wrsthowdy chris458500:15
chris4585hey wrst00:27
chris4585my keyboard died right as I joined xchat lol00:27
wrsthey chris4585 how you doing?00:27
wrstyour new one?00:27
chris4585well, I've had it since 2007 or so, but just had to change the batteries00:28
wrstthis is interesting: http://blog.lxde.org/?p=101300:29
chris4585sounds good, I do however like to stay away from qt like the plague00:33
chris4585had to install my dvd drive, too dangerous to do it while its on lol00:48
chris4585didn't want to accidentally unplug an ssd or hdd00:48
chris4585so how are you wrst ?00:48
wrstdoing well chris4585 downloading the new fedora00:53
wrstI need something in the easy to use line to install so setting what it is like00:54
wrstseeing... silly00:57
wrstany way sense I fear Ubuntu is going bat crazy looking for alternatives for people like my mom01:02
OmnifrogIT IS DONE!01:21
OmnifrogThe cat tree is finished  http://i.imgur.com/mnZt4ps.jpg01:21
Omnifroghere are my kitties playing on it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72Ct_0zTdP4&feature=youtu.be01:22
chris4585Omnifrog, that is pretty cool01:23
chris4585wrst, I'm just kind of sticking with linux mint atm01:24
wrstchris4585: and that is an option also, but they are dependent on ubuntu01:25
Omnifrogthanks Chr01:26
wrstcool Omnifrog01:26
Omnifrogcarpeting 3D objects is hard!01:26
wrstcats seem to appreciate all your work01:27
Omnifrogthey wore themselves out. now they are sleeping on it01:27
wrstha ha cool01:34

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