bluesabreforestpiskie: lightdm-gtk-greeter 1.6 is in saucy.  It's going to have some appearance bugs until the new artwork package is in02:53
bluesabrealso, abiword 3.0 looks to be in there now as well02:53
bluesabreand, if all of this has already been said, well I haven't read the backlog yet :)02:54
bluesabrelooks like I might in the clear :)03:00
micahgbluesabre: what happened to your merge from Debian?03:35
bluesabremicahg: I worked with mr_pouit; did a debdiff from ubuntu's 1.5.1 to 1.6.003:39
micahgbluesabre: yeah, but it was just an Ubuntu update, didn't seem to be a merge from Debian03:40
bluesabreyeah, I wasn't entirely sure what to do when I started with it :D03:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1197774 in lightdm-gtk-greeter (Ubuntu) "Please update lightdm-gtk-greeter to 1.6.0" [Wishlist,In progress]03:41
micahgyou can start with the grab-merge script and work from there, but from what I saw, we want quite a bit of what Debian changed in the packaging03:41
bluesabreit's already been upgraded to 1.603:42
micahgyes, but we can still merge the packaging from Debian03:42
bluesabreI might take a look at that tomorrow then03:44
bluesabreits pretty late, heading to bed now03:45
micahgbluesabre: sure, no rush03:45
glitchd_hello all05:22
Noskcajhello glitchd_ 05:22
glitchd_i know this is the devel channel, but might i be able to try and seek a little assistance from anyone in here?05:23
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mr_pouitmicahg: I told him to do an update instead of a merge: too many differences between debian and ubuntu (e.g. lightdm-set-defaults vs. alternatives), I find a merge a bit pointless in this case (well, unless you only want the revision to be -1ubuntuX ;>)17:41
Pwnnais xubuntu willing to deviate from xfce4's original package a little bit if i added feature to things like xfce4-screenshooter or mousepad?22:53
ochosiPwnna: upstream is always ideal ;)22:54
Pwnnaochosi: fork if no one is maintaining! :P22:54
ochosiPwnna: it's not been that long that mousepad had a release (especially considering how long before the previous release was)22:57
Unit193Pwnna: Did you have anything in mind?  Maybe an upload to another site? ;)23:55
PwnnaUnit193: xfce4-screenshooter enhancement (multiple uploader support)23:56
Pwnna(go back button, these are all bugs in xfce4)23:56
Pwnnasome simple mousepad improvement that improves usability23:56

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