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glitchd_hello all05:19
glitchd_trying to figure out how to use the crtl+alt+bckspc to restart X if im in xubuntu05:20
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NoskcajAre there any rss readers that integrate with the xubuntu desktop?07:26
Pwnnawith 13.10 coming up. what features do we have?07:33
NoskcajPwnna, lots of bugs so far ;)07:47
Pwnnalol awesome07:47
Noskcajideally xfce4.12 (depends on when they release it07:47
Pwnnathat seems like never07:48
Noskcajalso, new versions of everything and a slightly updated theme07:48
Noskcajso nothing huge07:48
NoskcajPwnna, you could always help us with 13.10?07:49
Pwnnastable enough to use on a regular machine?07:50
Noskcajwhen we get around to releasing, yes07:50
Noskcajhttp://xubuntu.org/contribute/ and http://community.ubuntu.com/ are the links to get involved07:51
PwnnaNoskcaj: i'm a dev.. so idk i might be better helping xfce07:51
Pwnnai'm still on 12.0407:52
Pwnnathere's a lot of issues with the setup right now07:52
Pwnnait's hard to fix07:52
Pwnnaso i want to start fresh07:52
Pwnnabut that's hard because so much legacy on this computer..07:52
Pwnna(was upgraded from 10.10)07:53
NoskcajIf you do re-install, go for 13.04, it has a lot of improvements over 12.0407:53
Pwnnai know. i have another machine running 13.0407:54
SysiPwnna: that's not so bad, my friend went from 10.04 to 12.04 without closing his screen process07:57
Pwnnai wake to nuke everything as i have some weird graphics lock up right now07:59
Pwnnaand also i want to set up WDE07:59
nikolamwill Pidgin on 12.04 LTS be updated? It lacks certificates/ connection with facebook chat.09:03
baizonnikolam: http://www.pidgin.im/download/ubuntu/09:06
baizonbut i'm not using pidgin, so i can't tell if it helps you09:07
nikolamI more and more wonder what is the point of LTS if programs are not updated when they start lacking functionality.09:08
Sysihas there been a bug reported?09:09
nikolamSysi, hm, now I try it on another machine with LTS and it works... .hmm09:11
deckardhello. what kind of tests are recommended after trying the different video drivers offered in ubuntu?09:11
deckardto determine which driver is working best*09:12
nikolamas a part of driver development or as testing as a user?09:13
Sysitry running whatever you need to run and maybe check temperatures with command "sensors"09:13
deckardi wanna know witch will run my game metter09:13
Sysithen, run the game09:13
deckardand just check fps?09:14
Sysiif you want a benchmark, there's Unigine Heaven09:14
deckardok, ty09:14
nikolamthere is phoronix test suite and glxgears09:14
deckardwhat i fi cant tell much of a difference ? go with the newest?09:14
samyhow to find all possible command line tools related to XFS administration?09:17
samy<samy> how to find all possible command line tools related to XFS administration?09:49
Sysiman xfs would be a start09:51
samythank you11:34
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Arroyo1010samy, IIRC, most of them start with xfs_13:50
Arroyo1010One, which i use often time, is xfs_growfs -- When i grow a LVM volume, and need to grow the filesystem on that volume (when filesystem is XFS)13:51
knomeArroyo1010, gone already13:51
Arroyo1010i turned off joins/parts13:51
Arroyo1010will my keyrings work if i just backup my ~/.local/share/keyrings dir, and restore it?13:52
Arroyo1010my laptop, single user13:53
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/14:09
cfhowlettlderan, actually he was pretty patient.  He pasted that last about 10 minutes ago...14:19
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samyi have a problem15:01
samywith cpu clock :s15:01
samyplease help15:01
samyi m back15:14
lderanwhat is your problem?15:16
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ByteTripperquick question15:53
ByteTripperI setup xubuntu on mydesktop yesterday15:53
ByteTripperthen i installed the nvidia driver15:54
ByteTripperand now it wont boot.15:54
ByteTripperhow can i save the install.15:55
ByteTripperI can't get to a console15:55
ByteTrippereven through recovery15:55
holsteinByteTripper: pro tip: set up proprietary drivers *first*15:56
ByteTripperthat is the driver i installed.15:56
ByteTripper[11:54] <ByteTripper> then i installed the nvidia driver15:56
holsteinByteTripper: one thing to do, is mount the instance live and grab the /home partition.. look while you are in there and see if there is an /xorg.conf15:56
holstein /etc/X11/xorg.conf to be precise.. if so, you can try renaming it15:57
ByteTripperAgain can't get a console...15:57
holsteinByteTripper: im commenting on the timing... you set everything else up, and now you dont want to waste that effort, since the nvidia driver install is being problematic15:57
ByteTripperduring the normal boot it hangs at setting up a swap15:58
holsteinByteTripper: the "fixes" above are from a live CD.. you *can* get to a live CD, corrrect?15:58
ByteTripperI can15:58
holsteinByteTripper: setting up a swap is not an nvidia problem15:58
ByteTripperbut I can't access the installed copy15:58
ByteTripperI know15:58
ByteTripperbut after swap fails, nvidia fails15:58
holsteinwhy is swap failing? could it be a bad hard drive?15:58
ByteTrippermay be a bad swap partition15:59
ByteTripperI guess im stuck reinstalling...?15:59
ByteTripperI just didn';t like spending 30 minutes getting updates right after I install.16:00
holsteinByteTripper: right.. thats what im talking about16:00
holsteinByteTripper: do the nvidia install *first*16:00
ByteTripperI did16:00
holsteinByteTripper: dont setup the install, do everything to set everything up, *then* install the nvidia driver16:01
ByteTripperthat what I did16:01
holsteinByteTripper: thats not what you stated at first.. you said "i set everything up, then installed nvidia, then breakage"16:01
ByteTripperYea, i installed xubuntu and did the base setup16:02
ByteTripperthen the nvidia driver\16:02
ByteTripperI can't install it without xubuntu :P16:02
holsteinByteTripper: ?16:02
holsteinByteTripper: i am not suggesting that..16:02
holstein11:53 < ByteTripper> I setup xubuntu on mydesktop yesterday16:02
holstein11:54 < ByteTripper> then i installed the nvidia driver16:02
ByteTripperexplain please16:02
holstein^^ that is what you said16:02
ByteTrippersetuo my desktop with xubuntu16:03
holstein that to me means, i installed xubuntu, set it up *then* installed nvidia16:03
ByteTrippereverything else is stock16:03
holsteinByteTripper: i say, install xubuntu, install nvidia, test, *then* set it up16:03
holsteinByteTripper: is that what you did ?16:03
holsteinif you installed nvidia and all was well, *then* did upgrade and the breakage happened, that is quite different than what you explained16:04
holsteinByteTripper: which did you do?16:04
holsteinByteTripper: ok.. so, look for an xorg.conf from a live CD16:05
ByteTripperca'nt access the drive from livecd16:05
ByteTripperit says its busy16:05
holsteinByteTripper: what says what is busy?16:06
ByteTripperthe drive16:06
holsteinByteTripper: ok.. what says the drive is busy?16:06
ByteTripperthe one that has the broken install16:06
holsteinByteTripper: how are you trying to access the drive? and what exactly reports "the drive is busy"?16:07
ByteTripperthe drive that has the nvidia driver16:07
holsteinByteTripper: ok.. the hard drive in the machine is trying to be accessed by a live CD? correct? and something says "sorry, you cannont access this drive, for it is busy".. what is stating to you "the drive is busy". is it a file manager? is it the live OS? at boot? when? and what *exactly* is the message?16:09
ByteTripperthe drive that i installed xubuntu on16:10
ByteTripperthat is not booting16:10
ByteTripperima just reinstall xubuntu16:10
ByteTripperand disable swap16:10
ByteTripperno need for it when i have 8gb of ram...16:10
holsteinByteTripper: the drive doest say anything, friend.. its just sitting there.. and you boot up a live CD. and you try and access the drive with something? and you get an error? what are you using?16:11
ByteTripperit does.16:11
ByteTripperwhen I go to access it it says it's busy16:11
ByteTripperi'm just going to reinstall it16:12
holsteinByteTripper: what are you using to access it?16:12
holsteinByteTripper: the file manager?16:12
ByteTrippershows up on thedesktop16:12
holsteinByteTripper: it?16:12
holsteinByteTripper: the drive shows up on the desktop?16:13
ByteTripperthe drive16:13
holsteinand you "click" on "it" and "it" says "it" is busy?16:13
holsteinByteTripper: take that sentence ^^ and replace *all* of the "its"16:13
holsteinByteTripper: otherwise, wait patiently for another volunteer.. i need details16:14
ByteTripperit says its busy16:15
ByteTripper and i hate this laptops keyboard16:15
holsteinByteTripper: i dont know what *is* is16:16
holsteinByteTripper: you say "it" says the drive is busy.. and i dont know what *is* is16:17
ByteTripperthe drive.16:17
ByteTripperthat hasa the bad16:17
holsteinright.. and what is saying its busy?16:17
ByteTripperxubuntu install16:17
ByteTripperI can't access it or try to remount it16:17
holsteinByteTripper: and? when you remount it?16:17
holsteinwhat are you using?16:17
ByteTripperim just clicking on it on the desktop16:17
holsteinByteTripper: ok.. try opening a file manager16:18
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount16:18
holstein^^ and using the terminal16:18
ByteTripperyea i know.16:18
holsteinByteTripper: so, you tried that?16:18
ByteTrippermount sdc /hdd16:18
holsteinok.. include that in the sentence then.. and try conveying what you have tried to me16:18
ByteTrippermount /dev/sdc /hdd*16:18
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!16:18
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:18
ByteTripperi AM givin detqils but this keyboqerd is horid16:19
holstein!volunteers > ByteTripper16:19
ubottuByteTripper, please see my private message16:19
knomeByteTripper, first things first: calm down and the message will reach us.16:19
ByteTripperi am calm16:19
ByteTripperthis keyboard is reched.16:19
ByteTripperima reinstall xubuntu16:21
ByteTripperthen the nvidia driver and see if it reboots befre i update.16:21
holsteinByteTripper: good luck! i think that is ideal16:22
ByteTripperil be back under xubu ntu16:22
ByteTripperinstead of win 816:22
ByteTripperholstein: xubuntu is the best alternative to ubuntu16:24
ByteTripperNo Unity.16:24
holsteinByteTripper: xubuntu *is* ubuntu16:25
ByteTripperI know it is at heart, but other then that it's not remotely like the newest editions of ubuntu16:25
holsteinno one has to use unity.. i dont.. but you never know what volunteer here might be a part of the excellent team that is responsible for creating and developing unity16:25
ByteTripperNo built in ads, no unity, and full user controll16:25
ByteTripperholstein: Unity would be nice, on the bottom of the screen...16:26
ByteTripperNot constantly popping out of the side when my mouse gets close to it16:26
holstein"nicer" is a matter of opinion.. i just dont prefer it, so i dont use it16:26
ByteTripperthere was a app wrote to move it to the bottom of the screen...16:27
ByteTripperothers to remove it16:27
ByteTripperIt'd be nice if it wasen't intrucive. That's why I've loved xubuntu so far.16:27
holsteinByteTripper: please feel free and share your opinions about it in the #xubuntu-offtopic channel.. or any of the offtopic channels16:27
ByteTripperSimplicity of Ubuntu with a great user experience :P16:27
ByteTripperTHere's a offtopic channel?16:27
Xyverzare the alpha versions of xubuntu 13.10 using mir?16:37
holstein!13.10 > Xyverz16:46
ubottuXyverz, please see my private message16:46
ByteTripperI am currently in xubuntu installing it.16:58
ByteTripperGotta wait for that to finish up16:58
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Xyverzholstein: thanks, but that doesn't answer the question.17:11
ByteTripperholstein, it'd be better to talk here...17:11
holsteinXyverz: the question should be asked in #ubuntu+1 ..13.10 support and question are for that channel17:11
holsteinthere is no "support" for 13.10 AFAIK.. its not released17:11
knomeno, not yet17:12
Xyverzholstein: dude. it was not a support question. I asked out of curiosity. If you had told me to ask elsewhere from the beginning, I would not have responded as I did. Or even better yet, a simple, "I'm not really sure" would have been awesome.17:12
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knomeXyverzAFK, please don't use awaynicks. thanks17:12
ByteTripperholstein, !17:13
ByteTripperI'm under xubuntu17:13
ByteTripperI'm looking for the nvidia driver right now17:13
holstein!nvidia | ByteTripper this is what i refer to17:14
ubottuByteTripper this is what i refer to: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto17:14
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Xyverznice. I step away for 30 seconds and ...17:15
ByteTripperXyverz, AFK nicks are Taboo17:15
ByteTripperholstein, not helpful :|17:16
ByteTripperI can't find the settings panel17:16
holsteinByteTripper: if you dont have the driver installed, you wont have it17:16
ByteTripperholstein, I read the link you gave me17:16
flux242what the hell are afk nicks?17:17
knomeflux242, please watch the language.17:17
ByteTripperit symbolizes that you're AFK17:17
ByteTripperknome, he didn't use inappropraite langugage O_O17:17
knomealso, if you must, you can discuss that on -offtopic17:17
ByteTripperCan someone help me find the drivers section17:18
ByteTripperin settings17:18
knomeByteTripper, it's under "software & updates" on the newer versions, in the tab "additional drivers"17:19
holsteinByteTripper: i have "nvidia-settings" .. i can run it from a terminal if i cant find it17:19
knomeholstein, that only controls nvidias drivers/settings, not driver installation17:19
holsteinknome: im not sure if thats not what ByteTripper is asking..17:20
knomeif he's not, then he must try to elaborate17:20
ByteTripperknome, you pointed me in the right direction17:20
ByteTripperThank you.17:20
ByteTripperI'm going to blacklist the nouveau driver.17:21
ByteTripperIt's installing the geforce one that's tested17:21
holsteinByteTripper: i would do nothing more than one the guide says to do. i did no manual blacklisting17:21
knomemanual blacklisting is not usually needed, but each to their own17:21
ByteTripperLast time it "automatically blacklisted", I ended with a nonbooting system.17:22
ByteTripperIt's blacklisted and the driver is installing.17:23
holsteinByteTripper: i dont think we can assume knowing what caused your issue. .you mentioned manually disabling swap as well17:24
ByteTripperI'm disabling swap as well in a second17:24
ByteTripperBusy with videodrivers17:24
ByteTripperholstein: !17:37
ByteTripperSystem hanging again17:37
holsteinByteTripper: purge the driver, and dont use it, would be my suggestion17:38
holsteinByteTripper: assuming, again you cannot get in to the system in any way17:38
ByteTripperAdding 837220k swap on /dev/mapper/xubuntu--vg-swap_1.17:38
ByteTripperPriority:-1 extents:1 accross:8372220k17:38
ByteTripperThe thing is without the driver the display is blury.17:39
ByteTripperand this doesn't appear to relate to the driver17:39
holsteinByteTripper: i would do as simple of an install as possible. for troubleshooting purposes.. i would also, at this point, test the hard drive17:39
ByteTripperThe HDD is fine17:40
ByteTripperDebian installs fine, Arch installs fine, Windows installs fine17:40
ByteTripperThis crash is only affecting xubuntu17:40
ByteTripperThere's no information on it.17:40
holsteina os installing doest indicate the health of a hard drive17:40
ByteTripperit appears to be adding 8gb of swap.17:40
poisoned_dragonjinkies... that's a lot of swap17:41
ByteTripperbut I used sudo swapoff -a17:41
flux242will 13.10 include xfce 4.12?17:41
holsteinflux242: please ask about 13.10 in #ubuntu+117:41
poisoned_dragonis your xubuntu 64bit?17:41
flux242holstein: why? I'm asking about xubuntu17:42
ubottuUbuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+117:42
flux242ubuntu has nothing to do with xfce17:43
holsteinflux242: im not trying to be combative.. if you have a question about 13.10, please visit the appropriate channel.. #ubuntu+1 ..thanks17:43
ByteTripperholstein: I think he means 13.10 xubuntu...17:44
ByteTripperpoisoned_dragon: do you know why i might be crashing17:44
flux242what questions are appropriate here then??17:45
holsteinflux242: something like http://xubuntu.org/news/looking-towards-xubuntu-13-10/ might help you find the correct soucre.. the repos are hot, so you can alwyas just browse them, or try a live CD.. see the /topic for guidelines17:45
poisoned_dragonflux242, xubuntu is ubuntu with xfce.17:45
ByteTripperRight after "Begin: Running /scripts/init-bottom ... done."17:46
poisoned_dragonno, sorry ByteTripper17:46
flux242poisoned_dragon: reall???17:46
ByteTripperThe crash happens17:46
flux242no way!!!17:46
poisoned_dragonif you knew, why you act so derp?17:46
* ByteTripper facepalms17:46
ByteTripperhe's being sarcastic.17:46
flux242pls tell me am I talking to bots here?17:46
poisoned_dragonI know he is17:46
ByteTripperI love xubuntu, but the crashing and burning17:47
holsteinubottu is a bot flux24217:47
ubottuholstein: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:47
poisoned_dragonbut his timing stinks17:47
SysiI'm just a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent17:47
ByteTripperI'm just a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent17:47
flux242i knew it17:47
ByteTripperSo no one has any idea why my system is crashing when ti appears to make a 8gb swap17:48
poisoned_dragonI'm just aggravating flux242, please don't think of me as noble.17:48
holsteinhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=raring&section=all&arch=any&keywords=xfce4&searchon=names might be what you are looking for flux242 , but 13.10 is OT here17:48
flux242why 13.10 is ot here? There won't be a xubuntu 13.10?17:49
bazhangflux242, all versions are in #ubuntu+1   (13.10)17:49
holsteinflux242: 13.10 is not out yet, so its not supported offically here..17:49
bazhangkubuntu, xubuntu lubuntu etc17:50
poisoned_dragonwhat don't you get flux242? this room is only for 13.04 support17:51
poisoned_dragon13.10 isn't released yet. when it is, it'll be supported here17:52
ByteTripperwho was that xy guy17:57
poisoned_dragoni dunno17:57
ByteTripperknome: does17:57
ByteTripperI'm going to be putting debian on my desktop.17:57
knomepoisoned_dragon, stop provoking anybody.17:58
poisoned_dragonI provoke noone17:58
ByteTripper knome he's not provoking.17:58
knomeflux242, unreleased versions aren't supported in this channel, #ubuntu+1 is for that17:58
knomepoisoned_dragon, "i'm just aggravating"...17:59
poisoned_dragonsince i'm behind, when does the crash happen, ByteTripper?17:59
ByteTripperit happens when the swap is made.17:59
ByteTripperbut I disabled the swap file.17:59
ByteTripperIs there a kernel flag I can set to make sure it doesn't try and setup swap18:00
holsteinByteTripper: i would troubleshoot that seperate from the nvidia install, before installing the driver, to make sure you are zeroing in on the correct issue18:00
holstein!swap | ByteTripper might help18:00
ubottuByteTripper might help: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info18:00
ByteTripperholstein: it crash's right at the swap18:00
holsteinByteTripper: sure, and im saying, it should crash before the nvidia drive got installed, so troubleshoot it then, before you lock yourself out of the system18:01
holsteinnvidia driver*18:01
poisoned_dragonthat's just honest, knome. I never said it was intentional.18:01
poisoned_dragonDid you permanently disable swap?18:01
ByteTripperholstein: the nvidia driver isn't getitng loaded as it hangs before :|18:01
ByteTripperpoisoned_dragon: swapoff -a18:01
holsteinByteTripper: sure.. so dont even install it til you get the issue you are talking about sorted out18:02
ByteTripperholstein: with or without the nvidia driver it crash's18:02
poisoned_dragonthe easiest way to permanently disable sway is to unmount it with gparted and delete the swap partition.18:02
holsteinByteTripper: i understand that, but you are stating now that you cant get in to do anything.. before the nvidia install, you can18:02
ByteTripperSo there's no kernel flag to stop it fron trying toget it to not use wap18:02
holsteinByteTripper: that link i gave should have all the information about swap that you should need18:03
ByteTripperholstein: it doesn't.18:03
holsteinByteTripper: what are you looking for specifically? that is not there?18:03
ByteTripperkernel flag.18:03
poisoned_dragonHmm... does it work fine in live cd session?18:04
poisoned_dragonuse the live cd session to run gparted and remove the swap partition all together. no need for a kernel flag because there will be no partition to automount.18:05
holsteindoes adding "noswap" in grub work for you ByteTripper ?18:05
poisoned_dragoni guess he fixed it18:16
ByteTripperi'm installing debian with xfce.18:20
flux242ByteTripper: that's OT, that's OT, go away. Just kidding18:20
ByteTripperflux242: eh18:21
ByteTripperxubuntu crashed too much.18:21
poisoned_dragonsorry you couldn't get xubuntu running, ByteTripper18:21
ByteTripperpoisoned_dragon: I'm running on a all intel system right now18:21
ByteTripperwhile my amd box installs debian18:21
ByteTripperIntel videodrivers are great under Linux apparantly18:22
ByteTripperSo this might end up xubuntu18:22
poisoned_dragonAMD can be a fickle  graphics chip to setup for.18:22
poisoned_dragonum, wait... I thought you said the crashing was with nvidia drivers?18:23
ByteTripperit is18:23
ByteTripperthe CPU is amd.18:23
ByteTripperYes it's a unholy mix...18:23
poisoned_dragonwhat's nvidia then?18:23
jotunhi, i got a problem with flash, i suppose, but maybe something else is causing the problem and its not flash itself.19:36
blackbitanyone here is seeding xubuntu? I was wondering if I am the only one experiencing low upload bandwitdh with it (I also seed CentOS and he seem to max out my upload rather easily instead)19:36
jotunthe colors  are falsified, and the whole flash element is pressed together on the left side19:38
Unit193jotun: Try xdpyinfo | grep root  and tell me the "depth of root window:"19:39
holsteinblackbit: i would expect your bandwidth to be related to your internet connection19:39
jotundepth of root window:    15 planes19:39
blackbitas I said, other torrents mostly max out my upload... do you seed xubuntu?19:39
Unit193jotun: So you have an intel integrated card, older one.  You have 3 options, force 24bit, use PPAPI/Pepper flash, or ignore it.19:41
jotunwhat is PPAPI/Pepper?19:42
poisoned_dragonthe api interface that flash now uses in chrome19:42
holsteinblackbit: what are you proposing? its the iso? or something specifically relating to the data? could it just be that no one is downloading the iso right now?19:42
Unit193jotun: Chrome flash, works in chromium too though.19:43
poisoned_dragonfirefox won't support it because of the api's proprietary nature.19:43
Unit193poisoned_dragon: Not exactly.19:43
jotunand firefox and opera will not work with it?19:43
poisoned_dragonif you install the plugin manually, it works in chromium.19:43
poisoned_dragonwell, you elaborate Unit193 :)19:43
jotunwhen i used Xubuntu 12.04 i had no such problems...19:44
poisoned_dragonfirefox and opera only support the external plugin19:44
blackbitholstein, I was just wondering if I am having problems with the client not finding other peers or if the torrent is already way too much seeded ;)19:44
Unit193jotun: That's because you used UXA with 24 bit.19:45
Unit193(Related to option 1.)19:45
jotunhow do i do that?19:45
jotunthx alot by the wa, you two!19:45
Unit193See https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/1173649, create /etc/X11/xorg.conf and put http://paste.openstack.org/show/39776/ in it.19:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1173649 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "incorrect color depth - intel graphics card" [Undecided,Opinion]19:46
jotundo i need to restart mycomputer? or is there a way to load xorg.conf manually?19:53
Unit193sudo service lightdm restart, but that'll kill your GUI session.19:55
jotunok, thanks a lot!19:56
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dunpealHi. How do I setup the DNS server for a particular network interface?21:09
nantoudoes xubuntu 13.04 support usb3.0?22:36
nantouvia express card port? a usb3.0 to expresscard adaptor22:36
traspOkay, so I installed a fresh install of xubuntu 13.04 a couple of days ago after being afk for about six months and my xfce-session crashes all the time. It was a bit annoying at first when it could seemingly random just crash after some time, but now (after not changing anything really) it crashes _all the time_. Right now I don't even close the applications started with the session because it will probably crash, and probably if I s22:45
trasptart some other app as well. Is this a known problem, and is there any known solution?22:45
Guest15333Hey got a question about the dock at the bottom of ubuntu studio 13.0422:50
krytarik!details | Guest1533322:52
ubottuGuest15333: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."22:52
Guest15333ok i have an AMD64 turion running ubuntu studio 13.04 realtime kernal...i and trying to find a way to edit the dock at the botom of the screen in ubuntu studio 13.04...is there an app or wiget to do so?22:54
traspGoogle finally became my friend, I killed the screensaver-daemon and now it hasn't crashed for a couple of minutes even though I've started applications22:54
Guest15333i would like it to perfom more like OSX version and not keep loading the top of my screen with tabs22:55
Guest15333any one familiar?22:57
krytarikGuest15333: Please see here: http://docs.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-panel/preferences22:58
Guest15333thank you22:58
krytarikGuest15333: But you'll rather need to install something that actually acts like a dock, not like a usual panel.22:59
Guest15333how would i do that specific program?22:59
krytarikWell, there are quite a couple of options for docks out there, you might start with Cairo-Dock, it's most like the OSX dock, I think.23:01
krytarikDocky, I personally don't like that much though.23:02
Guest15333ok ill give it a shot thank you23:04
ochosior plank23:04
ochosiit's more lightweight23:04
ochosi(than most others, and less features)23:04
Guest15333looking for them now23:04
kekiliosomebody know how to find my network manager in ubuntu 13.04? i want to change it, but i don't know what it is.23:05
kekiliosorry, it is xubuntu 13.0423:06
SonikkuAmericakekilio: It's either an up and a down arrow next to each other (Ethernet) or an emission wave (Wi-FI)23:07
kekiliothank you! do you know how can i desinstal it? i am new in xubuntu23:08
ochosishould be the package network-manager23:10
kekilioyep, than you again, i got it!23:11

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