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disdiI am currently working upon ubuntu 13.04....I needed some help with overlayfs introduced in 3.10 kernel,can some one help?07:13
disdiI am currently working upon ubuntu 13.04....I needed some help with overlayfs introduced in 3.10 kernel,can some one help?07:15
disdiI am currently working upon ubuntu 13.04....I needed some help with overlayfs introduced in 3.10 kernel,can some one help?07:19
* smb is not very happy with the general current quality of gnome-control-center (actually its subtasks) in S...08:21
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smbGah! Why do new releases always steal useful keybindings10:16
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apwsmb, you didn't need 'em, you are just using the thing wrong10:51
smbYeah I know. Same as I am completely wrong trying to modify the time-date indicator's appearance11:42
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rtgapw, cking: I'm applying the Lucid CVE patches in case you were in the middle of reviewing them.13:26
ckingrtg, ok, I'm not reviewing them at the mo13:27
* ppisati would like a 'focus follows mouse' in unity...13:50
ogra_just enable it 13:52
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apwppisati, yeah and once enabled enjoy pasting your password into the wrong window ... all the time14:32
apwrtg, thanks14:32
ppisatiapw: already happens now when i've to manually set the focus to the new window with an explicit click14:34
rtgapw, just pushed rebase to pre 3.11-rc1 to unstable15:07
ppisatiogra_: do you know that 3.11 mandates dtb?15:11
rtgppisati, we have to a user space package for that, right ?15:11
rtgwe have to have *15:11
ppisatirtg: so far dtbs are part of the kernel package15:12
ppisatirtg: but people have to deal with them manually15:12
ppisatirtg: since flash-kernel doesn't know how to pick the correct dtb15:12
ppisatirtg: i'm worried about 2 things:15:12
ppisati1) people upgrading from older releases15:13
ppisati2) people with a modern release but no dtb installed15:13
ppisatiwe probably need a disclaimer at the end of kernel installation, saying 'looks like you are not using DTB, the installatio process aborts here, follow the instruction at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/$somethingdtb'15:14
rtgppisati, I assume you'll be pursuing those issues ?15:14
ppisatiso they can manually fix their setup15:14
ppisatirtg: yep15:14
ppisatirtg: i was waiting for 3.11 to come out15:14
rtgppisati, cool. you should get ogasawara to add a work item (or you could just do it yourself)15:14
ppisatirtg: i'll do15:15
ogra_ppisati, well, i guess thats more a thing for server ... on the client (or phone wehere i work now) side we dont use such modern kernel stuff 15:37
ppisatiogra_: right, mobile is not affected15:38
ppisatiogra_: desktop and server are15:38
ogra_nor are any desktop images15:38
ogra_(panda is the only desktop image we have)15:38
ppisatiogra_: if you install a 3.11 kernel on a omap, imx6 or vexpress15:38
ppisatiogra_: you are affected too15:38
ogra_we dont officially support any of these, do we ?15:39
ogra_well, vexpress for qemu perhaps 15:39
* bjf -> dr. appt.16:10
infinityppisati: Fixing DTB handling in flash-kernel shouldn't be too much effort, we should talk about it (and possibly JFDI) at the sprint.16:39
infinityppisati: Also, it's a non-issue for real "servers", as those have DTs burnt into firmware.  Only people without firmware/u-boot support for DTs need to worry about this.16:40
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rtgjjohansen, I ended up dropping 'UBUNTU: SAUCE: (no-up) apparmor: Sync to apparmor 3 dev stable snapshot' when rebasing saucy unstable to 3.1118:48
jjohansenrtg: okay, I'll get a 3.11 version together18:49
jdstranddoes that mean that our kernels no longer have apparmor 3 support?19:03
jdstrandseems it wasn't uploaded yet...19:03
rtgjdstrand, this is only for the 3.11 unstable branch. I won't upload to saucy for several more RC candidates19:04
jdstrandah, cool. I was scared for a sec :)19:04
rtgrather, we won't switch from 3.10 to 3.11 for awhile19:04
* jdstrand nods19:04
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hallyn_rtg: any chances i could pursuade you to install mosh on tangerine?19:41
rtghallyn_, in a chroot ?19:41
hallyn_on the host19:42
hallyn_(for mosh-server, not for the client)19:42
rtghallyn_, the host is running precise19:42
hallyn_rtg: if you're not comfortable with it that's fine.  i just walk between two networks from one side of the hosue to the other and it gets old :)19:42
rtghallyn_, installed19:43
hallyn_rtg: thanks!19:43
rtghallyn_, we may have actually had mosh installed originally, but tangerine got rebuilt 12 months or so ago and likely did not get reinstalled19:45
hallyn_rtg: actually i'm an idiot.  i forgot about the ssh forwarding.  i'd need to do nc tunnels for the mosh udp streams19:46
rtgI wondered about that a bit19:47
rtgI've never used it myself19:47
hallyn_i've spent time before trying to get that to work, but it never did so reliably19:48
rtgI mostly use screen to preserve sessions across network breakages19:48
hallyn_rtg: yeah i still use tmux/screen, but with mosh i save myself having to manually reconnect, and survive suspend/resume19:48
hallyn_so please feel free to drop it again - sorry :(19:48
rtghallyn_, np19:49
* rtg -> EOD19:55
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tlipconhey folks. I'm using the 3.9.9 kernel 3.9.9-030909-generic from the mainline PPA, but cant seem to find the corresponding linux-tools package23:45

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