neoi have got a problem22:00
=== neo is now known as Guest55184
Guest55184need help22:08
=== |s-a|_ is now known as |s-a|
|s-a|neo31 , ahla23:42
|s-a|neo31 , <neo> i have got a problem23:43
|s-a|* neo is now known as Guest5518423:43
|s-a|* Guest55184 has quit (Changing host)23:43
neo31c qq1 d'autre, je n'utilise jamais le nickname neo, c'est tjr neo3123:45
neo31sinon comment je peut aider |s-a|23:46
|s-a|idle :p23:50
neo31how can I help |s-a| ?23:56
|s-a|aya na7ko chway23:59

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