Kilosmorning Squirm and all others06:17
Kiloshi kbmonkey 06:43
kbmonkeyjust popping in to say hi06:43
Kiloshave a great day06:44
kbmonkeyit is my irc bday today lol06:44
Kiloshow many years06:44
Kiloshow you find when you joined06:44
kbmonkeyyou msg nickserv info06:45
kbmonkeymsg nickserv info kilos06:45
Kilos 34 weeks, 3 days, before you06:46
Kilosim a bally06:46
kbmonkeyyour 4th is coming up in a few 18 weeks or so06:46
Kilosdoes irc tell you when it is or you gotta check yourself06:47
kbmonkeyno I just checked myself06:47
kbmonkeythis is not facebook :p06:47
Kiloseish thank heavens06:47
kbmonkeyokay I must go, at work.. morning meetings soon.06:47
kbmonkeyyeah, right :p06:48
kbmonkeyI'd rather be changing my oil filter than sit in  a room with suits ;)06:48
kbmonkeyat least the oil smells better!06:48
kbmonkeywe will see if this auto away script works. so good day to you sir Kilos 06:50
Kilosty kbmonkey 06:50
magespawngood morning all06:56
Kiloshi magespawn 06:56
Kilos-oh my07:03
Kilos-hit a hange07:03
magespawnhappens to all sooner or later07:06
magespawnis the router and the dongle working together now?07:06
Kilos-trying to get that working is a pain so i gave up07:07
Kilos-pity one cant install sakis3g on the router07:08
magespawnwhat router was it again?07:10
Kilos-billion 7300nx07:11
Kilos-i have the book07:11
Kilos-and looked many sites about sharing but they all wanna share to cell phone or 3g on the router not let the pc be the gateway07:12
magespawni still the default gateway has to be set on the router so that it can let the reat of the network know07:13
Kilos-maybe later in week ill try again, not hot head day07:13
magespawncool beans07:14
magespawni'll chip in if i am around07:14
Kilos-ty magespawn hows things your side07:14
magespawnnot bad, recovered from sinuses infection last week, bit cool but nice07:15
Kilos-i go feed sheep07:18
Kilosoh my07:34
Kiloshi JoTraGo 07:41
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:47
Kiloshi psyatw 08:12
psyatwhi Kilos08:12
jac19good morning people08:19
Kilosmorning jac19 08:19
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za08:20
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Kiloshi trender 08:29
Kiloshi Xethron 08:41
Kilosim switching to kde08:41
Xethronhi Kilos 08:41
Kilosusing sudo fsck.ext4 -cDfty -C 0 /dev/sdb110:01
Kilos from maverick to check for bad blocks on unity drive10:01
Kilossudo badblocks -v /dev/sdb110:13
KilosPass completed, 0 bad blocks found.10:22
Kilosso why does unity go super slow everytime i open a folder or file10:22
Kiloslooks like something fixed it10:39
Kilosmagespawn, this might help server peeps Advanced Web Statistics (AWStats)  awstats in the repos10:50
magespawnty Kilos 10:53
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superflyawstats is the nicest web stats software I've found17:08
theblazehenhi Kilos 17:08
superflyreally pretty17:08
theblazehenhi superfly17:08
superfly(i think it's awstats I'm thinking of)17:09
superflyhi theblazehen17:09
Kiloshi theblazehen 17:09
Kilosthats good superfly  i found it by chance in synaptic17:09
magespawnevening all17:11
Kiloshi mage17:11
Kilosspawn too17:11
Kilosremastersys has its weaknesses as well17:15
Kilosafter apt-get upgrades and aptitude upgrade i reinstall everything from synaptic and it downloaded another 80 megs about17:16
magespawnKilos: you spend your time going through synaptic?17:22
Kilosall day17:22
Kilosjust finished reinstalling everything17:22
Kilosalso read some stuff i didnt have installed like awstats17:23
Kilossounds like a good tool17:23
magespawnwill be useful if you are running a website or web based software17:44
* Kilos thinks an early night is in order after a hard day at the office17:56
Kilosnight all. sleep tight17:56
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smile4everGood night! :)18:34
superflyhi kbmonkey19:23
kbmonkeyhello superfly 19:24
kbmonkeyman, I can barely open any web page tonight. 19:26
kbmonkeyI think I should quit trying and hit some Python XD19:27
superflyPython is always a good option ;-)19:31
Squirmyeah, my internet does seem a little down19:34
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