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dpmgood morning all06:42
AskUbuntuCross compile LibzDb fro ARM A9 based Micro processor | http://askubuntu.com/q/31766407:04
dholbachgood morning07:09
oSoMoNgood morning dholbach07:09
dholbachhey oSoMoN07:09
devincebleDoes qtdeclarative5-hud1.0 library present on 13.04 or 13.10 only? I'm getting the library from a ppa right now ppa:ubuntu-unity/daily-build-next -> but its strange without the ubuntu developer sdk and tools installed friends-app beta is running but when i installed the tools it wont run because of hud1.0 cant be found08:38
JamesTaitOyez! Oyez! Good morning all and happy Town Crier Day! :-D08:40
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Mirvalex-abreu: ubuntu-html5-theme was just accepted into saucy!09:54
Mirvalex-abreu: please check my latest changes, the autopilot tests are run in a firewalled environment so external content cannot be fetched09:54
Mirvalex-abreu: I believe a separate test html file is good and the normal index.html for when people want to test the app itself, but I had to disable that one test at least as long as no mockup content is provided (which seemed complicated)09:55
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Mirvif anyone was using the Qt 5.1 beta1 packages from qt5-beta-proper PPA, I copied them now over to qt5-staging PPA (as a backup) and I'm starting Qt 5.1 final builds at qt5-beta-proper ASAP11:31
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Kaleo_Laney: hey13:25
Kaleo_Laney: I answered in https://code.launchpad.net/~laney/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/crossfadeimage/+merge/17039113:26
Laneyhey Kaleo_, thanks13:26
LaneyKaleo_: would you prefer I rename it back? I did that for consistency with animations but don't really mind13:28
Kaleo_Laney: yeah, I 'd rather13:29
Kaleo_Laney: oh, and I just pushed another commit to that branch which fixes the FIXME13:45
Laneyoh good!13:45
LaneyThese weird behaviours are quite confusing13:45
Kaleo_Laney: so if you merge that branch, fix 15) & 16) and I guess some unit tests failures, we are good :)13:46
Kaleo_Laney: this last behaviour is indeed a badie13:46
oSoMoNKaleo_: hey, would you have a moment to review https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/webbrowser-app/ubuntu-colors/+merge/173458 ?14:23
LaneyKaleo_: The unit tests are indeed broken now and I don't understand why. :)14:28
Kaleo_Laney: currentImage.status is not the actualy status14:28
Kaleo_Laney: since currentImage != nextImage14:29
Kaleo_Laney: even though it really is the nextImage that is loading14:29
Kaleo_Laney: (that was my intuition anyway)14:29
Laneyit's the running property14:29
Laneythe test_duration one14:29
Kaleo_oSoMoN: it's good to go; however once the theme color palette lands (tomorrow), we should use that whenever possible14:31
oSoMoNKaleo_: yes, so when that lands I’ll do another pass and talk to design to use as many theme colors as possible14:32
Kaleo_oSoMoN: great14:32
LaneyKaleo_: what if I have the global status be set in onStatusChanged of both the Images?15:01
Laneyso it becomes the most recent status to be updated15:01
Kaleo_Laney: not very pretty15:01
LaneyI'm otherwise stuck with how to fix it15:02
Laneyother than going back to what I had before there15:02
Kaleo_Laney: best would be to have currentImage really be the current image15:02
Kaleo_Laney: ok, I'll have a look15:02
Kaleo_Laney: everything else good?15:02
Laneyseems so15:02
LaneyI'll push15:02
Kaleo_Laney: thanks15:03
nic-doffayKaleo_, or anyone else who has some investment in this. Would like to talk a bit about a component which handles scrolling for expanding SDK classes.15:42
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surgemcgeeIs there an official tools: format yet? I sont know which one to use.22:34
xkernelI installed the core apps  on Kubuntu, how to launch them?23:36
mhall119xkernel: you should get them in whatever menu/app launcher KDE has23:44
xkernelmhall119, nope can't find them23:45
mhall119doesn't KDE use /usr/share/applications/*.desktop to list installed apps?23:45
mhall119xkernel: which apps did you install?23:47
xkernelmhall119, I installed all as mentioned here: http://developer.ubuntu.com/2013/07/join-the-ubuntu-touch-core-apps-development-team/23:47
mhall119xkernel: and you installed them using apt-get23:48
mhall119do you have /usr/share/applications/ubuntu-calculator-app.desktop ?23:48
xkernelyeah found it thanks :)23:49
mhall119huh, I wonder why it's not in KDE's menus then23:49

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