bjsniderupdate-manager tells you when you run it that you need a dist upgrade01:49
roastedjbicha: not to pester, but I noticed in 13.10 alpha, the software center worsk fine.02:28
roastedI threw 13.10 on my other partition to see if my lockup issue is resolved (I think it's a kernel 3.8 issue) and I noticed USC works fine02:28
roastedalso, I thought 13.10 would come with the pressure sensitive message tray?02:59
roastedoh, that was a feature coming with xorg 1.14... 13.10 alpha is still on 1.1303:25
roastedwill 13.10 be getting 1.14?03:25
jbichamaybe xorg 1.14 will be in saucy tomorrow03:31
roastedno kidding?03:32
jbichaI believe the Software Center crash is because of WebKit so you wouldn't be experiencing it on Saucy yet (assuming you aren't using the GNOME3 PPAs there)03:58
roastedyeah, no PPAs.03:58
jbichathanks for prompting me to check my theory03:58
roastedJust regular 13.10 install.03:58
sawrubhI have downloaded the iso file from the cd images site, now I want to install it from inside Windows 7 (similar to what we used to do with wubi)05:27
sawrubhhow can I do so ?05:27
sawrubhI've tried to mount the iso and then copying the wubi.exe inside to outside where the iso file is stored and following the steps I used to do earlier, but it starts downloading the torrent for the iso, instead of using the iso stored locally05:30
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anoneehello room17:56
anoneehow can I exclude wine in emerald?17:56
roastedis GNOME online accounts broken or do I just have bad luck? I added exchange and own cloud yet nothing happened. not seeing any files contacts email etc19:09
roastedhmm my Fedora VM works with own cloud. looks like it just adds a web dav entry in Nautilus to mount easily. no such behavior in Ubuntu gnome though... is this expected?19:37
jbicharoasted: I believe Ubuntu cripples gnome-user-share's webdav support since it requires Apache and we have no intention of running Apache in the default Ubuntu install19:42
roastedso it will indefinitely be expected to have broken integration in Ubuntu GNOME?19:42
jbichaand the GNOME maintainer has no intention of splitting that feature out19:42
jbichait's probably fixable but it may be difficult19:44
roastedis that to say ifi install Apache it might magically work again?19:44
bjsniderdoes fedora require apache by default?19:45
jbichaI thought it was more complicated than that19:45
jbichabjsnider: yes, I think nearly all GNOME distros do because of gnome-user-share19:45
jbichaDebian does19:45
jbichaeven more, gnome-control-center's sharing panel is designed around the Red Hat style of services...where distros ship things by default like openssh-server (but disabled by default)19:46
roastedI sure hope this won't be a broken thing indefinitely. that's one of the nice features of GNOME is the integration.19:47
bjsnideri don't know that i agree with that whole idea. a distro shouldn't depend on  httpd19:47
jbichapart of Ubuntu GNOME's mission as I see it is to try to work on integration issues like these19:48
bjsnideri think this is more of a gnome issue19:49
jbichawe've fixed a lot...just compare gnome-control-center on GNOME in 12.04 to what it's like now19:49
bjsnidersomeone should have put the kibosh on this before it became a thing19:49
bjsniderwhile it was still an idea and not yet a thing19:49
jbichagnome-user-share has been that way for quite a while I believe19:49
bjsnideryeah but how many gnome users realize they're running httpd?19:50
jbichaDebian & Ubuntu don't have much presence in driving GNOME development19:50
bjsniderit doesn't pop up and say "you are running a web server. i hope you know that."19:50
jbichaand in this case, Debian didn't patch apache2 out of gnome-user-share (so it's shipped by default)19:51
roastedit also seems as if my exchange services work in my Fedora VM but not in the regular instance of Ubuntu gnome.... :-\19:51
jbicharoasted: 13.04 or 13.10?19:52
roastedcalendar and all. I think that's a first.19:52
jbichaand you have ubuntu-gnome-desktop installed? go ahead and file a bug19:53
roastedbut I recall having this issue with my 13.04 instance too19:53
roastedI'll check in a minute here19:53
jbichait should be handled by evolution-data-server-goa19:54
jbichabut there's lots of pieces involved, from evolution to gnome-control-center and gnome-online-accounts19:54
roastedUbuntu GNOME desktop installed on saucy19:57
roastedcancel that19:58
roastedexchange integration works in saucy19:58
roastedmaybe it was raring that didn't19:58
jbichaok, in raring make sure evolution-data-server-goa is installed19:59
jbichawe don't have anything explicitly depending on it in the GNOME3 PPA for Raring yet19:59
jbichaoh never mind, that version of EDS hasn't been backported to the GNOME3 PPA20:00
roastedthis is great. I don't think I've ever had calendar and native exchange support in evolution20:01
jbichadarkxst: do you have any thoughts on this patch? https://code.launchpad.net/~attente/gnome-settings-daemon/enable-ibus-support/+merge/17185620:02
roastedthe own cloud piece is a definite bummer though.20:02
roastedbut it kooks like the own cloud integration Just adds a web DAV link in nautilus. it doesn't look like it does any actual file syncing like the client20:03
roastedWhat's different about Gnome's integration of Exchange services between 13.04 with Gnome3 PPA and 13.10? I have full syncing in 13.10, but nothing whatsoever in 13.04 + Gnome3 PPA...21:44
darkxstroasted owncloud webdav needs gvfs built against g-o-a22:42
roasteddarkxst: so I guess that's what UbuGNOME is missing?22:44
darkxstroasted its on staging ppa22:45
roasteddarkxst: I'm on 13.10...22:46
roastedwould it not be there?22:46
darkxstgvfs in the archives is not built against g-o-a22:46
jbichadarkxst: I'm guessing that would hit bug 1193018 then :(22:46
ubot5bug 1193018 in evolution-data-server (Ubuntu) "GOA support not completely split" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119301822:46
darkxstjbicha, yeh22:47
jbichawe should ask seb128 about it anyway22:47
darkxstwell I havent actually looked too closely, but I expect so22:48
roasteddarkxst: not entirely sure I follow. I took this as a limitation of the PPA in 13.04, but 13.10... I would have expected it to work... is this to say that gvfs won't be built against g-o-a at any point, even for future releases?22:49
darkxstroasted, we still need to work out some things with g-o-a in the main archives, i.e. the bug jbicha posted22:50
roasteddarkxst: ah, I thought that was a separate issue... evolution+gmail vs gvfs+owncloud.22:51
darkxstwell the root issue is the same, i.e. gvfs can't have a runtime dependency on goa22:53
darkxstjbicha, I don't get why he wants to avoid using gnome-desktop 3.8 symbol?22:54
roastedevolution with gmail and exchange seem to work great in 13.10, for what it's worth.22:54
roastedboth with mail and calendars22:54
darkxstjbicha, ok I see, that symbol was removed23:23
darkxstjbicha, https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-settings-daemon/commit/?id=55fee0c57563b95deddc4396eec87ab6bee35d3423:24
darkxstmight be better to use that git patch23:24
jbichayou can suggest that to him23:25
darkxstjbicha, so I assume ibus 1.5 will land soon?23:49

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