hatchhi huwshimi03:52
huwshimihatch: Hey03:53
hatchso what's monday looking like?03:53
hatchI'm trying to decide if I should fake sick tomorrow03:53
hatchkidding of course :P03:54
huwshimihatch: haha.03:55
hatchI actually need some code that's on bcsaller's computer lol03:55
huwshimihatch: That's gonna be a long drive.03:57
hatchhaha you're tellin me!03:57
hatchso instead I played way to much MTG03:58
huwshimihatch: MTG?03:59
hatchMagic The Gathering03:59
hatchbought the new planeswalker game for Android03:59
hatchit's $10 and still has in app purchases lol04:01
hatchoh and ads :/04:01
hatchads for their own stuff mind you04:01
hatchbut still ads04:01
huwshimihatch: is that a MTG game?04:02
hatch^ huwshimi I'm going to assume it's available there too04:03
rick_h_gary_poster: did my last reply to the icon bug report clear that up? /me goes to get the link12:36
rick_h_#1197772 is the one12:36
_mup_Bug #1197772: Weird charm icon in GUI <charmbrowser> <juju-gui:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1197772>12:36
gary_posterthanks, haven't gotten to that in mail yet.  looking12:37
rick_h_k, no hurry. I'll bring it up on our stand up about the proof tools side of things. 12:37
gary_posterrick_h_, read, got it.  so, can we treat that bug as the css issue you described?12:38
rick_h_gary_poster: well I'd like to treat it as charmworld provides poor data bug 12:38
rick_h_gary_poster: otherwise we have to double up logic on 'what categories are valid' in several projects in several places12:39
gary_posterrick_h_, because the proof thing won't stop that kind of error from happening, right?  it will just inform the user?  if they don't do anything then we lose12:39
rick_h_gary_poster: well charmworld should not load known bad data on injest12:39
rick_h_gary_poster: so it should either strip the categories or something12:39
gary_posterI'm ok with stripping the bad categories rick_h_ as a solution, yeah12:40
rick_h_so I'd like to move the bug up there. Still a bug, but not really about the icon but allowing bad categories in12:40
gary_posterrick_h_, I think I have some bugs I want to report to ecosystems and ux, but wanted to run them past you.  when I search for mysql and then filter to databases, I get no results.  It appears that mysql is not categorized as a database.  so, related bugs.  (1) ecosystems: we should categorize mysql as a database. (2) ux: we should be able to see the category of the charm when we browse it (agree?  is that already fixed in ne12:46
gary_posterw ux?  I don't think so...). Then I dug around a bit more.  If you click on a category and then do a search, you are searching within the category.  that makes sense, but you can't see anything alerting you of that in the sidebar unless you expand the filter section or look at the URL.  (3) UX: fix that <--- (agree?  is this already addressed somehow?)12:46
rick_h_gary_poster: so definitely think we need to audit approved charms for categories pre-launch. Those at least, should be updated. 12:47
rick_h_gary_poster: and for the filter UX, I really don't like the auto collapsing because of that. It's not clear what's going on, but it's what UX has requested we try out. 12:47
rick_h_gary_poster: so I'm up for helping defend the user that it's a bad experience12:47
rick_h_gary_poster: in fullscreen (browse now) it's much nicer. 12:48
rick_h_gary_poster: one thing we tossed out was that searching with filters/etc would require the fullscreen UX to help make it work?12:48
gary_posterrick_h_, ok, thanks.  I'll send an email about those bits to the various parties, cc-ing the juju-gui list.  you didn't reply to #2 though.  Maybe it was not clear?12:50
rick_h_gary_poster: ah, well not sure on #2. It's never really come up as categories were really only intended to help us group for the browse experience. Charms can have multiple, and they're completely optional. So display is a bit...unclear 12:51
rick_h_gary_poster: issues with category are more for the charm authors to know/correct and that's more in the back end than for all users of the gui12:51
rick_h_imo and all that :)12:51
gary_posterrick_h_, ack.  I thought of that but felt that, if someone were purely exploring it might be nice ("'storm'?  is that the twitter hadoop thing I read about? ...oh, no, it is a database, nevermind"). I'll leave it alone for now.12:54
gary_posterrick_h_, apache2 has no icon now.  no idea why.  maybe another thing to raise on team call?12:58
rick_h_gary_poster: last time I looked they had a bad image as their icon. It was an issue with the charm source12:59
gary_posterrick_h_, ack, but can we do better on our side is the question (i.e., is this something it would be relatively easy to detect and provide a default image for?)  if it is not easy maybe a bug would be reasonable.  But I think we ought to treat an empty image as a bug in the GUI of one sort or another.13:00
rick_h_gary_poster: yea, we're still working out how we're supposed to note issues we know about to charms upstream. 13:01
rick_h_gary_poster: so in this case, the svg is invalid or something. I cannot download/load it locally from the source. 13:01
rick_h_gary_poster: the only 'good' way I can think to prevent this is to find some sort of svg validation/sanity check library on injest. If the icon fails, don't load it into the charmworld backend13:01
rick_h_gary_poster: in this case it's not that it's 0 bytes, named wrong, etc13:02
rick_h_http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~charmers/charms/precise/apache2/trunk/view/head:/icon.svg 13:02
gary_posterrick_h_, cool, ack.  I wonder if simply trying to convert it (e.g. https://pypi.python.org/pypi/svglib/) and handling conversion errors as the sanity check would be reasonable.  I'll file a bug for the GUI side for now, and send an email to ecosystems about the immediate problem.  thanks13:04
rick_h_gary_poster: well, I'd file it against charmworld13:04
gary_posterrick_h_, ah good point thanks13:04
rick_h_gary_poster: that's where the convert/validate would need to be updated to occur13:04
=== teknico1 is now known as tekNico
jcastrogary_poster: if we need like an apache2 icon we ask alejandra's team, then I can just add it to the charm right?13:32
gary_posterjcastro, hey.  yeah, I am pretty sure you can ask alejandra's team for the icon, and I know you can just add it to the charm once you have it.  Was the previous working icon we had bad for some reason?13:34
jcastroI don't know, I could have sworn I remember seeing the feather icon in the store at some point13:34
gary_posterIt was definitely there jcastro, I remember it too13:34
rick_h_yea, I thought it had an icon at some point but did it get 'updated' and removed? 13:34
rick_h_can we just go back and pull the old icon from the bzr history?13:34
jcastrogary_poster: mysql category is easy, on that. 13:35
gary_postercool thanks jcastro 13:35
rick_h_jcastro: make sure it's the plural please. We've got some that are invalid atm using database vs databases13:35
jcastrocategory: ["databases"]13:36
jcastrois in mysql13:36
rick_h_jcastro: rgr13:36
rick_h_jcastro: orly? /me goes to look13:37
jcastroI'm looking in lp:charms/precise/mysql13:37
rick_h_categories: - databases13:38
rick_h_jcastro: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~charmers/charms/precise/postgresql/trunk/view/head:/metadata.yaml is working in pgsql charm13:38
rick_h_jcastro: yea, it's categories13:39
jcastrothat format appears totally different than what I have been doing13:39
rick_h_plural plural plural13:39
rick_h_everything in the metadata is plural. 13:39
rick_h_provides, requires, etc13:39
jcastrook pushed13:40
hatchmorning all13:43
benjijujugui: review ahoy! https://codereview.appspot.com/1100104313:53
hatchI'll take one13:53
hatchbenji: does this branch have trunk merged in prior to proposing?13:53
hatchsome of this diff looks like trunk code13:53
benjihatch: ooh, good catch; it does not.  I'll fix that right now.13:54
hatchthanks :)13:54
teknico1hatch: can I look over your shoulder? :-)13:54
teknico1hatch: I mean, how about you comment loudly what you see while you review, and I get to listen and maybe even ask questions?13:55
teknico1I guess that might count as a second review of sorts :-)13:55
hatchteknico1: heh well I don't think there will be that large of a diff13:56
hatchoh benji does this fix the drag&drop bug in FF osx?13:56
benjihatch: nope13:56
hatchok didn't think so, just wanted to check13:57
benji(not intentionally at least)13:57
teknicootoh, today's net connection instability is not very conducive to these sorts of things :-/13:59
benjihatch: merged branch pushed14:01
hatchteknico: you think you have bad wiring... http://www.networkworld.com/gibbsblog/IW2.jpg :)14:01
* benji makes an overdue coffee.14:01
hatchthanks benji14:01
hatchbenji: topology/service.js:425 where is the code that we hack the DOM to make the icon show?14:03
* hatch will see if there is a better way14:03
benjihatch: app/widgets/charm-token.js:9914:04
hatchohhh right that hack14:07
hatchbenji: did you try setting display to none on the icon?14:08
hatchor would that have caused the dragged icon to not show up?14:08
hatch(thinking out loud)14:08
benjihatch: I don't recall.  I tried a myriad of things.14:08
hatchheh i bet :)14:09
benjihatch: "display: none" doesn't work in FF, the drag image reverts to the default14:16
hatchbenji: ahh ok well thanks a lot for trying :)14:16
benjimost browsers have very limiting restrictions requiring the drag image to really, truely be visible14:16
hatchyeah the spec is such a mess14:17
hatchthe webdev community really needs to start relying on polyfills first to iron out the bugs before they make it into the browsers14:18
abentleysinzui: The mimetypes.guess_type function does not accept contents, just a url: http://docs.python.org/2/library/mimetypes.html14:30
hatchgary_poster: so as it turns out the position fixed idea won't work for us, and the position sticky polyfills all need to be.....modified... to work :)14:31
hatchI could fork one of them and enhance the polyfill -or- I can write a module which just absolutely positions the headers when required14:32
abentleysinzui: However, for this use case, the imghdr module should suffice.14:35
sinzuiabentley, in the proof tool case I wanted to validate the xml, check that it is SVG, and maybe check for evidence that it uses the template14:37
sinzuiabentley, The xml validation code we have in charmworld's test suite could be extracted as a helper for ingest and test14:38
rick_h_abentley: did you want to have a chat then before I go to far into this autocomplete stuff?14:39
abentleyrick_h_: sure.14:40
gary_posterhatch on extended call run...trying to read...14:45
hatchgary_poster: no problem, whenever you get a chance14:45
gary_posterhatch not polyfill because it is not standard14:46
gary_postermodule makes sense to me14:46
hatchthat's what I was thinking - I'll see if I can extract some of the code out of the polyfills to save some dev time14:47
benjihatch: will you unpack this sentence a bit for me "I believe if you use @property it will automatically pick the closest class" (from https://codereview.appspot.com/11001043/diff/4001/app/widgets/charm-token.js?column_width=80)14:53
hatchbenji: sure :)14:53
hatchbecause you're assigning a property to the instance if you use @property <name> I believe that YUIDoc will reach out of the method and pick the closest class that it's being added too14:54
hatchso then when we look at the api docs for that class that property will be available14:54
abentleysinzui: Thanks for the reviews.14:56
abentleysinzui: You may have been thinking of the "magic" package.  It's not part of the standard library, but I think it really should be.14:58
sinzuiabentley, bingo. I was14:58
hatchgary_poster: if you noticed on the boards I haven't deleted the cards yet from the last release - wondering what the procedure was for that15:01
benjihatch: I will need an unpacking of your unpacking.  Are you propsoing I add an @property comment to the initializer (or the class)?15:05
hatchcomment the this.<property> using @property <name>15:05
hatchjust like you would with @method or @attribute15:05
hatch(the rest of the words after that was just explaining why I expected it to work) :)15:07
Makyojujugui Can I get one last look at https://codereview.appspot.com/10763045 ? Has two LGTMs, but I'd like a +1 on the tests bac requested.15:08
hatchMakyo: looking15:08
Makyohatch, cool, thanks.15:08
abentleyrick_h_: Is the output of charmworld's "make doc" online anywhere?15:08
benjihatch: ah, that clears it up; thanks15:09
rick_h_abentley: no, one of those things meant to do. Just does it locally. make doc-open I think will open in a browser15:09
hatchMakyo: this diff is wako15:09
abentleyrick_h_: Okay, thanks.15:09
Makyohatch, blah, did it do that again?15:10
hatchI'll just do the tests15:10
Makyohatch,  https://codereview.appspot.com/10763045/diff/27001/test/test_inspector_overview.js is all that was added15:10
* hatch thinks there are too many people working on the same code, codereview can't keep up ;)15:11
hatchMakyo: lgtm'd15:18
hatchone q in there15:18
Makyohatch, cheers.15:18
Makyohatch, copied bac on that (restructured my tests to look like his since he landed first), will look into it.15:19
hatchteknico: did you ever land that branch was supposed to cache the IO requests for the json charm data? I still see them in the test-debug logs15:19
hatchMakyo: alright cool - it's probably not an issue but using real data is always going to be better of course :)15:20
teknicohatch: I'm not recalling any such branch right now, more context/timing?15:21
hatchteknico: umm a couple weeks ago - around when you were doing the test cleanup15:22
hatchmaybe we talked about it but it was never implemented15:22
teknicohatch: yeah, I can't dig up anything of the sort15:24
hatchahh ok then15:25
benjiI'm looking for one more review of https://codereview.appspot.com/1100104315:26
Makyobenji, on it.15:27
gary_posterMakyo, hatch, do you think we can steal any styling from the inspector of https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10004366/juju-gui/index.html ?  add a charm and then click on it15:27
hatch^ doesn't work in Chrome15:29
gary_posterhatch, Makyo sorry, yes known.  Firefox only15:29
hatchcool they have icons15:29
hatchwe need those15:30
MakyoFor just styling, yeah, probably.15:30
hatchyeah was going to say we could take the styles15:30
hatchI'm not sure the markup would work with what we want15:31
hatchbut it could....15:31
hatchwe actually know what the colour codes are using this ;)15:31
hatchdarn I was hoping that service icon was an svg already :D15:34
MakyoAlthough that's curious, it looks like both service box SVGs are being used there.15:34
hatchholy all of this html is like super semantic15:35
MakyoWill clarify with luca before I implement.15:35
hatchI don't think I've ever seen code this semantic before15:35
hatchusually when I see prototype code (mine included) it's a bunch of divs with tons of classes lol15:38
hatchis Ben going to be in today?15:46
Makyojujugui call in 10, kanban now.15:50
hatchsometimes javascript irritates me15:51
hatchseriously why do I have to do Array.prototype.forEach.call(elements, function() { ...}); when elements is a nodelist15:52
hatchthat's it! We are switching the GUI to.... to... to...15:52
hatchso that's where they draw the line eh?15:55
gary_posterjujugui call in 415:56
gary_posterkanban now15:57
gary_posteroh sorry15:57
gary_posteralready done :-)15:57
rick_h_hatch: so why do that over nodelist.each?15:58
gary_posterjujugui call now15:59
hatchrick_h_: I'm using raw js16:00
rick_h_hatch: but elements is a NodeList? or something else then?16:00
rick_h_hatch: nvm, I thuoght you were saying you had a Y.NodeList16:00
rick_h_confused me16:00
hatchfunny enough they are both called NodeList heh16:01
hatchso yeah it is confusing16:01
hatchbcsaller: so I should have asked if you have actually implemented that cleanup stuff yet16:08
hatchI just didn't want to duplicate work16:08
bcsallerhatch: makes sense, I have some of it done, I should be wrapping it up this morning, happy to talk about it after the call16:09
hatchsure thing16:09
benjigary_poster: who would be a good person to do pre-imp call with for "destroy controls to service inspector"16:49
gary_posterbenji, jeff or ben for tech.  me for goals, but on call for another 10 min.16:50
benjigary_poster: cool; let me know when you have a minute16:50
gary_posterwill do16:50
hatchgary_poster: http://jsbin.com/evehit/1/ - (prototype) it only works for the top right now but I don't foresee any issues adding the bottom as well - just scroll up and down in the scrolly box16:52
gary_posterhatch, cool.  heading 2 and 3 hide behind upper headers before they stick for me, and heading 4 pushes 1 2 3 and off.  first fixable, second intentional?16:55
hatchboth fixable16:57
hatchand both unintentional :)16:57
hatchthat should fix the second16:58
hatchthe first will take a little bit more js16:58
hatchbut regardless - I just wanted to confirm this was the functionality you were looking for16:58
gary_posterhatch, cool, yeah that's the right direction.  can we also not obscure the scrollbar?16:59
hatchI'm going to go with.....probably16:59
gary_poster:-) seems important17:00
hatchheh ok I'll keep adding the remaining features and fixing the known bugs17:00
hatchwill report back with a fully functional proto17:00
hatchwriting raw js is hard17:24
hatchI keep writing YUI methods by habit17:24
* benji lunches.17:27
sinzuiabentley, are you deloying/testing mongodb changes to staging?17:43
* sinzui sees a mongodb database relation error17:44
abentleysinzui: No, I'm not doing anything with staging at the moment.  Got failing tests on slow-migrations-2.17:48
sinzuiabentley, okay. I will kick staging17:48
gary_posterbenji, whe you are ready for call I am17:57
gary_postersinzui any word from IS on the GUI deployment?17:58
sinzuigary_poster, They are one person today and it is unlikely to happen17:58
sinzuiI reminded then that we want to do regular deployments over the next two weeks culminating with a DNS change for OSCON17:59
sinzuiI will press this issue again tomorrow morning18:00
gary_postersinzui, ack.  Could you keep me in the emails for that?  also, what's the plan for comingsoon.jujucharms.com--those are part of the planned DNS change?18:00
sinzuiI expect them to do that with this deploy or inform me that they want to treat it separately18:01
sinzuigary_poster, There is no documentation about how to deploy the gui to prodstack. I think this contributes to the delay.18:01
gary_postersinzui, DNS change: cool18:02
sinzuiI get better service when I can point webops to the OSA doc about the standard practice18:02
gary_postersinzui, docs: dunno.  we got great service from wedgwood before.  Would it be helpful to try and dig up emails from stuff we did at the time?  Alternatively or in addition, can you draft these docs for the GUI charm, or ask us to do so?18:04
sinzuiwedwood isn't a webops now. Its a new squad. Old emails or the original rt would be grand, Rt would be best since they love rt18:05
gary_posterok lemme see what I can find18:05
* sinzui ponders writing the OSA draft as a subtle prod.18:06
benjigary_poster: guichat is open18:12
gary_posterbenji https://drive.google.com/a/canonical.com/?tab=co#folders/0B7XG_QBXNwY1dEFVSWh3TWtQOUk18:15
sinzuiorangesquad: anyone have time to review https://code.launchpad.net/~sinzui/charmworld/sane-categories/+merge/17357019:20
abentleysinzui: sure.19:20
abentleysinzui: Code looks good.  I don't understand why handling it in "proof" would harm backward compatibility.  Even if it's not an error, it could be a warning.19:26
sinzuiabentley, I could be19:27
abentleysinzui: Either way, if the API wants to guarantee that only official categories pass, it must enforce sanity, because the mongodb document isn't guaranteed to be sane.19:27
sinzuiabentley, I took the list from the very warning that proof uses19:28
abentleysinzui: Oh.  Then I don't understand the comment.19:28
sinzuiWe didn't have final sign-off on categories when proof was changed19:28
abentleysinzui: Perhaps you should update the API doc to indicate that specific categories are enforced.19:33
abentleysinzui: When you test categories, I think you should test API 2 as well.19:34
sinzuiabentley, okay19:34
abentleysinzui: In fact, I wouldn't expect the old API to be affected by the change.19:35
sinzuiWe never promised that the categories property would be verbatim or contain rubbish19:36
abentleysinzui: No, I don't see how your changes could cause the old API to be affected.19:36
sinzuiabentley, the charm's YAML can contain categories: "misc" but we always represent that as a categories: ["misc"]19:36
sinzuiI see my change as a true bug fix rather than a change in contract19:37
abentleysinzui: I'm not saying your change is wrong, I'm saying I don't think it will have any impact on the old API, because the old API doesn't use the Charm model object.19:37
sinzuiah, okay19:41
abentleyorangesquad: Could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/charms/precise/charmworld/slow-migrations/+merge/173580 ?19:53
* sinzui looks19:54
abentleysinzui: btw, tarmac is down and matsubara is looking into it.19:54
sinzuiabentley, that's fine. I will be doing qa without apache it seems anyway19:55
sinzuiabentley, Do we dare destroy our apache instance? I have given up trying to access it from the nova level19:55
abentleysinzui: I think we dare destroy it.  We will retain control of the external IP address.19:56
matsubaraabentley, I had to file an RT to get the VM checked. Larry is on holiday today and he usually takes care of that for me19:58
abentleymatsubara: Ack.20:00
abentleysinzui: I will do a manual merge of the charmworld branches, since Tarmac will not be ready for a while.20:05
sinzuiabentley, ack20:07
abentleysinzui: Any thoughts on https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/charms/precise/charmworld/slow-migrations/+merge/17358 ?20:16
abentleysinzui: nm20:16
gary_postersinzui, will you have a chance for a 15 min call in the next 45 minutes or so?20:17
sinzuiI can talk now if you like20:18
gary_postercool sinzui thanks.  guichat is free20:20
hatcharg this header thing is so frustrating20:44
gary_posterhatch, if it takes too much time we can (A) toss it to ant and see what he can give us and/or (B) push back on UX and request a cheaper initial approach20:57
gary_posterI wish I liked the look of the scroll bar more in the FF demo :-/20:57
hatchbcsaller: will review21:52
bcsallerhatch: thanks, I expect there will be some questions, if you want to talk about anything lemme know21:52
hatchbcsaller: O KAY22:04
hatchI almost have this rediculous scrolling behavior cased22:04
* hatch actually thinks it's pretty cool22:04
hatchheader 3 and 4 'trigger' at the wrong spot however22:05
gary_posterhatch, cool :-)22:08
hatchyeah 1 and 2 work really well22:09
hatchfor some reason the height calculation is off on 3 and 422:10
hatchbzr sure put some odd diff splits in here heh22:15
hatchbcsaller: I see you moved the databinding into the view container - I remember we explicitly did not want to do that22:18
hatchare you saying now that, for all intensive purposes, required of one another?22:19
bcsallervc state is needed to trigger some operations at the right time. We don't currently have any use-case for viewlets w/o databinding either 22:19
hatchalright that's fine - I just wanted to make sure that decision was intentional22:20
hatchthat databinding is one complex beast :)22:21
bcsallerits getting more complex, yes :(22:22
hatchbcsaller: review done - mostly trivial but a few larger requests22:47
bcsallerhatch: thanks, reading now22:47
hatchheader calculations solved23:03
hatchbcsaller: it's my EOD so I'm stepping out for a bit but I should be back in about 15-20 if you have any q's or would like to chat about my comments23:03
bcsallerhatch: I should have the reply + changes done in that timeframe23:04
hatchbcsaller: the reply looks good - I'm going to go through it again then QA after supper then I"ll LGTM it23:37
bcsallerhatch: cool, thanks23:37
hatchafterwards I'll merge it into my branch so that I can start on that in the AM23:37
hatchI could also LGTM it now if you think you can get another review tonight :)23:38
bcsallerI don't think anyone that can do it is still around23:39
hatchalright np :) after supper it is23:39
hatchtalk to you in the am23:39

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