m4n1shjbicha: how about moving the dash enable/disable checkbox to security-widget.vala?01:16
m4n1shmpt: no down menu icon exists. the closest is go-down-symbolic01:22
jbicham4n1sh: I think I'd rather someone fill the rest of the Search tab by fixing bug 119855401:25
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1198554 in activity-log-manager (Ubuntu) "Allow enabling/disabling Unity scopes from Privacy Settings" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119855401:25
jbicham4n1sh: do you want an MP for the current search tab?01:28
m4n1shjbicha: if you have it ready, then why not01:36
m4n1shfor #1198554 do you want enabling/disabling selectively or all of them at once?01:38
jbichaselectively, a big vertical list of scopes with (probably) on/off switches01:38
m4n1shyeah, that is what I was thinking too01:39
m4n1shplus moving Dash results to this view too?01:39
jbichayeah, although with individual toggles, I agree with Canonical that the online toggle will be less important01:41
m4n1shstill I guess the online toggle is important01:41
m4n1shas I see lot of people at my workplace disabling it01:41
m4n1shdue to company's it policy etc01:42
jbichait's not worth upsetting people now by demoting it to a dconf-editor option01:43
m4n1shso you working on scopes list?01:43
m4n1shso you working on scopes enable/disable  now?01:44
m4n1shjbicha: ^01:44
jbichaI don't have the technical skills to implement it now but hopefully my research helps whoever will01:44
m4n1shI can try to work on it now01:46
m4n1shjbicha: WRT 1198546 have you fixed it in the ubuntu specific patch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/saucy/activity-log-manager/saucy/view/head:/debian/patches/06_add_unity_dash_privacy.patch#L13101:48
m4n1shjbicha: WRT 1198546 have you fixed it in the ubuntu specific patch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/saucy/activity-log-manager/saucy/view/head:/debian/patches/06_add_unity_dash_privacy.patch#L13101:51
jbicham4n1sh: that would be awesome, thanks02:00
m4n1shjbicha: can you also have a look at this https://code.launchpad.net/~jbicha/activity-log-manager/add-search-tab/+merge/17339302:01
jbichaand no, bug 1198546 needs to be fixed in Unity first; we probably need to transition the key though02:01
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1198546 in unity-tweak-tool (Ubuntu) "remote-content-search preference should be binary not string" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119854602:01
jbichaI don't think Search has anything to do with Security02:02
jbichait's possible additional things would be added to the Security tab in the future but the Search tab will be rather full with the few dozen scopes saucy includes by default02:03
m4n1shyeah, that sounds correct. search tab will contain this and scopes enable/disable02:04
m4n1shjbicha: I see that your MP https://code.launchpad.net/~jbicha/activity-log-manager/add-search-tab/+merge/173393 does address "remote-content-search preference should be binary not string"02:11
m4n1shdoes it? or am I missing something02:11
m4n1shit does choose between RemoteContent.ALL and RemoteContent.NONE02:12
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jbichaif it were binary, it would just be true/false instead of needing those specific strings02:22
m4n1shoh, I misunderstood02:28
m4n1shjbicha: doesn't unity have to move first? then the apps will follow02:32
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didrocksMirv: hey, don't mind still looking at sil2100's stacks for today?06:06
Mirvdidrocks: hello. ok, I was wondering about that.06:18
didrocksMirv: that would be lovely, I doubt he will have time with his delay to settle in and emails catchup :-)06:18
Mirvthat's true06:19
didrocksthanks Mirv :)06:20
Mirvvery annoying, those ubuntu-html5-theme autopilot errors.. I haven't been able to reproduce them. from videos it's seen that everything seems to work but the local html file just doesn't seem to load like it does on my own computer06:38
didrocksMirv: let me look in a few minutes then06:41
MirvI did find missing dependencies, but those were something that were already installed on the test machine because of the ui-toolkit tests run at the same time06:41
Mirvdidrocks: thanks, maybe you have some idea I don't06:42
Mirvadded the dependencies anyhow https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/ubuntu-html5-theme/more_missing_autopilot_dependencies/+merge/17340806:42
didrocks(was working as well for me locally once installed the missing deps)06:42
didrocksMirv: why is it a runtime dep? ^06:43
didrocks(we don't dpkg-source, isn't it?)06:43
Mirvdidrocks: same as ui-toolkit, the autopilot code runs dpkg -qDEB_HOST_MULTIARCH to find out the deep path to qmlscene06:43
didrocksah making sense :)06:43
didrocksMirv: I had something similar when the examples were not installed06:59
didrocksbut not the case here, obviously06:59
didrocksMirv: I wonder if the issue is that we have firewalled network connexion06:59
didrockswhich will prevent jquery to kick in06:59
didrocksas the script isn't defer or async, it will prevent the page for loading07:01
Mirvdidrocks: ah.. right even though local qml/html file, it tries to fetch the jquery from the web. very good point.07:02
Mirvit also fetches stuff from google.com07:04
didrocksMirv: yeah, with a key, that's weird07:04
didrocks$ ping jquery.com07:04
didrocksPING jquery.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.07:05
didrocks-> nothing07:05
didrockson the machine07:05
didrockssame for google.com07:05
didrocksMirv: those tests are not really offline, they needs to be I guess :/07:05
didrocks(eventually with a mock server)07:05
MirvI could try something like that07:06
didrocksMirv: we can use a copy of jquery, as long as it's in the examples, that's fine07:07
didrocks(a lot of package do that)07:07
Mirvdidrocks: maybe the jquery version in archives could be enough as well..07:07
Mirvbut if not, including one. and then a local snapshot of the google.com content07:07
didrocksMirv: yeah, maybe try the jquery version in archives, it seems just do to $(query-node).add/remove css07:08
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mptm4n1sh, what do you mean by "down menu icon"?07:34
m4n1shmpt: the down triangle07:34
m4n1shwhere is the icon?07:34
m4n1shI can only find one symbolic icon named go-down-symbolic07:35
mptOh, I have no idea, sorry07:35
m4n1shthis is the only icon I can think of which looks closest07:36
m4n1shfound in07:36
m4n1shin the location /usr/share/icons/gnome/scalable/actions/go-down-symbolic.svg07:36
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mptm4n1sh, ah, and that icon is used in similar places to mean something completely different (move the selected item down in the list)07:38
m4n1shmpt: maybe a request for an icon? upstream in gnome?07:38
mptThis is bizarre. Why doesn't the icon exist? Doesn't Epiphany use it in its Back button, for example?07:39
mptAnd what do down buttons use in scrollbars?07:39
m4n1shlooks like custom icons07:40
m4n1shmaybe they dont use symbolic icons07:40
mptm4n1sh, Ubuntu Software Cneter also uses it in its gear menu https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareCenter#oneconf07:42
mptCenter, rather07:42
m4n1shmpt: will have  alook at it. late night. need to sleep in sometime07:46
mptok :-) Goodnight07:46
seb128good morning desktopers07:50
didrockssalut seb128!07:50
seb128didrocks, lut ;-)07:50
* seb128 looks at proposed, unity/xorg still in there07:51
didrocksyeah, I saw that this morning07:51
seb128didrocks, do you know if there was any issue or if Laney just didn't get to test/unblock it on friday?07:51
didrocksI'm waiting for Laney to be back to know more07:51
didrocksseb128: I'm not aware of any issues, that's why I'm waiting for Laney :)07:51
seb128he unblocked it, it seems07:51
didrockshum, he forced the firefox AP test not passing07:52
didrocksand they are "valid candidates"07:52
didrocksso it's not the manual block?07:52
seb128it's "standard britney"07:52
didrockslibxfixes, libxi are valid as well07:52
didrocksautopkgtest for firefox 23.0~b2+build1-0ubuntu1: FAIL (Jenkins: public, private)07:52
didrocksShould wait for firefox 23.0~b2+build1-0ubuntu1 test, but forced by laney07:52
didrocksso for me, this was dealt07:53
didrocksand all the others are just valid candidates07:53
seb128seems like fglrx has something to do with that07:53
seb128nobody updated the binary drivers...07:53
mlankhorsterm tseliot should have07:53
didrockshum, shouldn't it be in http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html?07:53
seb128mlankhorst, hey ... he should have, did you ask him to upload?07:54
mlankhorstI thought it was already in the archive before the upload07:54
mlankhorstyeah it is07:54
mlankhorstDepends: libc6 (>= 2.3.3), libfontconfig1 (>= 2.9.0), libfreetype6 (>= 2.2.1), libgcc1 (>= 1:4.1.1), libice6 (>= 1:1.0.0), libqtcore4 (>= 4:4.5.3), libsm6, libstdc++6 (>= 4.1.1), libx11-6, libxcursor1 (>> 1.1.2), libxext6, libxfixes3, libxinerama1, libxrandr2, libxrender1, libxxf86vm1, lib32gcc1, libc6-i386, dkms, make, linux-libc-dev, xorg-video-abi-11 | xorg-video-abi-12 | xorg-video-abi-13 | xorg-video-abi-14, xserver-xorg-core07:54
mlankhorstand fglrx installs just fine here..07:58
Mirvdidrocks: this was the best I was able to achive currently: https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/ubuntu-html5-theme/autopilot_tests_offline/+merge/17343907:58
Mirvdidrocks: I was able to replicate the problem by blocking ports 80+443 on my computer. jquery from locally was not enough, and the google contents refer to more google locations (plus is non-free) so I wasn't able to mockup the google side well enough07:59
mlankhorstseb128: afaict from the update output it looks like it's not trying xserver at the same time as libxi/unity07:59
didrocksMirv: excellent work! that sounds good to me (and nice for the caching). The opened bug is fine :)08:00
didrocksMirv: thanks, approving, then you can rerun a build + tests I guess :)08:00
Mirvdidrocks: thanks :)08:00
mlankhorstand because we have such a thorough block in place it means that it will likely never update if nobody breaks that deadlock :P08:00
LaneyI did remove the block08:02
seb128there is no block08:02
seb128Laney, hey, how are you?08:02
LaneyI forced the firefox test but that was late last night so I didn't yet see if that worked08:02
Laneypretty good! super hot weekend with BBQs and bike rides :-)08:02
mlankhorstLaney: I mean if I look at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt it looks like it never tries unity + xorg-server + libxi/libxfixes updates at the same time..08:03
Laneylet me see08:03
mlankhorstonly xorg-server will fail, only unity updating will fail too08:03
mlankhorstwhich I guess broke things by design08:04
LaneyI thought making xorg-server valid would get that added to an autohint08:04
Laneywell, let me try hinting it manually08:04
didrockshey Laney :)08:04
Laneystraight into it :P08:04
Laneygood weekends?08:04
didrocksLaney: very nice, thanks! and you?08:05
mlankhorstI could probably call EOD now with the extra work I put in getting my nouveau fixes to darktama :P08:06
mlankhorstmm very tempting..08:06
LaneyI had a BBQ that would make jasoncwarner proud08:06
seb128nice ;-)08:06
mlankhorstjasoncwarner: did it have steak?08:06
Laneyoh yes08:06
Laneyand much more besides08:06
mlankhorstI bet jason has a highlight on steak but not on his name08:07
Laneybah, no pitti?08:14
LaneyI left my system broken all weekend hoping that he'd help me debug this morning :P08:14
didrocksLaney: the calendar says he's on holidays08:15
Laneyyeah, saw08:15
didrocksuntil wednesday :)08:15
Laneydrwx------ 2 root  root   80 Jul  5 08:59 pulse/08:15
Laneyit's a weird bug08:15
seb128Laney, is that a one time thing?08:16
Laneybut it doesn't happen every boot08:16
LaneyI guess some race08:17
Laneythe pid file inside points to a process owned by my user08:17
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1197395 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "/run/user/$ID/pulse owned by root and not by the user" [Undecided,New]08:20
Laneymlankhorst: no luck08:28
seb128TheMuso replied on that bug, he might be debugging it08:28
mlankhorstLaney: link?08:28
seb128TheMuso, ^?08:28
Laneysame as before08:28
Laneylook at the top08:28
mlankhorstbut it doesn't say why?08:29
Laneyin its own way08:29
* Laney tries in a chroot08:29
seb128those britney pages are hard to read08:29
mlankhorstLaney: I fear it might need all the the packages in that case08:30
mlankhorstthat whole list from "Trying easy from autohinter: xorg-server/2:1.14.1-0ubuntu0.8 xserver-xorg-video-qxl"....08:30
seb128 xserver-xorg-input-mtrack : Conflicts: xserver-xorg-input-multitouch but 1.0~rc2+git20110312-2build4 is to be installed08:31
seb128 xserver-xorg-video-geode : Depends: xorg-video-abi-1308:31
seb128mlankhorst, Laney: ^ geode is an issue08:32
mlankhorstugh I thought I pushed an update for those08:32
mlankhorstseb128: just that one?08:32
seb128no you didn't08:32
seb128mlankhorst, yes, seems to be those 208:33
seb128Laney, ^08:33
seb128well at least geode is missing for the abi transition08:34
seb128not sure the input one is in the same bucket08:34
mlankhorstok doing a rebuild bump for geode08:34
seb128I think it might be enough, but I'm not good at reading britney, so let's see08:35
mlankhorstmtrack and multitouch did get a bump08:35
seb128they are just no co-installable and I tried to install everything on that line08:36
seb128let's rebuild -geode and see08:36
mlankhorstbrb shower08:37
Laneyk, let's see08:37
tjaaltoni think geode was supposed to be dropped, since there is no kernel to go with it since 12.1008:39
seb128that works too08:40
tjaaltonsupport for i586 or such got dropped08:40
mlankhorstoh well it built08:44
mlankhorstrun the update thing again?08:46
seb128you need to wait for the package to be published first I think08:48
Laneyit's automatic anyway08:50
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Mirvdidrocks: the tests seem to succeed now, but check job is marked failed apparently because the number of test cases decreased. what should be done in that case?09:05
didrocksMirv: if you rerun it, it will pass (yeah, it's a flaw in the way regressions are computed)09:05
didrocksMirv: I've marked that to be better once we have the dashboard09:05
Mirvdidrocks: ah, ok.. so running with foo to rerun tests?09:06
didrocksyep :)09:06
seb128tjaalton, mlankhorst: do you plan to update -intel in saucy soon?09:11
seb128ickle asked me to retry if the corruption issue is still there with 2.21.1009:11
seb128it has been 10 days I'm waiting for the update, I'm wondering if I should just do a git build :p09:12
tjaaltonthere were some regressions with .10 & .1109:14
mlankhorsti want to finish the transition first09:14
tjaaltonso i was holding back on updating it09:14
tjaaltonalso because of the transition09:14
seb128seems like there is a kernel patch needed as well anyway09:14
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1189850 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "saucy has frequent image corruption (intel, sna)" [High,Fix committed]09:15
mlankhorstI wonder what's holding it back atm09:15
seb128tjaalton, can you get the kernel team to include that? ;-)09:15
seb128mlankhorst, holding what back?09:15
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mlankhorsttransition of x1.14 into the archive09:16
seb128mlankhorst, -geode?09:16
tjaaltonsarvatt said .11 was broken09:16
tjaaltonso i guess there is .12 soon09:16
seb128mlankhorst, the publisher runs every half an hour and takes around half an hour, so you need ~1h after upload, which is not done yet09:16
seb128tjaalton, ok09:16
seb128tjaalton, do you know if that kernel patch is going to flow in our version or if we should nag the kernel team about it?09:17
seb128tjaalton, you probably know who to ask there? could you do that? ;-)09:17
margaI'm having issues with whoopsie in precise, which is getting re-installed even though I had previously removed it, likely due to a new ubuntu-desktop release.  The issue is that both installing and removing the package crash my X session.  I've narrowed it down to the user adding/deleting, and I suspect this is due to the /var/crash handling.09:34
margaI checked the bugs, expecting this to be reported, but it's not, so I'm unsure if it's something specific to my setup, or so recent that nobody else has seen it/identified it yet.09:34
seb128marga, hey, try pinging ev on #ubuntu-devel09:35
seb128he maintains whoopsie09:35
Mirvdidrocks: ubuntu-html5-theme now in NEW queue09:37
didrocksMirv: \o/09:37
didrocksMirv: NEWed :)09:37
Mirvthanks :)09:38
didrocksthanks to you! we finally got it ;)09:38
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margaseb128, ok, thanks.09:39
Mirvnext up, one more update to qt creator and then hopefully continuing to upload that as well09:44
didrocksheh ;)09:46
margaOk, I found the bug.  It was not whoopsie's fault after all.  It's this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/accountsservice/+bug/1004515.  I'll investigate and follow up there.09:56
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1004515 in gdm (Ubuntu) "segfault in accounts-daemon when logging in / gdm crash if user account is added or deleted" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:56
seb128marga, that makes sense, it also explain why we didn't get report about it, since gdm is not our default login manager09:58
margaI normally use lightdm, but switched to gdm to test something completely different.10:00
tjaaltonseb128: I'll check it out, but I guess the patch is the "real" fix and the -intel driver can work around the issue. so just having the latter should be fine. also, I think it'll end up in 3.11 anyway and maybe 3.10.x too10:22
seb128tjaalton, thanks10:22
Laneyseb128: do you know if the gcc-4.8 in saucy fixes that bug we were hitting with gtk?10:58
Laneyseems not11:02
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seb128Laney, I don't know but http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=57637 has 4.9 in its title and is still open11:08
ubot2`gcc.gnu.org bug 57637 in rtl-optimization "[4.9 regression] Miscompare on 178.galgel in SPEC2000 on arm" [Normal,New]11:08
seb128Laney, check with doko?11:08
LaneyI just checked the source11:08
seb128Laney, he said he would include the fix iirc11:08
seb128Laney, do you plan to do a gtk upload? (asking because I've backported some fileselector fixes that I'm about to commit, wait for that if you do an uploadà11:09
Laneyyes, was going to merge with debian to get the postinst improvements (or just cherry-pick those)11:09
seb128Laney, did you already upload?11:11
seb128Laney, ignore that, I forgot to pull11:12
seb128Laney, I commited/pushed my backports, please pull before starting your work ;-)11:13
sil2100Hello desktoppers!11:29
seb128sil2100, hey, welcome back! how are you?11:29
sil2100seb128: hi! Tired! During our trip to Naples we were walking a lot, doing much much sightseeing - how about you?11:31
seb128sil2100, I'm good thanks11:31
LaneyAnyone using chromium on saucy: do you have menus?12:05
seb128Laney, yes and no12:07
Laneyhappens even with UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=12:08
rickspencer3Laney, aiui Chromium lacks menus, you use the little button to the upper right with the 3 lines12:10
Laneyrickspencer3: the same version (28) has them in saucy12:10
Laneyerm, precise12:10
rickspencer3Laney, ok, to answer your question, I don't have chromium menus on saucy ;)12:11
Laneyit could be a deliberate decision to turn them off now?12:12
Laneyqengho: could you enlighten me please? :-)12:12
ogra_i definitely have them in raring heer12:13
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ogra_(with 28 on the chromebook)12:14
LaneyI guess the hud breakage there is related to that12:14
seb128Laney, the issues is a known one12:15
seb128- saucy is outdated12:15
seb128(the update is in proposed because it failed to build on arm, which seems a builder issue, I'm going to retry it)12:15
seb128- the unity menu work is what broke menus12:15
seb128which is why it works on other series12:15
seb128the issue is not there with appmenu12:15
seb128- qengho was supposed to do another upload to fix webapps and the menu issue12:16
Laneybut it's still broken when unsetting the env var12:16
seb128it seems he did for other series but not saucy12:16
seb128Laney, what env?12:16
seb128Laney, GTK_...?12:16
seb128is that still supposed to work?12:16
seb128it was an appmenu thing12:17
Laneywell, it works for normal apps12:17
seb128ok, maybe there is another issue there ...12:17
Laneyit's how I normally check issues like this12:17
seb128but in any case it's known to be broken and Chad was supposed to upload the fix while fixing weapps12:17
Laneycould start setting GTK_MODULES though12:17
Laneyanyway, cool12:17
Laneyqengho: unping-ish12:18
seb128qengho, hey, is that worth for me to retry chromium-browser arm build on saucy?12:18
seb128or do you plan another upload today anyway?12:18
qenghoseb128, Laney: a fix for chromium menus should have landed in S already. I'll check around. I shouldn't rely on #security to push into non-security repos.12:32
seb128qengho, hey12:32
seb128qengho, the most recent saucy upload is https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/28.0.1500.52-0ubuntu212:32
qenghoRight, should be 3, iirc.12:33
seb128qengho, it's from june 2612:33
seb128should I retry that one on armhf meanwhile?12:33
seb128it failed there so it's stucked in -proposed12:33
qenghoseb128: Aaaah.  yes, please.12:33
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
seb128I just don't want to waste a day of armhf builder if we are going to do another upload soon12:33
seb128oh, well, builders are all mostly idle12:34
seb128let's retry12:34
qenghoseb128: well, I will upload another before end of Wednesday.12:34
seb128I retried it12:34
seb128armhf is not short on builders and we don't have any backlog12:34
qenghoI have heard that we might have some really nice ARM hardware in a month or so, for builders.12:38
* ogra_ wipes off the tears 12:38
* ogra_ still has that 2 year old calxeda t-shirt he got when we were promised to have them for the next cycle :P12:39
qenghoogra_: we have actual silicon in a rack in Massachusetts, I hear, testing.12:40
ogra_since about a year, yes12:40
qenghoogra_: Damn. You're ruining my optimism.12:41
ogra_but yeah, it's getting closer :)12:41
qenghoMaybe before ARM64 is out!12:41
ogra_that woud mean before saucy ... so yeah, hopefully12:41
qenghoReally?  I was half joking.12:42
ogra_well, i'm hearing this "next month probably" since about one cycle ... i guess at some point it will be true :)12:43
ogra_i know there is active work going on12:43
sil2100didrocks: hi! Quick noob question - is there a neat way of getting the source package name from the binary package name?12:43
didrockssil2100: apt-cache show <package> | grep Source12:43
didrockshey ;)12:44
ogra_or grep-dctrl12:44
sil2100Un-coool! ;p12:44
Mirvdpkg -s package | grep Source | cut -d ' ' -f 2 :)12:44
ogra_sil2100, especially on touch where we will disable apt soon :)12:45
sil2100Mirv: that's even less cool!12:45
* ogra_ thinks grep=dctrl is the most elegant way)12:45
jbichagood morning12:47
jbichaI stumbled across bug 1195365 this weekend. It looks like attente proposed a fix a while ago but just needs someone to review it12:49
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1195365 in Unity GTK+ module "virt-manager's menus show gtk-internal names for stock items" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119536512:49
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sil2100didrocks: I'm doing the packages: cleanup right now, what should I do with packages that were listed there but are in universe, not main? Currently I was leaving them on the lists if they seemed required14:23
kenvandinedidrocks, looks like we are having a problem running autopilot tests with otto14:28
kenvandineE: A problem occurred while trying to add user ubuntu to group autopilot14:28
kenvandineis that a know problem? or maybe a configuration issue with the stack?14:28
sil2100kenvandine: hi! We recently added that, let me see how it looks right now and what could have went wrong14:29
kenvandineother stacks are working14:29
sil2100kenvandine: in what stack does that happen?14:29
* kenvandine compares the config14:29
sil2100kenvandine: the only moment this might fail is if otto doesn't find the autopilot group or the ubuntu user14:34
sil2100kenvandine: you sure it tries installing autopilot?14:35
kenvandineyeah, but what would cause that?14:35
sil2100Since then the autopilot group gets created14:35
kenvandinethe failure seems to be finding the ubuntu user14:35
sil2100That's hm, strange, since the otto images should have the ubuntu user14:35
kenvandinethe sdk stack, which is working14:36
kenvandinehas this14:36
kenvandine     configurations:14:36
kenvandine       saucy-armhf:14:36
kenvandinebut friends-app is saucy-amd6414:36
kenvandineonly thing i see that looks like it might be related14:36
kenvandinedifferent image14:36
sil2100hm, shouldn't be a problem, but maybe one of the images is broken? But on the other hand, we only run otto for i386 anyway14:37
sil2100(at least a week before it was like that ;p)14:37
kenvandineok... media also worked, let me compare that one14:38
kenvandinefriends-app doesn't have a hooks line... could that matter?14:39
kenvandinesil2100,  any ideas?14:46
sil2100kenvandine: are the tests failing always?14:48
sil2100I mean, the otto job14:49
kenvandinewell a few times in a row14:49
kenvandineso i assume14:49
sil2100hm, I see the problem probably14:49
sil2100Or wait, no14:49
sil2100Scratch that14:50
sil2100Ok, let me take a look at the logs14:50
kenvandinesil2100, thx!14:50
didrockssil2100: the cleaning? would still be needed :)14:56
didrockssil2100: kenvandine: the hook line has nothing to do with this14:57
didrocksit's for the upstream merger, not otto14:58
didrockskenvandine: do you have a handy link?14:58
sil2100didrocks: I'm looking at it and I see that python-autopilot is not being installed as in the other stacks during the otto job14:58
kenvandineah... missing depends?14:59
sil2100kenvandine: I checked those and they looked fine? hmmm14:59
didrocksadd user ubuntu to group autopilot14:59
didrocksyep sil2100 is right :)14:59
sil2100But before "I: Executing hook 10-autopilot" I don't see python-autopilot14:59
sil2100Trying to find out why, but hmm14:59
didrockskenvandine: your friends-autopilot package should have the dep :)14:59
kenvandinethat's what i was thinking15:00
sil2100But it does!15:00
sil2100python-autopilot, in deps15:00
sil2100Along with autopilot-qt5?15:00
didrocksit's not installed in
sil2100That's what makes me wonder15:00
sil2100But it's in test-packages?15:01
sil2100Typo in friends.cfg15:01
sil2100It should be testpackages:15:01
kenvandine    test-packages: friends-app-autopilot15:01
sil2100Not test-packages: !15:01
kenvandineyeah :)15:01
didrocksyep, well done sil2100!15:01
* kenvandine fixes15:01
kenvandinedidrocks, sil2100: ^^15:04
kenvandineif one of you could kindly approve15:04
* didrocks sees that sil2100 is kind :)15:04
kenvandinedidrocks, do you know if robru had friends-app added to the whitelist?15:04
didrockskenvandine: you can deploy directly from your branch btw15:04
kenvandinedidrocks, i did :)15:04
didrockskenvandine: he didn't ask me, I can pull15:04
didrockskenvandine: great!15:04
kenvandineplease confirm it is whitelisted :)15:04
didrockson lillypilly answers…15:05
* didrocks looks at the load average…15:05
kenvandineyeah... i need to fix that ssh key still :)15:05
didrockskenvandine: hum, you shouldn't have access to that machine, should you?15:05
didrocksload average: 30.96, 30.25, 22.7115:05
kenvandinei think i should15:05
kenvandinebut i forgot the pass phrase for my key :)15:06
didrockskenvandine: ah, maybe the platform account and yours :)15:06
didrocksnot the ubuntu-archive one :p15:06
kenvandinenot that one :)15:06
didrocksit's just germinate apparently15:06
didrockskenvandine: forget your pass phrase? bad bad bad ;)15:06
kenvandineyeah... that's what happens when i create a new key the day before going on vacation for 2 weeks :)15:07
didrockskenvandine: ah, maybe the platform account and yours :)15:07
* sil2100 kindly approved15:07
didrockskenvandine: whitelist refreshed!15:07
kenvandinedidrocks, thx15:07
didrockskenvandine: yw ;)15:07
kenvandineyay... autopilot tests passed :)15:12
kenvandinesil2100, can you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/friends/instagram_deps/+merge/17352715:12
kenvandinethe publish block because of packaging changes proved useful :)15:12
sil2100kenvandine: +115:16
sil2100np :)15:16
kenvandineoh damn... i forgot the trailing comma!15:17
kenvandineshame on me15:17
* sil2100 shames on himself for approving that15:17
* kenvandine pushes fix15:17
jbichampt: for "Require my password when logging in" from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityAndPrivacySettings; changing autologin settings requires admin authentication15:46
didrockstrailing coma missing *detected*15:46
didrockskenvandine: !!!15:46
didrocks(happy that packaging change review helps btw ;))15:46
qenghoTrailing Coma is my metal band's name.15:47
mptjbicha, does that mean it applies to every user account, not just yours?15:47
didrocksahah, it's a good fit :)15:47
jbichampt: uh I think it's global, yes15:48
jbichaI think only one account can be set for autologin15:48
mptSure, but auto-unlock doesn't necessarily imply auto-login :-)15:49
jbichampt: you mean login without a password...but there's still a password for random authentication prompts?15:51
mptjbicha, no, almost the reverse. I mean it's conceivable that someone might want authentication required to log in, but not when returning from blank screen15:53
mptthough that depends on the length of the screen blanking, really15:53
mptSo in Ubuntu, anyone can personalize the length of time before the screen blanks, but whether they need to authenticate after returning from the blank screen is a global setting15:54
mptA little eccentric15:55
mptjbicha, so maybe this checkbox should still be here , but should have a separate introductory label to visually separate it from the personal settings15:58
mptsomething like "Require anyone's password when: [/] They return from blank screen"15:58
mptThat wording is bleagh15:59
mdeslaurhuh, it's not a global setting15:59
mptAnd mdeslaur swoops in to save the day!15:59
czajkowskimpt: so how's my restart later button coming along :)15:59
mptczajkowski, I'm just a designer, so I have a good excuse to say "patches welcome"16:00
mptI've done my bit16:01
czajkowskiso who does one need to send cake to now! :)16:01
mptjbicha, so since it's not a global setting after all, maybe just an unlock button next to that checkbox, with the checkbox being insensitive until you unlock?16:02
mdeslaurjbicha, mpt: the three settings on that security tab are per-user. There is an additional global settings which can only get set by the admin which determines who's account gets automatically logged in when the system is started.16:02
mptI think whose account gets automatically logged in probably belongs in <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserAccounts> somewhere16:03
mdeslaurmpt: yes16:03
jbichamdeslaur: isn't the top setting for automatic login?16:03
mdeslaurjbicha: no, it's for passwordless login...ie: the nopasswdlogin group16:04
mdeslauralthough...you need to be an admin to set that16:04
jbichathere's no fancy accountsservice-type library for doing that then?16:05
jbichacould we allow a user to set that for themselves without authentication?16:05
mdeslaurjbicha: I don't think the current control panel allows setting autologin and nopasswdlogin separately, no16:05
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kenvandinedidrocks, publishing is failing for friends16:07
kenvandinePermission denied (publickey).16:07
mdeslaurI'd have to check, I can't remember16:07
kenvandinedidrocks, ideas?16:07
didrockskenvandine: seems the propose for merging failed?16:11
mdeslaurjbicha: ah, yes, you can select "log in without a password" instead of your password in accountsservice16:11
didrockskenvandine: you did deploy with only -U, right, not -US ?16:11
kenvandineoh... no i didn't :)16:11
kenvandinei wasn't changing branches...16:11
didrockskenvandine: I bet the branch config is wrong :)16:11
kenvandineso didn't think i needed that16:11
* kenvandine redeploys again16:12
didrocksyou need at least one time to have the branch with the right config16:12
didrocksso, let's see if it's ok then16:12
kenvandinewell it was right before :)16:12
jbichamdeslaur: ok I see, let me see if it requires admin privileges16:13
didrocksyou did add new components?16:13
mdeslaurjbicha: yeah, it does16:13
mdeslaurjbicha: so that one is per-user, but requires admin16:13
kenvandinedidrocks, no i didn't16:14
kenvandinethat was added last week, just with the typo16:14
kenvandinedidrocks, i redeployed with -U and tried publishing again16:14
kenvandinesame error16:14
kenvandinedo i need to rebuild too?16:14
mptjbicha, mdeslaur: So changing "Require my password when: [/] Logging in" would also require admin authentication?16:15
didrockskenvandine: let me look closer16:15
jbichamdeslaur: can we hack it that doesn't require admin?16:15
kenvandinethe propose is failing with permission denied16:15
didrockskenvandine: I need to see why bzr push failed16:15
mdeslaurjbicha: I think that would bypass security restrictions: ie: if the site enforces use of long passwords, that would let a user simply disable theirs16:16
mdeslaurI'm thinking that it disables use of passwords all over when that's activated16:17
mptmdeslaur, jbicha: Do any of those options <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityAndPrivacySettings#security> *not* require admin authentication to change?16:17
mptIf they all do, that makes the design simpler :-)16:17
jbichampt: only the top one requires admin authentication; I implemented the bottom two already16:17
mdeslaurmpt: waking from suspend and switching the screen on is a user preference that doesn't require privileges16:17
jbichayeah, those two are set in gsettings16:18
mdeslaurI think "Logging in" should probably simply be removed from there16:18
jbichampt: or you could do like the User Accounts panel and have an Unlock button for the top option16:19
mptjbicha, yeah, that's what I was thinking of16:19
mdeslaurjbicha: but that wouldn't make sense, because if you allow a user to be passwordless, it also makes it passwordless for suspend and switching on the screen16:19
mptBut I guess it's more about, is this something an individual would legitimately do (so it goes here), or is it something only admins should do (so it goes in User Accounts)16:19
mdeslaurmpt: it's something only admins would do, IMHO16:20
mdeslaurand is more tied to the password policy than lock screens16:20
mptmdeslaur, that the latter two depend on the first would actually weigh towards keeping it here. It would explain why they were insensitive+unchecked16:21
mpthmm hmm16:21
mdeslaurmpt: so, there a difference: if you disable your password, you still get the lock screen, but with an unlock button16:21
mdeslaurmpt: if you disable the password requirement, you don't get the lock screen dialog at all16:21
* mdeslaur -> lunch - bb in 1516:21
didrockskenvandine: see latest run16:23
didrocks['bzr', 'push', 'lp:~ps-jenkins/friends/latestsnapshot-0.2.0+13.10.20130708.2-0ubuntu1', '--overwrite']16:23
didrocksthis fails16:23
didrocksfginther: any idea? did you change anything to the ps-jenkins config?16:25
didrocksPermission denied (publickey).16:25
didrocksfginther: like, did you change its ssh key?16:25
didrockskenvandine: I'm replacing with a valid key now16:28
didrockskenvandine: the old one was invalidated by ps-qa…16:28
* mdeslaur is back16:30
kenvandinedidrocks, thx16:30
mptjbicha, so we also need a new home for the lock slider from Brightness & Lock, right?16:35
mptoops, not the slider, the menu16:42
didrockskenvandine: ok, looks fixed now, new key worked :)16:45
jbichampt: the brightness settings are moving to Power, here's the lock settings http://i.imgur.com/hXqNwCt.png16:53
mptjbicha, I was frantically drawing https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityAndPrivacySettings?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=security.png16:56
mptWe are converging at least. :-)16:56
mptjbicha, so upstream, where does the screen blank time go?16:57
jbichahere's the 3.8 power panel, the 3.6 one won't look quite as nice but the same idea https://help.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/3.8/figures/settings-power.png16:57
mptHaving those two time settings appearing in the same panel would be nicely explanatory16:58
mpt"First it waits for this long, then it blanks, then it waits for that long, then it locks"16:58
mptThat "Power Saving" list is a nice collection of shortcuts, similar to <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Power#Phone>, but I wouldn't like it to be the primary home of any of those settings16:59
jbichampt: how long until you guys just fork gnome-control-center?17:00
mptjbicha, I dunno, I'm not Damocles :-)17:01
jbichawell the wifi toggle is also in Network and Bluetooth has its own toggle17:02
kenvandinedidrocks, thanks17:02
mptjbicha, I'm off now, but tomorrow I'll add the "if screen has been blank for X" to that design17:02
jbichayou could maybe duplicate the auto-blank-screen timer; I'm not sure if it would get too complicated on the security tab though17:03
didrockskenvandine: yw17:03
* didrocks waves good evening17:15
kenvandinefginther, autolanding is failing because of the ssh key issue too17:26
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fgintherkenvandine, ack. I have a number of systems to update, should be done soon17:33
kenvandinefginther, thx17:33
kenvandinefginther, can you give us a shout here when it should be updated?17:33
fgintherkenvandine, will do17:34
Laneygtk ICEd18:09
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qenghoogra_: I'm having trouble with Neon detection. I wonder, do you think it would be possible or smart to perform some Neon instruction and catch the error (!?) to detect whether a CPU has Neon support?19:24
qengho"EAFP instead of LBLY."19:24
tvossseb128, ping19:25
seb128tvoss, hey19:27
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kenvandinerobru, hey, autopkgtest failed for friends20:32
kenvandineso it isn't getting published20:32
kenvandinestuck in -proposed20:32
kenvandinenot sure why none of the others fail20:34
kenvandinelooks like tmpdir inconsistencies for instagram20:34
kenvandinebut that shouldn't be any different than the other plugins20:34
blackbitbazhang, remember when someone thought you were a bot?20:43
robrukenvandine, https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/friends/fix-instagram-avatars/+merge/17359520:57
fgintherkenvandine, did I ever mention that auto-landing is working again?20:59
robrufginther, yay!21:03
kenvandinefginther, no... but i noticed :)21:04
kenvandinefginther, thanks21:04
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jbichaattente: ping22:55
attentejbicha, pong22:59
jbichaattente: thanks for cleaning up your merge proposals23:01
attentejbicha, thanks for bringing it to my attention23:02
jbichawhat's the purpose of gnome-desktop-3-8.patch? is that something we need just until we get g-s-d 3.8?23:03
attentegnome-desktop 3.8 removes a function that g-c-c 3.6's region panel used to use23:04
attenteso the patch uses an alternative method of getting the language info23:05
attentesorry, this is g-s-d23:06
jbichaoh ok23:06

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