gr33n7007hHow do I check what soundcard I have?00:00
LordHaVoKhotline client00:00
geniigr33n7007h: Either: lspci -nn| grep Audio    or: sudo lshw -C multimedia00:02
gr33n7007hgenii, let me check00:03
gr33n7007hgenii, is this it =>   00:1b.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio [8086:3b56] (rev 05)00:04
geniiLordHaVoK: This channel is reserved for support of Ubuntu ... please feel free to /join #ubuntu-offtopic and discuss other topics there!00:04
geniigr33n7007h: Yup, that's it. The 8086:3b56 part is the vendor:device code which can be very useful for looking up driver00:04
gr33n7007hgenii, Thanks alot ;)00:05
geniigr33n7007h: You're welcome00:05
checoimgDoes anyone here knows how to use the GNU Java Compiler from ECJ ?00:06
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nerohow do i clear this goodamn log?00:12
neroin this very window i'm typing in...00:12
X-Sleepy-Xnero: which log, which window?00:12
nerothe chat.00:13
Coreynero: /clear, generaly.00:13
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nerothank you Corey!00:13
X-Sleepy-X!cookie | Corey00:13
ubottuCorey: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!00:13
Coreynero: No worries. It's client specific, but that's generally a safe bet. :-)00:13
AndroUser2have a nice day~!!00:15
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Slick`whats up fellas ;)00:18
X-Sleepy-XSlick`: nm00:18
Slick`any interested in good cash? ;)00:19
Slick`open source cash00:19
X-Sleepy-X!offtopic | Slick`00:20
ubottuSlick`: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:20
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* Slick` I have very fresh credit cards for sell, from my own sniffers and logs ;) many different bins and countries :) 10$ each, write me any interested in linotrecias@gmail.com00:25
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ryan_How do i remove GRUB?00:28
Cygnus_X1Hi I've got probably a pretty simple question.00:28
X-Sleepy-Xryan_: Why would you want to remove it?00:28
Cygnus_X1How do i see all my drivers in ubuntu00:28
turpinubunt rules00:28
ryan_X-Sleepy-X: Because I only have ubuntu on my computer00:29
Cygnus_X1like the Ubuntu equivalent to windows Device Manager?00:29
geniiX-Sleepy-X: Please don't call channel operators with !ops unless there is some emergency in the channel which requires intervention.00:29
ryan_I rather it boot into Ubuntu00:29
David-ACygnus_X1: lsmod lists kernel modules, some of which are drivers00:29
turpini have ubuntu for years. But I have the impression that 13.04 is not a very stable release00:29
wilee-nileeCygnus_X1, gparted00:30
X-Sleepy-Xgenii: ok, sorry. i thought criminal activities would count as such...00:31
tsimpsonryan_: grub is used to boot ubuntu, so removing it would leave you with a non-booting system00:31
wilee-nileeCygnus_X1, Can't be run on partitions in use though.00:31
tsimpsonX-Sleepy-X: they were already killed by the bot00:31
ryan_tsimpson: BUT i rather it boot into it than selecting it all the time it's annoying00:32
Cygnus_X1okay, i want to see how its running the audio drivers00:32
X-Sleepy-Xtsimpson: oops, i missed that. :S00:32
tsimpsonryan_: it should boot ubuntu by default00:32
wilee-nileeCygnus_X1, sorry about that I saw disk maanger my bad00:32
ryan_tsimpson: I know right00:32
IdleOneX-Sleepy-X: We do appreciate you looking out though :)00:32
tsimpsonryan_: you can not boot directly into an OS without a boot-loader, grub is a boot-loader00:32
ryan_tsimpson: it's just annoying00:33
Cygnus_X1i just don't know how to find my drivers list00:33
wilee-nileeryan_, You trying to make it inaccessible?00:33
X-Sleepy-Xryan_: which version of ubuntu are you running?00:34
ryan_wilee-nilee: how?00:34
ryan_X-Sleepy-X: 13.0500:34
ryan_X-Sleepy-X: 13.0400:34
wilee-nileeryan_, hard to answer a question formed by a question.00:34
wilee-nileeyour intensions00:34
wilee-nileeintentions was the goal00:35
ryan_wilee-nilee: shh :DD00:35
Cygnus_X1you guys think its a better idea to learn to figure out Ubuntu again on the  regular version compared to Ubuntu Studio?00:35
wilee-nileeryan_, Not sure never needed to shh00:35
tsimpsonryan_: you can set the timeout to 0 in /etc/default/grub00:35
ryan_wilee-nilee: lol:P00:36
ryan_tsimpson: how??00:36
neroCygnus_X1 respond.00:36
wilee-nileetsimpson, Okay if you can still bring up grub with shift a catastrophe if not and need to.00:36
tsimpsonryan_: look at the file, it has a line starting with GRUB_TIMEOUT, should be pretty obvious00:36
ryan_tsimpson: I ain't a bloody programmer now AM I00:37
tsimpsonryan_: did you look?00:37
ryan_tsimpson: wait a min00:37
wilee-nileetsimpson, setting the timeout is only good if you can still get grub.00:37
wilee-nileeto 000:38
tsimpsonwilee-nilee: they said they want it gone, that makes it gone00:38
tsimpsonyou can set it to any value, including 1 for instance00:38
wilee-nileetsimpson, So does a hammer, bad advice.00:38
X-Sleepy-Xshould be gone by default shouldn't it?00:38
tsimpsonwilee-nilee: even without the menu you can still get into it00:38
Cygnus_X1you guys think its a better idea to learn to figure out Ubuntu again on the  regular version compared to Ubuntu Studio? ?00:39
ryan_why isn't it not working00:39
X-Sleepy-Xryan_: after you have made a backup of /etc/default/grub and edited the original you will need to run the command: sudo update-grub00:40
ryan_X-Sleepy-X: I can't term is giving me errors00:41
David-ACygnus_X1: I don't know Ubu Studio, but they are probably very alike under the hood.00:41
wilee-nileeCygnus_X1, We don't do polls here that is a personal thang. ;)00:41
X-Sleepy-Xryan_: what errors is it giving you?00:41
ryan_error on line 600:42
Cygnus_X1ahhh yeah,  i think its more of me not being able to find how to get to see all my drivers easily like in older version it was just in setting s00:42
X-Sleepy-Xryan_: could you paste the output of the following here http://paste.ubuntu.com and give us the link after? command: cat /etc/default/grub00:44
Cygnus_X1know is there a huge difference installing on a ext4 partition compared to ntfs?00:46
Ben64you can't install on ntfs00:46
Cygnus_X1i think you can, it was listed in in the format setup stuff on the install.00:47
Ben64nope, can't00:47
geniintfs can't preserve *nix permissions00:47
Cygnus_X1okay my bad, can i setup a 40gb partition ext4 on a drive with a ntfs partition and have everything be okay?00:48
exportso hi i have a question but its about xchat specifically...where should i ask that?00:48
David-ACygnus_X1: you can have different filesystems on different partition on the same drive, yes00:48
Cygnus_X1okay thanks, my main hdd pooped on me and i dont want to mess up the 1 tb of data i used on a storage drive by mistake.00:49
Ben64export: theres #xchat00:49
Cygnus_X1Now i can do that in gparted and then just install to it?00:49
exportthanks Ben64! :)00:50
David-ACygnus_X1: but the system partition (/) must have unix compatible permissions (and preferably /home and /boot too I would guess, if they are separate)00:50
Ben64Cygnus_X1: yeah, or you can have the installer resize and stuff for you00:50
utusanyou have to shrink ntfs first and then use gparted to format the free space00:50
Cygnus_X1okay thanks00:50
Cygnus_X1okay one more, i still cant figure out where to find all my drivers00:51
utusanI think it's best to shrink ntfs from inside windoze00:52
* X-Sleepy-X yawns00:53
X-Sleepy-XGood night!00:53
numbertoIs there any ap to manage vcf files?00:59
coolstarwhat is the best SSH file transfer client for ubuntu?01:05
coolstarnvm, found out I could just "Connect to Server" in the File Manager01:07
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Cygnus_X1okay, how do i access my audio driver settings?01:19
adamkCygnus_X1: What settings, specifically?  Most can probably be accessed through pavucontrol, which you will likely need to install.01:22
MidnightNinjaanyone here able to help a newish ubuntu user through an odd install?01:23
Kitt3n!ask | MidnightNinja01:23
ubottuMidnightNinja: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:23
Cygnus_X1ive got an older Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS with the front panel. and i dont know how to set the outputs up01:23
MidnightNinjasorry didnt want to clutter up the channel :)01:24
MidnightNinjaIm having trouble installing ubuntu on a lenovo y510p sli--namely, I can get the computer to grub, but ubuntu boots into a black screen with a blinking cursor--setting nomodeset in the kernel options in grub also boots into the same thing.01:25
MidnightNinjaIm sure it has something to do with the dual Nvidia GPU's but I can't boot into a command line01:25
MidnightNinjaBasically, I'm utterly lost and have no clue how to get into a usable gui...does anyone know how I can get into a GUI?01:27
adamkMidnightNinja: If you hit control+alt+f2, do you get a prompt to login at the console?01:27
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MidnightNinjactrl+alt+f2 at grub?01:27
adamkAfter the computer boots up...01:28
MidnightNinjaI got something to flash on the screen with ctrl+alt+f2-but the computer goes back to the black screen with blinking indicator01:29
Ben64!nomodeset | MidnightNinja01:29
ubottuMidnightNinja: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:29
adamkBen64: He said he tried that already...01:31
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adamkMidnightNinja: Right after grub, when the computer starts to boot, hit the 'esc' key and see if you can see the kernel messages scrolling by.01:31
Guest729any one know a secure dns daemon like unbound and how to properly set it up01:31
Ben64adamk: ah didn't see that01:32
MidnightNinjaEven with nomodeset, I get a bunch of messages, each one with an [OK] next to it--except the second reload cups01:32
MidnightNinjathen black screen with blinking cursor01:32
adamkPassing nomodeset is never a fix, just a possible temporary work around, and a crappy one at that.01:32
MidnightNinjaso is there another way to get to a login screen?01:33
ProLineHello all - I'm having some troubles reaching the network using my wifi adapter and Ubuntu will someone help?01:33
wilee-nileeMidnightNinja, This a dualboot, and if so, with what?01:33
MidnightNinjathe dreaded windows 801:34
adamkI just asked you to do something...  Hit the "esc" key right after grub, when your computer starts to boot. Do you see the kernel messages scroll by?01:34
wilee-nilee!uefi | MidnightNinja01:34
ubottuMidnightNinja: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI01:34
adamkMidnightNinja: Did it every work correct? Did you install from a live CD?01:34
MidnightNinjaim doing the kernel message thing now01:34
MidnightNinjaand yes, i installed from a live cd, which booted01:35
wilee-nileeMidnightNinja, Take a look here, the thread author is on m-f us daytime concentrating on uefi and is the best help around. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729501:35
MidnightNinjaI see kernel messages scrolling by01:36
wilee-nileeI would not bother with the irc and uefi, I have rarely seen good help, and one user not on who knows anything.01:36
wilee-nileejust my 2 cents. ;)01:36
adamkWe don't even know if this is a uefi problem, though.01:36
wilee-nileeadamk, Doesn't matter, your first question is are you backed up.01:37
adamkClearly it's booting Ubuntu...  Sounds like X isn't starting, which I don't personally see being related to UEFI.01:37
MidnightNinjaI assume since I got it booted and grub installed that uefi was no longer an issue, and the new issue is the nvdia drivers01:37
yebyenhave you tried changing vt's when you reach the screen with the blinking cursor?01:37
yebyenctrl+alt+f1 ctrl+alt+f2?01:37
wilee-nileeclearly, lol01:37
yebyenjust jumping in, check the obvious things first lol01:37
adamkMidnightNinja: So if you hit control+alt+f2, it switches to a login prompt, but then goes black again with just the blinking cursor?01:38
MidnightNinjait quickly went to a text based login01:38
MidnightNinjathen back to black screen with blinking cursor01:38
yebyenthat is odd!01:38
adamkMidnightNinja: Same thing with control+alt+f3?01:38
yebyenis the blinking cursor at the top of the screen?01:38
MidnightNinjayeah. top left01:39
Faggot69join/ #OpNewBlood-es01:39
MidnightNinjactrl alt f3 on black screen with cursor does nothing, let me try on boot01:39
ProLineI'm using YUMI to try out various distros from USB- BackTrack 5r3, Ubuntu Gnome, and Debian. None of them except MAYBE BackTrack seem to have the proper driver for my Dell Latitude 420 wifi adapter. Is there someone out there that might be able to help me out? Can't get online to do any hunting around for driver updates...01:39
MidnightNinjashould i keep trying nomodeset?01:40
Faggot69join/ ~#OpNewBlood-es01:40
yebyenProLine: if you can get on a network by plugging in, the driver jockey should be able to help you...01:40
adamkMidnightNinja: You said you already tried that, right?01:40
wilee-nileeProLine, Ubuntu support only. I would use the multisystem loader01:40
MidnightNinjayeah, but should i boot with that and try the ctrl+alt+f3?01:40
adamkMidnightNinja: Not at the moment.01:40
Faggot69 /join #opnewblood-es01:41
yebyenMidnightNinja: f1 through f6 are ttyS0 through ttyS5 (right?)01:41
Kitt3nMidnightNinja, are you using a Nvidia card?01:41
yebyenthey should all be text login consoles01:41
ProLineI thought YUMI is a multisystem loader :|01:41
MidnightNinjasame thing, screen flashed and back to the black screen01:41
adamkMidnightNinja: If you type your username, does it show up?01:41
yebyenMidnightNinja: do you know how to use the sysrq key?01:41
ProLineI cant plug in at the moment... meaning for the next x number of months01:41
wilee-nileeProLine, My bad you need drivers, however this is ubuntu support you might try ##linux for anything else.01:41
MidnightNinjayebyen: no clue, im new to this method of installation01:42
MidnightNinjaadamk:i cant type it fast enough, the screen goes away quickly01:42
ProLineUbuntu is one of the distros i'm trying to get connected 13.04 to be specific01:42
yebyenMidnightNinja: sysrq key is something that's enabled on a kernel level (or disabled, the most helpful sysrq combo is alt+sysrq+r which I believe to be disabled in newer ubuntu kernels)01:42
wilee-nileeProLine, I found Yumi to be problematic with contig fraggs01:43
adamkMidnightNinja: Very odd..  Do you know how to boot off the live cd, mount the current Ubuntu installation, and pastebin the /var/log/Xorg.0.log file?01:43
yebyenMidnightNinja: that's the unRaw combo, which should steal back the keyboard input from any rogue X11 process that has hijacked it and won't give it back01:43
yebyenMidnightNinja: if it's supported in your kernel01:43
wilee-nileemultisystem is run from linux though not windows01:43
MidnightNinjaadamk:I am unsure of how to mount the current ubuntu installation01:44
wilee-nileeyou can get a contig defragger if it is part of the picture.01:44
yebyenMidnightNinja: the sysrq key is most likely located beneath printscreen key01:44
yebyen(you would press shift+sysrq to use printscreen key)01:44
MidnightNinjayebyen: you are speaking way over my head--I have the sysrq key, but what process does it capture?01:44
yebyenMidnightNinja: you can tell the kernel is not frozen by doing some sysrq combos01:45
MidnightNinjaadamk:I am unsure of how to mount the current ubuntu installation from a live cd--how would i do that?01:45
MidnightNinjahuh, let me try that then01:45
yebyenfor example, alt+sysrq+s will issue a sync command, you should see the hard drive activity light flash briefly while any unprocessed writes are written back to disk01:45
yebyenalt+sysrq+b will dangerously reboot your system immediately (ignoring any writes that haven't been processed yet)01:46
MidnightNinjaI got the ubuntu splash screen to flash now, but still black screen01:46
yebyenalt+sysrq+u is a good one to use between those, Sync...Unmount...reBoot... if all of that reboots your machine then your kernel has not panicked01:47
yebyenthen at least you know that much, you can probably ssh into your machine to perform some diagnosis01:47
MidnightNinjai got an emergency remount from that command01:47
yebyenso your kernel is live and you are just having some display issues01:48
wilee-nileeProLine, Hard to really decern what your preobles are is it drivers for the OS's or the usb not working, Any way if it is the usb and you have access to linux, try this. http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/01:48
yebyendo you by any chance have multiple display ports? a vga, a dvi, maybe another dvi, a displayport?01:49
yebyenit's possible that you're not plugged into the primary one, and your display is active on another screen01:49
MidnightNinjais that possible on a laptop?01:49
yebyenoh much less likely i suppose01:50
yebyenyou could try plugging another screen in and see if it helps01:50
yebyenis it called bumblebee?  (the nvidia/intel hybrid driver thing) do you have that?01:51
MidnightNinjahow would I know if its bumblebee?01:51
MidnightNinjamy computer is an i7 with dual nvdia geforce01:51
yebyeni'm honestly not sure, i don't have one and i'm not sure that's what it's called01:51
MidnightNinjalol okay01:51
yebyengood bet though01:51
MidnightNinjahmm.. is there anyway I can tell the system to just boot a command line? nothing more?01:52
yebyenyou probably need the proprietary drivers; i'm not sure how you'd install them over an ssh session01:52
MidnightNinjaim betting that is it01:52
yebyenyou can always try booting into single user mode01:52
yebyenor rescue mode might be the same thing01:52
MidnightNinjahow would I do that?01:52
adamkMidnightNinja: This never worked after your install from the LiveCD, correct?  So sshd is not going to be configured...01:53
yebyeni think you can do it just editing your grub boot command adding 'single' to the end of the line01:53
yebyenafter the various linux kernel options01:53
yebyenpress 'e' at the boot menu01:53
MidnightNinjaso at the end of the linux line add single?01:54
yebyeni believe so01:54
MidnightNinjashould I also add nomodeset? or should i ignore that?01:54
yebyenit should dump you at a root prompt01:54
ProLinewell, Is the Ubuntu channel not where I should be asking for help connecting to the WAP here? Aren't the drivers part of Ubuntu ?01:54
yebyenyou should probably not need nomodeset but if the issue is with plymouth it may be persistent even without X1101:54
ProLineI mean if thats my problem01:55
MidnightNinjaalright let me try it01:55
yankovgosh, why is it so hard to remap ctrl+c/ctrl+v behavior? any hints?01:56
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yankovshould be something trivial, but no01:56
MidnightNinjaadamk:correct- it never worked after install01:56
yebyenadamk: it doesn't enable sshd after a regular install?  i think you might be right :\01:57
JohnMark66Hello everyone01:57
yebyenpretty sure my laptop did not have sshd enabled until i set it up01:57
MidnightNinjaalright added single, getting text down screen and black screen01:58
MidnightNinjano cursor01:58
JohnMark66Is there anyone in here who can tell me how to install Ubuntu 13.04 on my HP 2000 laptop ? It is running win 8 ....01:58
yebyenMidnightNinja: you may have better luck using a text mode advanced install and adding what you need until it breaks again01:58
ProLineI tried ##Linux and it says  "Cannot send to channel" what now?01:58
yebyenProLine: you must need to be authed with nickserv to have voice in that channel01:59
sebsebsebProLine: you need to be registered on the network and logged in, before you can send  messages there etc01:59
genii!register | ProLine01:59
ubottuProLine: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode01:59
ProLinelol ok register I must thatnks01:59
MidnightNinjayebyen: so there is no way to boot into a normal install?01:59
yebyenMidnightNinja: you can try rescue mode from the boot menu, that should be an option too01:59
yebyenMidnightNinja: i'm surprised that single user mode did not work02:00
MidnightNinjayebyen: I knew it would be a challenge, but I didnt think it would be this bad02:00
yebyenMidnightNinja: the unfortunate thing about having decently new hardware is that it's going to have dodgy support :\02:01
yebyenespecially when it comes to nvidia02:01
MidnightNinjayebeyen: I know that is the case, but I thought it might be different since the y500 has similar hardware and i see that people have gotten it to work02:02
yebyenMidnightNinja: you are installing the latest release, right? 13.0402:03
MidnightNinjaheres what I found online, I dont know if i have to start over to try it though02:04
maslenCould someone help? After running `make install` for glib, Ubuntu no longer allows me to build programs that require glib: http://pastebin.com/eVJMNSnk02:04
maslenI'm playing around with dev versions since I'd like to play around with the source code; unfortunately the version included with glib-dev is too old02:05
wilee-nileemaslen, This 13.10?02:05
maslenI wasn't aware there was a 13.10 meant for dev02:05
wilee-nileecool, diffrent channel for 13.10 the development.02:06
maslenWhat is that?02:06
wilee-nileemaslen, Next release in development02:06
maslenNo, I mean what is the channel.02:06
MidnightNinjayebyen: im going to nuke my partition and try that tomorrow...its getting way too late :(02:06
wilee-nileeDoh sorry #ubuntu+102:07
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admihow to adjust laptop brightness beyond the minimum?02:07
maslenwilee-nilee: Does it automatically updates packages as they're updates as well?02:07
maslenas they're updated*02:08
saiarcot895maslen: packages are frequently updated in the Saucy branch, so you could say yes02:10
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devslashif i download the ubuntu 13.04 desktop iso can i boot it as a live cd ?02:12
wilee-nileemaslen, 13.10 has updates on the way to release and daily iso's.02:13
wilee-nileedevslash, ubuntu on a dvd to big for a cd, a usb is commonly used.02:13
wilee-nileeyes it boots and will install02:14
wilee-nileeif you decide to. ;)02:14
devslashi dont want to install02:14
wilee-nileeit will run live02:14
=== Guest95146 is now known as mfisch
devslashi just want to boot as a live so i can extend my partition02:15
wilee-nileeI wondered, devslash02:15
=== mfisch is now known as Guest57100
wilee-nileedevslash, Yes the iso will run live not install unless you want to.02:15
wilee-nileeon a dvd or a usb02:15
devslashdoes it matter if i get a 32 or 64 bit iso if im only booting it as a live cd ?02:16
pfifo13.04 wont fit on a cd?02:16
devslashi cant remember if i installed 64 bit02:16
Random832devslash: well the 64 bit one won't run on a 32 bit processor02:16
devslashim writing it to a flash drive02:16
wilee-nileedevslash, Only with your computers limitations is all, whether it is 64 bit or not.02:16
devslashso space isnt a concern02:16
wilee-nileedevslash, Nope the usb is all it needs, you can add persistence if you want to save stuff.02:17
Random832if you intended to run stuff from your original install in a chroot, you'd need 64-bit if it is 64-bit, but just for running gparted you should be fine02:17
jerkface03I'm switching from windows to ubuntu. Can anyone recommend a backup tool that I can use to back up the files on my windows machine to a usb drive that I can reference once linux is installed?02:17
jerkface03So for example, I want to be able to move over my thunderbird settings when I switch02:17
Random832jerkface03: xcopy02:17
Random832the trick is knowing where the files are02:17
=== root is now known as Guest42702
jerkface03Random832: what about duplicati?02:18
Random832i was mainly giving a non-serious answer02:18
saiarcot895pfifo: I think they said they'll later make it fit on a CD02:18
wilee-nileejerkface03, I would dualboot to start with.02:18
Random832dealing with files is one thing, but i don't know if there's anything that will take your thunderbird profile etc02:18
Random832which goes in a different place on windows or linux02:18
Random832for thunderbird specifically someone asked this on ask ubuntu: http://askubuntu.com/questions/84996/migrating-thunderbird-profile-from-windows-7-to-ubuntu02:19
wilee-nileeyou can use the thunderbird config in ubuntu from windows02:19
devslashis gparted included in the iso ?02:19
Random832but you need to think specifically about each program you use02:19
Random832devslash: it was last time I tried it02:19
saiarcot895devslash: yes, that's standard02:19
wilee-nileesaiarcot895, Not any plans to shrink the iso to a dvd just the opposite02:20
wilee-nileeoops cd02:21
pfifoThey should remove all the desktop stuff from the livecd, leaving only the install stuff. and publish a livedvd for use as a live system02:21
matematikaaditI wanna say thanks to nero. thanks you very much, now my unity back as before.02:21
wilee-nileeother ubuntu releses like lubuntu fit xubunut might02:21
advHi all...02:23
advn e way to recover rm(mmed) file02:24
advsingle file02:24
ubottuU is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'ryt',  'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.02:25
advHi, Deleted a file from terminal with rm command, is there any way to restore it...02:25
Kardosadv: http://extundelete.sourceforge.net/02:26
Kardosit's not guaranteed obviously02:26
yebyenthe more recently you have rm'ed it, the better your chances02:26
advThanks Krados: but i want to restore single file from specific director... could you plz .. help with details02:26
pfifoadv, use a hexeditor on an image made with dd of the partition it was on, scan throught it and find your file's fragments, then reassemble.02:26
yebyengood advice to not download anything until you have it restored02:27
yebyenwhich will make it hard luck to get extundelete installed02:27
matematikaadithow to move min/max/close to the left in unity (ubuntu 13.04)? I've searched but all example just show up for gnome-shell.02:27
wilee-nileematematikaadit, dconf-editor02:27
yebyenmatematikaadit: if you have any interest in gnome-shell, i can recommend the gnome 3.8 from ppa very highly02:29
yebyennot to redirect the question02:29
=== fego_ is now known as zephyr
luke1Hello everybody.02:30
yebyenluke1: g'day02:31
matematikaadityebyen: well, i'm using unity and so far it works fine for me. gnome-shell just too slow in my machine. maybe another time.02:31
advThanks all...02:31
wilee-nileematematikaadit, what desktop are you running unity is on the left already?02:31
advbye 4 now...02:31
matematikaaditwilee-nilee: well, after installing ubuntu-gnome-desktop, many default configuration get screwed up.02:32
wilee-nileematematikaadit, Ah, you can reset compiz hold on.02:32
wilee-nileematematikaadit, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/04/how-to-reset-unity-compiz-in-ubuntu-12-10-and-13-0402:33
wilee-nilee+1 for the shell here. ;)02:34
yebyenwilee-nilee: another satisfied gnome-shell user? :)02:34
yebyenwilee-nilee: did you have an issue with gnome-screensaver at all?  not displaying feedback when you type in your password and getting grayed out like a crashed application02:35
Natasha9321/f/fl let me no if u want 2 cyber.  here's my nude pics:  http://bodyofchri.st/members/images/23885402:35
yebyenit still allows me to log back in but it's obviously broken from looking at it02:35
yebyenas if you had to be warned02:36
yebyendon't click, not really 21/f/fl02:36
pfifoyeah, the domain name gives it away02:36
maslenHi, I'm trying to compile some apps with the newest version of glib, but after running `make install` on glib, I get an error from pkg-config. Details are here: http://pastebin.com/eVJMNSnk02:39
maslenHi, I'm trying to compile some apps with the newest version of glib, but after running `make install` on glib, I get an error from pkg-config when running ./configure on the apps source code. Details are here: http://pastebin.com/eVJMNSnk *02:40
matematikaaditwilee-nilee: I think unity now is more mature compared than the last time I use it. It's also faster, lighter, and Just Works (tm)02:41
saiarcot895maslen: do you know if glib was installed to /usr/local/bin?02:42
pfifomaslen, use --with-glib=/path/to/glib.a02:43
maslensaiarcot895: It was - that appears to be the default02:43
maslenpfifo: Without installing it?02:43
pfifomaslen, you said you did a make install02:43
ShadowBlaze18Hello, does Canonical offer sorce code on a physical CD or something similar for those who request it?02:43
maslenpfifo: I can uninstall it if necessary.02:43
pfifomaslen, you dont have to uninstall the old version, you just have to point the configure script to the correct file02:44
saiarcot895maslen: glib should be installed ("sudo make install"), but when compiling the software dependent on glib, try the --with-glib switch02:45
maslenpfifo: No, but I think i'll need to remove the svn version.02:45
maslensaiarcot895: pfifo said the same, I'll try it ASAP02:45
pfifomaslen, you can have 2 glibs installed side by side, its not a problem, you just have to set it up correctly02:46
luke1Is there a list of channel commands for ubottu? I know that you can use !info and then the name of a package to get information about it,but that's all i know about it.02:48
matematikaaditwilee-nilee: ah, it doesn't work. It's likely that many default configuration was affected by gnome-shell installation.02:49
pfifoluke1, http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi02:49
luke1pfifo:thanks,but i don't know how to read that what does it mean exactly?02:50
zoidfarbHey, I'm running Ubuntu 13.04 on a Macbook Pro Retina, and I tried to install the nvidia drivers (nvidia-current) and now when I boot, I just get a black screen (I'm booting using rEFInd and EFI stub loader — no grub). Can anyone point me in the right direction?02:51
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luke1pfifo:now i think i'm starting to get it.02:53
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:53
pfifoluke1, please PM the bot to test stuff02:53
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/02:54
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Omen_20Could someone explain as to why OpenShot is actually considered good?02:56
=== Guest79034 is now known as krocos
holsteinOmen_20: "good" is a matter of opinion.. if it meets your needs, that would be good02:56
maslensaiarcot895: I apologize for all of my nub questions, but what exactly am I passing into --with-glib ?02:57
matematikaadithow to change default configuration of unity after installing gnome-shell?03:01
wilee-nileematematikaadit, Installing the shell makes no changes, when you run that reset a reboot is often needed,03:05
wilee-nileeno changes in unity03:06
wilee-nileematematikaadit, Do you have the unity-tweak-tool installed?03:13
matematikaaditwilee-nilee: oh, ok, but what caused this default to change then: http://i.imgur.com/mOcZaPl.png03:14
matematikaaditwilee-nilee: unity-tweak-tool, ok... wait...03:15
wilee-nileematematikaadit, Not sure but if you move the : to the other end if still on the right it will go to the left. I have no idea what you have done.03:16
matematikaaditwilee-nilee: previously I install ubuntu-gnome-desktop. So that maybe what caused all of it. The default theme also becomes Adawaita, not ambiance. Uninstalling ubuntu-gnome-desktop give nothing03:18
wilee-nileematematikaadit, double click that preferences and do this minimize,maximize,close:03:19
Aruthaquestion : I'm playing around with ZFS (kernel, not fuse) and getting to the point of sharing my pool out via samba.. Is there a benefit to using the built-in zfs sharesmb stuff over just doing a normal smb.conf share setup (other than not having to mess wtih smb.conf in the first place :))?03:19
wilee-nileematematikaadit, I have unity and the gnome-shell installing the shell does not change unity, however if you mess around it can, and you have to be extremely careful wit removing desktops if you want it completely gone.03:21
wilee-nileeremoving desktops effectively are with package lists of it, not just remove the desktop03:22
ShadowBlaze18Hello, does Canonical offers source code on a physical device (i.e. CD, DVD)?03:24
wilee-nileeArutha, Stock kernels are only supported here, just a heads up. ;)03:24
=== jack is now known as Guest38347
wilee-nileeShadowBlaze18, Whatever is there is compacted, and install has the source link in sources.list.03:25
AruthaEh, I was just hunting for a quick yea/nay.. I can go drop a question on the ubuntu forums instead (already gone through more than one zfs thread there :))03:26
wilee-nileeArutha, Cool does not mean no one will help, just may be no one around.03:26
wilee-nileeArutha, YOu might try ##linux you have to be registered for that channel is all.03:27
Aruthaah, yah, I'm not going to rage if no one knows... Take away my last beer, though... :)03:27
wilee-nileeArutha, I did not think so. ;)03:27
trismShadowBlaze18: apparently there is: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/source/20130425.3/source/ (for 13.04)03:27
cydizenShadowBlaze18: Not sure which version you are running but you can grab the sources here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04/release/source/03:27
SquabblerI'm having some HDMI issues with my laptop after going on vacation, can someone help me out?03:28
ShadowBlaze18wilee-nilee, well, I need to know if Canonical has in their written offer for source code, that they offer source code on a physical CD upon request. It was 12.04 LTS.03:28
kiko__Can someone point me to documentation about users and groups in Ubuntu 10.04? I am looking to find out why a new group is created for every user and if I can just assign all my users to one group and delete the group created when the user was created.03:28
matematikaaditwilee-nilee: ok, anyway thanks...03:28
wilee-nileegood find trism03:28
cydizenkiko__: Check out /etc/adduser.conf -    also, take a peek at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/user-management.html03:31
wheatthinkiko__, I'm sorry but we no longer support 10.0403:31
wilee-nileekiko__, This a desktop or server, the desktop is end of life.03:32
Squabbleris there some common reason as to why my HDMI port suddenly stops being recognized after being unplugged for a few days?? (12.04 LTS)03:34
wheatthinSquabbler, which graphics card?03:34
kiko__Yeah, I knew it was coming soon, which is why I was looking for documentation. It is a desktop not a server. Its an older computer, does 11.xx or 12.xx take any more resources to run vs 10.04?03:35
Squabblerintel 2nd gen integrated03:35
wheatthinkiko__, 12.04 should work just fine03:35
kiko__Ok, I'll try 12.04. I generally don't like to change things much so I stick with what works. Which is why I use Ubuntu...03:37
wilee-nileekiko__, !2.04 is the starting point for supported desktops, takes a little more resource probably 1 gig ram is suggested, different desktop03:37
Squabblerwheatthin, intel 2nd gen integrated03:38
wheatthinSquabbler, what does randr say in the terminal?03:39
kiko__I've got 1.5 GiB available, running a Pentium 4 @ 2.4 GHz, so I want to keep it small to leave as much as I can for programs03:40
Aruthaasuming all sata drives, when moving an mdadm array from one machine to another, it doesn't matter what sata ports the drives get plugged into, right?  mdadm will automagically assemble the array?03:40
ShadowBlaze18Thank you for trying to help, though.03:40
wheatthinkiko__, xubuntu should be fine03:41
Squabblerwheatthin, lvcs1 connected; vga1 disconnected03:41
Squabblerwheatthin. lvds1*03:41
kiko__Ok, Thanks for your help, I'll leave you to fix real problems.03:43
wheatthinSquabbler, lspci | grep vga03:43
wheatthinSquabbler, and   pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:44
Squabblerwheatthin, lspci outputs blank [nothing]03:45
KM0201Squabbler: did you type lspci? (lowercase L)03:46
Squabblerwheatthin, yes03:46
Squabblerwheatthin, what do you need in particular from lspci03:47
wheatthinjust paste it to pastebin03:47
KM0201well if lspci output is blank.. i can't imagine you'll glean much useful info.03:48
Squabblerno the grep was blank - lspci gives full list though03:49
KM0201oh ok.03:49
KM0201thats what i didn't get03:49
wheatthinSquabbler, now lemme see your xrandr -q03:50
Squabblerwheatthin, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5854331/03:51
wheatthinSquabbler, did you do an update some time in between your connections?03:52
wheatthincause this says you don't even have hdmi ;/03:52
Squabbleryeah that's what I don't understand (it saying I don't have it)03:53
SquabblerI did do an update before I left, and once I got back03:53
=== jono is now known as Guest27980
wheatthinhmm sounds me your intel drivers were updated, and now are missing hdmi portion03:55
wheatthinto me*03:55
wheatthinyou sure it's all plugged in and turned on?03:56
wheatthinand, is there a setting in the bios to turn it on or off?03:56
Squabblerwheatthin, yup, I have it plugged into the tv in front of me - bios is good - is there a simple way to revert them or reinstall the drivers?03:56
wheatthinSquabbler, not that I'm aware of.03:57
wheatthinyou can reinstall the drivers, but you gotta know which update it was03:57
cydizenwheatthin: Squabbler: sorry im late to the party,is this one of the "switchable" graphics scenarios?  (intel / nvidia)03:58
Squabblerwheatthin, well it can only be from the last two updated i did (today or tuesday)03:58
cydizencan we do an lspci -v03:58
devslashi downloaded an ubuntu iso and tried writing it to my flash drive using dd but i cant seem to get it to boot.03:58
wheatthindevslash, what command did you use fully?03:59
devslashdd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdb03:59
wheatthindevslash, and is your bios set to boot from usb?04:00
devslashi have a mac with refit04:00
Squabblercydizen, you want a pastebin of the output?04:00
cydizenyes, sorry I wasnt clear Squabbler. thank you04:00
Squabblercydizen, with full capability list?04:02
cydizenSquabbler: yes please04:03
GhostingFishHello, I have a problem with Compix and Unity not loading after my computer froze whilst playing a game. I think it may have to do with updates that I made04:03
Squabblercydizen, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5854358/04:04
GhostingFishAlso it seems that I am unable to get an internet connection on my computer as well. :T04:05
wheatthindevslash, I have no clue, did you try pressing option c or something like that?04:06
GhostingFishAnyone have an idea on how I can fix  or revert Compiz and Unity?04:08
wheatthinGhostingFish, were you updating when it froze?04:08
cydizenI'm poking around Squabbler04:08
GhostingFishI finished the updates a while ago, and I just hadnt restarted yet04:09
GhostingFishI've restarted a few times now, but i'll go and do it again.04:09
wheatthinUmm you just said you hadn't.04:10
GhostingFishI hadnt restarted right after installing the updates04:10
GhostingFishI had to hard shutdown ever since the compputer froze04:10
wheatthinso unity doesn't load? or is it compiz?04:11
GhostingFishOnly the desktop with icons load and nothing more04:11
wheatthinAnd did you install something, like gnome-shell?04:11
GhostingFishI just hit install when the updates thing came up04:11
cydizenSquabbler: I'd like to try a couple things if you have time.  First, can you please open 'Software & Updates' from the dash.  Then check the Additional Drivers tab.  Is everything enabled as you would expect?04:12
wheatthinGhostingFish, try to reinstall unity04:13
Squabblercydizen, nothing in the additional drivers list04:13
Squabblerwhich is how it's always been04:13
cydizenSquabbler: okay thank you.   Do you have a liveCD handy you could boot into ?  If that DOES work, Id be curious to compare the output of the previous pastebins you did.04:14
Squabblercydizen, i might have a USB boot handy, give me a minute -- which outputs did you want to compare?04:15
netlarIs there a Mir channel?04:15
cydizenSquabbler:  grab the lspci -v & xrandr -q04:16
Squabblercydizen, okay be back in a min04:16
netlarOr do I ask questions about Mir here04:20
Squabblercydizen, okay I was wrong, I'm going to have to make one real quick lol04:20
cydizenno sweat Squabbler!  I'll be around04:21
=== acrocity_ is now known as acrocity
netlarIs Mir going to be similar to the Linux graphics stack that is in x.org?04:24
devslashIs anyone still here04:27
netlarMaybe not04:27
devslashI booted Ubuntu as a live cd I want to extend my partition which is hda3 with hda504:29
devslashI extended it and gparted is telling me that Ubuntu might not be able to boot04:29
GhostingFishAlright, reinstalled unity, now goingto see if it worked or not..04:30
devslashWill that actually cause it to not boot?04:30
devslashIt should still be hda3 only bigger04:30
icloudWhen i play flash videos in full screen, the screen no longer respond to mouse movement, i have to press a whole bunch of keys to get the video to nest back into the page, anybody have the same problem?04:31
GhostingFishReinstalling unity and then reboothing did not work..04:31
devslashDoes anyone know?04:32
wheatthindevslash, I'm not sure that's possible.. hda3 is a primpary partition, and hda5 is extended partition..04:33
wheatthinwhat was the purpose of doing this?04:33
chadster1975im having a problem with my keyboard. my kitten laid on it and now its messed up04:34
devslashThe exact message is "you have queued an operation to move the start sector of partition /dev/hda3. Failure to boot us most likely to occur if you move the Linux partition containing /boot or if you move the windows partition containing c:04:34
wheatthinyeah that'll definitely screw it up04:34
wheatthinboot sector is always at the beginning04:35
chadster1975i went to keyboard layout and clicked reset to default and it did not help04:35
devslashSo if I make the change can I boot the live cd and rerun grub04:35
devslashSda3 sorry typo04:35
wheatthindevslash, if you already wrote it, then no.. data is lost04:35
devslashNo I didn't04:36
devslashI haven't committed any changes04:36
wheatthinthen press control c and not do follow through lol04:36
devslashI was told that you can extend an existing partition safely04:36
wheatthinyou mean resize?04:36
wheatthinthere's a difference04:37
psusidevslash, you can. what are you trying to do and what are you trying to do it with?04:37
devslashI have Ubuntu on a 60 gb partition. I have 73gb of free space and want to extend sda3 so it will be bigger04:37
KM0201(depending on the amount of data that needs moved though, might be safer to start over.. if it has to move a lot of data to extend the partition... it will take a while)04:37
chadster1975the left side of my keyboard is normal, but the right side has turned into a number pad04:37
icloudnm i fixed it04:37
psusidevslash, and you are using gparted on the ubuntu livecd to do this?04:38
chadster1975u=4 i=5 i=6 o=7 g=1 h=2 j=304:38
KM020160gigs?... how much of that 60gigs do you have in use?... that would seem to be plenty for an OS... or did you screw up putting your /home on its own partition?04:38
psusidevslash, then you should be fine, though yea... 60 gigs should be more than enough04:38
devslashIt's saying there's 46/55gb in use04:39
KM0201what the?04:39
KM0201must have a lot of multimedia or something on there04:39
KM0201do you have /home and / on separate partitions?04:40
wheatthinso if you want, the other parition you have extra, just delete it and resize the one you have in use, it'll "extend"04:40
devslashI have / and /home on the same partition04:40
KM0201my ubuntu partition is 30gigs, and i have a little over 14gigs free.... and that's with a TON of crap (granted, i keep most of my movies, videos, music, etc.. on my server)04:41
KM0201dunno, just seems strange that 60gigs is running out..04:41
devslashWheatthin will that cause Ubuntu to not boot?04:41
wheatthinno.. it shouldn't harm the files at all.04:42
SquabblerKM0201, not if you don't use a server04:42
KM0201Squabbler: well, it depends.04:42
psusidevslash, not if you are just extending the end of the partition into free space following it04:42
SquabblerKM0201, I can burn through 150GB with movies and music easily04:43
wheatthindevslash, but what you were trying to do is create an extended partition, which would have messed things up04:43
KM0201because even w/o my server.. i usually hav emy drive set up... "/ and /something_else"... /something_else is a separate partition, and holds my music, etc.. (that i keep on my laptop)04:43
devslashThere's no hda504:43
wheatthinsame difference04:43
KM0201Squabbler: i see what you're saying04:43
KM0201if i had my whole collection on my laptop... the hard drive wouldn't be near big enough04:43
devslashSo is it safe?04:43
KM0201thats why i have a file server04:43
wheatthinjust delete the sda5, and the resize the orginal one04:44
cydizenSquabbler: any luck with the liveCD & HDMI?04:44
SquabblerKM0201: oh I see what you mean04:44
KM0201i just doon't see how resizing out 12gigs (which seems to be what this guy is trying to do).. is really going to solve this issue... i mean, 12gigs.. thats nothing04:44
KM0201sorry, 15gigs04:44
Squabblercydizen, 1 min left on DL, then going to boot04:44
KM0201reallly building a cheap fileserver/NAS waas the smartest thing i ever done....04:45
wheatthinKM0201, if that's what he has to work with, then there shouldn't be anything not to get04:45
KM0201wheatthin: you're not hearing what i'm saying04:46
KM0201if i read him correctly, he only wants to change the partition size by about 15gigs.04:46
KM020115gigs.. is.. nothing.04:46
wheatthinI am, it's pointless.. we know you have an extra file server, perhaps this person doesn't04:46
KM0201no you're not.04:46
devslashWheatthin this is how gparted shows my drive: sda1 is efi 200mb,sda2 is my mac install 102gb,unallocated 73gb,sda3 is 55gb, and sda4 is my swap 2gb. I'm going to merge the unallocated with sda304:46
wheatthin15gb is still more than what he has now04:46
wheatthinthat's the point04:46
KM0201i was using why i had a file server as an example to Squabbler ..04:46
KM0201wheatthin: so how long before that 15gigs is done?... probalby a couple weeks?04:47
KM0201then he's back at square one04:47
wheatthinKM0201, that's his problem.. he'll have to get an external at his own time04:47
wheatthinfor now, that's ^ what he has to workw ith04:47
Squabblerso he's merging an extra 73gb, not 15gb, right?04:48
KM0201Squabbler: i thought he wsaid he was going from 55gigs, to 73gigs04:48
GhostingFishReinstalling Unity did not work for me. Is there any other way that I can get unity to work?04:48
KM0201GhostingFish: unity not working is a feature... it's working even when you don't know it.. :)04:48
KM0201install mate, be happy. :)04:48
devslashSo is it safe given that partition table?04:49
devslashEven despite gparteds warning04:49
GhostingFishso there is NO way that I can revert unity on my desktop?04:49
wheatthinexcept you don't want tod elete sda3, cause that's what you have allocated04:49
wheatthin73 is unallocated, so resize the 55gb to use the 73gb more04:50
wheatthinwhen you create an extended partition, you're actually trying to put more than 4 primary partitions onto a hard disk. ..you want to resize, and vuala04:51
wheatthinso what I'm saying is resize the 55gb partition to use the 73gb unallocated stuff, and it'll work04:52
Squabblercydizen, okay - going to boot and get those pasted brb04:53
wheatthinwb luke04:55
wheatthinor into this channel.04:55
luke1hi wheatthin:04:55
wheatthinluke1, gonna try helping out? or did you have a problem?04:56
wheatthinsweet.. && good luck :)04:56
GhostingFishthis is the second linux os that got nearly bricked via updates..04:59
wheatthinGhostingFish, some times it takes a couple times to learn how to do it right, especially if you have custom packages insatlled and what not05:00
GhostingFishthe first time was right after installing updates from a fress install......05:01
wheatthinGhostingFish, buuuut, if you skip a process inbetween updating regular packages, and doing a release upgrade/update, then there's things to be broken05:02
Squabblercydizen, both results are here -- http://paste.ubuntu.com/5854460/05:03
GhostingFish(then why is there an option to update programs in your OS? xD )05:03
cydizenSquabbler: was hdmi working from live?05:03
GhostingFishI'll tinker around and see if I find anything05:03
Erealzhey guys i did this yesterday sudo chmod 770 -R /home/user/ now i cant evern ls how do i fix if even possible?05:04
Squabblercydizen, tv didn't come on with it no - i guess i should have checked display options huh.. /facepalm05:04
nownottrying to convert flac to m4a and I keep getting Input stream #0:0 frame changed from rate:44100 fmt:s16 ch:2 chl:stereo to rate:44100 fmt:s16p ch:2 chl:stereo05:05
nownotusing command for f in *.flac; do avconv -i "$f" -c:a alac "${f%.*}.m4a"; done … ideas?05:05
Squabblercydizen, i'm on boot now and i still can't get hdmi to work, not in displays, no detection, etc05:13
cydizenSquabbler: what laptop model are you using?05:13
Squabblercydizen, Acer Aspire 3830T (Timeline X)05:14
cydizenSquabbler: I have a laptop with a similar card, give me a few to fire it up and take a look05:17
Squabblercydizen, awesome05:17
Erealzhow do you adduser05:23
wheatthinErealz, I'm sure you can do it in the terminal.. sudo adduser05:24
wheatthinand go through the prompts05:24
cydizenSquabbler: okay mine is working.   can you pastebin  lsmod | grep i91505:25
Squabblerfrom usb or system?05:25
cydizenLet's go from your real system.05:25
Squabblerokay one sec05:25
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
Squabbler_cydizen, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5854501/05:29
cydizenDang Squabbler_ , same results on mine05:30
Squabbler_cydizen, I know it's not the cable or the tv because I just tested it with the PS3 and it works fine05:31
cydizenSquabbler_: lets see if that pesky acer_wmi driver is causing issues.05:33
Squabbler_I'm guessing it has to do with when I updated today or last tuesday like wheatthin said - but I'm not sure what05:33
cydizensudo modprobe -r acer_wmi05:33
sawrubhI have downloaded the iso file from the cd images site, now I want to install it from inside Windows 7 (similar to what we used to do with wubi)05:34
Squabbler_cydizen, nothing05:35
sawrubhhow can I do so ?  I've tried to mount the iso and then copying the wubi.exe inside to outside where the iso file is stored and following the steps I used to do earlier, but it starts downloading the torrent for the iso, instead of using the iso stored locally05:35
sawrubhthis is Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit btw05:35
cydizenSquabbler_:  okay when do you lsmod again, can you confirm it's now gone?05:35
Squabbler_cydizen, yes05:36
cydizenSquabbler_: Okay, lets restart X now.  from the command line, run sudo service lightdm restart05:37
wilee-nileesawrubh, So you want the wubi install in other words?05:37
ubottuWubi allows you to install or uninstall Ubuntu 12.04 LTS from within Windows ( version 7 or earlier ) in a simple and safe way. Wubi is INCOMPATIBLE with UEFI, Windows 8 Certified computers, and Windows RAID arrays. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for more information. File wubi bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug05:38
Jordan_Usawrubh: I highly recommend against using Wubi; It's not even supported in the most recent versions of Ubuntu.05:38
sawrubhJordan_U: so the usual route of creating another partition and installing in it ?05:39
Jordan_Usawrubh: Yes, that is what I would recommend doing.05:39
wilee-nileesawrubh, I would agree with Jordan_U however if a wubi was your only choice, say a work computer here is what you need. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide#How_can_I_use_a_manually_downloaded_ISO.3F05:40
nownotanyone here feel like helping out with an avconv issue? no one in ffmpeg is awake05:42
cydizenSquabbler: tell me you have hdmi now hehe05:43
Squabblercydizen - nope, I don't think it restart, I don't know what just happened lol05:43
Squabblerit locked05:43
cydizenokay, did you reboot?05:43
cydizenmake sure that acer module is reloaded.   It was just a test05:44
cydizenSquabbler: silly question - when you plug in the hdmi cable, and you hit the "function" monitor button on the laptop, does it doe anything?05:45
Squabbleryeah it's there, the acer_wmi right?05:45
Squabblernope, the only one that works is the on/off, and it turns this screen off (laptop screen)05:46
cydizenokay.  It's going to take a bit more research it seems.  I need to step away for now, sorry we couldn't get it done!05:47
Squabbleralso my mouse vanished05:47
Squabblersince doing that lol05:47
StarthunderI have a PowerBook with Ubuntu Server on it, and the display keeps falling asleep after a couple minutes of inactivity. Can I adjust that value(, or, ideally, just tell it not to sleep at all for the next two hours)?05:47
cydizenSquabbler: oh?05:47
Squabblercydizen: yeah no pointer anymore05:48
Random832Starthunder: why do you care about display sleep?05:49
StarthunderBecause I'm about to watch a movie on /this/ computer, and open my IRC on that one.05:49
Random832are you playing a movie? this should be something the movie player can take care of05:49
StarthunderI'm not playing a movie on the Ubuntu machine.05:50
StarthunderLike I said, I'm about to use it for IRC.05:50
StarthunderI'm just…not…yet.05:50
cydizenhey Squabbler, before I go, check out this page.  Might be some reference points: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireTimeline05:50
Squabblercydizen, okay appreciate your time and help!05:50
Random832i'm confused - you're worried about the display sleeping on the one you're watching the movie on, or the one you're IRCing on?05:50
Random832and if you're05:50
SquabblerI'll let you know if I figure it out05:50
Random832and if the latter, if you're IRCing, aren't you typing?05:50
cydizenYea, like I said wish we could have knocked that one out.  Ciao!   Squabbler:  yes please do!05:51
StarthunderThat's rather irrelevant…05:51
StarthunderI'm /currently/ IRCing on a Mac.05:51
StarthunderI'm /about/ to watch a movie on said Mac, and move my IRCing to the Ubuntu laptop05:51
Random832i'm confused05:51
xvzfmy Ubuntu reports a suspend/resumeproblem. Now I can type only very slowly and the mouse is not smooth. What is this problem and how can I fix it?05:51
Random832is the machine you're worried about display sleep the one you're _going to be_ IRCing on?05:51
Random832but if you're IRCing, then how is there going to be inactivity?05:52
=== Troy is now known as Troy^
StarthunderThere…won't be.05:52
StarthunderBut /right now/, the display keeps sleeping, and it's annoying me.05:52
Random832if there's not inactivity, then why are you worried about display sleep05:52
Random832I'm confused.05:52
StarthunderBecause there IS inactivity RIGHT NOW05:52
Random832because you're not using it for anything right now05:52
Random832so why do you need the display to be on?05:53
Random832Anyway try this http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-disable-screen-blanking-screen-going-blank.html05:54
TheMinerHe is mistyping.05:55
Random832er that's mainly focused on text console mode, but you see it says xset s off for X05:55
TheMinerHe means that there IS activity and that his display is going to sleep with activity05:55
Random832TheMiner: no, he's talking about the one he's not using for anything right now (i.e. inactivity) going blank05:55
Starthunder…no, that's not what I mean. P05:55
Starthunder:P *05:55
=== Starthunder is now known as Moonlightning
Random832he said that very specifically, I asked for clarification twice since it's such a weird thing to be annoyed at05:56
tritechwhat is the command to pipe from a file on ubuntu into another file?05:56
Random832tritech: what do you mean "pipe from a file"?05:56
utfans05| ?05:56
utfans05or >05:56
Equinox3mv lists lists.old05:56
Moonlightningcat $file1 > $file2 #this?05:56
wilee-nileeStarthunder, Ubuntu turn off display sleep per session    xset -dpms ; xset s off   (on or off)05:56
Random832cp file1 file205:56
wilee-nileetimed not sure05:57
Random832but this seems so obvious that can't possibly be what you meant?05:57
tritechtake the output of a file and send it into another05:57
Random832"output of a file"?05:57
=== jack is now known as Guest8387
Random832define 'file' as you are using it05:57
Random832files don't have output, they just exist.05:57
Random832commands have output05:57
tritechwell if u open a file, u see info right05:57
Random832so you want to take the data in one file05:58
Random832and put it in another file05:58
tritechpiping that content into another file05:58
Random832what exactly does cp not do for you?05:58
tritechusing this sign |05:58
wilee-nileeStarthunder, Not sure on a server though if that command works.05:58
Moonlightningwilee-nilee: it's a laptop…I just installed Ubuntu Server on it xP05:58
Random832why would you use | for that? they're files05:58
Moonlightning(tritech: no…if you open() a file, you get a file descriptor ;3 )05:59
wilee-nileeMoonlightning, I suspect the command is tied to X, you have no X right?05:59
Moonlightningwilee-nilee: yep, no X.05:59
Random832Moonlightning: did you see the link i posted?05:59
MoonlightningBut I didn't get an error, and it seems to be working; the display hasn't slept yet.05:59
MoonlightningRandom832, I did.05:59
MoonlightningThat's what I used.05:59
MoonlightningThanks, by the way XD05:59
MonkeyDusttritech  use tee, like so     ls|tee file_name06:00
tritechmonkeydust so tee filename | filename2 ?06:01
MonkeyDusttritech  no    command|tee file06:02
MoonlightningOh, and I remembered why it was annoying me06:02
=== Thor^^ is now known as Thor
MoonlightningIf the screen is off for more than a minute or so, when it comes back on, it's noticeably dimmer, as if it's taking a while to warm up again.06:03
MoonlightningSo I kept hitting a key to wake it up, so the screen wouldn't be all dim when I actually did want to use it.06:03
tritechso ls filename | filename2 ?06:04
ripthejackerIntegration with Android phone is improved in Ubuntu 13.04. Both sd card and external card is working with Jellybean OS. Can anyone explain what has changed to make this happen?06:04
GhostingFishI'm back lol. My problem was Xorg, and after manially reinstalling it, unity started just fine, but after rebooting again, back to the same old problem06:04
wilee-nileeripthejacker, You have 4.2 android right?06:05
MonkeyDusttritech  no    ls|tee blah     <-- it creates a file called 'blah'06:05
geniitritech: If you did: ls filename | tee filename2   ...then filename2 contains the name of filename1 and not the contents06:05
Moonlightningtritech: `ls $filename` with no options will give you `$filename` :P06:05
ltrottierso, my use case for an encrypted home directory is that I don't want people to have access to my data if they steal my hardware06:05
ripthejackerwilee-nilee: 4.106:05
wilee-nileeripthejacker, Ah yeahm y dna is 4.1 and works and my nexus 7 4.2 works, I think it is from android.06:06
ltrottier… but this means that administration of the thing sucks, because I always have to enter a password if I want to ssh in06:06
tritechi have a file that i want to pipe the contents into another file06:06
tritechany idea of what command to use?06:06
wilee-nileemto is a funky beast06:07
MonkeyDusttritech  then try      cat filename > other_filename06:07
geniitritech: Why are you adverse to just using cp filename1 filename2 ?06:07
Moonlightningltrottier: HDE confused me thorougly06:07
MoonlightningI ended up wiping my machine and using FDE instead. I have to enter a password to boot, but nothing after that (for ssh at least)06:07
ltrottierMoonlightning: yeah, but I want a machine that I can administer remotely06:07
ltrottierso full FDE doesn't work, and neither does HDE, apparently06:08
ripthejackerwilee-nilee: But it's not working in Ubuntu 12.01. It mount only sd card and not external06:08
ltrottierbecause using id_rsa.pub etc. can't apparently decrypt the folder06:08
geniitritech: If the filename1 is some executable file of which you want the output of it when being run to go to filename2 then it is some other matter06:08
wilee-nileeripthejacker, Not, sure really.06:08
ltrottierbasically, this means I won't be using HDE06:09
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
ltrottieror if I want to do encryption, I'll have to do a whole bunch more work to make it possible to remotely administer it06:10
Moonlightningltrottier: I think you may have to put ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in the underlying decrypted version of your ~06:10
MoonlightningAs well as in the encrypted version.06:10
MoonlightningNot entirely sure how you would manage to do that.06:10
ltrottierMoonlightning: yeah was already bitten by that today06:10
ltrottierjust put authorized keys file in /etc/06:11
ltrottier(outside of home dir)06:11
ltrottierand pointed sshd to it06:11
ltrottierit's not a security hazard06:11
ltrottierwell, it reveals the identity of connecting computers. big whoop06:11
MoonlightningJust read that better.06:12
MoonlightningI dunno. It seems to me there should be a way to have passwordless ssh login06:12
MoonlightningEven with HDE06:12
ltrottierMoonlightning: yes, you can have it. it just won't auto-mount your encrypted home dir06:13
ltrottierand it's extremely irritating that it doesn't06:13
MoonlightningThat's what I meant XD06:13
MoonlightningI'm tired, sorry.06:13
ltrottierbecause the use case of remotely administrating machines that could be stolen is basically not possible06:13
ltrottierwhich is kind of absurd, if you think about it06:14
histoMoonlightning: you can do passwordless logging in with keys06:14
ltrottierhisto: you can log in. but you have to enter your password to access the home dir06:14
histoltrottier: what?06:15
histoltrottier: oh with encrypted home06:15
ltrottierif you have HDE, you can have password-less login to your machine06:15
histoSilly people encrypting their home partitions06:15
ltrottierwhich prevents a whole class of use cases06:15
ltrottierimagine you had a computer in a public place, but wanted to hide the data on it06:16
ltrottier… but also be able to reset it and administer it remotely06:16
ltrottieryou can't do this in any simple way with the current architecture of HDE06:16
ltrottieror, of course, FDE (which seems to require that you be there physically at reboot)06:17
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WisemanofhyruleIf I create a WAP using hostapd only so that I can create a wireless local network, do I need to enable NAT since it wont be connecting to the internet?06:50
sanavProblem : unable to make connection to LAN using wired connection for internet in my dad's office What i did : i add manually add address and also tried DHCP .System : ubuntu 64 bit 12.04.2 LTS  on dell 15 z 5523 .ifconfig and lshw -c network log http://paste.ubuntu.com/5854595/     and dmsg log http://paste.ubuntu.com/5854599/   .I'm not on windows .It work fine on it .Please help me .06:50
sanavhello ! anyone here to help me .Please06:54
\\Mr_C\\whats the most popular irc client for linux?06:55
MonkeyDust\\Mr_C\\  xchat weechat and irssi are popular06:56
rohitkavhow to get virtualenvwrapper installed fully . I am following this tutorial http://www.rosslaird.com/blog/first-steps-with-mezzanine/ but when I run virtualenv  I don't get this "virtualenvwrapper.user_scripts creating .../predeactivate" running06:57
aaron__I'm looking for alternatives to awn (which seems dead). In more detail: I'm looking for docks that are able to fully replace normal panels, that is docks that also include an indicator/notification area, a clock, a system menu. with lower priority: cpu usage meter, network traffic meter. The only other dock I know of that offers all that is KDE's panel with the icon-only taskmanager widget. Are there alternatives for other desktop06:59
aaron__environments? (xfce in my case)06:59
sanavProblem : unable to make connection to LAN using wired connection for internet in my dad's office What i did : i add manually add address and also tried DHCP .System : ubuntu 64 bit 12.04.2 LTS  on dell 15 z 5523 .ifconfig and lshw -c network log http://paste.ubuntu.com/5854595/     and dmsg log http://paste.ubuntu.com/5854599/   .I'm not on windows .It work fine on it .Please help me .07:00
disdineede some help with overlayfs introduced in 3.10 kernel07:00
cristian_cT anymorehe volume keys do not work well07:01
disdiI am currently working upon ubuntu 13.04....I needed some help with overlayfs introduced in 3.10 kernel07:01
disdican some one help?07:01
cristian_c*the volume keys do not work well anymore07:01
cristian_cthey wok well in live07:02
cristian_cI'm using Precise 12.0407:02
cristian_cAny ideas?07:02
disdiI am currently working upon ubuntu 13.04....I needed some help with overlayfs introduced in 3.10 kernel,can some one help?07:03
disdiI am currently working upon ubuntu 13.04....I needed some help with overlayfs introduced in 3.10 kernel,can some one help?07:03
wilee-nileedisdi, stock kernels are only supported here.07:04
disdiwilee-nilee:which channel should I go07:04
cristian_cI'm using a laptop, obviously07:04
wilee-nileedisdi, Does not mean no one will help just a bit slow now, just info, could try ##linux if you are registered.07:05
MonkeyDustdisdi  or type     /msg alis list *kernel*    <-- with the asterisks07:05
histocristian_c: what do you mean the do not "work well"  do they work at all?07:06
disdi.MonkeyDust: what would that do?07:06
cristian_chisto, prtially07:06
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
cristian_chisto, toggle button works half. It mutes, but it doesn't mute anymore07:07
MonkeyDustdisdi  show a list of kernel dedicated channels07:07
histocristian_c: try monitoring with xev running in a terminal and see if the key presses are getting registered07:07
cristian_chisto, xev shows anything for these keys07:07
cristian_c*doesn't show07:07
histocristian_c: huH?07:07
devslashhas anyone ever converted a dmg to iso in ubuntu ?07:07
histocristian_c: ahh well that's not good.  How are they working at all then07:07
histo!keyboard | cristian_c07:08
ubottucristian_c: To switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard | KDE: System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout | XFCE: Settings -> Settings Manager -> Keyboard, Layout07:08
histo!anyone | devslash07:08
ubottudevslash: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.07:08
cristian_chisto, increase and decrese volume work bad07:08
devslashhow do you convert a dmg to iso ?07:08
histodevslash: Who made the dmg?07:08
cristian_chisto, they are not mounted on the keyboard07:09
devslashwhat does that matter ?07:09
histodevslash: what OS are you on currently07:09
histodevslash: http://www.davidtan.org/how-to-convert-dmg-to-iso-on-mac-osx-windows-and-linux/07:10
derootWhy Ubuntu(Linux) can run CLI application from lightDM step? for example if you set wget in crontab file, wget can be started at the predefined time in crontab file without login to desktop -> it does not need authentication!07:11
deroot*CLI applications07:12
histoderoot: You put it in cron what did you expect?07:12
histoderoot: that's the whole point of cron is to run whatever at a specified time.07:13
histocristian_c: what do you mean they are not mounted on keyboard?07:13
DesignerXhi guus, anyone here has exp with Ubuntu as Guest VM  & Win7 host ? having problem making hardlink to shared folders07:13
histoDesignerX: install guest additions07:13
histoDesignerX: also you may receive more help in the vbox channel07:14
cristian_chisto, they are close to power button and to wifi button. If I take off the keyboard , there are these buttons yet07:14
DesignerXhisto: i use VMware workstation 9 , I already have the tools & I can shared the folder .. but I need to create a hardlink to the shard folders but it doesnt allow me07:15
histocristian_c: they should be through the keyboard controller there.07:15
histoDesignerX: What is the error?07:15
cristian_chisto, I think they are acpi keys07:15
DesignerXhisto:  let me copy it for you .. one sec07:15
cristian_cthey don't belong to the keyboard07:16
histoDesignerX: hardlinks cannot link directories btw07:16
histocristian_c: No idea then.. No you said if you boot to cd they work fine?07:16
DesignerXhisto: oh .. well that is the problem then07:17
cristian_chisto, I've tried in live mode and they work well07:17
histocristian_c: with the same version of ubuntu?07:19
=== mrmist is now known as mist
cristian_chisto, yes07:19
cristian_chisto, I've tried the same kernel, too07:19
histocristian_c: make sure you "live mode" is up to date.. Perhaps you are experiencing a bug07:19
cristian_chisto, what can I do? :)07:20
cristian_clive cd07:20
cristian_chisto, these keys worked some months ago07:21
cristian_calways on 12.0407:21
histocristian_c: Try to determine which setting or application you installed that is interfering or causing a bug effecting their use.07:21
histocristian_c: I have no idea what that maybe... Perhaps search askubuntu.com for your laptop model etc...07:22
cristian_chisto, I'll try07:22
cristian_chisto, http://askubuntu.com/search?q=c50007:23
cristian_cnohing :(07:23
histocristian_c: Perhaps post a question there.  A forum search may help as well.07:24
cristian_chisto, ok07:24
sauerbratenso I accidentally deleted everythng in /usr/lib/udev... what was in there and how can I get it back?07:27
dcraigsauerbraten, for what it's worth, there's nothing in mine...07:30
achernyasaurbraten: same as dcraig, nothing there on my machine too.07:31
dcraigmaybe I deleted mine, too !07:32
sauerbratenhuh... where are the default keymaps then? I know I saw some at some point07:32
dcraigno idea07:33
achernyaWhat do you mean keymaps file?07:34
achernyaLike, /etc/default/keyboard?07:34
sauerbratenthe vendor specific hotkey definitions07:34
_droidhi, some packages in the ubuntu repository are not up to date. How or where can I ask for updating the packages07:44
MonkeyDust!latest | _droid07:44
ubottu_droid: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.07:44
Gilligan94Hi, sometimes when I ctl+alt+left arrow to switch desktops I am logged out, why?07:50
matematikaaditGilligan94: what ubuntu version? what desktop environment?07:53
Gilligan94matematikaadit: just the current, nothing special07:53
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tannji                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         07:56
tannji                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     07:56
FloodBot1tannji: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:56
Noskcajis there a planet ubuntu RSS feed?07:58
matematikaaditGilligan94: well, I'm using unity with ubuntu 13.04 and there are no such error. Do you assign another keyboard shortcut to ctrl+alt+<-?07:58
=== root__ is now known as Chrisx
Gilligan94matematikaadit: I have not manually assigned anything, it doesn't happen every time08:00
matematikaaditNoskcaj: http://planet.ubuntu.com/rss20.xml08:01
Noskcajmatematikaadit, thanks08:01
=== JoseAntonioR is now known as JoseeAntonioR
matematikaaditGilligan94: well, if you know how to trigger it, maybe we could help.08:03
_droidubottu: well ubuntu has the tryton package version 2.2.1, and the tryton developers have the latest version 2.8. Take at least the the version before 2.8 which is 2.608:06
ubottu_droid: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:06
_droidMonkeyDust: well ubuntu has the tryton package version 2.2.1, and the tryton developers have the latest version 2.8. Take at least the the version before 2.8 which is 2.608:07
auronandace!latest | _droid08:08
ubottu_droid: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.08:08
SDIShi all.  can any one tell me  what is the best way to learn "Linux shell program" and  second of all,  what is the difference between the linux and unix?08:09
bazhang!abs > SDIS08:10
ubottuSDIS, please see my private message08:10
Equinox3guys, anyone know of a network monitor able to monitor applications using the network08:11
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stevenm_Hey I'm trying to install a package that requires lsb to be installed and >=3.1 in version... lsb is installed at version 4.0-0ubuntu20   -   however when I try to install my deb via dpkg it still moans it doesn't meet the dependency - any ideas?08:14
bazhangwhat package stevenm_08:15
stevenm_bazhang, the one I'm installing08:16
stevenm_it's not in the repo's08:16
bazhangstevenm_, what is the precise package name08:16
=== e_t__ is now known as e_t_
cristian_cAn other question08:20
cristian_cI've tried to use dcc with my irc client08:21
cristian_creceiving is working, sending is not working :(08:21
bazhangcristian_c, which client08:22
cristian_cbazhang, I've tried with lostirc, irssi and xchat08:22
bazhangcristian_c, sending is not working? the recipient has to agree to accept, it's not automatic08:23
cristian_cbazhang, I've tried with some users08:23
cristian_cbazhang, they agree08:23
bazhangcristian_c, perhaps ask in #xchat and #irssi08:24
cristian_cbazhang, ok08:24
excalibrapt-get isn't being helpful enough with this error msg. Any idea how to pin point which launchpad repo throws this error?08:24
excalibrW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net raring Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 3FFFA8CD412F055D08:24
devinceblewhich irc channel for developers?08:29
bazhang!alis | devinceble have a search08:30
ubottudevinceble have a search: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*08:30
matematikaaditdevinceble: you might ask in #freenode08:30
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devincebleDoes qtdeclarative5-hud1.0 library present on 13.04 or 13.10 only?08:31
bazhangdevinceble, #ubuntu-devel08:31
devinceblebazhang: thank's mate08:32
MonkeyDustdevinceble  or #ubuntu-app-devel08:35
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gasdflllllllllllany windows media center like app for ubuntu ?08:42
wsnipexgasdflllllllllll, xbmc08:43
macwolf74gasdflllllllllll, you can try xbmc or moovida08:44
MonkeyDustgasdflllllllllll  http://www.techdrivein.com/2011/03/top-5-media-center-applications-for.html08:44
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Ubuh-Huntuhi need to intercept a client server tcp/ip connection and modify the content of the binary file being transferred from the server to the client. this is for testing the checksum algorithm done at the client side. any way to do this with a linux gateway setup to forward traffic in the middle?09:08
MonkeyDustUbuh-Huntuh  i guess that's beyond this channel, try asking in #ubuntu-server, ##networking or ##linux09:12
ikoniaUbuh-Huntuh: what distro are you using, you're asking in #fedora, #debian, #suse, #centos and many other channels09:14
varunendraUbuh-Huntuh, what you are asking is Hacking and definitely not supported here.09:15
start_pronei have installed the Xubuntu distribution and I had the bad inspiration of changing the video driver from nouveau to nVidia09:18
start_pronethe problem is now that the X server restarts with no reason09:19
deckardwould someone give me a simple understanding of why there are secret parts to driver code? As to make so many options available for Ubuntu09:19
start_pronethe error associated that I could find in syslog is this:09:19
Ubuh-Huntuhit's not hacking if i can install a forwarding router in the middle!09:19
Ubuh-Huntuhthis is done in a lab for testing09:19
start_pronekernel: [261143.116367] xfce4-session[2377] segfault at ffffffff00000000 ip 00007fe21f771f7f sp 00007fffc8dd6fd0 error 5 in libglib-2.0.so.0.3600.0[7fe21f70e000+f9000]09:20
start_proneany ideas how can I solve the problem?09:20
Walexstart_prone: build the 'xfce4-session' from sources and find the bug and fix it. Or else pay someone to do that. Or else wait until it is someone else's itch to fix it. You can always report the bug via the Ubuntu tracking system09:23
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start_proneWalex: I can't submit the error with the built in system. it says that I don't have that application installed...09:39
start_proneWalex: anyway... thank you09:39
mojttabaHow to comfogure mimicom?09:41
DragooonCan I burn the installation ISO to a HDD partition on the computer I need to install?09:45
Ben64you can, but then you can't install to that drive09:46
Ben64best to use an external drive09:46
DragooonI don't have one09:46
Ben64they're like $609:46
DragooonI have 2 HDDs09:46
DragooonI know that, but I'm injured and I can't go to the market09:46
Dragooonplus I need ubuntu09:46
UbubeginI used nohup script & and it returned [1] 30913; .. How can I check now whether this stuff is still running or not09:47
Ben64well you can put it on one drive then install to the other i suppose09:47
DragooonOkay, let me try that09:47
Ben64have to use something like dd09:47
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nibbler_Ububegin: you could ps waxl | grep 3091309:49
UbubeginI just did this ..ps -p 30913 and just got PID TTY          TIME CMD09:49
llutzUbubegin: ps -p 3091309:49
nibbler_Ububegin: or tail the nohup.out.09:49
nibbler_Ububegin: you might also use fg (dont know if it works for nohupped) or reptyr to re-foreground09:50
Ububeginllutz: Does my result mean, the script has finished..09:50
ryanf_G'day guys09:50
llutzUbubegin: yes09:50
mojttaba-lz help How to comfogure mimicom?09:51
llutzmojttaba: "minicom -s"09:52
mojttabaIs there any thimg special to configure09:53
llutzmojttaba: depends on what you want to do. port, speed, parity etc.pp09:53
mojttabaFor serial comunicate wirh am ebedded linux board09:54
halccan someone tell me where in ubuntu i can change settings in grub, i must change time and default operating system09:55
mojttabaFor serial comunicate with an embedded linux board09:55
llutzmojttaba: yes and? you should know what parameter that board is set to and what port it is connected to. so check if minicom has those settings09:56
Ben64halc: /etc/default/grub09:56
mojttabaI have set corect buad rate amd i can see linux boot up09:57
mojttabaBut after booting up i cant send any coo09:58
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tearsWhere can I ask netwok questions?10:01
ikoniatears: ##networking ?10:01
ikoniatears: I suggest joining the #freenode channel and asking for a basics in how to use the network services and channel10:02
mojttabatears: about ubuntu?10:03
tearsikonia yes I looked at a packet sent via firefox's private browsing and found that it still reveals a lot of info abut me so I want to know more about that.10:03
ikoniatears: such as ?10:03
ikoniatears: what info does it reveal ?10:04
tearsikonia like the source IP10:04
ikoniatears: yeah, it has to contain a source IP - or it won't know how to get back10:04
lfzhangwhere are you from?10:04
ikoniatears: and private browsing is private in terms of keeping public records/cache on your disk - not the network10:04
rohitkavI'm following this tutorial http://www.rosslaird.com/blog/first-steps-with-mezzanine/ but I don't get this virtualenvwrapper.user_scripts creating .../predeactivate when I create virtualenvwrapper10:04
tearsikonia oh that's what I needed to know10:05
ikoniaso just ask, rather than asking where you can ask networking questions10:05
tearsikonia then the name private isn't used very well is it?10:05
ikoniatears: yes, it is10:05
anekshey guys, what's the best way to do a full backup of my system so I can restore it later on?10:05
ikoniatears: your expectations are just not realistic10:05
tearsikonia true10:06
ikonia!backup | aneks10:06
ubottuaneks: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning10:06
lfzhangI'am from Chinese10:06
lfzhangmy English is so poor.10:06
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DJones!cn | lfzhang10:07
ubottulfzhang: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw10:07
DJoneslfzhang: See above if support in Chinese language will be more helpful10:07
aneksikonia, which backup utility would you recommend?10:09
nerohello ikonia!10:10
btaitelbI'm embarrassed to admit this, but I just had an epic typo and changed the ownership of /etc/sudoers and I don't have the root password to this box. Any way to restore the owner to root?10:11
neroaneks whats your issue?10:11
llutzbtaitelb: boot from live-cd or in recovery-mode to fix it10:11
aneksnero, just want to do a full backup of my system and was wondering what backup utility to use.10:12
btaitelbllutz: yeah, I'll have to get access credentials to the aws account that this ec2 machine is on. was hoping there was some way to fix it without having to fess up :/10:12
nerobtaitelb http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=156379410:13
matematikaaditganang: jangan bingung...10:13
ganangla gak tau caranya nggunain ini hhh pemula og10:14
neroaneks Suit yourself here. http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2012/05/backup-ubuntu-desktop/10:14
nerobtaitelb that helped?10:16
neroaneks is that ok?10:16
btaitelbnero: that requires that I have root, which I don't.10:16
matematikaadit!id | ganang10:17
ubottuganang: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia10:17
btaitelbI did change the owner to www-data, so I might be able to reset the ownership via a php script10:17
columbAfter "shutdown now" system doesn't going down. It's freezing on ubuntu loading screen. How do I fix it?10:18
Ben64btaitelb: how did you change permissions of sudoers without root10:18
ganangkasih tau dunk caranya memalas chat10:20
DJones!english | ganang10:21
ubottuganang: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList10:21
btaitelbBen64: I put an extra space into the command: sudo chown -R www-data:www-data current/*10:23
ganangmatematik: gimananii?10:23
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdcan anyone help ubuntu 12.04 doesnt boot from live disc, i get the purple screen with keyboard picture down, then blinking cursor for few seconds and then just black screen with little red square with some kind of white line10:23
Ben64btaitelb: how does a space change sudoers10:24
btaitelbBen64: I put the space before /*10:24
Ben64oh so you broke the whole system then10:24
btaitelbwell, not the whole system, I caught it about halfway through. not fast enough to save /etc though10:25
Ben64well you shouldn't have been in the sudoers anyway10:25
btaitelbBen64: please refer to http://freenode.net/channel_guidelines.shtml#elitist10:26
ganangubottu: sorry I am still a beginner in irc so still confused10:26
ubottuganang: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:26
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdany idea what is wrong? getting just a blank screen with a small red square in corner of screen and white line inside of this square when trying to boot live disc, i have tried to redownload, burn again, burned at 4x and verified10:27
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Ben64sudo and wildcards are a dangerous combination10:27
armitageвсем доброго времени суток10:28
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdnobody has idea why i get black screen with small red square when booting from live disc?10:29
DJones!ru | armitage10:29
ubottuarmitage: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.10:29
ganangmatematikadit: gimananii?10:29
ganangmatematikaadit: gimananii?10:30
Ben64ganang: this channel is for english ubuntu support only, not sure what you're doing, but its not that10:30
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdis anybody here who can help?10:31
matematikaaditganang: In here we are allowed to use english only. Kita cuma boleh pake bahasa inggris disini. Kalo pengen pake bahasa indonesia, ketik "/JOIN #ubuntu-id".10:31
nerohave u done the md5 sumcheck?10:32
neroare u using a cd?10:32
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdyes, and it was correct10:32
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdim using dvd10:32
nerodisable UEFI on boot menu.10:32
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdim using a older computer without UEFI10:33
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdmotherboard is asus a8n-e10:33
neroare u performing a complete install of ubuntu?10:33
StarOnDsomeone in this room told me once about an !alis kind of command which searches for chat rooms ,can someone tell me exactly what that command is ?10:33
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdi would replace xp10:33
Ben64sdfgdfsdfsdfsd: 64bit or 3210:33
neroenabled USB boot?10:33
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdhave tried both, 32 and 64 bit10:33
neroI mean, the dvd as first boot device?10:33
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdi have tried usb which starts blinking cursor after "PCI device listing"10:34
Ben64!alis | StarOnD10:34
ubottuStarOnD: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*10:34
nerou are getting a blank screen huh?10:34
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdif i try to boot from usb it just starts blinking cursor after "pci device listing" in boot10:34
Adonhi all10:34
nerotry the usb.10:35
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdthats the problem, usb wont boot10:35
StarOnDokay ben64,ubottu10:35
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdbut dvds do10:35
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdwhen i boot from dvd i get the purple screen where i can press key to get to boot options10:35
nerowhy not? have u changed the boot device priority to USB?10:35
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdyes but the problem is that it starts blinking cursor in bottom of screen after "PCI Device listing" with USB10:35
nerosdfgdfsdfsdfsd and nothing happens?10:36
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdall what happens with usb is cursor blinking in bottom of scren10:36
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdbut dvds do boot and i get that purple screen where you press key and get that menu10:36
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdbut after that when ubuntu tries to boot it goes to blank screen with small red square with white line10:37
Ben64maybe try using the alternate cd to install?10:38
nerosdfgdfsdfsdfsd  a blank screen or a purple one?10:39
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdblank screen after purple10:39
nerosdfgdfsdfsdfsd ok! purple one!10:39
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdi first get the purple screen, then it goes black when it should try start ubuntu10:39
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdand there is always that little red square10:39
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdokay.. but what could explain this little red square in screen?10:40
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdi try that nomodeset10:41
jasonsmrhello ubuntu channel10:42
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdby the way, since i have 32-bit and 64-bit discs, would you recommend 32-bit or 64-bit to my computer with athlon 64 3500+ 2.2 ghz, 2 gb ram?10:42
jasonsmrQuestion ,say I was to purchase a laptop , can I put linux on it? ;P10:42
Tylerjdjasonsmr: that should be no problem.10:43
jasonsmrreal question ,whats the best touchscreen laptop10:43
Ben64theres a few secureboot laptops that make life difficult, but for the most part you can put linux on em10:43
nerogo for the 32 bit.10:43
sdfgdfsdfsdfsdokay, thanks10:43
jasonsmrI see dell fip thing, but the specs dont look all that auesome10:43
jasonsmrI love 64 bit I used a old mobil tablet that was touchscreen but old* with ubuntu worked awesome10:44
blazemore!best jasonsmr10:44
jasonsmrIm looking for advice on a >8G memory laptop ,10:44
blazemore!best | jasonsmr10:44
ubottujasonsmr: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.10:44
jasonsmrright I understand it10:44
jasonsmrjust , asking what you the community uses (and is presumably hapy with)10:45
blazemorejasonsmr: Just make sure you read up on what wireless and graphics chipset your potential purchase uses, and Google for Linux support10:45
blazemorejasonsmr: Avoid anything that has chips by Broadcom10:45
jasonsmrblazemore : agree10:45
nerothats a myth!10:49
blazemorenero: I see a disproportionate number of Broadcom wifi/bluetooth issues in this channel10:50
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blazemoreThat's all I'm going on10:50
neroblazemore broadcom and atheros are awesome and can be configured independently!10:50
Ben64!broadcom | nero this wouldn't exist if it worked fine10:51
ubottunero this wouldn't exist if it worked fine: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx10:51
ShariffHi there10:51
ShariffI do a chmod a directory to have all subdirs and files in that directory to have the group of the parent folder, rather than the primary group of the user who made the file/foldeR?10:52
nerohaven't u heard of the compat wireless site??10:52
neroYou can download the drivers for atheros and broadcom and Intel from this link and install the drivers independently http://wireless.kernel.org/download/compat-wireless-2.6/10:53
nbagsmy broadcom is terrible with the in kernel drivers. low signal, low throughput. the broadcom-sta drivers work well but break on new kernel releases :(10:53
FloodBot1nero: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:53
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armitage_Prompt channel ubuntu-ru working?10:58
andersonUbuntu changes pwd to /root when sudo -i. It did not used to. I don't do this much but it really bugs me when I do. I can't find what file causes it.10:58
offender66can someone please help me to EXPOSE MY PENIS WITHOUT DRAWING ATTENTION TO IT11:09
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Guest7790Is there anything I can do (short of a hard reboot) when my screen goes blank and I can't even switch terminals via Ctl-Alt-F*?11:22
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zephyr28Come to find out... I can't even switch terminals right now with that combination...11:24
zephyr28Having trouble switching terminals... Ctrl-Alt-F* does absolutely nothing...11:30
BluesKajHey all11:37
nathan__For some reason, I can not switch terminals (via the Ctrl-Alt-F* combination).  Any idea why or how I can fix this??11:39
MonkeyDustnathan__  don't change nicks too often, please11:39
nathan__MonkeyDust: I'm really not trying to.  Having issues with terminals and X server...11:40
nathan__MonkeyDust: My other nick is still in here, trapped.11:40
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stevenm_Lo, I'm trying to install a .deb package - it resolves its dependencies fine and only at the end complains that the package 'lsb' is not >=3.1... however lsb is installed at version 4.0-0ubuntu20   -   so why is it complaining?11:44
MOUDHey all11:45
matematikaaditstevenm_: would you put your error in paste.ubuntu.com?11:46
MOUDIm trying to resize my ubuntu partition using gparted. Can anyone help? I booted it with my ubuntu cd now11:47
matematikaaditMOUD: what problem do you encounter?11:47
MOUDI want to increase the size but i can only decrease (and i have unallocated space too11:48
WalexMOUD: space must be contiguous... probably it is not.11:49
JoTraGoThe unallocated space must be at the end (right hand side) of the partition you want to expand, If it is not you will need to move some partitions until it is.11:50
stevenm_matematikaadit, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5855159/11:50
MOUDHow do i move the partitions then?11:51
Lord-Readmanwhen I join #ubuntu-uk my IRC closes11:51
Lord-Readmanany ideas?11:51
DJonesLord-Readman: Are you ok for a pm11:52
JoTraGoGParted has a move function. but hopefully you do not need to move your Ubuntu Boot Partition, there can be consequences11:52
MOUDI hope not. Booting is a nightmare11:53
matematikaaditstevenm_: what's your Ubuntu version?11:55
stevenm_matematikaadit, 12.0411:55
JoTraGoMoud: if there is just a data partition between your Ubuntu root and the free space you should be ok to move it.  If you are not sure, I would strongly recommend a GPARTED tutorial. Partitioning is not for the faint of heart.11:55
JoTraGoMoud: EG  Boot - Ubuntu-Root - Data - Free Space.   Then move the Data partition to the right and free up space between the Ubuntu-Root and Data, then extend Ubuntu-Root11:56
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stevenm_matematikaadit, any ideas?  it *should* just work - lsb is installed at a version equal or higher than what it wants12:00
stevenm_unless for some reason it doesn't see my lsb as the same as the lsb it wants - but it's named the same12:01
mustafa_iam keep getting that error when trying to restart apache2 on my server please help>>>(/etc/init.d/apache2: 51: .: Can't open /etc/apache2/envvars)12:02
mustafa_iam keep getting that error when trying to restart apache2 on my server please help>>>(/etc/init.d/apache2: 51: .: Can't open /etc/apache2/envvars)12:03
Picimustafa_: whats the output of: ls -l /etc/apache2/envvars12:08
mustafa_<Pici> this is the output(ls: cannot access /etc/apache2/envvars: Permission denied)12:15
Picimustafa_: how about sudo ls -l /etc/apache2/envvars12:15
mustafa_<Pici> this is what i get(-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1322 Jul 16  2012 /etc/apache2/envvars)12:17
MOUDI just resized the partition and it worked. Thank you all for the help :)12:20
lmatAre there any good torrents I should be seeding to the world?12:21
OerHekslmat any ubuntu/kubuntu/lubuntu/ubuntu server iso would be nice12:21
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mustafa_<Pici> this is what i get(-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1322 Jul 16  2012 /etc/apache2/envvars)12:22
lmatOerHeks: I have ubuntu and ubuntu server and desktop 13.04 and 12.0412:22
nibbler_hi. i'm having one machine connected via vpnc, and configured it as a router. it basically works, but regularly the routed clients lose connectivity. the machine running vpnc itself has full connectivity to the vpn all the time. any hint?12:22
lmatnibbler_: How many connections are we talking about here?12:22
Picimustafa_: Now ls -ld /etc/apache2/12:23
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matematikaaditstevenm_: maybe because the difference in major version, RealPlayer depend in lsb 3.x.x but what installed is lsb 4.x.x.12:23
lmatOerHeks: My ratio on ubuntu 13.04 desktop amd64 is 10212:23
nibbler_lmat: not much, just 1 client doing some citrix12:23
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lmatnibbler_: hmm12:23
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nibbler_lmat: like i moved from laptop to desktop, and want to continue using this connection12:23
lmatnibbler_: Don't take my question as competency or even interest ^_^12:24
lmatnibbler_: Just trying to help flesh out the question a bit :)12:24
nibbler_;-) thanks12:24
mustafa_<Pici> this is what i get(drw-rw-rw- 7 root root 4096 Jul  7 19:09 /etc/apache2/)12:24
Picimustafa_: It looks like you or someone added write access to everyone, but removed executable access from everyone to /etc/apache2/12:25
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mustafa_<Pici> what should i do please help ... iam a noob in using apache12:27
MOUDHow do I fix dependencies when installing a program? I'm getting the error:   "error processing ia32-crossover (--install):  dependency problems - leaving unconfigured"12:27
Picimustafa_: sudo chmod go-w /etc/apache2/ && sudo chmod a+x /etc/apache2/    should fix it, assuming that you haven't made any other permissions changes.12:27
blazemoreMOUD: "sudo apt-get -f install"12:27
MOUDblazemore: it's dependencies for the Crossover program12:28
Equinox3guys, my gnome-network-manager can't change mac addresses, what do i do12:29
MOUDit's ia32-libs12:30
mustafa_<Pici> when i restart it i get this ( Restarting web server apache2                                                                                             /usr/sbin/apache2ctl: 87: ulimit: error setting limit (Operation not permitted) apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName /usr/sbin/apache2ctl: 87: ulimit: error setting limit (Operation not permitted) apache12:32
Picimustafa_: are you running that with sudo?12:35
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lmatschroot shares my home directory between the host system and chroot. How do I prevent this? http://superuser.com/q/61692212:38
VecI am going to reinstall ubuntuserver 13.04, do i need to update some info in the MBR or not? I'm installing the very same OS that previously was on the disk12:38
lmatVec: no way, dude!12:39
lmatVec: Are you changing the partitions ?12:39
mustafa_<Pici> i have run every command with restart including restart apache and with sudo restart i have that (Restarting web server apache2                                                                                             apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName  ... waiting apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using 12:39
Veclmat: Yeah maby, im not sure how i want my partitionscheme yet12:40
lmatVec: hmm...I think the MBR points to the linux kernel which is on a particular partition, so after changing partitions (and UUID of some partitions), you may need to have another go at the MBR.12:40
Veclmat: Ah, ok. hm12:41
VecI guess i can use liveCD with gparted to remove the MBR?12:41
Picimustafa_: that is a warning, and not an error. It won't stop apache2 from running.12:41
lmatVec: if by remove you mean clear or re-write, yes.12:41
Veclmat: clear, remove, set on fire, whatever, i just need it gone, right?12:42
VecThe ubuntu install will install it again anyway if its not there, afaik12:42
Vechm but wait, i use GRUB2 which is a bootloader, does the MBR on the disk point to GRUB2 which points to the linuxkernel/bootthingie?12:43
Picimustafa_: you can add a line that says ServerName localhost in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf   and the error will go away.12:43
lmatVec: I don't think you need to remove it. I'm pretty sure the ubuntu install will take care of all that "nasty stuff" ^_^12:43
lmatVec: maybe :)12:43
Veclmat :p12:43
lmatVec: perhaps the arch linux wiki says?12:43
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Veclmat: Yeah GRUB2 installs into the MBR on my disk. So now that i redo the partitions i have to make GRUB2 update it's pointer -- i have no clue how tho :p12:52
lmatVec: just a sec, this is covered in arch wiki :)12:53
olivier_1Hi all. I'm facing a problem with an hp laserjet printer (M1132 MFP). It seems to be correctly installed but when I try to print a test page it failed with the message "Unable to communicate with printer HP-LaserJet-Professional-M1132-MFP"12:53
alenhi fellow ubuntuers12:53
subz3r0!grub2 > vec12:53
ubottuvec, please see my private message12:53
lmat!grub2 > lmat12:53
ubottulmat, please see my private message12:53
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lmatVec: Ah yes, restoregrub may be the way.12:54
alenin ubuntu 13.04 with 2 monitor setup, is there a way to remove the top bar from the 2nd monitor ?12:54
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lmatVec: I'm looking at https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GRUB2  find "to set up grub to a partition boot sector"...12:55
lmatVec: I think those four commands are the magic sauce ?12:55
olivier_1I found many informations about smart install problem on the internet. I had this problem (detected as a usb storage device) but now it's ok .. SO I don't have any more idea ...12:55
matematikaaditalen: I think no....12:55
zephyr28Trying to fix my problem with changing terminals.  Ctrl-Alt-F* does absolutely nothing.12:56
lmatVec: Actually, maybe just above that would be better ^_^ "Install to 440-byte MBR boot code region" ?12:56
AryanKingHello, I screwed up my Ubuntu install, and my computer doesn't seem to be booting. Can someone help?12:56
lmatAryanKing: When you turn it on, do you get an error?12:56
alenHow do I remove the Nautilus top bar on a second screen?12:56
matematikaaditzephyr28: what ubuntu version? what desktop environment?12:56
alenmatmatikaadit thanks12:56
AryanKinglmat: it's frozen on the syslinux bootloader.12:57
zephyr28matematikaadit: Running 13.04 with Cinnamon DE.12:57
Veclmat: Im reading atm ^-^ Tbh it should be easy, like reinstall/redo partitions -> boot -> grub whines that it cant boot -> edit grub settings to point to new place (that is what i imagine should happen)12:57
lmatAryanKing: Ahh...interesting...I use grub, so I don't know what that's even like :) So Linux doesn't get started at all?12:57
lmatVec: oh, I guess you could do it like that. You mean editing by hand ?12:58
AryanKingNo. I had recently annhilated any form of Windows devilry from my box, so I have no idea what to do.12:58
blazemoreVec: I'm not sure of the actual process, but I believe you want to run "sudo update-grub" from a LiveCD one you chroot into your main Ubuntu install12:58
Veclmat: I imagine it should be easy enough ? To just add one entry, like here grub look at this /sda1/boot12:58
lmatVec: I've never figured out how to use the grub prompt ^_^12:59
rossrosshi all12:59
rossrossI'm curious as to how everyone manages their daily inboxes, living in a hectic and demanding environment (i.e. managing emails, tasks, requests by others, tickets in a ticketing system, project) without burning out !! :)12:59
lmatVec: Yeah, sure, seems simple enough :-D12:59
lmatVec: Although...you need to give it more than just apartition...you need to give it a linux or something.12:59
rymate1234my wireless usb adaptor under ubuntu 13.04 appears to be unreliable. i frequently get packet loss in ping, or destination host unreachable. the usb card works fine under windows.12:59
AryanKingrossross: makeuseof has a good article on that.12:59
lmatVec: ...maybe... Let me know how it goes!12:59
rymate1234any reason why this might bea.12:59
Veclmat: Hold on ill read more :p12:59
blazemorerymate1234: What USB adaptor is it? Can you please post the output of "sudo lshw -C network" to http://paste.ubuntu.com13:00
rymate1234i can try13:00
rymate1234assuming it allows me to13:00
AryanKingHey guys, Ubuntu just crashed on me for the third time in seven months. I think I'm going to move to Slackware - any advice??13:00
MonkeyDustAryanKing  advice on you wanting to change?13:01
MonkeyDustAryanKing  it's your choice13:01
blazemoreAryanKing: Yes, try asking #slackware13:01
AryanKingOn skills I might need to run Slackware. On differences between Ubuntu and Slackware, I guess.13:01
AryanKingThat IRC group is dead, unfortunately. As in, not enough users for some lively conversation. Just some old Linux wizards that speak in archaic language. HEIL HITLER!13:02
rossrossi used to love Slackware... until my brain exploded with the Advanced concepts13:02
olivier_1Could anyone help my with my printing problem :) (I've been stucked for two days)13:03
rymate1234AryanKing: 3rd time in 7 months isnt that bad13:03
blazemoreAryanKing: Protip: If you come into a help channel with a nick like "AryanKing" and sign your messages off with "Heil Hitler" you're unlikely to get much help13:03
MonkeyDustAryanKing  but drop the un-funny jokes, please13:03
lmatSomeone in here recommended YUMI to me once, and I think I even used it. Now I don't have windows but I want the same type of utility. Is there one for linux ?13:03
stevenm_matematikaadit, still about?   i tried manually altering the version dpkg things lsb is at to 3.1 (by editing /var/lib/dpkg/status) and it still gave the same error13:03
AryanKingblazemore: gotcha.13:04
blazemorelmat: I've not tried it, but take a look at http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/13:05
lmatblazemore: thanks.13:05
MonkeyDustmultisystem is nice, i use it13:05
rymate1234blazemore: pastebin paste.ubuntu.com/585532013:06
lmatMonkeyDust: thanks :)13:06
blazemoreThanks rymate1234 can you do the same for "sudo lspci; sudo lsusb" now please?13:07
rymate1234why lspci? its a usb device13:07
blazemorerymate1234: just lsusb then13:08
SiebjeeDoes any one know where the periodic process 'apt-get dist-upgrade' is comming from ? I've not configured automatic-updates. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS13:09
blazemorerymate1234: I don't think that's right...13:09
rymate1234blazemore: ?13:09
=== layke is now known as Guest86313
Guest86313Hey. I've just restarted my system and it wouldn't launch the GUI. I had 12.04 Ubuntu. Not sure what I could have done wrong.13:10
blazemorerymate1234: Is that what you got when you ran lsusb?13:10
wilee-nileeSiebjee, dist-upgrade is associated with stuff like kernel upgrades13:10
=== Guest86313 is now known as Layke__
blazemorerymate1234: Do you know what model number your wireless adaptor is?13:11
rymate1234i know its a tp-link13:11
lmatMonkeyDust: multisystem looks a little disturbing... between typos like "Grub2 be installed in the mbr." (in big letters in the GUI on at least two screen shots I've seen) and the command   if [ "$(stat -c %a /media)" != "777" ]; then chmod 777 /media13:11
rymate1234lemme find it in my history13:11
blazemorerymate1234: Does it not have a model number printed on a sticker?13:11
Layke__I've tried restarting my system several times including shutdown/start. And it always takes me straight to a terminal for login. How can I get the GUI back?13:11
lmatMonkeyDust: In the install script...is it normal to be chmod like that with no intention of changing it back?13:11
blazemoreLayke__: Can you get a GUI back temporarily by logging in on the console and then running £startx"?13:12
blazemoreLayke__: sorry, that should be "startx"13:12
rymate1234blazemore: its a TP Link Nano USB N150 Wireless Adaptor.13:13
Layke__blazemore: One second. Let me see what it says..13:13
lmatMonkeyDust: You know...the safest way to proceed is probably http://www.pendrivelinux.com/boot-multiple-iso-from-usb-via-grub2-using-linux .13:13
wilee-nileeSiebjee, in depth https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Howto13:13
=== maxx is now known as Guest89577
MonkeyDustlmat  try ./install-depot blah13:14
Layke__blazemore: I don't know how to copy/paste from terminal, but it says something along the lines of... NVIDIA Could not open the device file /dev/nvidia0 (input/output error). Then also Fatal error : No screens found13:14
blazemoreLayke__: Did it suddenly stop working one day, or had you just installed a new graphics driver?13:15
Layke__blazemore: It also says. xinit : Giving up.  unable to connect to X server.  No such file or directory13:15
blazemorerymate1234: This might be what you're looking for https://code.google.com/p/realtek-8188cus-wireless-drivers-3444749-ubuntu-1304/13:15
lmatMonkeyDust: That's where the chmod is. it's in ./install-depot-multisystem.sh !13:15
Layke__blazemore: Just before lunch, my system hung. I could move the mouse cursor, but the screen just stopped refreshing/updating. I left it an hour and went for lunch. Came back and was still hanging. So I powered off. Reboot.13:16
MonkeyDustlmat  i never had to do a chmod, not sure what you mean13:16
Layke__blazemore: And when it came back, it did this.13:16
Siebjeewilee-nilee, i know what apt-get does, however, its running once in a while on my pc. Whithout me having configured that i want to update automatically...13:16
lmatMonkeyDust: the script does the chmod. The command I typed for you is from install-depot-multisystem.sh . You didn't do the chmod, it did.13:16
lmatMonkeyDust: I'm guessing your /media directory has  rwxrwxrwx ?13:16
MonkeyDustlmat  ok, so now you can create a live usb stick?13:17
Layke__blazemore: I'd be happy installing/wiping anything to try and get it working again. Just don't know where I'm suposed to start. I guess apt-get install nvidia-173-updates ??13:17
lmatMonkeyDust: lol. I didn't run it. I don't want to run it because it makes me feel icky.13:17
wilee-nileeSiebjee, Sure,  dist-upgrade is a cli command, it does not run unless you do it.13:17
MonkeyDustlmat  what does?13:18
blazemoreLayke__: Honestly, I'm not familiar enough with nVidia graphics drivers to feel comfortable recommending anything13:18
lmatMonkeyDust: install-depot-multisystem  makes me feel icky.13:18
MonkeyDustlmat  type sh install-dep [tab]13:18
Siebjeewilee-nilee, Thats what i figured as well. Could it be that a script is executing it ? For example: I have puppet managing this pc as well, and i configured puppet to have the ssh daemon to be always up-to-date13:18
MonkeyDustit then installs like any other program, nothing to feel icky about13:19
Layke__blazemore: Just so I have more to research (I'm having to use lynx in temrinal atm)... What should I be searching for? Problems with startx not starting?13:19
Layke__I don't really know what startx is, I guess that's the GUI? So I shouldbe Googling for that?13:19
wilee-nileeSiebjee, I have no idea what puppet is. The key here is details.13:19
blazemoreLayke__: Look for how to reinstall nvidia graphics drivers13:19
blazemoreSiebjee: Puppet will use apt-get to keep sshd upt-o-date13:20
MonkeyDustLayke__  X is the GUI, so it's start X13:20
blazemoreLayke__: "startx" is a command which starts the X server; on Ubuntu it will dump you at your default desktop if you're already logged in13:20
Layke__Okay thanks. Yeah, so the startx error looks to be nvidia related.. since it says.. NVIDIA: Could not open device file /dev/nvidia0 (Input/Output error)_13:21
lmatLayke__: Have you run  sudo service lightdm restart    ? (I'm just seeing a few of your posts, so I'm not up-to-date on your problem13:22
rymate1234blazemore: no idea if they work as firefox refused to load the page13:22
lmatLayke__: I've had a problem with X not starting and it looked like what was happening is that the monitors weren't set up by the time lightdm tried to start, so lightdm failed.13:22
rymate1234imma download onto usb13:22
blazemorerymate1234: wget https://realtek-8188cus-wireless-drivers-3444749-ubuntu-1304.googlecode.com/files/rtl8192cu-tjp-dkms_1.6_all.deb; sudo dpkg -i rtl8192cu-tjp-dkms_1.6_all.deb13:23
=== Troy is now known as Troy^
Layke__lmat: Will try now....13:24
Layke__lmat: When I run sudo service lightdm restart it takes me to a screen that has lots of services and their status. Starting... bla bla [OK]13:24
Layke__But yeah, running that, and then startx doesn't help. I'll try and just remove all drivers13:25
lmatLayke__: ahh, not working then :(13:27
Layke__lmat: Just curious.. What is lightdm.. Light Display Manager.. (from my Googling)13:28
Layke__But what does it actually do?13:28
Siebjeeblazemore, that is strange, then i'm still wondering wher it comes from. Any clue how to persue this ?13:28
rymate1234Layke__: the login screen13:28
rymate1234blazemore: problem13:29
rymate1234i apparently dont have dkms installed13:29
blazemoreSiebjee: You could stop Puppet from keeping that package up-to-date13:29
blazemorerymate1234: "sudo apt-get -f install"13:29
blazemorerymate1234: That'll pull in the dependencies for that deb13:29
rymate1234yeahhh thats not the problem13:29
rymate1234problem is my network issues13:29
Siebjeeblazemore, Fair enough. Any other ideas if that fails? I've already checked all the cron files13:29
blazemoreSiebjee: That'll be it13:30
blazemoreSiebjee: The Puppet Master is sshing in and running it. Check your auth logs13:30
Layke__Okay. Well I've just apt-get remove nvidia-current and apt-get install nvidia-current13:30
Layke__Hopefully a restart now might fix it..13:30
Layke__Will reconnect in a minute for any other advice if this doesn't work :)13:30
blazemorerymate1234: Your network is so broken that it won't do apt-get -f install?13:31
blazemoreIf you run it, it'll tell you what packages to install13:31
rymate1234it fails when downloading the packages13:31
rymate1234i get "-11 - system error"13:32
rymate1234wat do13:33
Siebjeeblazemore, Thanks for the auth.log, didn't think of that one yet. It seems that my snmp daemon is executing '/usr/local/bin/sysinfo updates' which is doing an 'apt-get -s dist-upgrade'13:34
rymate1234tethering with my phone appears to work13:36
blazemorerymate1234: Careful if you're on a capped connection13:37
rymate1234i have 1GB13:37
rymate1234>google code is for over 18s13:37
layke_No use :( Are there config files for startx? Could I perhaps try removing them? (Still can't log in to GUI). Just takes me straight to terminal and startx fails with errors saying cannot access /dev/nvidia013:37
blazemorelayke_: Did you already post the exact error message?13:38
blazemorerymate1234: You can still wget that deb13:38
rymate1234i know13:38
rymate1234i got the deb13:38
* rymate1234 went into windows to download it13:38
layke_blazemore: Yeah. I had to type it though. I will type it again..13:38
blazemoreno wait layke_ I can scroll up13:39
rymate1234k lets reboot13:40
layke_This is it... : NVIDIA: Could not  open the device file  /dev/nvidia0 (Input/Output  error).13:40
* rymate1234 stops tethering13:40
layke_Plus it also says, Fatal Server Error: no screens found13:40
blazemorelayke_: sudo chmod 0666 /dev/nvidia*13:40
rymate1234i hope this driver works13:41
blazemorerymate1234: Don't forget to blacklist the old modules13:41
rymate1234i did13:41
blazemorerymate1234: OK cool just checking13:41
* rymate1234 pings google.13:41
* rymate1234 works13:42
blazemorerymate1234: That's good news :)13:42
rymate1234why does my irc client have auto /me13:42
rymate1234wtf ipad13:42
layke_blazemore: Says,  cannot access, no such file or directory. Could it be that my GFX just so happened to die?13:42
rymate1234if your grx card died layke_ you would see nothing on your screen13:43
layke_blazemore: Should the devide be accessible/viewable at /dev/nvidia cause nothing is mounted there on my machine13:43
=== james is now known as Guest2828
layke_rymate1234: I'm on terminal at the moment? Maybe my mobo has some basic built in gpu? I'm not all too sure! Just guessing what logically could explain..13:43
blazemore!nomodeset | layke_13:44
ubottulayke_: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:44
rymate1234blazemore: its working now, thanks!13:44
layke_Thanks. What's the actual setting? I know how to change boot settings. (But can't click on links from my terminal window)13:44
Guest2828did a reinstall and now steam or any other purchased software does not have source in usc are those servers down?13:44
layke_@ blazemore Just add nomodeset to my boot?13:45
blazemorelayke_: Sure, try it once and see if it works13:45
layke_Okay. :) Back in a sec.13:46
wilee-nileeGuest2828, Have you looked at your sources.list to see what is commented out, and I assume run updates?13:47
=== Jikan is now known as Jikai
Guest2828yeah usually when i goto reinstall previous purchased software after logging into usc I get a list but now there is nothing and when I try the regular route I get no source available on the install page, but in short the sources for purchased software does not come in until after u try to reinstall13:50
raubWhat causes a long statement in the terminal to stop scrolling?13:50
gordonjcpraub: pipe the output to less, if you mean what I think you mean13:50
cfhowlettgribouille, greetings13:51
raubgordonjcp: let's say I have a long statement (say dkms then pipe to a few commands)13:51
gribouilleI have a bootable ISO, and I would like to boot it from a USB key13:51
raubNow, I want to go back and edit it13:51
raubSometimes I cannot see the entire statement, just part of the beginning and then have to guess13:52
blazemoreraub: Edit the number of lines of scrollback in gnome-terminal - I believe it's set to 500 by default13:52
blazemoreraub: I believe both Konsole and Terminator allow unlimited scrollback also13:53
blazemoregribouille: Are you on Windows at the moment?13:53
gribouilleblazemore, no, ubuntu13:53
wilee-nileegribouille, ISO of what, and what OS are you running?13:53
blazemoregribouille: Ubuntu comes with a startup disk creator (it's called that if you search for it)13:54
raubblazemore: it is not scrollback as in history or buffer13:54
gribouilleblazemore, but the ISO I want to start is not ubuntu13:54
blazemoregribouille: What is the ISO?13:54
gribouilleblazemore, a seagate iso13:54
blazemoregribouille: Oh I see. Well you can *try* the startup disk creator, or install unetbootin. But no promises.13:55
wilee-nileegribouille, unetbootin, multisytem loader are a couple.13:55
=== blankx is now known as kyme
gribouillebut can unetbootin copy any kind of ISO, or just linux?13:56
kymehi, is there any way to fix gwibber for twitter?13:56
blazemorekyme: Depends what's wrong with it?13:56
wilee-nileegribouille, Any is a misnomer it can depend on the iso.13:56
gribouillewilee-nilee, I mean any bootable isso13:57
kymeI have 12.04 and and tweet feeds are not anymore updating.13:57
kymeI'm aware that Twitter has upgraded their API. But this gwibber got affected. Is there anyway to fix it?13:58
wilee-nileegribouille, I realize that, I suspect it will load the seagate iso depends on any voodoo they have done, there are linux distros that use specific loaders, so a little investigation is needed on occasion.13:58
Arroyo1010will my keyrings work if i just backup my ~/.local/share/keyrings dir, and restore it?14:00
=== Guest57100 is now known as mfisch
kymeI can't find way to fix Gwibber for Twitter. It won't display already since Twitter have upgraded their API etc snce June 4 .14:00
=== mfisch is now known as Guest86601
Ch4rAssHi, I can't boot to live cd of ubuntu 13.04 from my sd card located at /dev/mmcblk0. It throws following error during installation: “unable to find a medium containing a live file system”. Any way to say installer to boot from /dev/mmcblk0? I was able to select it on debian wheezy.14:02
VecHow long does the "cleaning up" part of the 13.04 install usually take? Its been ca. 6 minutes now >..< - I'm pretty sure its near instant on my previous installs14:03
Guest2828wilee-nilee, I just ran through software sources all is good, the only missing sources are the repo's for purchased software which I can't get until I attempt to install the purchased software14:03
mirakI want to embed grub2 in a partition but i have an error. " warn: Embedding is not possible.  GRUB can only be installed in this setup by using blocklists."14:04
mirakwhy is that ??14:04
wilee-nileeGuest2828, You might ask on #ubuntu-steam14:05
wilee-nileemirak, This raid or something other than a msdos partitioning14:06
mirakwilee-nilee: ok, I though it wouldn't mater14:07
mirakwilee-nilee: I can do loadconfig file i believe, I did that with LVM14:07
Guest2828wilee-nilee, steam is only one program that I can't have access to there are more than a dozen other purchased software I can't install, steam is the least of the problems the other software I would love to get back, maybe if i log onto like humble bundle and go through the usc install route on they're site might work ganna try that see if does something14:08
mirakalso where updategrub stores on wich harddrive grub will embed to ?14:08
mirakwhere is that info stored14:08
wilee-nileeGuest2828, You might check the ubuntu forums as well, maybe start a thread big user base and must be many purchasing, I never have myself. ;)14:09
darpanhaving problems to switch from xubuntu to ubuntu14:09
=== chiluk` is now known as chiluk
kymeAnyway idea how to fix gwibber for Twitter ? Tweets won't display anymore.14:10
gribouillewhen I have a bootable ISO image, I can burn it to a CD and boot from the CD. I would like to do the same, but with a USB key14:10
mirakI want that updategrub don't touch /dev/sda14:10
wilee-nileemirak, If I recall, you are trying to avoid a boot partition correct? If so make sure that is included in your info.14:10
mirakwilee-nilee: no I am not doing that anymore.14:10
mirakwilee-nilee: just normal gpt.14:10
mirakwilee-nilee: and hybrid mbr.14:10
wilee-nileemirak, This uefi?14:11
mirakwilee-nilee: since i want to dual boot, I like to have another small partition with just grub that chainload on other systems. I copied my old system to be a dual boot one, so I believe if i don't change something, the old system will try to put grub in the mbr when it upgrades14:12
mirakwilee-nilee: kind of, it's prepared to be able to boot on uefi when i will update the hardware someday14:12
wilee-nileemirak, normally a update-grub does not insert it, however I have not messed with what you have.14:12
mirakwilee-nilee: ok you mean it must always be manual with grub-install or with the installer14:13
Guest2828wilee-nilee, ok the humble bundle route didn't work either I log onto ubuntu one site and click the usc install , and a window comes up asking what app to use for this link lol, must be broke14:13
mirakwilee-nilee: ok, that's fine for me.14:13
wilee-nileemirak, Should be.14:13
wilee-nileeGuest2828, Not sure, how is the humble bundle packaged?14:15
wilee-nileeGuest2828, probably is a deb and you can use software center or gdebi14:16
blazemorewilee-nilee: They're provided as deb files14:16
wilee-nileeblazemore, Thanks, I figured as such.14:16
wilee-nileeGuest2828, YOU get that?14:17
Guest2828wilee-nilee, how you mean how is it packaged, not sure what that means, https://software-center.ubuntu.com does not give anyway to see how it is packaged14:17
wilee-nileeGuest2828, You can install it with the software center or install gdebi, personally I like gdebi.14:18
Guest2828wilee-nilee, its all good I'll just wait to see if they get things fixxed, tyvm for ur time , have a nice day : )14:18
blazemorewilee-nilee: Ubuntu comes with gdebi14:19
blazemoreGuest2828: You'll be waiting a long time since "they" haven't actually done anything14:19
wilee-nileeblazemore, yeah, lol14:19
wilee-nileeyou have to install gdebi now14:20
wilee-nileenot sure what release it started at14:20
tree123hi i hab a problem in my ubuntu 12.04 02, the browsers are unable to load pages and even ubuntu suftware are unable to install apps but torrent and other are working fine can any body help me with soln14:21
blazemoretree123: It sounds like your network requires an HTTP proxy for Internet traffic, does that sound familiar?14:22
wheatthinsounds like your resolv.conf isn't working too well14:22
tree123what has to b done for that i m weak in network14:22
tree123when i try to open web pages it says unable to load and might b connection problem but torrent is running fine14:23
vltHello. I have to access a remote “FTP over TLS” server to get a file. Which CLI client can I use?14:24
wheatthintree123, can you ping
Picivlt: I've used lftp in the past.14:25
MOUDis there a cheat program like Artmoney or Cheat Engine for ubuntu?14:25
tree123wheatthin: yea14:26
wheatthincan you ping google.com?14:26
wheatthinyup, your resolv is broken... you're using network manager? and are you using a router?14:27
tree123wheatin: yea i m using router14:28
wilee-nileeMOUD, Not a ubuntu support issue.14:28
wheatthintree, can you pastebin your ifconfig eth0  ?14:28
ubottuMOUD,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:29
Picierr.. that sounds like a support question to me.  We answer things like that all the time.14:29
MOUDsorry, my bad14:29
cfhowlettPici, if you can, please advise ...14:30
=== layke is now known as Guest68637
wilee-nileePici, A cheat for games is supported?14:30
Piciwilee-nilee: asking whether we have a similar package in the repositories is.  How to use it may not be though.14:31
wilee-nileeAh. cool Pici14:31
tree123wheatthin: well as my browser is not working i m from windows14:31
wheatthinalright, can you pm me your network settings?14:32
wilee-nileehard to imagine it not leading to that, however that is a projection.14:32
=== fought_away is now known as fought
ArchguyHey, I installed b43legacy on my HP Pavilion zv5200 running Lubuntu (after checking lspci -vnn | grep 14e4) yet the wireless still doesn't seem to be working, as in, no wireless are showing up and I am literally as close as I can possibly be to my wireless14:34
wheatthintree123, http://askubuntu.com/questions/2321/what-is-the-proper-way-to-change-the-dns-ip14:35
wheatthinfollow that change your dns to either your router ip or
wheatthinand then try the internet again14:36
tree123wheatthin: thanks buddy for help :)14:37
wheatthinyup, lemme know if it works out14:37
vltPici: Thanks14:38
ArchguyI have b43-fwcutter installed and firmware-b43legacy-installer, I have done and aptitude udate and upgrade and restarted my machine but still no wifi access points listed, any idea what I should try next?14:39
wheatthinArchguy, to begin with, you can try lsmod | grep b4314:40
wilee-nileeArchguy, I assume you have seen the broadcom wiki, not sure if it has more info that would help.14:41
Archguywheatthin: http://pastie.org/812136614:41
wheatthinArchguy, and if it's loaded, then you ifconfig wlan014:41
Archguywilee-nilee: Yeah, I also saw the wiki about bcm43xx and the note about  unsupported devices ("If your wifi card/chipset and/or various modes are not supported by the STA driver or the open source kernel drivers, then you will need to go for ndiswrapper - this will allow you to use the Windows closed source drivers to activate your wifi card."). How do I check if my device supports SAT drivers?14:42
Archguywheatthin: ip li doesn't list wlan014:42
wheatthiniwconfig wlan014:43
Archguywilee-nilee: STA*14:43
wilee-nileeArchguy, Not sure myself, I have not had to mess with broadcom14:43
Archguywilee-nilee: I have and I got it working on a macbook pro running archlinux but ubuntu confuses me xD14:43
Archguywell now that I know arch that is **14:43
Archguy^^ *14:44
Archguywheatthin: $ iwconfig lo        no wireless extensions.  eth0      no wireless extensions.14:44
wilee-nileeArchguy, Heh, it can be that way, inspite of linux distros hardly are any different overall.14:44
mirakis it ok to do a multiboot where /boot is shared among linux installs ?14:45
wheatthinhmm.. wilee-nilee.. unless the option was left out of the kernel itself14:45
Archguywheatthin & wilee-nilee: see wlan0 isn't listed although I have b43-fwcutter and firmware-b43legacy-installer installed (this is the output of lspci -vnn | grep 14e4 => 02:02.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4306 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Controller [14e4:4320] (rev 03))14:45
mirakI see some risks if we install twice the same version14:45
TuxLover1284anyone knows to do Hackintosh for amd 64?14:45
Archguywheatthin & wilee-nilee: so see if you check the broadcom drivers page, b43legacy is indeed the right one for BCM430614:45
wheatthinTuxLover1284, this isn't hackintosh channel or server14:45
wilee-nileewheatthin, THat makes some sense, heh, if true.14:45
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
BluesKajArchguy,  sudo ifconfig wlan0 up ,then , sudo iwlist wlan0 scan|grep -i essid14:46
ezra-sArchguy, which kernel were you using when you managed to make it working?14:46
ArchguyBluesKaj: How do you want me to do that, wlan0 doesn't exist!14:46
Archguyezra-s: I never managed to make the wireless work on an HP Pavilion zv5200 using Lubuntu14:47
ezra-sArchguy, you mentioned ARCH14:47
BluesKajarc that's what the scan means in the string , Archguy14:47
mirakthere is a bug, grub-mkconfig gives the same root=UUID= for all the os installed14:47
Archguyezra-s: yes, I was using the latest kernel14:48
ArchguyBluesKaj: Well the first command gives me an output saying wlan0 no device of this sort14:48
ArchguyBluesKaj: And the second just gives: wlan0     Interface doesn't support scanning.14:49
ezra-sArchguy, if you can get the device up and running it could be related to the kernel support for it, ubuntu is not as up to date in kernel version as arch is. (forgive me If I missed parts of your convo, I just entered)14:49
Archguyezra-s: I never ran archlinux on this computer.wlan0     Interface doesn't support scanning.14:49
BluesKajwell , Archguy it was worth a try , but who oinows how arch configures wifi on the nm14:49
Archguyezra-s: sorry for that copy paste14:49
ArchguyBluesKaj: OK forget about that, I never had arch running on this laptop this is the first linux14:49
varunendraArchguy, the legacy driver is only needed by revision 1/2 of that card. Do you have the firmware installed? Sorry I just joined.14:50
=== hanthana_ is now known as hanthana
BluesKajok Archguy . I'll leave it alone ... those 2 commands used to save my laptop wifi connection.14:51
ezra-sArchguy, you coultr try dmesg or /var/log/syslog to see if there are any errors when loading the drivers for your card. It's not usualy that you can load without errors and then the device does not even show up.14:51
Archguyezra-s: Although b43-fwcutter and firmware-b43legacy-installer are installed, I still don't believe the drivers are installed so I don't think loading them is the problem since they just don't show up14:53
Archguyezra-s: at all, wlan0 doesn't show up, neither does like enps2 or whatever it is14:53
varunendraArchguy, do you also have, by any chance, the sta (wl) driver installed?14:54
=== Jikai is now known as Jikan
ezra-sArchguy, try to make sure the correct linux module loads before trying else, or anything you do will be futile14:55
netlarIs there a seperate channel for Mir?14:55
Archguyvarunendra: How do I check that?14:55
xrcyes, #ubuntu-mir14:55
varunendraArchguy, just check the lsmod (look for wl)14:55
Archguyezra-s & wilee-nilee & wheatthin & varunendra (& BluesKaj): looks like apparently BCM4306/3 is covered by b43, not b43legacy, will try and install that one14:56
Archguyat least that is what I am told by #linux-wireless14:56
ezra-sArchguy, good luck14:56
Archguyvarunendra: anyways, yeah lsmod | grep wl doesn't return anything, that was not the problem but thanks :)14:57
varunendraArchguy, please follow this post and give us the pastebin link to the report it helps to generate : http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=1235038514:57
occwill the ubuntu live cd work with any usb wifi sticks without installing?14:57
DJonesocc: Yes14:58
DJones!usb | occ14:58
ubottuocc: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:58
cfhowlettocc, sometimes14:58
occi see14:58
Archguyvarunendra: ok, I will if I cannot manage with b4314:59
varunendraArchguy, b43 is already included in kernel, only the correct firmware is needed which is included in "linux-firmware-nonfree" package. You may try installing it.15:00
varunendraany yeah, the revision 3 of that card is indeed supported by b43.15:00
Archguyvarunendra: nope, I don't believe that. fIirmware-b43-installer was not included in the kernel atleast not when I installed Lubuntu from a CD on this HP Pavilion zv5200. It also didn't come with an update/upgrade.15:01
varunendraArchguy, those packages only install the firmware, not the driver.15:02
Archguyvarunendra: brb, am rebooting and then will try loading it15:02
Archguyvarunendra: well what is the driver?15:02
Archguyvarunendra: then?15:02
samyi have a problem with cpu clock15:02
samyplease help15:02
wheatthinsamy, did you try overclocking or something?15:03
Nimeshubuntu and ati ? :(15:03
Archguyvarunendra: right I see, well I will reboot and do this  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#Switching_between_drivers see if wlan0 / some equivalent shows up15:03
samyroot@samy:/home/samy# more /proc/cpuinfo | grep MHz15:03
samycpu MHz: 800.00015:03
samycpu MHz: 800.00015:03
FloodBot1samy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:03
Archguyvarunendra: do you think that is what I should do?15:03
samyhow to clock 2xcores on 2100 mhz?15:03
varunendraArchguy, this card shouldn't be so troublesome. It must be something very simple.15:04
Archguyvarunendra: what are you suggesting I do?15:04
wheatthinArchguy, you do what he asks, and uninstall the firmware and legacy package15:05
varunendraArchguy, just install the "linux-firmware-nonfree" package and unload/load the b43 driver. If you are sure it is revision 3, else b43legacy15:05
wheatthinthen install the one he told you ^^15:05
samythis clock on default15:05
=== joe75_ is now known as joe75
wheatthinsamy, in the bios?15:06
wheatthinsamy, are you using ddr2?15:06
samyI have not seen it15:06
devincebleArchguy: I have a DV6T-2000 and its running broadcom What I do is use wired network then install the additional drivers found on Software and Updates15:06
Archguyvarunendra: am sudo aptituding (lol) linux-firmware-nonfree. It is revision 3.15:06
varunendraArchguy, "sudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree" --- > "sudo modprobe -rfv b43" --> "sudo modprobe -v b43"15:06
samywheatthin how to fix a problem?15:07
wheatthinsamy, I'd check your bios settings first.15:07
samywhere in bios?15:08
Archguyvarunendra: no reboot required?15:08
wheatthinsamy, I dunno somewhere around performance15:08
samyi go to check15:08
wheatthinYou'll see it when you come across it15:08
samyand come back15:08
Archguyvarunendra: alright I did that, though looks like ip li is taking a hell of a lot of time to output15:09
wheatthinip li?15:09
varunendrawheatthin, I was wondering  that too ;)15:09
=== ivo_ is now known as Guest83554
Archguyvarunendra: Both "ip li" and "iwconfig" do not output anything, as in for the moment they are literally stuck15:10
wheatthinArchguy, did youb other to remove the firmware previously installed?15:11
varunendraArchguy, maybe a dhcp issue, just wait a bit. Does iwconfig say something?15:11
Archguywheatthin: yes15:12
Archguyvarunendra: both are frozen.. am rebooting brb15:12
wheatthinvarunendra, I think the module should have been unloaded before installing the nonfree15:12
layke_blazemore, I managed to get a GUI working. In the end I apt-get remove nvidia-* and removed everything, and for some reason it then works.. the problem is that I don't think I have the nvidia drivers now. (obviously).15:13
varunendrawheatthin, the firmware package only 'copies' the fw files in correct locations. They are picked up whenever the module is reloaded.15:13
layke_I havetried installing them, but when I reboot, I get the terminal again. (I'm not all too sure which drivers I should be installing for my system?)15:13
layke_There are several. Is there a way to know which will work for me?15:13
varunendralayke_, drivers for what?15:14
layke_varunendra, My graphics card.15:14
wheatthinlayke_, xorg comes with perfectly fine nvidia drivers15:14
samyim back15:14
wheatthinwb samy, did you find your settings?15:15
samyi dont have preformarce15:15
samymy version of bios is very old maybe..15:15
layke_If I run nvidia-settings it says "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X drive. Please edit your X configuration file...15:15
wheatthinlol I said it could be under performance or something of the sort.. I didn't think you'd take the name exact hehehe..15:16
wheatthincould be under cpu featuers, or anything15:16
varunendrasamy, are you trying to force a speed or reset it to default?15:16
samyi wanna set on 2100mhz15:16
wheatthinreset it, his default is 2100mhz or something like that, and he's only getting 800mhz15:16
wheatthinwhich might just be the front side bus15:16
jdolesOn Precise: apt-file search libglut.so.3 return freeglut3 to be present in /usr/lib, but I have it installed and it is not present. So, what's going on?15:16
varunendrasamy, wheatthin not all BIOS are overclocking friendly (or flexible enough to set bus/clock speeds).15:17
wheatthinvarunendra, yes, but at least he'd be able to see what the default setting is15:17
wheatthinI'm pretty sure what he's seeing is the fsb..15:18
samycan i clock on 2100 mhz?15:18
wheatthinsamy, cat /proc/cpuinfo15:18
varunendrawheatthin, samy, the 800 MHz is most probably the FSB speed which is perfect for 2100 MHz cpu speed.15:18
samycpu mhz is 80015:18
samycache size - 210015:19
samytell me how to clock on 2100 mhz15:19
varunendrasamy, cache size? Is it in KB ?15:19
samy2048 kb15:19
nimeshPentium 4 For the Win15:20
varunendrasamy, that speed should be natively supported by any BIOS currently alive. Just put it under load and check the speed in System Monitor. (load like compressing with 7z)15:20
k1l_samy: dont have the full backlog. but your cpu should set the MHz on its on (through the kernel governour)15:21
karniakAre the update servers down? I can't connect to us.archive.ubuntu.com security.ubuntu.com etc.15:21
k1l_if you dont have "performance" its just maybe your pc is old.15:21
varunendrasamy, the linux kernel and most BIOS are programmed to fall back to low speed if high performance is not required.15:21
k1l_karniak: main servers worked here 20 sec. ago15:21
samyI'm not sure I can use the full performance15:22
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wheatthinkarniak, can you ping it?15:22
karniakIt keeps timing out.15:23
wheatthinkarniak, and are you on the same machine?15:23
Archguyvarunendra: Hey, just rebooted, so the wireless is working, my access point is listed but it is refusing to connect it say I entered the wrong password, tried 5 times again, just tried with another computer it is fine. And at the end when I close the dialog box it says 323 Insufficient privileges15:23
varunendrasamy, show us the cpuinfo (cat /proc/cpuinfo | pastebinit)15:23
k1l_samy: what does "cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/stats/time_in_state " give you? pastebin please15:23
varunendraArchguy, I'm not sure about the privilege factor, but maybe we can help if you post the report I asked for : http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=1235038515:24
karniakWell, that machine can ping it, i just tried. Weird. It is just going really slow now, like updating the mirror list is at like 7% after 5 minuts or so15:24
ReliantHello. In what file does Ubuntu store my default desktop environment?15:25
Archguyvarunendra: alright fair enough.15:25
wheatthinkarniak, you can always try to find the closets server near you15:26
varunendrasamy, it's the new b950 - the sandy-bridge architecture. There is no way it can underperform under linux15:26
karniakIt has worked fine before though15:26
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
wheatthinkarniak, they just might be overloaded15:26
blazemoreI have a list of hostnames in a file, can I use nmap to just output another list of hostnames for which a specific port is open?15:26
miraki want to chainload a grub2 with another grub2 and they are all on gpt. How can I do that ?15:26
karniakfair enough, I'll just try later then. Thanks15:27
samyand can not be overclcok?15:27
samyverumendra ?15:27
Archguyvarunendra: ahah, the scan seems to have helped, could it be that it is because I had previously removed the Mac address of this laptop to my wifi?15:27
varunendrasamy, just put it under some stress. It (the cpu) is designed to work on low speeds when high performance is not required.15:27
k1l_samy: there is no need for that15:28
k1l_the cpu will go to higher MHz if needed on his own.15:28
wheatthinsamy, it's called cpu scaling15:28
varunendrasamy, it can be overclocked if the BIOS supports that, but not much, and is not worth it.15:28
k1l_just look at the command i gave you15:28
mirakok i found it, it's multiboot command15:28
Archguyvarunendra: ah no one sec, I get [   27.440281] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready, here is the detailed pastebin => http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5855692/15:28
idletaskUbuntu 13.04: how do I tell the accounts manager (GUI) to stop being pesky about passwords15:28
samyverumendra my bios is not support overclock15:29
idletaskI edited pam's common-password and /usr/share/pam_configs/unix but still no go15:29
k1l_samy: overclocking can harm your hardware. so better know what you are doing15:29
sporkeeeReliant, what is your end goal here?15:29
idletaskOf course I can use passwd, but what about the GUI?15:29
mojttaba@FloodBot1: is it any way to find my dowmload rate using iptable15:29
varunendrasamy, then don't bother with it. It is really not worth it.15:29
wheatthinsamy, p4's or whatever scale on their own, which is why you can't overclock15:29
samythank you all15:30
Reliantsporkeee: I have a new install. I'm trying to find what desktop I used in my old install. I can't boot on it to see it, so I have to look at the files15:30
varunendrasamy, I have personally tested FarCry 2 game on that CPU (without dedicated graphics), and it works fantastic.15:30
Archguyvarunendra: ?15:30
varunendraArchguy, on it.. ;)15:30
Archguyvarunendra: cheers :)15:30
=== cubix``803 is now known as cubix`
ReliantI'm pretty sure I was using cinammon, but my apps aren't working. I want to be sure I have the right desktop environment before troubleshooting the app15:30
samyvarumendra i cant play brood war  :D15:30
sporkeeeReliant, What was your old install What release?15:30
samyu talk for far cry 2...15:30
ReliantUbuntu 12.0415:31
idletaskNo one?15:32
sporkeeeReliant, Have you installed cinnamon now and the apps are not working?15:32
lmatMy X server (compiz) is running quite slowly today. I think it was fine Friday, but now, when I move a window across the screen, for instance, it looks like the framerate is very low.15:32
Reliantyes. It's kdevelop that's having problems15:32
wheatthinwhat was your question again?15:32
ReliantI was switching from Ubuntu to Mint, and it didn't work in Mint. I installed Ubuntu 13.04 and it doesn't work in cinnamon here either. In my 12.04 I had changed desktop environments, and I want to be sure that it was cinnamon I had switched to, or if it was a different once15:33
varunendraArchguy, looks good in the report. Please explain the current problem again (I was stuck in CPU issue ;))15:33
sporkeeeReliant, kdevlop appears to be part of kde, not sure if it is attached to cinnamon, not sure the voodoo that mint be doing.15:33
lmatYou know...I'm running glxgears and it's looking much better now. Perhaps a few restarts got me back to where I wanted to be...::shudders::15:33
Archguyvarunendra: one sec, brb15:34
Reliantsporkeee: yes. That's why I want to find the config file that stores what desktop environment I was using15:34
lmatSo the fps on glxgears was around 1000...that's really slow, right?15:34
wheatthinlmat, depends on your graphics card15:35
sporkeeeReliant, Look for kdevelop in .config maybe15:35
wheatthinlmat, mine was only 75, but that's cause I had vsync enabled15:35
lmatwheatthin: ahh15:35
lmatwheatthin: The site where I saw the recommendations shows > 600015:35
simpleuserHello there. I'd like to know if i can raise up the maximal brightness on my eeepc. Does someone know how to know the max brightness of my hardware? It's said here (https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Backlight) that "you cannot go any higher than your screen's maximum brightness".15:36
=== jack is now known as Guest30555
simpleuser(and no, i'm not under Arch Linux, i'm under Xubuntu)15:36
blazemoresimpleuser: Sounds like a hardware thing - your screen has lightbulbs in it, which only go to a certain brightness15:36
=== amiller_ is now known as amiller
wheatthinI'm in a bit of pain.. gonna take a break for a few15:37
Reliantnot seeing it in .config, but it's not kdevelop I'm looking for but my desktop environment. If cinnamon isn't the one I was using before, I don't want to be wasting time trying to get the app working in the wrong one15:38
netit1how can I get an email each time a user ssh into my linux server? I want the username, time stamp and IP15:38
netit1anyone have an example of such..?15:38
schnufflenetit1: you could use logcheck and set a regexp on auth.log15:39
sporkeeeReliant, Your sort of on a cart before the horse activity, you assume that your methodology is valid.15:39
blazemorenetit1: http://askubuntu.com/questions/179889/how-do-i-set-up-an-email-alert-when-a-ssh-login-is-successful15:39
Reliantwhat do you mean?15:39
schnufflenetit1: there's already a regexp for failed auth that shoudl easily be expanded15:39
Reliantthere is no config file to say what desktop environment to load by default when I login with my user account?15:40
idletaskwheatthin: I want to beat accounts-daemon into submission so that it doesn't bother users when changing passwords with a policy of 8 min etc etc15:41
idletaskI could only make passwd behave by editing pam files15:41
idletaskThe user account GUI, I can't15:41
loudisthewayI have some thoughts of running a dual router setup for my home network.15:41
loudisthewayOne router running DD-WRT and some VPN (most likely HMA VPN pro.15:41
loudisthewayThis will connect to my fileserver, which also does all my torrent download and seeding15:41
loudisthewayThe other router will have stock setup and be used for traffic that isn't that security sensitive.15:41
loudistheway(The reason for having the less-secure router is higher speed and zero disconnections)15:41
FloodBot1loudistheway: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:41
loudisthewayHow would you recommend connecting these two routers to my internet connection?15:41
mirakwith dejadup if we backup on an external drive, can we easily recover data even if the main os totally crashed ?15:42
thatrandomaussiemorning guys15:44
schnufflemirak: dejadup uses rsync as far as I know, so when your original system is crashed you should be able to recover all the data you have backedup in a consistent state15:45
mirakschnuffle: i wanted to know if the backedup files are self autonomus15:46
miraki guess yes, but i wanted to be sure15:46
thatrandomaussiei have a question that i'm hoping is really stupidly noob.... have ubuntu on my laptop and its basically a mobile "social network access" /"watch movies from my external hard drive" when i'm traveling for work.... used to use winows 7 home... so glad i upgraded...    most of hte movies i've downloaded i dont get sound... but the sound on the laptop is working fine... do i need to get codecs or something/... i thought that 15:46
Archguyvarunendra: alright back, yes. Well I try and authentificate to my wireless network and it just jams (I know 100% sure that I have the write password) and when I close the network manager I get "(4) Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken."15:46
idletaskAnd I can't seem to do it at all15:47
idletaskI have been googling around for two hours, to no avail15:47
idletaskThat is becoming painful :/15:47
Archguyvarunendra: right*15:48
varunendraArchguy, did you try connecting without the ethernet cable plugged in?15:48
Archguyvarunendra: yes15:48
schnufflemirak: how do you define self autonomous. Mean mean everything crashes, you get a hdd with the backups, are you able to get the data out of it?15:48
varunendraArchguy, although I don't see anything related in dmesg, but can you try changing the encryption from TKIP to AES in the router? Much better - pure WPA2-PSK (AES)15:50
Archguyvarunendra: how do I do that?15:50
Archguyvarunendra: I don't have these options in the network manager15:50
varunendraArchguy, encryption settings in the router itself.15:51
Archguyvarunendra: where is that on my computer?15:51
netit1blazemore: thanks for the link. What would the syntax be to use mail vs sendemail.15:51
blazemorenetit1: I don't know15:51
varunendraArchguy, not in the computer, the wireless router/modem/access-point, whatever you have.15:51
ezra-sArchguy, he means the router, the device that offers your Wireless15:52
ArchguyAh right I see15:52
varunendraTKIP does not work well sometimes.15:52
thatrandomaussiei'll try again with less words.. do i need codex for downloaded movies to play properly on ubuntu.. i get video no sound15:52
Archguyvarunendra: Don't think I can change, that, just logged in to and indeed it is WPA-TKIP encryption, though I don't know if I can change it :/15:52
mirakschnuffle: yes15:52
Archguyvarunendra: also this really shouldn't be the problem, with Windows XP on this computer I had no problem connecting to this wifi!15:53
varunendraArchguy, see if there is an alternate setting like AES, CCMP15:53
schnufflemirak: I'll check the format of the backup data and give you an answer15:53
holsteinArchguy: the hardware is designed with windows in mind, though.. and provided a windows driver.. it *shouldnt* be a problems, but it would ideally be up to the hardware vendor to make sure its working, as they do in windows15:53
schnufflenetit1:  mail -s “Hello world” you@youremailid.com < /home/calvin/application.log15:54
holsteinArchguy: is that the only driver that supports your device?15:54
schnufflenetit1:  http://www.simplehelp.net/2008/12/01/how-to-send-email-from-the-linux-command-line/15:54
varunendraArchguy, TKIP is problematic anyway, AES is more secure and more advanced. Both windows and linux can handle it, but is not recommended. We are only trying to rule out one possible cause.15:54
Archguyholstein: what do you mean? I believe I am using b4315:54
holstein!broadcom | Archguy im sure you are referring to this, but there might be a few options for you15:54
ubottuArchguy im sure you are referring to this, but there might be a few options for you: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx15:54
Archguyvarunendra: Yeah, well I don't think this is the cause since I have lots of linux connected to it15:55
Archguyholstein: yes I know15:55
holsteinArchguy: does it list another option?15:55
Archguyholstein: what do you mean? I am using the network manager, my wifi is listed. No options, just enter the password. I press the button Ion my router and enter the password just like all my other devices and it doesn't accept it and then gives that error message that  showed you.15:56
varunendraholstein, his card (14e4:4320) is only supported by b43, and that is good enough.15:57
Archguyvarunendra: I don't think I needed to install linux-firmware-nonfree, I think this might be causing a problem15:57
varunendraArchguy, please show us output of "ls /lib/firmware/b43"15:57
vltPici: lftp is great, thank you!15:58
Archguyvarunendra: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5855759/15:58
varunendraArchguy, that package is just a collection of nonfree firmware files. They are just data if you don't need them, no settings, nothing extra.15:58
Archguyvarunendra: ok. This is really strange. 3: wlan0: <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP> mtu 1500 qdisc mq state DOWN mode DORMANT qlen 1000     link/ether 00:90:4b:9e:da:a7 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff15:59
holsteinanother option is using the windows driver in ndis wrapper.. i read about how easy and great and out-of-the-box my broadcom chip was with the open driver.. i also tried the blob.. i took the chip out a few weeks ago and gave up on it..16:00
netlarI cannot add bookmarks to nautilus.  I am on 13.0416:00
varunendraArchguy, I don't understand that output (actually what is wrong in it), can you explain it to me ? lol :D16:00
fuserAnyone having issues with kernel 2.6.32-49 on reboots? My host says "Waiting to restart" but never completes, if I back down to 2.6.32-48 and issue the same reboot command it works fine.16:00
Archguyvarunendra: huh? dafuck, I listed /lib/firmware/b43 like you asked...16:01
varunendraArchguy, that was okay. The expected files were in place.16:02
Archguyvarunendra: and another problem I realised is that when I try and connect to it when in Ethernet, it says the scan couldn't list it or so me crappy error and then even when I unplug the Ethernet cable it is still not listed until I reboot... This is just frustrating16:03
Archguyvarunendra: how can I check I am using b43 and firmware-b43-installer?16:03
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xnchow do u encrypt folders in ubuntu16:05
Archguyvarunendra: any idea or do you give up :P ?16:05
varunendraArchguy, you have b43 listed in lsmod, and no conflicting driver, that's enough to believe it. The "nm-tool" also lists it as in use driver.16:05
varunendraArchguy, I am researching a bit here :P16:05
Archguyvarunendra: thanks a lot :)16:06
varunendraArchguy, I never needed to try any parameters with this driver, but we do have some to give a shot.16:06
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varunendraArchguy, please show us the output of : "grep -iR [a-z0-9] /sys/module/b43/parameters/"16:07
Archguyvarunendra: k. It really is strange that the  network manager is not letting me connect to it.16:07
fang0654Anyone know where to tell smbd what network cards signify having a network connection and starting at boot?16:07
Archguyvarunendra: ummh wait do I reboot or not, since now no wifis are listed? (since I tried connecting while in Ethernet..)16:07
Martinjo84xnc: i used google.com for this http://www.howtogeek.com/116032/how-to-encrypt-your-home-folder-after-installing-ubuntu/16:07
varunendraArchguy, oh forgot it, NM's default behaviour is to give cable connection priority when is available. It may not connect to wifi when cable is plugged in.16:08
Archguyvarunendra: yes, but it also gave me a scan error and now the wifi networks aren't listed. Even if I pull the Ethernet cable out, they won't be. Until I reboot.16:08
varunendraArchguy, if you plug out the cable, you may have to wait a while (less than a minute though) before wifi is initiated.16:09
Archguyvarunendra: jesus alright. Wait first, here is the output of grep -iR [a-z0-9] /sys/module/b43/parameters/ => http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5855792/16:09
xncokey thanks16:10
xncthanks martin16:10
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varunendraArchguy, brb..16:11
Archguyvarunendra: right.16:12
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=== charmlet is now known as Charmlet
varunendraArchguy, ok, try (when wifi gets ready and can scan) - "sudo modprobe -rfv b43" .... then ... "sudo modprobe -v b43 nohwcrypt=1". Any improvement?16:15
Archguyvarunendra: right one sec will try that in a sec16:17
olskolircI see "logkeys" in /etc/init.d  Is this a problem?  I see youtubes that its an actual keylogger.  Can someone explain to me how I need this?  Did this come shipped or was I hacked?16:20
simion314olskolirc: i do not have that file in my /etc/init.d on 12.0416:24
skillpiGHai gentlemen!16:24
[[thufir]]what log should I look into to see why the computer is powering off/on?  It seems to power *on* as well.  (the temp seems fine)16:24
ezra-solskolirc, apt-cache show logkeys16:24
PashaPasta[[thufir]]: syslog16:25
skillpiGI just installed Ubuntu13.04-64bit on my UEFI machine on an SSD drive. I made sure the bootloader was on the SSD, 4GB partitioned for swap and the remaining 124GB EXT4 journaling with / as root. However, after completing the installation, my BIOS (or UEFI) reported that no operating system was found, please restart. Any advice?16:25
ezra-solskolirc, it's an optional package, not a default one16:26
schnuffleolskolirc: paste the content of that file to pastebin and give the link16:26
skillpiGI am currently booted from the live USB I used to install the OS16:26
varunendraolskolirc, check the contents yourself before pasting anywhere. That package indeed is a keylogger.16:27
ezra-sskillpiG, have you read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI ?16:28
idletaskGrrr, no dice16:28
idletaskI have been searching for three full hours with no success at all16:28
olskolircschnuffle, http://pastebin.com/cUggEX4X16:29
schnuffleolskolirc: http://code.google.com/p/logkeys/wiki/Documentation16:29
skillpiGezra-s: I'm going through https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair16:29
skillpiGwill check your link while updating repositries16:30
skillpiGhmm - seems I'm on the right track with your link ezra-s :)16:30
ezra-sskillpiG, that link is the main reference for ubuntu installation with UEFI, you should have seen the link in the download page prior to downloading ubuntu itself16:31
skillpiGI'll come back if I don't come right16:31
ezra-sskillpiG, patience, I heard UEFI brings lots of headaches ;)16:31
skillpiGIt's not as if Windows is getting it right either ;D16:32
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wilee-nileeskillpiG, take a look here for general info start a thread if needed. Best help I have seen is there with this thread author. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729516:35
skillpiGezra-s: It seems my folly was not assigning a 100-300MB FAT32 partition for EUFI!16:36
skillpiGthanks wilee-nilee - I will check it out :)16:36
wilee-nileeskillpiG, Heh, with uefi you have to be careful as far as help, people will let their ego building through help outweigh there responsibility to the person being helped. ;)16:37
Archguyvarunendra: Hey, nope, still the same problem. Doesn't accept the password I give it and after closing the network manager, "(4) Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remove application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken."16:38
skillpiGI'll try again with the installation - thanks for all the help! Hopefully you wont see me coming online again ;D16:38
varunendraArchguy, did you try the nohwcrypt parameter again? It was temporary, means will be lost at reboot.16:39
Archguyvarunendra: I didn't reboot, I just logged out and logged back in.16:39
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varunendraaftere trying it? Archguy16:39
varunendraArchguy,  "sudo modprobe -rfv b43" .... then ... "sudo modprobe -v b43 nohwcrypt=1"16:40
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FfoOHi, Guest34580.16:42
Archguyvarunendra: alright will try again, one sec.16:45
thatrandomaussieis there a link for guide for partitions16:45
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/PartitioningSchemes     thatrandomaussie16:46
thatrandomaussie1024thank you16:46
Archguyvarunendra: nope, no change at all.16:47
varunendraArchguy, try again with a slight change - "sudo modprobe -rfv b43" .... then ... "sudo modprobe -v b43 nohwcrypt=1 btcoex=0". Any improvement?16:48
newbie|2algum portugues aqui?16:50
skillpiGezra-s: I came right :>16:50
ezra-sskillpiG, does that mean it worked?16:51
Pici!pt | newbie|216:51
ubottunewbie|2: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.16:51
Archguyvarunendra: nope :(16:52
skillpiGindeed - I just reinstalled ubuntu16:53
skillpiGbut this time assigned 300MB to EUFI16:53
ezra-sskillpiG, nice16:53
skillpiGin the partition table16:53
skillpiGnow to have some fun with ubuntu on my home PC!16:53
ezra-sskillpiG, ;)16:54
skillpiGdo you perhaps know of anyone that tried WoW with WINE ?16:54
varunendraArchguy, I have to leave now, a few more suggestions (besides changing the encryption type in router/access-point to WPA2-PSK (AES) - 1) Save the correct passkey/encryption type in NM settings, 2) Make sure IPv6 is set to "Ignore" (or completely disable it following this : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2143561&p=12640479#post12640479), 3) As a last shot, install Wicd, and completly remove (purge) NM : https://help.ubuntu.com/communi16:54
W3ird_N3rdis there any way to have a higher value for dirty_writeback_centisecs and laptop_mode that actually sticks?16:54
Jakey1how do I check whether my dvd is connected with sata or IDE, without opening it up?16:55
varunendraArchguy, *last link was - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WICD16:55
varunendragotta leave now. Any questions ? Archguy16:55
Jakey1how do I check whether my dvd is connected with sata or IDE, without opening it up?16:56
Archguyvarunendra: yeah one sec16:56
Archguyvarunendra: how do I do 1) ?16:57
holstein!patience > Jakey116:57
ubottuJakey1, please see my private message16:57
W3ird_N3rdJakey1, you could look in your BIOS setup..16:57
MammutpanzerHello I would like to start a deamon on boot as a none root user. Is this possible?16:57
varunendraArchguy, nm-applet (in the upper right corner) > Edit Connections > Wireless tab > double click your connection > Security tab > enter the relevant settings.16:58
holsteinJakey1: http://askubuntu.com/questions/29380/information-about-sata-ide-pata-controllers is from a casual "ubuntu ide sata how to tell" search16:58
Jakey1W3ird_N3rd: thanks16:58
Archguyvarunendra: great cheers, will try all of that. Can I memo you if it still doesn't work?16:58
columbHow do I force application to show it's screen over any other window?16:58
varunendraArchguy, sure, I'll just mark myself "away" (unless my connection breaks ;) )16:59
Jakey1if the connector on the motherboard is ide then can I convert it to a sata16:59
ezra-scolumb, from unity you can't afaik17:00
ezra-scolumb, kde has something like that though, if you are using it...17:00
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Archguyvarunendra: many thanks again :)!17:02
geniiJakey1: Many places sell inline pata-sata adapters.17:02
CWSpearmathuaerknedam, there are a LOT of people in Ubuntu17:03
mathuaerknedamCWSpear: indeed.17:04
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Archguyvarunendra: jesus christ, I just realised the stupidest thing in my entire life. Where I was entiring the wifi key, I needed to enter the computer's password :O !17:05
Archguyvarunendra: xD17:05
superdoif I dont have wifi connection after install (LAN doesnt exists now) and I copy the wl.ko driver to this new machine should my wlan work ?17:05
Archguyvarunendra: I swear, I'm officially an idiot17:06
Archguysuperdo: I can help you with wireless now if you want but we do it my way :P17:07
Archguysuperdo: what is the output of "ip li"17:07
superdoi tell you where I am17:07
varunendraArchguy, can you connect now? that's what matters. I still make some of the funniest mistakes possible ;P17:08
superdotrying to compile the driver, but breaks with some error, readme says I need kernel headers etc.17:08
superdoArchguy, ok17:08
varunendrasuperdo, no, unless both the versions are exactly same in kernel, updates, just copying won't work.17:08
Archguyvarunendra: am about to try again, seriously for some reason, this laptop boots 1/4 times... I keep having to hold the power button and switch it on again. It is my neighbour's old HP Pavilion zv5200, she wanted me to fix it for her, so Lubuntu I installed :P17:09
Archguysuperdo: ah I'm guessing you don't have Ethernet17:09
superdoArchguy, http://pastie.org/812173017:09
superdoArchguy, yes17:09
Archguysuperdo: right17:09
Archguysuperdo: lspci -vnn | grep 14e417:09
superdobroadcom 4313 :)17:10
superdobut wait17:10
Archguysuperdo: paste the full output please17:10
Archguyvarunendra: btw, any idea why my latter problem even exists x)?17:10
superdovarunendra, meantime, thanks :)17:11
varunendraArchguy, what problem?17:12
Archguysuperdo: were you following this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#STA_-_No_Internet_access ?17:12
Archguyvarunendra: [19:07] <     Archguy> | varunendra: am about to try again, seriously for some reason, this laptop boots 1/4 times... I keep having to hold the power button and switch it on again. It is my neighbour's old HP  Pavilion zv5200, she wanted me to fix it for her, so Lubuntu I installed :P17:12
superdoArchguy, yes, but I dont have some folders what are in this guide..17:13
superdoi dont have patch..17:13
superdono. 2 and 417:13
varunendraArchguy, any system not being able to boot sometimes most probably has hardware issues (and most probably RAM or a lose/faulty card), but there can be a hundred (if not thousand) other reasons ;)17:14
Archguysuperdo: you are in the live CD correct?17:14
varunendrasuperdo, 13.04?17:14
Archguyvarunendra: yeah, hard drive probably lose, that is my theory17:14
varunendraArchguy, quite possibly17:15
superdoI rechecked, I dont have p/patch and restricted/..17:15
superdoon the live usb17:15
varunendrasuperdo, the native brcmsmac driver should be good for you. You shouldn't need to install anything17:15
superdobut why the heck I have empty or missing dirs17:17
superdoor the guide doesnt count with it17:17
=== arjun_ is now known as arjunbajaj
Archguyalright sorry, need to go to the doctor's sorry superdo will try and help you later. varunendra thanks a lot wifi works now :)17:17
troyreadyAnyone know where Ubuntu One settings are stored? I'm trying to script some preference changes (specifically looking to disable notifications, but possibly other changes as well), but I can't figure out if it's in dconf, gconf, .config, etc?17:18
superdook np17:18
varunendraarchigos_, you're welcome :)17:18
varunendrasuperdo, please take a look at this thread : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=215894417:19
superdovarunendra, what you think I can download manually from ubuntu repo ?17:19
varunendrasuperdo, like I said, if your card is indeed BCM4313, you shouldn't need to install anything on 13.04. It should work out of box17:19
superdoreading your post..17:20
sebrockI have a VPN connection that works, ie it is up. If I add a route to one specific IP I am able to ping it. If I remove that route and instead force a ping to use the VPN interface the ping is sent away but nothing is replied. So somewhere it gets stuck I guess. Can anyone help me setting this up?17:21
varunendrasuperdo, try an "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" while you are connected via cable. If it still doesn't seem to work (the native brcmsmac driver), then try this alternative : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2140640&p=12629619#post1262961917:21
superdovarunendra, my biggest problem I dont have cable17:22
varunendrasuperdo, try - "sudo modprobe -rfv brcmsmac" ... then .. "sudo modprobe -v brcmsmac". Make sure you haven't tried to install the proprietary driver, it most probably won't work.17:23
=== johntash_ is now known as johntash
superdovarunendra, ok need to replace hdd to ssd and I try it17:24
varunendrasuperdo, if that doesn't work, you may try the alternative (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2140640&p=12629619#post12629619). Just keep a note of these links. :)17:24
superdoi save them to usb stick :)17:24
BluesKajsebrock, openvpn?17:25
ripthejackerWhat is the advantage of Ubuntu 64bit over 32 bit?17:25
sebrockBluesKaj: no regular L2TP/IPSec with purevpn.com17:25
DigeratiWto be ablke to use more than just 3.5 gb17:25
superdovarunendra, that was my problem last time: Delete the line that says "#include <asm/system.h>" (line no. 43 in current version)17:26
ripthejackerDigeratiW: 32 bit version is also able to use more than 3.5 g17:26
superdoso maybe..17:26
BluesKajsebrock, purevpn.com is a paid server ?17:26
sebrockBluesKaj: yes17:26
ezra-syou can also run programs which consume more than 2 gigabytes of RAM17:26
DigeratiWhow is that possible, 32 bit is limited to a maximum of 4 gb17:27
bazhang!pae > DigeratiW17:27
ubottuDigeratiW, please see my private message17:27
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info17:27
ripthejackerbazhang: which version do you use?17:28
bazhangripthejacker, 13.0417:28
ripthejackerI mean 32 bit or 64?17:28
bazhangripthejacker, 32bit 4gb ram17:28
ripthejackerbazhang: Is there a reason why you don't use 64 bit?17:29
ezra-sbazhang, when you run "top" on terminal, do you see your 4 gigabytes of ram?17:29
bazhangripthejacker, sure, but thats not really ontopic for this channel17:29
bazhangezra-s, yes of course17:29
namidarkDoes anyone have a link to up-to-date instructions on either downloading a ruby 2.0 deb package or building one? The only one's i'm finding rely on ruby 1.8 and ffi and all fail17:30
BluesKajsebrock, are you using the l2tp/ipsec-vpn client ?  i use that client on some freeservers here , http://www.vpngate.net/en/17:30
ezra-sripthejacker, there is no reason to use 64 bits unless you have a very demanding software running or you need some of the features 64bit offers, or have uefi in your machine17:30
sebrockBluesKaj: yes  am17:30
ripthejackerbazhang: It is because I've been using 64 bit for a month now and my experience has not been nice. But I'm not sure if it's a problem with 13.04 or just the 64bit version17:31
kafandohello, I want to zip some files from folder but, when I try: zip -r folder0/folder1 it preserves folder0 too, how can I zip only folder1 and it's childs ?17:31
ezra-sripthejacker, you should be more explicit "not being nice" doesn't really tell much17:32
ripthejackerezra-s: worse than 12.10 32 bit. Dash is slower, Steam crashing everytime i start it17:33
ripthejackeryeah that's about it :P17:33
=== jack is now known as Guest13452
ezra-sripthejacker, I use 64 bit 13.04 and I don't have that problem17:33
ripthejackerSteam is working for you?17:33
ezra-sripthejacker, perfectly17:34
ripthejackerezra-s: please help me troubleshoot17:34
ezra-sripthejacker, never had a crash with steam since the early days17:34
Evil_Ericcan someone point me in the direction of getting oidentd set up and working properly?17:34
ezra-sripthejacker, have you added 3rd party sources to your ubuntu?17:34
ripthejackerezra-s: ppa?17:35
=== Edgan_ is now known as Edgan
ezra-sripthejacker, for example, yes, ppa or any other third party sources which may introduce/install different libs that the default system brings.. external drivers, etc..17:36
ezra-sthat may be a source of problems17:36
ezra-sripthejacker, which gpu do you have?17:36
ripthejackerI installed the deb package from the steam site17:36
ripthejackeramd radeon 645017:36
ezra-sripthejacker, fglrx driver?17:37
ripthejackerezra-s: Not sure, how do I find out?17:37
ripthejackerNot the open source one17:37
ripthejackerI downloaded the driver from the amd site17:38
ezra-sripthejacker, in system sources you have a tab for third party drivers, it might be in there, I don't have ati so I am not sure17:38
OerHeksnamidark, http://gorails.com/setup/ubuntu17:38
ripthejackerezra-s: it's most probably fglrx17:38
ripthejackerezra-s: the proprietary one17:38
namidarkOerHeks: I need to build a deb - not rvm or rbenv :) thanks though17:38
ezra-sripthejacker, problem with manually installed drivers is every time the kernel or some sensible lib is updated it may overwrite some of what the ati manual driver install installed17:39
ezra-ssometimes the DKMS kernel module is not correctly configured either17:39
ripthejackerezra-s: yes I have to manually install the driver every time there's a kernel update17:39
ezra-swhat I did is to compile my own kernel and install the driver manually but I don't recommend that to anyone unless they know what they're doing17:40
OerHeksnamidark, there are 3 ways, rbenv rvm and http://gorails.com/setup/ubuntu#ruby-source17:40
=== fred is now known as Guest69168
namidarkOerHeks: yes I'm a ruby dev :) I need a deb package, not source, not rvm, and not rbenv - a deb is none of those17:40
ezra-sripthejacker, I only can give you tips then, like check /var/log/syslog /var/log/xorg.0.log or ~/.xession-errors when you have crashes17:40
OerHeksnamidark, it is not packaged yet, build it yourself17:41
ezra-stry to find out the real cause17:41
ripthejackerezra-s: it's loggin out right after the crash17:41
ezra-sripthejacker, you mean... like a lightdm logout?17:41
ezra-sripthejacker, then you will probably find related info in /var/log/xorg.0.log17:42
ezra-sit's like X is crashing due to failing driver or something is wrong with X17:42
ezra-sbut in my experience X is really stable with nvidia or included intel drivers, so it could be your driver17:43
con-mandoes anyone know why chrome would work but not firefox?17:43
whoeverhi all i need some help changing permissions on a no permissoin file  ii ls -l filename returns  ????????? ? ? filename17:43
con-manmeh let me run my updates first17:43
OerHekswhoever, on what filesystem ?17:43
whoeverand when i try chmod 0777 filename i get input/output error  but only for that file17:43
superdovarunendra, compile result: http://pastie.org/812182617:43
ubottuangeloporzia85hd: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:43
whoeverOerHeks: it is a workspace.xml indide of an ide17:44
=== aaas_ is now known as aaas
ezra-sati has always given me lots of problems under linux when I had to deal with it ;P17:45
adamkwhoever: I suggest running an fsck on tjhe filesystem.17:45
ripthejackerezra-s: So you use Nvidia now?17:45
ezra-sripthejacker, I use it at home, for gaming yes17:46
whoeveradamk: even thoug it is that one file, it is the file for a java project17:46
ezra-sa geforce 47017:46
adamkripthejacker: It's really not advisable to download the driver from AMD directly, but to instead use the one packaged by/for Ubuntu.17:46
adamkwhoever: It's only that one file *you know of*.  And even if it's only one file, it could still be a problem withthe filesystem.17:47
adamkwhoever: Or a problem with the hard drive.17:47
ripthejackeradamk : the packaged ones have never worked for me17:47
ripthejackeradamk: maybe i'll try the open source one17:47
VecSo, i had a partition on /dev/sdb5, after i shutdown -poweroff and rebooted again that partition is now called /dev/sdc5 -- anyone know how that could possibly happen? This is on a 100% fresh install btw17:47
adamkripthejacker: Well apparently the one directly from AMD doesn't either ;-)17:47
adamkripthejacker: What video card?17:47
ripthejackeramd radeon hd 645017:48
whoeveradamk: in this case does it matter if i unmount and run fsck  or disk analizer from gui17:48
adamkfsck...  You can't check the filesystem if it's still mounted.17:49
ripthejackerezra-s: I'll try one more time and try to discern from the logs if there's any error. Then maybe try changing the drivers17:49
ripthejackerezra-s: Thank you :)17:49
adamkripthejacker: Pastebin the Xorg log file.17:49
arrax[DE]hi there, is there a possibility to say "unrar" it has to extract into the source folder?17:50
ripthejackeradamk: 1 sec17:50
whoeveradamk: never don on ubuntu is it f8 from boot and select recovery , or different {17:50
ezra-sripthejacker, good luck17:50
ripthejackeradamk: 700+ lines?17:50
ripthejackermake that 800 lines17:51
ezra-sarrax[DE], I am sure unrar by default respects the directory tree inside the compressed file, so it should extract into the location where it is ran but will respect the directory tree it was compressed with17:51
adamkripthejacker: Yes, the full thing...  But use a pastebin service.17:52
whoeveradamk: lol touch /forcefsck17:52
ripthejackeradamk: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5856057/17:53
arrax[DE]ezra-s: ty :/17:53
adamkwhoever: There is an option from the grub menu to boot into recovery mode, and then anb option in recovery mode to fsck all filesystems.17:53
adamkripthejacker: Nothing out of the ordinary in there.  Exactly what's the problems?17:55
whoeveradamk: thx see you in a few17:55
ripthejackerI'm trying to setup steam and at the final step the setup crashes and causes a lightdm logout17:56
ezra-sadamk, he get's kicked out of lightdm, like xorg crash17:56
holsteinthe steam channel might be a better place to ask17:57
adamk_Oh, interesting...  Well, yeah, that's definitely a driver issue.  You'd have to look at the Xorg log file from the X session that crashes.  Immediately after X crashes, it tries to start up again and the Xorg log file gets renamed /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old17:57
holstein!steam > ripthejacker17:57
ubotturipthejacker, please see my private message17:57
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adamk_Steam is not going to cause X to crash...17:58
ripthejackeradamk_: should I post the xor.log.old files?17:59
anoneehello room, how can I exclude wine from being themed by emerald?18:00
adamk_ripthejacker, Only if it's the Xorg.0.log.old file from when X crashed...  *But*, even then, this is a proprietary driver we're talking about . There's likely not much we can do about it.18:01
ezra-sanonee, If I recall well winecgf has an option for window decoration/desktop size or similar , but I am not sure, check it out18:01
ezra-sthere it is18:02
ezra-sa segfault18:02
adamk_Yep, and it involves at least two different proprietary libraries.18:02
ezra-s/usr/X11R6/lib64/modules/dri/fglrx_dri.so and...  /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx.so <-- this one propietary too?18:03
whoeveradamk_: fsck seems to automaticly run on reboot , durring the ubuntu splash screen if i hit f8 i can see all output, fsck, finished ok18:03
varunendrasuperdo, it looks like you didn' make the change suggested in step 5 in the post I linked to.18:04
ezra-snope, the last one belongs to xserver-core18:04
ezra-sxserver-xorg-core: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx.so18:04
DandalionHi, I'm looking to setup an SQL server on my Ubuntu Desktop machine18:04
Dandalionwhat would be a good version of SQL to use for Ubuntu?18:05
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adamk_ezra-s, That's the AMD glx module.18:05
ezra-sripthejacker, try and contact ati support with the whole backtrace, see if they can give you any tips or check the amd FAQ if they have one18:05
superdovarunendra, I did18:05
ezra-sadamk_, then it conflicts with the xserver file18:05
ripthejackerezra-s: they have an irc channel?18:06
whoeveradamk: fsck seems to automaticly run on reboot , durring the ubuntu splash screen if i hit f8 i can see all output, fsck, finished ok18:06
adamk_ezra-s, Remember ripthejacker grabbed the driver directly from AMD...18:06
ezra-sripthejacker, 99'99999999999999999999% sure they don't18:06
adamk_ripthejacker, completel unofficial and useless, #ati18:06
adamk_ripthejacker, There is a bug tracker that their developers use sometimes...18:06
ezra-sadamk_, but the driver still works on top of xorg.. maybe the last file is supposed to work with the ati driver part... or maybe there is where the problem lies18:07
W3ird_N3rdto answer my previous question ("is there any way to have a higher value for dirty_writeback_centisecs and laptop_mode that actually sticks?")18:07
W3ird_N3rdadd this to rc.local:18:08
W3ird_N3rd/sbin/sysctl -p /etc/sysctl.conf18:08
W3ird_N3rdsleep 1018:08
W3ird_N3rd/sbin/sysctl -p /etc/sysctl.conf18:08
adamk_ripthejacker, I'd be really interested in knowing if the problem exists with the driver packaged in the repos.18:08
ripthejackerMan, next time I'll buy a card , I'll check if it has any issues with linux18:08
W3ird_N3rdstupid, but so is that 7-year old bug18:08
ripthejackeradamk_: I tried the fglrx driver from repos, But the gui is all broken after installing that , like static18:09
ezra-sripthejacker, in my experience you get better results with nvidia drivers, but if you are not going for gaming, like office work or stuff, best thing is integrated graphics18:09
ezra-sin terms of problems with driver installs18:09
ezra-sripthejacker, static, like if you move a window it creates lots of ghosts behind it?18:10
adamk_Personally, steam works fine here with fglrx.18:10
ezra-sripthejacker, do you get the crash with steam itself or when trying to run games?18:10
ripthejackerezra-s: worse than  that , I don' t see anything , just lines18:10
VecCan someone help me understand this? I have a dir with 570 permissions. I am logged in with a user that is a member of the group owning the dir. Why do i get permission denied when trying to CD to the folder?18:11
ripthejackerI haven't tried any games in linux18:11
ezra-sripthejacker, next time you try the packaged ones make a backup of /etc/X11/xorg.conf and remove it first18:11
adamk_ripthejacker, There might be other issues going on with your machine then...18:11
ripthejackerother than counter strike18:11
ezra-sprior to installation that is18:11
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arobazneed help to grub18:12
arobaz pd18:12
wilee-nilee!details > arobaz18:12
ubottuarobaz, please see my private message18:12
ripthejackerezra-s: remove the xorg.conf?18:12
ezra-salso fglrx uses some weird directory name in /etc for its config and settings, I would also back and remove that before re-trying an ubuntu packaged installation18:12
ezra-sripthejacker, yes , prior to installing fglrx ubuntu package18:13
ripthejackerezra-s: oh ok18:13
LaykeAll day I've been unable to log in through a GUI. Apparently X wouldn't start. Would get /dev/nvidia0 device error. I tried everything. Removed nvidia-vurrent drivers. Reinstalled. Couldn't get in. Eventually I removed nvidia-* and was able to get single monitor access through GUI login... however, I was getting pink artefact lines on my display18:13
LaykeIs it possible that my GPU is just dead/dying?18:13
wilee-nileeLayke, You try a nomodeset boot?18:13
LaykeIf I had nvidia drivers installed, I would end up just booting straight to black screen with terminal login, and running startx would show the nvidia error.18:13
ezra-sripthejacker, nowadays Xorg is capable of detecting everything it needs without it, but I am sure the propietary driver creates one.. that could be giving your problems too if something is different with the packaged drivers, not sure, but it doesn't hurt to try18:13
Laykewilee-nilee, Yup. Tried nomodeset also from boot.18:14
ezra-sripthejacker, get used to the console when trying ;)18:14
Layke(In the end now, I've ripped out a really crappy GPU from an old machine, and it booted straight into lightdm and I could log in.18:14
ripthejackerezra-s kk18:14
ezra-sLayke, that's because nvidia kernel doesn't get along very well with kernel console framebuffer driver or even with the nouveau drivers18:15
haddexVec, have you ever enter to that directory, with other permissions?18:15
Vecoops, sorry....18:15
arobazWAKE UP18:15
ripthejackerezra-s, adamk_ thank you for the tips guys, I'll try it out and let you know if it works18:15
Vechaddex: Yes, i can enter just fine with 001 perms18:15
ezra-sripthejacker, good luck man18:15
wilee-nileearobaz, Can you state your grub problem, and curtail the of topic.18:16
Vechaddex: What baffles me is that i know that my user is groupmember of the group owning the dir. and that group has read/execute acces to the dir. Why dont i have acces then?18:16
superdovarunendra, successfully run all the commands as in your post, whats next? :)18:16
Laykeezra-s, Everything had been working fine. Is there anything that I can try?18:17
arobazréponds enfoiré18:18
ezra-sLayke, I would boot with recovery or single user boot or however you can into the console and the blacklist any framebuffer neuveau driver that the default kernel image brings that could be used at boot with your hardware18:18
ezra-snot the same thing18:19
LaykeOkay. Blacklist both of them?18:19
ezra-sLayke, if you intend to use nvidia propietary yes18:19
ezra-sblacklist those to death18:19
LaykeWell, the nvidia propprietary drivers had been working great, so I know they work. But at this stage... I just want something that will work :)18:19
superdoguys what is the file I can disable unneded wlan drivers?18:19
anoneehello room, how can I exclude a window from being themed by emerald?18:20
ezra-sLayke, if you want to run games you need the propietary ones18:20
ezra-sif not, let ubuntu run with default drivers...18:20
Laykeezra-s, How would I let it run with default?18:20
LaykeI think that is what I did have.. (but ended up having ping artefact lines on the screen)18:20
ezra-sLayke, what you get when you install :P18:20
anoneea window class or any other way to exclude all wine programs18:21
LaykeYeah. I think that's what I had after I removed nvidia.. (which is the *only* way I could get my system to boot)18:21
ezra-sLayke, If I recall well you end up with neuveau drivers by default18:21
LaykePerhaps a bad question.. but are there any other default drivers?18:21
LaykeI'lll try updating everything..18:22
haddexcan you print here the output of the permission, the rwxrwxrwx thing, also if it has other letters18:22
ezra-sLayke, others would work but not with compositing, which unity uses18:22
ezra-subuntu disregarded not compositing for unity in 13.04 I think18:23
superdovarunendra you here?18:25
LaykeI thnk I'll do a release upgrade to 13.04 while my system is borked as well18:26
LaykeCan't really get things worse.18:27
haddexwho Ver18:28
knightAndrobideI need to watch some WebTV with firefox, but it told me thar i have ton install WebPlayer18:28
knightAndrobideBut it's a .exe program18:28
knightAndrobideCan you help18:28
skillpiGHai gentlemen! I have returned! I need some help installing AMD drivers on my fresh 13.04 installation18:29
skillpiGWhen I sudo ./AMD-xxxxxxxxxx the installation says that my device is not supported... Which is disheartening18:29
skillpiGAdditional information: AMD PCS 7870 Myst (tahiti)18:30
fabrizziophey guys, I'm using lubuntu (nobody answers in their IRC), what could I do to change the color bit depth?18:31
skillpiGbrb restart18:31
knightAndrobideIts seems that nobody respond hère, you'll just got join/leaving message18:32
ezra-sfabrizziop, monitor settings in configuration ? I am not used to lubuntu desktop18:32
W3ird_N3rdfabrizziop, create/change xorg.conf?18:32
fabrizziopezra-s: it only configures resolution and refresh rate18:32
fabrizziopyeah, I'm trying to create a xorg.conf, but I don't find any initial settings18:33
ezra-sfabrizziop, using any propietary drivers?18:33
fabrizziopezra-s: no, the included ones18:33
ezra-sfabrizziop, xorg.conf is not needed, by default it will try to go to max-depth possible18:33
fabrizziophmm, it's weird, as in windows you could go to 24 bit18:34
fabrizziopmaybe the framebuffer is too small?18:34
knightAndrobideI want to watch some WebTV with firefox , but I have toi install webplayer TV , windows program, how can I do it18:34
ezra-sfabrizziop, what's the real problem? you get ugly graphics?18:34
fabrizziopezra-s: yep, even the background has banding18:35
ezra-sfabrizziop, which is your gpu? you seem to not being using the correct driver18:35
fabrizziopezra-s: according to lspci it's "Intel 855GM"18:36
ezra-sgotta go, sorry18:37
fabrizziopnp, thanks18:37
BluesKajknightAndrobide, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmLWBU9HFn418:41
knightAndrobideThx BluesKaj18:44
BluesKajknightAndrobide, it's freetuxtv in the repos18:47
knightAndrobideI'm watching rhé vid18:48
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thebishophi folks, is there a way to fix the bug that causes gnome-terminal to resize itself when you focus another window?18:51
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SubarashiBonsoir ;)18:56
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Lunar_Landerhow comes that LibreOffice for example is never updated via the ubuntu updates?19:03
Lunar_Landerand firefox and thunderbird are19:03
xanguaLunar_Lander: you can add libreoffice ppa19:03
Lunar_Landerand if I do not do that, I have to go to the libreoffice site and update it manually?19:04
ratbert90Hey, I have a wireless question.  iw mlan0 scan let's my wireless adapter scan my wireless networks, however iwlist scanning does not.  This would be attributed to no wireless extensions aparently, however I DO have wireless extensions compiled into my kernel.19:04
ratbert90and wpa_supplicant requires wireless extensions.  Any thoughts ?19:04
xanguaLunar_Lander: if you are going to do that you first uninstall libreoffice from repositories and then install the one you get from libreoffice site19:05
layke_Is there anything in 13.04 to help with the lack of a tastkbar? I still haven't been able to get over the fact there isn't a taskbar in Unity?19:05
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Lunar_Landerxangua, basically I am looking at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibreOffice#Installing_a_newer_version_of_LibreOffice_than_available_via_Ubuntu_repositories then?19:06
Kitt3nlayke_, have you had a look at KDE? :)19:07
layke_Yeah. I use KDE at the moment Kitt3n19:07
Kitt3nLayke, KDE kicks Unity's butt ;p19:07
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layke_Yeah. It's pretty perfect what I want...19:07
=== tvoss|test is now known as tvoss
layke_Was just curious if 13.04 was any better than Unity. I never understood why it was removed. But a taskbar is the number one thing I need. I don't need more space on my desktop :)19:08
Lunar_Lander13.04 has unity removed?19:08
Lunar_Landerdidn't know that19:09
Kitt3nUbuntu uses Unity, Kubuntu uses KDE, etc etc.19:09
Lunar_Landerah he means the taskbar19:09
Kitt3nWell, Unity is a touch desktop environment soo eh19:09
layke_Yeah. My bad. I'm not complaining about Unity, since I'm happy with alternatives :)19:09
superdois this network setup strange right? http://pastie.org/812204719:09
OerHeks!nounity | layke_19:10
ubottulayke_: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 an up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic19:10
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:11
OnceMedoes the ubuntu 10 have mozilla 3.0.8 when live cd is run?19:13
OnceMeOr ubuntu 9.. I can't recall19:13
holsteinOnceMe: 10.04 is not supported any more on the desktop.. 10.10 and 9.04 and 9.10 are EOL19:14
OnceMeis it okay to install this app http://www.oldapps.com/linux/firefox.php?old_firefox=1094319:14
OnceMeIs the source reliable?19:14
holsteinOnceMe: "ok" will likely be a matter of opinion and use case.. i think its agreeable, generally, that out of date browsers are out of date for a reason, mostly security reasons19:15
OerHeks9.04 had ff 3, you can download the torrent19:16
immotusDoes Ubuntu 12.04 LTS support Xen pvops?19:17
OnceMeOerHeks:there is no official dl from website?19:17
OerHeksOnceMe, Mozilla most likely will answer: why keeping old versions ?19:18
holsteinOnceMe: correct. they are EOL.. though, you can download the older versions as stated19:18
holstein!eol > OnceMe19:18
ubottuOnceMe, please see my private message19:18
OnceMeso from where I can download ubuntu 9.0419:19
OnceMeas there is mozilla 3.0.8 for testing purpose..19:19
Lunar_Landerxangua, thanks again, looks like installation was successful :)19:19
holsteinOnceMe: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/19:20
OerHeksoh, torrents are removed from http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/ but holstein saved you :-)19:21
xanguaOnceMe: you just linked a firefox 3.0.8 download19:21
OnceMesource is not reliable19:22
OerHekswell, 9.04/FF 3.08 is not reliable after all those years. why complaint?19:23
ripthejackerI managed to install the open source driver19:24
ripthejackeradamk_: evertything is working fine except steam19:25
ripthejackerI'm getting this error: You are missing the following 32-bit libraries, and Steam may not run:19:26
Kitt3nripthejacker, are you using an AMD graphics card?19:26
ripthejackerKitt3n: yes19:26
Kitt3nripthejacker, "sudo apt-get install ia32-libs" and use the driver from AMD, the open source driver will crash Steam over and over.19:26
Estrobedaabout sudo commands etc is there any list of those commands with good explaination?19:27
Kitt3nEstrobeda, sudo runs something as root19:27
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo19:28
Estrobedaok thx19:28
ripthejackerKitt3n: man I'm getting different opinions all the time. I've been using drivers from amd all these days and all were suggesting to use open source one.Now that i've managed to install the open source , I have to install amd drivers19:29
OerHeksripthejacker, best advise comes from #ubuntu-steam19:30
Kitt3nripthejacker, Steam is the only application I know of that gets segmentation errors from the open source drivers, it might change soon though.19:30
fswoesI want a real big partition. 18tb to be exact. I want this partition to be full of ext4 goodness. resize2fs currently is limited to a measly 16tb. "resize2fs: New size too large to be expressed in 32 bits"19:30
ripthejackerbut the error i'm getting is something else I suppose19:31
ripthejackerYou are missing the following 32-bit libraries, and Steam may not run: libGL.so.119:31
ripthejackerThis is the error I'm getting19:31
Kitt3nripthejacker, open a terminal and type "sudo apt-get install ia32-libs"19:31
Kitt3nThat will turn your operating system to multiarch, and Steam will be able to launch19:32
ripthejacker224 mb of additional installation :|19:33
Kitt3nripthejacker, it installs the 32 bits libraries, 'all' of them19:34
ripthejackeryeah I can see it19:34
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timhansenafternoon, all.19:38
timhansenwhat's the current method of starting MySQL when the server starts / restarts19:39
timhansenusing ubuntu 13.0419:39
holsteintimhansen: should be, install it, and it starts with the system19:40
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:40
timhansenholstein: gotcha. we had our server restart on the 7th, and mysql didn't restart with it, so a client's WP site was down all day :/19:41
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timhansentoday, and yesterday19:41
holsteintimhansen: http://askubuntu.com/questions/82374/how-do-i-start-stop-mysql-server19:41
ripthejackerKitt3n: do i reboot after installing all that?19:42
timhansenholstein: yea, i was able to start the service without a problem, once the client notified us that their website was down >.>19:42
timhanseni just don't want the client to notice their website is down, lol19:43
holsteinmight be relevant timhansen http://askubuntu.com/questions/176148/ubuntu-12-04-mysql-doesnt-start-on-reboot-starts-ok-later-manually19:44
ryebread761Hello, will using the dual boot option in the Ubuntu installer remove my recovery partition?19:44
Kitt3nripthejacker, I don't think you need to, but I guess you could if you want to19:44
=== execut3 is now known as shesek
timhansenholstein: gotcha. yea, i found another forum post that said to do the update-rc.d (so i did before hopping in this channel), but then later in the post, someone said that was irrelevant back in 0819:44
timhansenis there a way to have the system email me when the server goes down?19:45
holsteinshould be.. not sure what you have going on ,but if it were depdent on my income, i would have some way of monitorying necessities19:45
devsysHey all, I have a apache installation, and if I look in the root /var/www I see it is all owned by webdev:webdev. I use the webdev user. Now I would like to give someone else a login to the system so they can ssh in and create/modify files in the /var/www (owned by webdev:webdev). How do I do this? Thanks!19:45
holsteintimhansen: http://www.nagios.org/ is the one i have heard of..19:45
timhansenah, yes19:46
devsystimhansen: I use xymon19:46
devsysaka bigbrother/hobbit lol19:46
timhansendevsys: did it take much to get it up & configured?19:47
ryebread761Hey, anyone who if when selecting the install them side by side option to get a dual-boot, Ubuntu removes the recovery partition?19:48
=== MarcoFe^ is now known as MarcoFe
devsystimhansen: it's not too bad once you understand how it works. Gotta edit the host configuration file manually but it provides nice agentless http/https/ssh/ftp/whatever monitoring19:49
devsysCheck out the website, I know ubuntu has a package in the repo.19:49
timhansenyea, the website looks pretty ...basic19:50
timhansenand outdated lol19:50
Kitt3n!enter | timhansen19:50
ubottutimhansen: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!19:50
devsysyep green is good, red is bad no ajax bbq just gets the job done19:50
shaddow2kdevsys: maybe add a new user for the ssh login and add the user to the webdev group?19:51
lunarjardoes anyone know how to remove the Desktop from /home so it doesn't reappear? rm -rf won't help19:51
devsysshaddow2k: yeah, thats what I have tried in the past, trying again now as per docs19:51
devsysit's a super derpy problem to have, I know.19:52
Kitt3nlunarjar, why would you want to remove the 'desktop'?19:52
lunarjarbecause it's useless Kitt3n19:52
=== BadLarry_ is now known as BadLarry
Kitt3nlunarjar, no?19:53
lunarjarwhat no?19:53
Kitt3nlunarjar, the Desktop folder contains everything shown on your desktop?19:54
lunarjarI don't have anything on the desktop19:54
shaddow2kdevsys: that's a good idea to have an extra account for other users, so you can better keep track of who did what. i guess there are many tutorials floating around for your problem :D19:54
superdoguys successfully forced broadcom wlan to work, ubuntu updated itself, and wlan again doesnt work , any idea?19:54
holsteinsuperdo: try the older kernel19:54
superdoim on :)19:55
Kitt3nlunarjar, just don't care about it then? OR you could remove Unity *rolls eyes*19:55
superdoold kernel working19:55
superdobut surely its a way to make new kernel to work19:55
superdowhat could be the difference this way19:55
lunarjarwell thats not a solution Kitt3n I want to cd D to expand into cd Downloads not cd Desktop19:56
holsteinsuperdo: the kernel support19:56
superdoholstein, right.19:56
Kitt3nlunarjar, is it seriously that hard to type "Downloads"?19:56
superdoholstein, firing lshw -C command wl0 even disappeared19:56
timhansenlunarjar: or even Do19:57
superdoat least I can start installing this machine :P19:58
superdoso Im happy19:58
lunarjarKitt3n, timhansen that's not the point, I like the attitude if you don't like it fix it, I hoped maybe someone has some guidance19:59
rkokkelkhi guys, has anyone any experience regarding emulation the raspberry PI with qemu?19:59
timhansenlunarjr: cd ~/ <enter> ln -s Downloads D <enter>20:00
Kitt3nThat works. XD20:00
apuchitnisChanServ: hello all! I'm looking for some advice on html & php... could someone perhaps suggest a suitable channel for me to visit?20:00
=== w30 is now known as random_seed
Kitt3napuchitnis, /join #web20:01
apuchitnisthanks Kitt3n! And how about somewhere to learn to use irc...?20:02
=== apuchitnis is now known as ricknis
devsysshaddow2k: ok, so I recreated a user with sudo adduser jim and set the group using sudo usermod -a -G webdev jim I can login with the new jim user, but if I try to upload something to the /var/www directory (owned by webdev) I get a permission denied error. Any ideas? ls -lah shows webdev:webdev owning /var/www so shouldn't it work?20:08
shaddow2kdevsys: how did you try to upload something?20:10
devsysshaddow2k: over sftp20:10
rooisto47deos the actual version of Inkscape support CMYK ?20:11
devsysshaddow2k: I guess it would be correctly called scp20:11
shaddow2kdevsys: ok, yes i would say that should work, hmm20:12
superdowhat cool music player you recomment ?20:14
superdonot the default one20:14
holstein!info vlc20:14
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.6-1 (raring), package size 1059 kB, installed size 3356 kB20:14
holsteinsuperdo: ^^ i like vlc20:14
superdoyes but for audio too?20:14
superdocan handle online radios?20:15
shaddow2k!info clementine20:15
ubottuclementine (source: clementine): modern music player and library organizer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.1+dfsg-1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 5390 kB, installed size 14549 kB20:15
superdo:) I used clementine20:15
holsteinsuperdo: should be similar looking in linux http://www.wikihow.com/Use-VLC-Media-Player-to-Listen-to-Internet-Radio20:15
superdohave no problem with it only want something new20:15
superdook thx holstein20:16
superdoshaddow2k, thx 4 you too20:16
shaddow2ksuperdo: you could try amarok, gmusicbrowser, tomahawk,..20:17
superdothx copied them20:18
devsysHey all, I have a apache installation, and if I look in the root /var/www I see it is all owned by webdev:webdev. I use the webdev user. Now I would like to give someone else a login to the system so they can ssh in and create/modify files in the /var/www (owned by webdev:webdev).  I created a user with "sudo adduser jim" and set the group using "sudo usermod -a -G webdev jim". But when I try to scp a file to the /var/www directory as the new user, I get permi20:19
=== [[Aww]] is now known as Aww
holstein!chown | devsys20:20
ubottudevsys: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions20:20
shaddow2kdevsys: did you get any error message while trying to upload your file?20:21
crankharderso, this cmd opens a dialog with a single yes/no question. "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -pmedium unattended-upgrades"  -- Can I script it to select yes w/o the dialog?20:21
holsteindevsys: i would keep that in a way that i had permission, and maybe to the work for them20:21
faisaoI'm trying to install the last Ubuntu Desktop version on a PC... But after choose the language and put vga=771 to do the installation my LCD monitor show me a out of range Frequency.20:22
holstein!nomodeset | faisao is worth a try20:22
ubottufaisao is worth a try: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter20:22
faisaoMy monitor are 60 Hz Frequency.20:22
holsteinfaisao: in the past,i have just used a different monitor20:22
devsysholstein: I'll review that doc, but it's rwx for user and group currently.20:22
faisaoOK. I'm trying20:22
devsysshaddow2k: I just got a permission denied error.20:23
holsteindevsys: i upload to a different location and move20:23
T3l0hello all20:24
devsysholstein: I see how that could work, but shouldn't I be able to make the new user a member of the webdev group so they have access?20:24
devsysCould my problem possibly be related to the sticky bit?20:26
devsysOr does that just apply to other users20:26
shaddow2kdevsys: Sorry, had overlooked it. Maybe you need to restart the services, ssh, sftp?20:27
devsysshaddow2k: haven't bounced the services, I never have needed to before, plus I can login as the user, so it seems like it might be enough.20:28
devsysI think it's the sticky bit causing problems possibly20:28
faisaoI'm with a Black Screen yet, after apply nomodeset. Now I'll try a acpi_osi="Linux" from the parameter that ubottu propose.20:28
shaddow2kdevsys: http://askubuntu.com/questions/143700/granting-a-sftp-user-access-to-a-var-www-directory might be worth a look20:29
devsysthanks shaddow2k I will have a look20:29
faisaonoacpi + nomodeset + vga=771 works for me20:31
=== btaitelb_ is now known as btaitelb
faisaoThx very much holstein and ubottu!20:33
crankharderso I just manually turned off ntpd (/etc/init.d/ntp stop) and ran "sudo ntpdate 0.ubuntu.pool.ntp.org"  -- and the update was over 70 seconds.20:35
crankharderif ntpd has been running, why was the time off by so much?20:35
crankharderthis box is only a week old20:35
pc3Hello. Is there any way to set up a password for a guest account *OR* create a new username that acts like a Guest account (ie: have a temporary home directory or clean up on every login)?20:41
faisaonoacpi + nomodeset + vga=771 works for me BUT, now when start Xorg, I can't see the installation screen. I only see the terminal screen.20:43
faisaoSomeone have some idea?20:44
underc0mmandi have a problem...i have an executable with these permission -rwsrwxr-x 1 root   root      8520 lug  8 15:22 prog but when i execute it like a normal user, my effective user id is not root...someone knows why?20:47
=== Troy is now known as Troy^
yebyenunderc0mmand: how do you determine your effective user id?  some processes only need root to perform some initial step, and they cede root privilege after that...20:49
underc0mmandwith this fuction geteuid()20:50
underc0mmandor output of the ps -ef command20:50
Kitt3nYou can't run an application as root from your non-root user without sudo or supplying the root password in some other way.20:50
underc0mmandbut i have set the suid bit on20:51
Kitt3nOkay, would you let a virus run as root without you entering the root password? nope.20:52
Kitt3nWould you want THAT to be possible? nope.20:52
bekksKitt3n: You never heard of the suid bit, dont you ;)20:52
underc0mmandok but only administrator can set the suid bit on his files20:53
underc0mmandbekks LOL20:53
squid5I wonder if using an account that is part of the sudoers file with the NOPSSWD enabled is as dangerous as using root account full-time?20:54
shaddow2ksquid5: why would you want to do that?20:56
underc0mmandsquid5: for sure but depends how sudoers file is configured20:57
squid5shaddow2k: just curious20:57
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest58155
shaddow2ksquid5: don't become that lazy ;)20:58
squid5i say that because think about it, if someone compromises your account they can still do the same thing that they could possibly do with root20:58
mbeierl_what's the name of that tool again that allows network throughput testing with UDP or TCP - client and server mode?20:58
mbeierl_squid5, THANKS!20:58
=== derp_ is now known as derp
underc0mmandso does anyone know how to fix my problem?20:59
squid5mbeierl_: do you know how to use it?20:59
squid5I can help you if you want21:00
squid5shaddow2k: What is the most secured way to do it? Have the account in the sudoers file and put the password all the time?21:03
jhutchinsHow do I change window order in irssi?21:05
shaddow2ksquid5: i would say yes, keep in the default state. If i have to enter many commands, i sometimes open a root shell with su21:06
mbeierl_squid5, yes, used it lots, just forgot its name.  was looking for ioperf instead and that got me all confused.  thanks for the offer!21:06
squid5Thank you shaddow2k!21:07
goldsharkI have a intallation of 13.04 on VirtualBox. It is installed since January I think last month Unity stopped working and when I log in it shows me an empty screen with only my wallpaper. If I enter as a guest it works fine and if I go to TTY1 no problems also, so i guess the problem is with some options on my home directory. Can anyone help me restore Unity without loosing data?21:08
shaddow2ksquid5: you're welcome21:08
=== goldshark is now known as wolfslord
wolfslordI have a intallation of 13.04 on VirtualBox. It is installed since January I think last month Unity stopped working and when I log in it shows me an empty screen with only my wallpaper. If I enter as a guest it works fine and if I go to TTY1 no problems also, so i guess the problem is with some options on my home directory. Can anyone help me restore Unity without loosing data?21:10
shaddow2kgoldshark:, wolfslord It's possible to reset unity, but you need to open a least a terminal window to enter "unity-reset" Not sure if you can still start one?21:11
* alfacard is backkk21:12
=== francisco is now known as Guest93946
shaddow2kCTRL + ALT + T should open a terminal window21:14
underc0mmandwolfslord: login in TTY1 and use this command unity-reset like shaddow2k said21:14
subz3r0!dns | bla21:14
ubottubla: To set up a Domain Name Service see the !serverguide - https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/dns.html21:14
WHAT_UPi followed the instructions here https://www.nesono.com/node/368 but i still can't even run sudo init 6 without getting "init: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused". what do i do?21:19
wolfslordunderc0mmand, I may have disconnected when shaddow2k said the command. Can please say again which command should i fire?21:20
underc0mmandwolfslord: unity-reset21:20
=== Selling_Fdhypno is now known as Selling_FD_hypno
wolfslordunderc0mmand, No such command found. Wouldn't it be "untiy reset"?21:23
=== Selling_FD_hypno is now known as Selling_FDhypno_
underc0mmandwolfslord: i dont' use unity maybe it's unity --reset21:24
X-Sleepy-X  --reset           Reset is not supported anymore. Deprecated option21:24
wolfslordX-Sleepy-X, exactly what i got. Now what ;p?21:25
Selling_FDhypno_superaffordable erotic hypnosis anyone? :)21:26
shaddow2kwolfslord: Regarding your unity problem: See here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/17381/unity-doesnt-load-no-launcher-no-dash-appears for help if my first command didn't help21:26
WHAT_UPit's even worse now. as far as i can tell, nothing from upstart is working upon reboot. right after startup, the only things that appear in top are [init, vzctl, bash, top]. there should be loads of other processes running.21:28
dixie__how does this work am senior?21:30
X-Sleepy-Xdixie__: hi! you just ask and wait for an answer provided that someone knows it or is willing to try to help you21:31
dixie__I had XP tower for 2 years and June 3rd it would not boot up.21:31
dixie__something about BIOS not ACPi compliant?21:32
k1l_dixie__: do you have a ubuntu issue?21:32
dixie__installed Xubuntu 10.04 and it is outdated.  Why can't I install 12 or 13 and my mouse won't work?21:32
=== MrKB2 is now known as MrKB
dixie__I burned 12 and 13 Ubuntu to cd-rom but cannot install and then 10.04 won't boot up again had reinstall why?21:33
dixie__cannot reboot or shut down21:34
AvonI'm having trouble running running the Ubuntu Software Center. Here is the error I get when running from terminal http://pastebin.com/J9EhHk9c Use the gui to install anything from the store doesnt work.21:39
K1rkI am trying to track down very high %SI levels on my server... what tools would you recommend to look into the cause of the problem?21:43
=== cristian_c_ is now known as cristian_c
thestigHello, I have a problem with my Ubuntu running on VMWare Player. It doesn't recognize my wired connection. Can anyone help a newbie user?21:45
thestigThis problem happened after I have already used it perfectly for 2 weeks now. It just...stopped.21:46
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware21:47
thestigI don't understand21:49
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=== j is now known as JoseeAntonioR
=== JoseeAntonioR is now known as jose
ecarti need help22:04
ecartwith my iptable22:04
=== Jikan is now known as Jikai
ecartCan someone help me open port 25 out?22:05
=== Termana is now known as Guest84272
=== FiremnEd2 is now known as FiremanEd
steve1I did  "dpkg -i --ignore-depends=somePkg some-other-pkg.deb" … but now every time I run apt-get it wants me to "apt-get -f install", which uninstalls my manually-installed package.  How do I get apt-get to leave it alone?22:09
prasselpikachuso, i got a problem22:14
DGMurdockIIIsay it22:15
prasselpikachusince updating to 13.04, my sound stutters until i restart pulseaudio. this is only happening after boot22:15
DGMurdockIIIdont tell me22:15
fishermani got a 8 gig flash drive but can seem to make a persistant Ubuntu install with more than 4 gigs of persistance  for saving changes.22:15
=== Troy is now known as Troy^
shwaiilQ: Ubuntu 12.04 Server does it have a firewall by default ? If true, it's allowing all connections right ? I'm learning Ruby, so I installed Sinatra. Trying to run a hello world example in port 4567 (default port), but the connection is being refused. How to troubleshoot this ? Thanks for looking!22:16
DGMurdockIIIprasselpikachusecond, some time later after having my laptop laying around switched on, it suddenly denies any access and "sudo start pulseaudio" still does something but isnt coming to an end22:16
=== fisherman is now known as flyman
flymani got a 8 gig flash drive but cannot seem to make a persistant Ubuntu install with more than 4 gigs of persistance  for saving changes.22:17
flymanany ideers?22:17
=== Jikai is now known as Jikan
varunendrafisherman, flyman  it is the limitation of fat32 file system. Changes are saved in "casper-rw" file, and No file can be larger than 4GB in a fat/32 filesystem.22:19
flymanvarunendra no way to change this then?22:20
varunendraflyman, if you want more than 4GB persistence, you will have to create a separate (ext3) partition of the size you want, then label that partition as "casper-rw" and delete the file "casper-rw" in the live partition.22:20
varunendraflyman, read above :)22:20
flymani see22:20
varunendranp :)22:21
flymankind of limits what you can do with a ubuntu persistan flash22:21
varunendraflyman, except doing updates, pretty much everything that is within that limit. But it slowly gets full, so not recommended for long term usage.22:22
flymanyeah, cannot install much22:22
varunendraflyman, you can have a 7 GB casper-rw partition if you wish though ;)22:23
flymanthere ought to be a script that does this for youi22:23
varunendraflyman, there may be one, but I don't know of any. But it's easy enough (create partition > rename it > delete the file)22:24
prasselpikachuanyone knows a solution about that pulseaudio thing?22:25
netlarI was wondering how to fix not being able to add bookmarks to nautilus?22:30
netlarI am on Ubuntu 13.04\22:30
histoflyman: if you use startup disk creator it takes care of all of that for you.22:30
histoflyman: just drag a slider for the size of the peristent storage amount.22:30
netlarIt is a fresh install22:30
histonetlar: what happens when you add one?22:31
netlarIt lets me add it from the options menu, but it does not show up anywhere22:31
histonetlar: Do you have the bar displayed along the left side?22:32
histonetlar: within nautilus that is22:32
netlarhisto: Yes that is there22:32
histonetlar: What about in the manage book marks dialog does it show you bookmark there?22:33
amerHi guys. I have asus U500VZ. I installed ubuntu 13.04. some of the function keys are not working (keyboard backlit + wirless). I installed asus-dkm module but still not working. any help ? thanks22:33
histonetlar: and how are you creating the bookmark?22:33
netlarhisto: It is not there either22:33
histonetlar: then it didn't get created22:33
netlarAnd it does not have a plus button there, just a minus button22:33
histonetlar: navigate to a directory and ctrl+d will create a bookmark there22:34
andy_749Guten abend sprechen Sie deutsch?22:34
histo!de | andy_74922:34
ubottuandy_749: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!22:34
netlarhisto: Is there suppose to be a plus button in the bookmarks dialog box?22:34
histonetlar: I have no idea what dialog box you are speaking of22:35
flymanRandy Travis in critical condition....22:35
netlarIn the file menu of nautilus, there is a menu item Bookmarks that pulls up the bookmarks dialog box22:35
amerHi guys. I have asus U500VZ. I installed ubuntu 13.04. some of the function keys are not working (keyboard backlit + wirless). I installed asus-dkm module but still not working. any help ? thanks22:35
netlarhisto: It does not create a bookmark with I do ctrl+d22:36
histonetlar: can you post a screenshot?22:36
histo!paste | netlar22:36
ubottunetlar: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:36
andy_749I installed pingus and dont want it. how do I format my PC?22:36
Slartandy_749: what is pingus?22:37
ambush276hey guys i was wondering if there is something that exists for my current dilema22:37
ambush276i have a program that i want to basically fork every time it is called.22:38
t4nk34245Dumb question: is there a way to start a program from the terminal, but still be able to use the terminal afterwards?  e.g. I want to open a file with gedit or geany so I use geany lv.cpp, but the terminal can't be used until I've closed the program.22:38
flymangparted perhaps?22:38
Slartt4nk34245: end the command with   &22:38
ulkesht4nk34245: add an & after22:38
Slartt4nk34245: something like    gedit &   will give you a terminal prompt back and still run gedit22:38
ulkesht4nk34245: you can also, if the program is running, hit CTRL+z and then type bg<ENTER>22:39
doomlordt4nk34245,  areyou using gedit for coding22:39
ambush276so basically each user will go to my site and every time they start a new session over 443, i want to fork this program so that 443 will be a listener and basically have multiple instances of the same process listening on 443. The issue is that this process is not really "forkable" Hence, i was wondering is there some way i can have something listen on 443, which when "hit" will basically spawn off another instance of the applicati22:39
netlarhisto: http://imagebin.org/26380922:39
ambush276this applicatoin goes with this process?22:39
t4nk34245@doomlord no, it was just an example.22:39
Slartt4nk34245: there are lots of commands like this.. see "man bash" for other similar stuff22:39
ambush276so basically like a forking program22:39
=== aroman is now known as Guest81213
schultzahow do i use /lib/lsb/init-functions to log a program/script's output to another file (/var/log/program.log rather than /var/log/messages|user.log)?22:40
Slartambush276: I'm not sure if you can have multiple processes listening to the same socket..22:40
histonetlar: No there's no plus sign there.  You up at the top bar you can add bookmarks under the Bookmarks dialog.  Or you can press Ctrl+D  to create a bookmark. Ctrl+B will bring up that manage bookmarks dialog you are looking at22:40
Slartambush276: but I wouldn't rate myself very high when it comes to network programming so you might want to get a second oppinion on that22:40
netlarhisto: yes, got that part, but it is not adding bookmarks22:41
ulkeshambush276: I would expect you'd need some sort of master process that listens on port 443 and then spawns sub-processes22:42
ulkeshambush276: similar to how web servers work (well, web-application servers like tomcat)22:42
histonetlar: http://imagebin.org/26381122:42
ulkeshambush276: though tomcat is a bad example since that's just spawning threads, not technically system level processes22:42
netlarhisto: Now that is interesting22:43
netlarI only have the first menu item "Files"22:43
histonetlar: ahh they must have chnaged nautlis.  That was taken on my 12.04 machine22:43
netlarahh ok22:43
ambush276yea but how22:44
ambush276the program i have does not have a fork parameter22:44
netlarhisto: maybe I need to configure nautilus?22:45
ulkeshambush276: i'm saying you would need to find or write a program that will listen on 443 and then when hit calls your program22:45
ulkeshambush276: i don't have any "one-shot" solution, i'm just providing suggestions on what i expect a solution would entail22:45
=== rob is now known as Guest15333
Guest15333Hey got a little issue... how do i change the dock widdget at the bottom of Ubuntu studio 13.0422:46
ulkeshambush276: an example..i'm actually working on something at my work where i have a web service spawn an ffmpeg process for transcoding22:46
ulkeshambush276: the web service is technically a single process...when a request comes in, i then set up (in groovy code) a call to ffmpeg and run it22:46
ulkeshambush276: the web service can handle many requests at the same time, so technically i'm spawning potentially many ffmpeg processes (yeah, lots of resource issues possibly here, but it's a prototype :) )22:47
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest5778
Guest15333any one can help?22:52
histonetlar: doubtfull as far as I know as long as the places sidebar is displayed your bookmarks should show there in the side bar.   Now if you bookmark is a network resource which is unavailable it will not be displayed.22:53
netlarhisto: I think they did change nautilus.  There are some features that were taken away with the latest version of nautilus22:53
histoGuest15333: /join #ubuntustudio22:54
histonetlar: bookmarking is not one of them as far as I am aware. Especially since you can manage your bookmarks22:54
netlarhisto: But it is strange that I only have the "Files" menu on the top menu bar22:55
histonetlar: http://askubuntu.com/questions/293985/what-are-the-new-nautilus-3-6-shortcuts-in-ubuntu-13-0422:57
netlarYes the shortcuts work22:58
histonetlar: they obviously aren't if you add a bookmark and then it's not showing in the bookmarks manager dialog.22:58
netlarhisto: true true22:58
netlarhisto: maybe there is a conflict somewhere22:59
CetrianHi all - installing Ubuntu Server for the first time right now =]23:00
histonetlar: I'm trying to grep for my bookmark to see where exactly nautilus stores that information23:01
netlarhisto: even the menu is not right23:01
CetrianI'm really impressed with the installer so far - very easy to use and effective. no bloat.23:01
netlarhisto: your has "Home folder" first then "Files".  Mine has "Files" first then "Files" again, so strange23:02
=== Troy is now known as Troy^
netlarhisto: maybe I need to reinstall nautilus?23:02
histonetlar: or perhaps you have a bookmark for files23:03
netlarhisto: I think whatever folder you are in with nuatilus is what is displayed on that first item on top of the screen23:04
histonetlar: so if you navigate to some directory like /tmp and press ctrl+d  does tmp then appear in the places menu on the left23:04
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
=== ubobbtu is now known as ominomi
netlarhisto: I am actually talking about at the very top of the screen23:05
netlarhisto: on your screen shot , it shows "Home folder"23:06
netlarhisto: no, tmp does not appear on the places menu when I do ctrl+d23:09
netlarhisto: It does show up now, but under the bookmarks section23:10
beyondcrHello, I just got a new mouse and the two side buttons I like to use as back and forward for web browsing, the buttons are reserved compared to a normal mouse I was wondering if there is a way to map the keys back, I am using ubuntu 13.04 with unity. Thanks23:11
hadifarnoudI did nmap on a server. what does this mean? Warning: giving up on port because retransmission cap hit (10).23:12
=== [Reliant] is now known as Reliant
=== kingnick42_ is now known as claws
netlarhisto: it is only bookmarking the top level folder from a directory, but will not bookmark folders in that directory23:14
netlarhisto: It does seem messed up23:18
netlarIs reinstalling nautilus ok to do?23:18
riexSomebody that can tell me which kind of packet this here is: "IP > myip: [len1468<asnlen8182]"?23:21
rickbhello. I am getting this, every time I try to install a package, or any interaction with dpkg or apt... ant idea? https://pastebin.com/rBxXbkjx23:23
netlarGuess I will just have to live with Nautilus being messed up23:24
agoranetlar did someone say it is unsafe to reinstall nautilus?23:25
nimdAHKcan I symlink .conf files from an NTFS partition to an ext4 partition?23:25
vltnimdAHK: I don’t think NTFS supports symlinks at all. But I’m not sure.23:27
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
nimdAHKvlt: NTFS has hardlinks23:30
nimdAHKbut I want to access data on the NTFS partition as an ext4 file23:30
nimdAHKln or whatever makes links just has to be able to read from the partition23:30
sporkeeenimdAHK, As a ext4 file, what does that mean23:31
bekksNTFS supports hardlinks, bit no symlinks. And if you want to access a datafile on NTFS as ext4, loopback mount it.23:31
sporkeeenimdAHK, Open it.23:31
nimdAHKsporkeee: it opens fine23:31
nimdAHKbut it's a .conf file23:31
nimdAHKso I have to have it represented as an ext4 file23:31
nimdAHKworst case, I'll copy it back and forth with a bash script23:32
sporkeeenimdAHK, ext4 has nothing to do with it.23:32
bekksnimdAHK: Unless the content isnt an ext4 filesystem, there is no point in accessing it "as ext4".23:32
nimdAHKit's not23:32
nimdAHKthat's the point23:32
bekksnimdAHK: So access it. It has nothing to do with ext4-23:32
sporkeeenimdAHK, You have yet to make a point. ;)23:32
nimdAHKalright hold on23:32
nimdAHKI'll pastebin an explanation23:32
kellyguys , I installed Lubuntu 13.04 64bit , I can't access my samba share with PCmanFM , I've already installed samba samba-common system-config-samba python-glade2 gvfs-bin then i open PCmanFM - GO - Network Drivers , i see all the other PC's on the network but when i open any one of them there is an error message appear says "The specified location is not mounted" i typed smb://WORKGROUP/kelly-PC also i tried : smb:// same problem23:33
* sporkeee senses a homework assignment23:35
bekkssporkeee: :D23:35
sporkeeeno soup for you23:35
nimdAHKbekks: sporkeee: vlt: http://paste2.org/XUZ4wMeB23:35
bekksCreate a symlink on the ext4 fs.23:36
nimdAHKthat's the idea23:36
bekksThen do it?23:36
bekkscd ~/.program/23:36
histokelly: you may receive more help in #lubuntu let me check some things though.23:36
bekksln -s /wherever/your/file/is/located/settings.conf ~/.program/settings.conf23:37
bekksnimdAHK: What does it have to do with "accessing it as ext4"?23:37
histokelly: install gvfs gvfs-common23:37
nimdAHKbekks: when I said "as an ext4 file"23:37
nimdAHKall I meant was "as a file on the ext4 partition"23:38
bekksnimdAHK: now that make sense - since there is no such thing like "an ext4 file".23:38
histokelly: also try with dbus-launch pcmanfm  see if that hellps23:38
rickbcan someone take a look at my pastebin please?23:38
kellyi installed also gvfs gvfs-common , now i tried dbus-launch pcmanfm , but same problem same error message23:39
paul_9curses!  fooled by smuxi!23:40
sporkeeerickb, A double fail kernel install?23:40
rickbsporkeee: all of it came from apt..23:40
rickbno hackery ;-;23:40
sporkeeerickb, You have a broken package('s) it looks like23:41
tlipconhey folks. Is there a PPA which has the linux-tools package for mainline kernels? Using a new kernel from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.9.9-saucy/ but now "perf" doesn't work23:41
Kitt3nrickb, perhaps try "sudo apt-get install -f"?23:41
sporkeeerickb, Could your HD be full. No space left on device23:42
kellyError mounting //
kellyhisto: i tried pyNeighborhood with no luck " Error mounting //"23:44
histokelly: can you mount it normally from command line?23:44
kellyhow can i do that ?23:44
* derp farts23:45
bekkskelly: You have to specify the share, not just the IP.23:45
histokelly: The #lubuntu room may be able to help you as far as browsing shares as I'm assuming this would work out of the box on their distro23:45
rickbsporkeee: hdd wasn't full but /boot was :|23:45
rickb:) <323:46
histokelly: smb://ip address of server/share name23:46
histokelly: would be the way in pcmanfm23:46
kellyyeah it's working :) u made my day , thank you23:46
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histokelly: just fyi to mount you could mkdir /home/kelly/somedirectory && sudo mount -t cifs //ip address/sharename /home/kelly/somedirectory    in the future23:48
CetrianHi all - is the general consensus that for file sharing, Nautilus is the best way to go?23:48
histokelly: the other option is using nautilus or thunar which allow you to browse the network.23:48
netlarAnyone having issues with nautilus 3.6 not adding bookmarks?23:49
sporkeeeCetrian, WE don't do polls.23:50
kellythank you histo23:50
netlarsporkeee: not a poll23:50
netlarNeed help23:51
bekksCetrian: Nope. And we dont take polls.23:51
sporkeeenetlar, Yes you seem to I was addressing another user notice the nick.23:51
histoCetrian: Nautilus doesnt' do file sharing23:51
CetrianSorry, not intended to be a poll ?23:51
Cetrianhisto: thanks23:52
netlaropps sorry23:52
boshausare there any good web interfaces for graphing system stats etc?23:54
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boshausi've done mrtg in the past.. but something less painless to set up would be nice23:54
=== Sibirisher_Tiger is now known as Siberian_Tiger
histoCetrian: it can invoke other utilities to create shares though.23:54
TrelWhat package contains the "additional drivers" program?23:55
histoTrel: depends on which version of ubuntu you are using since it's been moved around. It used to be part of jockey23:56
krabadorno alternate iso for 13.04 ?23:57
histoTrel: now they've built it into Software Sources in 12.10+ I believe23:57
Trelhisto: if it matters I'm using kubuntu 64 bit. I don't have it installed, so I'm trying to find out what package it's contained in23:57
histokrabador: You could use the network installer23:58
krabadorhisto, it's for an user with boot problems23:58
histoTrel: what version?23:58
Trellatest, I forget the number (and the command to check)23:58
histokrabador: Yeah I would try the net installer or booting with nomodeset  would probably solve their issues23:59
krabadorhisto, it's an unexperienced user23:59
histo!nomodeset | krabador23:59
ubottukrabador: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter23:59
TrelI'll check my iso, one sec23:59
Trelyes, 13.0423:59
histoTrel: It should be in the software sources dialog ... Ask in #kubuntu though23:59

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