snap-lWe'll be starting the meeting in 6 minutes00:54
snap-lHello everyone01:03
snap-lLet's get the meeting started.01:04
snap-lWho all is on the line?01:04
snap-lWell, I guess this will be more of an announce-only meeting then. :)01:10
snap-lFirst up: Ohio Linuxfest is approaching01:10
snap-lSeptember 13th - 15th01:10
snap-lunfortunately I won't be able to make it this year01:11
snap-lbut it would be nice to have a presence there if possible01:11
snap-llast year we partnered with the Ohio loco to help staff the table01:11
snap-lSo there's that option01:11
snap-lBu if there's something else that someone would like to organize, that would be awesome.01:12
snap-lUnfortunately that weekend is also overloaded, as that's the same weekend of the Global Jam for the S-Series01:12
snap-lWhich I'm thinking will once again be online, as it'll be even more interesting to try to get people together that weekend01:13
snap-lBut will also allow folks who are at OLF to participate if they'd like to01:14
snap-lPerhaps we could hold some form of BOF online?01:14
snap-land in person?01:14
snap-lDunno, but there's about 2 months, so there's some time01:15
snap-lAny questions?01:15
snap-lOr anything else for that matter?01:16
waldo323not from me, but i got in late01:17
snap-lOK, well I'll post these ideas on the mailing list as well.01:26
snap-lUnless there's anything else, we'll call it a meeting.01:27
snap-lThanks, everyone!01:27
waldo323thank you01:27
snap-lMail sent01:30
rwcitekThere seems to be a fair amount of lag between what is posted here and when it appears in the logs:  http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/07/08/%23ubuntu-us-mi.txt03:21
waldo323yeah i noticed that too03:37
rwcitekJust for reference, it's currently 03:49 UTC and my previous post still is not in the logs.03:49
rwcitekNow that it is 03:54 UTC, this is a 30+ minute lag.03:54
rick_h_morning and owwwwwwwww10:52
snap-lPost trip ouchies?10:53
rick_h_I can feel the muscles in my fingers...ow10:53
snap-lGood morning, btw.12:21
rick_h_yea, morning...that's it12:22
rick_h_no mug for me this month :(12:23
snap-lAnd we got a special guest speaker and everything12:24
brouschToo busy soaking in your own sweat?12:25
snap-lbrb, reboot work machine12:25
rick_h_pretty much. have a bunch of work to do at home, lawn/etc now that we're back and no way to take evening off12:28
brouschLegit? http://paste.mitechie.com/show/981/12:40
snap-lbrousch:  Never heard of the magazine before12:45
snap-lBut if you feel like writing, go for it. :)12:45
snap-lJust don't expect to get paid in a timely manner. :)12:45
snap-lLooks like a German company12:48
snap-lOr Polish12:49
snap-lNot sure12:49
rick_h_dinos for jcastro http://www.flickr.com/photos/7508761@N03/9237171571/in/photostream/12:58
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brouschsnap-l: I haven't heard of it either. The website seems legit13:40
jrwrenwhat is the difference between 'from x import y as z' and 'import x.y as z' ?14:08
rick_h_jrwren: can't think of any.14:09
brouschI've not seen the latter14:09
rick_h_import simplejson as json14:10
rick_h_just the nested format of that14:10
brouschBut I've not seen this nested format you speak of14:10
jrwrenbrousch: really?  import lxml.etree as ET you haven't seen?14:11
rick_h_it's not that often that people do the alias all together, so not surprised14:11
brouschi have not seen that. When it's inside a module I've always seen from module import thing14:12
brouschpep8 says it's OK though14:15
jrwrenits definitely OK14:16
jrwrenjust wanted to make sure the two statements were equiv. I thought they were, but python has really been making me a fool lately.14:16
snap-ljrwren: Join the club. :)15:20
greg-g_7am came way too early15:29
jrwreni agree15:32
rick_h_though 6:30 here15:33
greg-g_snap-l: yeah, that too15:44
greg-g_we didn't get home until 11:30 last night, hella traffic going back to SF15:45
greg-g_but man, so worth it where we went, I want to move there15:45
snap-lMichigan? :)15:45
greg-g_snap-l: good try :P15:48
greg-g_it's an area known as "The Ridge", it's on the San Juan Ridge, north of Lake Tahoe area, but not full of yuppies15:48
greg-g_still semi affordable land that is both in the mountains and farmable15:49
rick_h_I don't know if I should laugh cry or love it http://coffitivity.com/16:28
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, I think that came up Wednesday or Friday of last week16:35
snap-l"Get your offline Coffitivity fix - Signup to hear when we release our iOS/Mac apps!"16:36
greg-g_I kind of liked it16:37
greg-g_I didn't want to16:37
greg-g_really oh so badly didn't want to16:37
rick_h_greg-g_: yea, I mean at least it's interesting16:43
rick_h_but I can't help but think "get your coffee shop social time without actually leaving your house!"16:43
rick_h_not that sitting and ignoring everyone else at the coffee shop is 'social' time I guess16:44
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jrwrengreg-g: unpossible. there is no affordable nondesert land in CA18:22
snap-lalyankovic: The L.A. Zoo is the rudest ever.  I waved to all the animals, and not a SINGLE one waved back.  #YelpReview19:22
jrwreni think I really like the new askubuntu theme.19:28
jrwreni did get a new theme, right?19:28
snap-lI think it did. Something to match the Ubuntu One Login, perhaps?19:31
greg-gjrwren: yeah, so, more of a response: yes, affordable is relative, so for CA it is affordable, for the rest of the country, not anywhere near19:32
greg-gbut man, so beautiful19:32
greg-gjcastro: can you tell me why the laptop that Canonical jointly created with Dell (again) for the best developer laptop is *still* having kernel related issues? It feels like they don't think these things through. :(19:41
greg-gactually, here19:41
jrwrenits dell.19:41
greg-gjcastro: ignore me, I'm going to poke another one19:41
jrwrenwtf do you expect.19:41
greg-grick_h_: see above^19:42
greg-gjrwren: I know. I'm so annoyed at work for choosing this. They bought into the marketing19:42
rick_h_greg-g: heh, never get dell...my motto for 10 years :P19:42
rick_h_greg-g: yea, no idea on that stuff.19:42
jcastrowhat's the issue?19:44
jcastrogreg-g: ^^19:45
jcastroare you on precise or ... ?19:50
jcastrogreg-g: ^^19:51
greg-gjcastro: raring19:52
jcastrook so this is your bug then19:52
jcastrosee comment #2319:53
jcastrosee if that works19:53
greg-gjcastro: I just wanted to rant man, not actually fix it!19:54
jcastrohttps://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=47941 seems to be the main bug19:54
greg-gjcastro: I think that works for me (that comment)19:55
jcastroThe only working solution for me is "echo 0 > /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness" after boot or resume from suspend.19:55
jcastrois what that guys says19:55
jcastrorc.local that shit for now I guess19:55
jcastrobut yeah, sucks man19:56
greg-gsorry, didn't really mean to make you do work-type stuff here man19:57
greg-gjcastro: thanks though19:58
jcastrolol no worries20:00
jcastroI AM HERE FOR YOU MAN20:00
jcastroway more than rick anyway. :p20:00
greg-gjcastro: HUGS!20:00
greg-gI mean20:01
greg-gMAN HUGS!20:01
greg-gdude who just moved down from the 6th floor to the 3rd floor (where I work) has a model m. the only thing louder than my kinesis20:13
greg-g(we only use 2 floors, but they aren't adjacent)20:13
snap-lSeriously? That's some serious typing20:26

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