ibeardsleeI wonder if people are regretting the lack of spell checker for the Auckland 2015 LCA bid document.01:51
ajmitchibeardslee: did a few mistakes creep in?01:53
ibeardsleeI just wandered my eyes over it and for some reason managed to pick some out .. I hate that, partly because I don't see them when I am creating docs myself01:54
ajmitchof course, it's why there are separate editors01:55
ajmitch34 page PDF, some work has gone into this01:56
ibeardsleealways a lot easier to pick out someone else's mistakes than it is your own01:56
ibeardsleeI know, hoping they can get it01:56
ibeardsleeKnowing how much effort went into the Wellington bid, it's a job well done.01:57
ajmitchit's amusing that Dunedin & Wellington have had it prior to Auckland01:57
ibeardsleepeople with more drive in those areas?01:58
ajmitchquite likely01:58
ibeardsleeDunedin had a strong lug and uni, Wellington had Catalyst helping the organisers01:59
ibeardsleeI think the bids are becoming quite professional02:01
ajmitchyes, it looks polished & well thought out from what I've seen02:01
ajmitchyou were fairly involved with the wellington bid process, or did you join in once submitted?02:02
ibeardsleenot intimately involved with the bid, but part of some discussion leading to the bid and process of helping with the acceptance of the bid.02:07
olly_it's odd that LCA seems to be following OSDC around now02:12
ibeardsleeand also often linked in with Drupal Downunder or Drupal South02:14
ajmitchit must help when there are some of the same people involved02:15
ibeardsleeyeah .. people already have the contacts and know that one conf can learn from the other .. and probably helps negotiations with suppliers and venues "oh, by the way we are also putting in a bid for * if you want extra business"02:16
ajmitchI helped a little with kiwi pycon, I'm sure it'd be easier to run again with the same people, having the local contacts seems to help a lot02:18
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