wallyworlddavechen1y: hey, as ocr, could you please look at https://codereview.appspot.com/10858043/ and https://codereview.appspot.com/10854043/. With the latter, thumper and I both would like to keep both assignment policies fwiw02:25
davechen1ywallyworld: /me looks02:28
davechen1ywallyworld: i take no position on two policies or one02:34
davechen1yas you and thumper are the ones doing the work, i think you get final say02:34
davechen1ythe rest is between you and your maker02:35
* thumper defers continued work, and goes back to land and fix02:35
thumperlocal provider pipeline is currently eight branches02:35
thumperalthough the last one is empty02:36
thumpertime to bring that down a little.02:36
thumpera reason not to use iOS: https://twitter.com/satefan/status/35404646138368819302:36
* thumper wonders which trusted roots we have in ubuntu02:37
davechen1yabout 150 at last count02:37
thumperholy shit02:37
* thumper wonders how many are NSA plants02:37
davechen1yprety sure the china post office one is in there02:38
* thumper sighs02:38
thumperwow MITM attacks all round02:38
thumperhttps://code.launchpad.net/~thumper/juju-core/move-cert-gen-to-config/+merge/173117/comments/387671  ?!?!02:50
davechen1yout of disk space ?02:54
thumperdunno, awaiting jam03:01
thumperdavechen1y: how do I find the OS that we are running on using go?03:05
davechen1yruntime.GOARCH as well03:06
thumperwallyworld: do we have existing storage smoke tests?03:15
wallyworldum. maybe in jujucore tests, or individually in each provider. can't recall03:15
wallyworldif there are some in jujucore tests, then perhaps none are explicitly needed03:16
wallyworldthumper: Testpersistence exists03:18
wallyworldi think your provider will be run with that test if you have plugged in the common env tests03:18
thumperwallyworld: where is that?03:19
wallyworlddavechen1y: thanks for the review03:22
davechen1ywallyworld: don't thank me, i didn't doa  very good job03:24
wallyworlddavechen1y: with the checkers import, the discussion about it happened after i made the code change03:24
wallyworldi left it as is so it could be changed all in one go03:24
wallyworldyou gave a +1 which is what i needed to unblock, so it was a good job :-)03:24
wallyworldthumper: if policy is clean and/or empty and constraint is lxc, and no clean/empty container found, do you think it should create the required new container on an existing instance, or go to the trouble of creating a whole new instance to host the container?03:38
thumperwallyworld: that is an interesting question03:40
wallyworldand one i need to answer :-)03:40
wallyworldme thinks by default it should shive the new container on an existing instance03:40
wallyworldand we maybe provide a way to alter that behaviour03:41
thumperhow would you tell it not to?03:41
thumperI think here we are hitting the limit of shit we should care about03:41
thumperand that we should move from there into the world of letting the user decide with their custom deployment script03:42
wallyworldi think if the user wants a new instance, they should use that assignment pokicy03:42
wallyworldif they use AssignClean(Empty), it will create a new container if required on an existing instance03:42
wallyworldperhaps we can have a max containers per instance setting?03:43
thumperthat may make sense03:43
wallyworldor just rely on hardware characteristics to help us control it03:43
thumpercan we defined the assignment policy as a deploy time constraint yet?03:43
wallyworldif when an instance is "full", don't add more to it03:43
wallyworldnot yet. soon :-)03:43
wallyworldnext branch i think03:43
thumperyeah, hardware characteristics I think03:44
thumperuntil we add magic++03:44
wallyworldi do like the max containers idea though03:44
wallyworldwe may want to limit it even if hardware allows it03:44
wallyworldthumper: wtf. got all these cannot find package errors from the go bot03:46
thumperwallyworld: me too03:47
thumperwallyworld: waiting for jam03:57
wallyworldyep. if he weren't online in a bit, i'd ssh in to have a look03:57
wallyworldmight be a known issue perhaps03:57
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jamthumper-afk: fixed04:45
jamwallyworld: Hopefully I fixed it. It looks like jujud stopped being able to talk to the master server, and when it came back online, it reinstalled the charm04:45
wallyworldok, will try again, thanks04:46
dimiternmorning all!06:24
rvbajam: Hi, could you please update gwacl in the landing environment? (No backward-incompatible changes have landed.)07:14
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thumperfwereade: ping07:33
thumperfwereade: I'm going to go organise dinner, will check back later07:37
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jamrvba: sorry about the delay, will do08:16
rvbajam: no worries, ta!08:16
jamrvba: from r146 => r16608:19
rvbajam: great, thanks again.08:19
jamhey dimitern, I hope you enjoyed Euro Pycon08:44
dimiternjam: hey, yeah it was useful and interesting08:44
dimiternjam: and it would've been even better if I didn't try upgrading to saucy and bricked my laptop08:44
dimiternjam: had to reinstall raring, and now what mongodb did I need to install - which ppa was it?08:45
jamdimitern: I still use the tarball, but there is: https://launchpad.net/~juju/+archive/experimental08:46
jamouch on the Laptop. I'm a bit surprised.08:46
jamThe quality stuff has generally been a lot better for running beta08:46
dimiternjam: thanks08:47
jamdimitern: I have quite a few infrastruture-y patches related to API and consumers of the API. I'd be happy to get some feedback and go over them with you.08:47
dimiternjam: well, it turned out I choose a really bad time to do it - there were problems with video drivers (i'm using the fglrx proprietary ones) and some mixup with proposed packages breaking unity08:48
jamI'm hoping some of them will make new workers easier to bring up.08:48
dimiternjam: cool, i'd like to know these08:49
jamdimitern: yeah, I use proprietary drivers as well, If you don't need 3D then the "radeon" driver is often pretty stable.08:49
dimiternjam: btw - I did add-apt-repository ppa:juju/experimental and now I install mongodb - will it get it from there?08:49
jamdimitern: so probably the biggest change is doing a bit more standardizing on NotifyWatcher connected to the API, which can then use a api.NotifyWatcher on the client side, and a worker/NotifyWorker which is designed around workers that trigger based on that watcher.08:50
dimiternjam: well the thing is - after the upgrade everything went black - even ttys ctrl+alt+f1 didn't respond08:50
jamdimitern: for mongodb, you need to 'apt-get update' frist08:50
jamso it sees the new PPA08:50
jamthen it should, provided the PPA is "newer"08:50
jamdimitern: ouch08:50
dimiternjam: ok08:50
dimiternjam: i'm thinking of continuing with the deployer stuff - i didn't see progress on that08:52
jamdimitern: We want to focus on getting one agent fully into the API, which deployer works for that.08:53
jamI think deployer is NotifyWatcher based as well.08:53
jam(old EntityWatcher)08:53
jamdimitern: also, this is particularly trivial, and dfc has LGTM'd it on Launchpad: https://codereview.appspot.com/10871045/08:53
dimiternjam: yeah, probably, will take a look08:54
jamdimitern: I realize william is in UK, but have you seen him around this morning?08:54
jamI wanted to get fwereade's feedback on the basic design I've been doing, to see if it matches what he and I talked about.08:55
fwereadejam, dimitern, heyhey08:55
dimiternjam: no i haven't08:55
dimiternfwereade: hey08:55
dimiternfwereade: took the car for a ride on sunday btw :)08:55
jamI'm going to restart IRC real quick, as notifications aren't working. bbiab08:56
fwereadedimitern, cool, thanks08:56
jamfwereade: I trust the wedding was beautiful and your weather is pleasant?08:57
fwereadejam, it indeed was, and... yeah, the weather's still ok too :) that's nice08:58
fwereadejam, sorry, hadn't looked08:58
jamfwereade: so probably the big one as far as design goes is: https://codereview.appspot.com/10978043/08:59
jamwhich is creating a NotifyWorker structure08:59
jamto match the NotifyWatcher08:59
fwereadejam, cool, I'm just going through https://codereview.appspot.com/10939043/ now09:01
jamfwereade: great. Certainly needed before the other one.09:01
jamI did end up consuming the initial event in the API Server, and then triggering a local event in the client Watcher09:01
TheMuejam: just reviewing it09:02
TheMuejam: already seen the usage inside the cleaner and i lie it09:02
jamTheMue: thanks. I'm quite happy with how it shaped up.09:04
jamThe workers had a lot of "interact with the system" logic tied up with "do my actual work", and I'm hoping this decouples it nicely.09:04
jamfwereade: by the way, you still have https://code.launchpad.net/~fwereade/juju-core/errors-cleanup/+merge/168928 sitting around. Is it bitrotten/landed in trunk but not in "old trunk", ?09:10
dimiternjam: so now (3.5h from now) is the combined blue+core standup, right?09:10
fwereadejam, that branch is somewhat bitrotten I'm afraid :/09:10
jamdimitern: my clock says 2.5 hours09:11
dimiternjam: oh, right, yes09:12
jammgz: also, just a quick status check on https://code.launchpad.net/~danilo/juju-core/python-env-fails/+merge/17199709:15
jamISTR it was failing while running on the bot (lovely hangs causing 600+s timeouts.09:15
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TheMuejam: you've got a review for the 1097804309:23
jamTheMue: thanks09:25
dimiternguys, i'm getting multiple test failures on trunk - http://paste.ubuntu.com/5854870/09:25
thumperdimitern: have you updated gwacl?09:25
thumperi think it had work recently09:26
dimiternthumper: yes, all of the 3rd parties09:26
jamthumper: they just had me update it on the bot today, but the compat one was a while ago.09:26
jamdimitern: "Bad record MAC" is what happens when you use a packaged mongo, IIRC.09:26
jamYou can try putting the tarball mongo in your path, and see if that fixes it.09:27
dimiterni had to reinstall raring after a failed upgrade to saucy (but /home was unaffected), so I may still need some packages installed (I already installed what was obvious, like git, mongodb from the ppa)09:27
jamdimitern: the env is already bootstrapped is a follow-on failure because the previous test didn't clean itself up.09:27
dimiternjam: I did add the ppa, then update, then install mongodb, but it sill got the wrong one (the one in the archive is 2.2.4, which is newer than the ppa one - 2.2.3+ssl2)09:28
dimiternha it seems I didn't manage to uninstall the 2.2.4 mongo properly09:28
dimiternhow can I install the ppa version of mongo? it has the same name, different version09:29
jamdimitern: there is some way to force it something like "apt-get install mongodb==2.2.3+ssl2" but I'm not 100% sure on that bit.09:30
dimiternjam: hmm apt-get is too strict, I had to specify it as sudo apt-get install 'mongodb=1:2.2.3-0ubuntu2+ssl2'09:32
jamfwereade: A Watch call returns the initial event.... Is a bit confusing when an event doesn't have any actual content. To *me* the fact that we are doing "out := w.out" in the loop means we are generating an event locally which wasn't explicitly sent from remote.09:32
fwereadejam, I think the viewpoints are basically equivalent09:33
fwereadejam, I see it as "empty event sent, nothing actually regenerated"09:33
fwereadejam, but it's academic really09:34
jamfwereade: you're right that it makes more sense on watchers that actually transmit content, as you would have a field and have to save the content for a while until someone polled for it.09:38
jam(the Result object has to hold that state, which gets cached a bit on the client Watcher object until it can get rid of it with the out <- content statement.09:39
fwereadejam, yeah, the only reason I'm pushing that viewpoint is to make the similarity clear09:39
jamfwereade: I tweaked the comments. Now who can we get to follow up review it ? :)09:41
fwereadejam, dimitern's back :)09:41
jamdimitern: https://codereview.appspot.com/10939043/ looks more imposing than I think it really is. It moves some code around so that we can pull out Watcher09:41
jamas an API object09:41
dimiternjam: will look once I resolve my issue with mongo - it seems the ppa doesn't have amd64 deb for raring (only - other series have both i386 and am64 available) - there is an option to retry the build on LP, but it says it'll destroy history etc. - should I do it? wish davecheney was around to ask09:43
jamdimitern: go ahead and retry, it kills the failure log, etc. But since it failed to build, I think we can just retryi it.09:46
jamnobody is actively debugging the failure09:46
jamit is claimed it was "Cancelled Build"09:46
jamdimitern: it is a bit concerning that it took "Finished on 2013-04-19                    (took 2 days, 13 hours, 40 minutes, 24.0 seconds)"09:46
dimiternjam: scheduled for retry in 16 minutes09:46
jamand was cancelled.09:46
jamso there may be an explicit problem with that build09:46
dimiternjam: probably wasn't "finished" but canceled instead09:47
jamdimitern: right. I just mean it sat in the building state for 2 days before someone had to manually notice and cancell it.09:48
jamWe should try to keep an eye on it.09:48
dimiternjam: yeah09:48
dimiternjam: will look at your branch now, while waiting09:48
dimiternjam: ah, it's william's actually09:49
dimiternjam: ah, no - the sidebar or rietveld is confusing sometimes09:49
dimiternjam: reviewed10:07
jamTheMue: fwereade: I've responded to both of your feedback on https://codereview.appspot.com/10978043/10:17
dimiternjam: i'll take a look at that as well10:18
dimitern(while still waiting for the mongodb build)10:18
jamfwereade: for 'tools' package. I would be fine calling the top level thing 'agent'. The key bits I care about are:10:19
jama) it is environ agnostic10:19
jamb) it hides more of the details from callers, so they don't have to track something like 'dataDir'.10:19
jamdimitern: to quote William, "EnvironConfigWatcher should never have been implemented"10:20
jamit exposes too many secrets10:20
jamthat shouldn't be exposed in the API10:20
jamthings might to think about stuff that is *in* the environ config10:20
jambut they shouldn't get the whole thing out. (AIUI)10:20
dimiternjam: ah, i see10:21
fwereadejam, responded10:24
fwereadejam, and I'm +1 on your (a) and (b), I absolutely think it's a good change10:24
fwereadejam, just quibbling about package placement10:25
fwereadejam, dimitern: so, on thursday I tried about 3 times to impose some consistency on the params package and every time it felt like it was running away with me10:25
jamfwereade: :)10:26
fwereadejam, dimitern: but I'm going to try again today10:27
dimiternfwereade: +110:27
fwereadejam, dimitern: and if it ends up a huge ugly conflicty change I can at least get it in front of you for sanity checking10:27
dimiternfwereade: sgtm10:27
fwereadejam, dimitern: and if I do it ~right then I hope we'll be able to share stuff like the underlying code for machiner.Life and deployer.Life (and for more facades in the future)10:28
fwereadedimitern, since you weren't there, one important bit I thought I should run by you is...10:29
fwereadedimitern, ...implementing the API in terms of Tag where possible rather than name/id/whatever's relevant to the particular entity10:29
fwereadedimitern, is there anything obviously stupid about that?10:30
dimiternfwereade: well, it has advantages, but the main thing is we'll need to slightly modify the code that uses the api to accomodate that - not terribly high a price though10:31
fwereadedimitern, there's enough dancing back and forth between id and tag in jujud already that I think it might work out a win in the end10:31
fwereadedimitern, it's more crap over the wire that we don't really need though10:32
dimiternfwereade: and it's still not too late to impose this api-wide change i think10:32
fwereadedimitern, yeah, and there STM to be a bunch of things api-wide that don't really look consistent, and I'd like to force a bit of that before we fossilize10:32
dimiternfwereade: sounds good10:33
dimiternfwereade: what happened with the magical bulk ops at the rpc layer?10:33
fwereadedimitern, when rog proposed those I rejected them because it forced domain-object-style at the rpc layer10:34
dimiternfwereade: are we still doing the bulk ops as originally agreed: array-of-structs as args, arrays-of-structs as results (incl. errors and results at the same place)?10:34
fwereadedimitern, yes, I think so10:34
fwereadedimitern, haven't seen any controversy there10:34
dimiternfwereade: cool!10:35
jamfwereade: well I'm on board with it, and rogpeppe is on vacation :)10:38
jamfwereade, dimitern: I would clarify that it is a struct-of-array-of-structs as args and struct-of-array-of-structs as results.10:38
jamSo it is ApiFunction(args params.Type) (params.ResultType, error)10:38
dimiternjam: yes10:39
jamApiFunction(args []params.Type) ([]params.ResultType, error)10:39
dimiternjam: of course10:39
jamdimitern: well, there have been times when wrapping the array in a struct seemed silly10:39
jambut fwereade and I discussed it and it does make sense.10:39
jamSince it gives us nice wiggle room if we want to extend the api at all.10:39
dimiternjam: and in addition, the rpc layer supports that only - you cannot have (args []type) as it is now10:42
dimiternjam: please wait for my review before landing https://codereview.appspot.com/10978043/10:43
* fwereade bbiab10:44
jamdimitern: I responded to https://codereview.appspot.com/10939043/10:46
jamI'll do fwereade's requests and then wait for your review.10:46
dimiternjam: cheers!10:46
dimiternjam: reviewed10:51
jtvReviewers needed, hopefully for a "trivial" vote: https://codereview.appspot.com/1085804910:57
dimiternjtv: looking10:57
dimiternjtv: LGTM, trivial10:58
dimiternjtv: make simplify does that? seems pretty smart :)10:58
jtvThanks dimitern, for your vote and your compliment.  :)11:03
jtvIt's not particularly smart, but it does free you from the distraction.11:03
dimiternjtv: i might give it a go11:04
jtvDo it regularly.  :)  It won't find much, but that makes it all the easier.11:04
dimiternjtv: are you familiar with lp-propose and lp-submit aaron did?11:04
jtvOr "make format" for a regular formatting run.  We may choose to integrate them.11:04
jtvYes, I used to use those... but it's been a while.11:04
dimiternjtv: there was a talk in oakland that these two now support rietveld as well, so can be used instead of lbox11:05
dimiternjtv: which i'd acclaim11:05
jtvA step in the right direction, yes...  It may save us some work on the Tarmac integration.11:05
jtvAlso, I haven't seen those bzr plugins ignore errors like I have lbox.  :)11:06
dimiternjtv: exactly, and better integration with LP11:06
jamfwereade, dimitern: Is this actually better? https://codereview.appspot.com/10858049/patch/1/100311:07
jamdouble nesting of brackets tends to be more confusing for me.11:07
jamI guess it is more apparent when they are on separate lines.11:08
dimiternjam: i think so yes - no need to repeat the type when the slice has it explicitly anyway11:08
fwereadejam, yeah, +111:10
jamdimitern: responded11:11
jamI think that means enough LGTMs for both api-watchers and notify-worker to land11:12
dimiternjam: thanks11:14
dimiternmongodb in the ppa for raring/amd64 built successfully11:16
jamdimitern: nice... now will it pass the test suite.11:17
dimiternjam: hopefully - trying now :)11:17
jamdimitern: standup in 10 min, just in case the clock sync wasn't working.11:20
dimiternjam: yep, will be there - hangout from the link in the calendar, right?11:21
jammaking a coffee myself, should be there on time, thougd.11:21
jamfwereade: re: "tools" as a package. I'm happy to have the ToolsManager as an interface in an agent package. The big concern is having it outside of "environs/". Do you feel it is better just to move environs/agent to a top level package?11:27
fwereadejam, +10011:27
jamfwereade: also, now that my queue has been flushed, I'm reminded of the patch I'm having trouble with.11:27
fwereadejam, oh yes?11:27
jamspecifically, trying to test the client side of an Upgrader.WatchAPIVersion()11:27
jamafaict, I'm setting up the test identically to the one on the server-side of the api, and the state side11:28
jambut afaict the lowest level watcher isn't firing11:28
jam(the one with the actual watch on the DB)11:28
fwereadejam, is it possible you're using a different *state.State, and so not seeing the effect of a sync?11:28
fwereadejam, what if you set the timeout to 6s?11:28
jammgz: poke11:33
jamfwereade: I thought JujuConnSuite shares the state11:35
jambetween the two sides11:35
jamI'll have to look into that11:35
jambecause yes, after 5s the test passes.11:35
jammgz: In case you're just not seeing it: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/f497381ca4d154890227b3b35a85a985b894b47111:36
TheMuemramm: ping11:59
mrammTheMue: pong12:04
dimiterni think this might be an actual bug: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5855203/ (i updated goamz and there were changes)12:06
TheMuemramm: Germanys interest in Juju grows. I've been asked if I want to talk at the http://webtechcon.de (German) about Juju12:06
TheMuemramm: and maybe also write about it in one of the magazines of the publisher behind this conference12:07
dimiterninstalled mongo 2.2.0 from the tarball, as specified in the readme and all other tests pass12:07
mrammTheMue: sounds awesome12:07
TheMuemramm: yep, cloud and devops is a trending topic12:08
TheMuemramm: so we'll see how we can get our part of this cake :D12:08
dimiternalso, anybody seen this? 2013-07-08 12:03:21 WARNING juju.environs.config config.go:429 unknown config field "future"12:09
TheMuedimitern: so far not seen, can you isolate the test?12:11
dimiternTheMue: trying now12:13
dimiternit seems to be related to danilos branch about py-juju and juju-core compatibility checks about the environment config12:14
jamdimitern: I've seen a fair number of WARNINGs while the test suite is running. nothing that fails the suite, though.12:15
dimiternjam: all these warnings are valid, but I think we need to be able to suppress them for tests12:15
dimiternjam: the tests themselves are about checking unknown keys12:15
jamdimitern: agreed, I don't think the test suite should put stuff onto stdout/stderr12:18
dimiternaha! found it12:19
dimiternwallyworld: changed goamz in r37 to support EC2_ env vars as fallbacks for AWS_ ones, and the test sets both AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY to "", but does not set the fallbacks12:20
dimiternand i have both set because of openstack tests12:21
dimiterni'll file a bug and propose a fix12:21
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fwereadedimitern, whoops, "future" was my branch12:33
fwereadedimitern, didn't realise it pooed to stderr12:33
dimiternfwereade: it does only when there's a failure12:33
dimiternfwereade: or when you run with -gocheck.v actually12:33
dimiternjtv: ping12:55
jamdimitern: wrt https://code.launchpad.net/~dimitern/juju-core/062-fix-bug-1198936/+merge/17348613:01
jamDo we need to update other bits of the test suite infrastructure?13:01
jamOr do we clear those out elsewhere already?13:01
dimiternjam: well, this is the only test that uses this behavior that i can see - all the others pass13:02
dimiterni'm having issues with lbox now.. panics on "redirect blocked" after login to rietveld. I had a patch that fixed this, but alas after the reinstall got lost13:03
jamdimitern: I thought that was one of wallyworld's patches to lbox ?13:04
jammight also be a go version.13:04
dimiternjam: it's a go version issue definitely, still using 1.0.3, but I might need to switch to 1.1.1 just to build lbox13:04
jamdimitern: I'm using go 1.0.3 for lbox13:05
dimiternjam: haven't seen any patches by wallyworld to lbox in the commit log13:05
=== teknico1 is now known as tekNico
jamdimitern: it didn't land, but he had proposed it, IIRC13:05
jamdimitern: most likely it was a patch to goetveld13:06
jamdimitern: https://code.launchpad.net/~wallyworld/goetveld/auth-cookie-fix perhaps?13:07
jambut that one is merged, so maybe not.13:07
dimiternjam: i'll just re-get lbox and its reqs to see if it solves it13:08
jamfwereade: worker/resumer/resumer.go . Is it worth implementing time.After as a watcher so that it can re-use the NotifyWatcher code? time.After can make a pretty trivial NotifyWatcher if we want to go that route.13:09
jamthough it is arguably the same amount of code we would be saving13:10
jamfwereade: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jameinel/juju-core/upgrader-api-client-watcher/revision/1400# is my answer to make testing not have to wait 5s for the Sync to occur.13:41
jamIt exposes a helper on DummyEnviron that allows you to trigger e.state.apiState.Sync()13:41
jamwhich is then exposed to JujuConnSuite.13:41
jamfwereade: is it terrible to do?13:41
jamI felt it was slightly better than giving you raw access to e.state.apiState object.13:42
jam(you can click on expand all)13:42
jtvdimitern: what's up?13:43
fwereadejam, sorry, back from lunch13:44
dimiternjtv: can you send me the patch I gave you for lbox to fix the error I got (you got it too)13:44
jamfwereade: no rush, I'm done for tonight.13:44
jtvdimitern: where is it?13:44
dimiternjtv: i think if you do bzr diff in $GOPATH/src/launchpad.net/lbox/ you should see it (if you haven't committed)13:45
fwereadejam, offhand it's no worse than anything else in the dummy environ ;p13:45
fwereadejam, and at least it's in the service of saner testing :)13:45
jtvdimitern: no diff... I'm on r57, last committer is Roger.  Not sure what patch you're talking about.13:46
dimiternjtv: maybe geotveld then?13:46
jtvNever messed with that13:47
jtvdimitern: is this a conversation you had with someone else maybe?13:48
dimiternjtv: what go version are you using?13:48
dimiternjtv: could be, it was some months ago13:49
jtvdimitern: go 1.0.2 .13:51
dimiternjtv: I see13:51
dimiternmramm: can you send me the kanban link please?14:02
dimitern(for the hangout)14:03
dimiternTheMue: or you? ^^14:04
dimiternfwereade: ^^ ?14:09
dimiternare we doing the kanban meeting now?14:10
TheMuedimitern: no kanban now14:12
TheMuedimitern: only the one at 1:30pm14:12
dimiternTheMue: ah, ok, thanks14:12
TheMuedimitern: we've consolidated it ;)14:12
dimiternTheMue: nice! about time :)14:13
TheMuedimitern: yep, I like it too14:13
dimiternso I managed to fix my broken lbox by compiling it under 1.1.114:18
dimiternjam: can you please LGTM it in rietveld now? sorry for the trouble14:19
dimiternTheMue: can you take a look as well ? ^^14:27
TheMuedimitern: sure14:29
TheMuedimitern: lgtm14:30
dimiternTheMue: thanks14:30
mrammHey, I just wanted to point out an e-mail thread that needs a response: Chris.Frantz is trying to get juju working15:21
_mup_Bug #1178328: error: cannot log in to admin database: auth fails <ui> <juju-core:Incomplete> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1178328>15:22
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ackkhi, counld anyone please have a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~ack/juju-core/uuid-in-environment-info/+merge/173485 ? it's a pretty trivial change15:56
fwereadeackk, reviewed, LGTM; dimitern, would you take a quick look please?16:17
ackkfwereade, thanks!16:18
fwereadeackk, just hold off until there's a second review, then set commit message and approve (or ping one of us if you can't)16:18
ackkfwereade, cool, thanks, will it be merged automatically?16:19
fwereadeackk, yeah16:19
dimiternfwereade: looking16:19
dimiternackk, fwereade: reviewed16:20
ackkdimitern, thanks16:20
ackkdimitern, fwereade I can't set "approved", could you please do it?16:21
dimiternackk: will do16:21
fwereadeackk, done16:21
dimiternackk: have you tried running the full test suite before proposing that change?16:46
dimiternackk: i mean like "go build ./... && go test ./..." in juju-core/ ?16:47
ackkdimitern, oh I think I ran a different command, let me try to reproduce the failure16:49
dimiternackk: it was a temporary failure, it's merged now once I reapproved it17:04
dimiternanyone willing to look at a really trivial review? https://codereview.appspot.com/10858050/17:08
mgzwill have a look dimitern17:09
dimiternmgz: hey, cheers17:09
fwereadedimitern, LGTM17:16
dimiternfwereade: cheers, landing then17:17
ackkdimitern, thanks17:21
ackkdimitern, I got the same error in trunk before the merge, fwiw17:22
dimiternackk: we have occasionally these intermittent test failures - if you happen across one of them after running the full tests multiple times and it occurs more than once, please file a bug and tag it as "intermittent-failure" (but search first if it's already reported)17:24
ackkdimitern, ok17:25
ahasenackhow does juju-core find the bootstrap node ip? I have a case where it has two ips, and juju status is trying to connect to the "wrong" one20:06
ahasenacknova list lists the bootstrap node running, and with an IP in each network. I don't see a way to control which IP juju will use20:07
ahasenackpyjuju seems to pick the correct one (could be luck)20:07
mgzahasenack: possibly bug 1188126?20:13
_mup_Bug #1188126: Juju unable to interact consistently with OpenStack/Quantum deployment where tenant has multiple networks configured <juju:New> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1188126>20:13
ahasenackmgz: looks like it, even though no quantum is being used in this case20:14
mgzprobably not then20:15
mgzsimilar issue though, currently juju-core is pretty network ignorant20:15
ahasenackmgz: I think I found it in the code20:19
ahasenackfunc Open(info *Info, opts DialOpts) (*State, error) {20:19
ahasenack    // TODO Select a random address from info.Addrs20:19
ahasenack    // and only fail when we've tried all the addresses.20:19
ahasenack    // TODO what does "origin" really mean, and is localhost always ok?20:19
ahasenack    cfg, err := websocket.NewConfig("wss://"+info.Addrs[0]+"/", "http://localhost/")20:19
ahasenackit's always the first address that it picks20:19
ahasenackgood morning21:47
thumperfwereade: you up?21:57
fwereadethumper, heyhey, more or less21:57
fwereadethumper, how's it going?21:57
thumperjust clearing lots of email :)21:57
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utlemmingwallyworld: what is the noun for changing the simplestream location in the Juju yaml?23:13
wallyworld_utlemming: is this for an openstack deployment?23:14
utlemmingwallyworld_: yes, I want to test a merge of HP and EC2 simple streams23:14
utlemmingwallyworld_: i.e. start publishing the simple streams for HP23:14
wallyworld_utlemming: for openstack, if you want custom simplestreams metadata, you put the json files in a directory "streams/v1/index" off the public bucket23:16
wallyworld_the public bucket is specified using the "public-bucket-url" config key23:17
wallyworld_so where the tools tarballs are, add the "streams/v1/index" container under that location23:17
arosaleswallyworld_, fyi utlemming is working on the "official" simple streams for HP.23:30
arosaleswallyworld_, utlemming builds the Ubuntu cloud images we put on certified public clouds23:31
wallyworld_arosales: will that include the new tools metdata?23:31
utlemmingwallyworld_, arosales: looks like I still have a bug to shake out, though23:31
arosalesutlemming, and wallyworld_ is working on the simple stream implementation in Juju :-)23:31
arosaleshopefully that helps with introductions :-)23:31
utlemmingwallworld_: my beta index is http://people.canonical.com/~ben if you're interested23:32
* wallyworld_ is interested23:32
arosaleswallyworld_, I don't think that index has the tools in it yet23:32
arosaleswallyworld_, but I think it could if you and utlemming sync up23:32
wallyworld_arosales: ok. i'm keen to progress that bit. scott was away last week so it's stalled till he gets back23:33
arosalesutlemming, actually if you include the tools in your index we could test out your index file by a simple juju environment yaml update23:33
arosalesutlemming, is your man then :-)23:33
arosalesutlemming, also works closely with smoser23:34
wallyworld_arosales: utlemming: we had sort of decided to have potentially separate urls for the tools and image metadata. so two separate index files23:34
wallyworld_the tools and image metadata index files will likely live in the same place but don't have to23:34
arosaleswallyworld_, would you have another env yaml file for each index?23:34
arosalesie public-bucket-url?23:35
wallyworld_arosales: no, potentially a separate config key23:35
arosalesso perhaps public-bucket-cloud-url and public-bucket-tool-url ?23:35
arosalesor something like that?23:35
wallyworld_yes, something like that23:36
wallyworld_arosales: for CPC, it will just be the same location for both i *think*23:36
wallyworld_but having separate urls allows different folks to maintain the tools and image metadata if required23:36
arosalesit could very well live at the same location, but juju would need to find two different index files at that location, correct?23:36
wallyworld_arosales: are you ok with that approach?23:37
arosaleswallyworld_, that seems like a sane approach. Did you envision CPC data living at http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/23:37
arosalesutlemming, sound ok to you ^23:38
arosaleswallyworld_, but generally a +1 from me on having two streams for tools and image data23:38
wallyworld_arosales: i thuink the image metadata would go there but smoser envisisaged the tools metadata living in a charms related url now that i think about it23:39
arosaleshaving the flexibility for that to be the same URL or different ones only seems like a value add plus too23:39
wallyworld_arosales: utlemming: as soon as I have some tools metadata files to work with, i'll do the juju code ti plug it in23:40
arosaleswallyworld_, btw I *think* the current HP public bucket doesn't have AZ2 or AZ3 info init23:41
arosaless/init/in it/23:41
wallyworld_arosales: yes, correct. i just did that as a quick thing to get us going23:41
arosalesI get a precise image not found when trying to deploy to AZ2 or AZ323:41
wallyworld_arosales: the correct images can easily be added23:42
arosalesI ran into that in a project that just had AZ2 configured per HP support suggestion23:42
arosaleswork around it by using AZ123:42
wallyworld_but sounds like we are really close now anyway23:42
arosalespending when simple streams and tools are available if it is easy it would be worth while to add az2 and az3 info23:42
wallyworld_yes indeed. that was my expecation at least - that the image metadata update process would include all reuired regions23:43
wallyworld_arosales: utlemming: once this is fully done, for CPC, *no* public-bucket-url info will be needed in the user's env yaml23:43
wallyworld_it will "just work"23:44
wallyworld_hopefully :-)23:44
arosaleswallyworld_, ack23:44
arosalesjuju should already have pre knowledge of what the simple stream data is for cpc23:44
wallyworld_yes, it looks at cloud-images....23:44
wallyworld_but public bucket still needed for tools23:45
wallyworld_we also need to improve the tooling for setting up private clouds23:45
wallyworld_but that is being worked on23:45
* thumper sighs23:57
thumperdamn frustrating tests..23:57
* thumper tries to work out just how many hoops to jump through is too many23:58

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