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cjwatsonmlankhorst,tjaalton: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt seems to indicate some parts missing from the current Xorg transition09:20
mlankhorstcjwatson: yeah just geode was missing it seems09:22
cjwatsonsynaptics and wacom too?09:22
mlankhorstdoubt it09:22
cjwatsonand I can't work out what's going on with xpra ...09:22
cjwatson    * i386: arkose, arkose-gui, arkose-nautilus, boinc-amd-opencl, boinc-nvidia-cuda, edubuntu-desktop, fglrx, fglrx-amdcccle, fglrx-amdcccle-updates, fglrx-dev, fglrx-updates, fglrx-updates-dev, kubuntu-active, kubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-full, kubuntu-netbook, ltsp-client, lubuntu-core, lubuntu-desktop, mythbuntu-desktop, starpu-contrib-examples, ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-gnome-desktop, ubuntustudio-desktop, ...09:22
cjwatson... ubuntustudio-graphics, virtualbox-guest-x11, winswitch, xorg, xpra, xserver-xorg-input-all, xserver-xorg-input-synaptics, xserver-xorg-input-synaptics-dbg, xserver-xorg-input-wacom, xserver-xorg-input-wacom-dbg, xubuntu-desktop, xvba-va-driver09:23
mlankhorstI'm pretty sure that one ought to be correct09:23
mlankhorstonly reason I didn't notice geode is that support for that was kind of dropped and it's a package in universe09:24
cjwatsonhmm, they are indeed both being upgraded, wtf09:24
cjwatsonit's definitely not just as simple as geode09:24
mlankhorstmaybe the autohinter hates the x stack? :P09:25
cjwatsonthe autohinter is doing the right thing09:25
cjwatsonalso my experience is overwhelmingly that britney is generally correct, just obtuse :P09:25
seb128cjwatson, one issue is that it tries libxi and libxfixes in different batches it seems09:25
cjwatsonseb128: that shouldn't be related to the server stack?09:26
seb128cjwatson, laney tried to put them together, and the only problem that I got with the output from that run was geode09:26
seb128cjwatson, well, they both breaks old server/unity09:26
cjwatsonsame libxi6 dependency from xserver-xorg-input-synaptics in both saucy and saucy-proposed09:26
mlankhorstI guess a manual hint might need ALL the packages currently in -proposed related to the x stack..09:26
seb128cjwatson, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libxi/2:
seb128"  * Add a breaks to xorg-server 1.13 and old unity."09:27
seb128so they should be going in the same run09:27
cjwatsonthat doesn't explain why an autohint that doesn't include libxi would show broken input packages09:27
seb128cjwatson, if you look at the top of http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt that's what Laney tried ... and I think geode was the only issue there09:27
seb128hum, right09:28
cjwatsonI see it but it's sufficiently incomplete that it's impossible to tell if geode is the only issue there09:28
seb128maybe it's not that easy :/09:28
seb128well, geode should be published/about to09:28
seb128so let's see what happens on the next update?09:28
cjwatsongeode is already being autohinted09:28
cjwatsonit is clearly not the problem09:28
* seb128 starts pbuilder again09:28
mlankhorstmaybe all the package updates needs to be specified, not just xorg-server?09:29
cjwatsonmlankhorst: I'm not looking at Laney's hint09:29
cjwatsonI'm looking at the autohint further down09:29
Laneylook at the massive hint at the end09:30
cjwatsonI haven't yet seen a reason why libxi needs to come with the new server, only why the new server needs to come first09:30
cjwatsonwhich the autohinter should manage09:30
cjwatsonSearch for "Trying easy from autohinter: xorg-server" - that's what I'm looking at09:30
seb128well, libxi Breaks: old-xserver ... shouldn't that force them to come together?09:30
mlankhorstcjwatson: yeah and nowhere does the autohinter consider unity, libxfixes, libxi together there..09:31
mlankhorst(with the new xorg-server)09:31
mlankhorstso I fear this may need a manual hint09:31
cjwatsonwhy does that break synaptics?09:32
cjwatsonspecifically that, and not e.g. xserver-xorg-core09:32
mlankhorstsynaptics links against libxi, I guess09:32
cjwatsonseb128: that's only a problem if the new libxi is used09:32
cjwatsonwhich it isn't in this autohint ...09:32
cjwatsonsynaptics links against libxi, but its dependency on libxi6 hasn't changed so I don't see why it should've been rendered uninstallable09:33
cjwatsonxserver-xorg-core Breaks: libxi6, not just the other way round09:33
cjwatson*That* actually makes sense09:33
cjwatsonLaney: OK, shall I do a massive manual hint and drop yours, now that I understand the problem?09:34
mlankhorstdo itt09:34
seb128cjwatson, thanks for debugging ;-)09:34
LaneyGo ahead09:34
seb128in a pbuilder it looks like things should work with the correct hint09:34
seb128let's see if that's really true ;-)09:34
cjwatsonit seems mostly plausible in chdist09:35
LaneyI found out the same by noticing that synaptics had a bumped depends on -xorg-core09:35
cjwatsonboth directly and via xorg-input-abi-1909:36
mlankhorstwell the direct bump is added automatically by the build script too09:37
cjwatsonlooks like I missed the current p-m run, but they're frequent enough09:37
cjwatson    * armhf: pvr-omap4, pvr-omap4-dbg, pvr-omap4-dev, xserver-xorg-video-armsoc, xserver-xorg-video-armsoc-dbg, xserver-xorg-video-msm, xserver-xorg-video-msm-dbg09:47
cjwatsoncan those be fixed?09:47
seb128mlankhorst, ^09:49
infinityThat's all meant to be "fixed" by the alternate xserver on armhf.09:49
infinityThough, I think we should discuss just dropping that and the pvr drivers.09:49
infinityI'm not sure the maintenance burden is worth having Panda desktop images anymore.09:49
infinity(I have to run off to a meeting in 5, though, so that discussion can't happen right now)09:50
ogra_infinity, as i said before... we need *some* armhf desktop image09:50
* ogra_ totally doesnt care what platform that is on, but we need one 09:50
infinityogra_: We only need it if someone's actively using it and testing it.  Otherwise, all it's doing is showing that the deps are installable, which britney handles.09:51
ogra_well, indeed, i expect QA to regulary test the desktop apps on it09:51
ogra_to make sure they dont regress09:51
mlankhorstpvr-omap4 cannot be fixed, all the arm crap I don't know09:52
ogra_mlankhorst, thats whay we decided to not change the x stack on arm, no ?09:52
infinitymlankhorst: No, it can't be fixed, but britney also shouldn't be whining about it being uninstallable if you have the alternate xserver in place.09:52
cjwatsonwhat package is this alternate X server in?09:52
mlankhorstcjwatson: hm it's not in the archive atm, I have it in a ppa09:52
infinityThat would be why. :P09:53
mlankhorstbut I don't think the armhf would pick it up anyway09:53
cjwatsonwhy not?09:53
mlankhorstsince it requires removing xserver-xorg-core and install xserver-xorg-core-omap-rename09:53
infinityThe latter of which provides the right abi-foo virtual though, right?09:54
cjwatsonum, why isn't it packaged such that this alternate package *is* xserver-xorg-core on armhf?09:54
infinityAlthough, this also means futzing with ubuntu-desktop.09:54
cjwatsonrenaming the package is a mistake09:54
mlankhorstbecause that breaks the tegra stuff09:54
mlankhorstwhich does have an updated package09:54
cjwatsonyou may find this turns out to paint yourself into a corner09:54
infinitycjwatson: It's for the sake of one driver, doing what you suggest would be declaring that pvr-omap4 is the only armhf driver.09:55
cjwatsonvideo-all is going to get very confusing ...09:55
infinityThis whole thing is a mess.  And I really think we need to revisit it.09:55
infinityI'm running off.  Can we pick this up later in the EU afternoon?09:55
mlankhorstnot really, the -omap rename doesn't depend on -video-all or -input-all, it hard depends on evdev renamed only09:55
cjwatsoneither way, britney is doing the right thing in holding this out of saucy until it's fixed09:55
mlankhorstand xf86-video-omap-revert..09:56
cjwatsonit'd be great to at least get this into NEW ...09:58
mlankhorsttjaalton: can you upload the omap-revert packages?09:58
mlankhorstoh wait that'd probably fail too, needs some build fixes and a bump10:06
xnoxogra_: i thought, ubuntu-desktop-nexus7 could have been an "armhf desktop image" which is easier to maintain than pandaboard.... but it looks like ubuntu-desktop-nexus7 is no longer on cdimage at all.10:13
mlankhorstyeah pandaboard is unmaintainable at this point10:13
ogra_xnox, it was dropped by management decision10:13
* ogra_ would have preferred to keep n7 over panda10:14
xnoxogra_: i see.10:14
xnoxogra_: but even raring/quantal images are gone as well? or are they still archived somewhere?10:14
ogra_they are on cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/10:14
xnoxogra_: thanks, found it.10:15
mlankhorstsame, we can't really maintain the pandaboard because upstream dropped support for it :/10:24
ogra_we were talking about tegra310:25
mlankhorstogra_: yeah but I meant that supporting something that's no longer supported will result in these weird solutions..10:26
ogra_yeah, i think that was clear from the beginning though10:26
ogra_though the initial word was also that saucy wouldnt see a newer Xserver at all10:26
ogra_i think the panda decision was based on that back when it was done10:27
mlankhorstyeah but we need it if we ever want to backport some touch fixes10:27
ogra_yup, *i* understand that ... (and i wasnt the one making the decision ... i would just have kept the n7 images in maintenance mode, tegra Xserver is the easiest for arm desktop)10:28
ogra_panda should just stay around for server community tests or so ...  if we want to go on suporting a dead arch10:29
mlankhorstok xorg-server-omap-revert seems to build10:48
infinityDo I have to?11:15
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jdstrandzul: hey, what is the status of apache? if I look at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html (and I am reading it correctly), it looks like uwsgi is the only thing holding back the migration13:04
zuljdstrand:  yeah xnox has been doing alot of if it in debian13:04
jdstrandok, cool13:05
xnoxjdstrand: i thought uwsgi was fixed....13:05
xnoxah it ftbfs across the board.13:05
jdstrandI don't know-- it just says "uwsgi has no up-to-date binaries on any arch "13:05
jdstrandxnox: I think that is the last one, no?13:06
cjwatsonI already contacted the Debian maintainer about that13:06
cjwatsonjdstrand: read update_output.txt, not update_excuses.html13:06
cjwatsonupdate_excuses is the first stage13:06
cjwatsonthere's a lot of things still to fix13:06
jdstrandthis is blocking all our application confinement work on the phone13:07
cjwatsonspecifically, search for "Trying easy from autohinter: apache2"13:07
cjwatsonwell, (1) help welcome (2) there's always the possibility of building in a devirt PPA with saucy-proposed disabled and then copying in, to bypass this transition13:07
cjwatsonbut we need to clear this transition rather than forever messing about with (2), so it's a last resort13:08
jdstrandwe'd like to help, but this is not planned work...13:08
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jdstrand'2' is somewhat problematic, cause I already did the migratino for apparmor, but yeah, I could back that out I guess13:09
mlankhorstcjwatson: oh can you add msm/armsoc to your massive list?13:09
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mlankhorstthat should only leave pvr-omap4 as blocker13:09
mlankhorstno idea how to fix that yet13:10
cjwatsonmlankhorst: done13:10
cjwatsonjdstrand: could be a .1 type version based on what's currently in saucy13:10
mlankhorstcjwatson: can I force pvr-omap4 somehow? it should be installable when the omap-revert packages get accepted13:12
cjwatsonmlankhorst: no.13:13
cjwatsonI'll work my way through the omap-revert packages (already did the server)13:13
cjwatsonbut I'm not generally prepared to force uninstallability - the guard's there for a reason13:13
mlankhorstcan I give it a manual solution for installability in this case? eg preinstall xserver-xorg-core-omap-revert before installing ubuntu13:14
cjwatsonYou shouldn't need to, once it's in the archive13:15
mlankhorstwe'll see13:15
cjwatsonThere's only one provider of the relevant video ABI, surely, so britney has no choice anyway13:16
cjwatsonI would not expect that part to be a problem13:16
cjwatsonmlankhorst: britney solves the graph - it will try to see if there is *any* path by which ubuntu-desktop (and indeed any other relevant package) is installable13:24
cjwatsonmlankhorst: so by definition you don't need to (and can't) provide it with manual solutions13:24
mlankhorsthm lets see13:25
cjwatsonif there's one to find, it will find it13:25
mlankhorstdarn i forgot to update pvr-omap413:25
cjwatsondidn't you say it just needed the server packages with reverted abi?13:26
mlankhorstyeah but the versioned depends won't work13:26
cjwatsonI only see a versioned build-depends13:27
cjwatsonwhich, yes, is worth updating, though technically it won't block proposed-migration13:27
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mlankhorsthm yeah you're right13:29
cjwatson(worth updating> assuming that it isn't buildable with the new xserver-xorg-dev, anyway)13:29
mlankhorsttrue, seems it comes with omap_pvr_drv precompiled13:31
jdstrandI don't really understand http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt13:32
jdstrandI get why apache2 isn't migrating, but the i386 line lists things which have been fixed13:32
cjwatsonit tries promoting given sets of source packages (with all their binaries) in turn, and either accepts them or tells you which sets of binary packages are broken as a result13:33
cjwatsonjdstrand: example13:33
jdstrandI see13:33
jdstrandso, why is http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html not as good to look at? it seems to say what's ready and what isn't from the list of things that failed to migrate13:34
cjwatsonupdate_excuses is solely package-local checks13:34
jdstrandeg, on the list, apparmor is a valid candidate13:34
cjwatsonit's the first stage of proposed-migration's processing13:34
cjwatsonit is NOT equivalent to update_output13:34
cjwatsonupdate_output is the second stage, and actually calculates resulting uninstallability, which is not in general calculated at the update_excuses stage13:35
jdstrandso, since apparmor is listed in update_output.txt, does that mean it is still broken or that it just isn't migrating?13:35
cjwatsonit isn't listed in the result of the apache2 autohint13:35
cjwatsonit's listed in the set of packages that are trying to be promoted together - so it's not broken in itself, but that group is blocked13:36
jdstrandI see13:36
cjwatsonyou're perhaps making the mistake of looking under "trying: apache2"13:36
cjwatsonthat's an automatic attempt to promote apache2 on its own (p-m tries every package on its own, since that's simplest), which is obviously not going to work since this is a complex transition13:37
jdstrandthis is the first time I've looked hard at this report. just getting up to speed on the format13:37
cjwatsonthe relevant block is the one that starts "Trying easy from autohinter: apache2/2.4.4-6ubuntu2"13:37
cjwatsonanyway, http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=661958 is arguably a better place to look for the state of the transition at the moment, since this is mostly being done in Debian13:37
ubot2`Debian bug 661958 in release.debian.org "transition: apache2 2.4" [Normal,Open]13:37
jdstrandit isn't clear to me how to see what needs to be fixed from update_output.txt13:38
jdstrandthe parts under the autohinter?13:38
jdstrandjeez. what a mess13:39
cjwatsonlike I say, the Debian bug is a more user-friendly place to look for this13:39
cjwatsonI did warn that it might not be a good idea to start this transition yet, but people didn't listen to me *shrug*13:39
cjwatsonbut now it's started we need to finish it13:39
cjwatsonlooks like http://wiki.debian.org/Apache/PackagingFor24 is the master set of instructions for porting13:40
jdstrandyeah-- used that for apparmor13:41
jdstrandcjwatson: if I build in a ppa, I should pocket copy to -proposed still. correct?13:41
mlankhorstok with those pvr-omap4 should be installable again13:41
cjwatsonin general yes but it may be difficult in this case13:42
cjwatsonit might be better for somebody else to hand-check that the package's dependencies are unchanged on all arches and copy it directly to saucy13:42
cjwatsonrequires a lot of care, but may be easier than fighting with the existing version in -proposed13:42
cjwatsonI'd rather that you didn't have to undo the patches in -proposed13:43
jdstrandcjwatson: hrm. this likely isn't going to be a one time upload. we have quite a bit of work we are pushing13:43
jdstrandwe could try to minimize the extra uploads13:44
cjwatsonzul: are you still working on porting modules?13:44
zulcjwatson:  yep13:44
cjwatsonok, good13:44
cjwatsonin Debian I hope :)13:45
zulcjwatson: ill be getting them into debian13:45
cjwatsonI'd recommend doing it in Debian first - we don't win anything much by duplicating this work in Ubuntu13:45
cjwatsonwe can NMU if need be, but we're not in Debian import freeze yet so the autosyncer will do a bunch of stuff for us and I think we need the review13:46
mlankhorstheh finally13:46
mlankhorstSUCCESS (163/0)13:46
cjwatsonah, good, that's without xf86-video-omap-revert and xserver-xorg-input-evdev-omap-revert even13:46
mlankhorstit needs those though13:47
cjwatsongreat, that'll make things more readable.  thanks :)13:47
cjwatsonwell, no single package is uninstallable without them13:47
cjwatsonanyway, I just accepted them so they should land soon enough13:47
jdstrandcjwatson: so, currently apparmor is at 2.8.0-0ubuntu19 in saucy, and 2.8.0-0ubuntu21 in saucy-proposed. if I were to try to keep things going smoothe moving forward, I should do two uploads-- ubuntu19.1 to the ppa (without 2.4) and ubuntu22 (keeps 2.4) to -proposed?13:47
cjwatsonjdstrand: yeah13:47
mlankhorstweird.. I thought xserver-xorg-core-omap-revert should be uninstallable13:47
cjwatsoncan't have been13:47
jdstrandok, thanks13:47
mlankhorsthm I wonder why..13:48
cjwatsonit doesn't depend on input-evdev or video-omap13:48
mlankhorstno but xorg should have13:48
cjwatsonbut xorg is installable with xserver-xorg-core13:48
cjwatsonxorg + xserver-xorg-core-omap-revert aren't *co*installable, but proposed-migration doesn't check arbitrary coinstallability (that gets into serious NP-complete territory)13:49
mlankhorstI guess it makes sense then13:50
cjwatsongood, new stack publishing now all in one piece13:54
cjwatsonwell, aside from the two modules above13:54
cjwatsonthanks for the help13:54
mlankhorstLaney: can you add xf86-video-omap-revert xserver-xorg-input-evdev-omap-revert xorg-server-omap-revert xf86-video-armsoc to xorg pkgset?13:57
* cjwatson decides the most effective use of his time may in fact be trying to hurry along this transition, rather than needing to help with lots of manual checks and copies ...13:58
mlankhorstand perhaps mesa-demos13:59
Laneymlankhorst: mail to devel-permissions please14:04
cjwatsonRiddell: I've disabled your amarok force - it's dangerous to do that before it's at least built on i38614:28
cjwatsonplease wait a bit longer14:28
cjwatsonRiddell: and in any case isn't the right answer to remove the armhf binaries if they're unsupportable?  force hints are a last resort and need discussion14:29
Riddellcjwatson: ok yes I'll do that (although upstream says he might be able to add it back now)14:29
cjwatsonneed to check reverse-depends14:29
cjwatsonok, nothing of interest14:30
cjwatson(remuco-amarok is arch: all so doesn't count)14:31
infinityRiddell: As a general operating rule, if you really think something needs a force hint, could you discuss it here before doing it?  They're almost always harmful in some way, and cleaning up after them can be painful.14:39
infinity(And there's usually a better way, like fixing or removing packages)14:39
Riddellinfinity: gotcha, sorry14:42
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SpamapSoh wow.. wading into the SRU queue I expected a 2 page quagmire. It's actually caught up!15:13
infinitySpamapS: On behalf of everyone who made that happen, we're sorry for ruining your fun.15:18
ChrisTownsendHi, for the Unity 12.04 SRU, the fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/1083186 caused a small regression seen in https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/1195730.  I have a fix for the regression, but I feel that we should still move forward with the SRU and target the fix in the next SRU.15:26
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1083186 in compiz (Ubuntu Precise) "icaclient windows "dancing" when decorated" [Undecided,New]15:26
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1195730 in Unity 5.0 "Maximized windows opened during login not actually maximized (when using 5.20 from -proposed)" [Low,In progress]15:26
infinityChrisTownsend: If you have a targetted fix, why not just reupload with that included, and verify quickly?15:27
ChrisTownsendinfinity: I still need to get the MP approved and then pester folks to get the fix in the the package proper and have them upload it.15:28
ChrisTownsendinfinity: People have been waiting on this SRU for quite some time and I'd hate to delay it further.15:30
ScottKChrisTownsend: SRUs are supposed to be regression free.15:32
infinityChrisTownsend: There's no reason it needs to go upstream first.  Show me the patch, and I'll sponsor it.15:32
ChrisTownsendScottK: Yes, I agree. Just wanted to see what can be done here.15:32
ChrisTownsendinfinity: Ok, just a second.15:32
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ChrisTownsendinfinity: Here is my MP: https://code.launchpad.net/~townsend/unity/fix-extra-decorations/+merge/173027 - one line change15:33
ChrisTownsendinfinity: Bug reporter for the regression has verified it works with a build in my PPA and the original bug is still fixed.15:34
infinityYeahp, I saw.15:34
ChrisTownsendinfinity: Ok, cool.  Thanks for your help!15:34
infinityChrisTownsend: What's your preferred email, while I'm pretending to be you...15:38
ChrisTownsendinfinity: Heh, christopher.townsend@canonical.com is fine.15:39
infinityChrisTownsend: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5855722/ <-- Okay with that having your name on it?15:41
ChrisTownsendinfinity: Yep, looks good.15:42
infinityChrisTownsend: Alright, re-accpted.  When it builds, please get some light re-verification of the previous bugs, and a solid verification of the regression bug.15:53
ChrisTownsendinfinity: Ok, will do.  Thanks again!15:54
ChrisTownsendinfinity: Could you add Precise to the unity source package for that regression bug?  I don't have the power to do that.15:55
infinityChrisTownsend: Oh yeah, sec.15:56
infinityChrisTownsend: Done.15:57
ChrisTownsendinfinity: Thanks15:58
infinityChrisTownsend: Given the nature of this 1-line fix, if you can re-verify all the other bugs, and make sure this regression's happy with the binaries in -proposed, I can release it without waiting yet another 7 days.16:02
infinityChrisTownsend: Just poke me when you know it's good.16:02
ChrisTownsendinfinity: Oh, awesome, will do.16:03
jdstrandcan someone verify that apparmor 2.8.0-0ubuntu19.1 from https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-security-proposed/+archive/ppa/+packages is ok to pocket copy directly to sauncy?16:57
jdstrandI can perform the pocket copy, but was asked to ask first16:58
jdstrandsaucy even16:59
cjwatsonjdstrand: checking17:04
bdmurraycjwatson / slangasek: could one of you merge the phased-updater? https://code.launchpad.net/~brian-murray/ubuntu-archive-tools/phased-updater/+merge/17114217:08
stgrabercjwatson: xz => real11m8.745s17:12
stgrabercjwatson: pxz => real4m22.247s17:12
stgraberwill make my python code automatically use pxz if it's around as that's a rather nice improvement (that test was on my laptop, so with only 4 threads, nusakan should be even faster)17:12
cjwatsonjdstrand: looks fine dependency-wise17:15
jdstrandcjwatson: cool. I've tested it and all that. is this an ack for the copy?17:16
cjwatsonjdstrand: yes17:16
cjwatsonjdstrand: though paste the copy command first?17:17
cjwatsonjust paranoid17:17
cjwatsonbdmurray: sorry - done now17:17
cjwatsonstgraber: excellent :)  working output as well?17:17
bdmurraycjwatson: no problem, I guess we are still waiting on your merge proposal anyway17:17
cjwatsonyep :-/17:17
stgrabercjwatson: as far as I can tell, it's good, yes17:18
jdstrandcjwatson: ./copy-package -b --ppa=ubuntu-security-proposed -s saucy --to-primary saucy apparmor17:19
jdstrandah, missed something17:19
jdstrand./copy-package -b --ppa=ubuntu-security-proposed -s saucy --to-primary --to-suite saucy apparmor17:20
cjwatsonjdstrand: go ahead, just double-check the output has the right version17:21
* jdstrand nods17:22
jdstrandmeh, it failed, but I'm heading into a meeting (http://paste.ubuntu.com/5855972/)17:24
infinityjdstrand: --ppa is the owner --ppa-name is the name.  You missed the latter.17:25
jdstrand--ppa=ubuntu-security-proposed --ppa-name=ppa seems to be working17:26
jdstrandinfinity: thanks17:27
cjwatsonah yes17:29
jdstrandcjwatson: thanks for the review. pushed17:30
ChrisTownsendinfinity: Hey, I've verified all of those Unity bugs and it looks good now.19:17
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ScottKI had thought it might be a good idea to document the results on today's TB decision on GPL/openssl exceptions on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArchiveAdministration, but I don't see any obvious place to put it.21:14
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