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tbaratis there anybody?07:54
tbaratI have a dev question08:01
tbarathow can I start the syncdeamon?08:38
JamesTaitOyez! Oyez! Good morning all and happy Town Crier Day! :-D08:39
karniWho can tell tbarat where we had something documented about sending files from a web form to someone's U1 account?10:35
karniOr was that Stuart's L. blog?10:35
davmor2karni: aq did a few blog posts about u1 so it could of been there10:37
karnidavmor2: tnx10:39
karnitbarat: you could find something on this blog regarding uploading files via web form http://www.kryogenix.org/code/10:39
karnitbarat: I can't find it now. If not there, maybe check out Google+ of Stuart Langridge10:40
kirklandhowdy!  could someone help enable 2FA on my U1 account?13:42
davmor2kirkland: sorry how do you mean?13:44
beunodavmor2, he's coming back to Canonical  \o/13:44
beunokirkland, have you hopped on the internal IRC network yet?13:45
kirklandbeuno: not yet13:45
davmor2kirkland: YAY!!!!!!!!!!13:45
kirklanddavmor2: ;-)13:45
kirklandbeuno: I'm logged into the u1 web page, editing my account, but I don't see a tab for "Authentication Devices", as per the instructions13:46
davmor2kirkland: is it not just devices listed on the main page13:46
kirklanddavmor2: what are you calling "main page"?  url?13:47
davmor2kirkland: https://login.ubuntu.com/13:47
davmor2kirkland: http://ubuntuone.com/5LU2dHsZGENuRUlWyxzC28 top left Authentication Devices13:49
davmor2kirkland: there may need to be a switch flicked possibly13:49
kirklanddavmor2: yeah, that's what I'm saying -- that tab doesn't exist for me13:49
beunokirkland, let me poke around the admin for a minute13:50
kirklandbeuno: it seems like I've hit something like this once or twice before with U113:51
kirklandbeuno: I think maybe it's because I had a very early account, before U1 was production?13:51
beunokirkland, I think you've now hit all the possible edge cases there may be, but should be easy to solve13:52
beunokirkland, how about now?13:54
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troyreadyAnyone know where Ubuntu One settings are stored? I'm trying to script some preference changes (specifically looking to disable notifications, but possibly other changes as well), but I can't figure out if it's in dconf, gconf, .config, etc?17:21
troyready(just posted this in #ubuntu as well -- sorry for spamming; I realized afterward that it might make more sense here)17:21
beunodobey or alecu would know, troyready17:22
dobeytroyready: they are stored in a ini-style file. the file is ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf and gets created when you change any settings away from the defaults17:25
troyreadyAh, perfect, thanks!17:26
troyreadyFeeling very *doh!* -- should have realized that the folder was just empty because I hadn't changed any settings yet17:26
dobeytroyready: also, ubutnuone-syncdaemon has a dbus interface for changing config options. so you could just call it instead17:30
troyreadyAh, very cool, thanks!17:37
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