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deemovichttp://imagebin.org/263491... there is my issue after trying to apply upgrades11:19
deemovichttp://imagebin.org/263491... then this http://imagebin.org/263492 are my issues11:25
cubdeemovic, generic and pad, are you running Ubuntu Studio or tweaked standard Ubuntu?11:27
deemovicstudio... i installed it freshly11:27
deemoviccub, its studio... fresh install11:28
cubI have a fresh 13.04 in virtual box but no generic kernel installed11:34
deemovici see11:34
deemovici dont know whats happening here tho11:34
cubzequence_, will know more11:34
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david__I tried to add a new item to the menu item called "Shut Down". The menu item was added but it doesn't appear in the "Main Menu" editor, so I can't delete or edit the menu item. Any suggestions?14:54
david__(Ubuntu Studio 13.04, xfce)14:54
smartboyhwdavid__, why do you need a new "Shut down" menu item? It's on the right of the screen, clicking your username14:54
david__smartboyhw, to save screen space, I removed the username menu on the right side14:55
smartboyhwdavid__, :O14:55
smartboyhwYou really need that much space?14:55
david__Any idea why a menu item that I added to the menu does not appear in the "Main Menu" editor?14:57
david__(I added it using the "Main Menu" editor)14:57
david__(If I add the username back, it doesn't solve my issue of wanting to delete a couple menu items.)15:08
david__I went ahead and filed a bug report:15:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1198235 in Ubuntu Studio "Items created in Main Menu editor do not display in Main Menu editor" [Undecided,New]15:36
smartboyhwdavid__, try ask in #xubuntu also15:37
david__smartboyhw, OK, thanks15:37
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