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MacroManI'm having some problems sending emails over ssmtp to google apps. All my emails bound with "DNS Error: Domain name not found" and I noticed that the from line reads "Received: from server.aplexpress.co.uk ([])"07:46
MacroManI have not set up server.aplexpress.co.uk. Any idea where this may have come from and how I configure it? (The computer name is "server" I believe)07:47
greppyMacroMan: does your ISP force use of a mail proxy server?07:50
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jamespagemorning folks!08:30
MacroManAh, just misconfigured ssmtp. Now all fixed. Sorry to waste anyones time.08:37
jamespagemelmoth, merged your ntp/ntpmaster changes - thanks!08:44
jamespagelook forward to the python rewrite08:44
melmothi m on it.. still a but puzzled with how charm helper works.. but i ll get there.08:44
jamespagemelmoth, I remember now - I wrote that charm when subordinates first landed as it was something simple to learn with08:44
melmothit s the first charm that made me understdood what a subordinate was.08:45
psivaahallyn_: jdstrand: jjohansen: sorry to bother you again, but bug #1197484 is still occurring and largely impacting almost all the saucy server smoke tests. Would greatly help if it gets looked at. thanks08:45
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1197484 in isc-dhcp "Connection requests to saucy server VMs from a precise host fail after fresh VM installs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119748408:45
jamespageadam_g, merged the hookenv branch - the other two still need a bit of work - see MP's for details.09:00
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jamespagejodh, is there a nice way to not run a specific command under upstart user sessions?09:28
jamespagejodh, I've fixed a bug in openvswitch trunk in saucy for this (it assuming init == pid 1)09:29
jamespagebut I really don't want to have to backport it to 12.04 for SRU's09:29
MacroManI've set up MX records in my bind9 configuration for google apps, but the google test tool is telling me that no mail exchanger has been found. The records are there if I do nslookup on my domain.09:29
jodhjamespage: can you give more details? not clear on what you're trying to do.09:29
jamespageMacroMan, might just be a propagation delay09:29
MacroManI'm not sure what could be wrong. They've been set since Saturday.09:30
jamespagejodh, OK - openvswitch has its own monitor stuff which ensures its daemons keep running09:30
MacroManHere's a pastie of my nslookup: http://pastie.org/812052009:30
jamespagejodh, the test that verify that this all works ensures that the parent processes are set correctly when ovs is started up using this method09:31
jamespagejodh, in trunk they used to check that the top level process was owned by init by detecting that the parent pid of the monitor daemon == 109:31
jamespagejodh, I fixed that test with a workaround just to ensure that the daemon parent process was not that of the shell that spawned it09:31
jamespagejodh, but I really don't want to backport that fix for an SRU09:32
mardraumMacroMan: no A record for them09:34
mardraumMacroMan: http://www.intodns.com/aplexpress.co.uk09:35
MacroManmardraum, That tool says I have multiple A records for MX.09:36
mardraumit says a what?09:37
MacroMan"It seems that all your MX records have the same IP(s):09:37
MacroManThere is no use on having multiple MX records pointing to the same ip."09:37
MacroManUnder "Duplicate MA A records"09:37
mardraumMacroMan, can you resolve aspmx.l.google.com.aplexpress.co.uk  ?09:37
MacroManmardraum, That's odd. That's not what I've got set in my bind config09:38
mardraumso fix it09:38
mardraumadd an A record for all the MX records you have09:38
MacroManThanks for pointing that out, I hadn't noticed.09:38
jodhjamespage: going back to the original question, the simplest test to detect if you're running under a Session Init is whether UPSTART_SESSION is set.09:39
MacroManmardraum, Should I point the A record for "aspmx.l.google.com.aplexpress.co.uk" to the IP address of "ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM" which is what I have in my zone config?09:42
mardraumto the IP of whatever machine should be receiving mail09:42
MacroManOK thanks. Yes it'll be the IP of the aspmx address.09:43
mardraumgoogle probably have best practice docs about what to do, I don't speak for them09:43
MacroManJust a sec. Should I have a period at the end of the MX record addresses? Is that why it's appending my domain after the MX record address?09:48
MacroManHere is my config: http://pastie.org/812056309:50
mardraumI don't mean to be rude, but why not go read some docs about bind?09:54
MacroManmardraum, Sorry. I landed myself in some hot water and my company wasn't receiving any email and I needed to get it fixed quickly. Thank you very much for helping me. I've added periods at the end and now email is working. Thank you very, very much.09:56
mardraumyou probably could have fixed it a lot sooner by using google search and looking carefully at some example zone config files09:57
mardraumpanic and IRC don't go together well09:57
MacroManmardraum, I know. It's working now though and a weight has been lifted. tbh, I'm a web dev that has taken on the task of setting up a new dedicated server, and I'm in a little over my head.10:08
jamespagejodh, any ideas?10:27
jodhjamespage: my response above no good?10:27
jamespagejodh, I might have dropped at that point in time10:28
jamespagejodh, I can't see your response10:33
jodh10:39 <jodh> jamespage: going back to the original question, the simplest test10:33
jodh             to detect if you're running under a Session Init is whether10:33
jodh             UPSTART_SESSION is set.10:33
jodh10:42 <MacroMan> mardraum, Should I point t10:33
geaden_Hello, guys! Need help with setting up passwordless ssh to remote server (EC2). I copied public key to the of authorized_keys file. But when connecting it keeps asking prompt for password. The problem is this is a production server and I can't lost connection to it due to my misconfiguration((( Tried almost every tutorial. Followed this trobu11:15
geaden_*troubleshooting guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys11:15
geaden_But without success11:15
mardraumgeaden_: ssh -i <file> <user>@<ec2-vm>11:25
geaden_mardraum: thanks for reply. My key file is already in ssh-add -l… But I'll try, thanks11:26
mardraumthat's the way aws setup for you11:26
mardraumanything else is you create a local keypair and copy the pub file to authorized_keys on the server11:27
geaden_yes, this is default. But it was configured before me, to login by entering password. Now I need to authorise via key11:27
geaden_mardraum: Yes, the problem is it seems my instance doesn't recognise my pub file in authorised keys, and prompt for password after11:28
mardraum"authorized" you have to spell like an american11:28
geaden_mardraum: Yes, sorry11:28
mardraumdid you check permissions?11:28
mardraumuse ssh -v for some extra info on the client.11:29
geaden_mardraum: my current permissions are -rw-------  1 root root  947 Jul  5 09:12 authorized_keys11:29
mardraumso you are trying to login as root?11:29
mardraumis that permitted in sshd_config?11:30
geaden_Yes PermitRootLogin yes11:31
geaden_mardraum: with ssh -v I see following: https://www.friendpaste.com/tmYy4SMuVRHlKonGxcBUs11:37
mardraumclassy, expired cert11:38
geaden_hmmm… on other servers I can connect with that public key11:38
mardraumyour paste site I mean.11:39
geaden_agh… yes… Used this long time ago… I'll repaste11:39
mardraum... ?11:40
geaden_mardraum: what's wrong?11:41
mardraumI havwe no idea11:45
geaden_mardraum: ok. Anyway thanks for your time11:46
geaden_mardraum: I found out and fix the issue. The problem is I wrote wrong pub key in authorized keys. Thanks11:50
hallyn_psivaa: TBH, I'm starting to wonder whether you have hardware troubleson that machine.  You've had weird lxc errors too a few weeks ago that I couldn't reproduce.11:53
mstafaiam keep getting that error when trying to restart apache2 on my server please help>>>(/etc/init.d/apache2: 51: .: Can't open /etc/apache2/envvars)11:54
mstafahelp please11:54
hallyn_(asked one in the bug)11:54
mstafaiam keep getting that error when trying to restart apache2 on my server please help>>>(/etc/init.d/apache2: 51: .: Can't open /etc/apache2/envvars)12:00
psivaahallyn_: replied to the question in the bug and there could possibly be issues in the host hw but in this instance, the issue is only with server VMs12:08
psivaaour desktop smoke tests work fine and do not see this issue. they also run a number of VMs at a particular time12:09
VecHow difficult is it for a ubuntu-novice to install/properly configure VirtualBox on my ubuntuhost with guest ubuntu? I want to run basic file sharing/printer sharing/backup on the server and ONLY LAMP-stack on the guest VM. Is it pretty straight forward, or does it need a ton of planning?12:10
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hallyn_psivaa-lunch: the desktop systems probably work around it by running network manager12:24
SiebjeeDoes any one know where the periodic process 'apt-get dist-upgrade' is comming from ? I've installed the server without automatic-updates. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS12:47
jamespagezul, adam_g: http://people.canonical.com/~jamespage/ca/grizzly/12:54
zuljamespage:  +112:54
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psivaa-lunchhallyn_: ok, i'll try an install a precise host system to see if i can reproduce, but it would help me if someone is able to findout what that hw issue in the host13:06
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Free99hey everyone. I'm working on assembling a NUMA shared-memory HPC system, I'm trying to find documentation on how to properly compile a kernel to facilitate this.. I've found a few things already, but I'd like some more if anyone has any pointers13:12
patdk-wk_free99, there is no such thing as a numa shared-memory system13:30
patdk-wk_it is either shared memory, or it's numa13:30
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hallyn_psivaa: i'm installing a saucy server on a laptop so i can try to reproduce here.13:38
psivaahallyn_: ack, thank you13:39
hadifarnoudmysql is shutting down on its own. here is the error log https://gist.github.com/hadifarnoud/0d3366b33872aa7ac8ab  any idea why?13:45
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patdk-wk_hadifarnoud, forget how to read?14:18
patdk-wk_InnoDB: mmap(137363456 bytes) failed14:18
patdk-wk_your out of memory14:19
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asacsmoser: hey ... do you know whats going on with our daily server dashboard?14:59
smoserasac, link?15:00
smoserthat is all broken due to test harness failure / breakage15:00
smoserand clearly needs fixing15:00
asacsmoser: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy15:01
asacguess thats the same15:01
asaccan you give me background?15:01
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smoserasac, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/ec2%20AMI%20Testing/view/Overview/job/raring-server-ec2-daily/73/ARCH=i386,REGION=us-east-1,STORAGE=ebs,TEST=simple-user-data,label=ubuntu-server-ec2-testing/console15:02
asacsmoser: so whats the background/reason/current way of thinking? will you fix it?15:03
asacor who will?15:03
smoseri suspect that it is  boto change that busted it.... not sure though.15:03
jdstrandpsivaa: I will be looking at it. I still can't reproduce reliably, though once I say the error15:04
smoseri'll make sure that this is fixed by end of this week.15:04
smoserand, asac thanks for caring.15:04
smoserjamespage, ^15:07
smoseri think thi sis just a issue where console output of the instance through boto is now getting 'None' rather than empty string.15:07
smosersimilar to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/euca2ools/+bug/118860215:07
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1188602 in euca2ools "get-console-output on instance fails with 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'replace'" [Low,Confirmed]15:07
jamespagesmoser, well that might be a cause for concern but I'm not sure that's what asac is pointing at15:08
asacsmoser: ok... in case it turns out it was caused by something done outside the server team, i want to know about what happened15:09
asacjamespage: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/15:09
psivaajdstrand: thanks15:10
asacthats the "official smoke test page" that i am looking at... thats the place i am tasked to get people (all !=server) to backout the stuff that caused the regression. unfortunately, server images completely failing started when i was on vacation, so i am just catching up :)15:11
asacjamespage: ^^15:11
disposablemy supermicro server has 2x intel 82576 NICs. when i use them separately, i've no problem with them. when i use them as bond0 in active-backup setup, i get dropped packets (and eventually overruns). This is happening on 3 separate servers. as soon as i detach ethX device from bond0 and the ethX device is set to off, packet loss stops. it doesn't matter which of the two devices i detach. this happens in 12.04 with 3.5 kernel. i have not tes15:26
SpamapSsmoser: is bug 1182265 fixed in saucy yet?15:27
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1182265 in cloud-init "omnibus installation support is broken" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118226515:27
disposablei don't see e1000e loaded, so i suspect it's using igb module. how do i debug this? i've even compiled 3.9.9 kernel and i still get packet loss15:28
smoserSpamapS, no. but i will have that end of day i hope.15:29
smoseryou're asking wrt SRU arent you.15:29
SpamapSsmoser: I accepted it, just poking you to make sure you know it needs to be fixed. :)15:30
smoserSpamapS, thank you. i plan on doing an upload today.15:30
SpamapSthats cool. I might even have time to do SRU's again next week :)15:31
jamespageasac, I see hallyn_ has been working on it - hallyn_ : bug 1197484 appears to be generating concern15:32
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1197484 in isc-dhcp "Connection requests to saucy server VMs from a precise host fail after fresh VM installs" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119748415:32
jamespageasac, trying to get myself into a position to help re-pro that issue15:45
jamespage(slow network connection is getting in the way)15:45
geniiSearching repositories for a pastebin application seems to be yielding little result. Is pnopaste the one currently recommended?15:54
asacjamespage: it seems this started on jul 215:59
asacnot sure what happened then15:59
fang0654Anyone know where to tell smbd what network cards signify having a network connection and starting at boot?16:11
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fang0654I have Ubuntu installed as an openvz container, so the network adapter is listed as venet0 instead of eth016:12
fang0654nvm, I found it.  /etc/init/smbd.conf16:14
yolandajamespage, zul: https://code.launchpad.net/~yolanda.robla/ubuntu/saucy/openldap/server_banner/+merge/17354416:28
psivaahallyn_: jdstrand: I was able to reproduce bug #1197484 on my local raring host. Added a comment in the bug with the log file16:47
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1197484 in isc-dhcp "Connection requests to saucy server VMs from a precise host fail after fresh VM installs" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119748416:47
smoserjust thought i'd mention. simplestreams was updated last week in saucy16:58
smosernow you can do16:58
smoserutlemming, ^16:59
smoserthat forms the base of quite a reasonable ubuntu-cloudimg-query replacement16:59
zulsmoser: you need purdy colors next17:20
hallyn_psivaa: grrr, the utah vm seems to be in a loop re-installing itself again and again18:00
psivaahallyn_: that's new, i have run the tests on raring and precise.18:04
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hallyn_jjohansen: sarnold: so if /sbin/dhclient has Urx perm to /sbin/dhclient-script, and /sbin/dhclient-script does #!/bin/bash, and we see a perm denied error message for profile=/sbin/dhclient, file=/bin/bash - did we expect after Urx of /sbin/dhclient-script that profile be called 'unconfined' ?18:17
hallyn_so it sounds like apparmor simply requires that the interpreter be allowed before a script to which we have Urx which uses that interpreter is allowed18:17
hallyn_I assume this is a change in apparmor kernel behavior - a reasonable one imo,18:17
hallyn_but it would require updates of profiles18:17
sarnoldhallyn_: I -expect- that the dhclient-script would execute as "unconfined", and /bin/bash would be executed without any apparmor intervention18:19
sarnoldhallyn_: (well, aa3.0 will make that name configurable, I think -- and it would still be a profile. long story there..)18:20
sarnoldhallyn_: but I _think_ psivaa's bug will require some dedicated time from john, everything I've seen looks like it should work fine18:20
hallyn_sarnold: ok, thanks.18:26
roaksoaxadam_g: lp:~andreserl/charms/precise/glance/port ok, upgrade works. I guess i could use the restart_on_change thing and would be in a good state18:47
koolhead17SpamapS, ping18:56
jdstrandsarnold: for psivaa to become unstuck, we should be able to allow 'r' on /bin/bash though, right?19:00
jdstrandthis bug seems familiar19:00
* jdstrand hasn't been able to play with it yet, but will very soon19:01
sarnoldjdstrand: yes, but .. if the policy is busted enough that it doesn't work, then adding 'r' on bash doesn't necessarily seem like it'll work then, either.19:01
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SpamapSkoolhead17: pong, wassup?19:23
koolhead17SpamapS, good thanks.19:24
resnoif i handed you a vm and said put it on your network, what would check on it before allowing it on your network?19:41
resnoie) i received a preowned machine, and have no clue about the enviroment its coming to me from. no idea about running packages or configurations19:42
geniiInteresting. mod_log_sql makes pnopaste not run19:42
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leniosyou''re not giving enough information resno19:46
resnolenios: i'm not sure what else to say.19:47
lenioswhy would you receive such a thing?19:47
resnoour previous server maintainer and development staff was outsourced. they are closing down, and i am in charge now.19:47
resnomultiple people had access, and installed any number of packages etc19:48
resnowe also had volunteers working on it at one time19:49
leniosi'd start by getting the list of installed packages and a backup of /etc and /var19:50
leniosbut how comes you don't even know what's supposed to run on it?19:50
resnonothing has been documented at all19:51
resnoand the admins have changed multiple hands19:51
resnoi know what's supposed to be on them... its the stuff that has crept in over time i fear19:52
resnolenios: for example, on of the vms i was handed was running 7.1019:52
lenioswhat's important is what service is supposed to be on it19:53
leniosyou can list packages to get an idea of what should be installed, if no one installed manually in /usr/local, /opt or somewhere else19:54
leniosyou can also run the vm within a internal network, and watch if services are listening on network with netstat -natp19:59
resnoi was told that one of the servers may have a vpn installed on it...19:59
resnoorigins unknown19:59
resnoso, that'll catch some bits20:00
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jdstrandpsivaa: hey, for bug #1197484, do you have the dhcpd/dnsmasq configuration for the server?20:24
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1197484 in isc-dhcp "Connection requests to saucy server VMs from a precise host fail after fresh VM installs" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119748420:24
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jkyle_when I run /etc/init.d/hostname restart, it outputs this suggestion:22:10
jkyle_Since the script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an Upstart job, you may also use the stop(8) and then start(8) utilities e.g. stop hostname ; start hostname. The restart(8) utility is also available.22:11
jkyle_but, when I attempt to run those commands I get22:11
jkyle_stop hostname => stop: Unknown instance:22:11
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CetrianHi all - installing Ubuntu Server for the first time right now  =]23:01
CetrianI'm really impressed with the installer so far - very easy to use and effective. no bloat.23:01
CetrianAh crap - looks like it won't boot with UEFI - anyone know how to work with that?23:08
hadifarnoudwhat does this mean? Warning: giving up on port because retransmission cap hit (10).23:09
Cetriannever mind got it - had to flip UEFI to non-windows mode in BIOS23:09
sarnoldCetrian: another approach is to use 12.04.2 LTS -- it includes a newer hardware enablement stack, to get UEFI support, newer X drivers, etc.: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI23:25
Cetrianah no worries - it seemed to work when I selected Non-Windows UEFI23:32
sarnoldCetrian: that's fine, you'll just use the original kernel, X, drivers. nothing wrong with that. :)23:34
CetrianI don't understand the objection? Isn't 13.04 better than 12 in this respect? (Just asking :) )23:38
sarnoldCetrian: 13.04 will not be supported for the same length of time as 12.04 LTS; most people in here probably prefer the longer support to the newer software23:41
sarnoldCetrian: but of course 13.04 is there if you're alright with a nine-month support window, or want to participate in developing what will eventually become 14.04 LTS  :)23:42
Cetrianah gotcha. This is mainly for a home server, so hopefully that won't matter, and I could just upgrade to 14 LTS when it comes out?23:42
sarnoldCetrian: yes, with the caveat that the 'supported' upgrade path would be 13.04 -> 13.10 -> 14.04.  (skipping versions generally seems to work, but isn't recommended.)23:43
CetrianAh, thanks sarnold!23:45
CetrianI am really thrilled with this so far - I feel like a noob again ;)  I've been a Windows Server guy for so long, and it really feels good to give the finger to MS and the NSA :)23:46
CetrianI have a server with a GUI serving… nothing yet… but it still feels cool! ;)23:46
CetrianFull disk encryption, UEFI boot, loving it.  Now I just need to decide if I want to keep using FlexRAID, or if I should go with some other software RAID. (Not looking to do hardware RAID at this stage)23:47
akurilin2Folks, what's the best location to place secret keys and configuration settings on an ubuntu server for a web application running as www-data to consume? I'm thinking an envdir folder that only root would be able to access when the server starts, but where would I place it?23:57
sarnoldakurilin2: /etc might be appropriate, it's supposed to contain configuration..23:58
akurilin2sarnold, perfect, I was thinking /etc as well, just wondering if perhaps there was a folder in it that was meant for these situations23:59

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