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abentleysinzui: How's it coming with staging?13:13
sinzuiabentley, ghastly13:13
abentleysinzui: Anything I can do to help?13:13
sinzuiabentley, Two efforts to create apache have failed13:13
abentleysinzui: Yikes.13:14
sinzuiabentley, Both deploys never got an IP, the agent state is pending13:14
abentleysinzui: Is it the IP address shortage?  That would cause machines to fail to spin up at the nova level.13:14
sinzuiabentley, and somehow I lost my branch that sanitises categories13:15
sinzuiabentley, I have been using w3m and can confirm charmworld + mongodb + elasticsearch are happy13:16
rick_hsinzui: one trick there is to expose the charmworld app and it'll be present on the port 6543 I think? or 2464, whatever we default to now. 13:16
abentleysinzui: Well, we could tranfer the external IP address to the charmworld app server if necessary.13:17
sinzuiabentley, as rick_h wrote, the port will be 654313:17
sinzuiabentley, Note I still see 645b2404-9179-4a8b-8136-7f238964aa6b | juju staging instance 413:18
sinzui^ that is the zombie Juju thinks it destroyed13:18
* sinzui ponders nova as a means to decommission the instance13:18
abentleysinzui: You used terminate-machine?  I am not sure whether it is reliable.13:19
abentleysinzui: The problem with terminating via nova is that the IP address famine means someone could take the address of that machine and we'd be unable to start a replacement.13:20
sinzuiabentley, right13:21
abentleysinzui: Perhaps we should move staging to lcy01, but we'll need a new external IP address, so we'll need to re-map DNS.13:21
sinzuiWhile I can use nova to suspend/resume, I cannot so anything that permits us to gain access to what runs in the vm. 13:22
abentleysinzui: Rebooting doesn't help?13:22
sinzuiabentley, we cannot ssh into it13:22
abentleysinzui: We cannot ssh into it in order to reboot it, or we cannot ssh into it after we reboot?13:23
sinzuiI could not ssh into it to see what was up and fallback to reboot13:23
sinzuiI didn't see an alternate means to get into the instance using nova13:24
abentleysinzui: There is a "nova reboot" command.13:24
sinzuiDidn't do anything for me yesterday.13:25
abentleysinzui: what about get-vnc-console?13:25
sinzuiI don't know about that13:25
* sinzui checks backscroll13:27
sinzuiabentley, we might have a chance now13:27
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sinzuireboot failed yesterday (while the instance was running), I destroyed two services since then and the reboot says I have an agent13:27
abentleysinzui: woot!13:28
sinzuiWe are now waiting for the third replacement apache to start and join charmworld13:29
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rick_hparty on hatch 14:14
hatchlooks like haswells are starting to make it into the lenovo's http://www.engadget.com/2013/07/09/lenovos-t440s-thinkpad-coming-soon/14:15
abentleysinzui: The options migration failed deployment.  I've rolled back to r298.  Should be simple to fix, so I won'd do a rollback.14:22
hatchit will probably still only have an HDMI out making it useless for me heh14:22
abentleysinzui: i.e. I won't land a revert for now.14:22
sinzuiabentley, understood14:22
rick_hluca: gary_poster has there been talk about any limitations to the autocomplete results? For example, only reviewed charms?14:29
jcsackettsinzui: chat?14:33
jcsackettsending invite.14:34
lucarick_h: not along those lines, gary_poster might have a plan but I'm not sure14:34
hatchrick_h: luca he is away today14:35
lucarick_h: hatch want to talk it through in about 10 mins?14:36
hatchwell isn't it trivial to add filters to the ac results?14:36
rick_hluca: that's ok. I just wanted to double check as the approach is a bit different each way. 14:36
rick_hhatch: well, basically it comes down to using a full model and token widgets to display the completion suggestions vs not. 14:37
hatchohh - ok well I would say use the token widget and then if we need to use ones with less information we can handle that in the GUI14:38
rick_hhatch: right, there's a bunch of logic on which icon to display, the reviewed badge, etc that would need to be duped and I'm trying to think through a DRY around all that. 14:38
rick_hhatch: but, if we're only completing reviewed charm none of that logic matters so figured I'd ask :)14:38
hatchwhat makes a charm 'reviewed'14:39
hatchhow long do they sit unreviewed?14:39
rick_hhatch: they're reviewed by a couple of the ~charmers team and most will probably never be reviewed. 14:39
hatchnever be reviewed?14:40
rick_hhatch: yea, if you fork the mysql charm and upload it to use it, it'll never really be reviewed as there's an official reviewed mysql charm out there. 14:40
hatchohh hmm14:41
hatchso the AC will only show 'approved' charms but the full search results will show all of them?14:41
rick_hhatch: yea, that's kind of the question. A/C is a method to shortcut to a selected charm. 14:41
rick_hluca: hatch yea, let's chat if that's ok. I'd like to talk it out. 14:42
hatchhaha ok give me a few minutes14:42
hatchrick_h: luca in guichat14:44
Makyoluca, I've got a question when you have a moment.14:52
lucahatch: rick_h do we need to talk about search? I'll have a prototype to show you in roughly 5 mins?14:57
hatchsure pop in real quick14:57
rick_habentley: got a sec to chat?15:10
abentleyrick_h: Okay.15:10
rick_hluca: can you join in this call real quick? https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/8e337c1da033485408fb4e6723267db4247e4f42?hl=en15:12
lucarick_h: sure15:13
Makyojujugui, Can I add libpeerconnection.log to .bzrignore?  It seems to be an empty file generated on test-server.15:17
rick_hsinzui: can you join the hangout ^^ please? Have a sec that is?15:18
teknicoMakyo: ok to me15:18
hatchMakyo: let er rip15:19
MakyoThanks.  Will be in review in a mo'.,15:19
jcastroaugh, everytime I have to go to old jujucharms.com do to something I get disgusted.15:20
jcastronew GUI is sooooo nice15:20
* hatch is glad that was before his time15:21
abentleyorangesquad: Could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/charmworld/config-storage-2/+merge/173757 >15:38
sinzuiI can15:39
sinzuiabentley, r-me15:39
rick_hMakyo: looking at your branch. Are you only dealing with the icon if it's got one and not going to display the fallbacks then?15:43
Makyorick_h, for this branch, yes.  I need to get on to a first pass at updating the service block SVGs today.15:44
rick_hMakyo: ok. 15:44
Makyoluca, need to ask you about those when you have a chance.15:45
rick_hMakyo: if you get to the fallbacks let me know. I'm finding that maybe that work should be abstracted out of the template file in charm-token.handlebars and more into a model or helper somewhere. 15:45
Makyorick_h, alright.  I didn't dig too much into that, but I will.15:45
rick_hMakyo: yea, it's not in an easy place for you to reuse like this atm. 15:46
lucaMakyo: I'm free now if you are15:46
Makyoluca, the email you sent had the black squircles with the connectors slightly extended.  however, in the UX/styling demo, it's that black outline surrounding the original service block. Which direction should I head in?15:48
abentleysinzui: did you set the revno to 300?15:48
sinzuiabentley, I did not15:49
abentleysinzui: Hmm.  Maybe tarmac's back, then.15:49
rick_habentley: yea, I assumed it came back up when I got the 'jenkins is back to normal' email15:49
lucaMakyo: the normal state should be this: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/file/d/0B7XG_QBXNwY1QkNacGhCX0hXNW8/edit?usp=sharing15:49
lucaMakyo: clicked/hover state: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/file/d/0B7XG_QBXNwY1eUIzbFNjZjdyMEU/edit?usp=sharing15:50
Makyoluca, alright. Was just curious after seeing https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10004366/juju-gui/index.html15:50
lucaMakyo: When it's just been added to the canvas it should show the charm icon instead of the health circle15:50
Makyoluca, the charm icon branch is in review right now.15:51
lucaMakyo: yeah, Ant hasn't implemented the block stuff yet15:51
lucaMakyo: nice :)15:51
abentleyrick_h: Oh.  I don't get those.15:51
Makyoluca, alright, cool.  Will aim to have that for today.15:51
lucaMakyo: nice, thanks15:51
abentleysinzui: second time's the charm with prepare-upgrade.15:52
Makyojujugui call in 815:52
MakyoKanban now.15:52
hatchwhat he said!15:52
lucasinzui: who do I talk to about "Useful links"?15:54
MakyoBrat :)15:55
sinzuiluca, me I think.15:56
lucasinzui: ah, well, they are being moved to a section in the summary tab15:56
lucasinzui: the designs will be finished tomorrow15:56
sinzuiunderstood luca15:56
lucasinzui: cool, thanks :)15:57
sinzuiluca, jcastro, jcsackett. I just tested what users see when sharing a juju-gui URL using G+ itself. It was a private post with you so that we can see what the experience is like.15:58
hatchjujugui guichat now15:59
jcastrosinzui: oh yeah, there's some metadata G+ expects16:00
jcastrowe should make it so the charm's icon is automatically in there16:01
jcastroI was just looking this up the other day, investigating16:01
jcastrosinzui: here it is16:02
lucasinzui: can we discuss sharing?16:05
teknicoMakyo: one thing I noticed is that the install hook does not install the python-cheetah package, which it indirectly uses16:08
Makyoteknico, hmm.  Okay, will poke around there.16:09
teknicoMakyo: thanks16:09
Makyoteknico, what I'm seeing from the GUI is it's not passing the cs: schema when it tries to deploy, so I get juju.charm.errors.CharmURLError: Bad charm URL u\'~marcoceppi/precise/discourse-18\': a URL with a user must specify a schema\n16:10
rick_hMakyo: that might need tweaking when converting from BrowserCharm to Charm models during deploy16:11
rick_hMakyo: that cs: url is in the BrowserCharm.code_source object I believe. 16:11
Makyorick_h, ah, alright.  I'll poke around the deploy stuff where it does that conversion.16:11
rick_hMakyo: sorry, BrowserCharm.url is where it's at16:11
rick_hthat's the cs: url 16:11
rick_hhttp://manage.jujucharms.com/api/2/charm/precise/apache2-2 shows an example json dump that turns into the model Makyo 16:12
Makyo\o/ thanks16:12
Makyorick_h, teknico, in app/views/charm-panel.js line 873, the deployer is only getting the id attribute; is that where it would need the URL?16:16
MakyoDeployer's the wrong word.  The deploy function that's passed to the browser.16:16
rick_hMakyo: so yea, that charm model should have a url attribute. I'm not sure what you're doing the cs: stuff for so can't say what's up with _setPanel()16:18
teknicoMakyo: no, if the passed-in function is the one at line 760, it only needs the charm id16:21
lucajcastro: sinzui rick_h who do I need to talk to about sharing?16:21
sinzuiI am one of them16:22
jcastroluca: I am also one16:22
lucajcastro: 16:22
jcastroI did the little text for the twitter section16:22
lucajcastro: wrong person16:22
lucajcastro: oops16:22
lucasinzui: lets talk quickly on a hangout?16:22
lucajcastro: ^16:22
Makyoteknico, ah, okay.  Either way, it looks like the id is ~marcoceppi/precise/discourse, and it should have a schema on the beginning when it actually deploys.16:23
teknicoMakyo: right16:23
rick_hMakyo: right, but we don't consider the schema part of the id in the model and the api. 16:23
rick_hMakyo: so the id will never have that, it's the url 16:23
Makyorick_h, Yeah, so we should be able to just change that, I think.  Which is maaaaybe line 605?16:24
Makyovar url = charm.get('id');16:24
lucasinzui: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/2302ec8be280f94a7841473e1dbbc7e8e43cb204?authuser=1&hl=en16:24
lucajcastro: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/2302ec8be280f94a7841473e1dbbc7e8e43cb204?authuser=1&hl=en16:24
rick_hMakyo: looks ok from there, but not familiar enough to say 'go for it'16:24
jcastroluca: I am EODing in a minute, only working a half day today and I have a charm championship page to do still16:26
jcastroluca: whatever you guys decide just lmk16:26
teknicouhm, how do we get the schema in there? I cannot see it16:27
Makyoteknico, just change it to var url = charm.get('url'), looks like.16:29
MakyoI set a breakpoint there and checked charm.getAttrs()16:29
teknicooh, good to know, thanks16:29
rick_hMakyo: teknico right, the url is the url not the id now. Should be good to pull from the model url. 16:29
teknicoMakyo: I wonder why it is only a problem with this specific charm, though16:29
rick_hteknico: no, I think it's a change in the old charm model data vs the new. 16:30
Makyoteknico, I'm thinking it's a problem with all user charms due to the change.16:30
rick_hMakyo: the one thing I worry about is if an old instance can get in here, but since it's in deploy side I don't think it can16:30
teknicoMakyo: oh, ok then16:30
Makyorick_h, yeah.  I think the only way would be if they were to deploy from the old panel, which is now mutually exclusive from the browser.16:31
rick_hMakyo: right, so I'm pretty sure you're safe with your one-liner change. 16:31
rick_hMakyo: but want to make sure it's clear what the diff is and how it might cascade around a little bit16:31
Makyorick_h, Yeah.  I think it'd be good to go through a bunch of different types of charms and ways of deploying (DnD and add button) to make sure we're always getting the same sort of info.16:32
rick_hMakyo: yea, anything that goes through the Browser code will be an instance of BrowserCharm cast into a Charm and that's what's in here. 16:32
rick_hand the api promises that the url will be there. 16:33
MakyoCool, that should help, yeah.16:33
bcsallerbac: I made review changes and reproposed if you have time to look that branch over again: https://codereview.appspot.com/11013043/16:36
bcsallerhatch: you might want to look at the method renamings in that branch and see if you're still happy with them16:39
hatchyup reading it now16:39
hatchwell reading the replies16:39
hatchI have come to love rebind :)16:39
hatchwhat's POJO?16:40
teknicoMakyo: great, thanks a lot for the help!16:40
Makyoteknico, cheers16:41
hatchbcsaller: I can't deploy a service and then view it using the new service inspector16:47
bcsallerhatch: Plain Old Java(Script) Objects, comes from java but means plain Object derivatives 16:48
hatchDD ceph, click deploy, click it to view inspector...console error16:48
bcsallerso something without the .get method in the case referenced16:48
hatchit was a fresh checkout/make of your branch16:49
hatchUncaught TypeError: Object [object Array] has no method 'toArray' service.js:121016:49
teknicoand that charm is also tasteless, that is, it's testless ;-) and written in bash :-P16:50
bcsallerhatch: able to reproduce locally, looking into it16:52
bcsallerthere is another error past that one16:52
sinzuirick_h, jcsackett: Did this icon come from the old api (the <charm>/json url) or the new api http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8086/~nextrevision/precise/openvpn-3/16:53
rick_hsinzui: the icons comes because it has a category of 'application' which is invalid. It needs to be applications (s)16:53
rick_hsinzui: so the icon comes because of a broken sprite16:54
sinzuirick_h, I know that...16:54
hatchbcsaller: alrighty16:54
jcsackettsinzui: i'm with rick_h, i don't think i understand what you're asking.16:54
rick_hsinzui: ok, so everything on this page is from the new api16:54
rick_hsinzui: I'm not 100% following the question I guess. 16:54
sinzuirick_h, Did it get the category from api 2 or /json16:54
rick_hsinzui: api216:54
sinzuirock. This is fixed on staging16:55
* sinzui is still scouring the network requests to convince himself the /json url was not called16:55
rick_hsinzui: ah, yea. Use chrome, load the page with the network tab open, then click the 'xhr' button on the bottom of the tools16:56
sinzuithank you for reminding me about the filter. I am incompetent rick_h16:57
bcsallerhatch: ahh, shallow, the changes around model handling didn't propagate through the modellist handler properly, it was calling selectBindModel on its own product16:57
rick_hsinzui: cool, darn handy tool in our network waterfall for sure. 16:58
hatchbcsaller: ahhh17:06
bcsallerhatch: I'm now able to create the error we talked about before where an old inspector (two services on canvas, switch to second) is still running in the background. Not related to this branch, but an issue17:07
hatchcrud I thought your branch would solve that17:08
hatch*I hoped*17:08
hatchI just got rank burnt by order of operations17:10
* hatch goes to grab the aloe and a grade 4 text book17:10
bcsallerhatch: I think I see the fix though, its just not calling the right things in the inspector singleton mgmt code17:12
bcsallertrying a fix now17:13
hatchcool thanks17:13
lucahatch: Makyo who do we need to talk about relations and building them?17:19
Makyoluca, Sure.  At this point, I think we'll be able to implement most things reasonably quickly, just need a direction to head in.17:20
hatchluca: I hear there are a lot of good dating sites in London17:20
hatchhaha ok sorry17:21
hatchyeah I am pretty confident the code is all there it's just the interaction we want to narrow down17:21
hatchnarrow/peg down17:21
hatchright now the 'long click' isn't discoverable17:22
hatchthenagain, neither was the menu17:22
lucaMakyo: we will join guichat in 2 mins :)17:22
Makyoluca, alright17:23
hatchcan I join in on this too?17:23
hatchpretty cool :)17:24
hatchit looks/feels the best in firefox17:24
hatchthat's just because it has easing on it's scrolling17:24
Makyohatch, we're starting.17:25
hatchsorry guichat was having issue connecting17:25
bcsallerhatch: I pushed fixes to the outstanding issues, it properly unbind now17:33
* Makyo runs out to pick up dogs.17:36
hatchjcsackett: I saw your reply on the bug - are you in Chrome as well?17:37
rick_hhatch: what version of chrome are you running? Maybe a version thing?17:37
hatchOSX - 27.017:37
rick_hhatch: k, 29 here so shouldn't be a version issue then17:38
hatchodd my Ubuntu Chrome is 2817:38
hatchare you running the beta channel?17:38
rick_hdev channel 17:39
hatchahh gotcha17:39
hatchso many chrome versions haha17:39
rick_hshould only be 3 :)17:39
rick_hstable, beta, dev17:39
hatchyeah then for each OS17:39
rick_hbut they're released together17:39
hatchwho knows, maybe my osx hasn't made the rounds yet17:40
rick_h27 would be stabel, 28 beta, 29 dev17:41
hatchyeah my Ubuntu is on stable I thought17:41
hatchwho knows17:41
rick_hI'd guess not17:41
hatchbcsaller: QA'ing again17:41
hatchbcsaller: heh you're gona be maaaaad at me17:42
hatchI found another bugt17:42
hatchhmm can't repro now...17:43
hatchpossible cache issue17:43
hatchok nope there it is17:43
hatchDD ceph, deploy, inspector, click <- S, E, D, Units17:44
hatchthen the toArray error shows in the console17:44
hatchI think the error occurs when  a change comes in on the delta17:45
hatchit's very odd I can't seem to repro all the time17:45
hatchahh if you follow those steps17:46
hatchthen just let it sit17:46
hatchit'll eventually error17:46
bcsallerhatch: I'd seen something like that as well, thought it was fixed, but looking into it now17:49
bcsallerI see the real issue17:50
benjihatch: are you available for a short chat about transitions in a couple of minutes18:07
hatchi am18:11
hatch^ benonsoftware18:11
hatchdamn autocomplete18:11
hatchbenji: whenever you're ready18:11
benjihatch: hatch I'm in guichat18:12
bcsallerhatch: the model list handler was way too aggressive, I'm surprised we didn't see that issue sooner, tough it would have been hard to spot. It was calling render/update on way too many things including non-model list viewlets18:19
bcsallerhatch: pushed the revision18:19
hatchohh heh so this code is way better now then18:24
bcsallerhatch: there is still an issue in the updates, but yes as so as I have it properly resolved it will be 18:27
hatchahh ok18:54
hatch(sorry was on call with benji)18:54
bcsallerhatch: a fix is pushed if you can verify it as well when you have time18:57
bcsallerseems to be working fine here18:57
hatchok will pull down18:59
hatchbcsaller: looks good19:02
bcsallerhatch: I'll push it up again, just takes so long :(19:05
hatchohhh I know19:06
hatchit would be cool if we could have some super powerful box sitting around we could get to pull down the branch and build19:06
hatchI have a spare server that's probably faster but not by enough that it would make a difference having to 'build' to run the tests19:09
bcsallerhatch: proposed again, quite a lot of fixes on that branch now19:16
hatchhaha yeah...19:17
hatchbcsaller: do you think there should be tests for the edge cases which you just solved?19:23
bcsallerhatch: ideally yes :-/19:25
hatchyou just want to land this branch don't you?19:26
hatchtbh I'd like to see this land so I can get on wit my branch19:28
hatchfollowup with tests?19:28
abentleyorangesquad: Could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/charmworld/autocomplete/+merge/173799 ?19:30
bcsallerhatch: I'll make a carc19:30
bcsallerhatch: I'll make a card19:30
* sinzui looks19:30
hatchbcsaller: lgtm'd19:34
bcsallerjujugui: one more +1 needed for https://codereview.appspot.com/11013043/19:34
benjibcsaller: looking19:34
hatchcareful....there be dragons19:35
hatchnow I fully expect my branch to explode after merging it in :)19:35
sinzuiabentley, what do you think will happen if the autocomplete query is for 'fo%20'. I think this becomes 'fo ' and it doesn't match anything and it doesn't break anything.19:38
sinzuibut maybe some smart function strips the trailing space19:39
abentleysinzui: My guess is that it would match any charms whose names began with 'fo ', but we don't have any.19:39
sinzuiI think the gui needs to be certain to strip whitespace. A leading space will be confusing19:40
hatchit would be cool if you could do a forEach on an array in reverse19:40
hatch(without tricks)19:40
sinzuiabentley, r=me19:41
abentleysinzui: Thanks.19:41
sinzuiabentley, This is my thoughts about the svg problem: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5859420/19:45
abentleysinzui: I find the notion of a 96x96 vector graphic confusing.  Don't they just need to be square?19:47
sinzuiabentley, Yes in the big picture. The template svg specifies the default rendering is 96x9619:48
sinzuiwe can detect if the default template was not used. I don't want to enforce the template19:49
sinzuiabentley, svgs DO have width and height attributes and even if the template is not used, detecting unsupported dimensions is trivial19:51
abentleysinzui: Ok.19:52
sinzuiabentley, Do we care about file size? DoSing the gui is bad. Well, I think we know something about this because the wikimedia icon contains a fat png19:54
abentleysinzui: I was going to just use python-magic and reject anything that wasn't svg.  Going so far as to validate images doesn't seem like it should be our problem.  Maybe proof should do that?19:54
sinzuiabentley, I think proof should do that. proof is run after we build the CharmFileSet19:54
sinzuiWe can call magic as we build the set19:55
abentleysinzui: As an advocate for the backend, my only concern about file size would be on the ingest side.  On output, we have solid caching.19:56
abentleysinzui: In terms of the GUI, it shouldn't be an issue, because only promulgated charms are going to show their icons.19:57
sinzuiabentley, apache2 and wikimedia are both promulgated.19:57
sinzuione has a png and the other has an embedded png19:58
sinzuiabentley, we wouldn't be treating this issue as a bug of the mistakes in the icons were fixed in April when we discovered the problem19:59
abentleysinzui: Right, but the maintainers aren't malicious.  I assume the svg-with-embedded-PNG is a legitimate wikipedia logo that just happens to be big.  It's not a DoS, though, and is only going to affect those who encounter that charm.20:00
abentleysinzui: If you want to cap file size, it's fine by me.20:01
sinzuiabentley, I think you prefer that we do the minimum to ingest to deal with this issue (use magic to reject liars). Update proof to demand the issue be fixed20:01
sinzuiI can update proof. I have other fixes I want to add to it20:01
abentleysinzui: I think that's accurate.20:02
* sinzui ponders how proof could be taught to report that the maintainer is wrong because the branch owner is different20:02
sinzuiwell that is not a good idea20:02
sinzuiTeams will often own charms, but they will rarely have email addresses20:03
abentleysinzui: I don't think proof can know what the branch owner will be.20:04
abentleysinzui: Unless we tell it, I suppose.20:04
sinzuiI really want to set my own juju agenda. The package-origin and maintainer-owner problems lead to confusion and are vulnerabilities that no one is talking about20:05
abentleysinzui: Maybe we should overwrite maintainer with branch owner at ingest time?20:06
abentleysinzui: I don't see a lot of value in having them vary.20:06
sinzuiThat hides errors. But we could record that we know there is something wrong. Write now, we know it because we few can see the problem20:07
sinzuiright now ^20:07
abentleysinzui: I go back and forth on whether the maintainer field has any value.  The fact that it's so often wrong suggests it's not important.20:08
sinzuiabentley, rick_h brought up the author/owner issue in regards to the charm token today. User do need to see both, and they need to know that something is wrong when they differ20:08
sinzuiabentley, juju certainly doesn't require it.20:09
abentleysinzui: Author is a third thing.  That's something you get from bzr metadata :-)20:09
sinzuiThe field is flawed since teams can own branched, but not have email addresses20:09
sinzuiabentley, I think the charm/branch owner is who juju and the community cares about. The maintainer field is a means for a the owner to provide the preferred contact address. This too is unneeded if juju and juju-gui could point to Lp about how to contact or contribute20:13
abentleysinzui: Makes sense.20:15
abentleyrick_h: autocomplete is implemented on staging.20:19
abentleysinzui: I am ready for new work and assume it should be versions.  Chat?20:21
sinzuiabentley, yes and yes20:21
bcsallerhatch: that should be landed and ready for you to merge20:39
hatchbcsaller: thanks yas21:18
hatchbcsaller: Makyo I think you can drag your branches into the done column :)21:34
Makyohatch, yep, thnks21:34
hatchMakyo: you aren't going to make us QA this SVG code are you? ;_21:36
Makyohatch, I totally am.  Lucky for you, all it requires is for you to deploy a service.21:37
MakyoWell, preferably two services, and create a relation.21:39
hatchwelllll O K21:40
hatchMakyo: rgb color?21:42
Makyohatch, yanked from the demo.21:42
hatchI don't care either way, we should probably stick with one or the other :)21:42
Makyohatch, I can see about converting, though.21:42
Makyohatch, yeah.21:42
hatchis what I use :)21:42
hatchrgb(a) kind of makes more sense for our support matrix buuuuuuuut whichever :)21:43
hatchI care so litle about it I'm not even going to comment on the review :D21:43
hatchtwice today I've run 'make' in the root dir and wondered why there were no 'make targets'21:44
hatchtoday is just not a good day for me21:44
hatchMakyo: hmm....I kind of like the icon in there instead of the little circle :)21:47
hatchalthough the functionality of it would be way less heh21:47
MakyoI think that's the direction we're heading eventually.21:47
hatchlgtm'd with a super trivial comment21:49
bcsallerMakyo: is there a reason to not use the icon post ghosting? was that talked about or just an artifact or wires possibly not being updated?21:58
hatchI dont' think it SHOULD be there because then the status indicators are gone21:58
hatchand tha'ts the most important part :)21:58
bcsaller'it' being the icon?21:59
hatchhmm my a key is sticking22:00
bcsallerI thought it was icon and centered under that the status color bar, but I've seen so many wires I can't keep it straight 22:00
hatchohh...hmm I didn't that one existed22:01
hatchlol I'm in the same boat I guess haha22:01
hatchjcastro: what is an 'Ubuntu Member' ? Could I be one and not know it?22:02
MakyoWe don't have any designs for that either way, bcsaller hatch.  I just have the two cards and don't want to put too much effort into trying to outguess london :)22:04
hatchprobably a good idea ;)22:04
hatchI definitely don't have a good track record of anticipating their next move lol22:04
bcsallernever try to outguess London ;)22:04
hatchthe new twitter app for android has a different font22:06
MakyoBetter, hatch?22:07
hatchwhat's better?22:07
hatchmy coffee is still empty22:08
MakyoTwitter font.22:08
hatchwas gona say, if you were filling my coffee...then no22:08
MakyoI only use it occasionally, but I like seeing what they do with design.22:08
hatchwrt the twitter font - then yes :D22:08
Makyohatch, Gladly., as long as espresso's good22:08
hatchsure - I usually just drink 'normal' which I think is called an americano22:09
hatchbecause I'm sure a watered down espresso is the same as drip :)22:09
MakyoBah.  I think they taste totally different.22:09
Makyoread: I totally like Americanos better.22:10
hatchI'm not much of a connoisseur I guess22:10
rick_habentley: thanks!22:10
hatchI just take whatever the drip is....black22:10
MakyoReflux made me appreciate tasty coffee that doesn't make me sick all that much more.  Espresso machine seems to be the best bet.22:14
MakyoAnd tastiest.22:14
MakyoNever got into cold-brew.22:14
rick_hmoka pot ftw is my new thing22:14
rick_hthat and a nespresso frother. best camping trip evar!22:14
hatchfrothed milk makes me kind want to hurl22:15
MakyoI looove the coffee from those things, rick_h, but still a little too much for my stomach in the morning.22:15
rick_hit doesn't froth soy very well, more that it warms it up to coffee temp so that it's not cold milk into hot coffee22:15
MakyoGood post-breakfast coffee, though.22:15
rick_hMakyo: yea, I've never been a home-coffee person but some vanilla soy into my moka pot brew has me saving the starbucks $$22:16
rick_hand a LOT less than an espresso machine 22:16
bcsallerugh, you're all making me want more Espresso, back to the kitchen with me22:16
Makyorick_h, Definitely!  I'm more almond milk, myself, but yeah :)22:16
rick_hMakyo: I want to try some of that next. I wish they had smaller containers at the store :/22:17
Makyorick_h, Yeah, half-gallons are all I can find.  Makes good white russians, though, so we tend to go through it quickly enough.22:17
rick_hlovely, chrome won't open on the laptop :(22:20
hatchuh oh22:25
rick_hlooks like it might be the new hangouts app installed on there. I'll have to look up how to start sans-apps/extensions and try to remove it22:27
hatchtime to format, install Windows22:29
* hatch runs22:29
rick_hheh, or use Firefox...ahhhhh!22:30
hatchhaha - I have noticed that FF is actually a rather enjoyable browsing experience22:30
hatchchrome is still faster22:30
hatchbut ff is 'smoother' heh22:30
rick_hhmmm, fails in incognito mode too :(22:31
hatchuh oh22:31
rick_hdev tools for me22:31
rick_hchrome dev tools ftw22:31
hatchdelete and reinstall?22:31
hatchoh yeah it's devtools are superior for suuure22:31
rick_hok, so starting with a fresh profile works so yea. Just time to reset it up and try to clear what's in it I guess. 22:35
hatchmornin huwshimi23:00
hatchI'm so close to getting this sticky header thing done I don't think I'll quit until it's working23:01
huwshimihatch: Did you look how Ant did it in the prototype?23:03
hatchand did it in the prototype already?23:03
hatchlol damn23:03
hatchhave a link?23:03
hatchhuwshimi: I'm asking because the dropbox one doesn't implement this scrolling23:06
huwshimihatch: It might not happen in the inspector but does in the sidebar browser23:07
huwshimiThat's if you have the right link23:07
hatchpass the link you mean plz23:07
huwshimijust finding it23:07
hatchis the one I have23:08
huwshimihatch: Yeah, that's the one23:10
hatchok then no different scrolling :)23:10
hatchhuwshimi: http://jsbin.com/evehit/7 the bottom stickyness requires overscolling (my calculations are wrong)23:10
hatchbut scroll up and down to see how it works :)23:11
huwshimihatch: Are you not trying to make the current heder on the inspector stick to the top as you scroll the inspector content down?23:11
huwshimihatch: Oh, you're trying to make them all stick. Are you sure that's correct?23:12
hatchit better be23:12
hatchbut yeah that's what Gary said at least23:13
hatchimho I think this is awesome23:13
huwshimihatch: It's just different to how the sticky headers work in the sidebar23:14
huwshimiI can't tell from these mockups how that's supposed to work...23:15
hatchohh right yeah23:15
hatchI'm pretty sure that's intentional23:15
hatchmy guess is that at some point they will want a 'click to scroll' functionality23:16
hatchso you can click to scroll to the heading23:16
hatchall I know.....you have to refresh jsbin every once and a while else it lags23:16
huwshimihatch: If you have the time you could add an option to make all the headers sticky or just one. Otherwise I can do it once your code lands so I can re-use it for the browser and charm details page.23:19
hatchso once the second header gets to the top it would push the first one away?23:19
huwshimihatch: Yep23:20
hatchthat coudl be an option probably23:20
hatchthis is all raw js too so it'll be portable :)23:20
hatchwell for modern browsers23:20
hatchold browsers can just deal with normal scrolling...23:20
hatchhuwshimi: http://jsbin.com/evehit/8/ done :)23:25
huwshimihatch: Nice work23:26
hatchdone my requirement23:26
hatchyours might take a bit of work yet23:26
hatchthanks :)23:26
hatchman that was a friggen pita23:26
hatchhuwshimi: ok so a single sticker header is probably going to be super easy23:29
huwshimihatch: Yay!23:29
hatchI'm not sure it should be the same code though23:29
hatchit would probably be a more basic implementation23:30
hatchhow soon does that need to be done?23:30
hatchI'd like to get some other stuff landed first :)23:30
huwshimihatch: Well I would like to try and get something landed for the upcoming deadline, but if it's entirely different code I can write something myself if need be...23:34
hatchwell that's probably a little unncessary23:34
hatchyou 'could' even throw in a position sticky polyfil and be done23:34
hatchuggggh conflicts23:39
hatchsometimes bzr is so smart....othertimes....heh daymn23:42
* hatch spoiled by source control23:42

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