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BluesKajHey all11:37
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goauldsRIP altavista.com13:11
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goaulds Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/rtl_nic/rtl8168g-3.fw13:57
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SuperLagNice. I do an upgrade this morning, and now X won't start... I'm stuck in a loop of the system trying to start X. However, when I send Ctrl-Alt-F* to the VM, to try to boot into console and look at logs, it keeps trying to start X16:43
SonikkuAmericaSuperLag: Boot from your Live image, chroot in, smash your .Xauthority and try it again.16:43
SuperLagSonikkuAmerica: refresh my memory... is that in ~?16:44
SuperLagthe .Xauthority file, that is16:44
SonikkuAmericaYeah (your home folder)16:44
SuperLaggot it.16:44
SonikkuAmericaSuperLag: You can also mount your drive in a fileman and smash it there and reboot without your live image.16:45
SuperLagSonikkuAmerica: How do you do that? (since it's a VM, whose drive is a .vmdk file)16:47
SonikkuAmericaSuperLag: VBox, VMware or QEMU?16:47
SuperLagSonikkuAmerica: VMware Workstation 916:47
SonikkuAmericaI dunno how to work VMware, but find a way to mount your ISO file or written media and boot from it (VMware should have those options).16:48
SuperLagSonikkuAmerica: I'm familiar with how to boot from the live/install media... as that's how I installed in the first place. It was the mounting the drive in fileman that I'm not sure about.16:49
SonikkuAmericaSuperLag: You should be able to do that from your Live session. In Unity, open Nautilus and look on that left pane for your drive (XX.X GB Filesystem). Then go to /home/$USERNAME/ on that drive.16:50
SuperLagYeah, so no matter what, looks like I still have to boot from the live media.16:51
SuperLagNo problem.16:51
SuperLagI just thought you were saying there is a way to do it from the host system16:51
SuperLag(without needing to boot live media)16:51
SonikkuAmericaSuperLag: There is, but you seem to indicate no matter what it always tries to start X16:52
SonikkuAmericaSuperLag: Log into a tty (Ctrl+Alt+F[1-7]), then [ rm -rf ~/.Xauthority ] and reboot16:52
SonikkuAmericaSuperLag: You may be able to do it in recovery mode too16:52
SonikkuAmericaSuperLag: Drop to a root shell from recovery, and run [ rm -rf /home/$USERNAME/.Xauthority ] and reboot16:53
SuperLagSonikkuAmerica: got it. However, it didn't fix the issue.17:04
SuperLagsame symptoms17:04
SonikkuAmericaSometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't...17:04
goauldsjust eat some fine ratatoiulle, now its time to code some white lines17:20
SuperLaglooks like X is segfaulting on libpixman17:36
SuperLag(if I'm reading that right)17:40
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SuperLagAm I reading that right?21:55
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