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krozushi all09:34
krozusi run xubuntu raring 13.0409:35
krozusextra hiting shutdowns my laptop09:36
krozusthe extra hiting is due often to adobe flash player use09:37
ObrienDave"hiting"? you mean heating? as in getting too hot?09:37
ObrienDaveno problem. how old is the laptop?09:38
krozusit's a packard bell easy note intel core duo and 4GB of ram09:39
krozusit's 4 years old maybe09:40
ObrienDavewhen was it cleaned last?09:41
krozuslast year09:41
krozusit's the dirt on the cpu09:42
ObrienDavei would suggest cleaning it again. most heat problems can be solved that way09:42
toraxheat problems are always hardware issue, so I would also suggest clean it and maybe check that cpu cooler is properly connected and that the fan is working correctly09:44
krozusi was thinking about an application which is not in xbuntu looking after cpu hiting and its fan but i forgot its name09:44
ObrienDavecheck for latest BIOS updates. mine had a fan control issue09:44
ObrienDavetry Psensor in the repositories09:48
krozusi ll give it a clean anyway :)09:52
ObrienDaveusually works :))09:53
krozusthanks ;)09:53
ObrienDaveyou're welcome09:53
Arroyo1010Hi ther. It seems that my disk is dying. I've backed up all the files i need, and now i'd like to backup NetworkManager settings, but i can't figure out how to do this. I understand that this is not a xubuntu specific question, but maybe some of you guys could steer me in the right direction :)11:58
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SoPHi guys, this is the first time I've ever attempted to create a more personalized desktop15:29
SoPI would like some advice :)15:29
GridCubenot really, it looks very simple and clean15:32
FoxyRK9Which Distro are guys using?15:33
GridCubei like to use screenlets myself to add stuff to the desktop but thats it15:33
GridCubeFoxyRK9: you are at #xubuntu arent you?15:33
FoxyRK9Im currently installing Voyager Ubuntu Linux15:33
FoxyRK9its based off Xbuntu15:33
GridCubethats not a supported derivative FoxyRK9, they might have their own channels15:34
Unit193But not supported here, there is some Voyager channel though.15:34
FoxyRK9it told me to come here if I get stuck15:34
Unit193What is "it"?15:34
FoxyRK9The installer15:34
GridCubeFoxyRK9: we dont know what they do to the system15:34
SoPWell thank you GridCube :) The only thing I'd still like to change is change the color of the window decoration15:34
Sysiyou're using compiz? emerald or g-w-d15:35
GridCubeSoP: try the gtk tweaker from the shimmer proyect15:35
SoPI'm using emerald, not gtk window decorator15:35
SoPso i suppose that's not compatible15:35
GridCubeoh, welp15:35
FoxyRK9Can someone redirect me to a Voyager channel?15:35
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*15:36
SoPAlso, what colors would you guys advise for the terminal?15:37
FoxyRK9I have a quick question regarding dualbootting15:38
GridCubei like to use #cecece15:38
GridCubeFoxyRK9: what is it ? :)15:38
SoPI'm now using yellow text on a black background because it's easily readable15:38
FoxyRK9it said I was installing ubuntu, will I see 2 ubuntu's on my sceen15:38
FoxyRK9I use the main ubuntu 13.0415:38
FoxyRK9and I wanted Voyager15:38
GridCubevoyager might not have a custom grub entry it might just call itself ubuntu15:39
FoxyRK9oh god15:39
GridCubeagain, thats not something we would know15:39
Unit193FoxyRK9: Should check in, ##ubuntu-voyager, #voyager, or #VoyagerOS not sure which.15:41
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Xyverzgood morning.17:26
Xyverzmy user profile has been having issues this week. I think it's related to trying different desktop methods - ubuntu-desktop, enlightenment, gnome, etc.17:26
XyverzI've deleted a bunch of dot-files, but still have issues when logging in.17:27
Xyverzremoved the .cache folder, .gnome, .gnome2, .gconf, .local/share/session-migration-*17:27
Xyverzand now it's doing wonky stuff with the gtk themes - not using default themes, etc.17:28
XyverzAny other files/folders I should get rid of in order to get default settings for this profile? Should I just remove all dotfiles and dotdirs in my ~/ ?17:28
GridCubeXyverz ~/.config/xfce4 would be my first try17:30
XyverzGridCube: thanks.17:41
XyverzI'll take a look at that.17:42
XyverzI've migrated my files to a new profile, but I'd like to clean up the original profile.17:42
XyverzGridCube: Thanks for the advice. That fixed the problem. =)17:45
Xyverzvery much appreciated.17:45
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GridCubeXyverz: dont worry18:00
XyverzIt's been a long time since I've used linux full-time. getting reacclaimated kinda sucks. lol. Xubuntu is changing that, tho. Really enjoying using linux for a desktop again.18:02
GridCube:) thats excellent18:05
holstein!details | xubuntu09020:17
holsteinno bot :/20:17
holsteinxubuntu090: share releavent details please20:17
xubuntu090i'm not sure how this operating system works20:18
holsteinxubuntu090: try it live.. get specific questions.. it works as more others do20:19
xubuntu090how do i tell what version i am runiing20:19
holsteinfrom a terminal lsb_release -a20:20
xubuntu090just plugged this unit up and don't know how to get around20:20
xubuntu090when i turned the unit on it says that it has not been updated in 1232 days20:20
xubuntu090someone gave me this pc20:20
holsteinupdate it if you like, though, it might be EOL version20:21
holsteinpersonaly, part of getting new hardware is installing a new OS on it.. booting up into an old one would be a hassle that would be not worth messing with20:21
xubuntu090how can i tell what version is is... how can i update20:22
holsteinxubuntu090: are you seeing what im typing?20:23
holsteinuse the lsb_release -a20:23
holstein^^ open a terminal and type lsb_release -a20:23
holsteinxubuntu090: you can update, assuming its a supported version using an included updater, or package manager20:23
holsteinalthough, i would just download a new ISO and fresh install20:23
xubuntu090you save open a terminal... what is that... sorry to sounds so ignorant... but i only heard of this system a few moments ago20:26
holsteinxubuntu090: thats why i would go and grab a current version and install it. you dont know what you are looking at.. i dont know..20:26
holsteinterminal is an application.. assuming you are looking at a xubuntu/ubuntu version that is running and has a terminal installed. its in the menu20:27
holsteinyou click on it and enter lsb_release -a20:27
Xyverzxubuntu090: right-click on the desktop and select "open terminal" or "open terminal here"20:36
Xyverzthen you can type in the command "lsb_release -a"20:37
xubuntu090unbuntu 9.04 jaunty20:39
holsteinxubuntu090: that is EOL.. so you can download a supported version and install it20:40
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Raring, and help keeping the servers' load low!20:40
Xyverzxubuntu090: from that same terminal, do "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -u"20:49
Xyverzthat'll update you to the latest security patches.20:50
holsteini dont think so20:50
Xyverzbut your system is way out of date.20:50
holsteinthe repos are dead20:50
XyverzI have a box running 8.04 and it's still getting security updates from time to time.20:50
Sysiit's LTS20:50
XyverzOh, righte.20:50
holsteinXyverz: 8.04 is still supported.. the server20:50
holsteinkernel updates would come in though, i would expect.. and the repos are still up20:51
holstein9.04 is eol20:51
Xyverzyeah, he'll at least get the //last// updates for that repo.20:52
Sysino if the repo is down20:52
holsteinXyverz: i dont think so.. the repos are dead20:52
Unit193Sysi: They aren't removed, they are moved to old-releases.20:52
holsteinXyverz: they are not up at all.. not being hosted.. one could find them20:53
holsteinone could download them manually and host them.. but why? upgrading via a fresh install would be so much easier20:53
Sysiit's EOL and has eben for a while, even with newest updates for the release20:53
holsteinor, poke around as Unit193 says and find the old ones20:53
PeyamIm using Voyager now and I can't get my Webcam microphone to work. I didn't have this issue with the usuale Xubuntu 13.04. I check the webcam mic as default in the pulseaudio. But it doesnt lock the channels. what to do?20:54
holsteinyup.. even currently totally patched 9.10 is EOL20:54
XyverzI stand corrected.20:54
holsteinPeyam: try the voyager support avenues20:54
Peyamholstein: it is the same as xubuntu..20:54
Sysiobviously not since xubuntu worked20:54
holsteinPeyam: its not, and its not supported here.. as you can see, they do make changes20:55
holsteinPeyam: try the pavucontrol app.. otherwise, you need to ask them20:55
Peyamokej okej.. tryied that before20:55
Peyamokej I will thanks20:55
holsteinPeyam: good luck!20:55
Peyamno solution20:58
Peyamit is based on xubuntu20:58
Peyamit should be the same20:58
Peyamthey dont have anyroom here20:58
holsteinPeyam: xubuntu *is* xubuntu20:58
holsteinvoyager is voyager, based on xubuntu.. we cant support it here20:58
Peyamvoyager is based on xubuntu. gets xubuntu's updates20:58
Sysiit's different enough to be broken20:58
holsteinPeyam: maybe... maybe not.. they could pin whatever. or have custom repos20:59
Unit193Peyam: #ubuntu-voyager   That's almost like saying mint is Ubuntu or Ubuntu is Debian.20:59
PeyamUnit193: no channel20:59
Unit193Sorry, it's a double hash channel of course.20:59
holsteinPeyam: thats why i didnt say "channel".. i said avenue. what ever support they do20:59
PeyamVoyager has nice theme21:00
Peyamthat's why I choosed it21:00
holsteinPeyam: nice is irrievant.. you need support, and we cant provide it21:00
Peyamdon't make me change back to xubuntu :(21:00
PeyamLinux is linux21:00
Sysiwe don't, voyager might21:00
holsteinPeyam: i assure you, no one is making you do anything.. fact is, voyager is not supported here21:00
Peyamcan't believe i was in this channel for 4 days ago and now everyone is a bitch to me21:01
Unit193!guidelines | Peyam21:01
ubottuPeyam: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines21:01
PeyamI'm running xubuntu 13.0421:01
Peyamand skype microphone doesn't work21:01
Peyamwhat to do?21:01
holsteinjust in skype?21:02
Peyamyou wana say " it is just a skype issue. not related to xubuntu"21:03
Sysi<Peyam> "... I didn't have this issue with the usuale Xubuntu 13.04. ..."21:03
Peyamforget about it21:03
PeyamI lied21:03
Unit193No, you are now and it's not welcome here.21:03
Sysiwe're glad to help with theming xubuntu21:04
dunpealHi. How do I setup a shortcut for media: up/down volume, start/stop play, etc.?21:05
Sysidunpeal: you can try this http://xubuntugeek.blogspot.fi/2012/05/fix-adjust-sound-with-multimedia-keys.html21:06
Sysiyou need to have xfce4-volumed21:07
Sysiplay and pause might need to be set with application commands in keyboard settings -> shortcuts21:08
dunpealSysi: thanks, I set up the volume up/down, but how do I make Parole play/pause on keyboard shortcut?21:54
dunpealThis is a minimal programmer's keyboard, I don't have "multimedia keys".21:54
dunpealnevermind, I got it21:58
dunpealAll you need to do is setup a keyboard shortcut for 'parole -p'21:58
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