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Cheri703anyone with ops in #ubuntu-women available to ban someone?04:54
Cheri703I attempted a ! ops with no response04:55
geniiCheri703: We saw the call in #ubuntu-ops but no one in there currently with ops in that channel :(04:55
Cheri703no one with universal anything?04:56
Cheri703any freenode staff?04:56
Cheri703or something?04:56
ubottuHey christel, Corey, Dave2, Gary, Myrtti, Pricey, VorTechS, jayne, marienz, niko, nhandler, tomaw, ldunn, I could use a bit of your time :)04:57
geniiCheri703: Hopefully someone responds soon.04:58
JoseeAntonioRCheri703: is the problem already solved?05:19
Cheri703the person got kicked by the spambot05:19
Cheri703but it'd be nice to set a ban05:19
Cheri703nice/MUCH PREFERRED05:19
Cheri703Byllida (cc5d3c28@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit05:19
Cheri703that is the person05:19
fegonice much /605:19
Cheri703I was just about to head to bed, anything else you need from me JoseeAntonioR?05:21
JoseeAntonioRCheri703: try joining #freenode and asking gry if possible, she's online right now05:21
Cheri703ah, ok thanks05:21
* JoseeAntonioR is not an staffer... yet05:21
Cheri703I don't want to broadcast the channel name because it seems like every time it is mentioned ANYWHERE we get an influx of trolls05:24
Cheri703thanks for your help JoseeAntonioR, IdleOne came back :)05:25
JoseeAntonioRgreat :)05:25
JoseeAntonioRIRCC: hey guys, I'd like to ask for a cloak update with an exception, my current accountname is JoseeAntonioR but I'd like to get ubuntu/member/jose as a cloak, you think that may be possible?05:41
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JoseeAntonioRjust in case you didn't get it, IRCC: hey guys, I'd like to ask for a cloak update with an exception, my current accountname is JoseeAntonioR but I'd like to get ubuntu/member/jose as a cloak, you think that may be possible?15:06
AlanBellhi JoseeAntonioR, good question, we normally do account name, not sure if there is any particularly good reason though15:07
JoseeAntonioRAlanBell: I'll be using the nick jose from now on, it's just staff can't drop it as it's an accountname, but the nick is unused for 138+ weeks15:08
JoseeAntonioRthat means nick is expired, but the account isn't yet15:08
LjLAlanBell: probably because that's what freenode does for unaffiliated cloak, but i believe you can override that "default"15:08
LjL(as far as freenode is concerned, that is)15:08
JoseeAntonioRLjL is right, actually what goes at the end of the cloak is a unique identifier :)15:09
LjLJoseeAntonioR: wait, now staff won't drop unused nicknames that are the main nick for an account?15:09
JoseeAntonioRLjL: yeah, if the account is still in use yes, as that would mean dropping the whole account :(15:10
LjLah makes sense if the account itself is in use i guess15:10
LjLhave you asked the fellow if he can just drop it since he ain't using it?15:11
JoseeAntonioRI tried several times with memoserv, but that isn't giving any results15:11
JoseeAntonioRI only got to /nick to jose15:11
LjLoh right, i guess freenode staff won't be telling you which nick he goes by nowadays :P15:12
JoseeAntonioRAlanBell: so, is the change likely to be approved?15:35
AlanBellI have no objection in principal, but I would like to know what Pici and Tm_T and funkyHat_ and topyli think15:43
JoseeAntonioRsure :)15:45
Tm_TAlanBell: I'm ok16:23
PiciAlanBell: no issues here17:55
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funkyHatAlanBell: sounds fine to me too19:09
PriceyLjL: AlanBell: Yeah, everything after 'ubuntu/' is up to you. I always wondered why we didn't do launchpad account name.20:53
Fuchsit was debated a few times in the past20:53
Fuchsalso it won't work all the time, as accountnames do allow characters which are not allowed in cloaks20:54
Fuchs(lolpad accountnames, that is)20:54
JoseeAntonioRin that case, a randomly-generated code would have to be put in as the unique identifier21:03
JoseeAntonioRas with unaffiliated21:03
Fuchsstaff just has to replace them21:04
JoseeAntonioRhmm, well21:05
Fuchsthere is no need to add any random code. Cloaks are  1) not _actually_ forced to be unique, they just _should_ be unique 2) chances that two people with the same  (stripped off) name get both a cloak of the same project are very low  3) if it happens, it is the GCs fault anyway21:05
JoseeAntonioRso, just waiting on topyli's word21:07
AlanBellits fine, I think we have covered the due diligence now :)21:07
AlanBellstaff can we have an ubuntu/member/jose cloak please21:08
* Fuchs pokes Pricey with a piece of chocolate21:11
PriceyAlanBell: Who for?21:11
* JoseeAntonioR :)21:11
Unit193JoseeAntonioR: So you'll be using a nick that isn't registered to you and could technically be ghosted at any time?21:12
JoseeAntonioRUnit193: not a problem for me21:12
JoseeAntonioRI *may* be able to get it at some point21:13
JoseeAntonioRPricey: got to handle it?21:29
AlanBellPricey: for JoseeAntonioR21:56
PriceyAlanBell: All done.21:58
AlanBellyay, thanks Pricey21:58
JoseeAntonioRthanks, Pricey! :)22:01
PriceyJoseeAntonioR: No problem.22:01
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