wilee-nileevastkahuna, The channel needs details to offer help.00:06
vastkahuna_I'm having problems with my terminal00:08
vastkahuna_Can anyone help me?00:08
ubot93Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:09
vastkahuna_I'm running Ubuntu 13.04, I just today upgraded it from 12.10, when I open the terminal it allows me to give it a command butit won't allow me to input my password00:10
wilee-nileevastkahuna_, Your in the install user account?00:11
wilee-nileethe admin basically00:11
wilee-nileevastkahuna_, THis a fresh install upgrade or from 12.10 to 13.0400:12
vastkahuna_I installed 12.10 fresh from a dvd because I didn't have anything newer, then when that completed I upgraded from the software updater00:14
wilee-nileevastkahuna_, Here is a password reset link I would try that first. http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword00:15
wilee-nileevastkahuna_, Did you make sure 12.10 was updated and upgraded before going on to 13.04?00:16
wilee-nileevastkahuna_, I should have asked this to start with, the terminal will not show anything when you type your password, did you know this?00:19
vastkahuna_Yes, the only thing that seemed funny was while it was installing the packages for 13.04, at the end it said some of the updates didn't take, but it said the upgrade was finished and to restart the computer00:19
vastkahuna_I just tried again to input my password in the terminal and hit enter and then it requested the password again, like I didn't even type in the first place00:21
wilee-nileevastkahuna_, Ah, that is not a good sign if you can't use the password otherwise you could run sudo apt-get -f install and finish. If it were me I would download the iso load it to a disc/usb and jst install again. trying to find what happened may be a waste of time.00:22
wilee-nileejust saying is all00:22
vastkahuna_Everything else seems to be working00:23
wilee-nileevastkahuna_, You might try #ubuntu kinda slow here.00:24
vastkahuna_OK thanks00:24
vastkahunaI just installed some updates on my system in the terminal and I don't know how  to accept the terms, nothing happens when I click on it01:13
wilee-nileevastkahuna, Its done with the keys esc or the arrow keys must be an yes or no accept.01:14
vastkahunaCan anyone help me please?01:14
wilee-nileeor the tab key I forget I do it automatically.01:15
wilee-nileeThought it was the restricted-extras try the tab01:16
wilee-nileeand choose the accept with the arrow keys if you get there then enter01:17
vastkahunaThanks I fixed my earlier problem by resetting my password01:17
wilee-nileevastkahuna, That is excellent. ;)01:18
wilee-nileevastkahuna, I have installed so many times I just reinstall if it takes longer to fix, I only need to know so much as an armchair user.01:19
vastkahunaYou sound like me, I'm not very technically knowledgeable, I either get help from here or youtube01:20
wilee-nileeIronically, because of an obsession with it I have skills beyond an average user, I just know what I have cared to know01:23
vastkahunaYeah, I'm trying to learn as I go with whatever problem arises, I love linux and ubuntu so much  more than windows01:25
wilee-nileevastkahuna, Yeah I returned to college about 6 yeras ago never having needed a computer and went to a recycler that happened to release with ubuntu. Learned a bit of MS to help the dualbooters and some basic problems there.01:28
wilee-nileevastkahuna, Much easier to learn linux without a history I think.01:29
vastkahunaYeah because I have no computer training, I always learned from friends or exploring on my own, I love the terminal in linux, much easier as long as you know the commandt than windows I think01:32
vastkahunaWhere can I find codecs to let me play my dvds?01:56
wilee-nileetry install libdvdcss202:07
wilee-nileevastkahuna, ^^^02:07
vastkahunaSo sudo apt-get libdvdcss2?02:08
wilee-nileevastkahuna, hMM I don't see it in my 13.04 synaptic hold on, you can try though.02:09
wilee-nileeIt usually does it for me, the wiki should help.02:10
wilee-nilee13.04 has libdvdread402:11
wilee-nileeI also use vlc it palys most things02:12
vastkahunaThis is what I got, tell me what you think if I got it right02:16
wilee-nileevastkahuna, Looks like it is already installed, you installed the restricted-extras right?02:22
wilee-nileevastkahuna, I have had dvd's that were problematic, have you tried several? I install the extras and vlc automatically, and use vlc .02:24
vastkahunaOK it's finally kicking in and my movie is playing02:24
wilee-nileein the words of austin powers cool baby02:25
vastkahunaYes I tried a newer one, Super 8 and an older one, South Park, both are working02:25
vastkahunaThanks a lot02:25
wilee-nileeI figured you had, I just start where I would generally.02:25
wilee-nileeno problem02:26
vastkahunaLater, goodbye02:26
wilee-nileetake it easy. ;)02:26
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veebzzhello new to ubuntu, i want to add the gear button that has the log off, shutdown buttons etc.22:33
veebzzhow do i do it?22:35

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