreisio i have just found another 120GB on destination ;)01:56
=== Gugster is now known as Guga_
UbubeginHi, can anyone see me01:57
w30Ububegin: that's a folder you don't own maybe mounted by someone else. I get that when I am sudo and look at .gvfs mounted by user01:58
w30Ububegin: if you are the owner it shows right under ls -la01:58
draconusreisio the last concern i'm having is if the mysql will work fine when i just move all the files from /var/mysql back in there and not populate databases from actual backups which aren't too fresh01:58
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rypervenchedraconus: Are you replacing the entire directory or only some of the database directories?01:59
Ububeginw30, this was a folder created by me sometime back in my home directory.. I just removed the permissions last time.. Cant remember which permission I removed. But now, I cant change to permissions back01:59
draconusrypervenche i plan to replace just everything02:00
rypervenchedraconus: Then you'll be fine. Just move the old directory out of the way and put the new one in and start MySQL.02:00
draconusrypervenche will that really work? i'm seriously worried02:00
rypervenchedraconus: It will.02:00
james41382Are services down? I can't identify with nickserv02:01
rypervenchejames41382: netsplit.02:01
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
draconusrypervenche thank you so much, i really hope there won't be any more troubles on that box02:01
w30james41382: we just had a netsplit..............02:01
rypervenchedraconus: I recommend taking backups from now on.02:01
draconusw30 another one to be exact :)02:01
james41382w30: What does that mean?02:01
w30draconus: heh heh02:01
draconusrypervenche i do but all of them were on a partition that failed02:01
rypervenche!netsplit > james4138202:02
ubottujames41382, please see my private message02:02
rypervenchedraconus: Multiple backups in multiple locations.02:02
draconusrypervenche and i lost several hours of data since backups are sheduled every 6 hours - that's why i want to put files in there02:02
draconusrypervenche i promise i will from now on02:02
james41382rypervenche: So it will eventually simply resolve and I'll be able to identify?02:02
rypervenchedraconus: I personally keep daily backups of my databases for 30 days on two different servers, one in a different country.02:02
rypervenchejames41382: Yep, give it a bit.02:03
draconuslesson well learned... been like 18 hrs of rescuing so far02:03
w30james41382: it means you broke the net by being one of too many users so rather than fail irc splits into two units02:03
james41382rypervenche: Great, thanks.02:03
draconusjames41382 you just type too much and then it breaks02:03
james41382draconus: That's hard to believe as I don't type very fast.. lol.02:04
draconusjames41382 perhaps you insulted the Nickserv? :)02:04
james41382draconus: Oh I believe that one... that lousy sob deserved every word.02:04
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draconushe he02:04
=== ` is now known as handle
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draconusjames41382 ha ha02:05
draconussee? lousy sob worked again...02:05
tannjiwhats going on?  is this normal, or is someone playing games?02:06
james41382draconus: Right.. I need to lay off the pour guy already.02:06
RoDiMuS-XWow I haven't seen the likes of IRC attacks in ages02:06
draconus3 netsplits in 10 mins. is quite abnormal here02:06
RoDiMuS-XServer split, Flood Bots oped02:06
wilee-nileeThere is #ubuntu-offtopic for the coffee chat. ;)02:06
saiarcot895What did I miss?02:06
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pfifoits not an attack, the new guy at the datacenter is trying to figure out what switch #131 does02:08
draconusha ha pfifo02:08
draconus3 black outs weren't enough :) i bet he is fired till now ;)02:09
u3thanks for the good info02:09
reisiodraconus: it'll either 'just work' or it will take a little bit of effort but still work02:10
draconusdon't ever touch that #131 switch again!02:10
reisiodraconus: assuming the data is intact, I don't recall what you did02:10
draconusreisio working on that box since last morning...02:11
draconusreisio it's a weird story and many lessons learned02:11
draconusmy new rule #1: never backup to the production drive unless you are a moron02:12
draconusnew rule #2: never do crazy stuff on production box02:12
reisiodraconus: well, definitely with the backups :p02:13
draconusreisio and how about crazy stuff?02:13
w30draconus: tha't what you get by living in the fast lane02:13
draconusw30 exactly02:13
reisiodraconus: matters less if you've a backup02:13
draconusreisio it is not possible to backup 1TB every day02:13
draconusreisio in fact i never backed up like 80% of that...02:14
pfifodraconus, 'incremental backup'02:14
reisiodraconus: you generate 1tb of new data every day?02:14
draconuspfifo i will have to learn about that in practice02:14
reisiowell you don't need to backup the OS files02:14
reisiobecause those are mirrored all over the world02:14
reisiodraconus: look into rdiff-backup02:14
draconusreisio not really, it was a huge archive in there also02:14
draconusreisio so that really works? like each mysql backup is 5GB then it would rdiff to like several hundreds of megs?02:15
reisiodraconus: well, ideally for sql backups02:15
reisiodraconus: you'd dump first02:15
gwenbellI'm on Ubuntu 13.04, on a circa 2010 MBA. All is good except when I use Vim, the text on the screen garbles and the machine locks up. Thoughts?02:15
reisiodraconus: at that point you could do an incremental backup if you wanted02:16
draconusreisio so regular dump and then rdiff with previous dump?02:16
reisiotechnically just backing up the files is just as good02:16
reisioso maybe combine rdiff-backup of the filesystem with a single dump of the db02:16
* reisio shrugs02:16
holsteingwenbell: how do you use vim?02:16
fafafewwhat's the quickest way to solve the windows ubuntu dual boot problem ? windows destroy grub solutins02:16
draconusreisio indeed but then if i could store only those rdiffs then it's easier to e.g. upload them to remote box02:16
reisiosql db's don't necessarily take up that much space02:17
fafafewfor encrypted ubuntu02:17
reisiodraconus: well, I'm sure you'll find the right combination02:17
gwenbellholstein: from terminal02:17
holsteinfafafew: its not a problem.. install and recover grub with ubuntu boot repair02:17
holsteingwenbell: have you tried other terminal emulators? or tty?02:17
reisiodraconus: rdiff-backup and rsync are your best tools, the former for incremental02:17
draconusreisio, pfifo: many thanks for pointing me to rdiff02:17
fafafewboot repair ask to decrypt now that's the problem02:17
gwenbellholstein: not yet, will give it a go now02:18
reisiodraconus: oh, and rdiff-backup-fs for restoring from the backup later on02:18
reisiodraconus: very handy02:18
reisiodraconus: it translates all the diffs into virtual timestamped directories02:18
draconusreisio even now i keep like 500 gigs of backups and they don't differ much... so could i rdiff those files?02:18
draconusrfidd-backup-fs sounds like orgasm to me :))02:19
reisioyeah, rdiff-backup will save you loads of space02:19
reisioyeah it's pretty hot02:19
fafafewwho got solution to my problem????02:19
reisiofafafew: I02:19
draconusreisio that is just great, i will test soon02:19
fafafewreisio and your solution is ........................02:20
reisiofafafew: I don't know your problem yet02:20
draconuspfifo, reisio: i also used to have some services that required dumping a gig every hour... wish i knew about rdiff before02:21
reisiolive and learn :)02:21
draconusso here i am :)02:21
pfifodraconus, you should have just asked ;)02:21
draconusthis channel is where i learned best things about systems in my life02:21
draconusirc is truly live knowledge learned every minute02:22
fafafewreisio , ................classic win , ubuntu , grub destry problem but with a twist .... ubuntu is in encrpted partition02:22
draconuspfifo yah... but than you need to imagine something first to even ask about it :)02:22
reisiofafafew: okay, and?02:23
pfifofafafew, its asking you to decrypt your partition? Whats the problem there? dont know how to decrypt it? we can help02:23
reisioit can take a while to realize that the open source world already has an impeccable solution to virtually every problem02:23
reisioinstead of just assuming it doesn't exist02:23
draconuswell yes but in case of incremental backups... when you do regular ones for like 20 years... you are blocked02:24
reisiojust takes a little rewiring02:24
draconusyou don't even consider a though of something different02:24
reisioof your brain :)02:24
fafafewpfifo how?02:24
draconusreisio and that's what irc is great for02:24
reisiomaybe you have been fortunate enough to have always had plenty of storage space to compensate :)02:24
draconusreisio one is always up to date here with people doing all the magic02:25
pfifofafafew, well first, i need some information, is this the whole partition or just your home directory?02:25
draconusreisio indeed... when you got loads of space you don't even think of shrinking02:25
fafafewwhat if i dont want to decrypt the partition , how to solve it ?02:25
reisiofafafew: what is the problem?02:25
reisioI still haven't seen you say, I don't think02:25
pfiforeisio, fafafew needs to decrypt his partition to repair grub02:26
draconusreisio he said before: "classic win , ubuntu , grub destry problem but with a twist .... ubuntu is in encrpted partition"02:26
pfifoi think02:26
holsteinunless its just the /home partition02:26
fafafewpfifio , i guess home directory i remember that's the only one get encrypted and boot-repair is asking to decrpt so i guess that's the one02:26
draconusand he doesn't want to decrypt02:26
master_Can i install nvidia-325 in precise and still retain optimus compatibility somehow?02:26
reisioyeah I read what he said02:27
pfifofafafew, can you pastebin the output of 'sudo blkid && sudo fdisk -l'02:27
reisiohe hasn't said what the actual problem is yet02:27
draconusjust making it nicer for you :)02:27
=== peter is now known as cossovich
fafafewpfifo , i'm not on ubuntu right now02:28
w30fafafew: boot your ubuntu live cd then update-grub and install grub from it02:28
Frebis nvidia for gaming and novuea for?02:28
fafafeww30 , how to do that02:28
pfifofafafew, ok, can you boot a livecd?02:28
w30fafafew: this link is for fixing boot menu after mageia messes it up but it works for all02:29
holsteinfafafew: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair02:29
holsteinhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows fafafew02:30
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draconuspiping mysqldump tru rdiff-backup... that's really HOT02:31
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
rypervenchedraconus: I don't really see the point with mysql dumps though, because they'll always be the same. I just use cronjobs for that.02:32
pfifodraconus, mysqld has its own backup solutions, i think your going a bit too far with it02:32
rypervenchedraconus: Dump it, zip it, delete old ones.02:32
reisiowell they won't always be the same, and if they are rdiff-backup would know :p02:32
rypervencheSorry, that's what I meant.02:33
reisiorypervenche: what, what pfifo said?02:33
Programmer_was there a netsplit02:33
reisioProgrammer_: yup, a few02:34
Programmer_are services still down?02:34
rypervenchereisio: What you said.02:34
reisioProgrammer_: seems so02:34
Kitt3nProgrammer_, at least two netsplits02:34
reisiorypervenche: ohz02:34
reisioProgrammer_: :D02:34
Programmer_imma die02:34
Programmer_was getting metasploit help02:34
holsteinProgrammer_: language, please02:34
draconusactually there were 3 netsplits in short time02:34
draconusrypervenche for now i dump and pipe tru pigz... but i can't just delete the previous one for many reasons, i need to stack them for few months at least02:35
w30NSA is downloading the internet again02:36
pfifogood night all02:36
draconustaking an incremental backup right now ;)02:36
Programmer_w30, lmfao02:37
rypervenchedraconus: So do that. Then create a cron to delete those that are older than a certain time.02:37
=== duckranger is now known as duckdot
=== duckdot is now known as duckranger
draconusrypervenche problem being that each dump is 5 gigs... and i take like 4 per day02:38
Anon503this isn't really a question but I just need somebody to claim I'm being paranoid... I know this is odd02:38
Anon503but basically this has been in the back of my head and it bugs me02:38
draconusrypervenche so incrementing those would save a ton of space and yet allow me to easily rsync to another box02:39
Programmer_w30, very clever02:39
Anon503so 3 years ago on an old windows laptop one of my virtual machines got exploited and got malware on the host, that's how I got into linux02:39
rypervenchedraconus: You can't increment a mysql dump.02:39
Anon503now I have my own built desktop02:39
=== duckranger is now known as tdot_
rypervenchedraconus: It won't do anything differently. Now, are you using any InnoDB tables?02:39
Anon503my old laptop has been formatted multiple times02:39
reisiorypervenche: why not?02:39
draconusrypervenche why wouldn't it work?02:39
Anon503but I plugged in my usb on a fresh linux install, burned xubuntu and installed it on my desktop02:40
=== viv`d is now known as vivid
rypervenchereisio: If he's using rdiff-backup it won't do it that way. The file will have changed and it will backup all different versions.02:40
Anon503I'm a paranoid person and think bios rootkits are spreading.. just tell me I'm wrong02:40
draconusand yes, i got mostly myisam but some inno as well02:40
wilee-nileeAnon503, Can you get to the point in one line.02:40
Anon503sorry sorry... I'm stressing over nothing02:40
draconusAnon503: bios rootkits are spreading02:40
reisiorypervenche: I don't think so...02:40
=== tdot_ is now known as duckranger
reisiorypervenche: you might be thinking of rsnapshot02:40
Anon503it's just irrational I know that, but I needed somebody to tell me that02:41
wilee-nileeAnon503, root kits in the bios is way off topic here.02:41
EbonHeartjust replace your mobo.. paranoia solved02:41
reisiomoboviruses ftl02:41
Anon503ok sorry.. not the best place02:41
rypervenchereisio: I"m talking about rdiff-backuping the mysql dumps.02:41
draconusrypervenche, reisio: http://serverfault.com/questions/130903/how-to-backup-database-dumps-which-only-minor-changes-between-the-backups02:42
RoDiMuS-XIs using an Anti-virus necessary with Ubuntu?02:43
somsip!virus | RoDiMuS-X02:43
ubottuRoDiMuS-X: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus02:43
rypervencheAhh, interesting. I didn't realize it worked on the file level like that. Good to know02:43
reisiorypervenche: yeah rsnapshot is the one that just backs up the entire altered file02:44
rypervencheLearned something new today then.02:44
reisioI get them confused all the time myself :/02:44
reisiobuncha pirate programmers02:44
draconusrypervenche so did i :)02:44
draconuscheers reisio!02:44
draconusand pfifo which is sleeping already02:44
rypervenchedraconus: Then I need to fix my own backup schema. I've got it creating 30 files, when I only need it to overwrite the file :P02:44
reisiosee it used to be that actually restoring from rdiff-backup data was such a pain, because you have to know the exact time and syntax02:44
reisiobut that's all done away with since rdiff-backup-fs02:45
draconusreisio there are even more approaches... did you check that serverfault link?02:45
draconusduplicty etc.02:45
reisioduplicity is also rsync based, IIRC02:45
reisioand I prefer commands02:45
reisio...so I know wtf is going on02:45
reisioduplicity is gui oriented, IIRC02:46
draconusoh crap02:46
* draconus hates GUI02:46
rypervenchereisio: Does rdiff-backup-fs touch the files or does it access them read-only?02:47
draconusso i'm staying with rdiff as soon as i learn and test the rdiff fs as that's crucial02:47
reisiorypervenche: just a read only virtual timestamped directory hierarchy AIUI02:48
draconusMagu1978 you can't escape the matrix02:48
reisiobuncha dirs with YYYY-MM-DD-HHMMSS or something like that02:48
reisiopick the one you want and cp as preferred02:48
rypervenchereisio: Awesome. Thank you. I'll try it out.02:48
reisioit's pretty fancy to watch it in action :p02:48
draconusreisio can you tell it to work e.g. 100 files at once?02:48
reisiodraconus: it takes every single revision in your rdiff-backup directory02:49
reisiodraconus: and presents it as virtual, timestamped directories02:49
draconusit will take a while for me02:49
reisiowell ideally you won't be restoring from backups a lot anyways :p02:49
reisiobut in the event you need to, from rdiff-backup data, this makes it simple02:50
draconusAnon503 yes, there are many bios rks...02:50
Anon503sorry I want to apoligize.  I was having a panic attack for some reason and thought here was the best place to put it02:50
draconusreisio in fact i did just once02:50
Anon503you've had one?02:50
draconusj/k :)02:50
draconusreisio i will heavily work on mastering this thing02:51
EvyHey i need some help with ubuntu it ramdonly pops up with "sytem programe problem detected"02:51
reisiodraconus: heh02:52
SonikkuAmericaEvy: What version, flavor, etc.?02:52
Evyubuntu 12.0402:52
Evyjust installed it i have a ati Radeon hd 425002:53
Anon503basically I have panic attacks sometimes for no reason.  Like this time I had one from burning an iso to a usb from my old computer that had a virus 3 years ago02:53
Kitt3nEvy, do you have the crash log?02:53
Anon503and installing my os from the usb.. I assume to worst02:53
bazhang!ot | Anon50302:53
ubottuAnon503: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:53
Anon503ok.. sorry02:54
Evywhere can i get that?02:54
Kitt3nThere should be a button on the apport window, well, there is in 12.10 and 13.0402:54
Kitt3nNo idea about 12.0402:54
Evywhat os version should i be using? i don't know due the video driver being so old "Automated installer and Display Drivers for Xorg 6.9 to Xserver 1.12 and Kernel version up to 3.4"02:56
Kitt3nEvy, personally, I would just reinstall with ubuntu 13.04 and use the official AMD graphics drivers02:56
Evy... it say somthing about xorg 6.9 and kernel 3.402:57
Kitt3nHmm, yah.02:58
Evyerror http://paste.ubuntu.com/5845504/02:58
Evyits a compaq cq62-402au with 8gb of ram02:59
=== Kitt3n is now known as Kitt3n|afk
=== DaIRCKing is now known as GTAXL
draconuswhat would be my steps to make sure that grub can boot the system on reboot?03:05
b80905i'm looking for a very simple desktop environment that will  only be able to launch terminal and\or firefox when i press a  certain hotkey.03:07
reisiob80905: and no other applications at all?03:09
shodan45I have openvpn client working in 12.04, but I can't figure out how to get it to start at boot... am I missing something?03:09
b80905reisio: and some other applications03:09
reisiob80905: mmm, why? :)03:10
partounianHey guys installl xampp:i386, because of the unmet depencies: python-gtk2 and python-glade2, then next line it E: unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages. I am running 12.04.2 64bit.03:10
reisiopartounian: xampp is more useful for Windows users03:11
reisiopartounian: just install apache and php and whatever you want03:11
bazhang!xampp | partounian03:11
ubottupartounian: We do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.03:11
partounianreisio: Apache keeps giving me a virtualhost configuration error and I couldn't fix it, it's a pain the arse tbh.03:11
reisiopartounian: well #httpd can help with that03:12
bazhangpartounian, use lamp , it's what  is supported here03:12
reisiopartounian: or you could look into nginx, which is... better :)03:12
b80905reisio: to get the most out of my machine03:12
reisiob80905: so you just want something light03:12
reisiob80905: xbindkeys, for example, combined with any window manager could give you that03:12
shodan45b80905: icewm may suit you03:12
EvyHey can some one please help me with my issue?03:13
studiousI just recompiled my Linux Kernel on my Acer C7 Chromebook running Chrubuntu 13.04 i386 to 3.8.003:13
studiouswoo hooooooooooooo!03:13
wilee-nileeEvy, Only if you share it. ;)03:14
partounianHow I completely uninstall/reinstall lamp?03:14
Evyi have been http://paste.ubuntu.com/5845504/03:14
Evyusing 12.04 due to ati drivers03:14
partounianHopefully just purging it works unlike last time.03:15
reisiostudious: chrubuntu, that's a new one03:15
reisiopartounian: I think tasksel can do it all03:15
reisiobut it's just apache, mysql/mariadb/postgresql, and php/python/perl/ruby/etc.03:16
draconuschrubuntu? lol03:16
partounianreisio: They say not to use tasksel for removing.03:16
reisioprobably not03:16
reisiobut you don't likely need to remove anything03:16
studiousChromebooks, by Google, run ChromeOS03:17
draconusstudious is that Chrome Book as in spybook?03:17
studiousChrUbuntu is Chromebook running Ubuntu, aka, NSA Skybook03:17
draconusthat's correct03:18
wilee-nileestudious, Not a channel topic this is support. ;)03:18
draconusand we don't support NSA in here ;)03:18
studiousChrubuntu is better than lame ubuntu03:19
* wilee-nilee loves the ignore03:19
reisiostudious: heh03:19
draconusi would believe in chroot on that chrubook as well as chrumount and chrufs :)03:19
draconuschrupn even03:20
bazhang!ot | studious03:20
ubottustudious: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:20
partounianit works :D03:20
draconusjust a chrukit :)03:20
=== neo31 is now known as Neo31
draconusreisio after (finally) moving all of the data which was like 800GB safely... i have ONE and ONLY file that didn't move and reports i/o error when copying... it's a mere 7MB log file but very important... do you believe that i would be able to copy it somehow?03:22
malimbarAre there still DVD's that won't play even with ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?03:23
reisiodraconus: grab as much of it as you can with ddrescue03:23
reisiodraconus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dd_%28Unix%29#Data_recovery03:23
draconusreisio so ddrescue can recover a single file too?03:23
reisiodraconus: other than that, if rebooting and other magical things you can do to a failing hard disk don't help, it's gone03:23
draconusreisio it stops at 50% and i just need the last few lines of it03:24
reisiodraconus: no but it can do a better job of grabbing the sectors the file spans than dd03:24
reisiodd fails on i/o errors03:24
reisioddrescue keeps going03:24
reisioyou end up with gaps, but you might not need those specific gaps03:24
draconusyup that's it then03:24
malimbarin VLC I'm getting the error "DVDRead could not open disc "/dev/dvd" and "VLC is unable to open <RL:///dev/dvd"03:24
draconusi only need last 100 lines and don't care about that middle stuff03:24
malimbarMRL I mean03:24
reisiomalimbar: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats ?03:24
reisiodraconus: that raises your chances :p03:24
UbubeginI just did a ls -lrt on a folder.. and all its permissions were to set "???????" . What does it mean . I wanted to execute a chmod u+x folder.. But I get a chmod and Permission denied error03:26
malimbarreisio, I already have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed, so that doesn't work.03:26
reisioUbubegin: what fs is it?03:26
draconusreisio there is no ddrescue on my netboot :/03:27
Evy... Help me please03:27
reisiodraconus: what about dd_rescue03:27
Ububeginreisio: How do I find the "fs" ? is there a command for it03:27
Neo31what is your issue Evy03:27
reisioUbubegin: 'mount'03:27
EvyNeo31 : using 12.04 due to ati driver03:28
draconusreisio nope :/03:28
reisioEvy: can you explain what happened in English?03:28
reisiodraconus: silly env :p03:28
draconusonly dd in there03:28
Evy"system program problem detected" keeps poping up on new install03:28
reisiodraconus: is it busybox?03:28
reisioI bet it is03:29
reisiobut no matter03:29
draconusit's ovh03:29
Ububeginreisio: Should I call mount thatFolder03:29
Neo31is says  to do : sudo apt-get upgrade libx11-data multiarch-support perl-base03:29
reisioUbubegin: no just compare the output of mount to that of pwd03:29
Neo31did you try that and test again!?03:29
Neo31try a full system update too Evy03:30
Neo31Evy, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade03:31
Ububeginreisio: Dont think it has got to with mount.. I have a couple of folders in my home drive.. Only this folder, I changed the permissions prev, now I am not sure wtf happened03:31
Neo31Evy this command would be faster, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade libx11-data multiarch-support03:32
Neo31evy try the last command, reboot and test again (that's what the error message says) if the problem is not solved we can proceed with something else03:33
Evyok rebooting now03:33
Evyon diffent computer03:33
BlueNeXuS|2what's the name of that app that lets you click on a non responding window and kill it anyway03:35
savagecrocevery time i restart my network interface unity crashes03:35
savagecrocand i have to reboot my entire machine03:36
savagecrocso i run sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop03:37
savagecrocand the whole thing crashes03:37
Evyhow do i fix my ati driver when i install it i cant use dual screens but then its uninstalled it works03:39
chaotixhello...   is there a way to use mv or cp to move/copy a file into a folder/directory that has not been created yet?03:41
BlueNeXuS|2Evy , you have to use the Administrative  Catalyst Control Center for that03:41
chaotixi tried it, but got this output:mv: cannot move ‘Super_Mario_63.swf’ to ‘/home/user/.local/share/Games/test/Super_Mario_63.swf’: No such file or directory03:41
fwilsonchaotix: try "mkdir -p /home/user/.local/share/Games/test/"03:42
chaotixfwilson, thanks03:42
fwilsonchaotix: then move the file and you should be fine :)03:42
chaotixi am working on a tutorial and you just made my day03:42
fwilsonno problem :)03:42
Neo31Evy, people in this post mention that reinstalling fglxr solves the problem03:42
draconus2reisio trying dd with conv=noerror,sync to recover that file03:43
Neo31evy try : sudo apt-get install fglxr03:43
chaotixfwilson, the tutor is still the pupil...  thats what i love about our community03:43
Neo31(Evy, i don't really get the problem, just googling to see if there is already some solutions :p )03:43
draconus2reisio: 3988480 bytes (4.0 MB) copied, 54.0689 s, 73.8 kB/s - that's FUN - it's working it out byte by byte ;)03:43
reisiodraconus2: :)03:44
draconus2reisio: it worked! 7243776 bytes (7.2 MB) copied, 57.0176 s, 127 kB/s03:44
draconus2i OWE YO big time reisio03:44
draconus2YOU* :)03:44
* draconus2 shakes reisio's hand vigorously03:45
* draconus2 trains03:45
draconus2now i can see what has really happened on that box at 3.24am last night...03:45
draconus2anyway that's a hard drive error in there03:46
draconus2like it was stuck writing the file all over or what?03:46
BlueNeXuS|2Envy I had the same problem 2 days ago.. what i mentioned worked for me..  there is the regular and then the administrative.  you will have to enable root/su temporarly because sudo will not work in this case03:46
occis there any brand of laptops that ubuntu is known for good compatibility for? or it is just down to each model03:49
occi mean like drivers and such03:49
draconus2The system is going down for reboot NOW!et (pts/2) (Fri Jul  5 05:49:44 2013)03:50
draconus2fingers crossed...03:50
xanguaocc: there is system76.com03:50
draconus2reisio IT DID PING :)03:51
* draconus2 dances03:51
EvyBlueNeXuS|2 : Canrt see the drivers03:51
reisiowell, you were thorough :p03:51
Evytryed 12.4 and 13.1 drivers03:51
BlueNeXuS|2i installed the entire catalyst set, not just the drivers03:52
b80905how to kill the desktop environment that is running now and run another one?03:52
draconus2reisio i wasted 12 hours on data rescue while i was just a single reboot away from normal state... but i couldn't be sure so i rather wasted the time :)03:52
wilee-nileeb80905, logout and pick the other at login03:53
draconus2reisio at least i can wipe that crap now and bring a new system and ext4 on03:53
b80905wilee-nilee: i can't see it in the login screen03:53
wilee-nileeb80905, here is a gear with a dropdown03:53
Evyit install but there is a error03:54
reisiodraconus2: but you learned that lesson :p03:54
b80905wilee-nilee: the environment i've installed isn't there03:54
draconus2reisio i learned it very well... trust me :)03:54
wilee-nileeb80905, What did you install, and how did you do it?03:54
b80905wilee-nilee: i compiled fluxbox from source03:55
draconus2reisio imagine waking up to 1TB of mangled data and lots of i/o errors while you left the box perfectly running... you come here and all you read is "your drive is dead"03:55
partounianI set perms to 777 but when trying to install, it says that the dirs are not writeable.03:56
draconus2reisio and from that state i managed to fully recover and stabilize the box, grab all my data back and yet reboot it successfuly after :)03:56
wilee-nileeb80905, Fluxbox is in the repos, not sure on a source install to be honest.03:56
EvyBlueNeXuS|2 : that version os is recomded for the  Radeon hd 425003:56
kro[au]draconus2, take a look at 2x1TB drives in software raid 1 :)03:56
draconus2reisio it couldn't be done with help and patience of people here03:56
kro[au]draconus2, oh nice one on the data recovery ^_^03:56
draconus2kro[au] yes :)03:56
b80905wilee-nilee: i will try to change the environment from the login screen03:57
b80905wilee-nilee: again03:57
draconus2kro[au] and i can't use raid as one of those drives is 99% full right now...03:57
Evydraconus2 : try crashplan for backup03:57
draconus2Evy that's something uknown to me again :)03:58
draconus2will do the reading03:58
Evydraconus2 : http://www.crashplan.com/ (i use it to backup game dev files)03:59
* reisio shakes head03:59
draconus2Evy thank you very much - i'm all about backups and lots of them so i will definetly try that site but still, first i need to learn about incremental backups as reisio suggested03:59
reisioyou won't get anything better than rsync/rdiff-backup :p04:00
reisioif you need online backup, just combine rsync/rdiff-backup with a mounted online share04:00
wilee-nileeold scoooool04:01
reisiotons of free hosts these days: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_online_backup_services http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_hosting_services04:01
reisioand then there's gmailfs :p04:01
coolothello guys! ubuntu 12.04 user. question - Factors to remember placing the old 2.2.x kernel below cylinder 1024?04:03
wilee-nileecoolot, what?04:04
EvyBlueNeXuS|2 : log from installer http://paste.ubuntu.com/5845596/ (going afk pm me if want )04:05
shadowBlaze18Hi, sorry, I forgot something. I don't have to release source code for any software that Ubuntu comes preinstalled with right in any version?04:10
reisioshadowBlaze18: using is not distribution04:12
=== DarkAce-Z is now known as DarkAceZ
shadowBlaze18no, for redistribution04:12
reisiofor free?04:12
=== kcristiano_ is now known as tadmonitor
coolotto wilee-nilee : just asking if you know some pointers / guidelines to make sure that the old 2.2.x kernel is below 1024 cylinder. i am having an exam on running linux.04:12
shadowBlaze18well, the computer being sold is preinstalled with Linux and I'm giving them the CD too.04:13
reisioshadowBlaze18: you're fine04:13
reisiothe GPL is to keep software from becoming closed source04:13
shadowBlaze18thank you04:13
shadowBlaze18good bye04:13
reisioit's not to keep you from redistributing it or even from making money off binaries04:13
wilee-nileecoolot, Not needed and that kernel is not supported, modern hd's partition at 102404:14
=== shadowBlaze18 is now known as ShadowBlaze18
ShadowBlaze18if the GPL requires a source code to be made avaliable, would I have to do it?04:15
wilee-nileecoolot, We can't really support haomework, you might try ##linux and don't mention the school stuff.04:16
reisioShadowBlaze18: that's its purpose04:16
reisioShadowBlaze18: but I don't think your situation applies04:16
ShadowBlaze18reisio: why not?04:16
reisioyou aren't modifying the software04:17
coolotthanks wilee-nilee04:17
wilee-nileecoolot, If I knew I would say, no problem, want to see you do well.04:17
ShadowBlaze18reisio: so Ubuntu does not already put the needed stuff in the actual OS for redistribution?04:19
reisioShadowBlaze18: they make the source available in their repos04:20
reisiowhich satisfies the GPL just fine, AIUI04:20
reisioyou could also be a dork and only provide the source upon the request, IIRC (don't quote me on thiss)04:20
histoShadowBlaze18: the source is there and available04:20
=== harrymoreno_ is now known as harrymoreno
ShadowBlaze18histo: it's in the actual OS without extra download?04:21
reisioUbuntu does what Debian does, and Debian and the FSF are tight04:21
histoShadowBlaze18: it's an extra download04:21
histoShadowBlaze18: just like all packages are04:21
=== Neo31-desk is now known as Neo31
OchoZero9How do i change my terminal to one that supports fontconfig and 24-bit color?04:21
Pinkamena_Dhow can you kill the process that is running in the terminal window other then closing it?04:22
ShadowBlaze18histo: see, that's where I think the issue is...04:22
histoShadowBlaze18: apt-get source packagename04:22
histoShadowBlaze18: no issue for what you are doing04:22
reisioShadowBlaze18: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html#DoesTheGPLAllowMoney04:22
histoPinkamena_D: kill whatver_pid04:22
reisioShadowBlaze18: and IIRC you aren't even asking for money, so are even further within the limits04:23
Pinkamena_DI meant, how ot kill something running in the terminal window itself04:23
Pinkamena_Dwith some keyboard shortcut04:23
reisioPinkamena_D: pgrep -l something04:23
reisioPinkamena_D: kill something04:23
reisioPinkamena_D: kill -9 something04:23
ShadowBlaze18reisio, yes, but I am creating a copy of the software and redistributing it, basically, since it's a part of the OS04:24
Foxhoundz13.04 update causes unity to screw up04:25
FoxhoundzIt doesn't load the panels04:25
Foxhoundzbasically a black screen04:25
FoxhoundzI've followed several instructions on Ask Ubuntu04:25
Foxhoundzbut nothing helps04:25
reisioShadowBlaze18: and somewhere in Ubuntu it is made clear that the source code is available04:25
reisioShadowBlaze18: so stop worrying :p04:25
FoxhoundzI think this has something to do with Compiz, but that's where the trail ends04:25
tannjiFoxhoundz,  I did the update with no issues...  but sounds like unity or Lightdm needs restarting04:26
ShadowBlaze18reisio: it is? oh, lol04:26
Foxhoundztannji: I tried rebooting, resetting Unity, reinstalling unity, installing ccsm and making sure opengl was enabled04:26
FoxhoundzI'm scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point04:26
ShadowBlaze18reisio: oh, then I guess it's fine04:26
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ShadowBlaze18reisio: okay, thank you04:27
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tannjiFoxhoundz,  I had the same issue when trying to install the fglrx drivers04:27
ShadowBlaze18what just happened?04:27
tannjilooks like the bot wars continue04:27
=== zoktar_ is now known as zoktar
Foxhoundzfglrxinfo causes seg faults04:27
ShadowBlaze18bot wars?04:27
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=== Gugster is now known as Guga_
reisioShadowBlaze18: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuideDeprecated/Examples/DebianCopyrightGPL04:28
wilee-nileeyay the servers are working correctly now04:28
tannjiwilee-nilee,  you know specifically what is happening?04:28
ShadowBlaze18oh, thanks04:28
reisiotannji: probably just netsplit resolution04:28
reisioalthough bot wars could explain a netsplit :p04:28
tannjiright  = )04:28
FoxhoundzThis is too much of a hedache04:28
wilee-nileetannji The servers were having problems I could not get cloaked earlier.04:29
FoxhoundzI think I'm going to just get xubuntu04:29
Foxhoundzor some other distro04:29
ShadowBlaze18reisio: so do I have to include the GPL, though?04:29
tannjiFoxhoundz,  I am thinking about that, but I worry about what happens to those other ubuntu's when this one goes to MIR04:29
reisioShadowBlaze18: it's already included04:29
Foxhoundztannji: Ubuntu used to be a very stable workstation OS04:30
FoxhoundzEvery time I updated I have to run into issues like this04:31
wilee-nileeFoxhoundz, You gonna rant or just move on.04:31
Foxhoundzwilee-nilee: It's not a rant04:31
Tex_Nickwhen i loggrd in ... NickServ :Services are currently unavailable04:31
FoxhoundzI just don't understand why Canonical doesn't comprehend the concept of unit testing04:31
Foxhoundzor even beta testing04:31
FoxhoundzTex_Nick: NickServ syncing. Check #freenode.04:32
tannjiCanonical does test, but not perfectly.  However, this is so much easier and better than it used to be I just deal with it.  It seems to get better04:32
Tex_NickFoxhoundz: yeah was just replying to an above post04:33
=== QueenSandy is now known as PrincessSandy
holsteinFoxhoundz: ubuntu stability can also depend greatly on hardware support04:35
holsteinfor me, i avoid the desktops that are requiring 3d.. though, i am in one testing it right now04:35
=== king is now known as Guest94552
tannjiI try to make 3d work, so that if I ever game again, I am already there...04:36
holsteinFoxhoundz: unit testing would be more for a product that ubuntu/canninical is selling.. and that is not the case.. its an operating system that needs to be as compatible as possible with many different hardare setups04:36
reisiohi jdale04:37
asandweechWhich can be difficult to do and still fit on a cd04:38
=== draconus is now known as monsune
holsteinjdale: hello.. feel free and chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.. do you need some help?04:39
=== monsune is now known as draconus
draconushe he 2 fav nicks never taken by this croud here on fn04:39
Guest94552Quelqu'un connais un channel francais ou quebecois ?04:40
draconusyou are welcome04:40
ghsCan someone me help ? I'm trying to access github, however  appears the following error: Permission denied (publickey). How  to fix it ?04:40
ni222722any Hmong folks here?04:40
asandweechghs: you need to add your public ssh key to your github account04:41
asandweechghs: if you go to your github account settings, you should see an ssh tab04:41
wheatthinni222722, do you have a support question?04:41
ghsasandweech: What ssh key ?04:41
holsteinghs: you can also try https://github.com/contact04:41
holstein!ssh | ghs04:42
ubottughs: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)04:42
ubottuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/04:44
ubottuThe women and men of the Ubuntu Women project hang out in #ubuntu-women. Encouraging women to use linux? Read http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/ for some suggestions compiled by women who use Linux on how to do so effectively.04:44
=== SDr_ is now known as SDr
Aliengelhi is there a tool for regex replace like sed -i but  do multipule line instead of single line matching ?04:45
=== MrKB2 is now known as MrKB
crunchnutHas anyone had problems with the b43 and airmon-g04:46
holsteincrunchnut: *everyone* has had issues with a broadcom chip.. what is going on?04:46
draconusAliengel please ask in #bash and i'm sure they will help04:47
=== gartral|away is now known as gartral
=== Guest88243 is now known as aperson
kanupatarHere is my issue faced in linux OS, http://ideone.com/9IiWLq04:47
=== aperson is now known as Guest20914
draconuskanupatar could you please describe in here a bit?04:48
crunchnutEverytime i type airmon command its messes up my screen04:48
crunchnutI have 13.0404:48
draconuscrunchnut what do you mean by that?04:48
kanupatardraconus: I have explained clearly in the link...lot to tell04:48
chaotixHey fwilson i finished that tutorial...  if you or anyone wants to see, here it is:  http://chaotixlinux.blogspot.com04:50
crunchnutCant really explain its colors all over04:50
histokanupatar: try which java  to see why your pointer isn't working?04:51
crunchnutLeaving me no choice but to hard reboot04:51
kanupatarhisto: pointer where?04:52
=== Guest20914 is now known as aperson
histokanupatar: in your path04:54
histocrunchnut: grab a screen shot?04:55
ubottun96: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».04:55
kanupatarhisto: what do you mean  by pointer isn't working?04:55
newtoarchHow can I get mpg123 to work on ARM?04:56
=== Guest8486 is now known as dem0n
histokanupatar: aren't you complaining that it's showing you the wrong java -version ?04:58
crunchnutOk ill try brb04:58
dunpealHi. Playing a video file, I get the following error:04:58
dunpealFailed to open VDPAU backend libvdpau_nouveau.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory04:59
kanupatarhisto: means my PATH is not taking the exact java?04:59
kanupatarPATH == pointer?04:59
histokanupatar: sorry if I typed pointer by mistake I corrected it in the next line04:59
kanupatarhisto: ok np05:00
vegombreihi, is it possible to install ubuntu on a usb 3 external hdd and boot from there? would it make it faster?05:00
kanupatarhisto: what is the meaning of this error ? .UnsatisfiedLinkError05:00
holsteinvegombrei: possible.. faster depends.. faster than usb2.0, likely05:01
asandweechvegombrei: Yes, you could, but it would only be faster if your current setup is slower than the external drive05:01
=== tvoss|errands is now known as tvoss
vegombreiasandweech: i have a good setup i just wanted to try this for the sake of it ... is it possible?05:03
holsteinvegombrei: ?05:05
vegombreiholstein: yes my friend wassup?05:05
holsteinvegombrei: yes.. the answer for "is a usb boot possible" is yes05:05
asandweechvegombrei: yes, very much so05:05
asandweechvegombrei: just install onto that drives partition during the install process05:05
asandweechand, you could probably even boot on different systems portably. To a certain extent05:06
Omen_20So.. Brasero for whatever reason won't let me do an ISO copy of a disc and is talking about the size of the disc. I have no idea why because I have a ton of storage left on my drives. I've made ISOs with Brasero many times before and never had an issue.05:07
holsteinthe only issue would possibly be, if you want grub on the USB and the machine doesnt boot USB.. and you can use plop for that http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/index.html05:07
holsteinOmen_20: share some of what is "talking", and the exact talk05:08
=== ese is now known as crazygringo
vegombreiholstein: yes my friend wassup?brb05:10
holsteinvegombrei: do you see the answer to your question? the answer is yes..05:11
holsteinvegombrei: i used a "?" because i was confused as to why you asked the question again05:11
Omen_20holstein: the data size is too large for the disc even with the overburn option05:11
vegombreiyes thank you brb im reading one of them forums05:11
holsteinOmen_20: the iso is too large for the media?05:12
PashaPastapeople still burn discs instead of using usb? 0.o05:13
holsteinOmen_20: maybe you have a slightly oversized iso, and you are misinterpreting the error message05:14
Omen_20I put in another DVD and it doesn't have the issue. It is smaller than the size left on the partition and it works. The issue is when I put the larger DVD in it won't let me chose a location for the ISO. The properties button is disabled. What since does that make?05:14
crunchnutWont let me screenshot the screen shot wont load going to try take a pic with my phone05:14
holsteinOmen_20: could be that type of media with your particular burner05:14
Omen_20I'm not burning a disc, I just want to make a copy but Brasero tells me my partition doesn't have enough space, and fails to let me tell it where I do have space for it.05:15
holsteinOmen_20: if you are not burning a disc, i would close the disc burning utility, and make a copy of a file in a file manager05:15
Omen_20I don't want a particular file, I want an ISO copy of the disc.05:16
holsteinOmen_20: what disc?05:17
holsteinOmen_20: an iso? or an actual plastic disc?05:17
Omen_20a DVD05:17
asandweechOmen_20: have you just tried using dd?05:19
reisiothere are a lot of types of DVD05:19
reisiocompressed, double-sided05:19
reisiodvd-r dvd+r05:19
reisiolots of formats05:19
reisioiso-9660, udf05:19
reisioapparently you've found one that brasero wasn't expecting05:19
reisiothere are even DVDs that are imaged with errors included on purpose05:19
reisioto try and keep people from copying them05:20
Omen_20What's aggravating is that I've done this for years and have always had a small ~ partition. So I've always had to tell it to put the ISO on another partition. This is a new bug apparently.05:20
Omen_20No I have not. I'll look it up.05:20
reisiomaybe, or a new disc05:20
asandweechOmen_20: http://askubuntu.com/questions/147800/ripping-dvd-to-iso-accurately05:20
holsteinif one DVD works, and another doesnt.. i say, its the disc05:20
asandweechlook at that, I go along with the top answer, but the others give some other good options05:20
=== Guest78532 is now known as CyberJacob
reisioOmen_20: what's on it, a dvd-video?05:21
asandweechOmen_20: dd is a common disk and file management program, acronym for disk dump. I use it to write isos to disks most often05:21
Omen_20reisio: yep05:22
james41382What is a good way to perform full system backups with Ubuntu precise?05:22
reisioOmen_20: can mplayer play it from dvd:// ?05:22
reisiojames41382: incremental or not?05:23
vegombreiholstein: you think ill have problems with the boot loader ? i have windows on my system and wanna dedicate ubuntu to the usb 3 drive, where will it install the bootloader if i make my first boot device the usb drive?05:23
james41382reisio: What do you mean?05:23
reisiojames41382: do you want a backup that has, for example, copies of files as they were last month, and also as they were the month before05:23
reisiojames41382: or just copies of files as they were before the inevitable destruction of the original?05:23
vegombreiholstein: also what happens if the drive isnt plugged in .. will it boot windows?05:23
holsteinvegombrei: you can specify.. you can use an alternate installer, though sometimes, i just go to a machine that has no hard drive, and do an install to the stick05:24
holsteinvegombrei: if you make no changes to your current setup, nothing will change05:24
james41382reisio: Okay I see.. I guess if I could archive the backups (incrementally) that would be awesome, but if not I'll get over it.05:24
reisiojames41382: rdiff-backup and a cron job then :)05:24
reisiojames41382: with rdiff-backup-fs for accessing backup data should you actually need to restore from it05:24
james41382reisio: I am fairly new to Linux so treat me like I know nothing. =]05:25
reisiojames41382: okay :)05:25
reisiojames41382: what about terminals and commands?05:25
james41382reisio: cron jobs are automated tasks?05:25
vegombreiholstein: i think i should research this more ... brb05:25
reisiojames41382: yes05:25
reisiojames41382: with cron you can, for example, tell the system to be backed up every night at 3am05:25
james41382reisio: I am fairly good with a shell and a little google magic.05:25
reisiojames41382: okay, your system should already have a cron system05:26
=== Onixs_ is now known as Onixs
reisiojames41382: lots of info on that here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cron and also man cron, man 5 crontab05:26
holsteinvegombrei: have your data backedup, since *all* hard drives fail.. know how to recover all your data and boot loaders, and OS's, and there can be no issues05:26
reisiojames41382: what else you need is sudo apt-get install rdiff-backup rdiff-backup-fs05:26
asandweechjames41382: you could also use the default ubuntu backup manager, deja dup05:26
asandweechI use it sometimes, works rather well05:26
reisiojames41382: the syntax is simple, as man rdiff-backup explains: rdiff-backup /source/ /destination/, basically05:26
holsteindejadup is quite nice05:26
james41382Is dejadup graphical?05:27
asandweechjames: yes05:27
asandweechjames41382: works rather well, easy to follow, decently intuitive05:27
asandweechjames41382: pretty much why ubuntu made it default05:28
james41382Okay let me clarify I want to backup the entire hard drive.05:28
james41382When I enter dejadup into the dash it takes me to backup and it appears as though it is for backing up directories.05:28
holsteindejadup is easy... clonezilla is easy-ish too, and makes a clone of a drive.. otherwise, you have quite a few options to try out05:28
varunendraOmen_20, did you get around to your problem?05:28
asandweechjames41382: Yes, you select the root directory of the drive05:28
holsteinjames41382: backup the / directory05:28
reisiobacking up the OS files is kind of a waste of time, though, really05:29
reisiothey're already mirrored all over the place05:29
james41382holstein: So that will backup the entire drive as is with partitions set the way they are?05:29
Omen_20reisio: apparently mplayer cannot load it. So I'm guessing these are just different DVDs.05:29
reisioOmen_20: quite possibly05:29
reisioOmen_20: what error do you get?05:29
holsteinjames41382: im not sure what you are asking.. its not a clone. its a copy of the / partition.. which is the drive05:29
holsteinjames41382: depends on what you want to do and have05:30
asandweechjames41382: just add the other folders in the other partitions05:30
holsteindejadup is quite simple05:30
james41382Okay I'll give it a go! =]05:30
asandweechI backup a 8 partition system on two drives using deja dup, 5 are ext4, 3 are ntfs05:30
crunchnutIt does that everytime i try airmon-ng05:31
kit-kat6hi all, i have been trying to use bluetooth in past two days,i have added all required packages for bluez stack,when i try to transfer files using obexftp or ussp push there is no channel list obtain in sdptool browse,it shows just http://pastebin.com/tU5tMVUb,i am new to bluetooth can you please help me to get channel list05:31
Omen_20reisio: It tells me "libdvdread: Encrypted DVD support unavailable." then goes through the details of titles, angles, subtitles, etc. Then says it's exiting.05:32
reisioOmen_20: interesting05:33
reisioOmen_20: well, dd (or ddrescue) should still probably be able to make a copy of it05:33
ObrienDaveOmen_20==> have you installed ubuntu-restricted-extras?05:33
ripthejackerHi everyone05:33
reisioif a backup alone will do for now05:33
Omen_20I have libdvdread4 installed.05:33
reisioripthejacker: sup05:33
ripthejackerreisio: Hi05:34
Omen_20ObrienDave: I don't remember if I did on this install or not. I'll check.05:34
ripthejackerI'm using Ubuntu 13.04 Raring 64 bit05:34
ripthejackerand it's very slow sometimes05:34
Omen_20ObrienDave: I did not. Installing now from the official repositories.05:35
asandweechripthejacker: but it is quick others?05:35
varunendraOmen_20, did you try opening brasero first > tell it to copy a disc > choose location > insert the disc last ?05:35
ObrienDaveOmen_20==> try looking into Medibuntu also05:35
=== sjd_zeus is now known as oOxXxOo
ripthejackerMy desktop config is, 4gb ddr3, intel i5, ati radeon 645005:35
MyrttiOmen_20: having it installed isn't enough, did you run the script too?05:36
asandweechripthejacker: what type of storage?05:36
ripthejackerasandweech: My office pc has a worse configuration and it runs faster05:36
ripthejackerbut it's 13.04 32 bit05:36
asandweechripthejacker: what programs do you have running in the background?05:36
ripthejackerMostly firefox, nautilus , amarok, vlc05:36
jnhghypls help with an import from one module in another one, file structure+details here: http://pastebin.com/YFQdXbTN05:37
asandweechripthejacker: how does those compare to what you do at work?05:37
ripthejackerasandweech: It lags the most when i open the dash using the 'meta' key05:37
jnhghysorry wrong channel :D05:37
ripthejackerthe pc in my office has, 2gb ddr3, core2 duo, and intel graphics05:38
asandweechripthejacker: no, I mean what you have running in the background05:38
ripthejackerasandweech: same05:38
asandweechripthejacker: also, what is running slow, graphics, program startup time, file load time05:39
aeon-ltdripthejacker: do you have drivers for the gpu?05:39
ripthejackerasandweech: maybe even more like nginx server etc,05:39
ripthejackeraeon-ltd: driver has always been an issue for my card05:39
crunchnuthttps://copy.com/MFKV6 this me typing in the command then the screen messes up05:39
ripthejackerthe proprietary and the free ones don't work05:39
ripthejackerI always have to download from the AMD site05:40
aeon-ltdripthejacker: this article saus it does http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=amd_radeon_hd6450&num=305:40
aeon-ltdand only 2 years old05:40
ripthejackeraeon-ltd: The same card was working super fast with Ubuntu 12.1005:40
asandweechripthejacker: have you tried running in safe graphics mode?05:41
ripthejackerasandweech: No, whenever I install any driver other than the one from the AMD site, The gui broken ( like static in tv)05:43
Omen_20This time it had an error while trying to crack a key.05:43
ripthejackerasandweech, aeon-ltd : even with nomodeset , the gui is broken05:44
asandweechripthejacker: hmm, is the graphics performance what is being slowed?05:44
ahmedmhi all i am trying to changing kernel configuration can anybody tell me a good procedure to backup kernel before changing kernel configuration05:45
ripthejackerasandweech: Probably , but I'm not sure.05:45
ripthejackerasandweech: Would it make any change if I used 32 bit version?05:45
Omen_20"libdvdread: Using libdvdcss version 1.2.12 for DVD access" I figure that's the latest version. Got it from medibuntu.05:45
asandweechripthejacker: I doubt it. Not much sense to do so. Try timing your programs in a new tty, without a de05:46
ripthejackerasandweech: I have noticed that compiz takes too much virtual memory05:47
AlexFromCanadaHey I was wondering if anyone could help with my problem?05:47
AlexFromCanadaAfter installing Ubuntu and forgetting to change the GRUB location my Windows 7 will not boot.05:48
ripthejackerasandweech: So what is the recommended way to install graphics driver05:48
AlexFromCanadaI am triple booting Mac, Windows 7, and Ubuntu.05:48
=== max is now known as Guest45261
asandweechripthejacker: here, let me find you amd's tutorial for their driver05:49
openbees /msg NickServ identify baglamukhi05:49
asandweech(what i normally use)05:49
Ari-Yangripthejacker, what verison ubuntu are you on?05:49
Ari-Yangripthejacker, and I'm curious, what's your graphics card?05:50
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto05:50
Ari-Yang^ asandweech05:50
ripthejackerAri-Yang: at office 13.04 intel onboard graphics05:50
asandweechAri-yang: right, forgot about ubottu. Thanks for the bump. ripthejacker, that serves as a good source as well05:50
=== zone is now known as Guest78654
ripthejackerAri-Yang: 13.04 32 bit05:50
Ari-Yangripthejacker, you can go to Software sources and check the 'Additional Drivers' tab.05:51
Ari-Yangto see if there are any proprietary drivers or not.05:51
=== Guest45261 is now known as max___
ripthejackerAri-Yang: I tried that, there were 3 options , I tried all 3 of them , and they all failed05:52
=== Guest78654 is now known as CrunchyNutty
Ari-Yangripthejacker, what was the name of the proprietary driver?05:52
Tex_NickAlexFromCanada: have you tried "sudo update-grub" ?05:52
ripthejackerAri-Yang: I don't remember now,but something like fgrlx05:53
AlexFromCanadai did05:53
CrunchyNuttycan anyone help with the airmon-ng problem05:53
Ari-Yangripthejacker, the amd proprietary driver, fglrx, is horrible... it has horrible 2d acceleration.05:54
AlexFromCanadaI also got I also tried boot-repair05:54
asandweechAlexFromCanada: have you tried boot-repair?05:54
AlexFromCanadait deleted it05:54
Ari-Yangyou'd only use it if you were a gamer I'd guess, but if you aren't, you're better off with th eopen source one, ripthejacker05:54
AlexFromCanadabut now there is no boot loader for windows 705:54
AlexFromCanadaso it says missing operating system05:54
asandweechAlexFromCanada: nevermind then, haha. Does the bootloader still exist?05:54
ripthejackerAri-Yang: my gaming is limited to CS 1.6 :P05:54
AlexFromCanadaWindows 7 or Ubuntu?05:54
asandweechAlexFromCanada: Windows 705:55
AlexFromCanadaI don't think so.05:55
asandweechAlexFromCanada: Is there a microsoft folder in your /boot dir?05:55
Ari-Yangripthejacker, ah. Well just be careful when installing fglrx, I've seen many people have broken desktops after installing it...05:55
AlexFromCanadalet me check05:56
ripthejackerAri-Yang: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx?type=2.4.1&product=
james41382reisio: It looks like rdiff is written in python.05:56
ripthejackerThis is the one I have installed now05:56
Ari-Yanghow is it working?05:56
ripthejackerAri-Yang: crappy05:56
reisiojames41382: mmm05:57
ripthejackerAri-Yang: even with 12.10 , i used the drivers from here and it was working blazing fast05:57
ripthejackerNow I feel it's slower than Windows 7 in my netbook05:57
Ari-Yangripthejacker, ah, tbh I wouldn't trust those drivers, but that's just me05:57
Ari-Yang(the driver from the site)05:58
james41382reisio: I just took an class using python. It's neat to see it being used in a practical application.05:58
ripthejackerAri-Yang: so you suggest I use the open source driver05:58
reisiojames41382: :)05:58
james41382reisio: I like the idea of incremental backups. I will read more about this later on. Thanks.05:59
james41382Thanks all. Goodnight.05:59
Ari-Yangripthejacker, as I said before, if you aren't a gamer, then yes..... Though the open source one really runs your gpu hot (especially on laptops). I worked around this by installing a kernel that has the new dynamic power management patches, and everything works better06:00
Ari-Yangripthejacker, you may want to take a look at this http://phoronix.com/forums/showthread.php?81666-AMD-Has-Massive-Radeon-Patch-Set-Power-Management!&p=338568#post338568 in case you want to use a mainline kernel, like me. (this is if you choose to use the open source radeon driver)06:01
ripthejackerAri-Yang: ok , thanks06:01
ripthejackerAri-Yang: so the driver in the link I posted is fglrx?06:01
Ari-Yangripthejacker, yeah, I think so.06:02
ripthejackerAri-Yang: kk, Thank you06:02
=== killer is now known as Guest36293
Ari-Yangripthejacker, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI#Installing_upstream_drivers_directly_from_AMD.27s_website that is probably what you did06:02
ripthejackerThanks everyone , I'll try it when I go home06:03
kro[au]ripthejacker, I too having some issues ^_^06:04
Ari-Yangripthejacker, http://people.freedesktop.org/~agd5f/radeon_ucode/ the appropriate firmware to use the new power management. and the kernel you should use http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/drm-next/06:04
ripthejackerkro[au]: amd card?06:04
Ari-Yangripthejacker, APUs don't need the *_smc.bin btw06:04
kro[au]ripthejacker, APU specifically. Couldnt get unity launch or top bar to return. I'm not a novice with linux in general either.06:04
kro[au]ripthejacker, even trying to undo the damage was a no goer for me. I could have investigated more I guess, but i ended up reinstalling 13.04 and sticking with stock drivers(slow) until a rainy day.06:05
AlexFromCanadaI'm back06:05
asandweechAlexFromCanada: find anything?06:06
AlexFromCanadaWhat was I checking again?06:06
AlexFromCanadaI had to reboot to Ubuntu and I forgot06:06
kro[au]I also tinkered with the 13.6 Beta driver stoo06:06
asandweechAlexFromCanada: existance of windows 7 bootloader06:06
ripthejackerAri-Yang: How is the kernels in that page different from the kernel in repos?06:07
AlexFromCanadaand where would that be06:07
ripthejackerkro[au]: so the stock drivers are working for you?06:07
Ari-Yangripthejacker, those are called 'mainline' kernels..... some people would use them for e.g. better hardware support06:07
asandweechAlexFromCanada: your /boot dir06:07
Ari-Yangripthejacker, the one I linked you has the patches for the new power management for amd cards06:07
kro[au]ripthejacker, the opensource default yes- not the proprietary fglrx driver06:07
AlexFromCanadaSorry if I sound stupid, but I'm still learning, I'm only 13 lol06:07
=== CrunchyNutty is now known as Cerberus
ripthejackerAri-Yang: ok, but what about kernel updates? I have to do them manually?06:08
AlexFromCanadain that folder is a whole bunch of languages06:08
Ari-Yangripthejacker, yes, you'd want to check that page out now and again to see check if there are updates or not06:08
FloodBot1AlexFromCanada: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:08
ripthejackerAri-Yang: Only power management? I may not need it cuz I use desktop at home06:08
=== Cerberus is now known as Guest85140
OchoZero9How do i set emulator to login like recommended at the end of this page? http://askubuntu.com/questions/283908/how-can-i-install-and-use-powerline-plugin?rq=106:08
=== Guest85140 is now known as Jin-Sune
asandweechAlexFromCanada: alright, so the bootloader still exists, you just don't have a proper option in grub06:08
Ari-Yangripthejacker, you can check the change log if you want, but that's the main thing. also my opengl updated from 2.1 to 3.006:09
Ari-Yangoh, and there's UVD too06:09
AlexFromCanadaI am using rEFIt to select my OSes06:09
AlexFromCanadamy problem is that after installing Ubuntu06:09
AlexFromCanadaand leaving the GRUB setting default06:09
AlexFromCanadawindows will not boot06:09
ripthejackerAri-Yang: so how do you update them?06:09
ripthejackerripthejacker: clone the repo periodically?06:10
Ari-Yangripthejacker, the kernel? you just download the appropriate .deb files... and just install them.06:10
AlexFromCanadaWhat should I do now?06:10
ashwithhow is work06:10
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds06:11
Ari-Yang^ ripthejacker06:11
Ari-Yangyou should read that06:11
asandweechAlexFromCanada: is this a uefi system?06:11
AlexFromCanadaWhat's that?06:12
ripthejackerAri-Yang: Ok will try it. Thanks for helping06:12
AlexFromCanadaIt's a triple-boot of Mac, Windows 7, and Ubuntu06:12
Ari-Yangripthejacker, okay, good luck.06:12
AlexFromCanadaIt's on a MacBook Pro06:12
asandweechAlexFromCanada: Oh, alright. Sorry, forgout about the osx presence.  This thread might be of assistance: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=103654706:13
=== draconus2 is now known as draconus
AlexFromCanadaI don't want Windows in GRUB though, I just want it to boot06:14
asandweechAlexFromCanada: So you don't want to boot windows from grub?06:14
AlexFromCanadaNo, I can use rEFIt to choose my OSes, so I don't need it in the GRUB menu.06:15
AlexFromCanadaIt's just after Ubuntu and GRUB were installed, windows will not boot.06:15
=== MasterOf1isaster is now known as MasterOfDisaster
histoAlexFromCanada: did grub get installed to the windows drive?  You should have installed ubuntu in uefi mode if you were using refit06:15
draconusvarunendra hello dude :) do you remember me?06:16
asandweechAlexFromCanada: Oh, I did not know about that situation. So is there a windows entry in grub?06:16
wolterMy computer takes ages to shut down, and I thought this shutdown message might help solve the problem: http://i.imgur.com/hxGciVi.png How should I proceed to fix this?06:16
varunendradraconus, sure ! :D06:16
varunendradraconus, so how did it went ?06:16
AlexFromCanadaand it takes me to a screen where it says windows failed to boot, blah blah blah06:16
draconusvarunendra i got some news... the drive is 99.99% OK :) so are my data... 18 hours of work but it's all done :)06:16
varunendradraconus, congrats ! What was the problem?06:17
AlexFromCanadaAnd after booting ubuntu and not booting Mac, choosing Windows takes me to the GRUB bootloader06:17
draconusvarunendra those "gone" partitions were bogush... i decided to reboot into rescue (netboot) and then i could just mount them with NO problem, fsck also, testdisk never spitted out an error, etc.06:17
AlexFromCanadabut if I boot Mac first, then it says missing operating system06:18
asandweechAlexFromCanada: http://refit.sourceforge.net/help/windows_boots_linux.html06:18
draconusvarunendra so i copied over 800GB of data to another drive and guess what? just ONE single file reported i/o error... and even that one went tru with dd :)06:18
CommaCrazyhi all06:19
draconusvarunendra i still can't find out WHAT caused all that mess06:19
CommaCrazyI did the recovery process for grub but all I got in the end is Memtest in the menu06:19
CommaCrazyand no kernel for ubuntu06:19
CommaCrazyany help would be apreciated06:19
AlexFromCanadait says to ask for help if that is the case and it seems like it is.06:19
AlexFromCanadaHow would I remove it06:20
varunendradraconus, at least a good ending at last ! Who cares what caused it... Just remember to backup from now on.. :D06:20
draconusvarunendra it's crazy, isn't it? i could paste you some logs that look JUST like it was a failing drive... so many errors in dmesg, broken fs, can't read blocks, etc.06:20
AlexFromCanadaAnd I thought that that was the problem because I forgot to change the default GRUB installation location06:20
asandweechAlexFromCanada: apparently you just need to move grub to your linux partition and get it out of the mbr06:20
draconusvarunendra scary, scary shit... i'm wiping that drive clean and putting new distro on plus ext4 tonight06:21
AlexFromCanadaHow do I do that?06:21
asandweechAlexFromCanada: This guy seems to have the problem solved: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=11970206:21
apm1i have dual graphics amd raedon 6400m+ intel 2nd gen integrated ,what proprietary driver do i install ?06:22
draconusvarunendra i would like to express my words of thankfulness (whatever i should write that) for encouraging me and trying to help, i would probably never did that without your care06:22
varunendradraconus, since all those errors, logs etc. are generated by the os, if, for whatever reason, once it gets off-track, it'll *see* everything wrong... that's where reboot does the magic ;)06:22
draconusvarunendra yes06:22
varunendradraconus, that seems over-generous to me.... we were only doing what we are here for :)06:23
apm1here is the amd card's lspci  : VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Seymour [Radeon HD 6400M Series]06:23
AlexFromCanadaSHould I execute these commands from Ubuntu or Mac?06:23
draconusvarunendra somehow it came to my mind that the system went totally wrong and is operating on some crazy illusion... which appeared true but then... guess how much power it took to press that hard reboot button...06:23
AlexFromCanadaor will it not matter?06:23
draconuswas* operating06:23
asandweechubuntu, since that is where you want grub to be moved06:23
asandweechthough if done properly shouldn't matter06:24
apm1nvm just found the answer06:24
asandweechI'm heading off, night everyone06:24
AlexFromCanadaIt said to change sdx accordingly?06:25
draconusvarunendra i spent like 2 hours estimating and wondering if i should go for that... and it didn't really reboot... box was stalled for THREE hours... not sure if technicans did something or was it fscking or wtf...06:25
varunendradraconus, I have lost three years of hard work once.... seemed like end of world for a couple of days.... but then it made me realize that the only thing that is truly ours is what we have in our mind, ourselves.... be ready to lose everything else some day..06:26
AlexFromCanadaIt said to change sdx accordingly?06:26
varunendradraconus, since then I don't give too much thought if something goes wrong, although I do stay prepared..06:27
varunendradraconus, given the fact that it is a remote server, you should make special arrangements for offline backups.. don't you think so?06:28
draconusvarunendra i do understand you because... that box had like 3 years of my work also... and i even tried to say goodbye already, came to the state of clear mind and just said exactly same thing as you did06:30
draconusvarunendra i have realised that backups on the box are NOT enough and it's a MUST to send them somewhere via rsync06:31
varunendradraconus, that's even better :)06:31
draconusvarunendra and yes, i think that since now i won't care this much about stuff, something broke inside me as i realised how easy it is to lose everything06:32
draconusas long as that stuff is mine and not customers'06:32
varunendradraconus, broke or lightened up..?? lol..06:33
draconusvarunendra both at once :)06:33
draconusso damn mixed up...06:33
AlexFromCanadaI'm back, and that didn't work.06:35
reisiowhat didn't?06:36
AlexFromCanadaRemoving Grub from my MBR06:37
joysonWatch the videos.. https://www.youtube.com/8bitzs06:37
reisiowhat's the problem?06:37
AlexFromCanadaI installed GRUB in Ubuntu to the MBR by accident06:37
AlexFromCanadaI'm triple-booting Mac, Ubuntu, and WIndows 706:37
reisioso what do you want in there mbr?06:38
AlexFromCanadaI don't know06:38
kit-kat6hi i try to send a file to my phone from pc using bluetooth, at the time in my phone it will prompt a window for pin pairing i just pressed 1234, but it shows http://pastebin.com/1k0biYHj in my host, can you please help me06:38
reisiogrub I'd a good idea06:38
AlexFromCanadaWhatever will let me boot windows and mac06:38
AlexFromCanadaand then i can put grub in the partition06:38
AlexFromCanadainstead of the mbr06:38
=== xxxaM is now known as xxaM
reisiogrub will06:39
AlexFromCanadaI am using rEFIt to triple-boot btw06:40
reisiokit-kat6: can't use the gui?06:40
reisioreinstall refit to the mbr then06:40
AlexFromCanadarEFIt isn't in the mbr06:41
AlexFromCanadait's in the efi folder on the mac partition06:41
kit-kat6reisio i just tried through cmdline, Can' t open tty: Connection refused ????06:41
reisiokit-kat6: you can't use the gui?06:42
AlexFromCanadaWhat should I do?06:42
Jin-Suneim running 13.04 64bit with a broadcom bcm43227 i need to know how to get my card to do packet injection06:42
reisioAlexFromCanada: hence reinstall06:42
AlexFromCanadabut refit isn't in the mbr06:42
AlexFromCanadaso it wouldn't replace it06:42
kit-kat6reisio yes i can06:43
reisioright you'll have to reinstall it to the mbr06:43
AlexFromCanadabut it doesn't go in the mbr06:43
reisiothen what's the problem?06:43
=== Jin-Sune is now known as JinSune
JinSuneim running 13.04 64bit with a broadcom bcm43227 i need to know how to get my card to do packet injection06:44
AlexFromCanadaI accidentally put GRUB in the mgr which is making it so I can't boot windows06:44
reisiowhich version of Windows?06:44
muguptaHow can it happen that a command that was working a while ago in a terminal window does not work in a new terminal window06:44
AlexFromCanadaWindows 706:44
muguptaI was using adb devices in a directory06:44
reisiomugupta: number of reasons06:45
ObrienDaveAlexFromCanada==> how many Win partitions do you have? I have 306:45
reisioAlexFromCanada: ms-sys -706:45
muguptanow when I open another terminal window and traverse to the same directory I am not able to use it again.06:45
AlexFromCanadaI have one windows partition, one mac partition, and one ubuntu partition06:45
AlexFromCanadaand where do i type that resio?06:45
muguptareisio: Could you suggest something that I am missing here? Sorry, if its too trivial. I am new on ubuntu06:46
reisioAlexFromCanada: from Ubuntu, install ms-sys06:46
john38Anybody know where i could find 12.04 first release not the 12.04.206:46
muguptaIt now says command not found06:46
reisiomugupta: what command?06:46
muguptaadb command not found06:47
reisiomugupta: go back to working terminal, paste output of 'history'06:47
john38Anybody know where i could find 12.04 first release not the 12.04.2??06:48
mugupta  318  sudo adb kill-server06:48
mugupta  319  sudo adb start-server06:48
mugupta  320  sudo adb devices06:48
mugupta  321  adb devices06:48
FloodBot1mugupta: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:48
AlexFromCanadaWhat was I supposed too put into the terminal on ubuntu?06:49
muguptareisio: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5845853/06:49
AlexFromCanadaI just rebooted from mac back into ubuntu06:49
reisioman ms-sys06:49
AlexFromCanadano manual entry for ms-sys06:50
ObrienDavejohn38 ==> http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/precise/06:50
AlexFromCanadawhat do I do now?06:51
=== Wug[Hyperspace] is now known as Wug
muguptareisio: Thanks. I resolved it now. I didn't realize that yesterday's terminal window (where it was working) I had typed in a command to set up the environments06:52
reisioms-sys -h/help them06:52
reisiomugupta: gj06:53
AlexFromCanadams-sys command not found06:53
reisioinstall it06:54
AlexFromCanadaunable to locate package ms-sys06:55
nbagsAlexFromCanada: i remember building ms-sys from source last time i used it06:55
AlexFromCanadaI found it now06:56
AlexFromCanadaAre you sure this will work, it mentions using floppies.06:56
ObrienDavewhere did you find ms-sys?06:56
reisiowhat mentions?06:56
northhello all.. How can I scan the ip addresses present in the subnet... P.S: I need to ssh to a headless device06:57
reisiomagic of the word 'or'06:57
AlexFromCanadaand the place where it says it takes the specs from was closed years ago06:57
AlexFromCanadaand I know you don't need a floppy, but I was wondering if it would work with Windows 7 if it even mentions a floppy06:58
AlexFromCanadait says it won't be of much use06:58
AlexFromCanadawriting a WIndows 7 boot record06:58
nbagsnorth: nmap06:59
AlexFromCanadaand thats its still experimental06:59
northnbags: how ?06:59
nbagsAlexFromCanada: what are you trying to do? i'm written win7 boot records fine ...06:59
reisiohttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreUbuntu/XP/Vista/7Bootloader then07:00
nbagsnorth: its the name of a program that can do network scanning. you will have to read the docs if you want to know how to use it07:00
northYes... but I need the Mac address also along with the ip address so that SSH on a dhcp environment is easy07:00
nbagsnorth: man nmap07:01
northyea... but no possible option...07:01
nbagsnorth: yes, nmap can tell u the mac address of a given ip07:01
northok... lemme check.... and may I know what prefix it is nbags please ?07:02
reisiohi joyson_07:02
nbagsnorth: can't remember. but i think just 'nmap <subnet>' gives you such information. i hope you are doing this on your own network. nmap can do intrusive things are are illegal in many places07:03
histonorth: you could do somehting like nmap -sP
histonorth: that will ping scan the subnet for hosts that are up07:04
histonorth: or nmap -p 22 --open -sV  to look specifically for port 2207:05
kcdiazthere is a file I couldn't delete in my trash, it kept saying access denied, how can I delete this file?07:05
histokcdiaz: who owns it?07:05
histokcdiaz: well that's why chown the file or sudo rm /path/to/file  to delete it07:06
histokcdiaz: I can't remember if unity uses .Trash or not?07:06
kcdiazwhats the path to Trash?07:07
northyes, but that gives me only ips of the 0.0 subnet07:08
histokcdiaz: try /home/username/.Trash07:09
=== draconus2 is now known as draconus
kcdiazrm: cannot remove ‘pulse-PKdhtXMmr18n.2.2’: Is a directory07:10
kcdiazI keep getting that error message07:11
histonorth: what is your IP configuration change the command accordingly07:11
northhisto: I am able to figure that out... but how do I get the associated mac address ?07:12
northany other way ?07:12
northhisto: nmap doesn't support the mac address stuff07:12
histonorth: why do you need the mac address?07:13
northcuz, my raspberry pi is headless...07:13
northI'm in a univ and if I get the mac addr, then I can pin point my Rpi and ssh into it07:13
histonorth: you just need the ip to ssh in but try adding the -n switch to nmap07:14
histonorth: nmap -sP -n subnet07:14
northhisto: I know I just need the ip, but you are not getting my point... my Rpi is headless...07:14
histonorth: I understand that07:15
histonorth: I still don't see why you need the mac of your rpi07:15
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=== MSHughes_ is now known as MSHughes
northI know the mac of my pi... its like I know the mac and if the nmap shows me the mac then it will be two way authentication that am sshing into my rpi07:16
nbagsnorth: you are authenticating using mac??07:16
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
norththe -n switch didn't help histo07:17
MrdarknezzAnyone know any good external monitoring tools for ubuntu server?07:17
histonorth: ssh has built in known hosts feature07:17
nbagsnorth: mac addresses can easily be spoofed ... u know that right?07:17
=== Guest26772 is now known as Forrie
noob7just updated the new kernel and after reboot the screen stays black after grub/purple screen -> used 3.5.0-34-generic and it works again (having ATI Juniper [Radeon HD 5700 Series])07:18
northYes... but this experiment of mine doesn't involve mac spoofin07:18
north? nbags histo07:19
histonorth: So perhaps you can elaborate on your experience so we can show you the best way to do what you want.07:20
nbagsexperimenting with an authentication mechanism that you know can easily be broken seems like a waste of time07:21
nbagsisnt that what ssh host keys are for?07:21
NonaSuomiProbably a dumb question, but I've got two directories which beahave as if one is a symlink to the other, but readlink doesn't seem to react to either. What am I doing wrong?07:22
northyes... histo: I am now in a dhcp envi (my univ), where I know the correct ip of my Rpi (cuz I have conencted a monitor to Rpi). I will be moving into a new dhcp envi (another univ without monitor) where I dunno the ip of the Rpi. Thats the reason I need a command which shows the mac address and which makes my identification of my Rpi easy nbags07:22
nbagsNonaSuomi: maybe they are hard linked? or bind mouted?07:22
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NonaSuominbags:  Okay, that's... I don't even know how I would have done that. I created this file on my external HDD back when I used Windows, and now I'm on Ubuntu and trying to clean up the drive a bit.07:23
nbagsnorth: so did nmap work?07:23
NonaSuomiAny way I can check what's going on?07:23
northI t works now...07:24
nbagsNonaSuomi: so this is NTFS?07:24
northcuz I know the ip associated with my Rpi07:24
northI won't be knowing it later on...07:24
histonorth: run namp -sP -n subnet as root07:24
nbagsnorth: so scan the subnet, like i said to begin with07:24
northhisto: that works amazingly07:25
northThanks a ton histo07:25
nbagsnorth: so long as your network admins are ok with that.07:25
histonorth: that will only work if you run nmap on a local network. You can do this remotely07:25
histoshould say on the subnet if you are connected to it instead of local07:25
histonorth: Why not have the rpi call home?07:26
northsorry ? didn't get that @ histo07:26
NonaSuominbags: Just checked and that looks correct07:26
NonaSuomiThought it was EXFAT, but apparently not07:26
northrpi call home ? histo07:26
nbagsNonaSuomi: i dont know that much about NTFS. i dont think it supports hard links, not in the way linux does anyway. maybe it has some equivalent. or maybe its corrupted. have you done a chkdsk?07:27
histonorth: have the raspberry pi ssh back to you instead of you looking for it.07:28
northI told you... my Rpi is headleass...07:28
NonaSuominbags: This sounds stupid to say, but no. I haven't seen any reports of errors, so I didn't think to.07:28
northhisto my rpi is headless07:28
llutznorth: cron exists07:29
northllutz: how ?07:29
histonorth: It doesn't matter that it's headless stop telling me that. I know already07:29
llutznorth: cron job checking network ,if yes, establish reverse ssh-tunnel07:29
northooh ok. llutz07:30
llutzwell, check for tunnels already existing too07:30
histonorth: find some instructions for reverse ssh07:30
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northsure.... I almost forgot about reverse ssh.... @ histo and llutz07:31
nbagsNonaSuomi: i would still chkdsk it on windows regularly. I find NTFS is not super robust if you regularly uncleanly dismount it. sometimes the MFT slowely gets corrupted then you're screwed ...07:32
=== Dynamit_ is now known as Dynamit
nbagsnorth: or install a dyndns client if the rpi has an internet connection07:35
NakkelHi, I'm running 13.04 on HP 6735b with ATI RS780M and can't get the open drivers to work.07:36
NonaSuominbags: Well this sucks. The machine it's plugged into is just serving it as a SMB share, no Windows install. I'm still pretty sure it's exFAT, not vanilla NTFS, and I don't think I have the space to copy everything off for a total wipe/reformat...07:36
NonaSuomiSo it looks like I may be hosed07:37
NakkelAny options other than downgrading X and using legacy fglrx drivers?07:37
histoNakkel: yeah installing the drivers from amd07:37
histoNonaSuomi: what is the problem?07:37
nbagsNonaSuomi: u would need to dismount it. then you could fsck it with linux. (i think ... never used exfat). but if its ntfs dont fsck it with linux, plug into a windows box07:37
Nakkelhisto: RS780M isnt supported by the current fglrx.07:38
Nakkelhisto: And legacy drivers dont work on current X.07:38
NonaSuomihisto: I've got two directories on a drive acting as if they are linked, but readlink indicates that neither one is a link.07:39
NonaSuominbags: As I understand, exFAT is a proprietary MS format, so I'm iffy about trying to use anything that doesn't play nice with NTFS07:40
=== Daniel0_ is now known as Daniel0
=== julien is now known as Guest52194
nbagsNonaSuomi: readlink will only work on linux filesystems i think07:42
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
NonaSuomiOh, well that would certainly explain that.07:42
nbagsNonaSuomi: it sounds like it could be corrupted. i would plug it into windows and chkdsk. if you care about your data....07:43
NonaSuominbags: Yeah, I think I'm going to do that. Gonna suck to run a full chkdisk on a 2TB drive, but better safe than sorry.07:44
nbagsNonaSuomi: you are running FAT on a 2TB drive? NooooOOoooo!07:45
histonbags: exFAT07:45
nbagsNonaSuomi: you are running exFAT on a 2TB drive? NooooOOoooo!07:45
NonaSuominbags: Yeah, well when I got the thing I was using Win7, and there aren't too many options in Windows for partitioning huge drives.07:45
histoNonaSuomi: sure there are.07:46
nbagsNonaSuomi: still i would use ntfs over exfat ... but surely its worth reformatting it to ext4 or btrfs for speed and reliability07:46
NonaSuomiHuh, I could have sworn it didn't let me use anything but FAT, NTFS, or exFAT when I formatted with Win7's tool07:47
histoNonaSuomi: you can add ext3 support to windows07:47
nbagshisto: i dunno if you can make filesystems with it though07:48
nbagsor whether you would risk it07:48
=== AntiSpamMeta2 is now known as AntiSpamMeta
histoNonaSuomi: basically use a sane filesystem that works for you07:49
NonaSuominbags: I would, but I still may need/want to use the drive on Windows machines later.07:50
chaotixhello.  i am using ubuntu 13.04 64 bit.  i have kolourpaint4 installed on my computer..  it has been working fine...  all of a sudden it keeps crashing, wont let me save anything, and is being just generally weird..  i think it may have been after installing steam...  any ideas?07:51
chaotixshould i uninstall and reinstall kolourpaint?07:52
nbagsstill exfat is based on really ancient technology.  ntfs would probably be a better option. maybe windows  can convert exfat to ntfs?07:52
chaotixok i am going to just try to un/reinstall07:53
chaotixfingers crossed07:53
NonaSuominbags: I'm not sure if it can do that, but I'll certainly check. Also are you sure you're not talking about the older FATxx filesystems. As I understand it, MS made it up themselves and it shares more in common with NTFS than traditional FAT systems07:53
NonaSuomiBut again, I could be completely misinformed07:54
nbagsNonaSuomi: i dont really know i just looked at the wikipedia page. either way support in linux is a lot less mature than that of ntfs07:54
nbags"Unlike NTFS, exFAT cannot pre-allocate disk space for a file by just marking arbitrary space on disk as 'allocated'. As in FAT, when creating a file of known length, exFAT must perform a complete physical write equal to the size of the file."07:54
nbagssounds pretty backwards07:54
chaotixnope, un/reinstalling did nothing07:55
chaotixit is still crashing07:55
chaotixi dont know what to do07:55
nbagsI think MS just hacked up FAT to support bigger disks and such and to break Mac/Linux support07:55
nbags"Timestamp granularity of 10 ms (same as in FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 for creation time, but not as fine as NTFS's 100 ns"07:55
wilee-nileechaotix, a remove leaves the config you would want to run a purge, although I'm not sure this is you answer overall.07:56
chaotixcan someone kick n0o for pm-ing me with sexual stuff?07:56
chaotixwilee-nilee, thanks07:56
chaotixi will try that07:56
wilee-nileechaotix, Save the info and tell #freenode07:57
hillwellwanghello,I have got a problem ,how can I input EOF in a terminal in linux07:58
chaotixwilee-nilee, how do i tell freenode?07:58
=== acidflash__ is now known as acidflash
histohillwellwang: you just type it or hit ctrl+d07:58
wilee-nileechaotix, by going to the channel /j #freenode07:58
ObrienDavechaotix==> report on #freenode channel07:58
hillwellwanggot it07:58
wilee-nileechaotix, You can also block PM completely and per users.07:59
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bazhang!ot | DCE25ESK08:03
ubottuDCE25ESK: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:03
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FauxI have an intel wifi card, supported by the kernel, but it won't take an essid from networkmanager/iwconfig: Error for wireless request "Set ESSID" (8B1A) :SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not supported.  Card is fine as it scans.  Any guesses?  Details: http://pastie.org/811218708:12
nbagsFaux: i think you just need to be root08:13
nbagsFaux: oh, you've aliased s=sudo. thats dodgy ...08:14
=== acidflash__ is now known as acidflash
occdoes ubuntu have touchscreen support? there are some new laptops with touchscreens and i3 cpus, so they appear to be x8608:14
=== Ububegin_ is now known as Ububegin
Fauxnbags: Oops.  Yeah, I have a few aliases.  For a permissions problem, it actually gives a subtly different error message; operation not permitted, which is what the majority of the internet seems to be getting.08:16
ObrienDaveocc==> there is an Ubuntu Touch version, i believe08:17
=== Sickki_ is now known as Sickki
nbagsFaux: yeah ive seen that before when hardware doesnt support particular commands. some cards just dont work with iwconfig and network-manager or whatever uses some other mechanism08:18
becom33I'm runing ubuntu 12.04 I want to share my folders with my other machine in the network . most of them are windows machines also . Im runing a apache locally non of the other machines in the network can get access to my apache or ftp sever . what could be the issue08:18
Fauxnbags: I was kind of hoping that an in-tree driver/module would support the standard commands.  The worst thing is I could've sworn it worked before.  Maybe I should go find a really old kernel and try that.08:19
ObrienDaveocc==> Ubuntu Touch is NOT an official release yet08:19
nbagsFaux: there are some packages which have backported wireless modules from newer kernels. not sure if that was a debian thing or an ubuntu thing. sounds like an ubuntu thing08:20
ObrienDaveocc==> and it is aimed at phones/tablets, i believe08:21
nbagsFaux: linux-backports-wireless-modules08:21
nbagsor something ...08:22
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FauxSeems like it's an ubuntu thing, but there's barely anywhere to backport the modules /from/, as I'm on modern 3.8.08:23
hamvockehi there, I'm having some trouble with the wifi signal strength with my Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 network adapter. I am able to connect to my wireless network, the signal is extremely low, though. Even when I'm sitting next to the wifi router I only get about 60% signal strength08:23
=== Lutzee is now known as Guest15289
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hamvockeI've already read  that this might be some trouble with intel's wifi drivers and that I should disable the usage of the n mode on my network adapter08:23
nbagsFaux: ah. maybe try an older kernel?08:23
FauxWell, that answers the question as to whether the module works at all. ;)  What kernel, hamvocke?08:23
hamvockebut the suggested solutions like "modprobe -rfv iwlwifi" only states that the module iwlwifi is in use and cannot be disabled08:24
hamvockeFaux: 3.8.0-25-generic08:24
=== Ububegin_ is now known as Ububegin
FauxDamn. :)08:24
hamvockethis seems to be a common problem with intel's wifi adapters. at least i've found several threads on askubuntu and similar forums08:25
=== tsimpson_ is now known as tsimpson
hamvockeeveryone seems to be lucky with using rmmod iwlwifi, but if I try to use that command, I only get the error message, that the module is currently in use08:26
hamvockefurthermore it startles me that I need to disable the n mode of my wifi adapter since I don't want to be stuck on using only b or g wifi :)08:27
varunendrahamvocke, rmmod is not recommended unless you are sure what you are doing08:27
nbagshamvocke: try modprobe -r instead of rmmod08:27
histohamvocke: you're using sudo ofcourse?08:27
hamvockevarunendra: wouldn't a restart simply return my system to the old state?08:27
hamvockenbags: will give it a try08:27
hamvockehisto: sure :)08:28
varunendrahamvocke, what is the problem? Just the signal being "appearing" low, or slow speed as well?08:28
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hamvockenbags: Error message remains the same: "FATAL: Module iwlwifi is in use"08:28
=== ejv_ is now known as ejv
=== rtr_ is now known as rtr-
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit08:28
nbagshamvocke: does ifconfig show it as up?08:28
nbagsmight need to bring it down first08:29
hamvockevarunendra: the signal is dropping if I am at some distance to the router as well08:29
nbagsor kill network-manager08:29
nbagsor something08:29
=== jagger|away is now known as jagger
hamvockethis distance however is incredibly low. Like one room away from my router where all my other devices almost have full signal08:29
hamvockenbags: will I lose my network connection as soon as I kill network manager?08:30
histohamvocke: yes08:30
histohamvocke: you would as soon as you remove the module as well08:31
varunendrahamvocke, how are the speeds at different distances? The modprobe -rfv command is not a solution in itself by the way, just the first step to it.08:31
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hamvockehisto: would I be able to connect to my wifi at all without this module? will it just disable the n mode for my wifi adapter or switch it off entirely?08:32
nbagshamvocke: rmmod or modprobe -r will disable it08:32
Fauxnbags: Mmm, doesn't work on the actual original -19 raring kernel either, and loads of other things are worse. :(08:32
hamvockevarunendra: the speed is pretty slow at a further distance. If I'm sitting next to the router it's fine08:32
histohamvocke: no08:32
nbagshamvocke: presumably you are removing the module so you can then reinstall it will different parameters?08:33
histohamvocke: are you sure this is a module/driver issue?08:33
varunendrahamvocke, please follow this post and post back the pastebin link to the report it asks to generate : http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=1235038508:33
nbagsFaux: what about the original kernel with the backported module?08:33
nbagsFaux: maybe you are on the wrong track - maybe the driver doesnt support iwconfig at all and you are missing something else network manager needs.08:34
hamvockenbags: the solutions in the threads I've found all say that I should try to disable the module via modprobe / rmmod and then check whether it's successful. If so, I should alter my iwlwifi.conf in /etc/modprobe.d and write "options iwlwifi 11n disable=1" in there08:35
nbagshamvocke: ok you can do that without doing any rmmod or modprobe -r. just make the change then reboot08:36
varunendrahamvocke, sometimes the "swcrypto=1" parameter is sufficient for this driver.08:36
hamvockenbags: I've done so yesterday. Upon restarting I couldn't connect to my wifi at all08:36
hamvockethat was the point where I figured out I needed some further help :)08:36
nbagshamvocke: is your router configured right? to support g and n?08:36
hamvockenbags: yes, it is08:37
Fauxnbags: Urgh.08:37
nbagshamvocke: its weird that options iwlwifi 11n disable=1 would kill your wifi completely, if your AP also supports G. did you check for errors in dmesg when you did this?08:37
varunendranbags, 11n disable??08:38
hamvockenbags: no, I did not check dmesg as far as i remember08:38
varunendraor 11n_disable08:38
hamvockevarunendra: here's my wireless-info: http://pastebin.com/wM0XLCKa08:38
nbagsvarunendra: im just copying what hamvocke wrote earlier08:39
hamvockenbags: that could be the problem. Maybe it was a typo in my config file08:39
varunendranbags, that's why I suspect, although in that case the parameter will just be ignored.08:39
nbagshamvocke: what tool produced that output? its nice :)08:40
hamvockejust checked: I really did write "options iwlwifi 11n disable" in my iwlwifi.conf yesterday08:40
=== Daniel0_ is now known as Daniel0
nbagshamvocke: when you change the parameter you should run that tool again08:40
hamvockenbags: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2082305&p=12350385#post1235038508:40
varunendrahamvocke, first suggestion - try "sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off"08:40
hamvockevarunendra: that will disable the power management, right?08:40
varunendrahamvocke, correct !08:41
hamvockeI think I've tried that yesterday with no success, but I'll give it another try08:41
varunendrahamvocke, also, the iwlwifi is being used by yet another driver - iwldvm, so you need to modprobe -r that one...08:42
nbagshamvocke: yeah if you remove iwldvm you should be able to change parameters without a reboot08:42
=== Mrdarkne1z is now known as Mrdarknezz
hamvockevarunendra: I've tried around with that options as well yesterday. Disabled iwldvm and iwlwifi and afterwards I couldn't connect to my wifi at all08:42
hamvockebut let me try it again. try modprobe -r on iwlwifi and iwldvm again and will report back08:43
varunendrahamvocke, the biggest problem (IMHO), you are using WPA/WPA2 mixed mode. That is absolutely not recommended. Change it to WPA2-PSK (AES) only, no mixed mode, no TKIP.08:43
hamvockedoes it make sense to run that wireless-info script again as soon as I've disabled them?08:43
hamvockevarunendra: is that something I need to set on my router or on my device's wifi adapter?08:44
nbagshamvocke: no. disable, then reenable with the 11n parameter and power management parameter. then rerun the tool08:44
varunendrahamvocke, yes, that needs to be set in the router.08:44
nbagshamvocke: you need to change the parameter then modprobe the modules again08:44
moksud_xpI had a problem during the installation of a GUI on my ubuntu server version08:44
hamvockenbags: how do I reenable it? and changing the parameter takes place in my iwlwifi.conf, right?08:45
nbagshamvocke: in /etc/modprobe.d?08:45
histo!details | moksud_xp08:45
ubottumoksud_xp: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:45
hamvockenbags: yes08:45
moksud_xpI have a problem with the execution of this code: sudo apt-get update&&sudo apt-get upgrade08:45
nbagshamvocke: so once you 'modprobe -r iwlwifi', change the parameter then 'modprobe iwlwifi'08:46
histomoksud_xp: what is the problem?08:46
ObrienDavemoksud_xp==> make it read sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade08:46
nbagshamvocke: the modprobe -r basically unloads the driver. then you need to reload it with the new parameters08:46
moksud_xpI have ubuntu 13.04 server version without a GUI, Ubuntu tells me "W:Impossible to recover http://it.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/distr/raring-backports/main/i18n/translationit-IT08:46
hamvockenbags: great. thank you08:46
hamvockeI'll give it a try and report back in a few minutes. Thank you very much for your help so far08:47
moksud_xp"There was a undefined problem with the resolution of "it.archive.ubuntu.com:http"(-11 - System Error)08:47
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moksud_xpthere is some resolution to my problem ?08:50
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moksud_xpthere is someone that can help me with this problem please ?08:54
varunendramoksud_xp, have you tried to change the server to the main one insted of "it" (Italy??)08:54
hamvockealright, I've done following steps:08:54
hamvocke1) modprobe -r iwldvm08:55
hamvocke2) modprobe -r iwlwifi08:55
moksud_xphow can I change it ?08:55
moksud_xpI don't have a GUI.... I had this problem when trying to install the GUI08:55
hamvocke3) altered my /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi config and added the line "options iwlwifi 11n_disable=1"08:55
hamvockeand changed the wifi settings in my router to only use wpa2 instead of wpa/wpa208:56
hamvockehere's the new paste: http://pastebin.com/tw6NXByx08:56
NonaSuomiOkay, with regards to my earlier fs problem, I'm pretty convinced to ditch exFAT, but what fs should I use? The drive is an external, USB 2.0, 2TB in size and will mostly be used for NAS purposes via SAMBA. I'm thinking it's between ext3/4, btrfs, and zfs, but I can't really seem to understand the pros and cons to each.08:56
varunendramoksud_xp, can you use sed command??08:56
MonkeyDustmoksud_xp  the gui comes with a basic installation, what were you trying to do?08:56
histomoksud_xp: sounds like that particular repository is down08:56
blazemoreNonaSuomi: If in doubt, just use ext408:56
hamvockemy changes didn't change anything on my signal strength08:56
moksud_xpsincerly I don't know about sed command...08:56
histomoksud_xp: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list and change the one that is erroring from it.archive.ubuntu.com  to archive.ubuntu.com for the time being08:56
moksud_xpI'm a Ubuntu user from yesterdaty08:57
moksud_xpokey, I need to change the source into what ?08:57
varunendramoksud_xp, try - "sudo sed -i 's:it.archive.ubuntu:archive.ubuntu:' /etc/apt/sources.list" (without the outer quotes)08:57
histomoksud_xp: or you could sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.bak && sudo sed -i 's/it.//' /etc/apt/sources.list08:58
nbagshamvocke:  i guess u were on the wrong track then, cause your changes did work, its connected at 54mbps now08:58
varunendramoksud_xp, basically, you need to remove the "it." part from the urls. The sed command I gave you should do it, but be careful..08:58
NonaSuomiblazemore: Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but does ext4 still have the issue with interrupted writes causing truncated files?08:59
hamvockenbags: so wireless n is disabled now, but my signal remains weak. That means wireless n is not the cause of the problem apparently?08:59
ActionPa1sniphisto: no 'g'?08:59
histoActionPa1snip: not needed for what he is doing08:59
NonaSuomiBecause I don't exactly have this system on a UPS, so I don't want to lose anything if/when the system died mid-write08:59
blazemoreNonaSuomi: I don't know; I've never heard of that issue before. ext4 is the default filesystem for Ubuntu which is why I'm reocmmending it08:59
ActionPa1sniphamvocke: are there lots of wireless networks on the same channel as you are using?08:59
nbagshamvocke: guess so09:00
varunendrahamvocke, the "iwldvm" driver is not available in my 12.04 installation. Please also show us : "modinfo iwldvm | pastebinit"09:00
hamvockemight as well be a construction error then. I'm experiencing this problem with my new notebook09:01
ActionPa1sniphisto: oh yeah, makes sense09:01
Matthew_MooreQUESTION:  when 13.10 comes out with Mir and this deep development stuff they keep talking about. should i upgrade from 13.04  or would it be a better idea to go back to 12.04 until they get the kinks sorted out?09:01
ActionPa1sniphamvocke: check surrounding networks and the channels they use, if you have lots on the same channel then that will cause it and you will need to switch channel09:02
hamvockeActionPa1snip: no, maybe one other network on the same channel09:02
histo!better | Matthew_Moore09:02
ubottuMatthew_Moore: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:02
ActionPa1snipMatthew_Moore: 13.10 questions in #ubuntu+1 please09:02
nbagshamvocke: sure. if you can check if the same problem exists on windows (if you have it) before suspecting a linux driver issue. and yeah, try different channels like ActionPa1snip says09:02
ActionPa1snipMatthew_Moore: If you want stability then use the LTS09:02
hamvockevarunendra: http://pastebin.com/tw6NXByx09:02
nbagsActionPa1snip: you can also try turning your AP on its side, or moving it around a bit if you can09:03
nbagshamvocke: ^^09:03
hamvockeI'm using 13.04 btw, just in case you guys didn't already figure that out from the context. Forgot to mention it initially.09:03
Matthew_Mooreokie dokie.  i was curious what other peoples opinions were. cuz everything i read seems like this will be a very bumpy road ahead.09:03
histohamvocke: if it's a new notebook perhaps the antenna cam unattached during shipping. Usually there is a door on the bottom of your laptop you can get access to the wireless card. I would look in there and make sure the two wires are attached.09:04
histoMatthew_Moore: If you don't want bumps then run LTS09:04
varunendrahamvocke, I asked for "modinfo iwldvm".... you posted the previous link :)09:04
nbagshisto: ++ yeah try that if they didn't go and put a 'warranty void if removed' sticker on it like they did with my asus09:04
nbagshamvocke: ^^09:04
Matthew_Mooreyes. but i also hate using older software when i know somthing newer is out there.  a little OCD i guess. drives me batty. :/09:05
histoMatthew_Moore: if it aint broke don't fix it09:05
icerootMatthew_Moore: older does also mean more stable09:05
hamvockevarunendra: sorry, correct link: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5846094/09:05
nbagsMatthew_Moore: you could dual boot mint and ubuntu and debian. go to debian when you're annoyed at all the bugs and go back to ubuntu when you're annoyed at the old software09:05
NikThNew software - bleeding edge  and stable are not fit .09:06
Matthew_Moorewell i left 12.04 becuase of the issues i had with that. Unity related things mostly.  having used it since 12.04.1  though09:06
NikThMatthew_Moore: My situation here -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/1196355  :P09:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1196355 in XMir "After the latest updates, no desktop session - Ubuntu 13.10 (2013/07/01) - XMir dies with signal 6" [High,Incomplete]09:07
hamvockehisto, nbags: I think opening that thing up might be kind of troublesome. It's one of those compact ultrabook things. I doubt that I'll be able to reach any wire at all :)09:07
hamvockebut you have a point with trying a windows environment to verify this is a linux driver issue09:08
nbagshamvocke: histo is right though, it could just be a cable come loose.09:08
Matthew_MooreNikTh:  not a very good bug.   i have a really weird bug with all the new Ubuntu based distros with my screen Brightness changing itself everytime i open the settings manager.09:08
varunendrahamvocke, you said "...added the line "options iwlwifi 11n_disable=1"... does it mean the options file now contains multiple lines?09:08
nbagshamvocke: i swore i would never open this plastic asus thing again. i already broke a couple of clips upgrading the hdd09:09
NikThMatthew_Moore: But I have an LTS also, to do stable tasks.. for everyday use (not just) ;)09:09
hamvockeif i installed windows in a VM and boot that in my ubuntu environment, will windows use its own drivers or will that somehow be wrapped by my ubuntu drivers?09:09
hamvockevarunendra: nope, just that line09:09
NikThMatthew_Moore: Where is the bug report ?09:09
nbagsvarunendra: the options iwlwifi 11n_disable=1 worked for hamvocke ... i checked the output09:09
nbagshamvocke: no u need to boot windows natively09:09
Matthew_Moorei found three others just like it so i just have been commenting on those.09:10
hamvockenbags: oh, damn. That'll be some nasty installation :/09:10
varunendranbags, that speed can be variable at different times unless fixed by iwconfig09:10
NikThMatthew_Moore: Good you participate. Is this an Nvidia card - Nvidia settings ?09:10
Matthew_Mooreno. i have intel graphics.09:10
nbagsvarunendra: i suppose. but it was at 130mbps before hamvocke made the change, and 54mbps afterwards09:11
Matthew_Moorei also had an issue when i would dual boot. after booting into ubuntu the sound would be broken in windows. i would have to reset the bios every time to fix it.09:11
Matthew_Moorefound 2 other bug reports on the same issue.  both on launchpad09:11
varunendrahamvocke, I'd suggest that you once more change that line to also include "swcrypto=1" parameter09:11
Matthew_Moorei dont know if its my imagination but Linux in general seems to be alot more problematic then it used to be. :(09:12
varunendranbags, it definitely worked as expected, but didn't help as per hamvocke :(09:12
hamvockevarunendra: would the complete line then be "options iwlwifi 11n_disable=1 swcrypto=1"?09:12
NikThMatthew_Moore: What is the status of the bugs you found ? Fix Released, Invalid ... what ?09:12
varunendrahamvocke, yes, exactly09:12
nbagsvarunendra: sure. i dont know anything about iwlwifi, just trying to help hamvocke to change module loading parameters09:13
hamvockevarunendra: alright, I'll give it a try and be back in a minute09:13
varunendranbags, I'm no expert either.. ;)09:13
NikThMatthew_Moore: Is not a matter of imagination or logic.. Linux is what a user feels it is.. At my opinion is more stable than Windows..09:13
NikThMatthew_Moore:  I never had any problems.. :)09:13
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Matthew_MooreWell i have been using Ubuntu since 08'  as time goes on things seem to slowley be getting more and more buggy.  and this opinion is not aimed at just Ubuntu.09:14
ActionPa1snipMatthew_Moore: how many desktop environments have you tried in each?09:15
Matthew_Mooreall the poplar ones.  XFCE, KDE, GNome, Unity, CInamon, Mate.  LXDE.   none of that tiled stuff.09:15
Matthew_Moorei have the least amount of problems on KDE. but KDE is just so so ugly even after appliing themes09:16
ActionPa1snipMatthew_Moore: strange. I've been on LXDE since Natty and Gnome before that back to Gutsy and not seen much performance hit at all09:17
Matthew_Moorei am in no way speaking ill of Linux.  its still better then windows. i just know my experience with it has gotten worse over the last 2 years09:17
nbagsMatthew_Moore: i feel that ubuntu desktop has become more bloated and buggy in the last five years too, but linux has gotten better and more stable in that time. when you add a lot of features and bleeding edge software to a distro you experience more bugs09:17
NikThMatthew_Moore:  I agree with "slowly" . Things now are not as was 5-10 years ago. The requirements - users demands are more and OSs must follow. In order to follow, OSs must add more and more features..09:17
bazhang!ot | Matthew_Moore09:17
ubottuMatthew_Moore: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:17
ActionPa1snipMatthew_Moore: Unity and Cinnamon aren't DEs :)09:18
bazhanglets get back to support please09:18
Matthew_MooreWell Most issues i run into are not specific to any one distro.  for example. every distro using Kernel 3.2 overheats my computer.  i had to wait until 3.7 for a fix.09:18
histoMatthew_Moore: so how is that getting worse?09:18
moksud_xpsorry I was far away from my pc and I didnt see answers09:19
moksud_xpsomeone can help me with the problem of updating packages ?09:19
MonkeyDustMatthew_Moore  discussions and opinions i #ubuntu-offtopic, please09:19
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Dynamitdam if you guys have kernel problem compile the lates and install the latest one09:19
bazhangmoksud_xp, change mirrors09:19
bazhangDynamit, thats not good advice09:20
hamvockeback with swcrypto=109:20
NikThDynamit: LoL09:20
histomoksud_xp: or you could sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.bak && sudo sed -i 's/it.//' /etc/apt/sources.list09:20
hamvockehere's a new wireless-info: http://pastebin.com/qdwFU3MD09:20
hamvockestill doesn't look much better now09:20
Matthew_MooreWell if you have to change your kernel to get it to work right i say that distro has failed. wouldnt you say?09:20
histohamvocke: did you check the antenna connections yet?09:21
bazhangMatthew_Moore, thats offtopic09:21
bazhangMatthew_Moore, you've been asked several times now09:21
Dynamitbazhang: it is then it is not needed to wait for a repo to releas the kernel09:21
histoMatthew_Moore: You said it was fixed in newer kernels I would say that's progress09:21
Matthew_Mooreok ok. i know. sorry.09:21
hamvockehisto: no, not yet. I guess that will be a very tedious process, so I'll just want to make sure to have checked the other options first09:21
Matthew_Moorei get cought up in my thoughts somtimes. sorry09:21
bazhangDynamit, there is a PPA for that, but compiling a kernel...with ubuntu...not good advice09:22
histohamvocke: it's one screw09:22
histonot very tedious09:22
histohamvocke: shutdown laptop flip it over remove wifi cover and inspect that antenna is connected.09:22
ActionPa1snipMatthew_Moore: works fine here09:23
ActionPa1snipmoksud_xp: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue09:24
hamvockehisto: I'm afraid it's not that simple. I'm dealing with a Dell XPS 13 ultrabook here. I have to unscrew several torx screws to access any of the guts of that device. I'll search for a plan on how to access the wifi card right now, maybe you're right and it isn't a big deal despite the compact form factor09:24
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histohamvocke: no there should be a cover09:24
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histohamvocke: nvm not on that model09:25
histohamvocke: http://blog.parts-people.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/XPS_13_Ultrabook_WLAN_Screw.jpg09:26
hamvockehisto: I've just found instructions on how to replace the wifi card in my device. I think I'll try this afterwards. But I need to make sure that I won't void my warranty09:26
histohamvocke: those are the two wires09:26
Matthew_MooreUnity wont run with Kwin will it?   i use Kwin on XFCE becase i find it to be snappier and more stable then compiz. but kwin would break unity wouldnt it?09:26
hamvockehisto: yes, that's exactly what I've found09:26
histohamvocke: do you still have the OS installed that it came with?09:26
ActionPa1snipMatthew_Moore: it may do, try it :)09:26
hamvockehisto: nope. It came with windows 8. I ditched it directly09:27
icerootMatthew_Moore: you can install both but to run unity you need compiz and cant change that09:27
icerootMatthew_Moore: also with 13.10 you may face problems mixing kubuntu and ubuntu because they will be use total different display-server09:27
icerootMatthew_Moore: and kwin will NOT work with MIR only with Wayland/X1109:28
histohamvocke: well... perhaps search askubuntu for your wireless chipset or launchpad and see if anyone has noticed a bug09:28
hamvockehisto: yeah, I've done so yesterday. All solutions pointed to disabling wireless n09:28
wasanzydo we have free cpanel version09:29
Matthew_Mooreiceroot: i am aware of that.  i had a KDE developer on my youtube show previously. i am well aware of the direction of KDE.09:29
histohamvocke: the other option is to try a newer module like one from intel09:29
icerootMatthew_Moore: i ust think that kubuntu will be removed from the official ubuntu-familie (my opinion)09:30
hamvockehisto: I'm already using an Intel module. Or are you suggesting using a newer Intel module than I currently use?09:30
varunendrahamvocke, I'm not sure why, but people are also often advised to use channel 1 or 11 for better performance. Your current signal not only is weak, but also has more than average noise (was even more in previous outputs)09:31
Matthew_Moorewhat about K apps on Mir?  such as Kdenlive.  they use QT libraries. is KDE isnt developing for Mir wouldnt these apps and Libraries break?09:31
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hamvockehisto: I'm a bit concerned that the wifi module might be troublesome, though. Dell also sells an ubuntu approved version of the XPS 13 (the so called "developer edition"). That version does not use an Intel module but some "Killer" wireless module. That developer edition was not available to me as a private customer in Germany though, so I bought a version with lower hardware specs09:32
icerootMatthew_Moore: i guess #ubuntu+1 is better for that09:32
icerootMatthew_Moore: but because of exactly these problems you named i guess kubuntu will be removed09:33
histohamvocke: I agree that the module may also be the problem. The only way you will know is to try an updated one09:33
varunendrahamvocke, different people have different opinions about intel cards. On Ubuntu Forums, some are that swear by its name :P09:33
hamvockevarunendra: thanks, I'll try changing the channel later. Hopefully that'll help09:33
hamvockevarunendra: yes, I've read repeatedly that "you cannot go wrong with an intel chipset", that's why I specifically searched for that when buying my new notebook09:34
Matthew_MooreYeah that's my concern.  i rely on Kdenlive for my youtube show. :(  ill keep my fingers crossed.  hope things go well there.09:34
varunendrahamvocke, also try changing dns and make sure IPv6 is set to "Ignore" in network manage (both are unrelated to signal strength, but disabling IPv6 may improve speed)09:35
hamvockehisto: maybe I should try using windows first to see, if the signal issue appears there as well. If so, I can conclude that this is not a driver issue and that I need to do something about the hardware09:35
hamvockevarunendra: thanks, will do09:35
Matthew_Moorei alredy have one issue with Kdenlive on 13.04. Key Spill mop up crashes the thing.  but the same version from the same repo on 12.04 works fine. not a clue what the diffrence is between them.09:36
Matthew_MooreDependacy or Library change i would assume.09:37
hamvockeI've read somewhere that using Fedora helped fixing the problem for one guy. Maybe I'll try booting into a Fedora live environment before installing Windows. That could spare me some time09:38
varunendrahamvocke, might as well try 12.04 :P09:42
mattviapchi, would anyone mind assisting me in installing ubuntu?09:42
varunendra!details | mattviapc09:42
ubottumattviapc: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:42
histohamvocke: installing a new module might be the fastest bet but depends on what you know.09:43
hamvockehisto: installing a new module is also the most expensive bet so far, isn't it?09:43
histohamvocke: expensive?09:44
varunendrahamvocke, module = driver, not card09:44
mattviapcCurrently I have 2 hard drives (one has my windows installation and the other stores data a programs). I want to get the second drive that is 230GB and partition it in windows to be 130gb and 100gb. When I do so I cannot see the partition I made in ubuntu.09:44
hamvockehisto, varunendra: ah, I see what you're talking about09:44
histohamvocke: that's why fedora would work over ubuntu their module may be newer...09:45
histoor older09:45
hamvockehisto: alright, I misunderstood the word "module" :)09:45
histohamvocke: yes I meant kernel module as in driver in the windows world09:46
hamvockehisto: is there any resource that can give me some instructions on how to install a new module? or am i save to just google something myself?09:46
pode_r irc.cc.tut.fi09:47
antonio_I cannot figure out why I cant record any audio on my laptop running 12.1009:47
antonio_somedays it works..somedays it doesnt09:47
varunendrahamvocke, do you have an account on Ubuntu Forums? If not create one and create a thread there. You'll get very detailed and thorough help there.09:47
blazemoreantonio_: Install the package "pavucontrol" - it provides a bit more control over audio devices than the default sound settings program09:48
hamvockevarunendra: thanks, that sounds like a good idea.09:48
MonkeyDustmattviapc  are you in ubuntu now?09:49
mattviapcnot atm, im defragging my drive in windows09:49
varunendrahamvocke, if no better person picks up your thread there, you may PM me (my id is same there)09:49
mattviapcshould I just go to ubuntu or should I defrag it?09:49
blazemoreSpeaking of defragging, if Windows has the only large partition on the drive, is it better to defragment it before shrinking the partiton when installing for a dual-boot?09:50
MonkeyDustmattviapc  better ask your ubuntu question, while you're in ubuntu09:50
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Fauxblazemore: Probably not, defragging is just as likely to move data into the space you want freed up as out of it.09:50
=== crapax is now known as olvr
hamvockevarunendra: thanks!09:50
blazemoreFaux: Especially for an SSD. I thought so, anyway09:51
antonio_blazemore: not really helping..09:52
antonio_This is really starting to piss me off...audio on linux has always given me troubles09:52
blazemoreantonio_: Can you see your input device there?09:52
MonkeyDustantonio_  in a terminal, type     alsamixer       do you see something wrong?09:52
blazemoreMonkeyDust: He's already got pavucontrol09:53
FauxOtoh, I've lost so much data to ntfsresize that I'd strongly suggest doing it some other way.09:53
antonio_I don't f#$#king get this!09:54
antonio_I always have troubles with this shit...09:55
antonio_I have a 1/8" jack going into the mic jack on the front of my laptop...09:55
antonio_sometimes it works..sometimes it doesn't09:55
blazemoreantonio_: Can you see your input device there?09:55
antonio_yeah..line in09:55
ObrienDaveantonio_==> does the cable work elsewhere?09:56
blazemoreantonio_: Go to the "Configuration" tab, what other options are available for your sound card? is it set to Stereo Duplex?09:56
antonio_obriendave: yes...like I said it09:56
antonio_it'll work on here sometimes09:56
antonio_analog stereo duplex09:56
blazemoreantonio_: Could it be a dodgy cable?09:57
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antonio_works fine on other machines09:57
blazemoreantonio_: Are there any options other than Line In? Can you change it to something else? Like "front mic" or similar?09:58
ObrienDaveI had a cable that would work one way but if i turned it over 180 degrees it would NOT work09:58
ObrienDavedrove me absolutely bonkers09:59
antonio_its not the cable..works fine on other machines09:59
blazemoreantonio_: Are there any options other than Line In? Can you change it to something else? Like "front mic" or similar?09:59
antonio_analog input/mic/mic, analog input/mic/line in, internal mic, microphone10:00
blazemoreantonio_: Try them all to see which one works10:00
antonio_none of them work10:01
blazemoreThat first one is the most likely10:01
ObrienDavedoes it work after a reboot always? or sometimes?10:02
blazemoreantonio_: Go to the "Input Devices" tab and make sure the volume is turned up10:02
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blazemoreantonio_: Let me know when you've checked that10:04
antonio_not working10:06
antonio_getting ready to drop linux10:06
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest80534
blazemoreantonio_: What is not working? Is it turned up?10:06
blazemoreantonio_: Could you please answer my question? I'm starting to think you're just a troll10:06
antonio_yes its turned up10:06
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rebootit was bad idea to use reboot nickname...10:07
Guest80534hello all10:07
blazemoreantonio_: In a terminal run "alsamixer" (without quotes) and you will get a sound manager. Once in, press [F4] to access capture settings. If any of the "Capture" modules have a couple of lines underneath ---------, try marking the module with the arrow eys, and pressing [Spacebar]. You will see some red text which idicates that the module is recording10:07
antonio_ok back10:11
antonio_sound still not working10:11
hillwellwangwhere should I go to get an answer of a C program question?10:12
tuxskyerwhois Goose10:14
blazemorehillwellwang: #c10:14
ObrienDavehillwellwang==> there are a number of C channels10:14
Quest iam using trruecrypt but while mounting an ntfs file on a nfts files system partition, it says. http://pastebin.com/9vCBgexP     .   I can use it in windows 7 but not in linuxx ubuntu. any ideas?10:15
blazemoreQuest: From the Truecrypt FAQ: File system within a TrueCrypt volume may become corrupted in the same way as any normal unencrypted file system. When that happens, you can use filesystem repair tools supplied with your operating system to fix it. In Windows, it is the 'chkdsk' tool. TrueCrypt provides an easy way to use this tool on a TrueCrypt volume: Right-click the mounted volume in the main TrueCrypt window (in the drive list) and from th10:16
blazemoreQuest: Do that from within Windows10:16
xgeek-cubi am looking for a pastebin service that has login and save all of my paste for ever!10:16
Questblazemore,  i have already run checkdisk10:16
xgeek-cubBUT not the pastbin itself10:17
Questblazemore,  i have already run checkdisk and it does runs files from windows. not from linux10:17
Ben64Quest: read the error you posted10:17
blazemoreQuest: Boot into Windows, unmount it properly with Eject10:17
Ben64"In the first case run chkdsk /f on Windows then reboot into Windows twice."10:17
Ben64notice the "twice" part10:18
QuestBen64,  its not software or hardware fault (as i have chkdsk from windows and it works fine there).  and iam not using raid either10:18
blazemoreQuest: The fact it's truecrypt is irrelevant - you have an inconsistant NTFS partition and Windows needs to repair it10:18
Questblazemore, ^10:18
blazemoreQuest: Ben64 has told you what to do; we can't help you any more if you won't even help yourself10:18
Questblazemore,  Ben64  i didnt got you. what did you meant? i have already check dsk the partition in windows and ran the same truecrypt file by truecrypt in windows 7. what else i should do?10:19
blazemoreQuest: If you can't use Windows you can install ntfsprogs and use "sudo ntfsfix /dev/partitionName" (once it's unencrypted) but this is potentially dangerous10:19
rexwin_does anybody how to Setup WHMCS on Rack Space?10:20
Ben64Quest: the error you pastebinned has the answer in it10:20
miroslav_Hi All10:20
blazemoreQuest: But the best thing to do is: Reboot to Windows, run chkdsk /f, and then reboot Windows TWICE10:20
Questblazemore,  ok.10:20
blazemoredell: Do you have a question?10:20
dellno tnx10:21
Questblazemore,  thanks for being elaborated. i will be back if unsuccesfull. thanks10:21
ObrienDavemay I suggest chkdsk /x? that forces any open handles closed and implies /r10:21
Ben64blazemore: ... it literally says to reboot twice in the error he posted10:21
blazemoreBen64: I know, my message to him was going to be the last time I said it10:22
tux2 sudo usermod -G www-data hary10:22
Ben64didn't know facepalm was a ctcp10:22
tux2and every since I am not in sudoers.. I can't install any app10:22
tux2please help10:22
Ben64Tux: because you changed your group, you didn't add yourself to one10:22
Ben64tux2: *10:23
Ben64tux2: you need to boot into recovery mode and fix your groups10:23
tux2Ben64: I get it. :)10:23
tux2Ben64: I can log into root using shell in ctrl+alt+F310:24
Ben64you gave root a password? : /10:24
tux2Ben64: its same passwd as hary10:25
tux2i didn't gave any10:25
tux2its strange :(10:25
Ben64you must have10:25
tux2maybe because hary is in administrator10:25
Ben64anyway, thats not really recommended10:25
tux2Ben64: yup10:25
Ben64can be dangerous having root account unlocked, but this is how you add a user to groups....10:25
Ben64usermod -a -G group user10:26
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tux2Ben64: so, I should go in recovery mode and then use the command lines to manage groups ?10:26
Ben64these are the groups i'm in ... ben64 adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare10:26
tux2adding didn't work10:29
tux2says the same10:29
tux2restarted the terminal10:29
tux2after adding my hary to sudoers in the terminal10:29
tux2tty using F310:30
tux2Ben64: what do you suggest ?10:30
Questblazemore, Ben64  rebooted twice, same problem10:31
varunendratux2, what groups you are currently member of? (groups command)10:31
danleyHi. I have a  Realtek RTL8111/8168B ethernet chip. I installed the drivers as per instructions found on google. They worked fine, too. But I have the problem that whenever I update to a new kernel I have to redo the procedure which is impossible because I can only access the machine remotely. How can I automize the building of that kernel module for that ethernet card?10:33
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rexwin_does anybody how to Setup WHMCS on Rack Space10:33
blazemoreQuest: Try using the truecrypt check volume option10:33
blazemoreQuest: Right-click the mounted volume in the main TrueCrypt window (in the drive list) and from the context menu select 'Repair Filesystem'.10:34
ActionPa1snipdanley: look into dkms10:34
varunendradanley, read on bulding "dkms" modules, or search one.10:34
blazemoreQuest: Notice I'm talking about checking the encrypted file container; NOT the ntfs partition where the file container is stored10:35
Questblazemore,  it doesnt mounts it in linux. does in windows.     i dont see a repair functino in linux truecrypt either10:35
blazemoreQuest: nono, you do the repair from Windows10:35
Questbazhang,  yes. i got you10:35
Questblazemore,  ok10:35
danleythanks ActionPa1snip, varunendra. do you guys think this: http://djlab.com/2010/10/fixing-rtl8111-8168b-driver-debian-ubuntu/ in the update would work?10:37
varunendradanley, no that is a different driver10:37
danleybut the principle, I mean10:38
varunendradanley, yes, if that talks about "howto build one" then it should be same.10:38
varunendradanley, just re-read your original question, even the driver is same (/facepalms)10:40
varunendradanley, but why do you need it? The native one is good enough now. (r8169)10:40
blazemorevarunendra: For me, I have to remove r8169 and install r8168 or I get dropped frames10:42
varunendrablazemore, still?? On 12.04 or later ??10:42
blazemoreAlthough it's improved since 12.0410:42
patsTomsmorning, I want to use open box with one window there. But seems I need vnc to push some buttons there. I have ubuntu server 1310:42
patsTomsany ideas?10:43
blazemoreIn fact, I don't *have* to any more, but I get slightly better perforance if I do10:43
varunendrablazemore, it used to be a problem in 10.04, but not anymore it seems10:43
ActionPa1snippatsToms: why not use X forwarding and run the app you need10:43
danleyvarunendra, well, the old board broke, I replaced it, the new one had this chipset and ubuntu didn't identify any network device10:43
patsTomsActionPa1snip, X forwarding?10:43
danleyso I installed the one from realtek10:43
ActionPa1snippatsToms: it will run the app on the server but display on you client PC10:43
danleyI'm using 12.04 server edition10:43
danleyit's just a little atom as NAS and media server etc10:43
patsTomsActionPa1snip, thanks about info. Found something online, will try :)10:44
varunendradanley, did the 8168 work? Because there seems to be a new problem with that particular chip, where none of the drivers work.. (a BIOS reset *sometimes* fixes it)10:44
danleyand it seems to have worked. at least the output of dkms is thumbs up. thanks again varunendra and ActionPa1snip.10:45
danleyit does work with realtek's driver10:45
danley01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 06)10:45
varunendradanley, that's a useful info.10:45
danleythat's the one I have10:45
danleythe driver version I downloaded is 8.036.0010:46
varunendradanley, the newest one available I guess :)10:46
danleyyup. released on 2013/6/1710:47
varunendraokkay, gotta try that one again next time :) Thanks danley10:48
danleyvarunendra, there, save you 2 seconds of googling: http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=13&PFid=5&Level=5&Conn=4&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false10:49
varunendradanley, don't worry about the link. I visit there probably 4-5 times a week... for different drivers though.. lol But thanks for your concern.10:50
Tex_Nick13.04 ... i've been using the Golden Frog vyprVPN for a couple weeks now ... my ISP connection is 15Mbps, but with VPN enabled the system monitor network monitor sometimes shows about 2.8Mbps ... would that be a true speed ? It seems a lot faster10:55
=== dgfdgf is now known as `MArceLL`
blazemoreTex_Nick: You could always use http://speedtest.net10:57
Questblazemore,  i can mount it in linux now. but some files that i recently copied to the truecrypt file in linux are lost10:58
nirvanahello i want to restrict some tools/files from being accessed by certain users, whats the best tool for it?10:59
blazemorenirvana: Add the restricted users to a group, then use the file manager to restrict that group from accessing the files11:00
Tex_Nickblazemore: yeah have done that ... but actual DL speeds seem to be about twice as fast as what speakeasy.net/speedtest shows ... kinda an enigma11:02
HurricaneTornadohello everyone11:02
HurricaneTornadoneed some tornadoes11:02
ActionPa1snipnirvana: the OS does that, you have group ownership and individual ownership11:02
ActionPa1snipnirvana: you can put users in groups then give that group the ownership of the folders and files11:02
blazemoreTex_Nick: Your true speed will depend on the upload speed of the server. What is your actual question here?11:03
ActionPa1snipnirvana: also FYI, there is no single best tool for anything, you have options11:03
nirvanawhat if i have 20 tools (e.g: curl,nmap) to not being accessed to 10 users so i grouped them in a restricted group, so lets say i want to allow user A use nmap tool so i just remove him from the group, but that would make him use curl tool and others?11:04
ActionPa1snipnirvana: then set the group ownership to a group, leave the user owner as root, then deny all other users access11:05
HurricaneTornadoi love hurricanes and tornadoes!!!!!!11:05
ActionPa1snipnirvana: make the application be chmodded to 550   (owner and group read and execute and everyone else zero access)11:05
Questblazemore,  i can mount it in linux now. but some files that i recently copied to the truecrypt file in linux are lost11:05
ActionPa1snipHurricaneTornado: please stick to the channe topic11:05
Questblazemore,  so thats gone?11:06
blazemoreQuest: Probably; yes. Any reason you're using ntfs?11:06
HurricaneTornadoi dont know wh at the topic is11:06
M4heHi everybody! How can I change the terminal which is opened by nautilus-open-terminal ? It defaults to xterm when gnome-terminal isn't installed but I want it to open xfce4-terminal.11:06
ActionPa1snipHurricaneTornado: ubuntu support, and ONLY ubuntu support11:06
nirvanaActionPa1snip: i need a reading, any tutorial or docs for that sir? i know i can google, but you know better which one i should read11:06
Questblazemore,  yes. have to acces files on both linux and windows. otherwise i prefere ext11:07
HurricaneTornadowhat channels are there here?11:07
ActionPa1snipnirvana: look into Linux ACLs and chmod and chown and chgrp11:07
DJones!alis | HurricaneTornado11:07
ActionPa1snip!alis | HurricaneTornado11:07
ubottuHurricaneTornado: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*11:07
nirvanaok sir11:07
blazemoreQuest: Fat32 is a bit safer11:07
histonirvana: what is the ultimate goal for restricting them?11:07
blazemoreM4he: sudo apt-get install dconf-tools11:07
Questblazemore,  it cant have more thatn 4g files11:07
blazemoreM4he: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.default-applications.terminal exec xfce4-terminal11:07
nirvanahisto: im learning sir, trial and errors11:08
blazemoreQuest: Then always make sure you safely unmount your NTFS volumes when you're finished with them, in both Linux and Windows11:08
histonirvana: Well don't allow them sudo access then11:08
Questblazemore,  ok11:08
Questblazemore,  ok thanks11:08
blazemore!ntfs | Quest11:08
ubottuQuest: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE11:09
ActionPa1snipnirvana: if a user has sudo access it will trump anything you do, root can access and do anything at all11:09
blazemoreOh Quest sorry I thought that like wuld be more useful11:09
nirvanahisto: ah so the easiest way is to restrict the tools to only being access by root11:09
blazemore*link *would11:09
nirvanaso i dont need to worry about the group thing11:09
Questblazemore,  ubuntu already have ntfs-3g11:10
M4heblazemore: Thanks. This line worked with nautilus 3.4 but it doesn't with 3.6 on 13.04 now11:10
ActionPa1snipnirvana: only people in the sudo group can run admin tasks11:10
ActionPa1snipnirvana: using apt-get to update the OS is an admin task11:10
histonirvana: What are the "tools" you are worried about?11:10
nirvanaActionPa1snip: i know but i want to restrict certain tools, or maybe some modules in python so they cant use em11:12
nirvanahisto: i dont know, maybe telnet11:12
ActionPa1snipnirvana: you can use visudo to control what commands your sudo users can and cannot run, the default is all commands but you can lock them down as you need11:12
histonirvana: what's the fear that the users can't use telnet?11:13
nirvanaActionPa1snip: ill take a look on it11:13
histonirvana: sorry let me rephrase.. Why are you trying to restrict access to telnet?11:14
ActionPa1snipnirvana: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sudoers#Command_Aliases11:15
nirvanahisto: forget the telnet sir lol, for example i got this free public shell, and i use it for download/upload stuff from some file hosting, like download movie and transfer them to dropbox, so i learn it and i know bad users management is dangerous11:16
nirvanaActionPa1snip: ok11:16
histonirvana: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo  Please read and understand this then.11:17
DJHenjinthis is odd, I set up public key authentication on my server successfully a couple weeks ago and disabled password login, It was working fine until as far as i can tell a few minutes ago when I tried to login to SFTP with winSCP with the correct private key11:24
DJHenjinnow I cannot even log in using putty with the correct private key either,11:24
DJHenjinI get "server refused our key" in the console window in putty, then I get a pop up saying "no supported auth methods available( server sent pub key)"11:25
DJHenjinthis is really really bad as this is a production server, and if I get logged out of the 1 session I have open currently I am screwed11:26
CKLMNmy workspaces are enabled , also super+s works , but ctl+alt+arrow isnt , can anyone help me with thhis /11:26
=== tolecnal_ is now known as tolecnal
MonkeyDustCKLMN  system settings, keyboard, shortcuts11:27
CKLMNi did it , also i set them , but still doesnt work11:27
usr13DJHenjin: You know the password(s) to it.  Right?11:27
DJHenjinusr13: Yes, although I have disabled password based login for more security11:27
CKLMNMonkeyDust, Switch to workspace below : ctrl+alt+Down11:28
CKLMNMonkeyDust, also did it for the other 311:28
ActionPa1snipDJHenjin: why did you not setup a test box to learn how to setup keys before running on a prod servr?11:28
usr13DJHenjin: What do you mean, you've disabled password?11:28
=== slacker_1l is now known as slacker_nl
CKLMNMonkeyDust, still doesnt work11:28
trueneuDJHenjin, the best solution here is to re-enable it at least temporarily until you know what's wrong with your keys.11:28
trueneuusr13, he means he disabled password-based login through ssh, I bet.11:29
DJHenjinActionPa1snip: I disabled password login after I verified public key auth was working11:29
DJHenjintrueneu: that is correct11:29
ActionPa1snipDJHenjin: ok thats cool11:29
usr13DJHenjin: It appears that those keys are no longer "correct".11:29
DJHenjinI wonder why.11:30
trueneuDJHenjin, just re-enable it back temporarily and don't leave only one way to access a server. Never. Ever. Then investigate what's wrong with the keys.11:30
BluesKajHiyas all11:30
trueneuAndrey_Bolotin, there are some Russian speaking people here, would you behave?11:30
MonkeyDusttrueneu  don't give it attention, summertime, more teens online11:31
trueneuMonkeyDust, ah. Right. Forgot that, thanks.11:32
zatrickyHey, all. I asked already in #ubuntu-server but it seems its a tumbleweed town ...11:33
zatrickyI updated my personal server at home last night from 12.10 to 13.04 - the upgrade went smoothly except that the new kernel (3.8) doesn't finish booting. There are no clues given except for an error saying "Timed out", and "Dropping to a shell".11:33
zoraelMemory fails me; isn't there a tool in the repos to conveniently tweak package dependencies? Say I want to change a hard dep into a recommends.11:33
DJHenjinpassword auth re enabled, now to figure out why my public key auth is screwged11:33
zatrickyThe server runs off a 60GB Intel SSD with btrfs - which works without any issue with the previous kernel (3.5)11:33
zatrickyI've done a lot of googling but I'm not seeing much info relevant either to btrfs or simply "Timed out" in relation to the a boot process failure :-/ Is this a known issue perhaps?11:33
catmandoHey all11:34
trueneuDJHenjin, does putty provide any kind of verbose log?11:34
DJHenjinno, enabled all logging and all I get is 'server refused out key'11:34
catmandoTrying to get openvpn running, installed openvpn binary via apt-get but getting a 'no such file or directory' from /dev/net/tun11:34
catmandoWhat am i missing11:34
trueneuDJHenjin, even better - can you use a *nix box to connect?11:35
catmando(Yes i am running this from the command line)11:35
trueneuDJHenjin, for example the same you're connecting to?11:35
DJHenjintrueneu: No I do not have one available11:35
trueneuDJHenjin, but you're connected to one right now if I get you right.11:35
DJHenjinI am connected to the server currently yes11:36
DJHenjinauth.log states Jul  5 05:31:41 ns5001352 sshd[2008]: Authentication refused: bad ownership or modes for directory /11:37
trueneuDJHenjin, so use it to connect to itself via ssh with verbose log.11:37
trueneuDJHenjin, for directory / ?11:37
zatrickyDJHenjin/trueneu: lolwut?11:38
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trueneuzatricky, have no idea.11:38
=== Inoperable is now known as Inoperable_AWY
=== Inoperable_AWY is now known as Inoperable
DJHenjinah shite i think i know what happened,11:39
trueneuI'll blame winSCP even if it's innocent.11:39
zatrickyDJHenjin - what are the perms set to on / ?11:39
DJHenjini can only check perms on folders inside / right?11:39
trueneuIt may be funny, they're usually root:root 755.11:40
=== funkyHat_ is now known as funkyHat
DJHenjinI use EHCP to manage my hosting, And I was trying to setup an FTP account from within EHCP to access everythign inside /11:40
trueneuYou can check permissions on / , it has '.' entry. It's a directory actually.11:40
DJHenjinit must have fuckered the perms somehow11:40
DJHenjininside / everything is root rot drwxr-xr-x except /home11:41
zatrickyroot@glick:~# ls -lsd /11:41
zatricky0 drwxr-xr-x 1 root root 254 Jul  5 00:18 /11:41
zatricky-d to have it get the directory's info only11:41
zatrickynot the directory content*11:41
DJHenjinthat it did ...11:41
DJHenjin4 drwxr-xr-x 24 vsftpd www-data 4096 Apr 27 23:04 /11:41
trueneuvsftpd www-data11:41
trueneuAnd there it is.11:42
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zatrickyyeah, that's not right11:42
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DJHenjinall because i wanted a standard FTP account to be able to access /11:42
trueneuWhat's EHCP anyway?11:42
DJHenjinfixed with chown root:root /11:42
DJHenjinEasy Hosting Control Panel,11:43
ActionPa1snipDJHenjin: oh man bad idea to give ftp access to anything but it needs, also ftp should die11:43
trueneuSounds like phpmyadmin. phpmyadmin sounds like shyte.11:43
DJHenjinits for managing webhosting, MySQL, DNS server, Email,11:43
ActionPa1snipphpmyadmin is ok, not great11:43
trueneuActionPa1snip is very right about ftp.11:44
DJHenjinThanks for the helps11:44
trueneuNP, you've figured it out yourself in the end.11:45
DJHenjinusing winSCP for sftp since filezilla wont accept my passcoded private key :(11:45
DJHenjinis that a bad idea?11:47
DJHenjinalso, what would you recommend as a secondary way into the server, I do not like password auth as I have another person who needs access as well11:48
ActionPa1snipDJHenjin: I'd use ssh with keys11:51
DJHenjinActionPa1snip: I do use SSH already, with public key auth,11:51
catmandoSo, Ubuntu 12.04, installed openvpn, getting a 'cannot open tun/tap dev' error11:51
catmandoAny ideas?11:51
nbagscatmando: r u root?11:52
catmandoI am11:52
nbagscat is tap/tun module loaded?11:52
Vinnie_winSo I accepted an update from Ubuntu and restarted, and now the Guest Additions (VirtualBox don't seem to be working quite right, when I resize the Host window the Guest window doesn't resize11:55
circletrying to install a java plugin for mozilla11:56
histoVinnie_win: is ubuntu the guest or the host?11:56
Vinnie_winhisto: Ubuntu is the guest11:56
circleIt wants me to make a symlink to a file called "libnpjp2.so"11:56
circlebut I don't have that file11:56
histoVinnie_win: reinstall guest additions11:56
trueneuVinnie_win, then... update guest additions?11:56
histoVinnie_win: they probably need to be rebuilt for the new kernel you received via update11:58
ActionPa1snipcircle: sudo updatedb; locate libnpjp2.so12:00
catmandoNbags: how do i install that module, since modprobe tun does not work12:00
ActionPa1snipcircle: why not use the webupd8 java ppa, so much easier12:00
circleActionPa1snip: where's that?12:00
ActionPa1snipcircle: on the web12:00
catmandonbags: also, is that not in the kerrnel now? Surely that should get pulled in by apt-get when i install openvpn12:00
ActionPa1snipcircle: when the PPA gets updated too, the java on your OS will update too12:01
Vinnie_winhisto: Oh....ugh...how do I go back to the previous kernel?12:02
circleActionPa1snip: I'm not on ubuntu...I only came here because I can speek here while services are down and I can't in my OS's channel12:02
zoraelcircle: You may be mixing OpenJDK with Sun's java -- see http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=24792412:03
histoVinnie_win: press shift key while booting to select the old kernel from the grub menu12:03
ActionPa1snipcircle: this is ubuntu support only12:03
histoVinnie_win: or you could just install guest additions and be done with it.12:03
ActionPa1snipcircle: ##linux is distro ambiguous12:04
circlezorael: ahhh, thank you12:04
=== kvm is now known as kvmadsen
circlezorael: should I remove the other java?12:06
=== Guest40169 is now known as Debolaz
zoraelcircle: Try it, see what happens.12:08
circlezorael: what?12:09
=== gordonjc1 is now known as gordonjcp
zipyhow can i show external hdd devices in terminal12:10
zoraelcircle: As in yes, do remove it, if it doesn't work then you can always reinstall it12:12
jribzipy: did you mount them?12:13
zipyjrib, i have to find them first *g*12:14
zipyi think i did now with fdisk -l12:14
CaptainQuirkHi there ! I'm having an issue with executing a command inside gnome-terminal with -x switch12:14
jribzipy: « ls /dev/sd* » ?12:14
CaptainQuirkThe command being launched itself by AT12:14
CaptainQuirkPaste is here http://pastie.org/811266612:15
CaptainQuirkWithout the -x switch, everything works fine12:15
kdevHello All.12:16
kdevI hv a problem . How12:16
jribCaptainQuirk: maybe you want -e?  What do you actually want to execute?12:16
CaptainQuirkAnother command12:17
jribCaptainQuirk: what other command...12:17
CaptainQuirkwell it doesn't matter for the moment actually, it can be a shell script or an existing external command12:17
kdevHow to import svn project into eclipse which is in Dropbox and my path to Home/Dropbox/SVNDEV2.012:17
CaptainQuirksomething that prints things to stdout anyway12:17
jribCaptainQuirk: gnome-terminal -x echo test12:18
CaptainQuirkcan you elaborate on the difference between -e and -x ?12:18
circleso java's install dir is /opt/java?12:18
circlethat sound right?12:18
kdevany one help me ?12:19
jribCaptainQuirk: -x takes the rest of the arguments as your command.  -e takes the next argument as your command.  This is my understanding.12:19
CaptainQuirkjrib, the quote must be the problem then ?12:20
jribCaptainQuirk: yes, you don't have a command called "echo test" probably12:20
kdevHow to import svn project into eclipse which is in Dropbox and my path to Home/Dropbox/SVNDEV2.0 I have done to this... Expand the SVN folder -> Checkout Projects from SVN Now Problem in the path  file:///Home/Dropbox/SVNDEV2.012:20
MonkeyDustkdev  ln -s the project to some place where you can reach it12:21
kdevthe project is in my Dropbox12:22
kdevi m not getting how to give the path12:22
CaptainQuirkjrib, doesn't work with no quotes at all12:23
jribCaptainQuirk: what did you run12:23
CaptainQuirkgnome-terminal -x echo test12:23
jribCaptainQuirk: what do you mean when you say "doesn't work"?  What actually happened?12:24
CaptainQuirkNo terminal was launched12:24
jribCaptainQuirk: did you get an error?12:24
boniiHi, I have a Lenovo T420. I run xmonad and I am trying to configure my system to run 2 external monitors (one via VGA and other via DVI/Displayport) so that I can run diffrent workspaces on different monitors in xmonad. I dont want to use the display on the Lenovo laptop when I use the external displays. Can someone please point me how can I configure xorg for this setup ?12:24
jribCaptainQuirk: are you sure your terminal didn't open, echo test, and then quit very quickly (this is what should happen)?  Why don't you try "nano" instead of "echo test"?12:25
kdevHow to import svn project into eclipse which is in Dropbox and my path to Home/Dropbox/SVNDEV2.0 I have done to this... Expand the SVN folder -> Checkout Projects from SVN Now Problem in the path  file:///Home/Dropbox/SVNDEV2.0  it show error  i m not getting how to give the path12:25
MagiiI have a Acer windows 8 laptop, I want to install ubuntu 13.04 along side it. But when I run the legacy bios ubuntu doesnt reconize windows and when I run uefi my pc doesnt accept the usb boot :/ help me please12:25
MonkeyDust!uefi | Magii start here12:26
ubottuMagii start here: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI12:26
MonkeyDustalis is not available?12:27
kdevi m trying to sift my development platform to ubuntu . So need ur valuable helps12:27
FauxThere's some kind of services outage at the moment, MonkeyDust.12:27
syntax_errorhello all12:28
MagiiOkay ive read the !uefi but my laptop wont boot my liveusb when I boot in UEFI bootmode12:29
MonkeyDustkdev  keep it in the channel please, i may be giving erroneous advice and the others must be able to follow, too12:30
DJHenjinI have a 20 GB / partition on 2 120 GB SSD's in RAID, a 1 GB swap on same, and a 90 GB unused partition also on same, I would like to remove the unused partition and the swap and then resize the / Partition to fill the disks,12:30
MagiiMy laptop wont boot my liveusb when its in uefi bootmode12:30
kdevHow to import svn project into eclipse which is in Dropbox and my path to Home/Dropbox/SVNDEV2.0 I have done to this... Expand the SVN folder -> Checkout Projects from SVN Now Problem in the path  file:///Home/Dropbox/SVNDEV2.0  it show error  i m not getting how to give the path12:31
DJHenjincan anyone offer me advice on the best way to do this with minimal downtime12:31
CaptainQuirkjrib, I don't get it, I'm trying to open the terminal now, and I don't get anything12:31
kdevHow to import svn project into eclipse which is in Dropbox and my path to Home/Dropbox/SVNDEV2.0 I have done to this... Expand the SVN folder -> Checkout Projects from SVN Now Problem in the path  file:///Home/Dropbox/SVNDEV2.0  it show error  i m not getting how to give the path12:32
jribCaptainQuirk: you have to say what you are actually doing, I'm not looking over your shoulder to see the commands you are inputting12:32
CaptainQuirkThe same as on my paste, without the -x switch12:32
CaptainQuirkat now +1 minute12:33
jribCaptainQuirk: make a new pastebin12:33
Gx1sptDTDahi.. I downloaded the Ubuntu SDK this morning following standard instructions (http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/) for Ubuntu 13.04. I tried the currency converter tutorial. It works, but colors/backgrounds for buttons are completely messed up (see http://askubuntu.com/questions/316629/qml-button-colors-not-working) . Now I've just noticed that Friends also doesnt boot up, giving 2 errors in terminal when I start friends-ap12:33
Gx1sptDTDainstalling the Ubuntu SDK obviously broke *something*, but what?12:33
MagiiWhen my laptop is in legacy bios the ubuntu installer doesnt reconize windows, it cant install along side it. When my laptop is in UEFI mode it wont reconize my live usb... Disabling secure boot doesnt seem to work either :/12:33
MagiiWhen my laptop is in legacy bios the ubuntu installer doesnt reconize windows, it cant install along side it. When my laptop is in UEFI mode it wont reconize my live usb... Disabling secure boot doesnt seem to work either :/12:34
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kdevHow to import svn project into eclipse which is in Dropbox and my path to Home/Dropbox/SVNDEV2.0 I have done to this... Expand the SVN folder -> Checkout Projects from SVN Now Problem in the path  file:///Home/Dropbox/SVNDEV2.0  it show error  i m not getting how to give the path12:35
jrib!repeat | kdev12:35
ubottukdev: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:35
CaptainQuirkjrib, http://pastie.org/811270612:37
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=== DestinyAwait is now known as DestinyAwaits
mrdebwhat is ahardware monitor12:46
mrdebwhich one12:46
rwwIdleOne: if the +e list has more than 4 entries, you can cut that down too12:53
=== DestinyAwaits1 is now known as DestinyAwaits
rwwif you didn't already12:53
CaptainQuirkjrib, http://pastie.org/811270612:53
Gx1sptDTDahi.. I downloaded the Ubuntu SDK this morning following standard instructions (http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/) for Ubuntu 13.04. I tried the currency converter tutorial. It works, but colors/backgrounds for buttons are completely messed up (see http://askubuntu.com/questions/316629/qml-button-colors-not-working) . Now I've just noticed that Friends also doesnt boot up, giving 2 errors in terminal when I start friends-ap12:53
Gx1sptDTDainstalling the Ubuntu SDK obviously broke *something*, but what?12:53
=== MonkeyDu2t is now known as MonkeyDust
jribCaptainQuirk: does "DISPLAY=:0 gnome-terminal" work for you outside of at?  i.e. if you just execute it at your shell prompt directly?12:53
grass7boyi ve fount that12:53
grass7boywhen i press printscreen key12:53
grass7boyubuntu 13.04 will capture my screen12:53
grass7boyi wonder know what program has been execute when i press the PrintScreen key12:53
grass7boymoreover...  can i launch another program when i press that key?12:53
jribCaptainQuirk: does "DISPLAY=:0 gnome-terminal" work for you outside of at?  i.e. if you just execute it at your shell prompt directly?12:53
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=== Muzer_ is now known as Muzer
CaptainQuirkjrib, indeed, it doesn't : Failed to connect to the session manager: Could not open network socket12:53
=== Guest15289 is now known as Lutzee
ss_hazegrass7boy, just a tip, use top, htop or gnome-system-monitor, to see which processes you are running in time12:54
Gx1sptDTDahi.. I downloaded the Ubuntu SDK this morning following standard instructions (http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/) for Ubuntu 13.04. I tried the currency converter tutorial. It works, but colors/backgrounds for buttons are completely messed up (see http://askubuntu.com/questions/316629/qml-button-colors-not-working) . Now I've just noticed that Friends also doesnt boot up, giving 2 errors in terminal when I start friends-ap12:58
Gx1sptDTDainstalling the Ubuntu SDK obviously broke *something*, but what?12:58
zmoechange channel13:28
ActionParsnipmic1980: copy it to a linux fle system13:28
ActionParsnipzmoe: thats not a qestion13:28
MOUDActionParsnip: can you please provide the command to check for the KDE size to be downloaded?13:28
mic1980thanks will review13:28
ActionParsnipMOUD: sudo apt-get install kbounce      You can say NO to simply observe the installed size. Is there not a GTK based app the same?13:28
OerHeksMOUD, kubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64.iso               24-Apr-2013 23:12  928mb13:28
jdolesHow can I change the default file browser to use in Firefox (it opens nautilus, while I want it to use something else)?13:29
MOUDActionParsnip: no, I mean download the whole KDE environment13:29
ActionParsnipMOUD: it will only download what is needed by the app13:29
=== withnale_ is now known as boris66
MOUDActionParsnip: ok then, thanks13:30
=== Guest85273 is now known as Myrtti
MOUDOerHeks: I only wanted to know the KDE environment size (if I want to switch between GNOME and KDE). I'm using Ubuntu 13.04 now13:30
YSTYLEI'm using debian 7  now13:31
OerHeksMOUD that depends on your hardware, i guess13:31
zatrickyMOUD also on what builtin applications you might want running/disabled between the two environments13:32
=== Guest78253 is now known as karakedi
OerHeksMOUD, i just reinstalled Kubuntu + restricted extra's + vlc + clementine + chromium + updates = 14,1 gb13:32
zatrickyI disabled all the "cool" search features I never used as they took up a chunk of my RAM13:32
MOUDOerHeks: O.o 14GB is too big13:32
ActionParsnipMOUD: Id look at a GTK based solution13:33
=== Guest76612 is now known as bonii
MOUDzatricky: good question. I still don't know for sure. I just installed ubuntu and I have a slow internet connection13:34
=== Guest79507 is now known as Lutzee
=== Guest62428 is now known as DronkenAap
MOUDI need to go now, see you ppl later :)13:36
=== DronkenAap is now known as Guest90534
ActionParsnip!info icebreaker13:38
MaurizioBhello,I'm trying to install 13.04 as guest on a gentoo host using virtualbox, but I have issues with both the installer and the live disc, is there a particular procedure that I should follow?13:40
joyhi there13:41
xanguaMaurizioB: telling the issues would be one13:41
MonkeyDustmd5 | MaurizioB make sure the iso not corrupt13:41
MaurizioBsure :)13:41
joywhat is this message means Init: no more processes left in this runlevel13:41
MaurizioBThe first issue I see with the live is that X starts but hangs on compiz, giving an error13:42
MonkeyDustMaurizioB  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM13:42
MaurizioBI'm going to checksum the iso right now13:42
ActionParsnipMaurizioB: which flavour of 13.04 are you using?13:43
MaurizioBok, the checksum is fine13:44
MaurizioBActionParsnip: desktop-i38613:44
zteamHi all13:44
sebrockcan anyone help me setup a L2TP tunnel? Nothing seems to happen to the tunnel13:44
ActionParsnipMaurizioB: yes but Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu?13:44
MaurizioBubuntu, sorry :)13:44
ActionParsnipMaurizioB: i'd suggest Xubuntu or Lubuntu in a VM, they are lighter so will impact less on the host13:45
blast_hardcheeseWhat is in charge of filling up /boot/ on ubuntu servers?13:45
zteamI have a very annoying issue with my Ubuntu 13.04 installation, about half the time then I start my computer the system forget to start up Lightdm13:45
MonkeyDustMaurizioB  and if you're skilled enough for Gentoo, you may want to try the mini iso, too13:46
MaurizioBok. do you know if they differ in the chrome/chromium installation?13:46
zykotick9blast_hardcheese: kernels perhaps?13:46
MaurizioBMonkeyDust: I did, I have problems with that too :(13:46
ActionParsnipMaurizioB: its the same install souce and method13:46
zteamI'm using Ubuntu on a Kingston SSDNow V300 120 GB with a Gigabyte GA-ma770 DS3 motherboard13:46
MaurizioBActionParsnip: thanks13:46
zteamanyone got some easy fix?13:47
MaurizioBwith the mini install I get a base-installer/kernel/failed-install13:47
luv2dev@jrib how can i use ubuntu in windows 7 as a dual boot without affecting my files and folder?13:47
blast_hardcheesezykotick9: Yes, of course. I guess a more direct question would have been "What pedantically installs every available kernel immediately as it comes out?"13:47
ActionParsnipzteam: you could add to restart lightdm in /etc/rc.local13:47
ActionParsnipluv2dev: win7 can resize its own NTFS partition13:48
zteamActionParsnip, okey, do you think that solve it? :-)13:48
blast_hardcheeseI recognize security and whatnot, but considering that this machine is already behind a firewall (and it doesn't get used very much), it's really annoying13:48
zykotick9blast_hardcheese: that's normal ubuntu update behaviour.  do you actually "need" a separate /boot?13:48
blast_hardcheesezykotick9: /boot is 500 megs, that should be more than enough for anything13:49
zykotick9blast_hardcheese: without a "need" a separate /boot is foolish... good luck.13:49
MaurizioBOk, I'm downloading lubuntu13:50
=== developer is now known as operator
ActionParsnipzteam: is the OS fully updated13:50
blast_hardcheesezykotick9: The "need" for /boot/ is so that things like Ubuntu downloading too many kernels doesn't impact the functionality of the rest of the system. I'd much rather have /boot fill up than /.13:50
zteamActionParsnip, yesterday it was, but now I see some more updates13:51
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
zteamActionParsnip, doubt the updates fix it, thought this issue has existed from Ubuntu 12.04 as well :-/13:53
=== zz_jinie is now known as jinie
ActionParsnipzteam: worth a try13:53
zteamActionParsnip, But I'm of course very grateful for every advice I get :-)13:53
columbWhat's the best way to get CS6 working on Ubuntu 13.04?13:55
MonkeyDustwhats CS6?13:55
ActionParsnipcolumb: wine, cedega or crossoveroffice13:55
jbroomecolumb: run windows in virtualbox13:55
=== Guest88166 is now known as Debolaz
ActionParsnipcolumb: none is outright best, they are just options#13:56
jbroomeMaurizioB: creative suite 6.  includes more than just PS13:56
=== vlt_ is now known as vlt
ActionParsnipcolumb: in future can you use FULL product names, only use defacto acronyms, save confusion13:57
giwrgarasin the ubuntu install i dont get a 'install alongside windows'. all i get is delete win install ubuntu with 2 subselections, and then an 'other' option'13:58
MaurizioBjbroome: right :)13:58
MonkeyDustcolumb  http://appdb.winehq.org/13:58
giwrgarasi choose the other, it tells something about partitions and it has lots of file types. fat16,32 and some other strange stuff.13:58
giwrgarasis there any tutorial on what do i do in this case or anyone can help on this one?13:58
MonkeyDustgiwrgaras  select "other"13:58
sebastiaso I'm still on 10.04 LTS and need a newer version of xl2tpd. How can I fix this?13:59
giwrgarasyeah that wasnt so hard but what then13:59
zteamActionParsnip, if I want to try to start lightdm from rc.local do I have to be root?13:59
giwrgaras10 file types and i have no idea what are they13:59
xanguasebastia upgrade to a supported ubuntu version13:59
ActionParsnipzteam: command in rc.local are ran as root, add the command above the 'exit 0' line13:59
sebastiaxangua: obviously, but that is not an option. I have to stick with LTS13:59
usr13giwrgaras: You have to decide which partition(s) to use or shrink to provide free space.13:59
MonkeyDustgiwrgaras  ext4 for ubuntu13:59
giwrgaraswhich one do you use?14:00
MonkeyDustsebastia  you can easily upgrade to 12.04 LTS14:00
ActionParsnipsebastia: do you have a desktop UI with mouse pointer and nautilus file browser?14:00
usr13giwrgaras: yes14:00
zteamActionParsnip, okey so just "start ligthtdm" then right?14:00
giwrgarasalso when i choose something, it said something else about not having a root14:00
sebastiaActionParsnip: no this is a server edition, terminal only14:00
usr13giwrgaras: What size is your hard drive?14:00
MonkeyDustsebastia  you need /home, / and swap14:00
sebastiaMonkeyDust: policywise I cannot do it14:00
usr13giwrgaras: So how much did you set aside for Ubuntu install?14:01
MonkeyDustsebastia  and 10.04 for the desktop is !eol, dead14:01
sebastiano its not, its LTS to 201514:01
MonkeyDustsebastia  for the server14:01
usr13giwrgaras: How much RAM does this computer have?14:01
sebastiaI have the server, as I wrote14:01
zteamsebastia, you really should move (or talk to the admin about moving to Ubuntu 12.04)14:02
MonkeyDustsebastia  great, there's also #ubuntu-server14:02
sebastiawhere no one answers ever14:02
usr13giwrgaras: Make 2 partitions, one 4G swap partition and the rest for /14:02
MonkeyDustsebastia  maybe because no one has the answer14:02
sebastiathere is no activity of any sort14:03
giwrgarasfile ext4 or swap? cause it also had a swap option14:03
OerHekssebastia, upgrading to 1.04 lts does not infringe your policy, and you have newer packages14:03
giwrgarasalso despite all that it asked for a root, and its submenue it had 2 options: dos and windows14:03
giwrgarasinstaller or something dont remember exactly14:03
usr13giwrgaras: one swap partition (un-formatted), the other prtition for /  should be  ext414:04
nzeeHow do I set a password for user 'ubuntu'?14:04
Picisebastia: While 10.04 is still supported on the server, it doesn't mean that it gets new packages. You'd either need to build from source or find a PPA to get a newer version of that particular package.14:04
MonkeyDustnzee  in a live sessio?14:04
sebastiaPici pr can I create a PPA myself?14:04
nzeeMonkeyDust: Yes14:04
usr13nzee: passswd14:04
=== Guest51964 is now known as Tm_T
Pici!newppa | sebastia sure14:04
ubottusebastia sure: With Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.14:04
giwrgarasso ill have 3 partitions: swap unfortmated, ext4 (40gb?) and the existing windows i leave it as is14:05
nzeeusr13: it asks for current unix password. I haven't set any password.14:05
usr13giwrgaras: correct14:05
sebastiathanks, I'll look into it...14:05
usr13nzee: then leave it blank14:05
MaurizioBnzee: who is asking?14:05
giwrgarashow many gbs for the swap?14:05
=== Retro is now known as Guest63131
nzeeMaurizioB: passwd asks for current unix password.14:05
usr13nzee: But I'm not sure how you'd have a user account without a password....?14:05
MaurizioBleave it empty14:06
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: how much ram do you have14:06
MonkeyDustgiwrgaras  but consider creating a separate /home partition, it's easier to fresh install or reinstall afterwards14:06
MaurizioBjust press enter14:06
MaurizioB(i think, I never used a no password system)14:06
usr13nzee: Is it that you have forgotten your password?14:06
giwrgarasi think this is exactly what he recommended14:06
zteamsebastia, https://launchpad.net/~sdeziel/+archive/ppa/+build/228315914:06
nzeeMaurizioB: leaving blank gives me "passwd: Authentication token manipulation error"14:06
usr13!password | nzee14:06
ubottunzee: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords14:06
=== tomaw is now known as 5EXAA21C0
MonkeyDustnzee  i guess in a live session, you shouldnt need a password14:07
giwrgarasMonkeyDust a swap partition for the root, the / partition is ext4 file with 40gb alocated to it14:07
giwrgarasis that what you meant also MonkeyDust?14:07
=== 5EXAA21C0 is now known as tomaw
MonkeyDustgiwrgaras  no, 10-15 is enough for /14:07
giwrgarasfor the swap?14:08
giwrgarashow many14:08
nzeeMonkeyDust: once I goto su postgres, how do I then come back to user:ubuntu, it asks for password which I have never set.14:08
usr13MonkeyDust: He only allocated 40G for the Ubuntu install.14:08
nzeeMonkeyDust: I have just started an EC2 instance running ubuntu14:08
MonkeyDustah, missed that part14:08
giwrgarasso how many  do you suggest14:08
sebastiazteam: unfortunately i've Amd6414:08
giwrgarasthe swap partition is the main partition that i should alocate more gigs?14:09
usr13giwrgaras: 40G is not much, (when you have a 500G drive).14:09
usr13giwrgaras: No14:09
usr13giwrgaras: 4G is enough14:09
giwrgarasi just want to test them, and to be honest i dont trust linux for stability issues to do anything more than postgres and browsing the internet14:10
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: go ask Wikipedia which server OS they use....14:10
MonkeyDustgiwrgaras  linux is "famed" for its stabilty, it's more stable than the mainstream OS from Redmond14:11
giwrgarasMonkeyDust crap14:11
giwrgarasmaybe its safe14:11
giwrgarasmaybe its better and cleverly designed14:11
mumpitze1it is definitely more stable. tons of servers run it14:11
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: go oask ed US Military what OS they use...14:11
MonkeyDustgiwrgaras  NASA uses Linux, CERN uses Linux14:11
giwrgarasand i manage to crashed it 2 times with installing chromium and firefox?14:11
giwrgarasmanaged *14:12
giwrgarasi had a wimu14:12
mumpitze1google is built on linux14:12
giwrgarasthrough windows you know14:12
usr13giwrgaras: You crashed what?14:12
giwrgarasi had a wimu14:12
mumpitze1I kinda doubt you crashed linux14:12
bekksWhats a "wimu"?14:12
SoPgiwrgaras: being able to crash a linux installation doesnt prove its instability14:13
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: want more examples of big-hitters running Linux..14:13
giwrgarasan ubuntu version 12.0414:13
mumpitze1bekks: I think he means wubi?14:13
ws2k3hello when i try to restart my mysql server is gives me the following message Starting MySQL14:13
ws2k3. * The server quit without updating PID file (/dev/shm/mysqld.pid).14:13
giwrgaraswhich i installed through the windows installer14:13
bekksmumpitze1: AH! :P14:13
asdf__if a system is unable to crash itself it is limited14:13
Enemteewubi is the problem, one of them at least14:13
MonkeyDustgiwrgaras  wubi is not a real installation14:13
Enemteeubuntu is leaving wubi for the future, i heard14:14
MonkeyDustgiwrgaras  that's why you're struggling14:14
Enemteeat least official support for it14:14
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: wubi is not a good solution14:14
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Linux-and-Open-Source/Penguin-Moves-to-Disney/14:14
giwrgarasi saw that ActionParsnip14:14
giwrgarasi strugle for a month now14:14
giwrgarasi liked it but it was a hellish month14:15
usr13ActionParsnip: Well, he's doing a real install now, so....14:15
jdolesHow can I change the default file browser to use in Firefox (it opens nautilus, while I want it to use something else)?14:15
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: so i dont get you stability whinge when so many companies use it on lage scale14:15
giwrgarasmaybe they use it only for the 2 3 programs they use and absolutely nothing else14:15
MonkeyDustgiwrgaras  get rid of wubi and do a real install, outside that other OS14:16
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: wubi is a horrible thing, do a real install and you'll see its fine, if you want super stability then go for Precise14:16
usr13jdoles: "it opens nautilus" Define "it"14:16
giwrgarasdo you think that is the reason?14:16
giwrgarasfor my hardships so far?14:16
ws2k3hello when i try to restart my mysql server is gives me the following message Starting MySQL14:16
ws2k3. * The server quit without updating PID file (/dev/shm/mysqld.pid).14:16
MonkeyDustgiwrgaras  yes14:16
ActionParsnipws2k3: have you asked in #mysql as well14:16
jdolesusr13: when I use "open containing folder".14:16
jdolesusr13: and "it" was "firefox"14:17
jdolesusr13: that's why I said "Firefox".14:17
usr13jdoles: What exactly are you trying to do?14:17
jdolesIs usr13 a troll?14:17
MaurizioBok, I'm trying to install lubuntu14:17
Enemteegiwrgaras: updating from a wubi-installation is sh*t from experience. do a real install. much better when upgrading kernels/headers (it works) and you get a much faster system.14:17
=== Kitt3n|afk is now known as Kitt3n
jdolesusr13: can you possibly *not* ask such retarded questions?14:17
giwrgarasyeah, it was also slow14:18
mumpitze1ws2k3: how did you end your mysql server?14:18
usr13jdoles: What exactly are you trying to do?14:18
jdolesI believe I already solved it myself.14:18
ActionParsnipjdoles: its a fair question. What is 'it'?14:18
jdolesJust need to test it.14:18
Picijdoles: usr13 is one of our best helpers. Maybe if you rephrased your question we'd be able to help better.14:18
Enemteegiwrgaras: one thing though, 12.04 is good, but not the fastest system, 13.04 is much faster, but not the best overall system14:18
jdolesActionParsnip: 1) it didn't need further explanation 2) I even said exactly what I talked about.14:19
giwrgaraswhich one do you suggest? (have in mind i allready have 13.04 burned on disc)14:19
Kitt3ngiwrgaras, 13.04 should be fine.14:20
giwrgarasi just want it to function and not have any more problems. speed is welcomed :)14:20
Enemteegiwrgaras: depends on what you prefer and what you do with your computer. if you game, install 13.04, if you work on it, 12.0414:20
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: precise is LTS so supported til April 2017, Raring is only supported til January 201414:20
usr13jdoles: We think you are on the wrong track here.  The question you asked is understandable. Give us more details about what it is you are trying to do and we can advise you better.14:20
giwrgarasyeah but i can upgrade it to a 13.10 or something cant i?14:20
Enemteegiwrgaras: yes14:21
jdolesusr13: please just stop talking to me until I ask a question again.14:21
ActionParsnipJikan: sure, from 13.04 you can upgrade to 13.0414:21
usr13jdoles: Ok14:21
jdolesusr13: and keep in mind that it is your problem solving skills that are flawed.14:21
jdolesusr13: don't blame the user (i.e. me)14:21
usr13jdoles: Ok14:21
jdolesusr13: thank you14:21
mumpitze1jdoles: good job for getting help in the future this. thanks for letting us know how you feel about people trying to help you14:22
giwrgarasand the obvious question now: why didnt i get the normal 'installl side by side' option?14:22
Kitt3ngiwrgaras, because there's no other operating system on your hard drive?14:22
giwrgarasits on the manual of 13.04 and it is also with pictures for clueless guys like me14:22
giwrgarasit is14:23
usr13giwrgaras: That's what you are doing.  But you will initially only get that when there is already some free space, or a second hard drive that has no partitions on it yet.14:23
giwrgarasa windows 814:23
Enemteewindows 8....14:23
zteamsebastia, https://launchpad.net/~sdeziel/+archive/ppa/+build/228315814:24
sebastiazteam hey thanks!14:24
giwrgarasok so i go now: once again: swap 4gb unformated for root, ext4 50gb for data or whatever14:26
usr13giwrgaras: What you are headed for is a "dual boot system", which is to say that you will have Ubuntu installed beside MS Windows.  A boot loader called grub will be installed to the MBR that will give you options to boot MS Windows or Ubuntu.14:26
neXyonhello, I'm trying to learn Korean and would like to find a touch-type trainer for the korean keyboard, but all the programs like ktouch I found don't support Korean, anyone any idea?14:26
SoPgiwrgaras: swap space isnt a data partition, it's an extension of your ram14:27
usr13giwrgaras: No.  swap is not for root.  The rest is.  ( / is root)14:27
giwrgarasah so14:27
usr13giwrgaras: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough.  (But in your case, you have enough, so....)14:28
usr13giwrgaras: By "main memory"  I am referring to RAM, (Random Access Memory).14:28
giwrgarasok c u in a while then14:29
giwrgarasand then i get the install side by side?14:29
SoPgiwrgaras: you need a / (root) partition, swap space (extension of your RAM) and possibly a /home partition14:29
usr13giwrgaras: Yes.  ANd be sure to tell it to let grub boot loader be written to MBR14:29
=== t_kjaergaard_ is now known as t_kjaergaard
=== PriceChi1d is now known as Pricey
giwrgarasSoP i have a ext4 for /home14:30
=== jbroome__ is now known as jbroome
giwrgarasand a swap for ram14:30
giwrgarasif thats what you mean14:31
usr13giwrgaras: Yes14:31
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: then 4.4Gb for swap14:31
usr13giwrgaras: 4G for swap partition14:31
giwrgaraswhy .4?14:31
SoPgiwrgaras: that's perfect14:31
usr13giwrgaras: Because that is how much RAM you have.  (It is a good idea to match the swap partition to the size of your RAM).14:32
SoPwhat are the main advantages of gpt over mbr? I recently did a fresh install using gpt and found out the hard way my motherboard doesn't support it14:32
usr13SoP: He has only allocated 40G for the Ubuntu install and so I advised him to just use two partitions, swap and /14:32
giwrgarasok i go im very curious to see if ive got better speed and experience from the one i had with wubi14:33
Kitt3nSoP, GPT is needed for EFI based computers, it also doesn't limit you to 4 primary partitions.14:33
SoPand what are the disadvantages of logical (extended?) partitions using mbr?14:34
asimi have just installed unbuntu 12.04 via vmware but having no sound can someone please help me???14:35
coredI'm getting this error trying to install libxml2 Err http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-updates/main libxml2 i386 2.7.8.dfsg-5.1ubuntu4.114:35
Kitt3nSoP, you can have as many partitions as you want inside the extended partition, IIRC14:35
asimcan someone please help me re: sound settings for ubuntu 12.04 ??14:36
ActionParsnipasim: did you enable sound in the vm settings?14:36
SoPKitt3n: yes, but do those partitions have disadvantages compared to "native" primary partitions?14:36
grass7boyhello, we can set the keyboard shortcut in ubuntu via "gnome-control-center keyboard"14:36
grass7boyI wonder know if there is a config file that i can modify through command line14:36
grass7boyI wonder know if there is a config file that i can modify the keyboard shortcut setting through command line14:36
usr13SoP: A Master Boot Record (MBR) is a special type of boot sector at the very beginning of partitioned computer mass storage devices like fixed disks or removable drives intended for use with IBM PC-compatible systems and beyond. he MBR holds the information on how the logical partitions, containing file systems, are organized on that medium. Besides that, the MBR contains executable code to function as an operating system-independent chain boot loader in conju14:36
Kitt3nSoP, I don't know :P14:36
=== grass7boy_ is now known as grass7boy
ActionParsnipasim: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh --upload14:37
=== Guest70494 is now known as gac
SoPKitt3n: i was under the impression that gpt was "faster" in some way or another14:38
Kitt3nSoP, well, EFI is better than MBR14:38
coredany reason for this?14:39
asimactually linux is very new for me; can u please guide me how to check it?14:39
SoPKitt3n: because it's more modern?14:39
=== chiluk` is now known as chiluk
Kitt3nSoP, you should just google UEFI14:39
usr13SoP: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GUID_Partition_Table14:39
=== gac is now known as Guest68784
usr13SoP: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFI14:40
ActionParsnipasim: run the command in a terminal, what is the outputted URL?14:41
SoPusr13, Kitt3n: right, I see; thanks14:42
darpancan u help me please14:42
MaurizioBdarpan: just ask your question :)14:43
darpani jus installed ubuntu studio , new to it ... help me regaurding audio setings14:43
darpani have m-audio micro usb14:43
asimcan u please tell me how to goto the terminal actually i m running software update in Ubuntu14:43
darpani m not geting the ohk14:43
usr13asim: Ctrl-t14:43
MaurizioBasim: or ctrl+alt+F1 to F614:44
mfilipe_I'm trying to use regexp in the apt-get but I got this: http://pastie.org/8113035 . Anyway, I wanna remove the old linux-images and linux-headers.14:44
=== mfilipe_ is now known as mfilipe
MaurizioBctrl+alt+F7 to go back to graphic environment14:44
MaurizioBdarpan: what is your problem?14:45
darpanhmm i have a m-audio micro usb sound card14:45
darpani m not geting the drives14:45
usr13mfilipe: ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-*list #Start at the top and work down.14:45
darpan, n now , ardous telin tht jack soundcard is req14:46
draconushm what does smartctl -a -d ata /dev/sda do?14:46
usr13mfilipe: use apt-get14:46
mfilipeusr13: the packages which I wanna remove I know through: "aptitude search linux-image linux-headers | grep ^i"14:46
draconusi just saw a colo guy logging into my box and doing that14:46
bekksdraconus: It tries to print out SMART information about /dev/sda assuming it can be accessed as ATA device.14:47
usr13mfilipe: Then uninstall them.14:47
draconusbekks just checked that out too, thanks alot for precise reply :)14:47
draconusbekks i was thinking about device operation mode change etc.14:48
draconusbekks it feels good to have an OVH sysadmin login to your box and care about your drives :)14:48
usr13mfilipe: ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-*list | pastebinit  #And we will look at the list and may be able to give more specific advise.14:48
ss_hazehello, I just bought Left For Dead 2 for my ubuntu, I already had beta installations under the hood, but they added killing floor for some reason14:48
draconusnice nice: disk power-on lifetime: 24684 hours (1028 days + 12 hours)14:49
MaurizioBdarpan: are you sure that your m-audio card is fully supported on linux?14:49
darpanhmm i have no idea14:50
darpani'l have to check out14:51
mfilipeusr13: http://pastie.org/811306614:51
DJHenjinwb usr1314:51
ActionParsnipasim: CTRL+ALT+T or run terminal from the dash or ALT+f214:51
mfilipeI wanna all them except linux-*-3.5.0-36-* and linux-*-3.2.0-49-*14:51
mfilipeI wanna remove all except linux-*-3.5.0-36-* and linux-*-3.2.0-49-*14:52
ss_hazemfilipe, why you have multiple kernels installed14:52
ActionParsnipmfilipe: dpkg -l | grep linux-image | awk {'print$2'} | egrep -v '3.5.0-36|3.2.0-49'14:53
mfilipess_haze: ask the ubuntu kernel team... :P I dunno14:53
ActionParsnipss_haze: quite normal n ubuntu14:53
ss_hazemy ubuntu always removes older versions, and I use LTS14:53
ActionParsnipmfilipe: obviously ignore the metapackages (ones without version numbers in the package name)14:53
ActionParsnipss_haze: it doesnt by default14:54
usr13mfilipe: I would first do,  sudo apt-get remove linux-image-3.2*   #That will get rid of the majority of them and simplify the other half of the process.14:54
ActionParsnipss_haze: you may use 3rd party apps to clear them out but the postinst of kernels is not to uninstall the old, users gather lots of kernels taking up space14:54
MaurizioBActionParsnip: lubuntu installed and working so far! thank you!14:54
mfilipefrom today I'm going to remove the old kernel packages after the updates hehehe14:54
ActionParsnipMaurizioB: lots lighter, will give a snappier OS< plus no Compiz junk stinking up the place14:55
usr13mfilipe: But which one are you using now?  uname -r14:55
MaurizioByeah, and for web testing purposes is suits fine also14:55
mfilipeActionParsnip, usr13: is there some option to remove the old packages automatically?14:55
MaurizioBthank you so much for the tip14:55
sindriOk, I'm still having problem running vsftpd on my server; getting "530 Non-anonymous sessions must use encryption." My config looks like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5846998/ and my user config like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5847003/ any help would be welcome. Thanks!14:55
mfilipeusr13: 3.8.0 but I don't wanna use it anymore because the nvidia driver doesn't compile in it14:56
ActionParsnipmfilipe: 3rd party apps can do it for you, otherwise no14:56
usr13mfilipe: Yea "3.8"  is one problem I see.  There is not 3.814:56
usr13mfilipe: 3.8 is not in the list of installed kernels.14:57
Amozmfilipe, http://tuxtweaks.com/2010/10/remove-old-kernels-in-ubuntu-with-one-command/14:57
mfilipeusr13: because I already removed14:58
Amozis that what you want to do?14:58
bekksdraconus: Actually I'd be worried about that ATA :P14:58
usr13mfilipe: You are using the 3.8 kernel now?14:58
jimi_Can someone recommend a music app for finding dupes, downloading music art, etc?14:58
maxromanoffWhat the best way to Vurtulize windows 8 on Lunix14:58
usr13mfilipe: You should switch to the kernel you want to keep BEFORE removing the ones you don't want.14:59
blazemoremaxromanoff: Virtualbox14:59
blazemorejimi_: Banshee14:59
usr13mfilipe: That's the way I've always done it.14:59
jimi_blazemore, thanks. Are you the same blazemore from qdb?14:59
blazemorejimi_: No, but that's where I stole the name from, back in 200715:00
blazemorejimi_: I almost certainly have more claim to it now than the original "Track 1 - Unknown Artist" quote source15:00
maxisgoogleDo you need to Defragment Lunix15:01
maxisgooglelike on Windows15:01
blazemoremaxisgoogle: Short answer - No15:01
Amozmaxisgoogle, no15:01
maxisgoogleDifferent File System?15:01
bn`hi. I have the problem that apt-get, wget (and so on) are very very slow while connecting to a host when I enable ufw (UncomplicatedFirewall). How to solve this?15:01
maxisgooglealright make Sense15:01
usr13maxisgoogle: no, it's done for you on boot-up  (what little that DOES get fragmented, which is not much).15:01
usr13bn`: pastebinit /etc/resolv.conf15:02
lmatsudo service sshd    returns no known service.15:02
blazemoremaxisgoogle: There's some interesting information here http://www.howtogeek.com/115229/htg-explains-why-linux-doesnt-need-defragmenting/15:02
lmatI'm currently ssh ed into this computer that says sshd isn't running. Apparently 'ssh' is running.15:02
blazemorelmat: Do you have the package "openssh-server" installed?15:02
usr13bn`: ... and send resulting URL15:02
lmatblazemore: thanks, just a sec.15:03
happyfac1Is it possible to suppress headers being output with curl?15:03
=== DestinyAwaits1 is now known as DestinyAwaits
blazemorehappyfac1: curl --quiet15:03
jimi_blazemore, will banshee find songs that are titled incorrectly and rename them? i saw an app like that a while back, i think it was picard or something like that15:03
lmatblazemore: yes.15:03
blazemorehappyfac1: wait no15:03
blazemorehappyfac1: curl --silent15:03
lmatblazemore: (I do have openssh-server)15:03
bn`usr13: the resolving works and ping is not slow15:03
lmatIf I'm understanding correctly, ssh is the client and sshd is the server-side daemon taking client connections.15:04
happyfac1blazemore: oh I already tried that, I guess it does hide the headers then... doh! thanks15:04
blazemorelmat: the service is just called ssh though15:04
lmatIf sshd isn't running, it's not possible to ssh to a server.15:04
blazemorelmat: since ssh client doesn't run as a service15:04
lmatblazemore: that's confusing. Even more confusing is that I'm reading instructions that say  to run ` # service sshd reload`15:05
blazemorelmat: Are they instructions for Ubuntu?15:05
lmatblazemore: But it makes sense. Now what's also confusing is that ssh_config has "Port 22" in it.15:05
lmatblazemore: no.15:05
blazemorelmat: The distro they're aimed at probably names the ssh server service "sshd" instead of Ubuntu's "ssh"15:06
mfilipeusr13: yes15:06
Azjohi, anyone interested in tour de france, and has android? :) need some specific help.15:06
ActionParsnipAzjo: how is that Ubuntu related?15:06
lmatblazemore: ah, thanks for clearing that up. It's OpenBSD15:06
mfilipeusr13: you don't need do that because the kernel is in memory now15:06
blazemorelmat: I would expect ssh_config to have "Port 22" in it, since that is the file which defines the default settings for the ssh client15:06
ActionParsnipAzjo: please try in #ubuntu-offtopic15:06
mfilipeproblably it will be instable but your computer will work15:06
lmatSo, a line like  "   Port 32057" daesn't have any effect in ssh_config, ja?15:06
blazemorelmat: It's just saying "by default, try to connect to hosts on port 22"15:06
lmatblazemore: oh, okay.15:06
DJonesAzjo: I think there is a ##android channel15:06
Azjomeh, only 190 users in there15:06
lmatblazemore: You're helping a lot. I'll get back to work now :)15:06
mfilipeActionParsnip, usr13: this works!!!! $ sudo apt-get remove 'linux-(image|headers)-3.5.0-(3[0-2]|2[0-9])'15:07
ActionParsnipAzjo: so?15:07
blazemorelmat: If you're trying to configure your ssh SERVER have a look in /etc/sshd_config15:07
Azjoi just went here cos there is most people here ;)15:07
PiciAzjo: And this channel is for Ubuntu support only.15:07
mfilipebut I have to do that for each branch15:07
blazemore!ot | Azjo15:07
ubottuAzjo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:07
ActionParsnipAzjo: ts offtopic here, population is moot15:07
DJonesAzjo: There may be more people here, but the channel is for Ubuntu support15:07
lmatblazemore: thanks thanks!15:07
Azjosry, had to try ;)15:07
usr13mfilipe: Good.  So look and see what you have left.15:07
ActionParsnipmfilipe: nice regexing :)15:08
usr13mfilipe: So are you keeping 3.5.0-36 ?15:08
Azjoyep.. #android is dead as usual :/15:08
usr13Azjo: They're probably all playing with their phones  ;)15:10
ss_hazeangry birds trololo15:10
ActionParsnipAzjo: try #ubuntu-offtopic or ##club-ubuntu15:11
ahmed_hi plz ..i want to install whosthere on ma ubuntu 12.04 and i used terminal but it didnt work....can you help plz?15:11
giwrgarasok i installed my ubuntu 13.04 but when i logged in i received a warning that a file was missing15:11
ActionParsnipahmed_: how do you mean 'didnt work'....?  details please15:12
ActionParsnipahmed_: we havent seen you install the software so you kinda have to fill us in15:12
ActionParsnip!info whosthere precise15:12
ahmed_it say unable to download ..its unlocated15:12
ubottuPackage whosthere does not exist in precise15:12
ActionParsnipahmed_: its not in precise's repos15:13
fooloveI have a windows hard drive and a ubuntu hard drive i want to setup grub to boot one or the other but not format the disk how can i do this?15:13
ActionParsnip!info whosthere quantal15:13
ubottuPackage whosthere does not exist in quantal15:13
ActionParsnip!info whosthere raring15:13
giwrgaraswhat are the first things to do with a new ubuntu?15:13
ubottuPackage whosthere does not exist in raring15:13
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: run full updates15:13
ahmed_am sorry am new user ubuntu15:13
giwrgaraswhere do i run them15:13
MarionI hope someone can help me, but if this isn't the right place for this question, maybe point me in the right direction … vagrant/puppet lamp VM … In my VM, dir /etc/apache2/sites-enabled has 2 files, 000-default and 1-marion.conf  How do I know which one is used?  I'm setting env vars in 1-marion.conf, and they aren't set in VM15:13
blazemoregiwrgaras: It's a subjective question, but there's an article here http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/04/10-things-to-do-after-installing-ubuntu-13-0415:14
UbuncatHello! I'd like to be reassured of some concerns with the Unity8 work in progress ... It seems to be targetted toward Touch devices, but will there be an interface for Desktops or will it become a 'corner and mouse hell' like another operating system I won't name?15:14
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: software centre15:14
blazemoreMarion: Both are used; they are loaded in alphabetical order (000-default first in this case)15:14
ahmed_dont understand15:14
gotwighow can I install qt quick 2 in ubuntu15:14
ActionParsnipahmed_: the package name 'whosthere' is not a thing...15:14
ActionParsnipahmed_: https://launchpad.net/whosthere   "This is discontinued."15:15
ahmed_so what i can i do ?15:15
ActionParsnipahmed_: find an alternative is my suggestion15:15
giwrgarasdo i need the software updater?15:15
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: sure, then get fully updated15:15
ahmed_ok thnx15:16
giwrgarasit issued me at the beggining an error15:16
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)15:16
UbuncatI'm guessing this is not the right channel for my question then?15:16
giwrgarasi didnt managed to write it down, how can i find more15:17
giwrgarassomething was missing a / something15:17
PiciUbuncat: #ubuntu-touch *might* be a better place to ask15:17
giwrgaraspartition thing i guess15:17
DJonesUbuncat: Probably not, maybe try #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss15:17
ActionParsnipahmed_: https://answers.launchpad.net/whosthere/+question/23105515:17
usr13giwrgaras: That's not much of a clue15:17
lmatblazemore: Thanks again, netstat reports that everything seems to be working smoothly.15:18
usr13giwrgaras: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade  #From a terminal window and see what happens.15:18
lmatI am continually astounded why Windows servers still exist. They're so opaque and hard to configure...15:18
blazemorelmat: Great :)15:18
giwrgarassudo apt-get upgrad for what?15:19
lmatgiwrgaras: To upgrade everything :D15:19
jgcampbell300hello ... i was thinking of installing terminal multiplexer on xubuntu ... can anyone recommend a better multiplexer or is that the best one15:19
zipy_does lvm support raid 0?15:19
djonohello all. is there a nice app that will transfer large file sizes to usb?15:19
ActionParsnipjgcampbell300: screen or tmux are both great15:19
zipy_sry raid 1 i meant15:19
usr13djono: cp15:19
nio707hello all i have a small question about apt-get or dpkg. when i issue the command to install some application it downloaded the deb package where does it is downloaded15:20
giwrgarashow do i search for a program to download from sudo? sudo apt-get firefox?15:20
ActionParsnipnio707: /var/cache/apt/archives15:20
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: sudo apt-get install firefox15:20
usr13nio707: when you issue what command?15:20
xanguagiwrgaras: firefox is already installed in ubuntu15:20
ActionParsnipxangua: sadly15:20
giwrgarasyeah i know just asking. but what if 'firefox' is not the exact name?15:21
zipy_i think he wants so search the repo for sth15:21
xanguaActionParsnip: has gotten better :)15:21
djonousr13 cp?15:21
jgcampbell300ActionParsnip, ya i was reading up on Byobu, tmux, and terminal multiplexer ... just not sure witch to go with lol15:21
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: you can use:  apt-cache search name15:21
usr13giwrgaras: apt-cache search <key-word-here>15:21
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: or use software centre15:21
ActionParsnipjgcampbell300: try them all, see which suits you15:21
kalakjhello everyone, i am using ubuntu 12.04 and i got this error everytime, after 10-15 min. of login15:22
jgcampbell300ActionParsnip, will they conflict at all ?15:22
kalakjThe login keyring did not get unlocked when you logged into your computer.15:22
blazemoreI use Screen cos I'm old-school like that: plus, my needs are extremely simple and I already know how to use it15:22
usr13giwrgaras: Yea, as ActionParsnip points out, software centre may be a bit more user friendly, but you can do it either way.15:22
giwrgarasi think ill try to learn the terminal maybe its worth it15:22
ActionParsnipjgcampbell300: no, you will run them ni a terminal as you need them15:22
blazemorekalakj: That's not an error, that's by design15:22
usr13giwrgaras: Oh, it's worth it.15:22
ActionParsnipHisaoNakai: it is worth it but if the OS is new to you I' use the GUI til you feel confident15:23
giwrgarascan i find the system properties something like cmds systeminfo? and what are the programs installed?15:23
jgcampbell300ActionParsnip, ahh ... ok thanks for the info ... i been learning to use screen but i am trying to work with several terminals at once15:23
zipy_kalakj, if u dont need ur old keyring anymore u can simply create a new one15:23
bekksgiwrgaras: dpkg -l lists your installed software packages15:23
jimi_Anyone know how to mount mtp devices, like my android phone15:23
=== Guest77565 is now known as unheeding
kalakjblazemore: i do not want it´;and i do not want it to appear as well15:24
blazemorekalakj: Do you have automatic login?15:24
xanguajimi_: i just plug in15:24
kalakjblazemore: i use my finger print to autnenticate15:24
usr13giwrgaras: ls -ltr /var/lib/dpkg/info/*list will show you the list in the order they are installed, (newest last).15:25
blazemorekalakj: http://askubuntu.com/questions/68292/how-to-auto-unlock-keyring-manager15:25
jimi_xangua, i dont think ubuntu has mtpfs support out of the box.. i think you need a fs package, etc.. im looking into it now15:25
kalakjblazemore: also it appear, even if i supply pass. via keyboard15:25
kalakjblazemore: let me seee it15:25
xanguajimi_: but it looks like my external sd is not read15:25
MaurizioBhave to go, thanks for your help everybody15:26
blazemorejimi_: What version of mtp?15:26
blazemorejimi_: of Ubuntu rather15:26
DJonesjimi_: Are you using an older version of Ubuntu? The drivers were updated in 13.04 and I've not had any issues connecting my Galaxy S315:26
jimi_DJones, im running 12.0415:26
blazemorejimi_: I don't know if 12.04 has proper MTP support15:26
DJonesjimi_: Before 13.04 it was very hit & miss, I tried gMTP but it wasn't that successful, I ended up installing Airdroid on the phone and connecting via wifi using a web browser15:27
blazemorejimi_: In fact I'm pretty sure it was rubbish before 13.0415:27
=== olivi418 is now known as olvr
blazemorejimi_: I ended up installing an SSH server on my phone and mounting it in nautilus15:27
PhantomPhreak53When I do apt-get dist-upgrade, it no longer shows kernels but I know there is new kernels available? What is the package I install to restore this function15:27
blazemorePhantomPhreak53: How do you know there are new kernels available? What kernel are you currently on?15:28
blazemorebrb all15:28
jribPhantomPhreak53: what ubuntu version?15:28
=== rbxs|Zzzz is now known as rbxs
jribPhantomPhreak53: dpkg -l '*linux-image*'15:29
zipy_jimi_,  use go-mtpfs to mount android15:29
PhantomPhreak53and currently on 3.2.0-4315:29
PhantomPhreak53I have another box with the exact same setup and it's on -4915:29
zipy_but its not in ubuntu repos15:29
PhantomPhreak53This happened to me once before and I just had to install linux-security15:30
PhantomPhreak53or something15:30
PhantomPhreak53I forget15:30
jgcampbell300what do you guys think about Terminator15:30
zipy_the movie? x)15:30
jribPhantomPhreak53: pastebin the output of that command15:30
=== Guest44085 is now known as whoever
kalakjblazemore: i tried this method, but it is not working for me, i have done all this but default option is not appearing for me, in passwords and keys window15:30
jimi_blazemore, i can just apt-get distupgrade to go to 13.0 right?15:30
kalakji have passwords: login option15:31
kalakjand i did the same in this15:31
kalakji also tried seahorse15:31
MonkeyDustjimi_  use do-release-upgrade to go to the next version15:31
zipy_kalakj, http://askubuntu.com/questions/867/how-can-i-stop-being-prompted-to-unlock-the-default-keyring-on-boot15:31
DJonesjimi_: Bear in mind you'll have to go through 12.10 before you can upgrade to 13.0415:32
jimi_MonkeyDust, I tried that 'no new releases found'15:32
=== jinie is now known as zz_jinie
kalakjzipy let me see it15:32
jimi_DJones, i am in 12.10.. not sure why i said 12.04 earlier15:32
zipy_jimi_,  use go-mtpfs to mount android15:32
DJonesjimi_: ok :)15:32
zipy_but its not in ubuntu repositorys15:32
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
Faiyazneed help with passphrase promt, everytime i do git push, I am asked to put the passphrase, how can i make the ssh-agent do this automatically15:33
=== Rez is now known as LoRez
jimi_MonkeyDust, shouldn't it show a couple versions?15:34
jgcampbell300anyone know how to get rid of all the flooding in xchat15:34
ActionParsnipjimi_: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/06/mount-nexus-4-on-ubuntu15:34
DJones!quietxchat | jgcampbell30015:34
ubottujgcampbell300: To disable joins and parts from being displayed in all future channels you join, type /set irc_conf_mode 1 . To apply this setting to all current channels, type /gui apply. To disable the prints for only certain channels, right click on the channel tab and click Settings -> Hide Join/Part Messages15:34
jimi_ActionParsnip, thanks, looking now15:34
vsilvhey if I install directly with github, how can I use the programm via console from everywhere?15:35
=== zipy_ is now known as zipy
sindriOk, I'm still having problem running vsftpd on my server; getting "530 Non-anonymous sessions must use encryption." My config looks like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5846998/ and my user config like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5847003/ any help would be welcome. Thanks!15:35
ActionParsnipsindri: ask in #vsftpd too15:36
blazemoresindri: possibly also ask in #ubuntu-server although that channel is slower15:37
sindriActionParsnip: done that, seems that channel is pretty dead - last time I asked there it took two days15:37
ActionParsnipsindri: nice :(15:37
zipysindri i would prefer to use ssh for sftp ;)15:37
ActionParsnipftp must die15:37
giwrgarasthis gnu emacs editor can run as a python ide?15:37
giwrgarasdo you know?15:37
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: sure, pyton code is just text, why not15:38
blazemoregiwrgaras: http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/PythonProgrammingInEmacs#toc215:38
=== Guest68784 is now known as gac
blazemoregiwrgaras: I googled "emacs as a Python IDE" and clicked the first result15:38
=== gac is now known as Guest74153
giwrgarasyoure talented15:38
kalakjzipy: thanks, i think it has been solved15:39
trueneuI use 'Emacs for Python', blazemore.15:39
ActionParsnipblazemore: takes a lot of talent to click the first link, I usually slip and hit the 3rd15:39
ActionParsnipblazemore: wish I was awesome :)15:39
blazemoreActionParsnip: Yeah it took practise to get this good15:40
kalakjif problem appear again, there is ubuntu community to help us15:40
=== jason is now known as Guest5709
carl__Hello, Im having an issue with my mouse.15:40
trueneuActionParsnip, for me it's fourth. And 90% chance of porn there...15:40
MonkeyDustif everything else fails, join #ubuntu15:40
blazemorecarl__: What's wrong with it?15:40
carl__The buttons work for a few seconds, then stop working and I have to unplug it and plug it back in.15:40
blazemorecarl__: Are you on a laptop?15:41
carl__No, Im on a desktop.15:41
carl__Its a RAT 9 Wireless.15:41
trueneucarl__, wired / wireless ?15:41
trueneuI think it may be a module issue.15:41
blazemorecarl__: sudo apt-get remove laptop-mode-tools perhaps ?15:41
ReactoIn Windows, if you put the sensitivity to the 6th point you'll get close to little interference from Windows itself when it comes to sensitivity, any way to get this in Ubuntu too?15:41
ActionParsnipcarl__: are there any bugs reported?15:42
blazemorecarl__: I found this http://neogeek83.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/rat-9-mouse-in-ubuntu-1104.html15:42
carl__How do I look for errors?15:42
ActionParsnipcarl__: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=RAT+9+mouse+ubuntu&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&channel=fflb   couple videos there, have you tried those?15:42
carl__Its hard to navigate when your mouse is not working.15:42
ActionParsnipcarl__: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ScDa8Qqqgc15:43
blazemorecarl__: Do you have a different mouse you can use in the meantime?15:43
carl__This is my only mouse.15:43
ActionParsnipcarl__: true, ALT+TAB and ALT+SHIFT+TAB are your friends15:43
kylepottshas anyone tried using a usb video card in Linux?15:44
adamkProbably someone somewhere has.15:44
whoeverkylepotts: what, that even exists15:44
cantelopeHello Ubuntu, can anyone help clarify the implications of skipping partition tables and partitioning as a whole? Googling the topic shows that there is much disagreement and misinformation since the majority of results said "you MUST have a partition before you can format with a filesystem" I know this isn't true because currently have an EXT4 laid out on a raw block device.15:45
kylepottsadamk: yep they do.15:45
adamkkylepotts: Yes, I know they do.15:45
whoeverkylepotts: so do you have one ?15:45
ActionParsnipcantelope: its a good thing to partition, also remember the target audience of Ubuntu15:45
blazemorecarl__: sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak; wget http://rory.sh/files/mousepatch -O - | sudo tee -a /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:46
ActionParsnipcantelope: yes, its not absolutely needed but partitioning makes the storage more sane15:46
kylepottswhoever: no, I am wondering if anyone here had tried one with worked, or at least knew of one with opensouce drivers15:46
blazemorecarl__: And then reboot15:46
bekksblazemore: carl__: No need to reboot - just restart the login manager.15:47
blazemorecarl__: That's true ( bekks will logging out and in do it, if you're the only logged-in user?)15:47
=== BadLarry is now known as BadLarry_
bekksblazemore: Yes.15:47
cantelopeActionParsnip: Running on Ubuntu Server 10.04 and not sure where else to ask. I figured it would make growing easier since I won't have to expand both the partition and FS. I see strange things when I look at the block devices using 'lshw' and that made me wonder if there are any other caveats to not having a partition (other than only being able to have one FS - that is what I want)15:48
carl__No such file or directory.15:48
blazemoreI like Linux Mint's way: hitting ctrl-alt-backspace once does nothing, but twice quickly will restart X the old fashioned way15:48
blazemorecarl__: run "sudo touch /etc/X11/xorg.conf" first15:48
whoeverkylepotts: check out the iogear vga usb15:49
carl__No such file or directory.15:49
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
blazemorecarl__: Well, try "gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf" and then paste the contents of http://rory.sh/files/mousepatch into it15:49
carl__The Xorg.conf doesnt exists it seems15:50
=== pooky- is now known as pooky
blazemoreI'm reminded of XKCD 963 :)15:50
ahow628Would someone have a minute to help me troubleshoot? I tried googling my problem, but came up with nothing.15:51
blazemoreahow628: What's your problem?15:51
carl__I cant save the file, it says the directory does not exist.15:51
jgcampbell300can anyone tell me if i have to use screen commands in side of Terminator or does it happen on its own ?15:51
blazemorecarl__: You are using the correct capitalisation? abc is not the same as ABC15:52
ahow628blazemore: I am using Ubuntu 12.04.2 live usb on my Chromebook and wireless, trackpad, X, etc work fine. After I install, none of them work.15:52
blazemorecarl__: If you are, then try "sudo mkdir /etc/X11" first15:52
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
blazemoreahow628: Which Chromebook?15:52
whoeverkylepotts: see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2OCKRh-3ko15:53
MonkeyDustis that ARM?15:53
ahow628blazemore: I had it installed before, then upgraded to 13.04 and it would take multiple reboots to boot up.15:53
MonkeyDustahow628  is that ARM?15:53
ahow628I believe so. I had 12.04 installed when it first came out, so I know it should work. Maybe I did use arm, but I don't think so.15:53
MonkeyDustahow628  is this useful https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM15:54
blazemoreahow628: How about this? http://chromeos-cr48.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/chrubuntu-one-script-to-rule-them-all_31.html15:54
carl__Okay, lets see if that worked. Seems better so far.15:54
whoeverkylepotts: are you going to try to use this with your box or a rasbarry pi15:54
ahow628I can boot amd64 live usb and it works fine. I can install amd64 and it boots, but trackpad is broken, wireless is broken, and the resolution is 800x600.15:55
nzeewhat does this command do? "sudo su - postgres"15:55
bekksnzee: It uses sudo to become "postgres" user.15:55
blazemorenzee: changes you to be the "postgres" user15:55
t0k3joint gurkensalat15:55
t0k3join gurkensalat15:56
carl__I think that its working righ tnow. :)15:56
blazemorecarl__: Great :)15:56
t0k3join #gurkensalat15:56
carl__Thank you. :)15:56
blazemoret0k3: /join #gurkensalat15:56
ahow628Sorry, my mistake, it is not ARM, it is Atom.15:56
nzeebekks: does it create a new user "postgres", if yes what is its password so that I can enter again?15:56
blazemorenzee: It won't create the user if the user doesn't already exist. It only will switch to an existing user15:57
giwrgarasautocomplete in terminal isnot working?15:57
cantelopeActionParsnip: I also just discovered this and am not sure if it actually means anything. On the same system, I have another md block device which DOES have GPT but gdisk gives this scary output about it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5847183/15:57
carl__Okay, so I installed GLX Dock, how do I get rid of the task bar to the right?15:57
t0k3what  i don't get is why does not every irc client automatically insert the # before the channel?15:58
nzeeblazemore: is there a way to get its password?15:58
blazemorenzee: you can't get the password, but you can change it15:58
blazemorenzee: "sudo passwd postgres"15:58
ahow628blazemore: It is like the drivers for wireless, trackpad, and X are there for the live usb, but then they disappear during install or they try to switch to non-functioning drivers15:59
icerootnzee: please remember that the postgresql user is not a local system-user15:59
icerootnzee: i am talking about the database user itself15:59
nzeeiceroot: ok16:00
ahow628blazemore: also I don't think I need that chrubuntu script because I've completely gotten rid of the chromeos partitions and only have ubuntu installed.16:00
carl__Well, at least I have got my mouse working now. :)16:01
nzeeblazemore: "sudo passwd postgres" asks for "[sudo] password for postgres: " what do I enter?16:02
blazemorenzee: Not as postgres, as your normal user16:02
ActionParsnipnzee: you need to su to your own user first, then run the command to set to password of the user16:02
icerootnzee: sudo passwd psotgres is asking your YOUR userpassword after that it will ask for a new postgres password16:05
icerootnzee: sudo is always asking for the userpassword for the person which is calling sudo16:05
beandogYou don't need sudo to get in postgres16:06
beandogpsql -U postgres template116:06
nzeeblazemore: ActionParsnip iceroot Thanks, it worked. Had to change the user and it worked.16:06
icerootnzee: but again postgres is not a normal system-user it is a database user (imo)16:06
exporthi geri do you need any help or have any questions? if so go ahead and ask and if anyone can help i'm sure they will16:08
blazemoreiceroot: no, if you install postgresql server on Ubuntu, it runs as its own system user16:09
gerii can not run any update from any mirror using sudo apt-get update....but i can ping them   .... it just stops here: 0% [Connecting to mirrors.mit.edu (] [Connecting to extras.ubuntu.com (]  ... any ideas?16:09
ActionParsnipgeri: switch to the main update server16:09
giwrgarasi cannot access my windows!! why is that? it automatically loads ubuntu16:10
geriwhich one?16:10
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: run:   sudo update-grub   do you see windows mentioned16:10
MonkeyDustgiwrgaras  press esc to enter the grub menu16:10
giwrgarasand it doesnt have an option for dual boot?! i hope it didnt delete the other16:10
ActionParsnipgeri: THE main update server, its selectable in software centre16:10
MonkeyDustgeri  if you can reach the ip aadress, but not the url, it may be a dns issue16:10
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: still not given the output of my command....16:10
giwrgarasit did something16:10
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: use http://pastie.org to host (or similar)16:11
export<giwrgaras> are you in ubuntu right now?16:11
gerimonkeydust same issue: sudo apt-get update 0% [Connecting to archive.ubuntu.com (] [Connecting to extras.ubuntu.com (]16:11
giwrgaraswell i have no other os1! so yes16:11
gerimokeydust i can ping them all16:11
MonkeyDustgeri  can you ping google.com ?16:11
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: also add to the paste: sudo fdisk -l16:11
geriping archive.ubuntu.com PING archive.ubuntu.com ( 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from urayuli.canonical.com ( icmp_req=1 ttl=36 time=167 ms16:12
MonkeyDustgeri  ok16:12
geriany idea?16:12
trueneuiptables or anything blocking outgoing connections?16:12
MonkeyDustgeri  as ActionParsnip suggested, a different server, maybe16:13
gerimokeydust i already tried 5 different servers16:13
geriall same issue16:13
dojha00Hey guys, can u plz help me with --- today i was trying to install ubuntu 12.04 in my compaq laptop and it's got stuck at "kernel panic- not syncing: Out of memory and no killable processes... bla bla bla and then  panic occurred, switching back to text console".. plz.16:13
giwrgarasi did absolutely what youve told me to and i didnt check it to delete any other os!!16:13
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: there is no NTFS partition there, did you use Wubi?16:13
giwrgaras'select other i chose'16:13
giwrgarasno from disc16:14
giwrgarasa normal install16:14
giwrgarasa normal 'other' install16:14
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: then you will need to recover data using backups16:14
MonkeyDustdojha00  first on my mind: it's 64bit ubuntu on 32bit hardware, or the iso may be corrupt16:14
=== gary is now known as Guest64593
giwrgarasmotherfucking piece of shit16:15
ActionParsnipdojha00: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?16:15
giwrgarasthats for a nice friday afternoon16:15
holstein!language | giwrgaras16:15
ubottugiwrgaras: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.16:15
MonkeyDustgeri  no further advice, repeat the issue every 10-15 minutes or so, in one line16:15
asimi m having sound / audio issues with my newly installed ubuntu 12.04 via vmware can someone please help me???16:15
trueneugeri, do you have iptables or anything else that may block outgoing connections running?16:15
bekksgiwrgaras: Thats sounds like "I diont have backups, since my data was too worthless for taking a backup".16:15
exportgiwrgaras: you formatted your hard drive...we didn't do it.16:15
ActionParsnipasim: if you can run the command I gave earlier, it will help16:15
holsteingiwrgaras: the installer gives the option to wipe the drive.. did you have backups?16:16
ActionParsnipasim: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh --upload16:16
giwrgarassounds like 'well yeah ' that would be an easy one like with windows'16:16
ActionParsnipasim: run that in a terminal, what is the URL generated please16:16
dojha00#MonkeyDust nope it's not that problem before i had the same OS installed but after that someone accessed my laptop and deleted the drive in which ubuntu was installed and after that again i tried to install same OS(ubuntu 12.04) and it's showing error.16:16
geritrueneu i use a proxy server16:16
bekksgiwrgaras: A backup concept thats needs your OS to be operational to recover data - is not worth even thinking about it.16:17
trueneuCould it be the problem then, geri?16:17
ActionParsnipgeri: did you tell apt-get to use a proxy useing apt.conf ?16:17
giwrgarasyoure a clever one arent you?16:17
giwrgaraswere talking about a simple os install not rocket science16:17
MonkeyDustdojha00  maybe there is some configuration that hasnt been deleted well16:17
giwrgarasbut its so crippled that it fucked up from the beggining16:18
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: did you resize your NTFS partition at some point?16:18
holsteingiwrgaras: look at the drive, and see what partitions are there.. and please watch your language16:18
geriactionparsnip no i did not16:18
ActionParsnipgeri: thats why it wont connect then?16:18
holsteingiwrgaras: the volunteers here understand how frustrated you must feel.. but please try and be cooporative16:18
giwrgarasif i chose 'YEAH DELETE WIN' then you know i wouldnt mention16:19
exportgiwrgaras: was there any important information on your hard drive? or was it just windows?16:19
h00kgiwrgaras: also, please keep the language appropriate in here as well16:19
holsteingiwrgaras: look and confirm that the window partition is there or not16:19
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: did you resize your NTFS partition at some point?16:19
geriactionparsnip cant i enter the proxy into .bashrc ?16:19
giwrgarasit was there16:19
giwrgarassaw it didnt touch it16:19
giwrgarasgone to 450000 value at some time16:19
blazemoregiwrgaras: Have you tried running "sudo update-grub" ?16:19
icerootblazemore: ok didnt know that with the postgres user, thank you16:19
blazemoregeri: You can, but then it'll only work for the user whose .bashrc you've edited. That might be fine though; it's probabl what I'd do16:20
giwrgarasyes i did it16:20
geri_ActionParsnip cant i enter the proxy into bashrc?16:20
dojha00sorry got something important to do will be back soon. :(16:20
ActionParsnipgeri: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5847260/16:20
blazemoregiwrgaras: And when you enter the Grub menu by holding Shift during boot, does the entry for Windows show up>16:20
giwrgarasno ive got no idea that i had or have to hold shift16:21
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: you needed to resize your NTFS in order to install Ubuntu, Win Vista and later can do this in Windows16:21
exporthey could it be just a missing entry? idk tbh things look bleak but maybe?16:21
geri_actionparsnip arent there some global proxy settings in bashrc?16:21
ActionParsnipgeri: that's mine, change it to yours obviously16:21
ActionParsnipgeri: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/apt.conf16:22
giwrgarassorry but what you told me?16:22
giwrgarasi think you were here16:22
ActionParsnipgeri: as far as I know, apt uses its own16:22
giwrgaraswhen i was asking what to do:16:22
giwrgarasjust a 4g swap and a 50g ext416:22
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: resize then install to free space16:22
giwrgarasoh now you tell me i asked about 4 times?16:23
ahow628blazemore: I'm going to try downloading 12.04 (not 12.04.2) which was the release when I first installed Ubuntu on my CR-48. We'll see if that works.16:23
draskohi all. How to fetch linux source for currently used debian version?16:23
draskoapt-get install linux-source ?16:24
draskoI want to recompile wifi driver16:24
theodorDiaconuI am trying to connect to a cisco vpn on ubuntu 12.04 lts and under no circumstances it doesn't let me16:24
asimnothing happened16:24
theodorDiaconuI don't get a propper error, all I receive is "cannot connect to vpn" thing16:24
SwedeMike!details | theodorDiaconu16:24
ubottutheodorDiaconu: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:24
bekksdrasko: Which ubuntu version do you have?16:25
MonkeyDustgiwrgaras  partitioning is the hardest part, it kept me from trying linux, years ago16:25
SwedeMiketheodorDiaconu: are you trying to use vpnc ?16:25
draskobekks, precise LTS16:25
giwrgarasit isnt partition i asked 5 times16:25
giwrgaras'what to do?'16:25
giwrgaras'this and that?'16:25
giwrgaras'yeah yeah'16:25
giwrgarasNO WINDOWS16:25
asimi used the command but nothing happened16:26
blazemoregiwrgaras: When you installed Ubuntu, how did you resize your NTFS partition?16:26
ActionParsnipasim: did a file get downloaded?16:26
theodorDiaconuSwedeMike: don't have anymore details, sorry16:26
giwrgarasthere werent much options friend16:26
ActionParsnipasim: can you pastebin the command you ran as well as the output please16:26
giwrgarasand to begin with16:26
theodorDiaconuSwedeMike: I have VPN Type: vpnc in the vpn config entry16:26
ActionParsnipgiwrgaras: then why didnt you stop?16:27
asimcan u please tell me how to pastebin the command?16:27
giwrgarasbecause i came here and asked about 4 5 times what to do?16:27
asimi m new to linux16:27
giwrgaras'hey guys i have this and this'16:27
blazemoregiwrgaras: That can happen when you don't shut Windows down cleanly; the Ubuntu installer doesn't recognise the ntfs partition. What you've done, from what I can tell, is blindly continue without understanding what you were doing, now you've deleted your ntfs partition and you're blaming anyone but yourself16:27
giwrgaras'yeah do that'16:27
bekks!pastebinit | asim16:27
ubottuasim: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com16:27
blazemoregiwrgaras: If I were you I'd think about what lessons you can take from this experience16:28
giwrgarasstay away from this peiece of shit16:28
giwrgarasand dont ask here16:28
bekksgiwrgaras: Please watch your language.16:28
giwrgarasthanks brainiar16:28
blazemoregiwrgaras: That sounds like a plan actually; anything that results in you not coming back in here can only be a good thing16:29
asimso do i need to swtich to the graphic mode in ubuntu to downlaod / install this utility?16:29
giwrgarasand lose the pleasure of your smart company?16:29
bekksasim: No, you can install it from any commandline - text mode, terminal graphics environment, ssh shell, etc.16:29
brontosaurusrexasim, apt-get install yourutility16:29
giwrgaraswere else can someone find such help16:29
bekksgiwrgaras: Actually, you will. Setting you onto ignore because you dont want to stop ranting.16:30
MonkeyDustgiwrgaras  what did you do, to make it so troublesome?16:30
ActionParsnipasim: copy the text as you expect and go to the pastebin then past ethe text there, when the page changes, copy the new URL and paste THAT in here16:30
giwrgarasa bekks ignored me thats terrible16:30
blazemoregiwrgaras: Setting you to ignore, too16:30
asimcan u please tell me the command ??16:30
bazhanggiwrgaras, blazemore thats enough16:31
giwrgarasanother smartass ignored me16:31
blazemoreIt's OK I'm going home now anyway16:31
MonkeyDustgiwrgaras  how did this all start?16:31
giwrgarasby having a crazy idea of installing ubuntu16:32
giwrgarasto be honest16:32
giwrgarasall other are meaningless now16:32
giwrgaraslost all my data?16:32
BluesKajgiwrgaras, more help depends a lot on attitude ....no one here owes you anything , so a word to the wise should be sufficient16:32
MonkeyDustgiwrgaras  start from the beginning, what brought you here?16:32
rlwhello ubuntu head, lol, my wireless logo where the time displays isn't showing16:32
holsteinrlw: but, the newtwork is working?16:33
holstein!volunteers | giwrgaras16:33
ubottugiwrgaras: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines16:33
holsteingiwrgaras: have you looked to see that the partition is gone? or is windows just not booting from grub?16:34
rlwholstein: yes that's correct16:34
draskohow do we change linux code in ubuntu16:34
giwrgarashow can i look?16:34
holsteingiwrgaras: if you had come here before hand, before doing *anything* that would resize *any* partition, i would have suggested that you have a good backup16:35
draskohow to fetch ubuntu linux of the curent distribution16:35
giwrgarasholstein i was here BEFORE16:35
bekksdrasko: Whats the output of "uname -a" please?16:35
draskokernel source16:35
giwrgarasMUCH BEFORE doing anything16:35
draskoLinux Hegel 3.5.0-34-generic #55~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jun 7 16:25:50 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:35
BluesKajdrasko, read the topic16:35
giwrgarasand spoke and asked 5 times the same thing16:35
holsteingiwrgaras: so, you have a backup, then?16:35
MonkeyDust!kernel | drasko start here16:35
ubottudrasko start here: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)16:35
giwrgarasso thats why i was asking16:35
giwrgarasif i was to destroy everything i could do it alone i didnt need outside help16:36
holsteingiwrgaras: you can run "sudo fdisk -l" from a terminal, and share that via a pastebin, if you need help parsing it.. a volunteer will help16:36
wilee-nileedrasko, do you have one at a time questions in detaill?16:36
MonkeyDustdrasko  the current kernel used is -2816:36
holsteingiwrgaras: confirm that you have a problem, by checking for the partition..16:36
draskohow do we fetch kernel source16:36
rlwalso can I download anti-virus software, not just command line software16:36
MonkeyDustdrasko  read the link ubottu sent you16:37
geri_it works now16:37
geri_but arent there some global proxy settings?16:37
holsteingiwrgaras: so, Disk /dev/sda: 500.1 GB is the only disk you have in the machine?16:37
MonkeyDust!info clamtk | rlw16:37
ubotturlw: clamtk (source: clamtk): graphical front-end for ClamAV. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.41-1 (raring), package size 265 kB, installed size 1360 kB16:37
geri_why has apt its own conf file?16:37
ss_hazerlw, you can download clamav16:37
holsteingiwrgaras: you have installed linux to the entire drive16:37
ss_hazefor windows viruses16:37
GunArmgiwrgaras: saying "I asked 5 times if a shot to the gut would kill me.  And no one answered!  So I shot myself in the gut! WTF guys?" does not make sense16:37
draskoMonkeyDust, I am using Precise16:38
GunArmfor things that are important you don't move on until you have an answer16:38
rlwss_haze: ~I've already got f-prot though, I rather using a front GUI then a command line all the time16:38
asimis there a way to resolve the sound problem via graphical mode ???16:38
holsteingiwrgaras: this could have happened installing any OS.. unfortunately, it might be a learning experience for you16:38
Kitt3nrlw, you really don't need an antivirus on Linux16:38
draskois there a simple way to apt-get linux sources of the current distribution?16:39
holsteingiwrgaras: you can always try something like photorec from the testdisk suite, and see if any specific files can be recovered from the drive16:39
=== Guest74153 is now known as gac
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus16:39
MonkeyDustdrasko  try apt-get source [package]16:39
rlwKitt3n: Yup I do thank you there is virus, malware, etc not just on windows16:39
draskoMonkeyDust, exactly - what is the package16:39
=== gac is now known as Guest2873
holsteinrlw: dont think, or trust what anyone things.. run AV if you feel safer..16:40
ubottuThe short life and hard times of a Linux Virus http://librenix.com/?inode=2116:40
draskoHOw to find a current linux kernel source package?16:40
asimcan someone please help me??16:40
ss_hazeI just checked and if you have windows, and you need to scan it, it has that clamav also for it, so I don't sense a need for it to be run from linux16:40
trismdrasko: you could use: apt-get source linux-image-$(uname -r); for your running kernel16:41
ss_hazebut it's good that it is there16:41
asimre: sound problem i m havin with my newly installed ubunto 12.04??16:41
draskoI just can not belive that I will have to fetch the kernel from kernel.org. Does not Ubuntu package kerenl souces?16:41
=== tavasti`` is now known as tavasti
MonkeyDustdrasko  there's also #ubuntu-kernel16:41
trismdrasko: you could also install the linux-source package if you just wanted a tarball without the packaging16:41
draskotrism, thanks16:42
draskothat's what I have been looking for16:42
rlwholstien: thank you, how do I uninstall f-prot and wipe it out of my H.D.D & put ClamAV instead. I did say to Kitt3n that I'm a professional on all of Windows Platform. But I wanted to change my O.S because I might change my Home Server to Ubuntu instead of Windows16:42
unimossharing happylicious16:42
Kitt3nHi DesignerX! :)16:42
DesignerXopps.. sorry about caps16:43
rypervencheThat was your first mistake :X16:43
DesignerXQ1 : I installed KDE , for some reason its starting in text mode only .. how can I fix that ?16:44
MonkeyDustDesignerX  start with tasksel in the virtual machine, to select server tasks16:44
Ban-Hammerlol lamp16:44
DesignerXKDE on Ubuntu 1216:44
=== Shehrazad is now known as ElixirVitae
ss_hazefor safer experience with kde, you had to start with kubuntu anyway DesignerX16:45
asimcan someone please help me ?????16:45
trueneuKDE. Text mode. Ubuntu 12. LAMP. Something is very illogical here. Try Kubuntu, DesignerX.16:45
ss_hazelamp server is some apache setup?16:45
DesignerXI had Ubuntu setup with LAMP, so I just added the KDE , it workd for a while then stopped16:45
trueneuss_haze, linux mysql apache php stack.16:46
Ban-Hammerwell if you have a desk top , i find the easyest way is to do apt-get install phpmyadmin which happens to add everything you need for your "lamp"16:46
DesignerXthat's it16:46
rlwOkay, I've downloaded the .tar.gz of ClamAV - how do I remove the other one16:46
Ari-Yangrlw, what do you mean "other one"?16:46
trueneuBan-Hammer, nice trick. :)16:46
DesignerXthe problem is, KDE is starting as text mode only & not to the GUI16:46
Ban-Hammerbut i likes short cuts across the grass16:47
Kitt3nBan-Hammer, easier to install with the XAMPP linux installer :D16:47
rlwHow do I remove p-prot in other words16:47
=== nevzets is now known as phallic-cassowar
Ban-Hammeryer but my way you git phpmyadmin too16:47
Ari-Yangrlw, how did you install it?16:47
ss_hazeproblem is kde team is lazy to make stable ubuntu builds or your computer hasn't got enough power, or you did something very wrong16:47
Ari-Yangif you got it via apt-get then sudo apt-get remove f-prot16:47
rlwinstall what f-prot?16:47
Ari-Yangrlw, how /did/ you install f-prot?16:48
rlwthough Command16:48
DesignerXKitar|st: I used XAMPP at the end after failed testes with installing LAMP one by one16:48
Ari-Yangrlw, you could just google 'how to uninstall a program on ubuntu'16:48
Ari-Yangit's really easy......16:48
rlwOkay fine16:48
DesignerXss_haze: its running in a VM, with the same settings, I was able to get to the GUI for the 11st few times, I'm sure this happend after an update16:48
rlwAlso I've got Ubuntu 13.04 how to I get my Wireless Icon back on my menu where the time displays16:49
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
ss_hazeyou just had to start with VM part, cause graphical drivers are enough to put xserver out16:50
Ban-Hammer@ DesignerX I was being seriour when i siad >>> apt-get install phpmyadmin16:50
Ban-Hammerlol serious#16:50
syntax_errorhello all16:51
nikola_hello ppl :), i have a question, if there is a irc chat client, that intergrates with unity?i am on 12.04 LTS16:51
ss_hazequassel is great irc chat client16:51
MonkeyDustnikola_  what do you mean, integrates with unity?16:51
wilee-nileenikola_, I don't think so they are all independent.16:51
ss_hazeatleast for my own very small needs16:51
Kitt3nnikola_, Hexchat is a great irc chat client16:51
holsteinrlw: i would try and take the same approach you did to becoming a proffessional on the windows platform.. you are saying "i need AV" and very few linux users have AV16:51
Ban-Hammerss_haze, whuts it do that xchat dont ?16:52
wilee-nilee+1 hexchat16:52
ss_hazehide a lot of spam16:52
holsteinrlw: try and do what you likely did with windows. use the defaults til you have specific needs arise.. if you want AV, install it..16:52
nikola_like for example the email client, thunderbird, which i can minize and if a new message arrives the small envelope tyrn blue16:52
Ari-Yangnikola_, for linux I recommend hexchat (gui) and weechat or irssi for terminal16:52
ss_hazeand it's qt based, it's like clementine or irc16:52
DesignerXok ... lolz .. after long research .. found I just had to type "startx'  to start up the GUI16:52
ss_hazegood one designerX :D16:53
Ban-Hammer<cough> I dont have spam, I read the Man16:53
usr13nikola_: thunderbird is not an IRC chat client.16:53
ss_hazestartxfce4 or startkde also was there16:53
nikola_i know that is not, i was giving it like an example, what i mean by "integrates with unity"16:53
Ari-Yangnikola_, I don't think there is any......16:54
ss_hazeunity is integrated with anything16:54
DesignerXss_haze: any idea how I can make it start with KDE & not the text mode ?16:54
=== georgelappies_ is now known as georgelappies
ss_hazeI guess sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop16:54
DesignerXss_haze:  KDE is installed16:54
ss_hazethen remove it, and try again16:55
kostkonnikola_, there is16:55
ss_hazemaybe some packages are broken16:55
Kitt3nDesignerX, I think the Arch Linux wiki have some info on how to manually set up KDE to auto start on boot ;p16:55
nikola_@kostkon ?16:55
kostkonnikola_, xchat16:55
kostkonnikola_, to enable the messaging menu support, install the package xchat-indicator16:55
exportarch is so well documented their wiki helps linux in general lol16:55
Kitt3nexport, *nod* Yup.16:56
tjr9898I'm having troubles dissecting the differences between xorg documenatation and Ubuntu's implementation of xorg16:56
nikola_10x, kostkon i will give it a try16:56
tjr9898I'm currently using 12.0316:56
tjr9898I'm currently using 12.0416:56
Ban-Hammeror change run level16:56
kostkonnikola_, make sure when you attempt to close it the first time to select the option to hide the window. that way you can close it and then pop it up using its entry in the messaging menu aka the folder icon16:56
DJones!ru | ceroz16:57
ubottuceroz: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.16:57
cerozесть кто шарит в xubuntu???16:59
Kitt3n!ru | ceroz16:59
ubottuceroz: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.16:59
trueneuThat why I don't like ru community much. Arrogance.17:01
DesignerXTerminator is the best Command line tool ever :D wish it was for windows too17:01
tjr9898I think my xorg conf is being overran by lighdm settings17:02
tjr9898could this be true?17:02
nikola__<kostkon> 10x for the tip :) about the integration with unity :)17:03
kostkonnikola__, :)17:03
DesignerXok, ty for the help guys, Solution to KDE = Remove it .. revert back to a snaphot I took before I installed KDE :D17:04
jgcampbell300anyone here know exactly what xrdp does ?17:05
holstein!info xrdp17:05
ubottuxrdp (source: xrdp): Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.0-1 (raring), package size 270 kB, installed size 1555 kB17:05
dojha00Sorry I m back. Previous question:- Hey guys, can u plz help me with --- today i was trying to install ubuntu 12.04 in my compaq laptop and it's got stuck at "kernel panic- not syncing: Out of memory and no killable processes... bla bla bla and then  panic occurred, switching back to text console".. plz.17:05
holsteindojha00: i would test that iso17:05
jpdsdojha00: Yes, you need more memory in your system.17:06
dojha00holstein iso is okay.17:06
holstein^^ that too17:06
holsteindojha00: then, move on to the actual error message, as jpds suggests17:06
Kitt3ndojha00, how much memory does your laptop have?17:06
dojha00it's has 512 mb ram so i donot think that is an issue.17:06
jgcampbell300holstein, so is it like a proxy or just something you run on each client to answer calls ?17:06
jpdsdojha00: You'll need at least 1G for Ubuntu.17:06
holsteinjgcampbell300: rdp server17:06
jpdsdojha00: 2 to feel comfortable.17:06
dojha00jpds yes i know but i checked on ubuntu website and recommended is 512mb. and it should be installing.17:07
jpdsdojha00: OK, good luck.17:07
dojha00what good luck? LOL it's not installing.17:08
jgcampbell300holstein, so rdp server like a ms terminal server ?17:08
holsteinjgcampbell300: exactly like a linux rdp server17:08
Kitt3ndojha00, perhaps Puppy linux?17:08
jpdsdojha00: The computer is clearly telling you: "kernel panic- not syncing: *Out of memory*"17:08
Ban-Hammer^ i concure17:08
jgcampbell300holstein, do you have any links to an example of how it may be used ?17:09
DexterF_12.04LTS: flash draws massive cpu and does not work. had that before, is there a workaround?17:09
dojha00Kitt3n Puppy Linux? i was trying to install UBUNTU12.04 LTS.17:09
darpani have problems woth jack audio interface17:09
darpanand ati instalation17:09
Kitt3ndojha00, you can't, you need at least 1 GB ram17:09
Kitt3ndarpan, what ati card do you have?17:09
adamkdojha00: Try the alternate or server install ISO. Just because the minimum for running 12.04 is 512M, that doesn't mean that's the minimum for installing from the desktop CD.17:09
Ban-Hammertry debian raw17:09
holsteinjgcampbell300: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man8/xrdp.8.html17:09
darpani m using laptop17:10
holsteinjgcampbell300: do you have any examples of what it is you are looking for?17:10
dojha00jpds yes not because of it donot have memory surely it has some other issue because before that i was running ubuntu on the same system and was working great.17:10
jgcampbell300holstein, thank you ... and sorry for my confusion17:10
darpanati radeon hd 7xxx series17:10
holsteinjgcampbell300: teamviewer works well in ubuntu, and is quite easy to use17:10
adamkdarpan: Are you using the proprietary drivers?17:10
jgcampbell300holstein, well i was looking for a better way to manage all my remotes to my clients and thought xrdp sounded kinda neet17:10
dojha00adamk that's not minimum that is recommended.17:10
=== james is now known as James_Epp
okabe2Is it possible to get OpenGL 3.3 support on Ubuntu?17:10
darpanhmm i dunno , i jus instaled ubuntu studio17:10
darpanas i m new to it now17:11
adamkdojha00: Well it's certainly not my recommended :-)17:11
adamkdarpan: To use HDMI audio on that GPU, you need to use the proprietary drivers from AMD.17:11
jgcampbell300holstein, ya i have used it ... but i cant use it in some of my locations dew to security issues17:11
adamkokabe2: Depends entirely on the video card and drivers.17:11
Ari-Yangno you don't adamk17:11
darpanohk , how to do , i mean , wil i get drivers from ati site ?17:11
asimcan someone please help me regarding sound settings for my newly installed ubuntu 12.04 via VMware???17:11
Ari-Yangdarpan, hold up......17:11
Ban-Hammerwhat gpu was it ?17:11
okabe2adamk: I got AMD BARTS card and open source drivers...17:12
Kitt3n7xxx series17:12
adamkAri-Yang: According to the radeon developers, when I asked them two days ago, HDMI audio is not yet supported on HD7xxx GPUs with the radeon driver.17:12
jpdsdojha00: If the computer says out of memory, it's out of memory - are you really going to argue against it about that?17:12
Vec_Hey guys, i'm about to start installing a LAMP-stack on my server, and im fairly certain i want to do the lions share of configing through some kind of webbased admin panel like cPanel or ISPConfig3. -- My first question is, what adminpanel do you guys reccomend? The most important factor is lack of security issues, then user-friendlyness17:12
darpani have amd quad core a8 processor with ati  radeon hd 7xxxx17:12
dojha00#adamk LOL. yup it's recommended by UBUNTU people. and after all it was working in that system before so that's not an issue right now.17:12
esbenHello. Does anyone know of a music player that lets you select the command to play the file?17:12
jpdsVec_: None, SSH is your friend.17:12
esbenor perhaps a plugin to a music player17:13
adamkdojha00: Clearly it is an issue...  If it weren't an issue, you wouldn't be getting that error message :-)17:13
Vec_jpds: It seems like such a daunting task to config stuff through SSH compared to clicking on stuff in a panel17:13
Kitt3ndarpan, uninstall the open source driver currently in use and install the driver from AMD.com with --force. Don't restart after removing the open source driver.17:13
jpdsVec_: You're better off asking in #ubuntu-server.17:13
holsteinesben: what? all players will have a play button17:13
Ari-Yangdarpan, personally, ati proprietary drivers are horrible. they have horrible 2d acceleration, the main reason why one would use it if you're a gamer. I'm able to use hdmi and have working audio by adding radeon.audio=1 to the line in GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" of /etc/default/grub17:13
darpanactualy i dunno the programing  , how to un instal it17:13
=== Guest82953 is now known as Corey
esbencommand as in mplayer or mpg321 for example17:13
Vec_jpds: Are you of the opinion that its not enough of a hassle configing through ssh to use a webbased solution?17:13
adamkAri-Yang: And what video card do you have?17:13
dojha00#adamk yes but it should be having some other solution than i go and change my ram first.17:14
esbenso when pressing play it just executes the custom command on the file17:14
darpanit is with the laptop itself17:14
Ari-YangI did this for this laptop, and this is a HD5400 CEDAR card17:14
jpdsVec_: Well, these days I prefer to use a services/configuration management system like juju/puppet.17:14
Ari-Yangdarpan, are you going to be doing hardcore gaming?17:14
adamkAri-Yang: Right, because it's supported for your GPU. According to the *developers* it's not supported on HD7xxx GPUs. Your advice does not apply.17:14
darpansamsung np355v5c s03in , check it out17:14
dojha00#jpds i m not arguing i m just saying it's showing because of some other problem and i donot know what it is exactly and if u guys know then help me.17:14
Vec_jpds: Consider that im very new to this stuff, im learning as i go. So i guess that stuff is out of my league17:14
darpanno i m not a gamer , but musician ,17:14
Ari-Yangadamk, I see....17:14
holsteinesben: cvlc is a commandline player.. if thats what you are looking for17:15
darpani worked in cubase for 8 yrs17:15
jpdsVec_: But no, I've never used a panel software.17:15
darpann now swittchin to ubuntu studio17:15
Ari-Yangdarpan, okay, in terminal run sudo apt-get install fglrx17:15
Ari-Yangand that should do it17:15
Ari-Yangafter you restart17:15
holsteindarpan: i did that.. migrated from cubase to ardour17:15
Vec_jpds: Ill do it through ssh and then i can always install some adminpanel later on if i want to try that :)17:15
djonoim having trouble transfering large files to usb17:15
Vec_Plenty of learning to be had through the terminal :>17:15
holsteindarpan: you'll want to /join #opensourcemusicians17:15
darpanohh wow , is it recomended for pro use ?17:16
Ari-Yangdarpan, you should first try fglrx from ubuntu's repo, I wouldn't trust the ones from amd's site. Becareful, I've seen many users here installing fglrx and end up with a lot of problems....17:16
darpani i jud typed tht code in terminal17:16
darpanafter thth17:16
holsteindarpan: a machine? recommended for pro use? i mean, if your a pro, and you use it, thats pro-use17:16
Kitt3nAri-Yang, the ones in the ubuntu repo suck, at least for Minecraft.17:16
Ari-Yangdarpan, or sudo apt-get install fglrx-updates17:16
james41382rhythmbox seems to hang when importing my itunes library music folder. I have tried it twice now and it hung both times at different spots in the import... Any ideas?17:16
adamkdojha00: If you did, indeed, having this version of Ubuntu working on that machine before, with 512M of ram, what did you do differently last time to get it to install?17:16
Ari-YangKitt3n, oh? well it all depends really, I've seen many users here use from ubuntu's repos. heck most recommended them than from amd's site17:17
darpannow its showing " 0 upgraded , 0 newly installed ... " n all17:17
holsteinjames41382: are the files able to be imported?17:17
Ari-Yangdarpan, what ubuntu version are you running?17:17
trueneuHah, hexchat feels a lot like xchat.17:17
Ari-Yangtrueneu, it's the new xchat-wdk17:17
Ari-Yangso ofc it would :317:17
=== Guest14861 is now known as maxb
trueneuAri-Yang, ah. I see.17:17
darpanhmm , ubuntu studio is totly diff17:17
wilee-nileetrueneu, It is xchat basicall.17:17
james41382holstein: the files that imported can play17:17
darpanbut i love it17:17
Ari-Yangbetter yet17:17
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto17:17
holsteindarpan: no its not.. ubuntustudio *is* ubuntu17:17
Ari-Yangdarpan, check that link17:17
darpanmine is 12.04.0217:18
darpanmine is ubuntu studio17:18
Ari-Yangdarpan, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI#Installing_upstream_drivers_directly_from_AMD.27s_website17:18
holsteindarpan: i have migrated from cubase to ardour years ago. i am an ubuntustudio member, and i run 12.04 on my production machine.. what is the issue?17:18
darpanohk , my issue with ardour is sound card problem17:18
=== esben is now known as crispy
holsteindarpan: have you been to #ardour? las is quite helpful.. are you using JACK?17:19
dojha00#adamk i had ubuntu 12.04 installed in it before then someone accessed my laptop and deleted the derive in which i had installed UBUNTU. and when i come back it was showing "grub-rescue>" since i knew that there is no more grub files so i tried starting a new copy in place of recoverying grub.17:19
holstein!proaudio | darpan17:19
ubottudarpan: For information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro17:19
james41382holstein: the first time it stopped responding around 17 gb and the second time around 15, but i think there around 30 gb in there so something is up.17:19
jgcampbell300oh i see .. xrdp server is so windows machines can make connection to linux pcs17:19
holsteindarpan: JACK is where you want to start..17:19
darpanhmm  , no , it is the normal driver , when i open ardour , its not jack17:19
=== crispy is now known as stupidpassword
darpanits oder17:19
holsteindarpan: ardour *requires* JACK17:19
holsteindarpan: so, theres the problem.. as i said, you want to start with JACK17:20
adamkdojha00: I'd seriously conisder double checking or triple checking the ram, then.17:20
darpanjack comes with ubuntu studio ?17:20
wilee-nilee!tab > dojha00, a # does not inform the user you are adressing17:20
darpanpreinstalled ?17:20
holsteindarpan: yes.. and its not trivial.. the link i gave shows how to get is started17:20
holstein!proaudio > darpan17:20
ubottudarpan, please see my private message17:20
wilee-nilee!tab > dojha00,17:21
darpanohk thnx17:21
dojha00adamk: double checking or triple checking means?? what should i do ? i donot want to replace my ram atm.17:21
dojha00thanks everyone for reminding me. :)17:21
holsteindarpan: you can use, and test JACK from the live CD.. back when i was migrating, ubuntustudio didnt have a live CD.. we went to a live CD recently17:21
adamkdojha00: Run memtest on the machine for a number of passes.17:22
holsteindarpan: you can use the live CD, so you dont "break" your current config... and test different JACK settings on the fly, without worrying17:22
darpanhmm ok17:22
holsteindarpan: i use a firewire device, which was a bit more of a challenge back when i migrated17:22
darpanohh ohk yup , it is challenging17:22
holsteindarpan: what audio device are you using?17:23
dojha00adamk: okay Thanks let me try it then.17:23
darpani have m-audio micro isb17:23
darpani m not getin its drives17:23
holsteindarpan: isb? drives?17:23
darpani mean17:23
holsteindarpan: you have a usb device, and its not working?17:23
darpanhmm no17:23
holsteindarpan: anyways.. what i would suggest is, remove variables.. remove one of the cards, and get jack working, say, on the internal device.. which is likely supported out of the box by JACK17:24
darpanohk , jack is pro level ? compared to m-audio n al dat17:24
darpanhmm i have heard abt jack , its grt17:24
holsteindarpan: then, when you "get your feet wet" with JACK, disable or remove the internal sound card, and go to the maudio device17:24
dojha00!adamk how to run memtest? it's has been time and i have been forget.17:24
ubottudojha00: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:24
holsteindarpan: JACK does what it does.. "prolevel" is a matter of use case and opinion17:24
occdoes ubuntu run well on sony laptops?17:25
adamkdojha00: It's availalbe as an option when you boot off the Ubuntu Live CD.17:25
darpanohk :)17:25
holsteindarpan: im sure a professional can sound like an amatuer on amature gear, just as the inverse is possible17:25
darpanis cubase similar to ardour  ?17:25
darpani mean , functionality wide17:25
darpani knw , its diff , but , user interface wise17:26
occi think cubase does a bit more17:26
holsteindarpan: dont bother yourself with terms such as "pro".. if you want to be in a $200/hour studio, thenn go there.. if you want a very nice DAW, and for free, ubuntustudio with ardour is an excellent choice, and quite capable17:26
occbut they do the same sort of operations17:26
dojha00adamk: okay let me try.17:26
holsteindarpan: ardour is not aiming to emluate anything.. just as cubase is not aiming to emluate or replace ardour17:26
darpanohk thnaks17:26
holsteindarpan: you *will* have a learning curve, and an "unlearning" curve17:26
darpanhmm yup :017:27
darpanu can check my sounds on soundcloud17:27
occiv only used reaper17:27
holsteindarpan: i have been using ardour for about 5 years since leaving cubase, and im still not as fast as i was in cubase.. but, for me, the switch is and was worth it17:27
darpanohh wow17:27
holsteindont come to ardour for a cubase replacement.. come to ardour becuase you want to use and support FOSS and linux17:28
darpan, actualy my laptop has 1.9 ghz guad core amd apu a8 ,17:28
darpanso it is lil slow17:28
holsteindarpan: you can do most audio production on a P4 still17:28
=== lifeboy_ is now known as lifeboy
=== DestinyAwaits1 is now known as DestinyAwaits
holsteinmy main audio production rig is a dual core with 8 gb of ram, and i assure you, the CPU is not the bottleneck17:29
darpani'l be right back aftr 5 mins ,... , rebooting my laptop ,17:29
MonkeyDust!info rosegarden17:29
ubotturosegarden (source: rosegarden): music editor and MIDI/audio sequencer. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:12.12.25-1 (raring), package size 8257 kB, installed size 14676 kB17:29
=== ad is now known as Guest32648
pr4vushi, i need some help with compiling. im trying to compile razercfg tool. but commands make, make isntall, and cmake gives nothing. any ideas?17:31
trueneupr4vus, probably you should configure it first?17:32
holsteinpr4vus: http://askubuntu.com/questions/216349/razer-naga-ubuntu-12-10 refers to "after" installing it17:32
pr4vusok... problem is, i have no idea how to17:32
holsteinpr4vus: the package or package maintainer should include information.. share that information here if you need a volunteer to help parse the info17:32
=== Vec_ is now known as Vec_brb
pr4vusok. give me a minute17:33
MikeRLSo, I will leave this message here, and repost every half hour: Anyone available to help confirm https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vino/+bug/1196668 ? To trigger the bug, you'll need to do the following: 1) Search the dash for "Desktop Sharing" and click it. 2) Modify some preferences. Make sure the icon in the notification area is set to "Always visible". 3) Close desktop sharing. 4) The icon should disappear on an updated R17:33
MikeRL<MikeRL> aring machine. Also, there is one more step. 5) Run /usr/lib/vino/vino-server from a terminal. It should crash.17:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1196668 in vino (Ubuntu) "VNC crashes on startup on Raring" [Undecided,New]17:33
=== tech_priest is now known as the_president
pr4vusok, im certain i have all the dependancies to start of with17:34
pr4vusoh wait.... there is a space and dot in the cmake command.17:35
pr4vusi think i got it... thank you17:36
pozhi guys, I need some help trying to get a vpn through my firewall. not sure how or where to starty17:36
holsteinpoz: i used my phone to test the connnect.. i use a simple pptp server https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PPTPServer though, there are arguably better solutions17:37
holsteinpoz: if its literally just the firewall, i put mine in the DMZ of the router, and used a firewall on the machine17:37
b80905please help me install opengl for developing17:37
t0th_-i am trying use rsyn17:38
holsteinb80905: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7842622/setting-up-opengl-on-ubuntu17:38
t0th_-but my files ar not sync..17:38
t0th_-rsync -avrzP17:38
pozwell i am using firestarter and trying to add a rule17:38
poznot sure what to put in17:38
holsteinpoz: i tested locally with no firewall as well.. to confirm all was working, so i would know if the issue was firewall or not17:39
MikeRLMy request takes multiple steps, but a noob could do it. You just need a Raring machine that's updated to help me confirm a bug.17:39
Prock81i finally got my gps working17:39
=== kevin is now known as Guest87727
holsteinMikeRL: i dont think its been 30 minutes yet.. maybe try the mailing list17:39
pozi know it is the firewall becuase vpn works when it disabled but does not work when enabled17:39
MikeRLholstein: Thank you.17:40
trismMikeRL: do you know exactly what options you used? it certainly seems to work fine here17:40
trueneut0th_-, you're probably using rsync in wrong direction then.17:40
MikeRLtrism: I had to modify some options under Desktop sharing.17:40
=== Guest2873 is now known as gac
Prock81anyone know of some free marine navigation software, i got opencpn but im looking for more accurate17:40
MikeRLtrism: And then run  /usr/lib/vino/vino-server from the terminal.17:40
=== gac is now known as Guest65816
=== Guest87727 is now known as kevin_hk
=== zz_jinie is now known as jinie
trueneut0th_-, can you find something common among not synced files?17:41
trueneut0th_-, or none of them are synced at all?17:41
MikeRLtrism: It's funky here on my end. I even reformatted and the bug reappeared!17:41
trismMikeRL: yes I understand how to use it, I am curious what your setup was, because it isn't crashing here17:41
MikeRLtrism: Are you running Raring?17:41
t0th_-i see in destination, the are not changed17:41
trismMikeRL: yep17:41
MikeRLtrism: Have you modified any of the options? Worked for me for the longest time as well.17:42
=== daniel is now known as Guest27043
trueneut0th_-, please pastebin the full command.17:42
nooshello, big problem after kernel update, updtae finished, but i didnt restart, now system hang, and i get "Operating System not found" on Ubuntu 12.04 , any help, PLEASE...17:43
trismMikeRL: actually, do you have the upnp option enabled? looking at the stacktrace I bet that is where it is crashing17:44
MikeRLtrism: It's mysteriously working again, only on my laptop. Maybe I'll look into some log files and see if something stopped it from messing up.17:44
ohnoididitagainHey there. I'm having problem with starting application I get this message: error while loading shared libraries: libGLU.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory17:45
MikeRLtrism: WHOAH YOU'RE A LIFESAVER! Didn't know that's where it was crashing. Now I know what to avoid. Anyhow, can you toggle on that option and see if it crashes?17:45
adamkohnoididitagain: Install libglu1-mesa...  It should have been installed by default.17:46
trismMikeRL: yeah I toggled it here and still didn't crash, so it might have something to do with your setup, maybe router sending a reply it isn't expecting17:46
poz_anyone know how to get vpn past firestarter firewall?17:46
nooshello, big problem after kernel update, updtae finished, but i didnt restart, now system hang, and i get "Operating System not found" on Ubuntu 12.04 , any help, PLEASE...17:46
jpdsnoos: Sounds like a BIOS issue?17:47
trueneut0th_-, by that command you sync /home/xxx/xxx.com with /home/xxx/dev.xxx.com/xxx.com , not with /home/xxx/dev.xxx.com .17:47
noosidk, really, i dont find the boot sequence option in bios...., jpds17:47
Prock81oooh tripple X lol17:47
xlinearhey, can anyone help me setup my fans correctly? Just installed Ubuntu 12 on a laptop, and the fans take off whenever I do anything even remotely CPU-intensive.  The laptop is pretty powerful, so it shouldn't be doing this =/17:47
MikeRLtrism: So my router is likely the culprit... But I will ping you later when I find a workaround. Can you try and reproduce this bug at all? If not, I'll add my router model to the LaunchPad page. May be the firewall...17:48
adamkxlinear: The laptop being powerful has no bearing on the fans...17:48
t0th_-i need put / ?17:48
t0th_-how i can solve?17:48
ohnoididitagainadamk: how to do that?17:48
poz_anyone know how to get vpn past firestarter firewall?17:48
reisiot0th_-: solve what?17:49
trueneuYep. Put a trailing '/' at source, t0th_-.17:49
xlinearadamk: I think it might have to do with the settings for the CPU/fans.  See, my first core gets a lot of use, and frequently climbs to 100%.  Then the fans go to full, because something thinks I'm doing something CPU-intensive... but the other cores are idling.17:49
MikeRLtrism: Temporarily away for now. You saved my bacon! I need to fix a family member's virus-infested Windows 7 PC, and I FLAT OUT REFUSE to go into Windows 8 to use VNC. Might cross-contaminate Windows.17:49
trismMikeRL: no luck reproducing it here, and unfortunately it sees we don't have a debugsym package for the libminiupnpc8 package in raring on ddebs, so it'll be harder to get a better trace17:49
msdaisypoz_: why are you using firestarter? It's been unsupported for years.17:49
adamkohnoididitagain: Use the Ubuntu software center or apt-get.17:50
adamkohnoididitagain: You should really familiarize yourself with how to install software from the repos.17:50
ohnoididitagainadamk: okay, I'll try that17:50
MikeRLtrism: What packages do I need? I can search for a PPA of them online17:50
reisioMikeRL: you should just switch them over :p17:50
noosstrange now it boots again, i hope now my pass works, this is not the problem laptop, but another one.... all i did is looking @ the boot sequence, jpds17:51
ohnoididitagainadamk: I only use my computer for webbrowsing and watching movies so no need for learning terminal17:51
MikeRLreisio: Switch what over? I'm sorry I don't understand.17:51
MikeRLreisio: Get them off of Windows?17:51
adamkohnoididitagain: The Ubuntu Software Center is not a terminal program, though.17:51
poz_msdaisy, what should i use?17:52
reisioMikeRL: yeah, not worth it17:52
ohnoididitagainadamk: I tried apt-get and here's what UI got: libglu1-mesa is already the newest version.17:52
ohnoididitagain0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.17:52
msdaisypoz_: iptables or ufw if you have ubuntu installed.17:52
MikeRLreisio: I tried. They like Windows because Linux gets the shaft on Flash. And they watch adult stuff online. Shh. Think of the children!17:52
adamkohnoididitagain: Then you really managed to do something bad to your computer, somehow removing libraries without using the software center or apt-get.  Reinstall that package.17:53
reisioMikeRL: my Flash works fine17:53
adamkohnoididitagain: And hope for the best.17:53
reisioand I don't even use Chrome17:53
ohnoididitagainadamk: okay, what's the command to reinstall? apt-get reinstall?17:53
reisioman apt-get, /reinstall17:53
poz_anyone know a good way to test a firewall?17:54
msdaisypoz_: you'll find answers to your questions all over the internet if you use iptables or ufw. you probably won't find an answer if you stick with firestarter.17:55
xlinearpoz_:There's also shorewall.  Nice alternative to using just iptables.17:55
poz_i removed firestarted... i already had ufw, just not enabled17:55
msdaisypoz_: yes initiate connections and watch the firewall logs17:55
=== Koedh is now known as Ladon
trismMikeRL: well, what you would need to do is rebuild miniupnpc with debugging enabled, it's documented here if you wanted to try it: http://wiki.debian.org/HowToGetABacktrace , don't know that it would help but it would be more info for the bug report17:55
=== SonikkuAmericaDo is now known as SonikkuAmerica
poz_msdaisy, how do i watch the logs?17:56
trismohnoididitagain: if you are on amd64, you may need the i386 version for your game/whatever, libglu1-mesa:i38617:57
msdaisypoz_: you can use gedit to view them. i believe they're stored in /var/logs17:57
ohnoididitagainreinstalled and I still get the same message17:57
trismohnoididitagain: could check ldd on the binary and see17:57
=== Guest41538 is now known as mist
ohnoididitagaintrism: I have 64bit but it's Intel i7, not amd17:57
trismohnoididitagain: amd64 is just the generic name for our 64bit version17:58
=== achernya_ is now known as achernya
ohnoididitagaintrism: oh okay, I didn't know that :D17:58
SonikkuAmerica!64bit | ohnoididitagain: reference17:58
ubottuohnoididitagain: reference: AMD64 and Intel 64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. Consider using 64-bit if your memory ussage exceeds 4GB. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/32bit_and_64bit17:58
noosgoodbye thx17:58
padhuHow can configure double IP in single ethernet card?17:59
adamkohnoididitagain: What's the app?17:59
ohnoididitagainI have 64bit version installed17:59
poz_msdaisy, so it seems to be working, but it is blocking websites17:59
ohnoididitagainadamk: It's called Tibia17:59
ohnoididitagainadamk: old game17:59
=== francisco is now known as Guest44759
xlineardoes anyone know if coretemp needs calibrating? If I do one basic thing sensors shows my CPU core temperature spike from 60 to 86 Celsius, in about a second or so.  That's impossible.18:00
msdaisypoz_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BasicSecurity/Firewall This is a tutorial showing how to set up a strong firewall blocking in and out. you could choose to only block inbound and allow all outbound.18:00
adamkohnoididitagain: Yeah, you probably need libglu1-mesa:i38618:00
msdaisypoz_: allowing all out will probably not break anything.18:01
ohnoididitagainadamk: okay, I'll just use apt-get to download it?18:01
adamkohnoididitagain: Yep.18:01
ohnoididitagainadamk: this is the only command I know hah18:01
MonkeyDust|find fwbuilder | poz_18:01
MonkeyDust!find fwbuilder | poz_18:01
ubottupoz_: Found: fwbuilder, fwbuilder-common, fwbuilder-dbg, fwbuilder-doc18:01
ohnoididitagainadamk: I WORS!! TANK YO GUYS <33318:02
poz_so allowing all out works18:02
=== wizonesolutions_ is now known as wizonesolutions
ohnoididitagainadamk: sorry for typos :]18:03
=== callen_ is now known as callen
ohnoididitagainthank you guys, have a nice weekend :]18:03
poz_I dont understand. so i have the firewall set to deny outgoing, and then I make a rule that allows all outgoing between ports 1 and 60000... still does not work18:08
Ari-Yangpoz_, make sure you port forward your desired ports in your router's settings...18:09
msdaisypoz_: why not set it to allow all outgoing?18:09
=== BJfreeman is now known as Guest35572
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
poz_becuase I know nothing about firewalls and I feel that is not secure for some reason18:10
u3hello how are you18:11
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
poz_I am not sure what port forwarding is, but I dont understand why it needs to be changed just because I enabled my firewall18:12
lotuspsychjewould dd clone a 1tb faster then regular data transfer from one to another drive?18:12
Br|aNanyone know how to crontab znc?18:12
msdaisypoz_: you want to block connections being initiated out on the internet. so block all incoming. if you don't have any services like ssh or lamp running then that would be good.18:12
adamklotuspsychje: dd operates on the drive...  "regular data transfer" suggests something that interacts with the filesystem.18:13
Prock81poz_ because your router stops connections from being made18:13
holsteinpoz_: that is why, i suggested, and stated that i use the DMZ.. outside the routers firewall18:13
=== Nisstyre-laptop is now known as Nisstyre
msdaisypoz_: you don't need port forwarding. if you set your firewall to allow all out then you are the only one that can initiate connections to other computers.18:13
poz_what somthing on my computer that should not be "phoning home" trys to...18:14
adamklotuspsychje: Sorry, just saw that you weren18:14
=== dylan__ is now known as DylanCl
poz_I always thought that my computer firewall and router firewall was different18:15
adamklotuspsychje: asking "why" but wanted to know if dd would be faster.  Most likely, yes it would.18:15
DylanClHello. Anybody who is good at FFMPEG and streaming?18:15
lotuspsychjeadamk: tnx, does dd show progress of the transfer?18:15
holsteinpoz_: your router firewall is before all your computers, unless you are in the DMZ, or have the firewall on the router off18:15
lotuspsychje!ask | DylanCl18:15
ubottuDylanCl: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:15
adamklotuspsychje: Not that I know if, but you'd have to check the man page.  There are probably programs that use 'dd' that show progress, even if dd doesn't.18:16
DylanCllotuspsychje: I can only show my problem when I stream so asking it is a problem.18:16
msdaisypoz_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1871177 this is a discussion on why you would want a firewall and what it can do.18:16
lotuspsychjeadamk: ok tnx mate18:16
poz_I thought so, but my router firewall is not a problem here. its on and does not cause a problem.... not sure what DMZ stands for18:16
holsteinpoz_: it stands for "outside the firewall", basically18:17
Prock81if an app say you got 30 days to use, where would it likely put the 30 day info18:17
msdaisypoz_: yes, computer and router firewalls are different. you need a firewall on your router. some say you need a firewall on your pc behind a router, some say you don't.18:17
holsteinpoz_: if you have upnp enabled, that might have allowed a connection through the firewall18:18
holsteinpoz_: upnp on the router, that is18:18
Prock81like a firewall to tell u whats going on with ports, is there a way to do that with files18:19
Prock81a filewall lol18:19
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist.18:19
MikeRLtrism: By some crazy way, I managed to fix my issue.18:20
=== d is now known as Guest41815
poz_okay, well i am going to try some stuff. thanks for all of your help everyone!18:20
DJones!ask | Guest4181518:20
ubottuGuest41815: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:20
Guest41815d for dianelo18:20
Guest41815opps diangelo18:20
okabe2I just installed Ubuntu-GNOME and I got issues with firefox; When scrolling I see extreme screen tearing. Other programs seem to be unaffected by that. How can I fix that?18:20
ezra-sIs RewriteCond %{HTTP:Transfer-Econding} ^chunked a valid RewriteCond?18:21
ezra-swops wrong window, sorry18:21
Guest41815i have a question regarding games on linux pepermint18:21
msdaisypoz_: There are no services running by default in ubuntu so allowing all out and blocking all in would suffice. but you can block all out and then open up the ports you need. it just takes some careful planning and testing.18:21
holsteinGuest44759: this is the ubuntu support channel.. peppermint support is in #peppermint on spotchat18:23
holsteinGuest44759: sorry.. the other guest has left..18:24
=== ballcat is now known as autumncat
belgianguyouch, I just had another "graphics driver" Ubuntu experience18:27
belgianguyglad I made it out alive18:27
geri_i install eclipse with cdt plugin...but it cant find g++...is it required to set any paths?18:28
belgianguyif there's one thing that bugs me, is that the graphical capabilities of my machine cannot be fully utilised without risking everything on it18:28
=== |_ocke3 is now known as |_ocke
=== bouddha is now known as RyanXM
=== resure_ is now known as Guest69736
=== jgay_ is now known as jgay
=== Guest88403 is now known as rerere
=== Guest65816 is now known as gac
lesshastehow do I run ssh-agent before opening a shell?18:42
=== gac is now known as Guest34990
lesshasteor.. what's the correct way to run ssh-agent in ubuntu?18:44
geri_i installed eclipse with cdt plugin...but it cant find g++...is it required to set any paths?18:45
theadmingeri_: Eh, g++ installs to /usr/bin on Ubuntu, I don't know anything that wouldn't search there. But, are you sure g++ is actually installed?18:48
geri_theadmin g++ is installed in /usr/bin !18:49
theadmingeri_: Hamsters. Well, I'm not familiar with Eclipse, so mess around with settings I guess18:50
lmatI'm using schroot to create a chroot environment. It's currently sharing an home directory with the host environment.18:52
lmatI would like to *not* do that so that my stuff doesn't get messed up! How should I proceed?18:52
lmatI see a bunch of configuration in /etc/schroot18:53
lmatincluding what look like different profiles of creating the chroot environment (default, buildd, minimal, desktop, etc.)18:53
lmatAnd I see my environment in chroot.d/configuration.conf   But it doesn't say anything about the home directory (I think)18:53
lmatAnd when I set up my chroot environment, I don't remember specifying one of these templates.18:54
lmatAlso, in the chroot, at /etc/fstab is a most uninteresting content:  # UNCONFIGURED FSTAB FOR BASE SYSTEM18:54
lmatwhoa, very quiet #ubuntu today...18:58
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
clickhello all how do i extract logs in a specific time period like 19:00 to 23:0019:01
androidHaterhi guys! can anyone tell me when a stable version of ubuntu touch will come one and if it will support my HTC Sensation? i really hate android and with every update it starts lagging more and more :(19:06
prashant_123456do i only need 64 bit ubuntu os to install on uefi, 32 bit ubuntu will install in uefi ??19:07
=== androidHater is now known as DUPEsTERENmSF
theadminprashant_123456: The 32-bit Ubuntu version will NOT work in EFI.19:08
=== Guest92950 is now known as Bam_Bam
theadminprashant_123456: There's also no reason whatsoever to run 32-bit if your hardware is 64-bit19:08
fadfswhat's the command to check which partition should i reinstall grub ? i got 2 linux partition19:08
fadfsusing fdisk -l19:08
theadminfadfs: You install GRUB to the MBR, not to a partition (/dev/sda, not /dev/sda1)19:08
prashant_123456theadmin: so  i have to  download 64 bit os great19:09
fadfsoh ya19:09
reisiofadfs: whichever installation you install grub to the mbr from is the one that will control the booting of the others19:09
theadminprashant_123456: Yep, pretty much.19:09
prashant_123456theadmin: good thanks19:09
androidHater hi guys! can anyone tell me when a stable version of ubuntu touch will come one and if it will support my HTC Sensation? i really hate android and with every update it starts lagging more and more :(19:09
reisioandroidHater: it'll probably only support the devices it ships with at first19:10
=== rerere is now known as resure
holstein!tablet | androidHater19:10
ubottuandroidHater: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch19:10
lmatclick: You can parse dates to milliseconds since epoch, and do some maths that way.19:10
reisioI doubt they're going into the build-drivers-for-everything business19:10
lmatclick: Either way it's not pleasant.19:10
reisioandroidHater: basically if someone's put a regular GNU/Linux distro on your phone already, you'll probably be able to put ubuntu touch on it19:11
reisioandroidHater: and if not, probably not19:11
prashant_123456theadmin: does it matter if it is 13.04 or 12.04 lts ?19:11
fadfs`/boot/grub' is not readable by GRUB on boot <---- got this19:11
tom12.04 hab ich19:11
theadminprashant_123456: Both work with EFI. I suggest using the LTS if you're a new user -- it has longer support and is more stable.19:11
maheanuuGood Morning, I am looking for somewhere I can find Linux Beginner Guides or Manuals in French so that I may start to teach some of our majority of unemployed people here a trade that might just be useful.  Anyone that knows where I can download these types of files?  I havent found any sites in french for this19:12
clicklmat : I ter anyway using grep or sed for that.. this timestamps way crazy19:12
prashant_123456theadmin: i am having some experience in linux and currently having gentoo linux on some of my machines (desktop)19:12
lmatclick: What does "I ter" mean?19:12
jpdsmaheanuu: http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/19:12
M4heHi guys! I want to create a symlink called /usr/bin/A that points to a binary /usr/bin/B. The problem is, when the symlink A is executed, it is listed as A in the list of processes but I want it to be listed as an instance of B. Any idea?19:13
clicklmat: typo :)  is there19:13
jpdsM4he: Use an alias instead.19:13
M4hejpds: what's the command for that?19:13
theadminprashant_123456: Well, generally, the LTS has longer support and is more stable, whereas the regular releases have smaller support times (so you need to upgrade them more often/faster) and they may also have minor polish issues19:13
jpdsM4he: alias A="B"19:13
theadminprashant_123456: So your choice :D19:14
usr13ln -s /usr/bin/B /usr/bin/A19:14
DeividI'm trying to find a good application for downloading videos. I found ClipGrab but the ppa it's not working. Using Ubuntu 13.0419:14
M4heusr13: that is what I'm doing right now and it does lead to the problem described19:15
=== LordDeath_ is now known as LordDeath
jpdsusr13: That's what he has an issue with.19:15
reisioDeivid: youtube-dl?19:15
prashant_123456theadmin: i need wi fi drivers out of the box and having hp 2000-2106tu laptop to be installed19:15
Deividit's downloading only youtube videos!?19:15
holsteinDeivid: ppa's arent supported, and "good" is a matter of opinion.. i would ask the content creators for a copy19:15
lmatclick: I don't think so :)19:15
theadminprashant_123456: Eh. HP is a partner of Canonical, everything should work out of the box on any release. Well, "should".19:15
=== Guest45844 is now known as Khisanth
theadminprashant_123456: Test with the LiveCD to be sure.19:15
lmatclick: You could hack it ... something like    find . -name '2013*' -exec echo {} \;19:16
prashant_123456theadmin: and for dell sir ?19:16
jpdstheadmin: Only on certified hardware. :)19:16
theadminjpds raises a valid point19:16
lmatclick: If your log files are in a good format (yyyy-mm-dd hh, etc.) then ranges aren't too hard :)19:16
theadminprashant_123456: Well, I'm running a Dell XPS 13Z myself, no complaints at all, everything just works19:16
clicklmat : cat file | grep '(19:[0-9][0-9]|23:00):'  will it work???19:16
=== Guest4187 is now known as nitrodex
M4hejpds: The alias does work in terminal but I need it to work when some other applications calls "/usr/bin/A"19:17
lmatclick: sure... but that's a useless use of cat :) better is    grep '19...' file19:17
lmatclick: I'm not sure what you're expecting from the regex...I guess you're either looking for a 19.. year or 23:00 timestamp? (Sorry, I'm no regex king!)19:18
prashant_123456theadmin: dell inspiron 5110 ?19:18
dell5520 :D19:19
clicklmat : 19 also time stamp from 19 to 2319:19
theadminprashant_123456: Not sure. Think those work, but again, it's best to test :D LiveCDs present a great opportunity to do so, just boot from CD and select "Try Ubuntu", then the full Ubuntu desktop will load, and you can see what works and what doesn't.19:19
prashant_123456theadmin: i have to tweak my uefi for installing ubuntu !! havent installed linux on uefi yet19:20
auronandace!uefi | prashant_12345619:20
ubottuprashant_123456: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:20
theadminprashant_123456: It's supposed to just work with the recent releases. Although you might be better off disabling secure boot and Windows "Fast boot"19:21
trueneuclick, it will match 19:00: to 19:99: or 23:00: .19:21
prashant_123456theadmin: good idea and now i am downloading 13.0419:21
clicklmat: dude thats not working anyways19:22
theadminprashant_123456: By recent releases I mean anything from 12.04 and up lol19:22
fadfs`/boot/grub' is not readable by GRUB on boot <---- got this error19:22
theadminprashant_123456: So the LTS would work too. Eh.19:22
lmatclick: Start slow19:22
lmatclick: What are you looking for?19:22
lmatoh, I see19:22
wilee-nileefadfs, You might get the bootrepair app, and run the bootinfo summary only and post the the url to it for help, it helps to see what is really going on there.19:22
lmatclick: First make sure grep 19[0-9][0-9] file   works.19:22
clicklmat : m checking that :)19:23
trueneuclick, lmat, what you guys want to match?19:23
lmatclick: Then try to capture something else like     19[0-9][0-9].*20:19:23
lmat"19 also time stamp from 19 to 23"19:23
prashant_123456theadmin: great news i had a fear about what happened to samsung laptops they bricked when installing linux19:23
lmattrueneu: ^19:23
lmatprashant_123456: Are you saying they brick, or you feared that they brick?19:24
trueneuI can't get what first 19 means :)19:24
lmattrueneu: :)19:24
prashant_123456i feared that they brick lmat19:24
lmattrueneu: I think it means the first two digits of a year in the twentieth century19:24
lmatprashant_123456: And do they?19:24
lmattrueneu: And the rest is a timestamp ?    19[0-9][0-9].*(19|20):  ?19:25
prashant_123456lmat: yes i had news many months ago19:25
prashant_123456lmat: should i post the url here ?19:25
lmatprashant_123456: yeas yeas19:25
trueneuIf you want to match 19h to 23h and you have time in %H:%M:%S you should use something like (19|2[0-3]):\d\d:\d\d, lmat19:25
M4heSolved my problem now, by creating a file ' /usr/bin/A ' with the content: ' B "$@" ' and making it executable.19:25
lmatclick: ^19:26
lmattrueneu: Yeah, that looks right :D19:26
lmattrueneu: Do all flavors of grep handle \d ?19:26
trueneulmat, click: then if there's somewhere a year... 19\d\d would match it. No, it's a Perl flavor syntax AFAIR.19:26
prashant_123456theadmin: is it required to tweak more in uefi or just disabling secure boot and Windows "Fast boot" will do the job ?19:26
theadmin!uefi | prashant_123456 -- you should read this for details, but in general those 2 should be enough.19:27
ubottuprashant_123456 -- you should read this for details, but in general those 2 should be enough.: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:27
trueneuYou can use [:digit:] if you want it to be POSIX compatible, lmat, click .19:27
prashant_123456theadmin: so this is the great news19:27
prashant_123456theadmin: thanks19:28
wilee-nileeprashant_123456, Here is a thread on the ubuntu forums which may be helpful, the author is on daily helping in this area, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729519:28
clicktrueneu:  i just need to extract a time stamp from a file command wont matter any method acceptable :)19:28
lmattrueneu: thanks19:28
lmatclick: Are you getting there?19:28
clicklmat : grep not working19:28
prashant_123456wilee-nilee: ok thanks19:29
trueneuclick, what do you mean - not working? To use Perl flavor, add -P switch.19:29
trueneulmat, np at all.19:30
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prashant_123456wilee-nilee: lmat theadmin thanks bye for now !19:30
circlethat sound right?19:30
clicktrueneu :  cat file grep -p   '(19:[0-6][0-9]:[0-6][0-9])' > 1.txt is that so ???19:31
trueneuclick, you forgot the pipe. And it's capital P.19:33
trueneuclick, more like 'cat file | grep -P '19:[0-6][0-9]:[0-6][0-9]' > 1.txt'19:33
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
trueneu(though you don't really need -P here)19:34
trueneuBut it's no harm.19:34
clicktrueneu: no no its not working i fixed that19:35
clicktrueneu : lmat , the full time stamp is 19:00:00 its containes seconds also19:37
areckxso I just installed a program using ./configure make make install and am wondering how to remove it19:37
OerHeksareckx, a good make-install does an uninstall too.19:38
theadminareckx: make uninstall, maybe. The next time, use "checkinstall" instead of "make install", because that'll build a Debian package you can just remove with apt-get19:39
areckxtheadmin:  right, found it on google19:40
OerHeksah make install is not automatic build, theadmin ?19:40
areckxtheadmin:  I'll remember that, OerHeks  some packages don't include an uninstall19:40
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gustav___Hello guys. Can I salt /dev/urandom?19:41
=== Guest34990 is now known as gac
=== gac is now known as Guest25364
fadfshow to check if the partition is primary ?19:43
zipysudo pvcreate /dev/sdb/19:44
zipy  Device /dev/sdb/ not found (or ignored by filtering). <-- does someone know why it got filtered out?19:44
zipyor how to get it removed from filter19:45
gustav___Isn't SSD a huge security problem? I mean isn't SSD data never removed, it's always just written in another place and repointed?19:47
zipythe filter in lvm.conf is "a/.*/" can i just remove it?19:47
=== Zak is now known as Zaku
ZakuI have19:48
Zakuhacked into MarkMonitor19:48
Zakusince ages.19:48
Zakuand I can easily hack ubuntu.com19:48
holsteingustav___: i dont think that is indicative of ssd.. i think thats how data is written to hard drives, unless you change that19:48
Zakuand change their DNS-registrars.19:48
Zakuwanna see that, holstein?19:48
FloodBot1Zaku: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:48
=== Zaku is now known as Guest84249
holsteinGuest84249: see what?19:48
Guest84249holstein; who is more superior in the IT-field, hackers or programmers?19:48
holsteinGuest84249: no thanks.. keep the channel clear for support questions.. please19:49
gustav___holstein: I mean SSD is in it's hardware made to work like that. A sector is written once then the next read is in another sector yet they're called the same so sector A moves between spaces 1...N.19:49
DJonesGuest84249: Thats not really a topic for the Ubuntu support channels19:49
utusanfadfs: try using gparted or any partition editor19:49
Guest84249DJones, ubuntu.com is vulnerable to a variety of attacks, mainly RFI.19:49
holsteingustav___: i have been able to get data from hard drives like that.. after being formatted.. or whatever.. again, i dont think that is an ssd only thing19:49
Guest84249which allows me to execute commands on your server.19:49
Guest84249DJones, any way I can talk to the maintainer of ubuntu.com and help them fix the vulnerabilities?19:50
holsteinGuest84249: please go to the offtopic channel.. when you refer to "your" server, that owner is not here19:50
gustav___holstein: Even if you write over an SSD 1000000 times it will still keep the first information. I'm hoping I've understood it wrong.19:50
Guest84249SSD is a part of your wonderful IT-life, gustav.19:50
holsteingustav___: try it and see.. if its overwritten, its over written19:50
Guest84249holstein, are you aware of webcamstudio?19:50
Guest84249I need help with v4l2loopback.19:51
holsteinGuest84249: do you need assistance with it?19:51
gustav___Guest84249: Yeah... unless it stores information I'm trying to write over...19:51
Guest84249Yes, holstein.19:51
TJNII_I stopped and started UFW on my server, and on start it set my input policy to DROP with no chains.  None of the jumps to the ufw chains were written.  Is there a command to force a complete reinitialization of the firewall?19:51
Guest84249Holstein, it shows "no output" on the bottom.19:51
Guest84249why is that, holstein?19:51
Guest84249The virtual-webcam is not created due to "no output"19:51
gustav___holstein: Too cumbersome. I don't want to destroy my SSD and I don't have the tools to restore data from it so I can't check if it's still on the SSD.19:51
holsteinGuest84249: start it from the command line, and see if you see any helpful output.. is the cam working otherwise?19:51
DJonesGuest84249: Just email them at the address on the website, they'll pass any info on to the relevant people19:51
=== Guest84249 is now known as zolstein
holsteingustav___: that is how i would confirm. i would run tests on my own... otherwise, you are not mentioning anything that i didnt think affected normal hard drives19:52
zolsteinI typed "modprobe webcamstudio" and that works perfectly19:52
zolsteinand starting it from webcamstudio opens it, but still "no output"19:52
holsteinzolstein: can you use the webcam with anything else? cheese or vlc?19:52
zolsteinholstein, no sir. I believe you do not understand me, I want to create a virtual webcam which can display images such as GIFs on it, like typing "v4l2loopback" creates /dev/video1 and on.19:53
gustav___holstein: What I mean is and what differs from regular spinning disks is that a sector is not written OVER it's written anew and pointed to the new data. So it's like it's burned in the first time and a pointer says which is the current copy. I'm not talking about FS or anything now.19:54
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holsteingustav___: ask in a hardware channel, or the manufacturer of your disk.. otherwise, unless one of us tests it, we are speculating.. what you are explaining sounds to me like *any* disk19:55
rlwmy wirless icon isn't showing19:57
zolsteinholstein, anything?19:57
zolsteinrlw, I'm an expert in wicd shit, what do you need help with?19:57
ikoniazolstein: tone down the langauge please.19:57
holsteinzolstein: are you able to use the webcam with something like cheese or vlc?19:57
gustav___holstein: Looks like I'm banging my head against wear leveling which just is a software feature or whatever.19:57
holstein!language | zolstein19:58
ubottuzolstein: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.19:58
zolsteinholstein; yes.19:58
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holsteinzolstein: when i used webcam studio, it was buggy.. and i think it is not supported any longer.. i found google hangouts replaced the funcitonality for me. could that be the case for you?19:58
rlwOkay lol thanks, where the battery showing because i'm using Ubuntu 13.04, and the Internet Icon has gone19:58
holsteinrlw: try logging in as another user or guest to see if the config is the issue19:59
zolsteinrlw, try "rfkill unblock all"19:59
zolsteinyour hardware must be blocking that or something.19:59
zolsteinholstein, I want to create a video-loopback.19:59
holsteinzolstein: i would do that with vlc19:59
rlwOkay lol thanks, where the battery showing because i'm using Ubuntu 13.04, and the Internet Icon has gone19:59
zolsteinholstein, any command for that?20:00
zolsteinon /dev/video120:00
holsteinzolstein: its a GUI.. you can just open the application20:00
ikoniarlw: you've said it 3 times now20:00
holstein!info vlc20:00
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.6-1 (raring), package size 1059 kB, installed size 3356 kB20:00
rlwOther thing I was going to ask is when Ubuntu 13.10 gets relesed WOULD I! lost all of my apps, data, etc20:00
rlwWhen I wish I never download Ubuntu then20:00
ikoniarlw: no, you won't lose that20:01
rlwThe command line is confusing20:01
ikoniarlw: don't use it then20:01
holsteinrlw: you shouldnt need it20:01
rlwCoudl I download menus software to configure it]20:01
holsteinrlw: how about when you login as guest? or as another user?20:01
ikoniarlw: https://help.ubuntu.com - it will teach you hose to use ubuntu20:01
ikoniahow to "use" sorry20:02
rlwI've done that just now and nope20:03
holsteinrlw: done what? and nope what?20:03
rlwI can't switch to my ISP20:03
ikoniarlw: 1.) is your wireless card detected by ubuntu, yes/no20:03
rlwSwitch to the Guest Session20:03
rlwand the icon isn't still showing20:03
ikoniarlw: how do you know20:03
dhcidoes ubuntu include a package similar to Mathematica or a near equivalent?20:04
rlwIt's was showing the other day, Tuesday just gone20:04
holsteinrlw: are you connected via wireless? if you have no wifi device configured or turned on, you wont see an icon20:04
ikoniarlw: ok - is it detected now ?20:04
holsteinrlw: did you upgrade? and lose it?20:04
rlwI typed in Command: sudo apt-get autoremove20:04
holsteinrlw: why?20:04
rlwI then I think that wiped every off there20:04
jdolesdhci: that's a questi