micahgOvenWerk1: FYI, one change per commit makes for much easier reviewing02:00
micahgOvenWerk1: does anything in -menu still need xdg-utils?02:06
Mishum Len?04:16
MishI mean OvenWerk104:16
MishI have a little problem here04:16
MishI need a little help with the menus04:17
MishOvenWerk1: Sorry for quitting but I had to log out of my session for applying the changes. I have solved the problem by editing the xfce-applications.menu file05:48
MishHad to search a bit, but I learned something new today :)05:50
NoskcajJust so you guys are aware of it, Testdrive doesn't support studio anymore due to issue with the install size07:11
NoskcajIf someone is willing to help fix this (on the testdrive end), let me know and i'll help you get started07:19
astraljavaNoskcaj: There's a size check? O.o07:45
smartboyhwastraljava, Noskcaj what size check!?!?!?07:54
astraljavasmartboyhw: It was a question from my part, I am not sure there is, but if install size indeed is a deciding factor, then sounds like something is keeping track of it.08:02
astraljavaNoskcaj: I have a (mostly) free weekend, if I manage to finish my work project quickly, I could have a look at the code.08:03
smartboyhwastraljava, is it?08:20
smartboyhwWe are a DVD install already08:20
smartboyhwI don't think disk size is the deciding factor for us at least08:21
smartboyhwWell, if you want all that software, disk space must be comprimized08:21
smartboyhwWe aren't Lubuntu (who strangely aims for CD-sized ISOs)08:21
cubI like smaller iso's but sure, fitting all the applications might be difficult08:22
Noskcajsmartboyhw, astraljava, cub: Testdrive doesn't make a big enough virtual disk to install studio to, the "other size button is broken too. so edubuntu and studio won't install08:28
Noskcajsmartboyhw, If you get the virtual disk changes done i assume it would be simple to copy them across to get RAM allocation fixed too08:29
astraljavasmartboyhw: I don't think the conversation was ever about the ISO size, but the install size.08:38
astraljavaNobody's interested in making ISO size smaller, that was deemed futile long ago. :)08:38
smartboyhwWe can't help either with install size08:49
smartboyhwNoskcaj, I think we should rather work on making 10GB drives available on Testdrive instead08:50
smartboyhwor 16GB08:50
astraljavasmartboyhw: That's what he's referring to with virtual disk changes. Should be trivial, but I'm interested more in finding out why the "other size" button doesn't work.08:52
smartboyhwastraljava, me too09:08
smartboyhwI do wonder how many people use Testdrive to test Studio:P09:09
Noskcajsmartboyhw,  i would, if i could09:21
Noskcajneither of the "other" dialogue boxes worked, so they were disabled. this was ~2 years ago.09:22
Noskcaji vote for a 16GB and maybe a 32 and 6409:22
smartboyhwNoskcaj, probably NOT 64GB.09:39
smartboyhw16 and 32 should be OK09:39
Noskcajsmartboyhw, just a suggestion10:12
cubMish, did you do the icons in Inkscape?10:13
smartboyhwNoskcaj, 16 and 32 10:13
Mishcub: Yes I do10:13
smartboyhwI don't think 64 is needed when you are just testing an ISO10:13
Mishcub: Do you need them?10:14
cubMish, do you have any good links or pointers on Inkscape? I would like to get myself up to speed on how to use Inkscape during my vacation10:14
Mishthe source SVGs I mean10:14
cubWell, yeah it could be helpful to look at and dabble around to learn10:14
cubI suppose I could get them from Launchpad?10:15
MishI mostly learned Inkscape by myself10:16
Mishbut microugly's guide is really good for starting10:16
Mishlet me find a link10:16
cubcool thanks!10:17
MishThe preview box of the source SVGs contains the finished product but all around it on the drawing board are preliminary designs and temporary assets 10:18
Mishwhich looks like a mess10:18
MishI"ll upload the svgs to my branch in a moment10:24
cubI have a dream of creating a Solarized theme and icons for my xfce laptops. We'll see if I ever get the time to actually do it.10:24
MishSolarized is a big project. But that'd be really cool10:25
cubyeah, I got hooked after changing my terminal, vim and xchat to solarized10:25
cubthere is one for KDE10:26
Mishcub: Here's the link  --  https://code.launchpad.net/~mishrashubham2007/+junk/UbuntuStudio10:32
MishNP. The svgs in an src directory11:05
OvenWerk1micahg: just on my way out... I thought I had done one change per commit, but I may have slipped, sorry. I think I can remove xdg-utils and will. I'll leave a note when I have done so.14:11
micahgOvenWerk1: I see one big thing here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio/ubuntustudio-menu/revision/5814:28
micahgOvenWerk1: good job on fixing the warnings though, I didn't know about Link before in .desktop files14:29
madeinkobaiaHi fellows : )18:17
DarkErahey mate18:18
madeinkobaiaHi DarkEra, what's up ?18:21
DarkEranot much to be honest, except being busy at home fixing and freshing up the rooms :)18:22
DarkEraanother thing is that my laptop broke/died. I'm on my old netbook at the moment18:23
madeinkobaiaSo he died of old age, a natural ending, no worries except in case of data loss.18:29
DarkErathe problem is that i can't get myself a new machine soon or let the laptop get fixed. That's what bothers me18:31
madeinkobaiaOps sorry I didn't read well your previous post, its your new one who have died...and you're using the oldest right now. Well thats tricky indeed. By my side I get some old pc on stock too, in case of problem. 18:48
DarkErathe laptop that died  was 5 years old now, so development can't continue for now18:50
madeinkobaiaYeah, glorious time we live now, we planned obsolescence as leading point, etc. You just have to be lucky :(18:53
madeinkobaiaI know that built by yourself your own pc works better. When you buy an all made one, they are often more problems.18:55
madeinkobaiaI always built by my self my pc, and except in case when I shoot them with feet ;p I keep them working. The actual I using for internet have 10 years. And works more or less fine. Well is outdated but, fortunately I run Debian on it, so, what else :)18:59
madeinkobaiaBbl, see you :)19:05
OvenWerk1micahg: Ah, I see what you mean, I lumped all the linian fixes together, I should have split them up. I will rememeber next time...21:10

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