kolbe$ bzr branch lp:maria/5.500:51
kolbe- 498953KB   198KB/s | Fetching revisions:Inserting stream00:52
kolbebzr: ERROR: Connection error: Couldn't resolve host 'bazaar.launchpad.net' [Errno -2] Name or service not known00:52
kolbethere is really no way to resume this operation? when i try running the same thing again i get 'bzr: ERROR: Target directory "5.5" already exists' :(00:52
spivkolbe: sadly, no01:15
spivkolbe: you can manually fetch incrementally, though01:15
kolbehow do i do that?01:15
spivkolbe: bzr branch lp:maria/5.5 -r 1000 ; cd 5.5 ; bzr pull -r 2000 ; bzr pull -r 3000 ; …01:16
spivIt's not great, but it will eventually work.01:16
kolbeheh, jesus :(01:16
kolbewell, thanks :)01:17
spivGlad I could help.01:17
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ElMonkeyi'm trying to get to grips with bzr-git, with a repo hosted on github16:33
ElMonkeydoes anybody know how to avoid the "diverged branches" crap every time i dpush from another computer, and then try to pull?16:34
ElMonkeyis there some other command to use, so that it doesnt happen?16:34
beunoAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'save_changes'17:07
beunohaven't seen that one before17:07
beunoanyone have any clues?17:07
beunowas trying to reconfigure --unstacked17:07
beunoin saucy17:07
beunoturns out it wasn't stacked18:26
beunonot the best error message  :)18:26
ElMonkeyanybody have a decent workflow for using bzr-git with a github repo?20:28
chinotoIs it possible for bazaar to know about branches that aren't ancestors of the current commit? It seems the only possible way to (almost) do this is to get a copy of all branches that are currently being worked on from your codevelopers, and even then I'm not sure. Currently I'm learning about git to see the differences and so I can convince my team to switch if it turns out better.21:20
lifelesschinoto: bzr can know about such branches of course21:21
lifelesschinoto: it couldn't merge branches if it couldn't.21:21
chinotoSo far we've only worked with bzr in a straight line... I've tried to understand how to work with separate branches in bazaar, but it seems the only way to do so is having copies lying around, which would be a little inconvenient for web development :/21:23
chinotoIt's fine if developers only ever work on one thing at a time and commit their work somewhere when they are done.21:25
chinotoI believe I'm seeking a workflow that isn't possible in bazaar :/21:26
lifelesschinoto: colocated branches, or branches in a treeless shared repo, both will do exactly what you want21:27
lifelesschinoto: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/developers/colocated-branches.html I believe.21:27
chinotoThe problem is that I don't want to reconfigure apache and project specific variables to make each branch work... I guess I could use symlinks, but I'm not sure how the Windows developers would deal with that.21:29
lifelessyou don't need to.21:32
lifelessstandard built in workflow in bzr :)21:32
chinotolifeless: Finally think I understand it, so basically you still have a directory for each branch, but you work on them from one?22:48
chinotough, got a headache from soda or something, seeya22:51

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