songshophi folks - new here. just wondering about the gnu toolchain in US 13.04 - do i need to install it ??01:39
OvenWerkssongshop: I am not sure what you mean... If you mean for building SW there is some installed, but possibly not all.01:45
OvenWerksIf the install is a general meta (or two) a reinstall will not harm anything and only install packages not present.. That is using the apt-get install command.01:46
songshopOvenWerks,: thanks for the reply - what ppa's do you recoomend for RT and toolchain ?01:47
OvenWerksRT I am not sure about. The tools should be available in the normal ubuntu repos.01:48
OvenWerksI am not the best person to ask :)01:48
OvenWerksPersonally, I have had very good success with our low latency kernel with sub 1ms latency and no xruns.01:50
OvenWerksbut the HW has to be set up just right to do that01:50
OvenWerkszequence_ is the one who knows the kernels better than I do.01:53
songshopOvenWerks, thank you for the info ;)02:04
david_How do I set the default screen brightness in Ubuntu Studio? Currently I have to reduce the screen brightness each time I log in.02:51
holsteindavid_: that pretty normal, i think, depending on the graphics driver support02:55
holsteindavid_: you have nvidia?02:55
david_holstein, yes.02:56
david_The brightness of the external monitor is fine (I guess it has its own controls) but the laptop monitor is always on full brightness02:57
holsteinalways? or at boot up?02:57
david_holstein, when I boot up, until I manually reduce the brightness using the Fn key02:58
holsteindavid_: for me, that would be acceptable, since nothing on the hardware says "linux support"02:59
holsteindavid_: you can mess around with that and mabye get it working with a different driver. or, mess it all up and it'll never boot again02:59
holsteini would try and tolerate the support that is working..02:59
david_holstein, There isn't a way to even say "press Fn+F6" automatically when I log in.03:01
holsteindavid_: that on a hardare level03:02
holsteindavid_: sometimes, on my intel chips, it "forgets"03:02
holsteindavid_: unless you want to purchase a machine with linux support, like system76, you really need to be open to accepting some compromises03:02
holsteinsince, the hardware is not officially suppoting linux03:03
holsteindavid_: are you on 13.04? with the xedgers ppa?03:03
holstein!steam | david_ i would ask here03:03
ubottudavid_ i would ask here: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.03:03
holsteinsteam is really helping us get support03:03
holsteinOK. gota run..03:03
david_ok. Thansk holstein03:04
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Guest15333Hey i ot a qudestion guys22:48
Guest15333anyone familiar with the docking widdget at the bottom of ubuntu studio 13.0422:48
Guest15333is there a way to edit that?22:49
zequenceGuest15333: That's just a xfce panel, only different size and see through23:00

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