edburnsi tried to install ubuntu touch on my nexus 10 and it softbricked it. what can i do?00:03
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jram0421Can you install app00:35
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* rickspencer3 phablet-flash -b06:43
hikikoare there any instructions on how to unbrick a nexus galaxy?06:49
dholbachgood morning07:11
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JamesTaitOyez! Oyez! Good morning all and happy Town Crier Day! :-D08:40
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dpmmorning tmoenicke, I've got a calculator app bug that affects the keyboard. I wanted to add a bug task for the keyboard, but I could not find any project for it in Launchpad. What would the best project be? It's bug 119884209:07
ubot5bug 1198842 in Ubuntu UX "Keyboard partly overlaps keypad instead of covering it" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119884209:07
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tmoenickedpm: hi. it would be touch-preview-images09:13
dpmthanks tmoenicke, added a bug task for it09:14
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hikikoanyone who had a bricked phone?09:40
hikikoam I the only one looking for unbrick instructions?09:41
popeyhikiko: hiya, I've not managed to brick mine09:42
popeywhen you say "brick", what state is it in?09:42
popeycan you boot to recovery with power + vol?09:42
dpmtmoenicke, related to that bug ^^, is there any plan for custom keyboard layouts?09:42
hikikopopey, I can't turn it on see the bootloader screen etc09:43
hikikocant boot09:43
dpmhikiko, what device is it? How are you trying to start the bootloader? What did you do before this happened?09:47
hikikonexus galaxy09:47
hikikodpm, I hadn't charge the phone for > 1month09:47
hikikoand then I:09:47
hikiko1- plugged it in09:47
hikiko2- pressed the 3 buttons that I usually press to start the bootloader09:48
tmoenickedpm: yes, we will have that very soon09:48
hikiko3- I saw the bootloader screen for a few seconds09:48
hikiko4- it turned on by itself09:48
hikiko5- I thought it's a battery issue so I left the phone charging > 12hrs09:48
hikikothen I was trying to turn it on and nothing was happening09:48
hikikoI can only see the charging icon09:49
hikikoappearing and disappearing when I plug/unplug it09:49
dpmtmoenicke, cool, is there a blueprint where we can track the status of when it gets implemented and how to use the feature? It'd be extremely useful for the calculator app developers.09:49
popeyhikiko: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2134940  see #3 comment09:49
tmoenickedpm: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/appdev-1303-apps-osk09:51
hikikopopey, I tried this also I installed windows to try this:09:51
tmoenickedpm: dynamic layouts to support url, phone numbers, etcs: TODO09:51
dpmtmoenicke, excellent, thanks! Nice to see the work to switch language in progress as well :)09:52
hikikobut I have troubles installing the OMAP driver09:52
hikikoand I thought that is better to ask here first in case there's a linux solution09:52
popeyhikiko: sorry, I have no experience of this, I'd just be googling like you.09:54
ogra_hikiko, android prevents ypu from booting if the cable is plugged in (thats why it shows you that battery anumation, thats actually inside the initrd)09:55
ogra_hikiko, make sure to not have the phone plugged in when booting and it should just work09:55
ogra_(its an android issue, one of the silliest android features if you ask me)09:55
hikikolet me try ogra_09:56
hikikonothing :s09:57
ogra_nothing means ?09:57
hikikois there any "dangerous" option in the boot screen that might was selected when it turned off? it doesn't look reasonable :\09:57
hikikoit doesn't turn on09:57
ogra_google logo ? black screen ?09:58
popeyI don't think even android ships with a "never boot again" tickbox ☻09:58
hikikoblank screen09:58
ogra_heh, no09:58
ogra_sounds like your battery might be broken09:58
popeyiOS does, but you don't get to see it ㋛09:58
hikikoif it was the battery would it show the icon when plugged?09:59
ogra_thats just android trelling you there is a battery and a cable at the same time09:59
hikikoso, it means that there's an android alive somewhere?10:00
hikikoand the phone is not 100% dead?10:00
ogra_sure, but it wont let you boot since it belives you need yo charge the battery first10:00
hikikook I ll try to find another battery and check then10:01
hikikois there any way to test10:01
hikikoif my battery is charged?10:01
hikikoif I remove it from the phone10:01
* ogra_ doestn know one apart from a complete boot10:01
ogra_you could probably check it in sysfs from recovery10:01
hikikohmmm if i use a voltmeter?10:02
hikikoI ll try with the voltmeter :)10:02
ogra_heh, sure10:02
hikikoogra_, popey I get 1. and the value on the battery is 3.7V...10:12
popeythat sounds double plus ungood10:12
hikikowhich means that either my charger or the battery is broken?10:12
hikikodouble plus ungood? :s10:13
popeywell, it sounds bad.10:15
hikikoit's not just the charger popey ?10:15
popeywell you could try another charger10:16
popeyor charge via USB from a high current USB charger10:16
ogra_and make sure to use an actual charger .... just connecting to a PC will only get you 500mA10:17
ogra_(thats not enough)10:18
hikikook :) I will try charge it for more hours and come back :) thank you both!10:18
ogra_well, something like 30min on a real charger should be enough fo getting it to boot at least10:19
hikikook I ll try in 30 mins then10:22
hikikojust found another charger10:22
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davmor2popey: what happened about the ubuntu-email-app in the end?10:44
davmor2popey: and should the sudoku app change it's name to conform to the other core app titles and be call ubuntu-sudoku-app?10:45
ogra_didnt we drop the ubuntu- everywhere ?10:46
popeydavmor2: we're working on the email app, more soon10:46
popeyindeed, we'll drop ubuntu- on the other apps10:47
davmor2popey, ogra_: I actually liked the ubuntu in front it made it easy to distinguish the ubuntu core apps from any others10:49
davmor2popey: it meant you could do dpkg -l | grep ubuntu-* and find most of the core apps :)10:51
davmor2popey: or apps that would work on touch images at any rate :)10:52
popeydavmor2: apt-cache show touch-coreapps | grep Depends10:53
popeydavmor2: apt-cache show touch-collection | grep Depends10:53
davmor2popey: E: no package found for the bottom one but then I don't have the ppa added :P10:55
popeyi do it with this script every time I flash my devices: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~popey/+junk/phablet-flash-wrapper/view/head:/post-flash.sh10:57
popeyadds both PPAs and sets timezone etc10:57
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hikikoogra_, popey the battery doesn't charge but it's not the charger for sure (when I use it with other devices it works)11:11
ogra_well, likely time for a new battery then11:11
hikikoI am wondering if it's the battery or the phone was left in a bad state11:13
hikikobecause all the instructions I see11:13
hikikoto unbrick11:14
hikikostart with a description where the phone cannot boot or charge11:14
tsdgeoshikiko: is the charger giving you enough mA? maybe it works for other devices that need less power to charge? or are the same model?11:14
hikikothe second charger I tried is for a nexus 7 tablet11:15
tsdgeosif you have the Nexus10 charger, that gives 2000mA i think, may be worth a try using that11:15
tsdgeosoh, ok11:15
hikikoand it works fine the tablet is not canonical's it's the tablet I use every day (still has android)11:15
hikikoso I know it works11:15
tsdgeosi see11:16
hikikoI wonder if I could somehow try to charge the battery without having the phone involved11:16
hikikoremove it and charge it externally11:17
hikikois this possible?11:17
ogra_hikiko, the phone itself will get a complete HW reset if you remove battery and caable at the same time11:19
ogra_so i doubt its the fault of the phone11:19
ogra_(if you tried that already)11:20
hikikook i ll try with a new battery tomorrow11:20
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Mirvjodh: hi! are you doing patch piloting today? searching for someone to sponsor https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/ubuntu/saucy/qtdeclarative-opensource-src/merge_continued/+merge/173448 as seb128 may not necessarily have time for that, and we'd like that in12:26
seb128Mirv, you might try your chance with dholbach, he just some other qt sponsoring ;-)12:31
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hikikoogra_, popey I FIXED IIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!1112:34
hikikoIt was NOT the battery!!!12:34
hikikoit was the phone!!!12:34
ogra_oh ?12:34
hikikoI see the bootloader again!!!!!!12:35
ogra_what was it exactly /12:35
hikikono idea but I can tell you how i fixed it!!12:35
ogra_thats what i meant12:35
hikikoI installed 2 drivers on windows and used a tool called omap4460_tuna_hs_pro (for windows)12:36
hikikoand then I followed these instructions:12:36
dholbachseb128, I finished my shift earlier already :/12:37
dholbachbut at least I sponsored the other change12:37
seb128dholbach, no worry, that was in case ... but maybe ogra_ can do it, I've the feeling he did do any sponsoring for a while... ;-)12:39
Mirvdholbach: thanks for that! I didn't notice you on the patch pilot calendar for today12:40
dholbachMirv, I was last week but had to move it as I was a busy with other stuff last week :)12:40
Mirvdholbach: ok. should you push the upload to lp:ubuntu/qtbase-opensource-src or somewhere?12:41
dholbachMirv, that should be automerged after the upload landed in saucy12:42
Mirvdholbach: right, ok thanks.12:42
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popeyhikiko: good news!12:45
hikikoI still need to reinstall ubuntu12:46
hikikobecause it boots to nothing atm12:46
hikikobut that's easy :D12:46
hikikoit seems that something was wrong with the bootloader :)12:46
hikikoor who knows rom parts erased, no idea :)12:47
hikikoanyway :D I am going to fix it!12:47
jodhMirv: sorry, can't do today but will try tomorrow. Regardless, I can't sponsor yet I'm afraid ;(12:50
asac \o/12:57
asacrsalveti: hello12:58
rsalvetiasac: hey12:58
asachow is it going? are we ready for release :)?12:59
rsalvetiasac: haha, sure, anytime12:59
rsalvetiasac: at least flipped is now default, but a lot to come over the next few weeks13:00
Mirvjodh: ok, thanks. you were the only in the patchpilot calendar in European timezone, that's why I asked13:00
jodhMirv: sure, still a trainee though I'm afraid ;)13:01
sergiusensasac: location bindings aren't complete yet13:01
sergiusensasac: camera-app glitch bugs already exist13:01
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asacsergiusens: so location bindings not complete == in platform-api feature missing?13:02
sergiusensasac: they are in platform-api, missing in Qt13:02
rsalvetiwell, there's a pending mr for it in platform-api as well13:02
asacsergiusens: who is doing the qt part?13:02
asacsdk or us?13:03
sergiusensasac: tvoss is driving that, but not sure who's really responsible for it13:04
sergiusensasac: regarding camera glitches https://bugs.launchpad.net/camera-app/+bug/112530213:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1125302 in camera-app "[camera-app] taking picture with the face cam quickly after switching the camera causes upside down image to be displayed with edge corruption" [Critical,Confirmed]13:04
asacsergiusens: nice. that exactly describes my issue :)13:05
asacthe milestone seems to be the past though :)13:05
ogra_we need to start filing bugs in the normal bugtracker asap13:07
sergiusensogra_: normal as in not the code but the distro one?13:08
rsalvetiwell, this one is against the package itself13:08
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ogra_normal as in not upstream, not under some artificial project like touch-preview-images13:08
ogra_rsalveti, nope, it is against upstream13:08
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ogra_running "ubuntu-bug camera-app" on your phone will most likely not identify it as duplicate since it isnt in the distro namespace at all13:09
rsalvetiogra_: but should we dup in the package itself as well? the upstream bug seems fine as well13:09
ogra_ti should have a saucy-ubuntu task13:10
rsalvetiit's hard when we're both upstream and downstream13:10
ogra_we should encourage the usage of ubuntu-bug13:10
ogra_(that way all wiki documentation also applies automatically)13:10
rsalvetiwell, would that open the browser and such?13:11
sergiusensogra_: but you'd need to run ubuntu-bug on the phone13:11
rsalvetinever tried it on the phone13:11
ogra_sergiusens, indeed13:11
sergiusensogra_: we need a ubuntu-bug --remote-system option or something13:11
ogra_well, i am under the assumprion that ev works on integratimng whoopsie and apport13:11
ogra_after all we want shiny stats on errors.u.c to identify the severity etc13:12
ogra_(and this will require the tools installed)13:13
ogra_in any case i think filing bugs upstream for packaged distro stuff is wrong ... even if we are upstream ourselves13:14
didrocksthere are two solutions13:15
didrockseither syncing upstream/downstream13:15
* didrocks has scripts for that, even opening a "master bug" on one project13:15
ogra_do tools like errors.u.c cope with that ?13:15
didrocksogra_: errors.u.c is only crashes, so bugs opened with ubuntu-bugs13:16
didrocksif you report a stacktrace manually, even against the packaging bug, it won't list it anyway :)13:16
rsalvetididrocks: did you always keep the bugs in sync for projects we're upstream? (package x upstream)13:16
didrocksbut I think the prefer way is just to close upstream bug tracker13:16
didrocksrsalveti: I did that for a very long time in unity13:16
didrocksthe script also opens a master "unity" task13:16
didrockssyncing status and so on13:16
didrocksbut TBH, I would prefer we avoid continuing on that path :)13:17
ogra_as long as we are the only downstream for a project i agree that we should just use the downstream tracker13:17
rsalveticlosing the upstream bug tracker works if only ubuntu is the downstream13:17
rsalvetiwhich is fine for now13:17
didrocksI would say, let's do it that way for now with our current requirements and constraints13:17
ogra_if there are new downstreams showing up you indeed wnat an upstream specific tracker too13:17
didrocksand revisit later on13:17
rsalvetisounds fine13:17
rsalvetiwho will take the action of cleaning that up for all the projects we're upstream?13:18
ogra_(especially since new downstreams are less likely to use LP at all for their downstream bugs)13:18
sergiusensrsalveti: ogra_ popey did it last time, he may offer himself again :-)13:18
didrockssergiusens: s/may/wants to/13:19
didrocksbut doesn't know yet :p13:19
ogra_voluntold ...13:19
sergiusenshow would you open a bug for something not in the distro?13:20
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ogra_sergiusens, upstream13:20
ogra_in the upstream tracker ...13:20
sergiusensogra_: wasn't the suggestion to close the stuff we are upstream for?13:20
ogra_but since you verified the bug in an ubuntu install you want a downstream task in LP anyway13:21
ogra_sergiusens, to close the upstream bugs for it and keep downstream ones open13:21
sergiusensogra_: well not all packages are in ubuntu yet13:22
sergiusensogra_: instead of closing, is there anything agains linking?13:22
ogra_thats why i'm so pushy to get rid of the PPAs :)13:22
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ogra_sergiusens, no you can indeed just open a distro task on LP for LP upstream bugs13:22
rsalvetisergiusens: we can still keep the touch-preview for some things atm, but later on we might just move to package based bugs13:22
rsalvetiwe could have a report to show all the bugs for the packages we care13:22
ogra_errors.u.c should offer that13:23
rsalvetithat way we could easily know which ones we need to fix and such13:23
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ogra_(or at least should get support to filter for it at some point)13:23
sergiusensok, but I mean, instead of closing bugs, to link existing ones, like this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/camera-app/+bug/112530213:23
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1125302 in camera-app "[camera-app] taking picture with the face cam quickly after switching the camera causes upside down image to be displayed with edge corruption" [Critical,Confirmed]13:23
ogra_sergiusens, not liking, just open an ubuntu task in it13:23
ogra_"also affects distro"13:24
sergiusensogra_: I call that linking :-) Good then13:24
rsalvetisergiusens: but we still need to decide and close all the upstream bug tracking for packages that are already available in ubuntu13:26
rsalvetithat's kind of a big manual task13:26
ogra_right, and kind of communicate the right defaults you need to process as reporter13:27
popey14:18:20 < rsalveti> who will take the action of cleaning that up for all the projects we're upstream?13:27
ogra_(which shouldnt differ from normal ubuntu process in the end)13:27
* popey hugs sergiusens 13:27
sergiusenspopey: well I was volunteered after naming you, so I can do it too, or we can split the task13:28
popeyI'll ping you in a bit, am middle of "stuff" at the moment, will organise it after that13:28
krypticosis there a desktop mode on ubuntu touch yet or will that be coming13:34
krypticosi figure its a coming feature just wondering13:34
popeyConvergence is scheduled to land April next year krypticos13:34
krypticosthank you13:35
davmor2sergiusens: never name popey it's bound to back fire ;)13:38
MacSlowCimi, kgunn: I think you two did meeting-notes at the same time :)13:45
Cimikgunn, if you did, take yours mine were pretty much with a brain half switched off :)13:46
kgunnCimi: MacSlow  hmmm....i took them in google docs13:47
kgunnCimi: ah....Saviq had already started the 8th13:47
MacSlowkgunn, Cimi did them in a template-entry above yours if I saw that correctly13:47
kgunnMacSlow: yep...duped the 8th13:47
Cimikgunn, I deleted mines13:47
Cimikgunn, I arrived later and started too quickly13:48
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rickspencer3pmcgowan, asac, olli, what's up with the smoke tests?14:11
rickspencer3I don't see much green there14:11
pmcgowanrickspencer3, seems a problem running some of the security tests. fact is we need more tests14:13
rickspencer3pmcgowan, more tests are good, but it looks like the ones we have aren't passing14:13
pmcgowanI think they are not running, but need to check14:14
rickspencer3pmcgowan, I don't see any for today, but for yesterday, it looks like none of the touch images past smoke tests14:14
rickspencer3and scrolling down, it looks like it's been some time since they have14:14
ogra_todays touch images are still building14:14
rickspencer3ogra_, thanks14:14
ogra_the cron job runs at 13:32 UTC14:15
ogra_and takes  between 50-90min14:15
rickspencer3ogra_, my question is really, why is that we have smoke tests not passing for what looks like quite a long time?14:15
rickspencer3it looks like it was June 25th since the touch images passed the smoke tests14:15
rickspencer3and that's just the *smoke* tests14:15
ogra_rickspencer3, well, looking at the tagged bug it took a few days to get the kernels changed and tested for iptables14:16
sergiusensrickspencer3: it because they are fixing infra for flipped14:16
asacrickspencer3: gimme a sec14:16
asacon a call14:16
sergiusenswell, most of it was14:16
* ogra_ has no insight into the testing stuff, only judging by the above table)14:16
rickspencer3sergiusens, what is infra?14:16
pmcgowansergiusens, ogra_ why do we now have a new sub folder for the downloads?14:16
rickspencer3you mean the testing infrastructure fell over?14:16
ogra_pmcgowan, ?14:16
ogra_rickspencer3, no, it needs updating for the new image format14:17
asacrickspencer3: i know whats going on14:17
asacwill ping you in  acouple minutes14:17
sergiusensrickspencer3: infrastructure14:19
rickspencer3sergiusens, ack14:19
rickspencer3I'm waiting to hear back from asac14:20
sergiusenspmcgowan: to support flipped and unflipped downlaods14:20
asacrickspencer3: pmcgowan: 1. utah is stable ... all tests that are supposed to run are run nicely every day.14:28
asac(afaics right now)14:28
* rickspencer3 waits for 2. 14:29
asacrickspencer3: pmcgowan: 2. quite a few tests are ready for landing it seems (checked with tvoss); just noone did the last step and brought them over the line while i was there14:29
asacnow your 3. :)14:29
rickspencer3asac, my question is different14:29
rickspencer3why did we allow changes to land that failed the smoke tests? and then, why did we tolerate broken smoke tests for so long?14:30
asac3. we landed a security test that fails for a feature that is critical for this month, but which hasn't landed yet14:30
asacthats a visualization thing14:30
rickspencer3oops, there was a 314:30
asacso the test that fails reflects that we dont have the new apparmore which blocks all app confinement and hence our click package demo14:31
* ogra_ thought it was ufw failing 14:31
ogra_due to missing kernel support for iptables14:31
jdstrandufw passes now14:31
asacculd be both ... but both are crtical for this month14:31
ogra_jdstrand, right, but it didnt for a while14:32
asaci felt it was valid to add stuff at the beginning of the month that is critical14:32
jdstrandI filed a bug to install ufw on the touch images by default14:32
asacand i didnt want to put the load to create a separate dashboard on QA14:32
jdstrandthat should be enough to fix the ufw test14:32
rickspencer3asac, well, typically, we have a set of "smoke tests" that tell us if the image is worth testing that day14:32
rickspencer3does it install, boot, update, etc...?14:32
jdstrand(also, apparmor is on the images and the images are flipped-- it should pass now too)14:33
asacok... what i am working on is daily image testing... the fact that they show in the smoke test dashboard is my wrongdoing14:33
asacrickspencer3: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Au6idq7TkpUUdGR3c1NUM2RnYkNBYjVMTkMxVjFqb2c#gid=014:33
asaci will ask folks to make a separate "daily critical tests" dashboard if folks find it too confusing14:34
rickspencer3asac, well, it points out that we have a bit of a problem14:34
rickspencer3you explained the first part of question, but not the second part14:34
asacright. thats what i want to express. its critical. btw, there is the "default" which is the very minimal smoke14:34
rickspencer3"why did we tolerate broken smoke tests for so long?"14:35
rickspencer3we need to address this if we want to deliver everything that we want for 13.1014:35
rickspencer3we can't let long lists of bugs and regressions accrue, it slows everyone down14:36
asacits not a regression. its a featyure that is critical but hasnt landed14:36
asachence ... its a visualization thing.14:36
rickspencer3asac, well, I guess it points to a more general problem that I am seeing14:36
rickspencer3regressions getting into the product, and not immediately addressed14:37
ogra_no, tests landing before the feature is done14:37
ogra_always depends on the POV14:37
asacrickspencer3: the fail you see in the dashboard is not a regression. its a feature that hasn't landed...14:38
asacarguable its late14:38
rickspencer3asac, I understand what you are saying14:38
asachowver, i agree we have loads of important bugs14:38
fgintherpopey, mhall119, apologies for missing the meeting, I've been having network issues today14:38
rickspencer3asac, what worries me in the story is not that some tests doomed to fail snuck into the smoke tests14:39
ogra_jdstrand, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch.saucy you can just add ufw there (any core-dev can)14:46
jdstrandogra_: huh, I swear I did a bzr pull and it wasn't there14:47
jdstrandogra_: thanks :)14:47
* jdstrand snags14:48
ogra_not in main yet so we kept is out of the normal seed branch14:49
ogra_it will get merged into the std, seeds at some point before release14:49
jdstrandthat's cool14:49
ogra_there still has a lot of MIRing to happen ... we'll do that alongside14:50
* jdstrand nods14:50
asachow about having the standup on hangout?15:00
asacveebers: hey ... what needs to happen before we can run http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/trunk/files/head:/tests/autopilot/ on our phone images?15:02
AskUbuntuadjust the window and keyboard size ubuntu touch | http://askubuntu.com/q/31779415:10
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fginthermzanetti, is this ready to merge? https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/cupstream2distro-config/more-flexible-results/+merge/17318715:34
mzanettifginther: yeah. I already changed the jobs manually to unblock them15:34
mzanettifginther: so not in a rush, but should be merged before deploying next time15:34
fginthermzanetti, I'll get merged and deployed15:35
mzanettifginther: cheers15:35
netcurliis there a planned date for the background services in Ubuntu touch (especially downloading files but also playing music)? I need these to get my podcast app into a usable state.15:47
popeynetcurli: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/SdkFeatureStatus is a good page to keep an eye on.. or better, the linked blueprints15:51
popeyhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1305-background-task-service this one specifically15:52
popey☹  no work items15:52
* popey pokes tvoss 15:52
tvosspopey, hold on, otp15:52
tvosspopey, best to check with mhall119, the specific background tasks have been moved to individual blueprints16:06
=== tvoss is now known as tvoss|dinner
tvoss|dinnerpopey, just leave me a message if you need anything else, will take a look once I'm back from dinner16:07
=== boiko_ is now known as boiko
=== jhodapp is now known as jhodapp|lunch
davmor2popey: open a terminal, let you phone sleep, go back to the terminal is you keyboard now a grey square and non functional as well as the terminal being non functional?16:55
popeydavmor2: how did you wake the phone?16:56
popey(and then get back to terminal)16:56
davmor2popey: pressed the power button then slide the welcome screen to the left16:57
popeyheh, woke mine too soon, no welcome screen, power tap just went back to terminal16:57
popey(which still works16:57
davmor2popey: if you have the same issue I have no idea what to file against I'm assuming it is unity not knowing that the app is open or something in qt/powerd or something17:00
davmor2popey: I'm trying the same test on a few apps now17:01
davmor2popey: the other thing is it might be the keyboard17:01
Hashcodersalveti: Are there plans to support MTP in UbuntuTouch? (If I'm missing it in the current build-- don't hate me :P)17:06
davmor2popey: Ha same thing on the browser with the keyboard up,  Open browser, pull up the url bar, click in it, let it sleep, wake with the power button and slide17:06
ogra_Hashcode, there is some proof of concept code for an mtp server ... not sure what the final plan is though17:06
davmor2popey: looks like it is the keyboard that is locking up the app, I'll try the browser again without the keyboard being up17:07
Hashcodeogra_ there's such a limited amount of code available for mtp server portion. :/  thanks for the info?  Is that up on launchpad anywhere?17:07
ogra_tvoss|dinner, ^^^17:07
davmor2ogra_: the keyboard on touch is mallit have I spelt that right?17:10
nik90dpm: ping17:10
ogra_davmor2, close ... drop one l and add one i17:10
davmor2ogra_: thanks17:10
popeyimalit ☻17:10
popeydavmor2: you using todays image?17:10
davmor2popey: no that is apples implementation17:11
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
davmor2popey: I upgraded this morning so I guess that would be yesterday image17:11
dpmhey nik9017:11
davmor2popey: 2013070717:11
nik90dpm: Can you take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/1198669 and advice on what can be done to fix it.17:12
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1198669 in Ubuntu Clock App "German translation needs more space" [Medium,Confirmed]17:12
Hashcodeogra_ any unofficial guides out there yet on how to do the Saucy boot changes?  wiki page not updated yet :/17:12
nik90dpm: popey suggested to replace the text with an image which is fine with me. But I still like to know how to solve such similar situations in the future.17:12
popeydavmor2: ok, i dont get the problem on the image I have on mine which is 2013070717:14
davmor2popey: right so might be specific to the galaxy nexus then I'll try on my n7 and see if that is the same17:15
dpmnik90, replied, thanks for the heads up17:17
ogra_Hashcode, to roll flipped images you mean ?17:18
nik90dpm: np. Will email the mailing list since I think this is something any core apps can face in the future.17:19
Hashcodeogra_ new saucy images need those changes no?17:19
ogra_Hashcode, grab https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/armhf/ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd and unpack it ... there is an initrd buried in it ... you want to add that to the boot.img17:19
ogra_also make sure that your device specific zip ships  the original android ramdisk inside /system/boot17:20
dpmthanks nik90!17:20
ogra_and replace the boot.img in your device specific zip with the one you updated with the initrd from the package17:21
ogra_then make sure to install the device specific zip first so that the non device specific one can pull the ramdisk from /system/boot17:21
ogra_that should be abll17:21
HashcodeI like it.17:21
Hashcodeogra_ thank you :)17:22
mhr3rsalveti, is there any way to make pin locked sim work?17:22
ogra_we do a scan for the partition names during boot ... not all of them are in the list yet i guess (thatr will need feedback from porters)17:22
Hashcodewhere do you scan for the names?17:23
Hashcodeor /dev/block/platform**/by-name?17:23
mhr3rsalveti, tried to do it via the ofono dbus interface, but it seemed like it's not even implemented17:23
ogra_so if something is wrong with booting after you made these changes, it is most likely related to a partition name the scripts dont know yet17:23
ogra_we need the "by-name" list17:23
HashcodeIS there a variable to set it by platform?17:23
HashcodeIE: qcom has a different path than oamp17:23
ogra_nope, currently it is a list we ship in the initrd17:24
ogra_no, it hasnt under ubuntus udev ;)17:24
ogra_in ubuntu it is always /dev/disk/by-name17:24
Hashcodeoh very nice17:24
ogra_but the names vary17:24
HashcodeBut isn't that kernel specific?17:24
ogra_and i douobt we cover all yet17:24
ogra_no, udev creates the /dev/disk dir based on udev rules17:25
Hashcodethat's really quite nice17:25
ogra_yup :)17:25
nik90mhall119: ping17:25
HashcodeI don't think I have any oddly named partitions17:25
ogra_partlist="userdata UDA DATAFS"17:26
ogra_thats the essential bit for booting17:26
rsalvetimhr3: we're about to merge the pinlock support for ofono17:26
ogra_if your data partition has a similar name all should be fine17:26
rsalvetimhr3: hopefully it should be available in tomorrow's image17:27
Hashcodeogra_ yeah we're good17:27
ogra_so just shuffling the initrds around shoould get you going then17:27
mhr3rsalveti, yey, so finally my sim will work :) cool17:28
ogra_and indeed you need to use the flipped userspace zip :)17:28
rsalvetimhr3: in case you want to keep track of the mr: https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/phablet-extras/ofono-sim-pin-support/+merge/17220417:28
nik90dpm: Fixed the translation issue you brought in a new MP https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-duplicate-translation-strings/+merge/17355517:31
mhall119nik90: pong17:34
nik90mhall119: can you check if https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/replace-clock-hand-animation/+merge/173341 fixes the second hand lag problems you mentioned in the meeting?17:36
ckingwhere should I file power issue bugs for apps like the clock app?17:37
nik90mhall119: popey already confirmed that it seemed to have fixed it. Just making it sure if you and James hunt the original reporter a bug report concerning a similar issue.17:37
mhall119nik90: yes, it's in big red bold letters in my Thunderbird inbox, just waiting for me to have a chance to load the code onto my N717:37
nik90mhall119: how did you get it in your thunderbird?17:37
mhall119nik90: your MP email, I highlighted it so I'd remember to try it17:37
* nik90 wonders if he sent an email while sleepwalking17:37
nik90mhall119: ah :-)17:38
mhall119Launchpad sent it17:38
mhall119one of the hundred or so MP emails I get on a daily basis17:38
dpmnik90, reviewed, thanks!17:38
nik90dpm: you think that UTC can be translated?17:39
mhall119that's my NSA anti-snooping protection, if they ever went through my emails they'd give up after all the bug, MP and mailing list emails and never see any of the incriminating stuff :)17:39
nik90dpm: It is any temporary location until we get the gps location officially from the phone17:39
nik90mhall119: hehe :)17:39
nik90mhall119: so you pretty much get all the MP, bug reports of all the core apps?17:39
nik90mhall119: that must be a huge list of mail every day17:39
mhall119nik90: yeah, and a bunch of other LP project I havne't turned off emails from17:39
dpmnik90, I could imagine some languages might want to translate it, and it wouldn't hurt. You might also want to set your time zone to UTC manually17:40
mhall119nik90: it is :)17:40
mhall119lots of them get filtered away into folders that I mostly ignore though17:40
mhall119but all the core apps emails still come to my inbox17:40
nik90dpm: okay. I will revert that then17:40
dpmcking, you can file it on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+filebug and add a bug task for whichever part of the platform related to power it affects17:40
mhall119so that I see lovely little gems like your second hand animation fix17:40
ckingdpm, ack17:41
nik90mhall119: :-)17:41
nik90dpm: done17:42
dpmnik90, and approved ;)17:44
=== mibofra is now known as mibouscito
nik90dpm: thnx17:47
nik90cking: ping17:48
Hashcodeogra_ I also have some ext3 fs devices where there is no by-name dir?  Will it still add mmcblk1p## to the list to where I can hard reference it in the "touch" script? like partlist="mmcblk1p23 userdata UDA DATAFS"17:49
Hashcodeit == udev17:49
ckingnik90, pong17:50
nik90cking: what do you mean by context switches/second?17:50
nik90in your bug report?17:50
ckingnik90, run vmstat 117:50
ckingyou will see it shows the context switch rate - that is, process <-->process switching17:51
nik90ah ok. I have no idea why the clock app switches that many times, but I will try to find someone with experience in this field to take a look at the code.17:52
nik90cking: Although for the clock app, we havent really started any performance optimisation at all.17:52
ckingnik90, I can see that :-)17:52
ckingnik90, it's pointless me trying to save 0.1mA on idle if we have apps that drain the battery by context switching like a headless chicken running back and forth17:53
nik90cking: nice visual description :D17:54
ckingi fear that it may be impossible to optimise away the context switches if the glossy animation is the number #1 priority17:55
ogra_Hashcode, this is only about userdata (and later about system) .... as long as these are named properly all is fine17:58
Hashcodeogra_ there's no by-name dir on my older ext3 devices17:58
ogra_then they dont have partition names17:59
Hashcodeyeah there's a patch in the init binary which creates dev/block/* symlinks based on cmdline params17:59
Hashcodebut no true "names"17:59
ogra_well, file a bug against the initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch package, it should support override vars18:01
HashcodeI can probably do something in the kernel as well w/o the need for init patch18:01
HashcodeIf I'm providing cmdline params18:01
ogra_thats what i mean ... systempart= datapart= .... the touch script should support that ...18:02
ogra_file a bug and assign me, i'll take care18:02
Hashcodewill do18:02
ogra_as a quik hack you should b able to just modify the script18:03
HashcodeYeah I'm looking at it18:04
Hashcodeer.. hm, doesn't seem like I can file bugs against initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch18:04
Hashcodeer.. I can file a bug against the .22 version18:05
=== jhodapp|lunch is now known as jhodapp
Hashcodeogra_ https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch/+bug/1199084 can't seem to find you as assignee tho.18:13
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1199084 in initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch (Ubuntu) "mount support via cmdline parameters: systempart= datapart=" [Undecided,New]18:13
ogra_thx !18:14
HashcodeNo no.. thank you!18:14
timppahi! Has anyone exprienced 100% cpu usage on rild?18:23
timppaI made a bug report to lauchpad regarding this; https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+bug/119765618:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1197656 in touch-preview-images "[rild] mako + 20130703.1, rild hogs 100% CPU" [Undecided,New]18:24
timppaYes, I still have the same problem18:24
timppajust flashed 2013070818:24
awe_rsalveti, is there a bug open for the Wi-Fi indicator reading "Empty!" after trying to connect to an AP?18:31
rsalvetiawe_: bug 119578718:31
ubot5bug 1191822 in touch-preview-images "duplicate for #1195787 After a wireless network is selected the list of networks says "Empty!"" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119182218:31
=== mibouscito is now known as mibofra
rsalvetiawe_: this is the one I said in the call that was a side effect of a change in glib18:42
rsalvetiso we might need to change/fix nm18:42
awe_what was the change in glib?18:43
rsalvetiawe_: https://git.gnome.org/browse/glib/commit/?id=31fde567a95ff8f50b6b0e75d4010da9b73514ed18:44
rsalvetiwhich is kind of an improving/fix18:44
vikdid some one install ubunto on LG p925?19:01
awe_rsalveti, you might want to add a comment to the bug, according to comment #1, it's a problem in the indicator itself: https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+bug/1191822/comments/119:03
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1191822 in touch-preview-images "After a wireless network is selected the list of networks says "Empty!"" [High,In progress]19:03
rsalvetiawe_: nick just updated https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+bug/119578719:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1191822 in touch-preview-images "duplicate for #1195787 After a wireless network is selected the list of networks says "Empty!"" [High,In progress]19:05
rsalvetiand marked it as a dup19:05
rsalveti*just*, 5 hours ago :-)19:05
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=== tvoss|test is now known as tvoss
awe_rsalveti, ack19:08
rsalvetihe's trying to merge indicators-client in unity8: https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/indicators-client/+merge/17258219:08
rsalvetihuge mr19:08
rsalvetibut I'm yet completely sure that this will indeed fix the problem19:08
rsalvetias it was crashing hard inside nm's code19:09
rsalvetibut I'm not that familiar with the code base19:09
Curious_quick question: is there a possibility to make Ubuntu T works on Hisens Sero 7 pro the Walmart version of Nexux19:12
rsalvetiawe_: so it seems this will actually replace the indicator as well19:21
rsalvetiSaviq: do you know if https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/indicators-client/+merge/172582 will indeed replace our previous indicators?19:22
rsalvetiwondering about the logic to handle the network-manager related code19:23
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mhall119rsalveti: sergiusens: do either of you have time to review another core app for inclusion in the device images?19:47
sergiusensmhall119: you would need to do it against https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch.saucy but I would actually want to do it as a click package19:48
mhall119are click packages supported yet?19:49
sergiusensmhall119: soon will, if it's urgent, add it in an MR19:49
mhall119sergiusens: I'm just targetting this for the developer preview device images, not the default install of Ubuntu19:49
sergiusensmhall119: well this is where we have out install now that we flipped19:50
mhall119oh, ok, didn't realize it had changed19:50
sergiusensmhall119: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch.saucy/view/head:/touch19:50
Saviqrsalveti, it will replace indicators-client and all the indicator-plugin-*, yes19:54
mhall119sergiusens: https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch-add-sudokutouchgame/+merge/17358319:55
rsalvetiI can take care of that19:55
rsalvetiSaviq: awesome19:56
sergiusensrsalveti: of the sudoku update?19:56
rsalvetiyup, needs merge and meta-package upload19:56
Saviqrsalveti, it's basically lp:indicators-client greatly simplified and brought under the right roof19:57
rsalvetiSaviq: great, looking forward to get that merged :-)19:57
Saviqrsalveti, we'll later split out the QML plugin into unity-indicators or something19:57
Saviqrsalveti, and move under Unity APIs team jurisdiction19:57
rsalvetigot it19:57
balloonsanyone from calendar or rss reader around?20:00
mhall119balloons: carla sella is rocking the autopilot testing of Calendar20:10
balloonsmhall119, I'm trying to get her work merged :-)20:11
user82ubuntu font on android is pretty cool20:13
GimlouuuHello !20:18
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mhall119kenvandine: when will we get other online accounts support in ubuntu-system-settings?20:24
kenvandinelike which ones?20:25
kenvandinei think google should work20:25
mhall119google specifically20:25
kenvandinewe just don't have anything on the device that uses it20:25
mhall119it's not an option when adding an account20:25
kenvandineinstall the plugin :)20:25
mhall119which plugin?20:25
kenvandinenothing depends on it, so not in the image20:25
kenvandineno apps that need it yet20:26
kenvandineflickr, instagram, foursquare and linkedin should work as well20:27
* mhall119 installs them all :)20:27
kenvandinelet me know if any of them blow up :)20:27
mhall119kenvandine: seems to have installed a lot of dependencies20:30
mhall119google works20:31
mhall119lots appear to do nothing though20:33
mhall119identi.ca just sits their20:33
mhall119so does LinkedIn20:34
popeyidentica should be burned in a fire20:34
popeyoh, did I say that aloud? oops20:34
mhall119also there's something call "My Space", which I'm pretty sure isn't a real thing20:34
popeyI mean, identi.ca is deprecated, no longer taking signups20:34
popeybeing migrated to pump.io20:34
asaccyphermox: tedg: do you know why the network/wifi indicator thing on the phone often displays no networks (while sometimes it does)? do we use iwlist scan directly rather than querying nm there?20:38
cyphermoxasac: apparently it's a glib bug20:38
cyphermoxasac: if no-one beats me to it I'll dig more into it later20:39
* cyphermox almost done fixing autoactivation of 3g20:39
asaccyphermox: yeah. auto switching back and force would be amazing :)20:39
asaccyphermox: but we query the list from NM, right?20:39
cyphermoxthat glib thing breaks NM to some degree20:39
asaccyphermox: do you know how i can see whether i am currently on GPRS or 3G or HDSDPA? is that logged somewhere?20:40
cyphermoxasac: ofono knows20:40
cyphermoxI'm not exactly sure how to ask it to tell you though, hold on20:40
asacoh nice ... seems that at lesat wifi signal strength is somewhat reflected in the indicator now20:41
mhall119flickr works, except yahoo's signin is a pain in the rear20:41
cyphermoxasac: dbus-send --print-reply --system --dest=org.ofono /ril_0 org.ofono.NetworkRegistration.GetProperties20:42
cyphermoxasac: I think this will need to be hooked up to the indicator directly rather than going through NM20:42
asacError org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Method "GetProperties" with signature "" on interface "org.ofono.NetworkRegistration" doesn't exist20:43
asacguess thats because i am on wifi20:43
asaci have moved my sim elswhere :)20:43
asaccyphermox: the list of visible wifi networks you mean (hooked up directly)?20:43
cyphermoxerr, what?20:43
asacthink you talked about 3g network type20:44
cyphermoxright, that's also how nm-applet works -- poll ModemManager directly for the signal and registration sate20:45
cyphermoxso the indicator should do the same20:45
asacbfiller: do you have a yahoo account?20:49
asacbrowser seems to not work for mail.yahoo.com at all... wonder if thats caused by our user-agent string20:49
bfillerasac: it could be, I don't have one20:49
asacbfiller: is there an easy way i can change it? is it somewhere in text format on my disk?20:50
bfillerasac: yes, one sec20:50
asacbfiller: awesome... also if you have other options that we had tried to put there, those would be nice20:50
asace.g. whats the firefox one etc.20:50
asacif not i can google :)20:51
bfillerasac: there is a bug tracking that with lots of the options, let me find20:51
bfillerasac: /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Browser/UbuntuWebView.qml is where user-agent string defined20:54
bfillerasac: here is the related bug with other ua strings to try: https://bugs.launchpad.net/webbrowser-app/+bug/117959620:54
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1179596 in webbrowser-app "browser needs its own UA string" [High,Confirmed]20:54
asacbfiller: nice. phablestic. thanks20:55
bfillerasac: I know for sure the current usera agent string causes twitter to not work right so probably same issue with yahoo mail20:55
cyphermoxrsalveti: around? I'd upload a new NM.20:56
rsalveticyphermox: yup20:57
cyphermoxor sergiusens: ^20:57
asacbfiller: yay ... it works20:57
asacjust use firefox on android20:57
rsalveticyphermox: what did you change there?20:57
cyphermoxwatch the Attached property on the ConnectionManager20:57
bfillerasac: nice, can you add that to the bug report please20:57
rsalveticyphermox: awesome, will try that out with my mako20:57
rsalvetisee if that fixes the bug I had20:57
cyphermoxrsalveti: so at first the device won't connect, but it will automatically try again after five minutes20:58
cyphermoxit's not perfect yet, but it will help a lot20:58
rsalvetiwill wait for it to show in launchpad20:58
cyphermoxI'm still thinking about whether it would make sense to hook that up to the Enabled property for NM's modems, but it seems at least a little wrong20:58
asacwow... yahoo mail is very snappy20:59
asaccompared to gmail20:59
asac(on galaxy nexus)20:59
cyphermoxrsalveti: for now, what will happen is at boot, if you don't have enough signal and stuff, and you don't have Attached = true, it will warn and not try to bring up the connection20:59
rsalvetibut how would you hook that up with the enabled property?21:00
cyphermoxrsalveti: then the autoconnect will trigger every five minutes until you are actually Attached and able to connect21:00
asacbfiller: any idea how i can make a launcher icon for that?21:00
bfillerasac: those are hardcoded in the shell code21:00
rsalveticyphermox: why don't you just watch for the property changes?21:00
cyphermoxrsalveti: well, I already watch other properties to tell the modem is available or not, like Powered and Online21:00
cyphermoxrsalveti: that's what happens21:00
rsalvetiright, but I mean, for Attached specifically21:01
cyphermoxthe 5 minutes delay is auto-activation done for every device21:01
cyphermoxI do21:01
asacbfiller: wow. hardcoded in qml or even hard-compiled? :)21:01
rsalvetiright, awesome21:01
cyphermoxyou can check the diff later :)21:01
bfillerasac: dpkg -L unity8 - it's in one of the qml files21:01
rsalvetiyeah, still waiting for lp to get the new release21:01
bfillerasac: will be dynamic obviously but not there yet21:01
bfillerasac: you could make a desktop file in /usr/share/applications so it will show up as an app in the lens. Look at gmail one for example21:02
asacbfiller: kk... o you know about timeline for .desktop files?21:02
zzarrhello! I'm trying to build Ubuntu Touch for my Motorola Droid 4, but there's a script missing... under "https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting" "Retrieving the proprietary blobs from Android" it says "$ cd device/[manufacturer]/[codename]" and "$ ./extract-files.sh" but there is no "extract-files" in devices/motorola/maserati21:02
bfillerasac: don't know timeframe for launcher favs, Saviq would know that21:03
Saviqasac, bfiller, launcher (and as part of it launcher pinning) is being worked on currently21:03
asacbfiller: oh yeah... now if the app search lens would work again :) ...21:03
asaclet me see. yesterday image it was broken... maybe its fixed today21:04
asacnope... whenever i hit a key in the search field it disappears :)21:04
asacSaviq: known?21:04
asac1. go to apps desktop, 2. hit search, 3. hit key on keyboard -> disappears21:05
Saviqasac, yes, keyboard does not report its size to the shell21:05
asacthe keyboard shows up21:05
Saviqasac, although I'm not sure we managed to report this problem properly21:05
asacits just that when i push a button the search field AND the keyboard disappear21:05
asacSaviq: ok ... which project to file it against?21:05
Saviqasac, touch images21:05
asacSaviq: but thats unity shell, no?21:05
Saviqasac, no, it's a failure of the OSK21:06
asacrsalveti: https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+filebug ... can you change that :)21:06
bfillerasac: that's nasty, and new I think21:06
asac s/-preview//21:06
asacrsalveti: thats in /topic21:06
Saviqrsalveti, did you manage to file the OSK bug that was introduced recently? that it doesn't report its dimensions to the shell?21:06
asacbfiller: did we land a new OSK?21:07
bfillerasac: yes recently21:07
rsalvetiasac: I'm not sure we want to rename the project at this moment, we're trying to move the bug tasks to ubuntu packages instead21:07
bfillerasac: rebased on latest upstream21:07
asacrsalveti: right21:07
asacbfiller: whtas the upstream project for osk?21:07
asacso i can file there21:08
asacor waiut ... let me see if i can find :)21:08
rsalvetiSaviq: hm, not sure if I was tracking that issue, but I didn't open any bug for that specifically21:08
bfillerasac: just file in touch-preview-image for now21:08
rsalvetiSaviq: is that with the new maliit?21:08
Saviqrsalveti, yeah, I think we failed tracking that21:08
Saviqrsalveti, yes, although it "bundled" with the shell CPU we focused on21:08
Saviqrsalveti, and so it was forgot, probably21:08
asacSaviq: bfiller: bug 119915021:11
zzarrI have a "lapdock" will I be able to run a ubuntu desktop on it when I have my phone docked?21:11
ubot5bug 1199150 in touch-preview-images "search lens disappeared when hitting any key on OSK" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119915021:11
asactagged as dogfood21:11
asaci guess this is at least important :)21:11
bfillerasac: thanks, tmoenicke will fix it tomorrow21:12
asacSaviq: so maybe its fixed now, or maybe it was just off ... but on the image from sun or sat night... i somehow managed to get shell in a state that the apps etc. scrolled off the screen (only in one direction)21:12
asacdidnt see it on todays imgae still21:12
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asacSaviq: not sure if you know that (or undersatnd what iam trying to say) ... if it comes back i probably will try to make a video21:13
Saviqasac, yeah, not sure what you mean :)21:13
asacSaviq: well, i currently can scroll up and down on app/video etc. screens21:14
asacthe experience was so that it didnt matter which direction i panned... the stuff just scrolled up... and finally nothing was visible anymore :)21:15
asacanyway... if it comes back i will video it21:15
asacwhich reminds me... if we could have "record a video" feature on top of "screenshot" it would be amazing :)21:15
Saviqasac, you saw how long a screenshot takes? imagine that 15 fps ;)21:16
Saviqasac, should be easier with Mir, though21:16
asaci guess we could run the screencap in a quick loop or something and make an gif :)21:16
asachmm. guess21:16
asacwe have hardware video encode21:16
asacwith that we could probably nicely stream stuff out21:17
asacwithout writing to sd :)21:17
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tassadar_ogra_: does Ubuntu touch use system partition?21:53
asacslangasek: do you know if i can get dpkg-architecture -qDEB_BUILD_MULTIARCH22:04
asacfrom the system without dpkg-dev installed?22:04
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RobbyFwell i'm pretty tempted to switch over to ubuntu touch for daily driver22:18
RobbyFany feedback? I need sms,calls, 3g data, browser, multiple email accounts22:19
popeyif you want it as your main phone you may want to wait till october22:20
popeyright now it's under heavy development22:20
RobbyFif it's really glitchy I can revert to a bbz1022:21
RobbyFI havn't came accross any forum that supported multi roms22:23
popeyIt's not somethnig we test22:24
RobbyFoh of course not .22:24
RobbyFwith the shell being a 180flip is it the same method to change back to android?22:24
* RobbyF can't find usb cable. go figure.22:25
popeythe install page on the wiki details how to go back22:25
popeyit's not as automated as going from android -> ubuntu, but it's do-able22:25
RobbyFI know previously it was as easy as flashing22:26
RobbyFi'll check the wiki before I start.22:26
DSalgueiroHi everyone... i need help flashing ubuntu touch, i've a galaxy nexus, my bootloader is unlocked until i bought the phone... when i try to flash with "phablet-flash -b" command, it reboots to bootloader... but stucks here, nothing happens22:27
popeyDSalgueiro: has it downloaded the necessary bits into ~/Downloads/phablet-flash ?22:27
DSalgueirointo ~/Downloads/phablet-flash are all the files...22:29
DSalgueirobut i've tried delete all the files, download the flash files again but is the same...22:29
DSalgueiroit stucks on bootloader22:29
asacrsalveti: we dont have mir in our images yet?22:30
rsalvetiasac: no, but we have an alternative image which uses mir by default22:30
asacoh cool22:30
asacrsalveti: how can i tell phablet flash to run that?22:30
asacerr install that?22:30
* rsalveti trying to remember the link22:31
asacrsalveti: do you know when we plan to land it?22:31
DSalgueiroin january, the first release of ubuntu touch i managed to install that22:31
DSalgueirothen i  revert to android, now i want to try it again, but i can't do it :(22:31
rsalvetiasac: ricmm_ is coordinating that, but we need to land some changes in platform-api/shell/apparmor/user upstart before we're ready for the switch22:31
rsalvetiasac: which iirc we expect to land this week22:31
Orangermhall119: Hey :) Who can edit this page ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Dogfooding22:31
iBelieveballoons, ping22:32
asacrsalveti: ic22:32
rsalvetiasac: at the moment we cannot launch apps with the mir image22:32
balloonsiBelieve, pong22:32
asacrsalveti: who needs that :)22:32
asacthomi: if i do apt-cache search autopilot22:33
iBelieveballoons, I have a couple of questions about what some of the autopilot tests for file manager are supposed to do.22:33
asacthomi: i see a bunch of packages ... i assume those are good candidates for running?22:33
* asac looks at unity8-autopilot22:33
* asac installs that ;)22:34
thomiasac: autopilot-touch is the autopilot app for the touch devices22:34
iBelieveballoons, for the tests related to the file action dialog, how am I supposed to test opening a file?22:34
thomiasac: unity8-autopilot is the autopilot tests for the unity8 shell22:34
balloonsiBelieve, good question. you can add files to the repository to open22:35
asacthomi: not sure what that means... i installed autopilot-touch as i felt that was a prereq. to run anything autopilot on touch... is that correct?22:35
asacbut it doesnt have tests, correct?22:36
balloonsso any sample data you might need that's a good way to do it. As far as asserting the file opened or not, well, let's think. what happens in the UI?22:36
thomiasac: that is correct22:36
iBelieveballoons, I was just going to have the test generate a file to open, but how would I verify that it opened? Since opening it would open the file in some external application22:36
thomiasac: the core phone apps also package their tests, that's what the unity8-autopilot package is22:36
balloonsiBelieve, OHH.. lol, I was thinking doc viewer for some reason22:36
asacthomi: so you say unity8-autopilot won't work on phone?22:36
thomiasac: yes it will work fine22:37
balloonsiBelieve, so yea not alot you can or should do as far as opening a file.. file manager won't display it22:37
asacthomi: almost :) ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/5856798/22:38
thomiasac: what does 'autopilot --version' give you?22:38
iBelieveballoons, should I just combine the three file action dialog tests (lp 1188742, lp, 1188740, and LP 1188741) and just test to see that the dialog pops up and then goes away?22:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 1188742 in Ubuntu File Manager App "Autopilot Testcase Needed: Test file action open" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118874222:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 1188741 in Ubuntu File Manager App "Autopilot Testcase Needed: Test file action cancel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118874122:39
iBelieveballoons, lp 118874022:39
asacthomi: autopilot --version22:39
asacAutopilot Source Version: 1.3 Autopilot Package Version:22:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 1188740 in Ubuntu File Manager App "Autopilot Testcase Needed: Test file action dialog" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118874022:39
thomiasac: ok, can you try installing the 'python-upa' package please?22:40
balloonsiBelieve, hmm yes I would say so. Test the dialog to the extent that it makes sense. obviously for open well, you can't verify the file display or open properly, but you can ensure file manager doesn't blow up by issuing the call eh?22:41
iBelieveballoons, okay, that's what I'll do. Thanks!22:43
balloonsyour most welcome22:43
asacthomi: not in archive either :)22:44
thomiasac: try adding the autopilot ppa - I suspect that may be the issue22:44
asacthomi: thats not really good. but ok ... do you have it at hand?22:45
thomiasac: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:autopilot/ppa22:45
thomiasac: feel free to file a bug against the python-upa project in launchpad22:45
asacthomi: well i already test this stuff for you22:47
greybackracarr: I asked you before but forgot the answer: how best to be notified that a surface was destroyed?22:48
greybackracarr: oops wrong channel, meant to be in #ubuntu-mir22:49
asacthomi: who owns autopilot?22:49
asacisnt that qa?22:50
thomiasac: it's the PSQA team, I'm one of them, so is veebers, fginther, alesage, and a few others who aren't online at the moment22:50
thomiasac: we all hang out in #ubuntu-autopilot22:50
asacthomi: ok. whats the ETA to have autopilot working for phone images out of the archive?22:55
RobbyFOnce completed the device should reboot into Ubuntu - whoo hoo22:55
RobbyFdaily images still have fake data?22:56
thomiasac: as far as I know, it's not a scheduled work item - there are more important things to worry about right now. Adding the autopilot PPA isn't a great hardship. Having said that, if someone were to file a bug, I can follow up with the distro people and see what's needed22:56
DSalgueirojust flashed, after flash phone goes to recovery mode, with ubuntu logo background, i've done "reboot system now" and it stucks on google logo! why? :(22:58
slangasekasac: you can't, no :/23:00
slangasekasac: (dpkg-architecture -qDEB_BUILD_MULTIARCH)23:00
asacslangasek: so the test i have been looking at was using that to figure the right path to find the /usr/lib/.../mir/examples/mir_demo_server location23:01
asacis there a better place to put that? or a better way to find it?23:02
slangaseklet's see23:06
slangasekasac: the conventional solution to this problem is to hardcode the path where needed, and ship that information in the Arch: any binary package instead of trying to have an Arch: all package discover the paths23:07
slangasekasac: is this for a test in the QA lab?23:07
asacslangasek: its in an autopilot test23:08
asacslangasek: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~thomir/+junk/runbench/23:08
asaci personally would prefer if we just could bzr branch those and run instead of having to install a package :)23:08
slangasekasac: ok.  For autopilot, a dpkg-dev dependency seems reasonable IMHO - it's not ideal, but probably not worth the effort of fixing properly at the moment?23:09
asacyeah. probably23:09
slangasekah, you mean you want it self-contained without having to install *any* packages... in that case, I'd say "meh, hard-code a mapping from the output of dpkg --print-architecture"23:09
slangasek(or from the architecture of the mir package that's installed)23:10
thomiso I think the mir-demos package has changed (again), and the demos are no longer shipped in /usr/lib/...23:10
RAOFthomi: correct!23:11
thomiif that's still the case, I should probably update runbench. TBH, I didn't intend anyone else to use that :-/23:11
RAOFthomi: They're now back in /usr/bin23:11
thomiRAOF: well that's nice, I suppose :)23:11
HashcodeIs the ubuntu CWM recovery needed for the first install?23:32
HashcodeOr only for auto-updates?23:32
RobbyFwhats with nano/pico not being able to work as text editor for root/write permissions23:47

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